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A few of our favorite things to share this month about local food and drink

Cherry Month.

It’s no surprise

February is National Cherry Month. In addition to the George Washington connection, cherries’ vibrant ruby hue fits right in with the pinks and reds that highlight other monthly events. And beyond being tasty, cherries are darn healthy—full of vitamins A, B, C and E and packed with antioxidants to help slow your skin’s aging and ward off Alzheimer’s. Even better, they’re a sweet snack low in calories—unless you bake them in a pie!

Perfect Match.

Chocolates, caramels, truffles, hot chocolate, chocolate drops … Neuchatel Swiss Chocolates has the perfect gift for everyone this month. And for sweet and salty enthusiasts, Neuchatel’s Swiss Chips are sure to delight! Salty potato chips surrounded by rich, imported milk chocolate— you’ll fall in love with just one bite. Buy two packages, and share with your Valentine. They promise a distinct savoriness that will be an unforgettable experience. More options at

At Last!

The long awaited Whole Foods Market has finally opened in Newtown Square on West Chester Pike! And it’s sure to please any shopper—even if you don’t have Amazon Prime. Check out its selection of local foods, grab-and-go options and natural and organic groceries. Have time to kill? Visit the Darby Creek Café— the in-store dining venue serving 12 local beers on tap, curated wine, sherry-based cocktails and pub-inspired food. Only the best for County Lines country!

Flip for Flapjacks.

Celebrate National Pancake Week—the fourth week of February. Make fun animal

Heart-y Food.

February is heart month, so why not give your own some extra love? Leafy greens, nutritious whole grains and juicy berries are just a few foods that reduce the risk of heart disease— and they’re tasty too! So throw in some extra kale and spinach to your salad, trade in white rice for brown and enjoy a snack of blueberries or raspberries next time the afternoon munchies hit. Your heart—and taste buds—will thank you!

pancakes with your kids. For dog pancakes, use one large circle as the head, two smaller ovals as ears, strawberries for the nose and tongue, blueberries for eyes and chocolate chips for a mouth. Or just lay out the pancakes and toppings and let your kids make their own fun shapes. With a whole week to celebrate, try pancakes for dinner. Sure to become a new favorite family tradition! | February 2019 | County Lines


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