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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Women’s Softball At The Brass Rail Raley’s Furniture Mounts Monstrous Comeback: Second Game Rained Out

Photo By Chris Stevens

Coors Light scored four runs in their first turn at bat before a thunderstorm halted the game in the bottom of the first inning.

By Chris Stevens Staff Writer GREAT MILLS – The St. Mary’s County Women’s Softball League was able to squeeze one full game in at The Brass Rail Monday evening before a thunderstorm along with lightning and a See Softball at the Brass Rail page B-

Photo By Chris Stevens

Two Back Road Inn Outfielders converge on the ball to make a play Monday evening.

Rain-Delayed Softball Tournament To Be Held Sunday Tournament Honors Late Softball Coach By Chris Stevens Staff Writer If the rain can stay away for once this coming Sunday, count on the 4th annual Buddy Joy Softball Tournament taking place at Tippets Park in Hollywood. The day-long tournament honors the memory of Buddy Joy, a beloved and admired coach of softball for many years in St. Mary’s County. Joy died of a heart attack several years earlier and the tournament that carries his name will donate all of the day’s proceeds to the American Heart Association. “He coached girls and men’s softball for many, many years and he was well-liked,” Tournament Organizer Teddy Stalling fondly recalled Tuesday afternoon. “He was Number One.” Two of Joy’s daughters will be competing for the team sponsored by Hole In The Wall, which is also backing the entire tournament as a whole. Stalling says that in addition to each team being allowed to play at least two games during the course of the day, there will be refreshments (hot dogs, hamburgers, Coke and water just to name a few) for all who attend, along with a 50/50 raffle will be Photo Courtesy of Brandy Sutor

The memory of County Softball legend Buddy Joy lives on through the tournament bearing his name. The tournament will take place this Sunday at Tippets Field in Hollywood.

See Softball Tournament page B-

Results From Potomac Speedway for Friday, June 20th Super Late Models: 1. Booper Bare, 2 Jamie Lathroum, 3. Paul Crowl, 4. David Williams, 5. Ray Kable Jr, 6. Keith Jackson, 7. George Moreland, 8. Deane Guy, 9. Darryl Hills, 10. Roland Mann, 11. Harold Dorsey Jr, 12. Rusty Alton, 13. Barry Lear, 14. Bruce Kane, 15. Jeff Pilkerton, 16. Ryan Hackett, 17. Jeremy Knoll (DNS) Joey Love

Street Stock: 1. P.J. Hatcher, 2. Chuck Bowie, 3. Kurt Zimmerman, 4. Jimmy Jesmer, 5. Ed Pope, 6. Wendy Jesmer, 7. Kevin Cooke, 8. Donnie Smith, 9. Frankie Dove, 10. Kyle Nelson, 11. Mike Reynolds, 12. Ben Oliver (DQ) J.R.Guy Hobbystock: 1. Troy Kassiris, 2.Jason Murphy, 3. Scotty Nelson, 4. Ralph Price, 5. Mike Scaggs, 6. Will Nelson, 7. Jerry Deason, 8. John Burch, 9. Josh Dotson, 10. Ronald Meador, 11. Don Breach, 12. Lloyd Deans, 13. Thomas Pickeral, 14. Hilton Pickeral (DNS) Jimmy Suite

4 Cylinders: 1. Larry Fuchs, 2. Greg Gunter, 3. Buddy Dunagan, 4. Randy Jones, 5. Patrick Hood, 6. Robert Swartzwelder, 7. Justin Bottorf, 8. Jerry Dick, 9. AG Huckby Modifieds: 1. Rich Marks, 2. Brandon Galloway, 3. Brett Hamilton, 4. Craig Ramich, 5. Kelly Samuels, 6. Josh Harris, 7. James Marshall, 8. Dan Arnold, 9. Russell Irwin, 10. Curtis Barricks, 11. Tony Quade

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A View From The Bleachers A Pace Car Named Ambition By Ronald N. Guy Jr. Contributing Writer

Recreational and Youth Schedule 06/26-07/02/08 St. Mary’s County Young Mens’ Softball League Friday June 27th Shockers vs. Harley Atlantic at Dew Drop, 4:30 p.m. Straight Cut at Cryers (Doubleheader) Sunday June 29th Shockers at Harley Atlantic, 4:30 p.m. Shockers at Cryers, 6:00 p.m. Straight Cut at A/C Moose, 6:00 p.m.

St. Mary’s County Women’s Over-30 Softball League Sunday June 30th Backroad Inn at Cpt. Sam’s Hurricanes at Hole In The Wall Moose Lodge at Raley’s Rosebuds at Ryce Electric American Legion at SJ Heating

St. Mary’s County Men’s Slowpitch Softball League Thursday June 26th Bombers at R&T, 6:30 p.m. Back Road at SOMD Toyota, 6:30 p.m. Chaney’s at Budweiser, 6:30 p.m. Tootski at Bud Light, 6:30 p.m. Moose Lodge at Jager Bombs, 8:00 p.m. Tuesday July 1st Belden/Dew Drop at Bombers, 6:30 p.m. R&T at Bud Light, 6:30 p.m. Chaney’s at Back Road, 6:30 p.m. Moose Lodge at Tootski, 6:30 p.m. Jager Bombs at SOMD Toyota, 8:00 p.m.

St. Mary’s County Mens’ Over-40 Softball League Thursday June 26th Hobos at LAS Softball Anderson’s at Tri-County Aire Rita B’s at Seabreeze Hole In The Wall at Kennedy TRK Cpt. Sam’s at Clements

St. Mary’s Babe Ruth League Thursday June 26th SM Yankees vs. SYB BR South at CPP, 7:00 p.m.

Tony Stewart’s always been a ornery cuss, a throwback to NASCAR’s past when disputes were settled by trading paint on the track and exchanging punches in the garage. He’s a lot more Cale Yarborough or David Pearson than he is the polished corporate pitchman NASCAR desires today. But the cantankerous driver of the #20 Home Depot car has been in a particularly bad mood this season. It started even before the season officially began with an ugly on-track incident and an exchange of blows with fellow driver Kurt Busch after the Bud Shootout, an appetizer to the Daytona 500. After a race in March, Stewart exploded on tire manufacturer Goodyear for making an inferior product. Such eruptions by Tony the Volcano are not out of the ordinary (in his defense the reporter stuck a microphone in his face as soon as he climbed out of the car…Joe Gibbs must have been cringing, knowing what was coming). He’s good for a couple of these each year. NASCAR fan knows the drill: Tony blows up, NASCAR issues an obligatory slap on the wrist, Joe Gibbs does some damage control and everyone moves on. But in years past moving on meant winning on the track. This year, he’s not. His 2008 resume contains no wins, another failed attempt to win the Daytona 500, a blown tire in the closing moments of the Coca-Cola 600, a race that was his to lose (for conspiracy theorists, you have to wonder if NASCAR intervened, not wanting Stewart’s Home Depot car winning at Lowe’s Motor Speedway…hey, I’m just saying) and countless race-ruining accidents (including a late race spinout this past weekend). So what’s boiling the stew? He’s a man with it all: fame, fortune, two championships and a ride with one of the best teams in NASCAR, Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR). Sounds like racing bliss, right? Not so much. There are a couple elements in play that may lead to another high-profile NASCAR divorce (on the heels of Dale Jr. leaving Dale Earnhardt Racing last year). Joe Gibbs always had Stewart’s back. It was the elder Gibbs who so deftly did damage control for Stewart’s rants against NASCAR, fellow drivers or manufacturers. Maybe that will continue, but JGR’s President, J.D. Gibbs is increasingly influential and I don’t get the impression that J.D. is willing to be Stewart’s public relations manager, his personal restrictor plate if you will. Both parties have hinted at a split in their own ways. While Stewart, in his typical no-nonsense, direct manner has openly speculated about his future at JGR, the organization has quietly been preparing for the departure of its most deco-

Softball Tournament Continued from page B- drawn during the tournament.

Tournament Schedule 9:00 a.m. – Capt. Sam’s vs. Hole In The Wall 10:15 a.m. – American Legion (Ridge) vs. Raley’s Furniture 11:30 a.m. – Moose Lodge (Mechanicsville) vs. Hurricanes 12:45 p.m. – Rosebuds vs. Capt. Sam’s 2:00 p.m. – Raley’s Furniture vs. Hurricanes 3:15 p.m. – Moose Lodge vs. American Legion 4:30 p.m. – Rosebuds vs. Hole In The Wall

rated driver. In the last few years, JGR developed young star Denny Hamlin, snatched up uber-talented free agent Kyle Busch, and has one of the brightest prospects in the sport, 18-year-old Joey Logano, waiting in the wings. There’s only so much testosterone that will fit into any garage, so you have to wonder if Stewart will be the odd man out. Stewart is no fool, I’m certain he can read the tea leaves. In a passiveaggressive way, JGR has said, “if you want to leave, we’ll be okay.” There’s a part of Tony Stewart that would be just as happy racing at Potomac Speedway as he is trading paint with stock car racing’s best. But his combination of talent and ambition dictated his rise to racing’s pinnacle. And at that peak he found a lot of things he wanted (great competition, success) and some things he didn’t (off-track responsibilities). Now, after a lifetime of striving for more, there’s a sense Stewart wants to let off ambition’s accelerator a bit, if for nothing else than to change course and try something new. Stewart seems to be tiring of the spotlight, tiring of the expectations to be politically correct and tiring of being JGR’s flagship driver and sponsor Home Depot’s corporate pitchman. He just wants to drive the car. He’s even hinted that a smaller team with a possible ownership stake would be attractive to him. Read between the lines: fresh start, less overhead. Stewart is going through a psychological tug of war that likely seems familiar to the successful. Once a person has achieved a professional goal, is the result happiness and contentment? And if not, when is enough, enough? For the ultra ambitious, there’s always a next best thing. Stewart has achieved, and has at his disposal, everything a racecar driver would want with JGR. Yet he’s restless, wrestling with that question ambition constantly asks us: Now what? Ambition helped him get to this point and it might be what gives him the courage to walk away from it all and chart a new course. Whatever Stewart decides for himself, he’s a reminder that we should always hear our inner restless spirit and be willing to let ambition set our pace. Extra Innings: The sports world recently lost broadcast and journalistic icon Jim McKay. He began his career with the Baltimore Sun and WMARTV (that’s channel 2 on your So. MD TV dial) in the late 1940’s. He was a graduate of Loyola College in Baltimore and served in the Navy during World War II. Jim Mckay was probably best known as the unmistakable voice of ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Who can forget his chilling delivery of the phrase, “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”? McKay was also synonymous with the Olympics, covering 12 Games throughout his career. During the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, he delivered a career defining performance with his classy, respectful and heartfelt coverage of the slaying of the Israeli Olympic team. McKay also did a tremendous amount of work to benefit and promote Maryland’s horse racing industry. Unlike so many of today’s grandstanding sportscasters who use sporting events or highlights to promote themselves through over-rehearsed deliveries and witty catch phrases, McKay directed his energies toward eloquently framing the sporting event. There was sheer brilliance in his stealthy narratives. McKay could sneak undetected into your living room and with his trusting voice bring life to sporting events from around the globe. When his work came off as being nothing about Jim McKay, it was really all about Jim McKay. On June 7th, McKay died at his family farm in Monkton, MD. He was 86 years old. Mr. McKay, may you now know only the thrill of victory.

St. Mary’s County Softball League Standings

Sunday June 29th SM Yankees vs. CCYL Yankees at LS7, 2:00 p.m. CCYL Yankees vs. SM Yankees at LS7, 5:00 p.m.

SPECIAL NOTE: For all youth and rec. league coaches and officials, if you would like the scores and standings from your respective leagues to be published in the County Times, contact Chris Stevens at 301-373-4125 or at

Young Men’s League Women’s League Division I Cryers Shockers Harley Davidson Straight Cuts Lawn Service Division II Dew Drop Inn AC Moose Atlantic Screen Printing SC&F

10-4 8-6 7-6 1-11 8-8 6-7 5-9 0-14

Division I Just Us Bud Light Raley’s Furniture Chesapeake Custom Embroidery

7-1 6-1 5-1 7-2

Division II Capt. Sam’s Rookies Back Road Inn SWAT

4-1 5-3 3-6 1-6

Division III Knight Life Xtreme Coors Light

2-6 1-7 0-7

The County Times

Thursday, June 26, 2008

From The Sports Desk What Happens In Vegas Makes Bad Headlines for Pro Athletes By Chris Stevens Staff Writer Another week brings us another football player who can’t seem to keep his business in Sin City. Last Monday night, Oakland Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker was discovered taking a power nap on the Las Vegas strip after being assaulted and robbed for copious amounts of jewelry that he was apparently showing off at a party just a few minutes prior. The former Green Bay Packer and Denver Bronco was treated and released and was expected to appear when Raiders camp started at the beginning of this week. Of course, Walker is by no means the only National Football League star that doesn’t understand the meaning of “lay low.”

The newest acquisition of the Dallas Cowboys, defensive back Adam Jones (he doesn’t want to be called “Pac Man” anymore) made headlines at last year’s NBA All-Star celebration in Vegas while throwing dollars in the general vicinity of exotic dancers (also known as “making it rain” for the hip-impaired). When the ladies took the money (and why wouldn’t they?), things got a little crazy and one of the club’s bouncers that fateful night is now confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his days. In comparison, Jones got off light with no jail time and a one-year suspension from the NFL; this tour of duty with the Cowboys being the clichéd one last chance to get his life on track. While athletes in other professional sports are no

Softball at the Brass Rail Continued from page B- torrential downpour halted play of the second game in the bottom of the first inning. The

saints by any stretch of the imagination, most of them have the common sense to realize that Vegas isn’t exactly the place for a person with a multi-million dollar contract to act a fool and show off their wealth. I predict that eventually, professional sports teams will wise up and include “Vegas clauses” in players’ contracts; otherwise, there will be trouble ahead. Along with the white elephant in the room known as gambling, you can count this as a major reason why Vegas remains one of the United States’ largest markets without a team in any of the major four pro sports leagues (the NBA, NFL, MLB and the NHL). As unfortunate as it may sound, professional sports owners, front office executives and coaches are very,

very territorial over what their employees do in their spare time. So much so, that the Pittsburgh Steelers, for example, once cut a linebacker who was discovered to be a pimp. No, seriously, Richard Siegler was arrested on numerous felony charges stemming from being a proprietor of the world’s oldest profession in the spring of 2007. And just where was Mr. Siegler’s headquarters located? You guessed it – Las Vegas. One could guess that paying certain players the same amount of money as the Gross National Product of some countries could make an owner or GM a little bit curious as to what their guys are doing away from the field, rink or the court. That concern, that perennial feeling of worry, makes for special clauses and caveats in the contracts these players sign, especially when it comes to recreation. After Chicago Bulls guard Jay Williams ruined his leg (and his NBA career) in a motorcycle accident a few years ago, you found an ongoing rush of teams from each sport writing anti-motorcycle legislation into deals with athletes. Of course, that didn’t stop Ben Roethlisburger from his worst Evel Knivel impersonation just months after the Steelers won the Super Bowl. Still, it’s proven to be a worthy deterrent for athletes and their bosses, as no one wants to lose millions of dollars based off of a joyride gone wrong. The same could be said for a weekend excursion to Las Vegas. With so much to get into and so much more to

Section B - 

get yourself out of, Las Vegas, despite its outward appeal of being a big playground for adults looking to escape the boredom of their 9-to-5 lifestyle, really isn’t a safe place to be if you’re a professional athlete who likes to showcase their good material fortune. People are always watching, that’s about as obvious as the sun rising in the morning and falling at night. Poor Sean Taylor was at home with his fiancée and young daughter when five hoodlums ran into his home and shot him in some obscure thigh artery that cut his promising life short. The danger element in Las Vegas is underrated and pro athletes should be aware that while anyone anywhere could want to take what you have, the chances of that crime happening to them increase greatly in Las Vegas, especially with the assumed lawlessness the city is known for. Again, Las Vegas is not the only city that crime occurs in, but it’s the one you hear about the most amongst celebrities and public figures. With that bit of drama in mind, Vegas will be the city that gets the unfair rap of being a bad town and a place to stay out of if you’re famous on any level. That said, “Vegas clauses” would cover the rear ends of owners and general managers who sign players to huge multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts. It would effectively take them off the hook for paying the player if he or she were to get in trouble under any circumstances in a place known for crimes against and by athletes or oth-

er people of note. It would also serve as an honor system for the athlete, because they would know their livelihoods – the thing they love to do the most which is also responsible for feeding their families – would be taken away if they were to get into any sort of trouble out there. For athletes who are truly honest with themselves and know that drama could very well pop off if they’re in the same place with certain kinds of people, a trip to Las Vegas, a certain club or bar, would raise a red flag in their minds. Whether they think twice about going or not is truly up to them, making a Vegas clause all about personal responsibility, which shouldn’t be tough to ask of anyone in any walk of life but usually is. In today’s world, with a struggling economy, people losing homes and jobs drying up faster than the proverbial raisin in the sun, some folks feel a sense of hopelessness and despair that ties into committing robbery against anyone who seems to be in a better position than them. Yet and still, keeping athletes out of trouble with contract clauses and stipulations not only has the potential to save them from the dangers of being young and rich, but saves them from themselves and that thinly-veiled aura of invincibility they feel they have. What did you think of this week’s From The Sports Desk? Contact Chris at chrisstevens@countytimes. net with your feedback.

first game featured a lot of offense and one serious softball rally while the second game featured the quickness of everyone in attendance to avoid the nasty storm that rumbled through St. Mary’s County shortly after 8 p.m.

Raley’s Furniture 23, Back Road Inn 18 After scoring 15 runs in the first four innings (including six runs on six hits in the top of the first), the Back Road Inn team looked as though they were well on their way to victory in the first game of the evening. That of course was before Raley’s roared back to score 11 runs in the bottom half of the fourth inning – all with two outs in the frame. After two Raley’s hitters were retired with ease, batter after batter came to the plate in a rally that featured four consecutive run scoring hits among the highlights. When all was said and done, Raley’s Furniture took a 19-15 lead and would tack on four insurance runs over the next two frames to seal the victory. Back Road Inn managed three more runs after that, including an inside-the-park home run with two outs in the top half of the seventh, but could get no closer.

Coors 4, S.W.A.T. 0 (postponed after ½ inning - rain)

Photo By Chris Stevens

A Raley’s Furniture Outfielder just misses making the catch in Monday evening’s Women’s Softball game at the Brass Rail in Great Mills.

The Coors team also came out swinging, scoring four runs in their first turn at bat. Just as S.W.A.T. prepared for their half of the inning, the skies opened up and along with lightning briefly knocking out power from one of the light towers, sent everyone scurrying for their cars.

Photo By Chris Stevens

Raley’s Furniture scored 11 runs with two outs in the bottom of the fourth inning to cruise by Back Road Inn Monday evening.

Photo By Chris Stevens

Back Road Inn led 15-8 before Raley’s Furniture came through with a serious rally to take the victory.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Residents Urged to Continue Tornado Awareness

National Academy Of Finance Application Approved For Chopticon High School The National Academy of Finance in New York City approved the application for Chopticon High School to begin a year of planning, the first step in the school receiving national recognition as one of only 260 schools in the nation with similar academy programs. Chopticon High School will begin the Academy of Finance during the 2008-2009 school year as the second signature program of Dr. Michael J. Martirano, superintendent of schools. The Academy of Finance provides students with focused instruction in the financial services industry. Students learn about careers in finance, such as banking, insurance, financial planning, business administration, sales, contract oversight, budget analysis, and advertising. The program provides field and internship opportunities to apply classroom learning. The program also incorporates extra curricular programs related to the career interests of students, such as the Future Business Leaders of America. Business and community partners serve as members of the ProSee Academy of Finance page B-

Deputy State Fire Marshal Don Brenneman

Don Brenneman Named Deputy State Fire Marshal Of The Year For Southern Maryland Deputy State Fire Marshal Don Brenneman of the Office of the State Fire Marshal has been named the “Deputy State Fire Marshal of the Year” for the Southern Maryland regional office. Deputy Chief State Fire Marshal Duane K. Svites selected DSFM Brenneman for this prestigious award. The Southern Regional Office serves Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary’s counties. Brenneman was cited for his achievement in obtain-

ing an exceptional closure rate in arson investigation along with his outstanding performance in enforcing the State Fire Prevention Code. State Fire Marshal William E. Barnard announced the selection during a ceremony at the Maryland State Firemen’s Association annual convention in Ocean City

St. Mary’s County Government is continuing to urge citizens to be aware and be prepared for weather emergencies, particularly for tornado events. If there is a tornado warning for any area in St. Mary’s County, the county’s Emergency Communications staff will activate the Fire & Rescue Sirens with a “Take Cover” signal for Tornado Warnings. This signal lasts for 13 cycles and is significantly different from a fire or rescue call signal. This system is tested on the first Saturday of every month at noon. Things you can do to prepare include: · Familiarize yourself with the terms that are used to identify a tornado hazard. · A tornado watch means a tornado is possible in your area. You should monitor NOAA Weather Radio local radio and television news outlets for the latest developments. · A tornado warning is when a tornado is actually occurring; take shelter immediately. · Determine in advance where you will take shelter in case of a tornado warning. · Storm cellars or basements provide the best protection. · If underground shelter is not available, go into an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor possible. · In a high-rise building, go to a small interior room or hallway on the lowest floor possible. · Stay away from windows, doors and outside walls. Go to the center of the room. Stay away from corners because they attract debris. · A vehicle, trailer or mobile home does not provide good protec-

See Deputy State Fire Marshall Of The Year page B-

See Tornado Awareness page B-

Office Of The State Fire Marshal Welcomes Newest Deputy State Fire Marshal To Southern Maryland

Fran Dicus and Bill Sneeringer work to keep up with demand

St. John’s School Holds an End-of-School Cookout St. John Francis Regis Council #7914 in Hollywood hosted an Endof-School Cook-out (held indoors due to inclement weather) for St. John’s School.

Council members cooked hamburgers and hotdogs, and provided chips, lemonade and punch. Over 180 students, faculty, staff and volunteers (parents) were fed.

DFM Moreland with Fire Marshal William E. Barnard

Several classes presented hand-made thank-you cards to the Knights, mentioning not only this

Deputy State Fire Marshal Caryn Moreland has been assigned to the Southern Regional Office and will join the team of fire investigators. Deputy State Fire Marshal Moreland comes from Charles County and is a 2003 grad-

See Cookout page B-

See Newest Deputy State Fire Marshall page B-

The County Times

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Foreclosure Prevention and Assistance Information Foreclosure rates are on the increase across the U.S., the state and St. Mary’s County. A discussion and suggestions for prevention and assistance are contained in a program airing on St. Mary’s County Cable Channel 95 beginning next week. The schedule is on the county’s website at www. The 30-minute show features a dialogue with housing counselors and urges Marylanders to seek assistance before committing to a mortgage, or as soon as mortgage payments begin to become difficult. Certified mortgage counselors are available 24/7 by

calling the HOPE Line at 1888-995-HOPE. HOPE is an acronym for Home Owners Preserving Equity. Assistance is also contained on the HOPE website at or at the Maryland Department of Housing website at A brochure titled, “Mortgage Late? Don’t Wait!” includes foreclosure prevention tips and steps to take before meeting with a housing advisor or lender and is downloadable at the HOPE website. Other housing-related information is available at the St. Mary’s County Housing Authority website at

River Concert Series to Perform “Kiss Me, Kate” at SMCM on June 27th

Tornado Awareness Continued from page B- tion. Plan to go quickly to a building with a strong foundation, if possible. · If shelter is not available, lie flat in a ditch or other lowlying area. Do not get under an overpass or bridge. You are safer in a low, flat location. · Plan to stay in the shelter location until the danger has passed. · Get a kit of emergency supplies. Store it in your shelter location. For more information contact the Department of Public Safety at 301-475-4200 x2124 or visit our website at

MSDE Announces more than 100 Byrd Scholars For 2008 Honorees Culled From The Top Students In Maryland The Maryland State Department of Education has named 109 Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholars for 2008. Each honoree receives a four-year scholarship worth up to $1,500 per year, to be used for undergraduate study at any institution of higher education based on cost of attendance. The scholars were chosen from more than 500 nominees made by public and private high school principals from across the state. “Maryland is fortunate to have so many talented young people at our high schools, and this program gives us a chance to celebrate and honor their many accomplishments,” said Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick, State

Good Citizenship Awards The Major William Thomas Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution is proud to present 34 awards Good Citizenship Awards to students who demonstrated qualities of Honesty (high

principles, trustworthiness, loyalty, truthfulness, punctuality, moral strength and stability, cleanliness in mind and body), Service (cooperation, meritorious behavior bringing honor to school or com-

Librarians from St. Mary’s County selected to attend State Leadership Institute

Romance and laughter take center stage during the June 27 River Concert Series at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM). “Kiss Me, Kate,” guestconducted by Helen Hayes Award winner Larry Vote, will be performed by the Interact Theater Company. Cole Porter’s 1948 Broadway hit is a musical within a play about Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, “The Taming of the Shrew.” Returning for the RCS’s tenth anniversary season is Susan Bender, soprano, playing the role of “Kate.” Details about the concert are on the River Concert Series Web site at or call 240-895-2024. The free outdoor concerts overlook the St. Mary’s River and begin at 7 p.m. with grounds opening at 5 p.m.

River Concert Series to Feature Hillary Cole at SMCM on July 4th

American patriotism comes to town on the Fourth of July for the River Concert Series at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM). Internationally renowned jazz vocalist Hilary Kole will dazzle the audience with selections from the American Songbook by George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, and others. As described by The New York Times, Kole’s voice is “swinging…sultry…sexy with a sharp-edged hint of brass.” The Chesapeake Orchestra, under the musical direction of Jeffrey Silberschlag, will perform additional American classics, including Sousa and Filmore’s “Marches,” Joplin’s “Ragtime,” and Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture.” A fireworks display will conclude the evening of festivities. Details about the concert are on the River Concert Series Web site at, or call 240-895-2024. The free outdoor concerts overlook the St. Mary’s River and begin at 7 p.m. with grounds opening at 5 p.m.

Deputy State Fire Marshall Of The Year Continued from page B- on June 17, 2007. Commenting on his service to the citizens of Maryland, State Fire Marshal Barnard said, “Don’s

performance during 2007 is an outstanding example of the dedication shown by the employees of our Agency.”

Amy Ford and Jill Hutchison from St. Mary’s County Library have been selected by the Maryland Library Association to attend the eighth Maryland Library Leadership Institute, July 14-18, 2008 in Port Deposit, Maryland. “To have two librarians selected from the same system speaks volumes for these two professionals and for our library system,” states Library Director Kathleen Reif who nominated both librarians based on their demonstrated interest in leadership and commitment to library services. Ford is an adult services librarian at Lexington Park Library. Jill Hutchison is the children’s services librarian at Leonardtown Library. Mary Anne Bowman, Branch Manager of Charlotte Hall library attended the Institute in 2005. The Institute helped her to recognize she “was not just a manager, but also a leader in the library.” As a result of this training, she “takes personal responsibility to assess the environment, look to the future, embrace change, empower others and take risks to make our library even better than it already is.”

Camp D.A.R.E. Camp D.A.R.E will begin on July 7, 2008 and continue through July 11, 2008 at the Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Campers entering the 5th and 6th grades in the 2008 - 2009 school years are eligible to participate. Best of All Camp D.A.R.E is FREE! Camp D.A.R.E is a coordinated effort between the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office and the St. Mary’s County Public Schools. SeventyFive (75) kids will be taught Elementary School DARE by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office certified D.A.R.E instructors. Campers will receive a certificate of completion at the end of camp. Campers will also par-

Section B - 

ticipate in numerous camping activities including arts and crafts, recreational competitions and public safety related demonstrations. Camp D.A.R.E. is an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and learn important health, safety and decision making lessons. We still have openings available for eligible campers. Daren the D.A.R.E Lions says “Don’t Wait! Enroll Now!” Interested campers should come to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office to pick up and complete the Camp D.A.R.E. application packet. Applications will be accepted through July 4, 2008. For further information contact Corporal Diane Fenwick at 301-475-4200 Ext. 1998.

Superintendent of Schools. “These students are among our nation’s best and brightest, and this program gives them a financial boost as they begin college.” The Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program is designed to promote student excellence and achievement. The program recognizes exceptionally able students that show promise of continued excellence as they pursue higher education. Principals at both public and private schools were invited to nominate students from the top 1 percent of their graduating classes for this prestigious award. GED graduates also are considered for the honor.

Scholars were named in all 24 public school systems, as well as at private schools. The following are the Scholars in Southern Maryland: CALVERT Ryan Butler, Northern High School Christopher Hurley, Huntingtown High School CHARLES Eric Leadbetter, Maurice J. McDonough High School Angela Maki, Westlake High School Abe Massad, La Plata High School ST. MARY’S Robert Barthelmes, Leonardtown High School Jessica Guy, Chopticon High School

munity, kindliness, unselfishness, true Americanism – individual responsibility to Home, to Country, to God), Courage (mental and physical, determination to overcome obstacles), Leadership (personality, originality, ability to lead and hold others, good sportsmanship – responsibility), Patriotism (fundamental Americanism). We are proud to present three ROTC awards to students who demonstrated the above qualities along with adherence to military discipline, leadership ability and a fundamental and patriotic understanding of the importance of ROTC training. The recipients of the ROTC awards were: Jessica Lynn Headley, Chopticon High School; Cadet Lieutenant Commander Jessica R. Greene, Great Mills High School; and Chelsea Hatton, Leonardtown High School. The students who exhibited the five qualities of honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism which are necessary to receive the Good Citizenship Medal are: Anna Lowien, Benjamin Banneker Elementary School; Rand Duarte, Chesapeake Public Charter School; Christina Dawson, Chopticon High School; Sarah F. Zeone, Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center; Jay Hammett, Dynard Elementary School; Eric Pope, Father Andrew White; Zachary Barthelmes, Esperanza Middle School; Kelly Fleming;

George Washington Carver Elementary School; no one received, Shariel Dove, Great Mills High School; Kayla Woolridge, Green Holly Elementary School; Sarah Carty, Greenview Knolls Elementary School; Sarah Husted; Hollywood Elementary School; Nina Bowles, Holy Angels Sacred Heart; Emily Richey-Smith, The Kings Christian Academy; Joshua M. Thompson, Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy; Sharlene Ling Chiu, Leonardtown Elementary School; Alexander Bourque Everett, Leonardtown High School; Andrew Dewey, Leonardtown Middle School; Patrick William Capps, Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary School; Taylor Hensley, Lexington Park Elementary School; Julian David Ortiz, Little Flower School; Rachel Brown, Margaret Brent Middle School; Gina Zanelotti, Mechanicsville Elementary School; Lauren Phetteplace, Mother Catherine Spalding; Aaliyah Fields, Oakville Elementary School; Heather Kennedy; Park Hall Elementary School; Andrew Lee, Piney Point Elementary School; Colin McDaniel, Ridge Elementary School; Amanda Lucas, Ridge Middle School; Carly Hodges, Sara Nelson, St. John’s School; St. Mary’s Ryken High School; Shelby Sasscer, St. Michael’s School; Karol Carlsen, Town Creek Elementary School; Christine Norton, White Marsh Elementary School. Congratulations!

ToKaplan Be &Married Pearl

CSM Twilight Performance Series CSM Twilight Performance Series: Simple Gifts Folk Music Trio. June 24, 6:45 p.m., Leonardtown Campus, 22950 Hollywood Road, Leonardtown, Md. Simple Gifts Folk Music Trio will perform at the Leonardtown Campus of CSM as part of the Twilight Performance Series. Prior to the show at 5:30 p.m. Simple Gifts will offer a free music workshop for children. Each week the series will feature a different performance on each campus. Bring a picnic with a lawn chair or a blanket (no alcoholic beverages permitted). In the event of bad weather the performance will be cancelled. For cancellation information check the college’s emergency hotline. The Twilight Performance Series is sponsored in part by Comcast, CSM Foundation, Raley, Watts & O’Neill, Computer Sciences Corporation, M & T Bank, Bayside Toyota, Community Bank of TriCounty, W.M. Davis, McDonald and Endy Printers, St. Mary’s Hospital and partially sponsored by a grant from Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour and sponsored in part by an award from St. Mary’s County Arts Council. This award was made possible in part by a grant from the St. Mary’s County Arts Council, awarded by the Maryland State Arts Council. Free. 301-934-7861, 240-725-5499, 443-550-6199, 301-870-2309, Ext. 7861 or

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Husk of Mechanicsville, Maryland announce the engagement of their daughter, Christina Pearl, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mudd of White Plains, to David Bret Kaplan, the son of Jan Kaplan and Mr. Robert L. Kaplan of Mechanicsville, and the grandson of Mrs. Elizabeth Kaplan. A winter wedding is planned.

The County Times

Section B - 

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Recipes Speedy Triple-Decker Club

Tomato Cucumber Salad


From Ingredients

Ingredients 2 small cucumbers, thinly sliced 4 small tomatoes, thinly sliced 1 small red onion, thinly sliced ½ cup KRAFT Light Zesty Italian Reduced Fat Dressing Directions 1. PLACE cucumber, tomato and onion on

serving plate. 2. DRIZZLE with dressing.

2 Tbsp. MIRACLE WHIP Dressing, divided 6 slices whole wheat bread, toasted 8 slices OSCAR MAYER Shaved Rotisserie Chicken 4 slices OSCAR MAYER Center Cut Bacon, crisply cooked, drained 1 tomato, cut into 4 thin slices 1 cup shredded lettuce Directions 1. SPREAD 1 Tbsp. of the dressing evenly onto 2 of the toast slices; top with chicken. Cover each with second toast slice. 2. COVER with bacon, tomatoes and lettuce; top with remaining toast slices spread with remaining 1 Tbsp. dressing. 3. CUT each sandwich into four triangles. Se-

Grilled Fish and Peppers From Ingredients 1 cup KRAFT Zesty Italian Dressing 2 tsp. crushed red pepper 1-1/2 lb. firm white fish fillets, such as grouper, halibut or tilapia 2 each red and green peppers, seeded, each cut into 6 pieces 2 Tbsp. KRAFT 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese 2 Tbsp. finely chopped cilantro

cure each with wooden toothpick.

Cappuccino Cream Cheese Brownies From Ingredients

Directions 1. MIX dressing and crushed red pepper. Pour half of the dressing mixture over fish in resealable plastic bag. Seal bag. Refrigerate 15 min. to marinate. Place peppers in a separate resealable plastic bag. Add remaining marinade; seal bag. Shake bag gently until peppers are evenly coated. 2. PREHEAT grill to medium-high heat. Remove fish from marinade; discard marinade. Remove peppers from marinade, reserving

marinade. 3. PLACE peppers on grill. Top with fish; cover grill with lid. Cook 4 min.; turn fish over. Brush with reserved marinade from peppers. Grill, covered, an additional 2 min. or until fish flakes easily with fork. Place fish and peppers on serving plate; let stand 3 min. Sprinkle with cheese and cilantro.

Oreo® Milk Shake

4 squares BAKER’S Unsweetened Baking Chocolate ¾ -cup (1-1/2 sticks) butter or margarine 2-1/3 cups sugar, divided 5 eggs, divided 3 Tbsp. MAXWELL HOUSE Instant Coffee, any variety 1 tsp. vanilla 1-1/4 cups flour 1 pkg. (8 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened 2 Tbsp. flour ½ tsp. ground cinnamon Directions

From Ingredients 12 OREO ® Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 1-1/2 cups milk 1 pt. (2 cups) vanilla ice cream, softened 2 Tbsp. chocolate syrup Directions 1. CHOP or coarsely break cookies. 2. PLACE milk, ice cream and chocolate syr-

up in blender container. Add chopped cookies; cover. Blend on high speed until smooth. 3. POUR into 4 glasses. Serve immediately.

Peanutty Dip

1. PREHEAT oven to 350°F. Microwave chocolate and butter in large microwavable bowl on HIGH 2 minutes or until butter is melted. Stir until chocolate is completely melted. Stir in 2 cups of the sugar. Add 4 of the eggs, coffee granules and vanilla; mix well. Stir in 1-1/4 cups of the flour. Spread into greased foil-lined 13x9-inch baking pan. 2. BEAT cream cheese, remaining 1/3-cup sugar, remaining egg, 2 Tbsp. flour and cinnamon in same bowl until well blended. Spoon over brownie batter. Swirl with knife to marbleize.

3. BAKE 40 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out with fudgy crumbs. DO NOT OVERBAKE. Cool in pan; cut into 24 squares. Store leftover brownies in refrigerator.

Vanilla Coffee


From Ingredients Ingredients 2 oz. (1/4 of 8-oz. pkg.) PHILADELPHIA Neufchatel Cheese, 1/3 Less Fat than Cream Cheese, softened 1 Tbsp. peanut butter 1 Tbsp. honey 1 Tbsp. milk 21 RITZ Sticks Crackers 1 apple, cut into slices 1 pear, cut into slices Directions 1. MIX Neufchatel cheese, peanut butter, hon-

½ cup ground MAXWELL HOUSE Coffee, any variety ¼ cup firmly packed brown sugar 6 cups cold water 1 Tbsp. imitation vanilla Directions ey and milk in small bowl until well blended. 2. SERVE with crackers, apple and pear for dipping.



Pick 3

Pick 4

Pick 3

Pick 4


06/17/08 668



3383 25

06/18/08 640



9643 38

06/19/08 850



6900 09

06/20/08 299



8831 31

06/21/08 114



2115 18

06/22/08 841



5509 09

06/23/08 372



1423 22


1. PLACE coffee in filter in brew basket of coffee maker. Place sugar in empty pot of coffee maker. Add water to coffee maker; brew. When brewing is complete, stir in vanilla until


well blended. 2. POUR into 6 large cups or mugs.

& Engagement Announcements

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Downtown Tunes Returns

Section B - 

Academy of Finance Continued from page B-

The next concert on the square in Leonardtown will be Saturday, June 28 at 6 pm, with acoustic music by Fortune’s Turn, Hamm-It-Ups and MasonSebastian with Celtic Knot. Admission is free. Bring something to sit on.

Newest Deputy State Fire Marshall Continued from page B- uate of Thomas Stone High School. She attended Methodist University and graduated in the fall 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology as Magna Cum Laude. Deputy State Fire Marshal Moreland successfully completed police entrance level training at the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy in May 2008. She is going through additional

intensive fire investigation training, which includes courses offered by the National Fire Academy, University of Maryland and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. She has worked as a volunteer with the Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc. since September 2002 and enjoys teaching and coaching children’s softball. State Fire Marshal Wil-

liam E. Barnard was quoted as saying “It is a pleasure welcoming Deputy State Fire Marshal Moreland to the Office of the State Fire Marshal. She brings a great deal of education to this profession and will help maintain the high level of service that the Office of the State Fire Marshal provides to the citizens of Southern Maryland.”

gram Advisory Council (PAC) to guide the program. The Program Advisory Council is critical to provide feedback related to the curriculum as well as to provide guest speakers, field experiences, and opportunities for internships. Students in the Academy of Finance complete the required Academy courses within the regular graduation requirements. In addition to the courses, students complete a summer internship following grade 11 and a senior

capstone project. A college level course is required in grade 12. The Academy will begin with students entering grade 9 in the 2008-2009 school year. Admission criteria are a 2.0 grade point average, two letters of recommendation from teachers, and a writing sample. An application process is used to enroll students and determine student transfers. Students from Great Mills High School and Leonardtown High School are able to transfer to Chopticon High School for enrollment in the Academy. Transportation logistics are yet to be determined pending student registration. Details will be finalized once enrollment is confirmed.

For more information about the Academy of Finance, contact the program coordinator, Mrs. Cynthia L. Baden, at Chopticon High School, 301-475-0215.

Cookout Continued from page B- event, but also thanking them for the annual Back-to-School ice cream social, the summer pool party/cook-out, the rosaries we make for them, as well as the new playground equipment the Knights helped to fund! St. John’s Principal, Mrs. Pat Suit, called the crew into the gym so that the whole school could thank them again for their support over the school year.

Carthage-Pullman Society Award Presented by the Kiwanis Club of St. Mary’s County

LIBRARY ANNOUNCEMENTS Libraries announce holiday closings All three libraries will be closed July 4 through July 6. Patrons can use the Internet Branch, to manage their accounts, download audios and movies, and do research using the library’s online databases.

Book Sale scheduled at Lexington Park Library

On, June 26, Lexington Park Library will hold a book sale from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the library. The sale will include adult and children’s books, videos and audios.

and at 2 p.m. at Leonardtown. Lexington Park’s program will be July 23. Registration is requested for these free programs.

TAG offer movie night Teens ages 12-18 can watch the movie, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, with other teens at the upcoming Leonardtown TAG (Teen Advisory Group) on July 10 following the TAG meeting at 5:30 p.m. Teens attending Lexington Park’s TAG meeting on July 1 at 4 p.m. will discuss the Lois Lowry’s book, The Giver. Charlotte Hall’s TAG meeting will be July 10 at 5 p.m.

Children and teens can earn Professional Performance series prizes by reading Summer Reading Clubs run through Aubegins June 30 The Summer Professional Performance series will kick off Monday, June 30 with Uncle Pete with Kids performing. Charlotte Hall’s program will be at White Marsh Elementary at 10 a.m.; Leonardtown’s will be at Leonard Hall Drill Center at 12:30 p.m.; and Lexington Park’s will be at the library at 3 p.m. The free program, a combination of humor, dancing and audience participation, is made possible by a grant from St. Mary’s County Arts Council and matching funds from Friends of St. Mary’s County Library.

Libraries host family Wii play game nights Families and gamers of all ages can play Guitar Hero and DDR on the library’s Wii at the family game nights on June 25, 6-7:30 p.m. at Charlotte Hall; on June 26, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Leonardtown; and on July 2, 6-7:30 p.m. at Lexington Park. Registration is requested. Free.

Kids can be superheroes Children ages 7-11 will make Kryptonite, create comic superheroes and solve the Riddler’s riddles at the Superheroes program scheduled July 9 at 10 a.m. at Charlotte Hall

Search leads to marijuana arrest On June 20, 2008 at approximately 8 a.m. Deputy First Class Angela Muller was patrolling Back Door Road in Dameron, Maryland when she observed three individuals sleeping in a vehicle. Muller contacted the subjects and was able to detect an odor of burnt marijuana emitting from the vehicle and back up deputies were requested. Muller obtained a consent search of the vehicle from the driver. The consent search

gust 9. Babies from birth to age two can sign up for the Read-to-Me Club and complete fun reading activities with their parents or caregivers while preschoolers to 5th graders maintain a reading log for the Catch the Reading Bug Club. Participants in both clubs return to the library every three weeks for prizes. When the activity sheets or reading logs are completed, they receive an age-appropriate book. Teens in the sixth grade and up can register for the Metamorphosis Club and earn a chance for one of the grand prizes: a digital camera, IPod Shuffle, ITunes gift card, headphones or entertainment chair by simply reading and logging their reading time. They bring their reading logs in every three weeks for a chance also to earn mugs, t-shirts, and CiCi’s Pizza coupons.

Digital Editing Class offered for Adults A free digital photo editing class will be offered on July 2 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Lexington Park. Adults will learn to use the scanner and camera wizard to transfer photos to the computer as well as learn about some free tools for photo editing. No digital camera is required. Registration required.

revealed a metal smoking device containing suspected burnt marijuana. Additional suspected marijuana was located in one suspect’s purse. Loshika Charlene Renee Brook, 30, of Sterling, Va. and Anne Marie Soldo, 22, of Centerville, Va. were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance - marijuana.

Charged with indecent exposure On June 20, 2008 at approximately 6 p.m. Deputy

Michael Boyer responded to Rita’s Frozen Custard in Lexington Park for a report of indecent exposure. Investigation revealed Sheila Christine Vernon, 38, of Lexington Park, Maryland allegedly exposed her breast to a 14-yearold male. Vernon was arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

Deputy arrests woman for disorderly conduct On June 22, 2008 at ap-

Sara Rubinstein (left) was presented with the Carthage-Pullman Society Award from the Kiwanis Club of St. Mary’s County for her outstanding volunteer efforts in the CKI Club at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Kelli Hill (right) serves as the CKI Club President for 2008-2009.

Critter Corner Poison - Proof Your Home Because our pets depend on us to keep them safe, the Tri-County Animal Shelter would like to provide some tips from the ASPCA to ensure your household is poison-proof for your pet. Keep prescription and over-the-counter drugs behind tightly closed cabinet or closet doors. Examples of human medications that can be lethal to pets, even in small doses, include painkillers, cold and flu medicines, anticancer drugs, antidepressants, vitamins and diet pills. Keep dangerous foods out of your pet’s reach. These include chocolate, coffee, macadamia nuts, onions and onion powder, raisins and grapes, moldy or spoiled foods, yeast dough, and products sweetened with xylitol. For products used to eliminate fleas, ticks and other pests, follow directions exactly. Make sure the item you’re using is specifically formulated for your pet, and check with your veterinarian before using it. Make sure the product is age and species appropriate-don’t use adult products on young animals, or dog products on cats. Many common household plants, such as lilies, azaleas and kalanchoe, can cause severe effects in pets. Learn which plants are toxic to pets. Use cleaning products that have been proven safe around pets. Keep pets away from cleaned areas until any cleaning product has

proximately 1:30 a.m. Deputy First Class Angela Muller was standing inside of Sheetz in Great Mills when Shirley Catherine Butler, 60, of Valley Lee entered the business. Butler appeared to be extremely intoxicated. Muller asked Butler how she arrived at Sheetz and Butler became very agitated and defensive. Concerned for Butler’s safety, Muller asked her for the telephone number to call a friend to pick Butler up and get her home safely. Butler began cry and speak loudly drawing attention to her from other customers. Butler

dried thoroughly, and keep all products in a secure place. Other common household hazards include fabric softener sheets, mothballs, and pennies made after 1982 (they contain a high concentration of zinc). Other products to keep away from pets include citronella candles; cocoa mulch; fertilizers; swimming pool chemicals; animal bait for flies, slugs, snails, rat and mice; batteries; and antifreeze. For an extended list of items that may prove dangerous to your pet, visit the ASPCA’s website at Included in the poison prevention section is contact information for their animal poison control center. For more information about the Tri-County Animal Shelter, contact us at 1-800-903-1992 or visit our web page at www.charlescounty. org/es/animalcontrol.

was asked to calm down and Muller walked Butler outside and again explained to her why she needed a safe ride home. Butler again became upset and threw her keys and money into the roadway and also began using profane language. Butler’s profane language and actions again attracted attention of others and she was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Traffic stop leads to arrest for assault On June 21, 2008 at ap-

proximately 2 a.m. Deputy Travis Bowes stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver, Scott Patrick Adams was arrested for driving while intoxicated. As Bowes attempted to place Adams into the patrol vehicle, Adams allegedly spit on Deputy Michael George. Adams was charged with assault.

Section B - 

The County Times

Thursday, June 26, 2008

International Toast With a Twist For many of the world’s amateur chefs and culinary enthusiasts, the joy of cooking rests in trying new things to please the palate. Oftentimes, this means trying the various cuisines of other countries. Among the more popular cuisines today is Indian cuisine. But as Monisha Bharadwaj illustrates in “India’s Vegetarian Cooking: A Regional Guide” (Kyle Books), Indian cuisine varies depending on which region of the country you happen to be in. The following recipe for “Crisp Toast in Nutty Saffron Milk,” for example, is a classic dessert dish with roots in Northern India. A centuries old favorite originally created for the Mogul rulers, the dish is still served today at feasts and banquets throughout the region.


Crisp Toast in Nutty Saffron Milk Serves 4 4 slices of white bread, each cut into 4 squares 2⁄3 cup whole milk 2⁄3 cup evaporated milk 1⁄2 cup condensed milk 2 tablespoons crushed pistachios Sunflower oil for deep-frying Sugar, to taste Generous pinch of saffron 1. Heat the oil and fry the squares of bread on both sides until golden. Lift from the pan and drain on the absorbent paper. 2. Mix all the milks, sugar and saffron, and bring to a boil. Simmer for 10 minutes or so until the mixture thickens. Remove from

the heat and let it cool. 3. To serve, put the fried bread toasts on a platter and sprinkle half the pistachios over them. Pour the saffron milk on top and decorate with the rest of the pistachios.

Kids Corner Here’s How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!



Last Week’s Puzzle Solutions

1. Capital of Tibet 6. Burn with a hot liquid 11. Not easily arrived at 13. The 6th letter 15. Tinged with a golden color 16. Measure of illumination (abbr.) 18. The Show Me state 19. Nictated 20. An alternative 21. Bahgdad’s nation (alt. sp.) 24. Pigeon sound 25. Classical composer Thomas Augustine 27. Construct again 28. Autonomic nervous system 29. A flock of quail 30. Divine Egyptian beetle 33. Recorded images 35. Mimicry 36. Vitr_____: harsh in tone 37. Extensive landed property 38. Relating to the vertebrae 40. Egyptian Sun god 41. Chicken ___ King 44. Satisfy to excess

45. Cincinnati team 46. Quick swim 47. First Chinese dynasty 48. Trauma center 49. Wolfsbane 53. Overdose 54. Set of data 55. Shape of a witch’s hat 56. Canadian province 57. A paramount transgression 61. Regions 62. Bloodsucking worm

CLUES DOWN 1. __ and behold 2. A precious metal 3. Pierce with a knife 4. Immaterial part of a person 5. Continent 6. Tall bearskin hats 7. A company of badgers 8. Felt of fearful wonderment 9. City of Angels 10. Atomic #66

12. Fits into a mortise 13. Arabian cheiftans 14. Weather predictors 16. Calling together 17. Hunts for quarry 22. Changed in form or character 23. Altaics 25. Do away with 26. Light sensitive membranes 31. Mr. Linkletter 32. Tournament round pass 33. Private detectives 34. Jump on one foot 37. Possessed hearing appendages 39. Is ahead of others 41. Youth loved by Aphrodite 42. _____g: inside surface 43. Situated at the top 49. A unit of area (4840 sq. yards) 50. Formal close (music) 51. Fairy story 52. Otherwise 57. Atomic # 20 58. One of the six noble gases 59. Integrated circuit 60. “Live Free or Die” state

Thursday June 26, 2008

The County Times


TEL: 301-373-4125 • FAX: 301-373-4128 •

s y a D n o i t a c i l Pub

lished s pub i s e Tim uesounty are T n s e The C hursday. n li o T Dead at 12 no re: each day hours a ay e id Offic y thr u Fr a d m Mon am - 4p 8

Placin g An


Em Now tyti ail yo Acce Fax mes.n ur ad pt Cr edit to: artw: 30 et or the ork o 1-373 Call: classifi Card l 4 r s! i pla ne w sp 128 301- eds@ or y Ads ith th ecial t . Line 373-41 counwit specia (Ad e 4 li ype) r Ad 25 o par h the l type s withne min Charg s (No r ty a 2 i e ) ds m nch Char artw imum. d by D ust min ged ork, be p imu by l isaid m. A the ogos, befo ll in re a priva ch d is te r un .




Tired of sitting in traffic to and from work every day while paying close to $4.00 per gallon of gas to do so?? House for sale within 2 miles south of Gate 3 Pax River Naval Base. Located on private road with 2.7 acres. Three bedrooms, one and a half baths, eat-in kitchen, laundry room,, dining room, and living room on main floor. Bedroom, full bath, family room with fireplace, craft room, and storage in partly finished basement. Large screened back porch and covered front entry. Two car garage with extra covered space for camper and boat, plus loft storage. House is currently under renovation. Asking price is $360000. when completed, or $320000. as is. Owner financing preferred; will consider lease to purchase agreement. Call 301-862-4142.

Waterfront Buildable Lot, 5.334 Acres in Valley Lee, MD. Located on Herring Creek w/ Access to Potamac River, Sailboat Depth. 90 minute commute to Washington, DC. Price: $600,000. If interested, and for any further information, please call Mark Aldridge at 301-904-8362.

Three beautiful wooded lots available in Hollywood MD. Pristine location on a private road off of Fox Run Lane in the desirable McIntosh Road area. Best school district and location possible! Lots from 3-9 Acres. Percs and plat recorded. Buy one or all! Available directly from the developer. Let us build your dream home or build it yourself Phone: (240) 298-7328 John or (240) 538-8441 Alan. Price: $195,000 Neg. Charming single family rambler. Price recently reduced. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, & Den. Sits on small lot wiht nice backyard and shed. In Dorchester Circle and within walking distance of elementary school and playground. In Westlake School District. Convenient to schools, stores, and public transporation. Community has swimming pool, tennis courts, walking trails, and lake. Why rent when you can buy? Why purchase townhouse for more money when you can have a single family home. Can have occupancy quickly. For seeing property at your convenience telephone 301-7521273. Price: Reduced to $265,000. If you don’t want to spend all weekend on yard work, this home is for you! Only one owner, home is like new, pratically maintenance free. Located in a charming, small, secure community. Spacious, light and bright home. Small lot, but plenty of house. Just minutes from NAS Pax River, shopping, medical facilities and schools. All electric home with ceiling fans in every room. Separate laundry/mud room. Front porch and stick built shed in back yard. Oak cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms, Berber carpet and vinyl flooring throughout, all neutral colors. Large living room, eat in kitchen, full baths in hallway and master bedroom. No shortage of space here! Price: $260,000. Call Elise Graves at 301-994-3553.

Great mid level condo (meaning no steps to go up or down walk right in to your front door) in rosewood section excellent shape 2 bedroom 1.5 bath large laundry room off of main bath and large walk in closet off of main bedroom. washer and dryer are practically new and stay also all kitchen appliances stay. Balconey faces parking lot side of building one reserved parking spot with plenty of additional spots for extra vehicles. Rosewood is a very quiet neighbor hood. If interested call William Long at 301-4818798. Price: $185,000. 3 BRs with 2 ½ Baths in Drum Point, (XL Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom w/garden tub and 2 showers), sunken Family Room with sliding glass door to spacious deck, Eat-In Kitchen, Living Room, & Dining Room, 6’ wide front porch, Oversized 1 Car Garage, 6 person Hot Tub w/privacy fence. Amish built 10 X 12 Shed. Newly Installed HVAC in Dec 07, Washer & Dryer (Jun 08), .33 acre well landscaped corner lot. Nice quiet neighborhood. Community beach access and boat ramp. $10/year Home Owners Association fee. Email cdn129@ or call (410)610-3580 between 9am - 9pm to set up your appointment to see this remarkable home. Price: $349,900. Beautiful wooded 4.42 acres lot in Norwood subdivision off of Trinity Church rd. Safe family friendly neighborhood with room to roam.We will consider financing. If interested, please call 301-481-3052 or 301-4812086 for more information. This lot is ready for your home. $150,000. This beautiful home is situated on a corner, fenced lot. The modern kitchen features maple cabinets, gas stove, refridgerator and washer/dryer. The living room and both bedrooms are carpeted. The full bath has been upgraded to include a spacious vanity and medicine cabinet. This home has central heat with window AC. The detached workshop includes heat, AC, workbenchs and storage. Beach access is provided: 1/2 mile to free boat launch ramp. Price: $205,000. If interested, please call Harry Revis at 301-994-9949. Wildewood Village, a gated 55+ community with 24 hour security. Serious buyers only please contact Kim Reynolds, Esq., 301 863.7054 or Price: $270,000.

Important Information



About 5 minutes to Pax River Gate 2, this beautiful family home is wellmaintained and in a quiet, family-oriented neighboorhood. The home features a large open kitchen, dining room, and living room with vaulted ceiling, a one car garage with plenty of driveway parking, and a big deck and spacious fenced yard behind. Washer and dryer in the house, and built-in bookcases in one bedroom. Room-to-room audio, whole house humidifier and other extras make this worth checking out! Most pets allowed on a case-by-case basis, with $200 refundable pet deposit. $1480/mo rent with 1-yr lease and $950 security deposit. Credit check required. Reasonable landlords. Please – no smokers. Available August 1. Call for more information or to see—301.645.8509.

Seeking single professional to rent efficiency apartment in private residence--$675 a month includes all utilities (direct tv, electric, water, trash) except phone in the Mechanicsville area. Must be a non-smoker. No pets. New carpet, vinyl and paint. Private entrance with full kitchen, washer/ dryer, ample closet space and large bathroom. Pictures available upon request. Call Jennifer 301884-4756 (h), (w) 301-7575275 available mid July. References required.

Two story farm house located in the middle of Calvert County. Features 4 bedrooms, two and one half baths, high efficiency heat pump with central air,oil fired backup furnace, modern spacious kitchen, laundry room on first floor, wood stove in basement, fire place, front porch and a large screened side porch. Call 410-231-6095. Price: $1500. Cute 2 bedroom rancher, new kitchen, hardwood floors, lawn service, 5 minutes from Leonardtown, favorable commuting location, Leonardtown school district, no section 8. Call Carol Vallandingham at 301-4758058. Price: $1200. For Rent. Wildewood Condo. Available now. Beautiful updated 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath condo in the SugarMaple section of Wildewood. Located on the 1st floor with walkout access to the woods. Updated cabinets. New carpet less than 1-year old. New appliances within 3 years. Full size stackable washer and dryer. The kitchen has an open floor plan. Lots of closet space. Master bedroom features a large walk-in closet. Water, sewer, and trash are included in rent. Tenant is responsible only for electricity, phone, and cable. Minutes away (by foot) from Wildewood Shopping Center shopping. 10 minutes away (by car) from Patuxent River Naval Air Station. No pets. Credit report and references required. One year lease with security deposit. Call Tim Twigg at (301) 904-2757. Price: $1,040. BRAND NEW!!! 4bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, living room, dinning room, basement, kitchen, with washer, dryer, dishwasher and large yard with a front and rear deck. This home is in a quiet neighborhood and sits on a wooded lot. Is located minutes from Pax River NAS. Please call Kim Guy @ (301)475-6752 to preview this home. Price: $1,550. Condo, newly remodeled, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, mid-level, Available: 7/1/2008, $1000/month + deposit, awh 301-3923274, dwh 202-385-8792.

This beautiful one bedroom one bath apartment has all the upgrades. The kitchen has mosaic tile counter tops, and slate tile floor. Bright living room and dining room have pergo flooring and recessed lighting. Bath has whirlpool tub and custom tile. There is a large amount of closet space and storage. Two private entrances (front and back) and a private driveway and flat fenced in back yard Pets on a case by case basis with deposit. Water oriented community. Great for a young couple or a single person. Please call (410)326-3627 (home) or (508)561-2759 (cell). Price: $895 Elec. Included. Looking for an honest, clean, and responsible individual to rent a large unfurnished room, with a fireplace, on the lower level of a 3 story townhouse, with a garage, located in Prince Frederick, Md. Private half bath on the lower level and full use of the kitchen, living room, laundry room, and full bath on the upper levels. One year lease and security deposit required. Utilities are not included, but will be split between the housemates. Approximately 30 minutes from NAS Pax River, 45 minutes from Washington D.C. Pets and Smoking allowed. Shown by appointment only. For additional information or to set up an appointment, please call 443-404-1282. Available Immediately. Price: $530.

HELP WANTED Looking for Part- Time customer service representative. Busy Dunkirk insurance agency. Excellent communication required. Email resume to toepfem1@nationwide. com Medical Biller - Clinton, MD podiatry office seeks EXPERIENCED biller, F/T, Mon-Fri. CBSI preferred but not mandatory. Duties include charge entry, daily balancing, ins processing, A/R mgmt, and storing documents to disk. Please fax resume to: (301) 868-2121 or email to lshotchkissjm@ Electricians/Helpers. Are you looking for a career, not a job? Service professionals in our industry earn at least $50,000.00 to $70,000+ per year and have paid vacations and health insurance. MUST BE WELL GROOMED, DRUG FREE, and DEPENDABLE. Call to set your future in motion. 301-449-9440.



Looking for experienced HVAC Service technicians to be part of our team. Must have great comuacatition skills, good driving record, and clean background. We service the entire Metro area, so must willing to drive long distances. We offer great benefits, training, top pay, company truck and a fun place to work. Please go to our website and submit your resume.

Successful Southern Maryland homebuilding company is seeking sales agents to sell new home communities in St. Mary’s County. Must be MD licensed real estate agent, or qualified to become licensed. Qualified candidate will receive multiple listings for a new home community, and will be responsible to market and sell properties from builder’s sales center. Excellent opportunity for new agents! Email resume and cover letter to

Raymond World Inc. Seeking Individual to work as Secretary / Bookkeeping Accountant/Clerk & Sales Representative. Qualifications: Verbal/Written Communication Skills, Extremely Organized, Legal Background Helpful. Interested candidate should contact

Western Shore Concrete Construction is now seeking skilled Form Car penters/ Laborers/ Finishers.Your own tools and transportation are required. Fax applications to 301.994.1694. Harley-Davidson of Washington, DC, the area’s largest dealership, located in Fort Washington, MD, is seeking an individual to work Full Time in the service department. Individual will be responsible for operating a forklift, uncrating motorcycles upon arrival, detailing motorcycles as they are sold and other jobs in the service department. Ideal candidate must have a valid driver’s license, be responsible, be able to push heavy motorcycles, be able to work weekends, have reliable transportation to and from work and must be able to pass a drugtest. H-D of Washington, DC has excellent benefits including health care, vacation/holiday pay and 401K. Please call Jennifer at 301-248-1200. Experienced Sales Person to sell structured cabling and Avaya phone systms for Communication Company. Pay based on commission. Serious inquires. Fax resumes to: 410-414-8496. Adminitrative Asst. needed. We are looking for the right person to answer phones, Customer Service, Filing and Computer Knowledge is a must. We offer help with paid training, and offer paid health benifits after a 90 day trial period. Must have great Customer Service skills!! Please call for an interview: 301-997-1450. Maritime School looking for a part-time adult education instructor. Duties include academic support to students requiring assistance with their vocational classes, adult literacy and support for ESL students. Fluency in Spanish beneficial. A degree in Education or experience as a literacy teacher required. 20 hours per week, flexible hours between 2-8pm Monday - Friday. Please send resume to

Pharmacist - Retail Positions are available at 2 of our locations. Current MD Pharmacist License required. Full or part time schedules are possible. Competitive salary and benefits. Send resume and salary requirements to: McKay’s Fine Food & Pharmacy P.O. Box 98 Hollywood, MD 20636 Or Fax to Human Resources. 301-373-5338. For further information, call 301-373-5848. McKay’s is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Wildes-Spirit Design & Printing in White Plains, MD is seeking an experienced Digital Imaging Operator. Must be familiar with operation of Xerox and Canon digital equipment. Excellent pay and benefits. Full and Part Time positions. Monday thru Friday. Send resume to Cedar Lane Apartments has openings for Full Time and Part Time Certified Nursing Assistants. High school diploma or GED required. Successful candidate must possess basic communication skills (written and oral), knowledge of basic office procedures, and CPR and First Aid Certification. Applicant must be honest, reliable, willing to perform a variety of tasks as assigned, and possess a positive, friendly, caring and cooperative attitude towards residents and coworkers. Prior experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant is preferred. EOE. 301-475-8966. Soil, concrete and other construction materials testing Lab Manager needed. Must have 5 years experience in the CMT field. Must pass drug testing and have reliable transportation. Please e-mail resume to Van Driver - PT MonThurs 3-8pm. Transports clients to and from Walden offices and delivers interoffice mail. Excellent driving record and ability to operate a 15 passenger van and GPS navigation system required. Salary: $15/hour. If interesested, please send resume to: erin@ Part-Time teacher/tutor(s) wanted for home-shooled 9th and 7th grade students in Southern Maryland. We are seeking an energetic person(s) to teach literature, English composition, history and French beginning fall 2008. Hours are flexible. Prior experience or advanced degree a plus. If interested, please email your resume to mdillow@deanlumber. com.

VEHICLES 2000 Dodge Stratus. This vehicle is in great condition. Runs excellent. This is a must see. Only 98,000 miles and chrome rims come with vehicle. Rims are not on vehicle at this time but, will give to you upon purchase. There is a medium sized dent in bumper but can easily be fixed very inexpensively. 6 disk CD changer, sunroof, sirius sattelite installed, leather interior. This is a great deal and will not last long so, feel free to call Scott @ 240298-7522 for more info. or to set up a time to see vehicle. Email laceydf@ for pictures of car if you are interested. Price: $1,900. 2006 Toyota Scion TC. Great graduation gift. Sporty Toyota, automatic, good A/C, good mileage at 24/32; CD player, digital panel includes outside temperature; child locks; automatic windows, sunroof, two brand new tires, tinted windows, hatchback, seats fold down in front, back seats are split and fold down flat for carrying; satellite radio, am/ fm radio, alloy wheels. Call for appointment to see: 301-904-8288 after 5 and weekends. Located in St. Mary’s County near PAX NAS. Price: $17,000 Reduced. For sale is a 1995 Dodge Neon. Great on gas and low mileage. Decent condiiton. Needs work to pass MD inspection including two gaskets replaced and a new windshield. If you are a mechanic you could turn ths into a really nice car! Who could’nt afford that with the rising cost of gas? I need to have this vehicle moved soon so I will consider parting it out if need be. Make Offer! Call (301) 769-4070. 2003 Hyundai Elantra GLS Sedan 4 door, 94,700 miles, good condition. 4 cyl. 2.0 liter front wheel drive. AM-FM stereo, single CD, Dual front air bags, front side airbags, moon roof, cruise control, tilt wheel, power locks, power windows, power steering, A/C. Price: $5,000. 301-645-7179. 2007 Toyota Camry. Looking for a fast sale. Excellent condition. $18,820 OBO. Call for more info 240-416-6465. 2003 Dodge Dakota Sport. Extra Clean Dodge truck with super low miles. Price: $13,200. If interested, and for any further information, please call 301-737-2857.

The Cou sponsiblenty Times will reason. for any ads not be held re right to The County Timomitted for an not mee edit or reject a es reserves th y Times. Itting the standard ny classified a e the ad o is your respo s of The Countyd nsi n its firs us if a m t pub blity to chec rect you istake is foun lication and ca k first dayr ad only if n d. We will co ll roti of the first pu fied after the blication ran.



2005 Harley Davidson FXDL DYNA LOW RIDER. 1450cc engine, maroon and black low rider. This bike has been garage kept, never dropped and taken care of. She comes with a quick release windshield ($300.00 value). Never been in rain. Awsome ride for only 13,000. EMAIL: fegonzo@live. com. Price: $13,000. Call 240-298-8853.

Licensed childcare provider since 1992, 1st aid, cpr certified, Family type environment as well as an educational environment, with many hands on learning activities and a large funfilled playground, Daycare set up is set up like a Preschool. I am in Dynard, Holy Angels, and Father Andrew White’s School District. My hours of operation are from 5am-5pm during soccer seasons they are 5am-4:45pm. I currenly have 2 above the age of 2 openings.Before and After School care also available. Call or email me for more info about my program for your child. You the parents are responsible for bringing your child’s lunch I provide all the rest! I look forward to hearing from you. 301-769-3849.

1989 Harley Davidson FXLR. Custom paint job, brand new 17” Ape Hanger handle bars, Rocker boxes rebuilt less than 1000 miles ago, comes with upgraded seat, full set of bags, and padded sissy bar. Looks Great/ Runs Great! Price: $7500. Call 301-997-0686. 1995 Honda CB-750 Nighthawk. Very Well Kept. 50 miles to the gallon! Need to part with because I have a New motorcyle. The bike is in top shape. Starts right up and rides like a dream. This bike is easy to ride and it will serve well a beginner rider as well as a seasoned veteran. The bike has never been abused and has been maintained with utmost care. Price: $2700. Call 301-863-0398.

BOATS & MARINA This is a 18 foot Crestliner with a 2000 35 horsepower honda fourstroke tillerstear. This moter was serviced last year with good compression. Gear oil, and water pump recenly replaced. Runs great! This boat comes with trailer and motor. Call with questions. 301752-5454. $3300 obo. Marine Rochester quadrajet off a 260 HP Mercruiser V-8 (5.7 liter). Completely rebuilt, works great has approximately 20 hours since rebuild. $200 OBO. 240-256-0033.

Daycare located in Hollywood Shores has immediate openings: 1 infant and 3 2yrs - 10 yrs. I offer competitive rates and multiple child discounts. My hours are 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. Call for interview (301)247-9793 or email wendyquade1977@

GENERAL MERCHANDISE Weslo Pursuit 2.0 Exercise Bike. Model # WLEX0901.1 with scan, time, speed, distance, and calorie read-out. Call 301-994-9115 if interessted. Price: $15. Jet 14” Midi Lathe. 1/2 HP, 6 speed 500-3975 RPM Motor, 6” tool rest, 14” spindle length, 10” swing, $400 value. Nova Midi Bowl Chuck, $100 value 10 assorted chissles, Robert Sorby 1/2” Midi curved scraper $35 value, Robert Sorby 1/2” fingernail spindle gouge $52 value, 3 standard chissles $20 value, 5 piece mini detail chissles $70 value. 1 year old, runs great, LIKE NEW! If interested, please call Michael at 240-583-4816.

16’ Fiberglass Boat with 40 hp Mercury motor and Cox trailer. Good condition. Call 301904-5725 if interested. $4000.

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