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June 19, 2013 Vol 21 No 12

July 1

New Brunswick Antique Auto Tour Coming to Kensington Area and Car Show at Marco Polo Campground to Support Crohns and Colitis The 2013 New Brunswick Antique Auto Tour is coming to Prince Edward Island and people in the Kensington area will be noticing a lot of antique automobiles on their roads during the week of July 8th to 12th. The NBAAC have been holding an annual tour for a number of years and this year they have chosen Prince Edward Island as their destination. The month of July is National Automotive Heritage Month and on Tuesday, July 9th as part of these celebrations, the Tour will be stopping at Bell’s Service Center, the site of the first garage in Kensington established in 1919. The tour is scheduled to ar-

rive at 11:30 AM. 2013 is an important milestone in automotive heritage on PEI as it is the 100 anniversary of cars being allowed on Island roads. The town, along with Bell’s Service Centre and Irving will be holding a welcoming event for the tour and a cake-cutting ceremony recognizing automotive heritage. Local car enthusiasts and the general public are invited to come out and celebrate our automotive history.

Car Show at Marco Polo Campground July 9 to support Crohns and Colitis

Automobile collectors have a history of holding car shows to support worthy causes. This tra-

East Prince

Are you concerned about highway safety in Kensington, Summerside, Borden Carlton and surrounding communities? Did you know…….on average 4 people die every day in Canada and approximately 175 are injured in drug and alcohol related impaired driving incidents? Impaired driving takes the lives of far too many innocent people on “Island” highways every year. Why not join the fight to stop this # 1 criminal cause of death in our country. Members of MADD East Prince County invite the public to become a member. All are welcome. Find out how you can help make a difference in our communities. For more info. about the Campaigns and Programs of MADD Canada contact: 836-3151 or email This space is compliments of The County Line Courier Community Newspaper, Mike & Isabel Smith, as a part of our ongoing committment to our communities.

dition will be continued on Tuesday evening, July 9 when there will be a car show at Marco Polo Campground in Cavendish put on by the Tour. The show will include a display of the Tour participant’s cars as well as vehicles from the PEI Antique Car Club. Other local auto enthusiasts and car collectors are encouraged to participate in this car show and put their cars on display from 5 to 8PM. The show will also feature six members of the Newfoundland Antique Car Club who are touring the Maritimes during the week. There is no registration fee and admission will be by donation with all proceeds going to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. The

Antique Auto Tour stopping at Bell’s Service Center July 9th, site of the first garage in Kensington

A 1947 Green Ford International owned by Ken and Carol Gordon who attended the event in 2010. Tour is hoping a good crowd will come out to see the vehicles and support a worthy cause.

Tour Coordinator Rudy Croken of Kensington stated in a press release that this is a fitting time for the Tour to

come to PEI as 2013 is an important 100th anniversary year for cars on PEI. After a five year ban of

cont’d on p. 7

Area Student Receives Honourable Mention Gilles Painchaud, President PEI Provincial Command, announced that an entry from Lt. Col. E.W. Johnstone Branch No. 9 Kensington in the 2012/2013 National Remembrance Day Literary & Poster Contest had received an Honourable Mention. Mr. Painchaud (right), Chair, Planning & Administration, PEI Command and, Comrade Lois Brown, Chair of Branch No. 9 Literary & Poster Contest were pleased to present a certificate to Samantha Schurman, Gr. 3 student at Queen Elizabeth Elementary School, in the Primary Colour Poster Contest. Samantha is the daughter of Krista and Marc Schurman of Spring Valley. CONGRATULATIONS Samantha on behalf of the County Line Courier Community Newspaper and its readers

June 19, 2013

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An Unusual Political Situation King George Place 61 Broadway Street Kensington, Prince Edward Island Published twice monthly by MJS Marketing and Promotions. The contents of this newspaper are protected by copyright. To make use of any of the material, you must first obtain permission from the publisher. Publisher: Michael J. Smith Editor: Isabel Smith Feature Article(s): Andy Walker Mailing address: PO Box 601, Kensington, PE, C0B 1M0 Tel: 902 836-3196 Fax: 902 836-4889 E-mail: We Welcome Your Letters: The County Line Courier welcomes letters on topics of interest to our readers. Publishing of any letter is at the discretion of the editor. Any submitted articles, letters or features, may be edited for length, clarity, grammar and content. All letters must be signed with the writer’s name and telephone number for verification purposes. Unsigned or anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. Short letters have more impact. Opinions expressed are those of the people who submit them and not necessarily those of The County Line Courier. Next edition July 10 (deadline for submissions for this issue is July 3)

by Andy Walker Editor, Island Farmer / Freelance journalist President, Canadian Association of Journalist, PEI Vice president, Atlantic Farm Writers Association The latest poll on the provincial political scene from Corporate Research Associates shows a somewhat unusual situation. The Halifax polling firm surveys a sample of Islanders every three months. I am personally not a big fan of these polls, believing in the quote attributed to the late Prime Minister John Diefenbaker that ‘dogs are the best judge of what to do with poles.” However, these polls have become a fact of political life and both politicians and pundits live and die for them. While they do have some spectacular failures (picking the wrong winners in the Alberta and British Columbia elections are the two most recent), they also have an impressive number of accurate predictions. The latest poll showed dissatisfaction with the Robert Ghiz government is dropping, with just over 50 per cent being dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied with the government’s performance. That shouldn’t be surprising. The longer a government is in office, the harder it is to maintain a positive approval rating and the Ghiz administration has now passed the six-year mark. Virtually every decision a government makes costs them some political capital. Premier Ghiz also had the added challenge of governing through one of the worst economic downturns since the 1930’s. Services have been cut back, there have been layoffs and Islanders find themselves paying more for virtually every service they receive from government. Then there have been some high profile decisions that have really tended to polarize large segments of the population—the introduction of the Harmonized Sales

Tax, Plan B highway construction and the latest round of health reform. Now for the surprise. The poll shows growing dissatisfaction so far hasn’t translated into declining popularity. In fact, their support went up marginally—from 51 per cent in February to 52 in May. If that translated into votes in the next election, the Liberals would have a “true majority” (meaning more people cast ballots for them than against them)—a rarity in Canadian politics. However, there is a huge caution. There is an old saying that a year is a lifetime in politics and there is over two and a half years until the next election. The poll seems to show Islanders are growing tired of a government that would be seeking a third term in 2015, but they are not sure about the alternatives. The poll does contain some good news for the opposition Progressive Conservatives. During the last polling period, the Tories were still in the middle of a nasty internal fight. The battle, which went on for several months, saw Morell-Mermaid MLA Olive Crane resign as party leader but not opposition leader. She later gave up the opposition leader’s job, but that was far from the end of the party civil war. Tignish-Palmer Road MLA Hal Perry was elected as opposition leader by the caucus just days before Georgetown-St Peters MLA Steve Myers was named party leader by the executive. The party faced the possibility of having two leaders sitting inside the rail, but the crisis ended when Perry resigned as opposition leader and Myers assumed both jobs. The February poll showed the Conservatives were paying a political price for their

infighting. They dipped to third place sitting at just 16 per cent—the first time in the history of the poll the top two places weren’t occupied by the Liberals and Conservatives. This time, they increased by six percentage points. The beneficiaries of the Tory civil war in February were the New Democrats, who took second at 26 per cent. Mike Redmond, who took over the leadership of the party last year, has been aggressive in preparing for the 2015 vote. He has been recruiting candidates for some time and has even gone door-to-door in some areas of the province. This poll saw the party go down to 21 per cent, which has to make Redmond feel a little disheartened. Islanders are aware that Myers is only a caretaker leader (the Conservatives are expected to pick a permanent leader

next year) and they may be waiting to see who will be filling the leadership dance card in 2015. The February poll suggests voters may at least be willing to look at the NDP in a way that has never been the case in the past. The past has only elected one MLA (former leader Dr. Herb Dickieson in 1996) despite running candidates in the province for decades. For Green Party Leader Peter Bevan Bake, the road looks even more steep. The party stands at five per cent, compared to eight per cent in May of 2012. The leaderless Island Party didn’t even register with voters. All this means Premier Ghiz would not be wise to rest on his laurels. A lot can happen in the next two and a half years. That is eight quarterly polls from now and who knows what can happen between now and then.

85th Birthday Celebration in honor of Jean T hompson

Open House Sun., June 23


Legion Apartments 8 Walker Drive, Kensington

Hosted by her family

Everyone Welcome Best Wishes Only

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The County Line Courier - your community newspaper June 19, 2013newspaper The County Line Courier ~ your community

“Your Well Being” by Carol Evans Now that we know we are dealing with a very complex and well orchestrated balancing act, we need to understand when this system gets off balance we become diseased, we are not at ease, nor are we comfortable, healthy or happy. This is caused by many things in life, but the biggest culprit in society today is

stress. We are very good at creating it but, we are not good at dealing with it. Our body, mind and spirit struggles with it and, left to struggle for long, we become unbalanced and, once this occurs the stress will manifest itself. We become diseased. Our being is far from well.... BALANCE: The dic-

tionary states that it is when all things are evenly distributed and in correct proportions creating harmony. A good analogy would be a see-saw. How many of us have ever been on one? I certainly have and have experienced a ride when someone was a lot heavier than I was on the other end, it wasn’t a very comfortable feeling way up in the air or vise versa way down on the ground, me being the heavy one, but when the person you were on with was closer to the

same weight the ride was fun with no stress. Well if you think of the seesaw as your own system, Body, Mind and Spirit, body the center and mind on one end and spirit the other, creating a balance will bring us harmony and well-being. How do we achieve this you ask? Well, success doesn’t just happen. I don’t know anyone who has gone to bed and woken up successful. This journey to wellbeing is no different than any other goal that you have set for yourself. In order to succeed it will take some work, DISCIPLINE, SELF CONTROL AND COMMITMENT on your part and not just for a month or year or two, no! This has to become a life style. Hey! Have I lost anyone? I hope not! Stick with me and you may find that you are closer to your well-being than you think. Till we connect again some food for thought, success is an inside job and remember: If you think you CAN or think you CAN’T you’re right!

...Quote.... Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other. Joseph Addison It is health which is real wealth, not pieces of silver and gold. Gandhi To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. Buddha He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything. Arabic Proverb

June 19, 2013

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Meeting the needs of our local communities The Kensington Lions Club held two meetings in May. The following donations were made: $50.00 each to two girls in the PEI Elite Cheerleading team going to the National Championships in Niagara Falls, On. Card Party Results: Friday, May 03 1st-Pat Brennan 2nd-Marjorie Moase 3rd-Betty Carr Low-Gwen Profitt Door Prize-Ronnie Clark 50/50-Madeline Roberts Friday, May 10 1st-Betty Carr 2nd-Lloyd Profitt 3rd-Wallace MacLeod Low-Norma Seaman Door Prize-Jeanie Mann 50/50-Wallace MacLeod Friday, May 17 1st-Myrna Mackey 2nd-Mel Reeves 3rd-Ron Somers

Low-Fred Lamont DoorPrize-WallaceMacLeod 50/50-Lois MacLeod Friday, May 24 1st-Eleanor Harding 2nd-Eric Sinclair 3rd-Lloyd Profitt Low-Betty Millar Door Prize-Norma Seaman 50/50-Ron Somers Friday, May 31 1st-Joyce Campbell 2nd-Marion Johnstone 3rd-Connie Paynter Low-Dot Paynter DoorPrize-DonaldMacLellan 50/50-Betty Carr Crib Card results: Tuesday, May 07 1st-Betty Champion & Helen Marsh 2nd-Eleanor Harding and Mel Reeves 50/50-Lois MacLeod Free NightFannie Roberts High Hand- Ronnie Clark, Corrine Kay & Ken-

50th Wedding Anniversary Fred & Barbara Doughart

Come and Enjoy Some Down East

ny Simmons with 24 each Tuesday, May 14 1st-Robert Jorgensen and Janet Lyle 2nd-Hilda Jorgensen and Brad MacArthur 50/50-Glenn Marsh Free NightClaude Lyle High Hand- Eleanor Harding, Joe Evans & Mary Rogers with 24 each Tuesday, May 21 1st-Eva Perry and Nancy Heaney 2nd-Eleanor Harding and Ronnie Clark 50/50-Lois MacLeod Free NightRuth Croken High Hand- George Wall with 24 Tuesday, May 28 1st-Glen Marsh and Dianne Evans 2nd-Ruth Croken and Bill Brander 50/50-Lois MacLeod and Wendy MacLeod High Hand-Nancy MacKenzie with 24 Crib cards are over until the fall, but Friday night card party’s are still going and will continue for the summer at 7:30 p.m. at the Lions Club at 30 Garden Drive. Please come and have some fun.

Come join the celebration of 50 years of marriage OPEN HOUSE New London Community Complex Sunday, June 30 2-5pm

All funds raised go back to the community. We the Lions are there for you. Our Moto is WE SERVE.

Best wishes only

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Congratulations to Fred and Barbara Doughart on the occassion of their 50th Wedding Anniversary from The County Line Courier Community Newspaper and its readers.

June 19, 2013


Entertainment Kensington Legion Kitchen Party and Ceilidh June 29th, 7PM Featuring: •Barry Thompson •Kevin Arthur •Erma Campbell •Larry Yeo & Band •Frank Whitty •“Ding & Dong” Judy MacGregor, Joan Reeves and Wayne Diamond WOW! What a cast. Admission applies 50/50 Draw Light Lunch to be served All Welcome 19 yrs and over Proceeds supporting our Vererans. Come Enjoy Local Talent Upcoming Ceilidh: July 27th, August 31st, Sept. 28th


Sat. July 13th, New London Institute Hall Rte 6, 7.30 pm Not an open mic Entertainers: Erma Campbell, Gertie & Bill Campbell, Highway 2 group, Dorothy Farish and Tim Archer 50/50 draw Light lunch served Proceeds in aid of hall renovations Everyone Welcome Reuben’s Jamboree Jamboree take place the 3rd Sat. of every month till November. Ceilidhs start at 7:30pm Come and Enjoy A Great Evening Of Entertainment Open Mic Also a 50/50 Draw Bring Lunch To Share Small admission Everyone Welcome

Berthold Auerbach


There will be a Benefit Auction & Dance for Clifford Hustler at the Kensington Legion Fri, June 28th at 6pm

Clifford has been diagnosed with terminal cancer in both lungs and spine. Proceeds will go towards treatments expenses for pain management and any other expenses incurred. Donations can be left at the Kensington Legion. Family and friends thank you for your support!

“Music In Motion” Presents Special Ceilidh at SeaView Hall Rte 20 Sat., July 6th Note - Time Change 7:30-10:00pm

Closed Mic Doors open 6 PM Wheelchair Accessible Refreshments Served (No need to bring a lunch but, if you do it is appreciated. All lunch will be shared.) 50/50 will be drawn Door Prizes Performers Include: Artist Neil Matthews Sue Pitre Paige LeClaire Harvey MacNevin Erma Campbell Don Reeves Ivor Price Judee Patterson Emmett DeCourcey If you have any concerns call Dave or Judee Patterson (home) 368-8449 or (cell phone) 314-8449. Upcoming CeilidhDates: Aug 3rd, Sept. 7th and Oct 5th

Kensington Ceilidhs with Long River Players Every Monday 7:30pm The Kensington Ceilidhs are back! Join locals and tourists alike for another year of ceilidh fun for all ages. Enjoy the sounds of fiddles, whistle, mandolin, guitar and banjo, along with great vocal harmonies as the Long River Players share Celtic, Maritime, and rootstraditional tunes and songs. The lively stepdancing of Sarah Walker will bring a smile to your face and make you want to clap your hands and tap your toes. The Kensington Ceilidhs will be held every Monday night (except July 1) from June 24-September 23 at the Murray Centre on School St. in Kensington. Ceilidhs begin at 7:30 pm. Admission applies. Canteen service is available. Groups are welcome! The facility is wheel-chair accessible. For further information call 886-2480 or find Kensington Ceilidhs with the Long River Players on Facebook.

and Bake Table

June 29th 6:00-8:30pm

St. Thomas’ Anglican Church Spring Brook 5551 Route 20

June 19, 2013

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South Freetown Physics Student Focuses In On Mercury

Car Show Marco Polo Campground July 9th

A Classic - a 1946 Studebaker 1/2 ton and trailer. Car Show cont’d from p. 1 automobiles on Island roads from 1908-1913 the ban was lifted in April, 1913, and cars were allowed on roads 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The law allowed each community to decide whether it would permit automobiles in their district. Instant confusion followed as car owners who lived in banned areas had to have their “contraption” towed by a horse to an area that allowed cars on their roads. Some farm-

ers continued to object to automobiles and blockaded roads to prevent their use. Croken also mentioned that unknown to most Islanders, Prince Edward Island has an important place in the history of the automobile in Canada. Prince Edward Island and the Rustico area played an important role in several important events in early automotive history in Canada. Father Georges-Antoine Belcourt of Rustico, PEI, was the first Canadian to buy a car, the first

Canadian to import an automobile into Canada, and became the first Canadian motorist in 1866. Father Belcourt is also believed to have had the first automobile accident in Canada when he lost control of his car at the St, Jean de Baptiste Day celebrations in Rustico in 1866. As a follow-up on automotive heritage during this anniversary year the Courier will be running a series of articles in subsequent issues outlining the history of automobiles on PEI.

photo Michael Nesbitt

South Freetown resident Andrew Reeves aims to focus in on Mercury, as Venus is about to be clouded over in the twilight western sky over Summerside. Reeves, a member of the Athena Community Astronomy Club and physics student at University of Waterloo, in Ontario, often brings his 10” Dobsonian telescope to the Baywalk Astronomy sessions, held every Wednesday evening by the Shipyard building, if the sky is clear.

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June 19, 2013

Congratulations To Area Students on Receiving Awards! Kensington Intermediate Senior High Awards KISH Achievement Award winners (grade 9)

Kinkora Regional High School Outstanding Student Athlete Awards PEI School Athletic Association Outstanding Student Athlete Award

Gerald Dixon Achievement winners (for basketball) Cassidy Champion, Lance Roberts

Back L-R: Jeff Gravina, Keegan Dyment, Kelsey MacLean, Michelle Beaman (acting Principal). Front L-R: Melyssa Weeks, Suzanna Mill, Lindsay Ramsay. Jr. photos Juliana Elsinga

Mitchell Bernard (winner of John Bowness Award) with Maribeth Rogers (Athletic Director at KISH). Senior High School Organizations Student Council (advisors - Kelly Gallant, Kendra MacLellan, Cindy Ramsay) Most Dedicated – Aaron Nunn, Ben Grady Outstanding Contribution – Emma McDermott Brianna Silliker School Spirit Award–Lesley Clark Drama-Sr (advisors Anne Brunet, Julie Foster) Deserving Senior Drama Award - Jesse Mark Yearbook (advisor – Marilyn MacDonald) Editor’s Book Award – Emma McDermott Outstanding Contribu-

L-R: Maribeth Rogers (Athletic Director at KISH), Aaron Nunn (Male Athlete of the Year), Joan Reid (accepting Female Athlete of the Year on behalf of her daughter Johanna who is at Skills Canada National Competition), and Michelle Beaman (acting Principal at KISH). Sr. photos Caitlyn Ramsay

tion – editor Emma McDermott Grad Class (advisors - Louis Andrews, Debbie Caissy, Todd Dyment, Kendra MacLellan, Jamie Ramsay, Jessica Reeves, Adam Sherren, Richard Younker) Grad Class President Award – Nancy Ramsay Skills Canada (advisor - Sally MacDonald) Certificates to provincial competition participants – Nathaniel Cassidy, Tom Lycklama A Nyeholt, Sabrina MacKay, Dylon Montgomery, Raena Parent Certificates to provincial and national competi-

tion participant – Johanna Reid Peer Tutoring (advisors - Julie Foster, Nicole MacCormack) Certificates to members: Franki Gallant, Hollie Gravina, Noemie Joncourt, Bryanna LeClair, Montana MacKay, Maria MacKinnon, Emma McDermott, Brooke Miles, Chanelle Miles, Jenna Moase, Taylor Morrison, Medea Parent, Vernon Ptycia-Lamky, Nancy Ramsay, Stephanie Stewart, Mischa Taylor, Jennifer Weir Student Police (advisors–Louis Andrews, Ja-

mie Ramsay) Leigh Ramsay Most Dedicated Student Police Member Award – Rose McFadden, captain of Student Police Kids Help Phone Ambassadors (advisors - Carolyn Black, Stephanie Borden) Certificates of Significant Contribution to Lesley Clark, Mikayla Gallant, Breann Gillis, Michaela Harris, Emma McDermott, Rose McFadden Concert Band & Jazz Band (advisor-Angela Profit) Most Dedicated Concert Band – Deanna Kerry cont’d on p. 13

The philosophy that drives school sport is based on the ability of a student to combine athletic ability and academics as he or she strives to be the best they can be. It has been, and continues to be, an emphasis of the PEI School Athletic Association that schools will expect their student athletes to maintain an academic standing relative to the students ability. We are quick to reward the outstanding athlete but have been remiss in rewarding the outstanding academic / student athletes in our system. Award criteria: -In grade 12 with full attendance -85% academic standing after their spring midterm -Participates in at least 1 team sport or 2 individual and or dual sports. -Has the recommendation of the Principal and the Athletic Director. This year’s candidate of the PEISAA Outstanding Student Athlete Award are giving to: Ryan Murray and Harminder Kaur. Also meeting the criteria: Colton Dawson, Kristi Glover, Grant Grady, Brandon Green, Jacob Greenan, Jocelyn Harkness, Kevin Hodgkins, Lydia Lawless, Maggie MacDonald, Sawyer Mayne, Whitney Murray, Shawna Rogers. Boys Soccer Most Valuable Player Ryan Beckingham Most Valuable Player Ryan Murray Top Defender Kevin Hodgkins Most Improved Sam Milligan

Girls Soccer Most Valuable Player Briar Roberts Clutch Performer Emily Allen Best Defensive Player Shawna Rogers All Around Player Lydia Lawless Girls Volleyball Most Valuable Player Maggie MacDonald Rookie of the Year Jillian Lawless Most Improved Player Amanda O’Connor Boys Basketball Most Valuable Player Sam Milligan Most Valuable Player Jason Sobey Most Dedicated Westley Johnston Rookie of the Year Logan Robinson Girls Basketball Most Valuable Player Maggie MacDonald Most Improved Player Amanda O’Connor Coach’s Award Briar Roberts Boys Softball Most Valuable Player of Year Ryan Murray Rookie of the Year Logan Robinson Coach’s Choice Grant Grady Girls Softball Most Improved Defensive Maggie MacDonald Golden Glove Award Shawna Rogers Rookie of the Year Quiana Woolaver Male School Spirit Grant Grady Female School Spirit Jocelyn Harkness Male Athlete Ryan Murray Female Athlete Maggie MacDonald Trent Ranahan Athletic Director Kinkora Regional High School

Reader’s Photos County Line Courier Community Newspaper Just taking care of her little ones.

Beautiful Stanley Bridge photo Austin Maclin

photo Stella Hagen

June 19, 2013

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Bike Rodeo Have a Good Summer... Ride Safe

2013 Kensington Police Service promoting helmets, bike inspections, rules of the road

On Tuesday, June 18 Cst. Craig Murphy on behalf of the Kensington Police Service welcomed students, teachers, staff and sponsores to the 2013 Kensington Police Service Bike Rodeo assembly at Queen Elizabeth Elementary School. Cst Murphy then introduced Mayor Gordon Coffin, who assisted Cst. Murphy in the presentations of the prizes, and also introduced and thanked Mr. Eustace Reees of Reeves Water Treatment Systems who donated ALL of the Bike Rodeo trophies this year. Kindergarten 1st Liam Walsh 2nd Sarah White 3rd Gwendolyn Coggins Grade 1 1st Reese Arden 2nd Mallory Cole 3rd Jon Ramsay Grade 2 1st Paige Wall 2nd Mya Connick 3rd Matthew White Grade 3 1st Katie Stavert-Bernard 2nd Gabriel Coggins 3rd Patrick Lauwerijssen Grade 4 1st Carson MacKay 2nd Dylan Moase 3rd Mya Welton Grade 5 1st Lauren Ferguson 2nd Julia Weir 3rd Emilee Reeves

Grade 6 1st Kodie Champion 2nd Kassandra Stewart 3rd Caleb McKenna BIKE WINNERS Kindergarten Sarah White Meighan Driscoll Lexi MacLennan

Grade 1 Jon Ramsay Reese Arden Jaiden Nelson-Companion Grade 2 Amelia Murphy Emma Ellsworth Maya Connick Grade 3 Meadow Matthews Gus MacEwen Katie Stavert-Bernard Grade 4 Carson MacKay Zachery Pendleton Lance Murphy (Mya Welton donated back her bike) Grade 5 Jack Ellsworth Maggie Johnston Ben Schurman Grade 6 Kodie Champion Kassandra Stewart Taryn Caseley (6) Random bike draws Julia Weir gr. 5 Kristopher LaFrance gr. 3 Zachery Andrew gr 4 Canyon Clarke gr 3 Markus Johnson gr 3 Connor Costain gr 4

Sponsors of the 2013 Kensington Police Service Bike Rodeo •P.E.I. Police Association

Cst Craig Murphy (back left), Mayor Gordon Coffin and Cst Shaun Davis congratulate and present trophies to the winners of the 2013 Kensington Police Service Bike Rodeo.

•Scotia Bank •Petro Canada •M.G.M. Investments (Matt MacKay) •Malpeque Bay Area Lions Club •Durdle’s Bookkeeping •Island Stone Pub •Clark Insurance •Kensington Lion’s Club •Davison Funeral Home •Malpeque Bay Credit Union •Kensington Club •Kensington Save Easy •Kensington Ag Services •Kent Building Supplies •Lee Pigeon Electrical •Town of Kensington •Johnny’s Dairy Bar

Cst Craig Murphy (back left) and Cst Shaun Davis (back right) with some of the bike winners.

Bike Winners Karen Murphy waits with son Lincoln MacKay prior to the rodeo challenge.

Bethany and Adam Spencer with Cst. Craig Murphy

Zachary Andrew gets instructions from Police Cadet Kyle Craswell

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Students From Agriculture Certificate Program Attend Annual Grade 11 Western P.E.I. Agricultural Tour Kensington, Kinkora and Westisle Agriculture Certificate Program students recently joined together to participate in their Annual Gr. 11 Western P.E.I. Agricultural Tour on May 16 & 17. The group had excellent tours at Green Gable Alpacas in Birch Hill, Port Hill Farm Ltd. (poultry), Trout River Industries in Coleman, H.F. Stewart & Sons Co. Ltd. in West Point, the newly renovated Canadian Potato Museum in O’Leary, Elite Seed Farm on Fox Island, W.P. Griffins in Elmsdale, MacAusland’s Woolen Mills in Bloomfield, Cholossey’s Farm

June 19, 2013

Agriculture Cerrtificate students tour the Canadian Potato Museum in O’Leary.

and Market Garden in Nail Pond, Northport Wharf (lobster boats), Spring Brook Farms in Nail Pond (Belgian horses), the North Cape Wind Farm & the Wind Energy Institute of Canada, the new West Prince Campus of Holland College and West-tech Agriculture Ltd. (strawberry cloning) in Alberton. Students stayed overnight at Rodd’s Mill River Resort. Many thanks extended to chaperones Shelley Tremere, Lisa Rafferty, Jessica Reeves, Kim Williams and Dave Burgoyne as well as bus driver, Ian Nantes.

I wish to thank those who attended my 80th Birthday on May 19th and to those who phoned and sent cards. I would also like to thank all my family for everything. Your presence was much appreciated.

Gladys Stavert

Branch No. 9 Makes Donation to QEES Members from Branch No 9 Kensington were pleased to present a $1000 cheque on behalf of Lt. Col. E.W. Johnstone Branch No 9 to Queen Elizabeth Elementary School for their Playground Equipment Fund. photo right Kenneth Carr-Branch No. 9 Executive, student Charlie DesRoches, Gib Gibson-Legion 1st Vice Pres. and East Prince Zone Commander, student Danny Campbell, Kim Crozier-teacher and Lois Brown-Branch No 9 Executive.

The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit Canadian veterans organization founded in 1925. Membership includes people who have served as current and former military, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, provincial and municipal police, direct relatives of members and also affiliated members. Membership is now also open to the general public. Prince Edward Island Command has 17 branches on PEI and one in Magdalene Islands with approximately 2400 members.

June 19, 2013

Hummingbirds and Tomato Plants The following email is from Karen Mayne-Mullins on behalf of her mom - Evelyn Mayne of beautiful suburbia Emerald!!! who was reading a Garden Gate article in the County Line Courier concerning humming birds. “Well, Mom has LOTS of humming birds!!!   I was at her house earlier today and there were only 4 - not bad for a miserable day!!!  There are times when she can’t count them all!!   Her feeder holds 3 cups of food, and she has to change it every second day .... On some occasions, it has been refilled daily!!! So, if you want to see some humming birds, I’ll meet you at Mom’s!” P.S.  Enjoy reading your column!!! The following email is from Darla Thompson of Mount Vernon: “I have been feeding hummingbirds consistently now for the past 20 years. I have 4 large feeders on the south side of my Mount Vernon home and this year the first hummingbird was spotted on May 19th. As they are very hard to count, I estimate that now we have well over 20 hummingbirds feeding. I guess you can call that “a flock.” At the beginning of the season I fill the 4 large glass feeders every 2nd day but very soon I will be filling them every day until they leave in late August. (2 cups sugar / 8 cups water) It is a full time job

Page 11

The County Line Courier ~ your community newspaper

keeping the feeders full but definitely worth the effort since the hummingbirds bring my family and me so much pleasure. The feeders are in front of our very large living room window so we have a front row seat watching them feed (and fight). Yes they are very feisty! They feed all day but by late evening they are all around the feeders in full force.” Thank you for your email, Darla. Yes, I’d definitely call 20 hummingbirds a flock although over the years I have heard of even larger numbers. Let’s see if we hear from others who have hummingbirds flocking to their feeders. I expect that you go through a fair bit of sugar over the course of the summer. High Stakes Time to get those tomato plants in the ground but, we need to watch for frost for a couple of weeks yet. Sure, June 10th is the date tossed about as being the point where it’s safe to set out tender plants but we can lose them to frost as late as the last week in June, as some of you may remember from years

away back. Your location can put you at risk for late frost damage too. If you are in a hollow or, a very sheltered location, you need to be exceptionally vigilant. So you plant your tomatoes. How far apart? I suggest that you plant them farther apart then appears feasible when you put them in the ground. Thirty -six inches works well. That way they are not tangled up in each other and good air circulation helps to prevent disease in your crop. So now, do you stake them or not? First of all, we have to consider that there are two types of tomato plants – indeterminate and determinate. Indeterminate keep on growing, blooming and producing tomatoes over a long period, weather etc. permitting. Left to sprawl on the ground, they might produce a few more tomatoes but they take up a lot of garden space. On top of that, tomatoes that are lying on the ground are likely to break down faster that those on a supported plant. So, indeterminate plants will benefit from staking. Determinate plants have a much shorter harvest period. They are not likely to grow nearly as tall as the indeterminate plants. If canning baskets of tomatoes is your goal or you want to make buckets of salsa or pasta sauce, determinate plants may be

the thing for you as production likely will be concentrated over a shorter period of time. Indeterminate plants should give you tomato sandwiches every day for weeks on end. Determinate plants will get by without staking but nevertheless, supporting them in some way won’t go amiss. So, how do you support tomato plants? Well, stakes of some sort are the obvious choice and attach the plants to the stakes with soft twine or fabric strips. As they grow, continue to secure them to the stakes. Then there are the ubiquitous tomato cages. They remain popular and although the initial investment is significant, once you have them, you shouldn’t need to replace them for a long time. If your garden is in a windy location and you have large plants, you may need to go to extra lengths to secure the cages so that they won’t topple over. You’ve bought your plants at a nursery and you haven’t got a clue whether they are indeterminate or 1948

determinate plants. How do you find out what you have? If the variety is listed on the pot label you may be able to determine what type by looking in a seed catalogue. For instance Scotia, the old Maritime favorite, is a determinate (non-staking ) variety. Big Beef, a beefsteak type, is a non-determinate (staking) variety. This year I started two varieties from seed but in choosing them I had two criteria – red tomatoes and a measure of late blight resistance. As it turns out both are determinate varieties. While we’re on the subject of tomatoes, are you often troubled with blos-

som end rot in your crop? An online fact sheet put together by the University of Rhode Island discusses the problem as neatly as any I came across. They tell us that the sudden lack of water is the principal cause of blossom end rot and excessive moisture early in the season can cause the plants to be more subject to drought stress later on. A site with good drainage and the addition of water as required during dry spells may help avoid the problem. Gardening comments or questions? Drop me a line at 471 New Glasgow Road, Ebenezer, PE, C1E 0S8 or

65h Wedding Anniversary James & Edith Brown


OPEN HOUSE June 23, 2 - 4pm 12 A Barrett St., Kensington Please come and join us to help celebrate this very Special Day On June 22 Mr & Mrs James Brown of Kensington, will be celebrating their 65th Wedding Anniversary. Also, on this day, Mrs. Brown (Edith) will be celebrating her 89th Birthday. Congratulations to James & Edith Brown on the occassion of their 65th Wedding Anniversary and, to Mrs Brown on her 89th Birthay from The County Line Courier Community Newspaper and its readers

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The County Line Courier ~ your community newspaper

Seniors’ Club Update - Active and Involved! town PEI Seniors’ Club around- very active, very caring and full of P & V!

Borden-Carleton Seniors’ Club The Borden-Carleton Seniors’ Club is probably the largest small-

The club has 27 members, 4 of whom are Snowbirds that come home every May to October. We see to under-privileged people, bought a tv for a senior recently, provide free taxi service for

seniors to go shopping, help kids at the school with winter meals, Christmas baskets & turkeys to no end and, the list goes on... On occasion we take a bus trip to the mainland and ‘splurge’ at a fine restaurant and, we can still dance and sing when the occasion calls.

- Arioso Life is a song. Love is the music. Sun., June 23 7pm St. Mark’s Anglican Church Free will offering.

photo Buffie Boily

June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013 KISH Awards

The County Line Courier ~ your community newspaper

Page 13

cont’d from p. 8

Most Dedicated Jazz Band – Tanner Gillis Most Dedicated Concert & Jazz Band- Catherine Bannon Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism (advisor –Louis Andrews) Significant Contribution Award – Breann Gillis Agriculture Certificate (advisor - Jessica Reeves) Significant Contribution Award – Emma McDermott & Rose McFadden Prom Committee (advisor – Stephanie Borden) Certificates of Significant Contribution to Mikayla Gallant, Breann Gillis KISH Stands Up (advisors – Michelle Beaman, Debbie Caissy) Certificates to members: Michelle Bagley, Lesley Clark, Kassia Curley, JR Dennis, Haley Evans, Mikayla Gallant, Breann Gillis, Michaela Harris, Paige MacKay, Emma McDermott, Brooke Miles, Stacey Moase, Makayla Powell, Johanna Reid, Stephanie Stewart, Mischa Taylor, Jennifer Weir, Tiffani Young Special Presentation to Rotary International Exchange student Victoire Barbé Senior Sports Cross Country (coach - Maribeth Rogers, Tathnee O’Meara, Justin Pinksen) MDP- Johanna Reid Soccer - Senior AA Men (coach -Jamie Caseley) MIP – Nathaniel Cassidy MDP – Alex Montgomery MVP – Aaron Nunn Douglas Ramsay Most sportsmanlike player –

Aaron Nunn Soccer-Senior A Women (coach - Jamie Ramsay, Ghislaine Duplain) MIP – Stacey Moase MVP – Shannon McFadden MVP – Johanna Reid Alysha Toombs Spirit of the Game Award – Lesley Clark Volleyball - Senior AAA Women (coaches - Richard Younker, Paige MacPherson) MIP – Brianna MacKay Coaches Choice – Makayla Oatway MVP- Emma MacLean Basketball - Senior AA Men (coaches – Alan Harrington, Glen Grant) MIP – Nick Linkletter MDP – Alex Montgomery MVP–Aidan Harrington MVP – Jake Reynolds Basketball - Senior AA Women (coaches–Sara McCarvill, Michelle Hickey) MIP – Olivia Roberts MDP – Jennifer Weir MVP – Lesley Clark Badminton (coach Richard Younker) MVP –Drew Grady Rugby- Senior AA Women (coaches –Ellan Dickieson, Emily Brown) MIP – Raena Parent MDP–Medea Parent MVP–Catherine Bannon Rugby - Senior AA Men (coaches - Todd Dyment, Kendra MacLellan) MIP – Nick Linkletter MDP– Mitchell Bernard MVP – Michael Graham Track and Field (CoachMaribeth Rogers, Bobby Craig, Johanna McLellan) MDP - Nathaniel Cassidy MDP – Shannon McFadden

Recognition to NIKE squad (who competed in Toronto) Ashley Harding, Madison Harper, Brianna MacKay, Emma MacLean, Shannon McFadden, Ellen Murray, Sabrina Nunn, Hannah Oatway, Makayla Oatway, Medea Parent, Johanna Reid Recognition to Dakota Marshall for Powerlifting Provincial Championship Teams Senior AA Men Soccer – Mitchell Bernard, Nathaniel Cassidy, James Fyfe, Ben Grady, Aidan Harrington, Nick Linkletter, Tom Lycklama a Nyeholt, Dylan MacIsaac, Brett McDermott, Colby McGuirk, Alex Montgomery, James Murphy, Aaron Nunn, Jake Reynolds, Kulji Singh, Andrew Weeks Coach - Jamie Caseley John Bowness Achievement Award Mitchell Bernard PEISAA Outstanding Student Athlete Awards These are awarded to grade 12 students on 2 major or 2 minor sport teams who maintain an average of 85% or higher. Certificates to: Catherine Bannon, Mitchell Bernard, Amy Burt, Lesley Clark, Kassia Curley, Breann Gillis, Ben Grady, Brittni Howard, Nick Linkletter, Natasha MacLeod, Emma McDermott, Stacey Moase, Alex Montgomery, Medea Parent, Nancy Ramsay, Kulji Singh, Stephanie Stewart Medals to: Aaron Nunn, Johanna Reid Athletes of the Year

Male – Aaron Nunn Female – Johanna Reid Medals of Distinction Medals of distinction are awarded to graduating students to mark their involvement in extracurricular activities and academics. Students receive silver for accumulating 600 points during grades 10 to 12 and receive gold for accumulating 825 points during grades 10 to 12. Silver – Mitchell Bernard, Amy Burt, Kassia Curley, Brittni Howard, Deanna Kerry, Ben McKenna, Stacey Moase, Hailey Rogers, Stephanie Stewart Gold - Catherine Bannon, Tala Boone, Lesley Clark, Mikayla Gallant, Breann Gillis, Ben Grady, Ashley Harding, Michaela Harris, Nick Linkletter, Sabrina MacKay, Natasha MacLeod, Emma McDermott, Rose McFadden, Alex Montgomery, Aaron Nunn, Medea Parent, Nancy Ramsay, Johanna Reid Junior High School Organizations Student Council (advisors - Kelly Gallant, Kendra MacLellan, Cindy Ramsay) Outstanding Contribution – Lindsay Ramsay Concert and Jazz Band (advisor - Angela Profit) Most Dedicated Jr Student Award-Lindsay Ramsay Awards of Excellence Certificates Gr 7 – Bailey Clark Gr 8 – Quinn Hamilton-Irving Gr 9 - Noah Gallant KISH Stands Up (advi-

sors – Michelle Beaman, Debbie Caissy) Certificates to members: Austin Gallant, Lindsay Ramsay Sewing Club (advisor Bette Young) Certificates to members: Kendra Cousins, Moira Dickieson, Josie Green, Shannan Hill, Hannah Johnstone, Skye MacAusland, Hannah Reeves, Jillian Stewart Grade 9 Special Award to Jordon Montgomery for high bowling single and to Tanner MacLellan for low bowling single. Junior Sports Cross Country (coaches- Maribeth Rogers, Tathnee O’Meara, Justin Pinksen) Most Dedicated – Lance Roberts Soccer - Girls (coaches –Becky Donald, Brenda Champion) MVP – Emily Kelly Soccer - Boys (coach - Louis Andrews, Adam Sherren, Bobby Craig) MVP – Lance Roberts Volleyball - AA Girls (coach-Emilie Schurman) MVP - Kelsey MacLean Basketball - AA Girls (coaches -Calvin MacLean,Tracy MacLean) MVP - Kelsey MacLean Basketball - AA Boys (coach -John MacIsaac) MVP – Kyle Pinksen Gerald Dixon Achievement Award Male – Lance Roberts Female – Cassidy Champion Badminton (coach Richard Younker) MVP – Kyle Pinksen

Track & Field (coaches – Maribeth Rogers, Bobby Craig, Johanna McLellan) Most Dedicated Male – Colby Lidstone Most Dedicated Female –Victoria Bond Certificates of Achievement These are awarded to gr 9 students passing into grade 10 to mark their involvement in the school and extracurricular activities. Haylee Anderson, Kristen Cash, Cassidy Champion, Andrea Clark, Claya Cole, Ashley Doucette, Keegan Dyment, Noah Gallant, Allison Gillis, Jeff Gravina, Hannah Harrington, Chantel Haslam, Lydia Hunter, Emily Kelly, Dominique MacEwen, Dharma MacKay, Kelsey MacLean, Rylan MacLellan, Tanner MacLellan, Connor Mann, Suzanna Mill, Emma Mill, Jordon Montgomery, Ben Morrison, Veronica Murray, Kyle Pinksen, Lindsay Ramsay, Lance Roberts, Stephanie Ross, Shelby Sudsbury, Jonathan Thomas, Melyssa Weeks, Marya Wiegers, Zack Woodside Achievement Awards – Awarded to gr 9 students who have demonstrated academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement and positive attitude and are voted by the staff. Awarded to : Keegan Dyment, Jeff Gravina, Kelsey MacLean, Suzanna Mill, Lindsay Ramsay and Melyssa Weeks

Page 14

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Our Community Churches Events Calendar

Cavendish Historical Baptist Church RR#6 Rev Chet MacPhail, pastor Church services will begin on Sunday, June 30 at 11:00 AM. For information 902-940-6648


St. Mary’s Holy Family Roman Catholic Parish Father John Molina Masses: Saturday: 7:00pm Sunday: 9:00am St James Church (Summerfield) Sunday at 10:30am Clinton View Lodge: Every first Friday. Prayer Service At Clinton View Lodge every second Wed. at 1pm. Fellowship: Last Sunday of the month following Mass in the parish centre. Meetings: Knights of Columbus: Second Monday of the month at 8pm. Catholic Women’s League: Second Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Spiritual Meditation: Each Monday evening 6:00 to 7:00pm All are WELCOME.

Margate Pastoral Charge Rev. Anne Dalziel Singer Princetown United Church Southwest River United Church church office located at: 58 Victoria St. East

“All are welcome, all are welcome in this place.” Worship & Sunday School: 9:30 am - Princetown 11am - Southwest River

Kensington New London Presbyterian Church Rev Alan Stewart June 23 11am Kensington 9:30 New London June 30 9:30 Kensington 11am New London Guest Speaker: Rev. Dawn Griffiths

Kensington Nazarene Community Church 47 Victoria St., Kensington Pastor Ray Hinchey •Worship Meeting: Sunday 11:00 a.m. •Adult Study and Discussion Group Wednesday 7:00 p.m.

I would like at this time, as I continue to recover from the accident at Black Horse Corner on April 19th, to say thank you to those who assisted at the scene. First, my Guardian Angel of the day, Janelle Nelson, both at the scene and later in the Emergency Department of PCH, Kensington Fire Department under Chief Allan Sudsbury; Chief Lewie Sutherland, Kensington Police Chief; East Prince RCMP; EMS, the wonderful staff of the Emergency Department of Prince County Hospital and anyone who assisted in any way that day. Also my family Doctor, Paul Phalen who continues to monitor my progress as my body and mind try to overcome the events of that day. Since returning home I say thank you to the many folk who have reached out to me in many and varied ways; such neighbors and friends are to be cherished. Finally, a great big thank you to my wife, Linda and our four sons with their families who have since that day supported me as I try to find what will be normal for me the rest of my life as my recovery goes onward. Ches Boutilier

Anglican Parish of New London Rev. Margie Fagan

Kensington United Church of Canada Rev. Robert McCarthy

June 22 – Hike & Eucharist with Rev. Margie. Meet at 10:30 a.m. at County Line Road, northwest off of Irishtown Road June 23 worship: 9 am - St. Elizabeth’s & St. Stephen’s 11 am - St. Mark’s & St. Thomas’ June 23 St. Thomas’ will hold their annual Flower/ Memorial Service, at 11:00am, with coffee hour at 10am. June 23 7 pm - An evening of music with ‘Arioso’ at St. Mark’s Church. June 29 6 - 8:30 pm St. Thomas’ Ice Cream Social & Bake Sale June 30 worship: 11 am - Parish service at St. Elizabeth’s

June 23 10:30 Service of Worship June 30 10:30 Service of Worship For updated information and to view all our programs,check out our website at <>

Kensington Community Church Pastor Gene Carson

Where: Mt. Zion Masonic Lodge Victoria Street Kensington Every Sunday Evening at 6:30pm Pastor Gene Carson RR1 Kensington, PEI, C0B 1M0 Tel: (902) 836-5220 CSSM Ministries

Camp Abegweit Summer Camps Camp Abegweit is operated by the United Church of Canada and it offers a non-denominational Christian camping experience for children and youth across P.E.I. The registration form and costs are available at <> ; or by contacting the registrar Michele Wilson at 902315-4656. Dates for the various camps are: July August 7-12 - 9/10 age group 4-9 - 11/12 age group 14-19 - 10/11 age group 11-15 - 6/8 age group 21-25 - 7/9 age group 18-23 - Abby Teen Camp 29-31 -5/6 age group The Camp provides a good, healthy experience for children and youth.

Rev. Jack Costello’s Public Presentation On Refugee Sponsorship Rev. Jack Costello, President of Regis College, Toronto and Director of Jesuit Refugee Service (Canada), invited by the Diocese of Charlottetown, will be the guest speaker at a public presentation at Our Lady of the Assumption parish hall in Stratford from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. on Sunday June 23, 2013. Rev. Costello will share his thoughts and insights regarding the effective practice of refugee sponsorship in an address entitled: Refugees and us: Reflections of Faithful Ac-

companiment. A Q & A and reception will follow. This is a free and public event. All are welcome. Please contact 368-8005 or to advise of your attendance. Footnote: The Diocese of Ch’town has been active in refugee sponsorship for a number of years. Currently the Diocese is awaiting several Iraqi refugee families that local parishes have agreed to sponsor. These families are in Jordan and in refugee camps in wartorn Syria.

June 19, 2013

One Father of All

“I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing priaise to your name, O Most High.” Psalm 9:1,2 (NIV)

Lauretta Balderston free-lance writer Ours is a world of mystery and wonder. What may be a rainy, dreary, can’t do what we planned day in our minds, God mysteriously works through. When the sun shines the next day we see the result of His work in the radiant plants and green, lush fields which are refreshingly more beautiful and greener than just two days before. Walkers are very devoted to their morning or evening walk around the neighbourhood- even in the rain. (I envy their dedication and am still working on mine!) Cyclists, runners, joggers, golfers, dog-walkers are out in all kinds of weather. Recreational fishermen enjoy the quiet solitude of nature and maybe the pleasure of a good catch at the end of the day. These are all excellent activities that refresh our souls. My husband and I enjoy walking the boardwalk in the park, then relaxing on a bench by the water in any weather. The beauty and strength of the water challenges us to be strong and keep going. Some of my best thinking and praying is while we are at the park surrounded by the wonders and mysteries of God’s creation. “The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.” Psalm 29:11 (NIV) When we take the opportunity to relax and reflect on the blessings we have been given, we are allowing God to mysteriously work through us. Like the plants and fields we will know in the days ahead that we have been refreshed and made more beautiful. A new concept has recently been intro-

duced to me- “prayer walking”. When we are walking around our neighbourhood we can silently pray for the people who live in the houses. Does that mean we should know the people or their concerns? Of course not- we don’t have to know anything. But we can ask that God, who knows all, will meet them at their point of need. They may be having a struggle with ill health, financial stresses, life concerns and no one knows what they are really feeling. But like on the rainy, dreary, can’t do what we planned day, God mysteriously will work through their situation and refresh them with a new attitude, radiant hope and peace to know there is help available. We can be their silent support system by asking God to just surround them, comfort them and allow them to find strength and peace. God will do all this and more for them and for us. “We have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding… being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience.” Colossians 1:9-11 (selected) (NIV) Ours is a world of mystery and wonder and only God knows our journey. He alone refreshes us, renews us and gives us peace, strength and joy especially on those rainy, dreary can’t do what we planned kind of days! “One Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” Ephesians 4:5,6 (NIV)

2013 Vacation Bible School “God’s Backyard Bible Camp Under The Stars” sponsored by Kensington & Area Christian Council

The program runs from Monday, July 8th to Friday, July 12th at the Murray Christian Education Centre in Kensington from 9am to 11:30am each day. Children will enjoy music, stories, crafts, snacks, and games. Registration fee is available for all children age 4 to 12 (Pre-School to Grade 7). For further info please visit our website at: or contact Barb Moase at 836-3826. Your children won’t want to miss this exciting adventure! Get them ready today! Sign up prior to the registration deadline of June 24th. Challenge kids to serve family, friends, neighbours, community & Jesus. The children in the picture below enjoyed a sneak peek of the program.

June 19, 2013

Page 15

The County Line Courier ~ your community newspaper

Celebration of Spring

Kinkora & area On June 14, the students of Somerset Elementary performed Celebration of Spring,

a concert under the direction of music teacher Mrs. Claire Caseley Smith. Mrs. Caseley

Somerset Elementary School Smith expressed thanks to all the teachers, staff, student volunteers and parents for their help

with preparing for the concert and wished students a wonderful summer. Each grade, from Kindergarten to grade 8, performed two numbers for

family and friends. Band students and the Concert Band also performed and, much to the delight of the audience, some numbers incorporated kazoos, recorders and hand made

instruments. The students did a wonderful job! CONGRATULATIONS on a great concert from the County Line Courier Community Newspaper and its readers.

Kindergarten performs Old MacDonald and Little White Duck Grade 3 performs BA Funky One and All Living Things

Dance Club performs Born This Way

Grade 1 Class performs - If Things Grew Down and Worms

School Choir performs Yellow Bird and Over the Rainbow Percussion students

Grade 4 Class performs - Hot Cross Buns and The 12 Days of Somerset

Grade 5 performs - The Spooky, Stormy Swamp

Percussion students

Concert Band performs Voodoo Dance and Greenbrier March

Clc june 19  
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