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Life in the County has become County & Quinte Living Spring is a time of new beginnings and a new beginning for the magazine is the change of name. Since the spring of 2008, the area outside the County has been included in the content; we felt it was now time to include it in the title, too. As we grow, a new Advertising Sales Manager has been added to the team. Mandy Bradford, a former resident of Colborne now living in Picton has an excellent sales and marketing background and such a cheerful smile that I knew on our first meeting she would be a perfect fit for the magazine. I’m sure those that have met her will agree. Years ago as a cottager on Lake Consecon, I passed by the church located at the crossroads of County Roads 1 and 2 many times. It’s a beautiful solid structure I have always admired and I am delighted to feature this amazing home in this issue. For those cleaning their golf clubs and dreaming about their first tee off, Jodie Jenkins, J.J. The Golf Guy, has written a great review of the local courses and lets you know which club opens first. Live theatre is alive and well in this area. Debra Tosh writes on the newest theatre groups and on one of the oldest, The Belleville Theatre Guild. This year we will feature two series: one on sustainable living and the other on eating clean. Sustainable living is the new “buzz”, but what is it really? Garnet McPherson answers that question and makes us think about our environment and our future on this earth in a way we may not have before. In the eating clean series, Kathy Terpstra will have you considering what you put into your body every day. The Bay of Quinte is not only one of the best places in the province for fishing and boating, it is also home to many plant and wildlife species. We are pleased to feature the positive efforts being made by many organizations to revitalize the Bay. Spring means buds, flowers, and birds, so who better to describe this special time of year than Carolyn Lecker of Black Walnut Gardens. You will be inspired. Have a wonderful spring. Donna Kearns


We believe your shoes speak volumes about who you are. They can represent your mood, your aspirations, even the way you conduct yourself. So, what should your shoes say about you? We also believe that a good shoe is the perfect blend of innovation and design. It should feel good, it should look good, and it should tell the world who you are. We believe in shoes for life.

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In tHis Issue Spring Awakening – Carolyn Lecker, 8 Bowerman Church – Peter Fisk, 10 Eating Clean – Kathy Terpstra, 16 The Magic Moment when a Theatre is Born – Debra Tosh, 18 The Empire Strikes Back – Andy Forgie, 22 Sustainable Living – Garnet McPherson, 24 Play a Round with Jodie – Jodie Jenkins , 27 Trillium Wood Golf Club - Jodie Jenkins, 32 Yukon Gold Potato Chips – Jon Alexiou, 34 Revitalization of The Bay of Quinte – Conrad Stang, 36 Making a Difference – Judy Kent, 46 Talking to Sick People – Deborah Kimmett, 49

Advertising Sales Manager Mandy Bradford County & Quinte Living is published quarterly and is available free of charge through strategic partners, wineries, golf courses, real estate and Chamber of Commerce offices, retail outlets and advertiser locations. County & Quinte Living may not be reproduced, in part or whole, in any form without prior written consent of the publisher. Views expressed by contributors are their own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of County & Quinte Living. County & Quinte Living is a division of Life in the County Inc. P.O. Box 6088, Picton ON K0K 2T0 Canada T. 613.476.8788 F. 613.476.9912

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Call now to reserve your advertising space in the summer issue. Booking deadline May 28 Mandy Bradford, Advertising Sales Manager 613.476.8788

Mandy Bradford Advertising Sales Manager County & Quinte Living

We are pleased to welcome Mandy Bradford to our team. Mandy, a former resident of Colborne brings with her many years experience in sales, marketing and customer relations. She has a passion for old houses and her many tools and is lovingly referred to by her friends and family as ‘Handy Mandy’. Mandy has been involved in many home renovations and likes nothing more than to sink her teeth into yet………another project. 6 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING SPRING 2009

In the last issue there was additional information we wanted to share... Living with Art - the purple glass vase was created by Mischka (Alexi) Hunter. Searching for the Fountain of Youth – main photo courtesy of Claramount Inn & Spa


I can’t stop smiling�

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Spring Awakening I hear the orchestra tuning up outside my door and in my gardens this time of year. Lives far more sophisticated than mine (a mere mortal) hear it first. Long before I do, the animals, birds, insects, and yes, plants around here can tell the harbingers of spring. They can tell because they are the musicians. Birds sing, insects buzz, investigating the ground. The plants in turn, feeling the sun and breath of busy life around them, break ground. Buds swell, bulbs re-invigorate, leaves unfurl. Inside, less lyrically, the walls are alive with half dozing life. Unwanted, overwintering tenants emerge stoned with sleepiness. Cluster flies, so stupid, fall into your soup. Ants scurry past corners. Drunken wasps and hornets, having nested, who knows where, are party to this intermarriage. Spring is better outside. The thin blanket of snow having disappeared exposes lovely tearshaped snow drops. Close to winter’s departure, brilliant yellow aconite form lovely starbursts. Wood doves, sparrows, chickadees, juncos, nut hatches and competitive cardinals, blue jays and blackbirds are busy at the bird feeding stations. But the songbirds are appearing now. A redtailed blackbird sings prettily on the branch, eyeing better nesting in the valley below. Any day the precious robins will appear truly announcing spring. They will not have sung one note till their journey is complete and they have returned here to nest. Then they will sing their little hearts out. So will the others coming again to nest and nurture. The yellow finches, hummingbirds, warblers, orioles, the purple martins and swallows, will compete for branches and eaves. Even the nesting boxes, “condos” and gourd houses will be filled to capacity. Spring time is intoxicating here. 8 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING SPRING 2009

Sixteen gardens weave their way in and around the land. Early spring with its soft light and lengthening days warms the earth and the compacted ground begins to soften. Little patches expand into greater carpets of colour. Pickwick crocuses, lavender striped with saffron threads are clustered in some corners. Pretty white, yellow and blue anemones are gathered in others. In the woodland areas tiny maroon chequered fritillaria (snakeskin) bobs next to lovely burgundy and green lenten roses. As spring progresses “blues” reign supreme. The wilder wood violets and deep blue scilla naturalize the lawns. Little grape muscari and exquisite bluebells collect in many of the beds, the rock garden is lush already with lime euphorbia, tiny iris, teddy bear allium, buttercup and fuzzy pasque flower. Nests are filling. Snakes are reappearing (their old skins shirked into a bed or another). One praying mantis has found his way onto my kitchen table. By late May all the gardens are filling and looking lush. The regal crown imperials, albeit lousy and oniony for smell, are resplendent in oranges, reds and yellows. Surrounding them are the prima donnas of spring – the tulips. From April to June, without pause, tulips will dominate the beds; translucent ones like Apricot Beauty, regal “Emperors”, colourfully painted “Artists”, pretty fringed pinks and long blooming double peony types – as well, the blousy, outrageous Parrot tulip. Supporting these is a great chorus of iris as well as butterfly narcissus, trumpet daffodils, and delicate jonquils. Perhaps their only real competition for show was earlier – a serpentine winding of bluebells, muscari, and

Lorne Park

NURSERIES LTD. Experience the beautiful surroundings at Lorne Park while buying your landscaping plants direct from the grower.

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wave upon wave of hyacinth, a Monet palette of pale yellow, salmon, soft pink, and blues. Unparalleled for fragrance and softness. Still with all the charm and promise that is spring comes a need for real buckling down. Over the winter Black Walnut Gardens is a mish mash of burlapped walls, cones and unremarkable structures. Now burlap and stakes are removed, herbaceous plants and shrubs cut back or appropriately pruned. Old annuals need composting. Soil needs amending. Divide. Divide. Thousands of seeds will be sown. Vegetables, flowers, herbs. Exotics begun earlier inside, need potting up. Other larger clay pots need sterilizing and setting out for use. I am cheered on by nature’s creatures. Clearing off the mulch, things scurry around and underneath me. When cleaning bird houses, the birds attend in anticipation. Some shop for nearby twigs, bits of fluff. Clever ones have been collecting wild animal scat. They will interweave parts of this into nests, discouraging predators. A time of preparation, exhaustion, renewal. Ah, spring. Let the symphony begin. Carolyn Lecker is a professional writer and educator as well as an award-winning gardener and garden designer. Carolyn is the owner of Black Walnut Teaching Garden. Designed for young and old, it has a focus on history, evolution, environmentalism, and health. Seniors are often mentors and young people are involved. Local and exotic plants are backdrops for learning. Tours, school programs, adult workshops are offered. Symposia for health professionals, lectures, art shows, and a concert series are a part of the calendar: SPRING 2009 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING



The Bowerman Church, built as a Wesleyan Methodist Church, has been a Gothic landmark at the junction of County Rd. #1 and County Rd. #2, known to many as simply “the four corners”, for over 150 years. Surrounded by mature black locust trees on 6 acres of land, the entrance to the property is a circular driveway that leads to the front door of this stunning residence. Sitting in stillness and grandeur, this architectural monument beckons the casual passer-by to at least hazard a second glance.

Bowerman Church On the diagonal corner sits the original Bowerman home. The Bowerman home, formerly a tavern, welcomed the weary traveller as it is situated ideally, halfway between Consecon and Picton. The connection between the two is both humorous and profound. To more fully appreciate the relationship between these two buildings and, specifically, how and why the Bowerman Church was built, a few details of history may be helpful. Beginnings Many of the settlers of Prince Edward County in the early 1800s originated in New York State. Being Quakers, they were pacifists. They refused to defy Britain; refused to take part in the war of independence. Their lives centred around simplicity, plain dress, and abstinence. Marriage outside of the Society of Friends, as they called themselves, resulted in the ouster of a member. Nonetheless, Thomas Bowerman Jr. did just that and, as the son of one of the area’s leading Quaker families, actually donated land to the Methodist community for the construction of a church. The year was 1855. One essential piece of information has yet to be disclosed and, as a visit to the County archives will verify, the construction of the church was greatly due to penance – that of Mr. Bowerman! He needed to get back into the good graces of his wife:  “Mrs. Thomas Bowerman was, in many respects, a remarkable woman and it was largely due to her untiring efforts—her life and incidents which led to the building of the Church is, indeed, worthy of note here. SPRING 2009 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING 11


Thomas Bowerman started – what was called in those days a tavern. After he had continued to carry on the business for some time. His wife was determined to put an end to it and to accomplish this she took an axe and went down into the cellar where the barrels of whiskey were, and she broke in the heads of the barrels and emptied out all the whiskey. This incident led to a revival, and her son, who afterwards became the Rev. George Young, was converted. Hence the building of the Bowerman’s Church. Mr. Bowerman, himself, gave the land for the building of the Church, and Mr. Daniel Pettet gave the land for Bowerman’s Cemetery.” Transitions The Bowerman Church has withstood many storms and many transitions. In 1968 it ceased to function as a church and was sold to the highest bidder. After a short life as a tea room, it later became the home and gallery of Photo Courtesy of Elliott Sage celebrated County artist Norah Schneider. The “Grey Stone Gallery” was well known to locals as well as to tourists. In 1999, a major fire (9 fire trucks from four districts were summoned!) actually gave the church a new life. Much of the building was reconstructed and re-engineered. Blueprints show new steel beams replacing the original hand-hewn timbers. Foam insulation was applied to all limestone interior walls with the exception of the area surrounding the wood stove, which now is used as the primary source of heating. What seems to set off the Bowerman Church from so many other churches in the County are the windows. Fashioned from B.C. fir, the inset mullions divide each window into 32 panes, topped by a Gothic cone or arch. Each window is 14 feet high and there are no less than eight. With the exception of only the front east window all 14 (of 16) cones are hinged and open inward. Screen mesh keeps out most insects when the cones are open to absorb the county breezes. Perhaps second only to the beauty of the windows is the limestone that houses them. This limestone is almost 24 inches thick and is capped by a pitched roof line that extends the front and rear limestone facades with moulded wooden soffit and gentle gable returns typical of this period style. On a somewhat more personal basis, what makes this building so special is its understated


simplicity and lack of pretension. Internally there are 3 floors, accessed by both front and rear staircases. But it is the windows, particularly, that let abundant natural light permeate the building on the first and second floors. And to further enhance the flow of light, several original windows that were saved after the fire have been relocated above and beside internal doors. Yet at night, when the electric lights are on, the building appears to take on the surreal aspect of a doll’s house. People on the outside can clearly see in on both levels simultaneously as there are no window dressings. The Right Choice As current owners, the ultimate question is whether the move (on a whim) from Unionville to our present locale was a wise decision. After all, we both gave up well-paying jobs and knew virtually nobody and nothing of century buildings and their inherent challenges. Knowing that our choice to take the plunge and roll the dice just felt “right”, we did just that. Instinct can be a wonderful guide. Three and a half years later, we can say unequivocally our decision to relocate was more than we could have ever planned. The County of Prince Edward is rich in friendliness, history, and recreation. Whether we sit by the fire that eternally attempts to heat this grand old building during the long cold winter months, or bask in the summer sunlight on the front porch, we know that we have arrived where we were destined to be. Owners Peter Fisk, Sharon Cathcart, and Bijou Photography - Marianne Gallagher


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EATING CLEAN What you put in your body counts!

Have you ever wished that you had more energy? Ever wondered why you feel sluggish and seem to pick up every cold that comes within 10 km of you? Are you carrying around an extra 10, 20, or 50 lbs. that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Have I got your attention yet? Welcome to this series of articles on clean eating! Join me this year as I attempt to introduce you to a way of nourishing your body that will increase your energy, help you lose the extra weight you are carrying around, make your skin glow, and boost your selfesteem. We all know that when we do something good for ourselves – we feel good about life!

Did you know that 80% of what your body looks like is directly related to what you put in your mouth? The other 20% is attributed to genes and exercise. 16 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING SPRING 2009

Let’s start by going over some information that you probably already know but it will set the stage for what is to follow. We all know how we should eat but sometimes (most of the time!) we don’t get around to doing that. We lead busy lifestyles and the food companies have come to our “rescue” by producing a ton of convenient foods for us to buy. The problem with most of this convenient food is that it is sorely lacking in the nutrients that our bodies need to properly function and repair themselves. When we eat, our body looks over the nutrients that we have fed it and then uses what it can. If the nutrients that our bodies need are not present, our bodies signal to us that we are hungry again. Think about this next statement for a moment: Our society is overfed and undernourished. As North Americans, we have access to as much food as we want simply by going to the grocery store but our bodies are screaming for nourishment. What does eating clean mean? Eating clean is a very simple concept – something that our grandparents did without even having to make that choice. The concept is that you need to eat food as close to its original state as possible.

The less processed the food is, the more nutrients it has to fuel your body. It’s about making better food choices so that you do not go hungry. Clean food is low in fats, salt, and sugar. Eating clean means that you choose fruits instead of fruit juices, fresh vegetables instead of salt-laden canned vegetables, whole-grain bread and oatmeal rather than white bread and sugary cereals, water over alcohol or soda, and a bowl of berries for dessert instead of a bowl of ice cream. There are several other principles that go along with an eating clean lifestyle: •E  at 5 or 6 small meals every day; •E  at every 2-3 hours to maintain blood sugar levels; •D  rink at least 2 litres, or 8 cups, of water each day; •N  ever miss a meal – especially breakfast! •E  at a balanced diet consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats; •D  epend on fresh fruits and vegetables for fibre, vitamins, and enzymes; •C  arry a cooler loaded with clean foods to get through the day; •A  void sugar-loaded colas and juices; •A  void calorie-dense foods that contain little nutritional value. I’m sure that you looked at the point of eating 5 or 6 small meals a day and thought “if I eat that much food, I’ll gain more weight than ever!â€? There is a method behind this thought. Each of these meals should consist of approximately 300-400 calories. When we consume less than 1200 calories per day, our bodies go into starvation mode. The body, not knowing when its next source of food will arrive, holds onto the energy in your fat cells and can begin to break down the protein of your muscles to get the energy it needs. When you provide your body with a constant supply of healthy nutrients, it is able to function as it should. That’s why you need to start your day off with breakfast! A lot of women in particular, have a love-hate relationship with food. We can change that relationship by changing the quality of food that we put into our mouths. So let’s embark on a mission together: one that will empower you to make change, one that will change the way you feel about your body, and one that will set you on a path to a healthier life.

.OWFEATURING(ANDCRAFTED&URNITURE BY Century Craftsman #USTOMDESIGNSAVAILABLE Watch for our upcoming exhibits May 1, 2009 and June 12, 2009


Kathy Terpstra, natural health practitioner, nutrition & wellness specialist, and co-owner of Mindful Movements:

Next Issue: Revving up your metabolism, why water is so important, plus meal and snack ideas for clean eating.

54 North Front Street, Belleville, ON K8P 3B3 Telephone: 613 961 1977 Mon. to Fri.AMTOPMs3ATURDAYAMTOPM 3UNDAYBYAPPOINTMENTONLY



When does that lighting bolt occur? What has to happen to ignite the dream of live theatre in a community? A desire to produce your own written word? A city-sponsored survey? A conversation over iced tea on a hot afternoon? Or just being tired of driving to and fro between other towns? Here are the stories of the birth of four local theatres.


The Magic Moment When A Theatre Is Born Prince Edward Community Theatre Cherry Valley boy Lynn Fennell started up his own theatre company last year called Prince Edward Community Theatre. After gassing up his vehicle and spending countless hours on the road, he decided to fill the theatre gap in Picton. Now he directs and produces his own shows. Their first season features three productions, with four performances each, at the Picton Town Hall. Their inaugural show was The Murder Room, a comedy thriller by Jack Sharkey last November. It starred Lewis Frape, Helen Wells (a.k.a Lenni Stewart), Susan Matthews, Sid Wells, Hilary Hunter, and Mike Zaffino. Their second show was Special Occasions, a romantic comedy by Bernard Slade. The two-hander starred Wendy Hay of Bloomfield and Fennell himself, with a dinner theatre package available for Valentine’s Day. How the Other Half Loves, a comedy about three couples by Alan Ayckbourn will be held in May.   Fennell first got involved in musical theatre in 1988, when his children were taking classes at the Dance Den in Belleville. He discovered that he liked it and performed in a few shows for them. In 1995, he joined Domino Theatre in Kingston, where he performed and directed through 2006. His first show with The Belleville Theatre Guild was in 1999. Fennell said he has lots of good memories and appreciates all the opportunities he has been offered. He is incorporating everything that he has learned into his recent productions. Retired from teaching since June 2007, he plans to build on the company’s initial success with a second season.

Legend Theatre Legend Theatre was born of a desire to create original work. Brian Conway wrote his first play for his school in Quebec when he was only 12. He taught drama west of Toronto and has been involved in theatre for 35 years. Moving to Prince Edward County ten years ago, Brian and his wife Linda, a glass artist, own a cottage resort on East Lake, outside of Cherry Valley. He discovered that the only way to write, produce, and direct your own work was to do it all himself, so he founded his own theatre company and a legend was born. His first production was Sweet Dreams of Patsy Cline at Mt. Tabor Church, a preview for the following summer. He has been fortunate to work with talented people including Don Hinde, who was musical director for that production. Hinde taught music at the Picton high school but got his start playing in burlesque houses.     This September, Conway will preview an original musical called Queen of the Rumrunners at a new theatre space in Picton.  The story is based on a book by Belleville’s C.W. Hunt entitled Gentleman Charlie and the Lady Rumrunner.   Charlie Mills and Jennie Batley lived in Belleville and spent considerable time in and around the County. One scene takes place in Prinyer’s Cove, formerly known then as “The Booze Bog”, as it was a well-used drop off point for liquor. The show is a musical that is being written as a four-hander with a four-piece band.   Charlie, an ex-flyer, was known as Gentleman Charlie.  His girlfriend, Jennie, moved to Belleville after the war to marry a soldier, who turned out to be married already. Her dream was to be the queen of the rumrunners. A friend introduced them to Legs Diamond, a central figure in the illegal alcohol business, who spent a lot of time around Belleville and Kingston. His girlfriend was Kiki Roberts, a Ziegfeld girl. These two characters round out the rest of the cast.

Charlie and Jennie were eventually caught off the shores of Rochester in 1927. They swam ashore and surrendered. Fortunately, they got a sympathetic judge, who knew Charlie’s past. Their punishment was to make presentations in churches and town halls about the evils of the liquor trade. The play is a re-enactment of their last presentation.  

The Belleville Theatre Guild The Belleville Theatre Guild is the mainstay of theatre in the area and the envy of many community theatres throughout Ontario and beyond. It was born on a summer’s day in 1951, by a group of friends gathered at the home of Gladys and Bert Simpson to read a play for pleasure. They enjoyed it so much they decided they would form a group and perform it. They met again that fall at the Dickens Tea Room in downtown Belleville to plan a public meeting in the Corby Library to form the group. In 1969, they acquired the use of the D.L. Storey Building on Pinnacle Street, formerly the Salvation Army Citadel, now owned by the City of Belleville. They renamed it The Pinnacle Playhouse.   The Playhouse has undergone many transformations including the initial refit to a 126-seat theatre with a revolving stage. In 2002, the Belleville Theatre Guild built an elevator addition with additional wing space, a new box office, and a barrierfree washroom, with the help of a generous grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation. The Guild also has an Annex, a warehouse space that houses set pieces, props, costumes, board room, a workroom for their set builders, and rehearsal space for upcoming productions.   The final two Guild productions this year are Sinners by Norm Foster in April and A Little Night Music, book by Hugh SPRING 2009 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING 19

Bay of Quinte Community Players


In an interesting twist, the birth of a new theatre in Trenton was spearheaded from town council. A survey called the Trenton Community Improvement Plan Study was sent to all taxpayers asking what leisure activity would draw them downtown. Thirty items were listed. They were shocked when the number one response was live theatre. Sylvia Fernandez, a volunteer on the economic development council, was sent on a quest to develop a theatre project. A series of meetings were held with the Downtown Business Improvement Association of Quinte West and The Bay of Quinte Community Players was born.

Wheeler, music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim that opens in late May. Â The Guild celebrates their 58th season in 2009/2010 by offering Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn, I Remember Mama by John van Druten, The Art of War by

George F. Walker, The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie, and the musical South Pacific, book by Oscar Hammerstein II and Joshua Logan, music by Oscar Hammerstein II. Something new that will be highly welcomed next season will be Sunday matinees!

They plan to offer a minimum of five plays per year and it is hoped that Riverside Music Studios will produce a children’s musical review as the sixth production. Their first production is Perfect Wedding by Robin Hawdon, in late March and early April.    Mayor John Williams and councillors of Quinte West offered a start-up


I love the County I love the County. I love the water, the farmland, the towns, the vineyards, and I especially love the theatre! Born and raised here, I have come to know the people and what makes them tick. I know what they want. And at McDougall Insurance, I have access to a wide range of insurance solutions to meet their needs. At the end of each day, I feel good knowing that I’ve helped my clients protect what they love too. don stanton, Picton branch manager & County-boy





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grant of $1,000 and use of the Old Town Hall in Trenton. They share the building with and enjoy the support of the Trent Port Historical Society. These are the lively stories of four local theatre companies. There are many groups offering entertainment throughout the area, from Warkworth, Campbellford, Belleville, Madoc, Selby, and many in the County. Their unique brands of entertainment are as varied as their beginnings!   Debra Tosh is an actor, director, producer, and singer and has performed throughout the Quinte area for The Belleville Theatre Guild and others. She is also a successful realtor with Re/Max Quinte Ltd. Brokerage.  

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THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK The Empire began in 1939, as the McCarthy Theatre, one of three movie theatres that dotted Front Street in Belleville. By the early 60s, the theatre had closed its doors and eventually became the home of a popular sports and hobby store, Stephen License Ltd. In 2002, Mark Rashotte, also a professional musician and recording artist with Capitol Records in the 1980s, and his wife Rose Mary Rashotte, purchased the McCarthy building. Mark’s years of touring and performing provided him with a unique insight as to what a performing arts centre should provide both the audience and entertainer. The result is the current state-of-the-art 700-seat gem, which includes two licensed lounges. The theatre is described by many performers and patrons as one of the finest in Ontario. Since The Empire’s grand opening in September of 2003, there has been no looking back as it continues to host top national and international performers. From pop, rock, blues, jazz, country, and classical, it all happens at The Empire Theatre. Those who have graced the stage range from comedic giants Bob Newhart and The Smothers Brothers; Canada’s top bands, Great Big Sea, Blue Rodeo, and The Tragically Hip; folk and blues legends, Judy Collins and Buddy Guy; contemporary and traditional country favourites from Johnny Reid and Tommy Hunter, to international stage shows Bowfire and Barrage. The theatre’s movie history continues to be honoured with the screening of current acclaimed films, complemented by the venue’s big screen and sound system, all in the comfort and style of the grand movie theatre era. Cafe e Eatery and Empire Square Live, an outdoor concert facility for 3000-plus people, are now welcome additions to the Empire. The spin-off effect on Belleville’s once struggling downtown is there for all to see. Restaurants are buzzing with pre-show concert goers and hotels are booking to capacity with out of town guests coming to see their favourite performer. Those who have lived in Belleville for generations are pinching themselves and those who are new to our community are simply amazed. Andy Forgie is the Promotions Manager for The Empire Theatre & Centre for the Performing Arts. Andy continues to perform, internationally, with Mark Rashotte in “All You Need Is Love”, a celebration of the Beatles.


2 0 0 9

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What is sustainability any way? My grandfather used to say that “it is not what happens to you that matters, but what you do about it that will make the difference in your life”. The same could be said of our society and, in fact, our species. Times are always changing and clearly each generation has its challenge to meet. It seems that ours, as it turns out, is pivotal to the future of mankind and all life as we know it on this planet. We did not ask for this to be on our plate, but neither did other generations get to choose the lesson of their times. Their success always depended on their ability to identify the problem and to come up with creative and effective solutions to address the problem. From many perspectives, there is only one success that counts right now and it all starts with understanding what it means to be sustainable. As director of the Earthwalk Sustainable Living Center near Colborne, Ontario, I travel the country speaking to a wide variety of institutions and organizations on the subject of creating a sustainable society. I am talking to thousands of people each month about the subject of sustainability yet I have found that a great number of people don’t have a clear concept about what sustainability really means. 24 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING SPRING 2009

The best answer would be H. Sustainability is, in many ways, a different way of thinking. Sustainable living and sustainability mean different things to different people. However, it has come to mean the ability to meet present needs without damaging or depleting the environmental, economic, or social resources that future generations will need.

I have heard hundreds of variations of what sustainability means to members of my audiences. So I thought that I would kick off this series of articles on sustainable living with a discussion of what it means in terms of humankind and to us as individuals.

In short, sustainability is the ability to provide for the needs of the world’s population without damaging the ability of future generations to provide for themselves. When a process is truly sustainable, it can be carried out over and over again without negative environmental effects or significantly high costs to anyone involved. For planet Earth, it provides optimum results for the human and natural environments, both now and into the future.

Take Our Sustainability Quiz – What do you think it means to live sustainably? A. Living within Earth’s limits. B. Reducing our impact on the Earth’s resources. C. Making lifestyle and consumer choices to limit our use of resources. D. Living more simply. E. Taking care of nature so nature can take care of us. F. Meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. G. Creating a balance between our natural systems, our economic system and our social system. H. All of the above.

For many of us the idea of sustainability may be a relatively new concept, in spite of the fact that it is emerging as the most dominant issue of our time. It has fallen on this generation to deal with the issue in very concrete, if not dramatic, terms in order to save life as we know it in this country and on this planet. There is a significant and growing body of scientific evidence that we are approaching an environmental tipping point. Any way you look at it, “sustainability” is a concept that must grow in our consciousness as, in many respects, we are at the “push comes to shove” point in our history. We cannot afford a “too little, too late” approach because there will not be a second chance to avoid the dire environmental, economic, and biological consequences of inaction.

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The large scale studies on biodiversity that produce data on terrestrial, marine, and freshwater species from around the earth, are showing alarming trends in our biosphere. We are seeing declining populations in all three. Between 1970 and 2003, the index for all of these ecosystems fell by about 30%. This worldwide trend suggests that we have been degrading our natural ecosystems at a rate that is truly unprecedented in human history. Species are going extinct at a rate of over 20,000 species per year and climbing and many are arguing that we may be on the threshold of another great extinction that will dwarf the great extinctions of the past.

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The uncomfortable and inconvenient truth is that the evidence that we are heading for a potential ecosystem collapse has become overwhelming and this time we cannot put off until tomorrow the actions needed yesterday. In a sense we have upset Nature’s apple cart and unless we can get it all tidied up in a big hurry there may not be any more apples to worry about! In this series of articles we will be exploring the subject of sustainability and all of the solutions that each of us can do to contribute to turning these trends around. Join us in the next issue where we will start our exploration of sustainability in our homes, in our communities, and in our world. Garnet McPherson is the Director of Earthwalk Eco Education Center and Managing Editor of Sustainable Living Magazine He is the local ambassador for Al Gore’s Climate project and Earthday Co-ordinator for Northumberland.



a Round with Jodie A Course by COurse Tour with the golf guy

Barcovan Golf Club A classic course with plenty of trees, which calls for the ability to shape shots and make wise choices. Known for its lightning fast greens, Barcovan is a treat for players of all levels. One of the things that sticks out the most to me about this course is the premium that is placed on putting your ball where it needs to be. Not to say you can’t be a little wayward with some shots but, if you are capable of hitting targets, you will be rewarded. I know that there have been several times where I have found myself hitting out from under trees that certainly can make for an interesting day. Barcovan is a complete course from all angles: playability, greens, atmosphere, views and scoring. Do yourself a favour and make Barcovan one of your stops this season.

Bay of Quinte Golf Club A lot of history at this facility as it originally opened in 1921. Since then it has seen growth to where it is now, an 18-hole track that boasts, as far as I am concerned, the toughest par 3’s in the area. The par 3’s appear to be a heck of a lot closer than they are and I find that most people underclub (that tip is for free). Bay of Quinte is also the course where Nationwide and PGA professional Jon Mills spent most of his days bombing drives and draining 4 footers. Speaking of bombing the ball, Bay of Quinte is the kind of course where a long driver can get away with maybe not keeping it on the fairway at all times. Length is rewarded at this course and if you can get it out there you will have a better chance at scoring. On the putting side SPRING 2009 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING 27

Barcovan Golf Club

get past the first hole, you will be exposed to a 17-hole stretch of beautiful holes, views, and surroundings. Another great aspect of Black Bear Ridge is their driving range, which is also elevated quite well and allows for a serious range specialist to really assess where their game is. Black Bear is a great stop for those that want their golf day to not only be a game but also an experience.

Briar Fox Golf & Country Club

of things, the greens at Bay of Quinte are so subtle with their breaks that you can walk in there thinking you are rolling the ball well only to be brought to your knees quite quickly. Bay of Quinte is a course that continues to stand up to the test of time.

Black Bear Ridge Golf Course My introduction to this course was the first year it opened when I was honoured to play with owner Brian Magee. His commentary during the round on what was done and why was a nice treat for a course that really has no equal when it comes to conditioning of the turf. The first hole could be the nicest opening hole in the area with a great elevated tee, which looks down on a somewhat intimidating landing area. Once you

Briar Fox is a mainstay in this area and has always been a facility where people feel welcome and the staff go to great lengths to ensure you will want to come back. This course will allow for scoring opportunities, but it is also a great course to allow beginners to begin exploring the facets of the game of golf. Their junior program has churned out a lot of impressive youngsters and their ability to embrace the young generation on the fairways is a testimony to building the players of the future. If you are looking for a relaxing day with friends and score is not a priority, Briar Fox is the kind of place where all can have fun.

Napanee Golf & Country Club The Granddaddy of them all, Napanee Golf and Country Club has been operating on County Road 8 in Napanee for more than 100 years. A 9-hole course that offers great terrain and some very challenging holes. The opening hole is a straightforward par 4 that just sets the tone for your round. A birdie on number one is a great start but maintaining that under par score will be

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Best Western Belleville Golf Packagesâ&#x20AC;Ś â&#x20AC;ŚAs evolved as the Golf Ball Itself. R


put to the test immediately on number 2. Napanee has a great mix of flat and hilly holes and you will use every club in your bag. Coming in on number 9 is a great hole, which forces you to shoot up the hill, and tests your ability to gauge distance. This course is certainly worth the drive to Napanee to experience an historic facility.

Oak Hills Golf Club One of the most attractive things with Oak Hills is the fact that it boasts two 18-hole tracks. If you really want to make a day of it, I cannot think of a better way to do it than to play 36 holes all at one location for one fee! Whether you do the Highland or the Glen you will be in for a great day of golf. If you are a walking player, both courses offer some great terrain that will put your cardio endurance to the test. A place that is always buzzing with activity, Oak Hills is also another course where junior golfers are encouraged and developed. Another sweet part of Oak Hills is that, generally, it is one of the first facilities to open for the season in the area and I am always one of the first to book a time to get in that first round.

Picton Golf & Country Club This is one of those places where I have not had a lot of opportunities to play simply because of the hectic pace of life. Having said that, the few times I have played have been nothing short of great. The County lifestyle is reflected in this course, as it is a relaxing yet challenging layout, which will become a mainstay on your places-to-play list. Originally, 9 holes were the

order of the day, but local designer Steve Ward eventually added 9 more. Being down the middle of the fairway on this course is an asset as there is a great benefit to being able to keep it in the short stuff. What I enjoyed about Picton was the shifting winds that come in off the bay, which can sometimes force you to be creative in shaping your shots. A nice drive to the County, a leisurely stroll through the downtown, and a round at Picton Golf and Country Club makes for a great way to spend the day!

Timber Ridge Golf Course Timber Ridge has been the recipient of several awards handed out by different publications in the last couple years and deservedly so. This Steve Ward design is a great complement to Trillium Wood (also a Steve Ward design) and is a course, that makes you feel like you are in pro mode. One thing you will hear about Timber Ridge over and over is the greens. The greens all have some amazing undulations, which can either make you or break you in a hurry. Personally, I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think they are as outrageous as some would lead you to believe but I am sure that if the greens mowers were lowered a little, those surfaces would be dangerous. I really enjoy the Timber layout; the holes guide you around the property nicely and making a birdie or two on the day can make you feel real good. One tip, before you tee off, roll some putts, like maybe 150. Then you should be good to go.

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Trillium Wood Golf Club

Picton Golf Course - Photo by:Pat Lacroix

Trillium is probably one of the better-known courses in the area because of its beautiful layout and its level of customer service. It is not unusual to see the GM out welcoming players and even assisting in unloading your bag onto your cart. At Trillium, because of the tree-lined fairways, it often seems like you have the entire course to yourself. This is a great track for easing you in with some scoring chances in the early going then you encounter a stretch of 3, 4 and 5, which can often indicate what your round will end up looking like. Bentgrass tees, greens, and fairways are second to none and the maintenance team does an amazing job. Trillium also operates a great dining area that is perfect for grabbing a bite before or after the round. I recommend the Trillium club sandwich and kettle chips.

Trenton Golf Club Hands down, one of the most necessary courses in the area because it is almost always the first to open! To someone who loves golf, being able to play before any other course opens is something we look forward to and often spend nights dreaming of. This course offers 9 holes of great fun, perfect for honing some shots early on in the season and is also a great place to work on chipping. A great deal for the wallet and you can certainly make this course one of the first you visit for 2009.

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With its exceptional combination of great golf, superb scenery and friendly atmosphere, a visit to Picton Golf & Country Club is certain to be a highlight of your golf getaway or Prince Edward County vacation.

Roundel Glen Golf Course (8 Wing) I need to be honest: the only time I have played this course was a few years ago, in the dark at a glow ball fundraiser for CNIB. Granted the conditions of evening golf are not the best to give a great review of the track but I do know that this place commands a lot of attention from locals and those outside the area. I honestly have never heard anything bad about this course and players are always quick to name 8 Wing as one of their stops on the summer circuit. One thing I do know is that trees play a large role in each player’s round and can result in some interesting shot selections if you happen to be behind or beside one. Maybe this year I will be able to make it out to play – in the sunshine!

Loyalist Golf Club Loyalist is one of those places where you know you will get a great round of golf in. The course itself is kept in great shape and the layout is very appealing. The most difficult aspect I find when playing there is the wind, it can really pick up at times and will often wreak havoc with your shots. The other interesting thing about the track is that some of the holes wind through the housing development and makes for some great pressure shots off the tee. Nothing like worrying about hooking your shot into somebody’s window when you are at even par for the round! Loyalist has a great practice facility as well as an amazing clubhouse that is suitable for a myriad of events. This is a great place to visit and certainly will make you want to return. Jodie Jenkins, “The Golf Guy” is heading into his eighth year of broadcasting his golf program on 800 CJBQ, and this year he debuts on the MY FM Network of stations across Ontario.

Wellington-on-the-Lake Golf Course Again, I must confess, another course I have never played. Thankfully, Erin Traer was successful in tracking me down to pass along some great info on this beautiful 9-hole facility. This is an Azinger-designed championship length track that mixes tree-lined holes with links style designs. Wellington allows golfers of any level to enjoy their round without wanting to snap their 7 iron in half. Another attractive aspect at Wellington is their aquatic driving range that allows players to hone their craft before a round or even just to head out and practice. Play some golf, visit a winery and enjoy the County. Sounds like a plan!

rett wills Barcovan Golf Club New this year - Barcovan has joined forces with 31 exceptional golf courses across Ontario, where members have playing privileges at a reduced rate. Call us to find out how you can become a Privileged Member today.


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Trillium Wood Golf Club

This course has come a long way in its 10-year existence. Some original members probably remember the days of playing in the early going and also pulling rocks out of the fairway to assist in the development of the turf. Now Trillium boasts some of the best fairways and greens in the area. Bentgrass wall-to-wall at Trillium makes for superb playing conditions and each year there are improvements all over the course that enhance each round played. Here’s what we know about the course: high quality service that puts the focus on the customer and fully-paved cart paths that can also assist in taking a 230yard drive to a 275-yard drive if you can hit the path in the right spot. Last year, Trillium launched its full GPS outfit on all carts which really makes your day a treat. Not only can you get exact yardages but you can order food and beverages right from your cart as well! The GPS also has another interesting feature that allows them to be programmed for tournaments which 32 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING SPRING 2009

offers players the opportunity to keep track of the “leaderboard” and see where they sit in relation to everyone else. The course itself is amazing. I find that it’s a course that you never get tired of playing; each day seems to present something different and the challenge to push yourself to be better is always present. There are two holes that I really enjoy, number 6 and number 13. Six is a par 5, dogleg right that invites you to bite a chunk off the corner to get there in two, however, it seems to me that I am usually playing out of the trees when I attempt this. Number 13 looks like a straightforward par 4, but the tee shot is crucial. The smart play is a fairway wood off the tee. Keep it in the middle and go from there. Nothing beats teeing off on number one in July at 7 a.m. with the regulars! Trillium is also coming into its third year of a full restaurant setup that has really seen an increase of usage each year. Trillium boasts an amazing bar with a sweet flatscreen, a very welcoming dining area, and an always-packed patio that overlooks number 18 green. Since the addition of the restaurant area, Trillium is now in a position to fully

take care of all wedding, corporate, and general gathering needs. The final point I must make about Trillium is the people. From regular members to the staff, they are always smiling and going out of their way to make your day one to remember. From Colin Pine in the pro-shop to Caleb getting your bag from your car, to Bob, Darwin, and Murray sending you off on number one, this team is here to make you feel like the star! Speaking of staff, if you get a chance, track down one of the top brass, Steve McCurdy, and ask him to share the “that ain’t no snake territory” story. You will be glad you did. Trillium Wood should be proud of what they have accomplished and I look forward to seeing where they go from here. Jodie Jenkins, “The Golf Guy”, is heading into his eighth year of broadcasting his golf program on 800 CJBQ. This year he debuts on the MY FM Network of stations across Ontario.


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Jodie Jenkins

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With a mandolin, slice the potatoes into thin slices – “potato chips”. Fry them in the hot oil until golden brown. Sprinkle and toss with the rest of the ingredients. Viola! Betcha can’t eat just one! Serves at least six people as an appetizer. Executive Chef/Proprietor Jon Alexiou Earl & Angelos


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A Revitalization for The Bay of Quinte Efforts underway to save our water

What was wrong with the Bay It has been twenty-three years since the Bay of Quinte was identified as a pollution hot spot, known as an “Area of Concern”, by the International Joint Commission (a century old Canadian-American Great Lakes watchdog). The Bay of Quinte is a 100-kilometre Z-shaped waterbody that stretches between Trenton and Bath and is primarily fed by the Trent, Moira, Salmon, and Napanee rivers. The impaired water quality in the Bay of Quinte was the result of industrial, agricultural, and household practices that degraded the Bay’s ecosystem. There was an influx of contaminants such as toxic chemicals, fecal coliform bacteria, and eutrophic causing nutrients (i.e., phosphorus). The inland and coastal wetlands of the Bay watershed were also partially or completely lost with many others becoming unsuitable for fish and wildlife. Times of Change Thanks to the combined efforts of the Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan team, Quinte Conservation, Lower Trent Conservation, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, enthusiastic volunteers, landowners and the general public, the ecosystem and water quality in the Bay has improved significantly. The Remedial Action Plan, commonly known as the ‘Big Cleanup’, as noted by Jeff Borisko, Implementation Manager for the Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan, “is an ecosystem approach in restoring and protecting the Bay by recognizing the complex interrelationships between water, land, air, and all living things – including people”. The Plan is implemented in three stages: the first stage defines the problem, the second stage recommends and implements actions to restore the ecosystem, and the third stage monitors its success. Currently, the Bay of Quinte has completed stage two and is projected to complete stage three within the next SPRING 2009 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING 37


couple of years, thus changing the status of the Bay as an “Area of Concern” to an “Area in Recovery”. The restoration of the Bay has resulted in a reduction of phosphorus loadings by half, thanks to better municipal sewage treatment and more environmentally responsible


farming practices. Greener industrial practices have also resulted in less toxic discharges and, with much thanks to the community, many shorelines have been restored and wetlands rehabilitated. CQ_Living_ad


1:31 PM

Page 1

How you can help Environmental stewardship starts with you! Whether you are a resident, farmer, or business owner your daily routine will have an impact on the local water resources. And, since the Bay is part of a very large watershed (over 18,000 square kilometres), your local actions ultimately influence the health of the Bay. So, have your septic systems maintained regularly and try to reduce fertilizer and manure application, especially before the spring melt and during storm events. Bring hazardous wastes such as chemicals, pesticides, and paints to your local waste depot for proper disposal. Remember, dedication and devotion to the environment will ensure a bright future for the Bay of Quinte. For more information on how to get involved in your watershed please visit: and/or Conrad Stang, a former cottager on Lake Consecon, is an Environmental / Water Resources Engineer-In-Training with Greenland Consulting Engineers Ltd. ( He is currently completing his Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering at the University of Guelph. His studies investigate the use of Best Management Practices for reducing sediment and phosphorus loads within the Severn Sound watershed, a former Area of Concern on Georgian Bay (Lake Huron).

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Map Source: Environment Canada (

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41st Annual Picton Rotary Oyster Fest John Clarke, Steve Snider & Don Stanton

David Burn & Dusty Graham

Bev Thomson & Chris 2. Rogers Andy Janikowski, Paul Gentile & Kirsten Musgrove

Gleaners Food Bank Gala

A fundraiser for the Tri-County Food Network

Anita Halfpenny, John Rollins with Irene Dorner & John Fitzpatrick

John, Joan and Steven Halloran

Jan and Danuta Jagaciak

Margaret Dinsmore, Charlie & Annie Burghgraef


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-AIN3T0ICTONs   3!,%3s3%26)#%s).34!,,!4)/.s).30%#4)/. 40 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING SPRING 2009

Guardian Angel Gala Presented by the quinte childrens foundation

2009 Guardian Angels Mary & Mark Hanley

Allyson Hewat & Ryan Williams

Brian Garrard, Ingrid Moore, Pat Guernsey, Stella Newell & Jennifer Rainbird

Martha Sherratt, Len Kennedy, Jennifer Tretina & John Sherratt

Christopher Costello & Lindsey Harker

Evans & Evans

Rick & AngeliqĂşe Belanger

Vicki, Darcy & Peter Smith SPRING 2009 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING 41

Oeno Gallery Grand Opening at their new location

Barbara Basille, Lanny Huff, Carlyn Moulton & Leona Dombrowsky

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+nwind ay, 'elax d e h t f o d n t the e

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a restored 1867 Grist Mill

• Old Mill Cafe with a panoramic view overlooking the dam • Outdoor Patio summer ‘09 • Art Gallery & Classes • Antiques & Treasures • Yoga Classes 11 Bay Bridge Road, Belleville, Ontario

613-968-3411 or 1-800-420-3555

Stockdale Mill 1914 Stockdale Road Stockdale, Ontario

Ramada Hotel, Resort & Conference Centre Located at the Gateway to Prince Edward County



Hickory Homes

s Serving Prince Edward County and Surrounding Area LTD PO Box 6245 Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0

t. 613.922.9276 e.

s Homes Available for Your Viewing TODAY s We Customize New Homes to Meet Your Needs s Building on Your Lot or Ours


The Crystal Ball Quinte Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Foundation fundraiser, hosted by Mayor John Williams and Colonel Michael Hood.

Angel of Hope Award Winners Lt. Col. Chantal Fraser, Karen Brake & Lt. Col. Deborah Miller

John & Heather Williams, Louise Hood & Col. Michael Hood

Any Fence

Built Right

Angel of Hope Award Winners John & Angela Smylie with daughters Megan, Lyndsay & Jessica

Built Fast

Built to Last

Residential, Commercial, Agricultural and Institutional Applications s7OODEN&ENCESAND$ECKS s/RNAMENTAL&ENCES s6INYL&ENCES s'ALVANIZEDOR#HAIN,INK

R.W. Baldwin Construction & Fencing 613-399-5496 RWBCONST 44 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING SPRING 2009

Hospice Quinte Live Auction –Boyd Sullivan, Deb Thompson & Bonnie Delaney

10th Anniversary Diamond Ballroom Gala

Deb Thompson, Heather Thompson, Buck Pascoe, Andrea Miller, Bonnie Delaney

Fresh Canadian Atlantic Seafood Let Us Help With All Your Entertaining Needs

Maritime Lobster Express 393 Sidney St., Hilden Square Belleville, Ontario

613-962-3535 SPRING 2009 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING 45

MAKING A DIFFERENCE Generations For Peace Generations For Peace is an initiative conceived and implemented by HRH Prince Feisal bin AlHussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Son of the late King Hussein and a committed proponent of peace, Prince Feisal has laid the groundwork for a global movement that is building peace amongst young people in areas experiencing conflict and hostility. As an avid sportsman, Prince Feisal believes sport can gather young people together in order to instill understanding, tolerance, and respect. With a background in international development through sport, I was asked to modify materials prepared by the Coaching Association of Canada and research on conflict, program management, advocacy, and leadership, into educational modules for the Peace Pioneer Certification Program (PPCP). The PPCP is offered through Peace Camps which include workshops, interactive seminars, presentations, debates, role playing, simulations, case studies, and sport sessions. I was Lead Facilitator for the 08 Generations For Peace Camp held in Amman, Jordan from November 26 to December 6, 2008. Seventy-one delegates from 16 war-torn countries (Afghanistan, Cote dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ivoire, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Nigeria, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Togo, Uganda, and Zimbabwe) attended the 10-day camp supported by 25 staff from Canada, Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, USA, and the UK. The United Nations, UNICEF, the United Nations Development Program, the British Council, and National Olympic Committees recommended delegates. Although most of the delegates come from difficult situations, they have all made a commitment to peace building. Beyond conflict issues such as the child soldier, tribal, religious and ethnic clashes, and refugees and displaced persons, the 08 Camp focused on integrating those usually excluded from community life, such as girls and women, persons with disabilities, and orphans.


The goal of the Peace Camp is to equip the graduate Peace Pioneers with the necessary tools, knowledge, and practical support to return to their communities and bring people in conflict together through a Generations For Peace program. I will be continuing as Lead Facilitator for the 2009 Camp in Abu Dhabi, March 1 to 10, hosted by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates. Most of the delegates will be from Asia and the Middle East, including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon. 08 Camp Delegate Michael Olufemi Sodipo of Nigeria Michael escaped with his life when his house was ambushed by a mob sweeping through his town of Kano. His car was firebombed and his house destroyed simply because he comes from the southern part of the country. The mob searched for him for five terrifying hours before moving on to their next target. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Whilst I was hiding, I could see and hear that the mob was made up of young boys. They were no older than teenagers and yet you could see the hatred clearly on their faces. I knew then that I had to try and do something to make a difference. These boys had not been given a chance at life.â&#x20AC;? Michael founded Nigeriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Peace Initiative Network and is incorporating skills learned at Camp 08 to engage 14- to 18-year-olds from 50 ethnic backgrounds. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all about how peace education and sport can now play a major role in what we are trying to do in Nigeria.â&#x20AC;?



Dombrowsky, MPP Prince Edwardâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Hastings

Celebrate all that Prince communications inc. Edward County has to offer

# / 5 . 4 29 ' ! 2 $ % . 3


Constituency Office: Picton: 206 Main Street, Unit 4A 613.476.9616, open Fridays 9:30-4:30 Belleville: 81 Millennium Pkwy, Unit 3 P.O.Box 575, Belleville ON, K8N 5B2

communications inc.

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qpxfsjoh!zpvs!csboeÂŚ SPRING 2009 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING 47

Camp Delegate Samuel Ahmed Tukpah of Liberia Samuel works with children who were abducted by rebels to become child soldiers. Their stories are horrific. “They have seen and done things no child should,” he said. Samuel is working to re-integrate child soldiers, now young men, into their community by having them build a sport centre, developing skills, such as carpentry, plumbing, and painting. When the centre is completed, these former child soldiers will become leaders in offering sport programs for children and youth. Working with leaders from the Middle East, surrounded by nations in conflict and yet committed to peace, gives me hope for a better future. Some of the conflicts are centuries old and to think we can resolve and build world peace is not realistic. However, if we work with children to build new attitudes of tolerance and respect – developing the next generation as a “generation for peace” – then we can make a difference.


Chef’s Service For the best in Audio/Video both inside and outside.





6 N. Front St. Belleville (613) 962-1333


Satisfied Soul

Have your own Rockfest.





Judy Kent is the Chair of Prince Edward County Arts Council and one of the artists at the Arts on Main Gallery in Picton. Judy is also Vice President of the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory. Since 1984, Judy has been the owner of an international consultancy, Kent Consulting.

County Wine, Beer & Cider Organic Fair Trade Coffee & Tea White Mountain Homemade Ice Cream



254 Main St., Bloomfield

Janet Craig Have a great meal cooked by your own Personal Chef!

Tel. 613.210.0250


2544,%"2/4(%23&52.)452% SINCE 1974 48 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING SPRING 2009

1 mile N. of WALMART on HWY 62, Bellville s 613-969-9263

Talking to Sick People I earn a living as a comic but most people don’t know I come from a medical family. My sister is a doctor. I am a hypochondriac. I like to diagnose my symptoms ahead of time. I Google my symptoms on because doctors are busy these days and I don’t want them to think I am needy.   Like most people, I don’t know what to say when people get sick. So I took the Hospice course a few years ago and this may sound like a strange thing to say but I loved it. We talked about all those things you don’t talk get to bring up in normal conversation.   By the end, I knew I wouldn’t ever volunteer to go into a hospital because of that candy-striper incident when I was a girl and the old guy who wanted me to sponge bath him! What I did decide to do was teach the communication component of the course for a couple of years. Based on that experience, I recently wrote, acted in and produced a video called “How to Talk to Sick People”.   Because of budget restraints, I had to play both the sick person and the well one. Yes, it’s me talking to myself. As you can see by the photo, I did look worse than in my yearbook photo.   This small teaching video took 80 hours to prep, 10 hours to shoot, and cost $11,400. PELA gave me a third and I raised $5,300 at a fundraiser recently. So, financially I am almost there. (Are you writing a cheque as you read?)   Once it is edited, I will make it available on the Web to any caregiver – professional or personal.    I still am not great with the medical end of things but I’ve learned most people just want you to listen to them. I learned two questions to ask yourself:  Did they ask for advice? Did they ask YOU?   (Oh yeah and don’t say “just go to the light …”.)   As well as being a comic, Ms. Kimmett has taught communication workshops with her company Wit With Wisdom and used these innovative ways to develop her teaching for Hospice. CBC Radio is taping the show ‘ONE FUNNY LADY’ at the Waring House, May 7th. Sponsorship donations for her video on “How to Talk to Sick People” can be made at




Residential and Commercial Doors 24 Hour Service



407 Farnham Road, 613.969.7991


122 Collings Street, 613.267.4842


Spring 2009 Event Listings

For further events visit the event calendar at Events are subject to change, please confirm event details with the organizer. Events may be submitted to April 1 - 18 Sinners By Norm Foster Belleville Theatre Guild, 613.967.1442

APRIL 17 - 19 Quinte West Home & Leisure Show Community Gardens, Trenton. 613.392.7635

April 21 The Barber of Seville Performed by the Quebec Opera young singers. Empire Theatre, Belleville 613.962.1232

April 11 Giant Easter Egg Hunt & Eggstravaganza West Zwicks Park & Market Square Belleville

APRIL 18 Spring Funfest In Support of the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation Presented by the Knights of Columbus. Dinner, Silent & Live Auction, Door prizes. Tickets $25 pp. Knight of Columbus Hall, Trenton. 613.392.2310

April 22 Love Letters Maranatha Church, Main Theatre, 100 College St. W. Belleville 613.969.7400 ex 2297

Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory Banding station opens for Spring Migration April 11 -12 & 18 - 19 Rotary Waterfalls Tour in Prince Edward County For locations Picton Rotary Club April 16 – 18 Oleanna Quinte Actors Theatre. The Ritchie Room, Capers Restaurant, Belleville 613.962.1232

April 19 Earthday At Earthwalk An Eco celebration with workshops, art, music and fun in support of Earthwalk Eco Education Center programs. Free admission, donations appreciated.  247 County Rd #25, north of the Colborne exit from the 401. 9am to 5pm.  905355-3000 Spring Jazz Series Joe Sealy, piano and George Koller, bass $15.00 cover charge. The Waring House, Picton 613.476.7492

Sweet Dreams A tribute to Patsy Cline. Stirling Festival Theatre 613.395.2100


The Picton Purdy Party Readings of Al Purdy’s poetry, sharing of stories, memorabilia. Silent auction. Refreshments served, free admission, donations appreciated 2 – 4 pm Books & Company, Picton

42nd Anniversary Mariners Gala Dinner Waring House, Picton. Tickets $75 613.476.1159 April 26 Midsummer Night’s Dream Presented by The Quinte Opera Guild. Recreation Centre, 116 Pinnacle St. Belleville. Tickets 613.771.1564 or 613.395.2398 Opening Reception – Otto Donald Rogers 2 – 6 pm Show runs April 24 – May 26 Oeno Gallery

April 24 Jamie Stever Band The Regent Theatre, Picton 613.476.8416 ext. 28

May 27 – June 13 A Little Night Music Belleville Theatre Guild, 613.967.1442

April 26 Tri-County Food Network Concert Fundraiser Featuring Anita Halfpenny and John Rollins Centennial School, Belleville

April 29 Puttin’ On The Ritz The Grand Salon Orchestra. Stirling Festival Theatre 613.395.2100 May 1 – 3 Prince Edward County Antique Spring Show & Sale Crystal Palace, Picton. 613.966.3937

April 24 - 26 The Lily Sisters, Renegade Rum Runners County history comes alive in this new musical, Mt. Tabor Playhouse, Milford, Prince Edward County 613.476.6143

April 17 - 18 A Bench And A Few Good Chairs The County Garden Show in support of the Lambs for Children program. The Crystal Palace, 375 Main Street, Picton. Daily Admission $10 April 17 - 19, 23 - 26, 30 Over the River and Through the Woods Brighton Barn Theatre, 96 Young St. Brighton

April 23 Keep the Faith A fundraising concert for the Guild held at Pinnacle Playhouse 613.967.1442

613.476.8091 Crystal Palace, Picton

The Command Performance Choir Art of the Heart. The Regent Theatre, Picton 613.476.8416 ext. 28 April 25 Picton Rotary Wine Festival Dinner Top chefs work in tandem to prepare a gourmet 5 course dinner with local wine pairings. Silent and live auctions. Tickets $140

May 2 Invisible Ribbon Gala Gourmet Wine, Dinner and Auction. National Air Force Museum of Canada, Trenton. Tickets $75 613.965.3575 Enchantment at Sea Albert College presents Mystery Aboard the HMS Albert Tickets $100 613.968.5726

Justin Hines in Concert In support of Pathways to Independence, Maranatha Church, Belleville, Tickets $25.00 613.963.2541 ext. 260 Hotel California Stirling Festival Theatre 613.395.2100 MAY 2 - 3

by Northumberland Artists. Hors d’ouvres and cash bar tickets $20.00. 905.372.8315 ext 244 or

The Abrams Brothers Concert opening, Trinity with Jeanette Arseneau and Tony Silvestri. Presented by QEMA. The Regent Theatre, Picton 613.476.8416 ext. 28 May 8 - 9, 15 -16 How the Other Half Lives Prince Edward Community Theatre. Picton Town Hall. Tickets $12.50. 613.476.5925

Walleye World Live Release Fishing Weekend Kiwanis 29th Annual Walleye World Live Release Fishing Derby on the Bay of Quinte. Headquarters-Centennial Park, Trenton. 613.392.7635 Napanee Spring Craft Show Train Station – John Street, Napanee May 4 - 8 The Quinte Rotary Music Festival A week-long, professionally adjudicated competition taking place at the following churches: St. Matthews, Bridge Street, Parkdale and Salvation Army. Everyone welcome 613.968.7781 May 8 Conference on the Arts Gala reception at Northumberland Heights, Grafton. Images of work

May 9 - 18 Prince Edward County Birding Festival Guided hikes daily at 8:00 a.m., Banding demonstrations: May 09-10 & May 16-17, Terry Sprague 613.848.4549 May 10, 2009 Mother’s Day Spring Celebrations Sandbanks Provincial Park. Join in the annual celebration of wildflowers, birds and other signs of spring. Guided walks, refreshments, Visitor Centre and Nature Shoppe. 613-393-3319 May 11 Quinte Rotary Music Festival Silver Trophy Competition held in the evening at Bridge Street United Church. Public welcome. 613.968.7781

May 12 – 14 Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers Stirling Festival Theatre 613.395.2100

May 22 Under Milk Wood Dylan Thomas. Presented by Theatre Bayside.The Regent Theatre, Picton 613.476.8416

May 13 The Buds of May Dinner Napanee District Community Foundation held at the Napanee Golf & Country Club. Music by the Ragtime Kid. 613.354.7333

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Stirling Festival Theatre 613.395.2100

MAY 15 - 17 Frankford Riverfest Carnival rides and fireworks. 613.398.6200

May 22 – 24 May 16 TERROIR Prince Edward County’s Wine Celebration. Crystal Palace, Picton May 16 – 18 Gathering of Friends Welcome Weekend at Ameliasburgh Historical Museum. United Empire Loyalist reenactment. Living the Loyalist lifestyle in canvas tents. 517 County Rd. 19. Adults $4, children $2. 613.393.2796 or 613.968.9678. May 17 The Sadies Juno Award Winning group. Fields on West Lake 15786 Loyalist Parkway (east of Wellington) 613-399-1414 May 20 Quinte Rotary Music Festival Concert of the Stars. Albert College. 613.968.7711


Sales Consultant 613-968-4538 ext. 105

48 Millenium Parkway, Belleville, ON, K8N 4Z5

Brighton Parade of Homes Tour beautifully decorated model homes in this showcase event May 23 The Elvis & Buddy Show The day the music died The Regent Theatre, Picton 613.476.8416 ext. 28 May 23 & 24 Lilac Festival/Tea With The Queen Macaulay Heritage Park, 35 Church Street, Picton, Free admission to Festival/ $10 pp for tea. 613-476-3833 1"354t"$$&4403*&4t4&37*$&t3&/5"-4


A Proud County Resident Peter Fisk

May 22 - May 23 Prince Edward County Authors Festival Books & Company, 289 Main Street, Picton 613-476-3037

Vacation Rental Agency 1-866-576-5993

* * * *

Choose from over 50 rentals Luxurious, rustic, pet-friendly Major credit cards accepted Friendly & knowledgeable staff


613.476.1913 TOLL FREE 1 800 301 3981 SPRING 2009 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING 51

May 23 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; June 6 Lies and Legends: The Musial Stories of Harry Chapin Presented by Lennox Theatre. The Village Theatre â&#x20AC;&#x201C; County Rd. 11, Selby. 613.354.3346 May 27 The Dofasco Male Chorus Stirling Festival Theatre 613.395.2100 May 28 The 5th Annual Play a round for the Kids Golf Tournament Trillium Wood Golf Course, $125 early bird, $150 after April 30th. 613.242.9253

June 6 Wingfieldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Inferno By Dan Needles. The Regent Theatre, Picton 613.476.8416 ext. 28 June 6 Tour of Homes Napanee and surrounding area. An impressive collection of four historic homes and three newer homes 613-354-6668

MAY 30 - 31 & June 6 - 7 Oak Hills Studio Tour Tour several studios within the scenic Oaks Hills of Quinte West. 613.395.5959 June 3 - 6 Elvis â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Concert Series! Stirling Festival Theatre 613.395.2100 June 5 - 7 West Lake Bluegrass Celebration 3 day Bluegrass Festival. Fields on West Lake, Wellington 519.496.0397

June 12 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 14 Greater Napanee Summerfest with Steve Wingfield Evangelestic outreach festival celebrating with music, song and childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s activities. 613.354.8699 Milford â&#x20AC;&#x201C; PEC Cycling Weekend Omnium Stage races for OCA competitive cyclists Sat. & Sun. Kiwanis sponsored Cribbage ride for everyone midday Sat.. Milford and Picton. 416.252.7903

June 11 Opening reception â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Artist Brian Lorimer 6 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8pm Show runs June 12 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; July 19. Gallery ArtPlus, Belleville 613.961.1977

by Marianne

613- 4 71-1016 â&#x20AC;˘ garden parties â&#x20AC;˘ grand openings â&#x20AC;˘ fall fairs â&#x20AC;˘ street events

â&#x20AC;˘ family reunions â&#x20AC;˘ outdoor weddings â&#x20AC;˘ farmer's markets

613.771.0075 52 COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING SPRING 2009

June 13


Art Among the Ruins Outdoor art show set among picturesque ruins of a 19th century mill beside rapids of Napanee River. 27 Earl Street Newburgh. 613.378.2225 June 14 Art on the Fence Ameliasburgh Historical Museum 517 County Road 19, Ameliasburgh 10am - 4:30pm $2 admission 613-968-9678 JUNE 18 - 21

Fiddlers on the Trent Music fills the canalway. Frankford Tourist Park June 19 - July 5 Art In The County Old Town Hall, King St., Picton 10am - 5pm  June 19 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 21 Stirling Truck Show

June 7 200th White Chapel Annual Service. White Chapel Rd. Picton 613.476.3068

Photography We play at :

225th Anniversary Celebrations â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Loyalist Landing Strathcona Paper Centre â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Napanee The Audition The Regent Theatre, Picton 613.476.8416 ext. 28

June 6 - 7

May 30 Opening Reception â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Ben Woolfitt 3â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7 pm Show runs May 29 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; June 23 Oeno Gallery

June 11 - 14 Loyalist Settlement Experience 225th Anniversary Re-enactments, Fife & Drum band, Herkimer Batteauxs doing battle offshore. UEL Heritage Centre & Park, Adolphustown 613-373-2196

Gardenerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gala Prince Edward Curling Rink, Picton 10am -3pm Flower Show, Ikebana Exhibition, Plant Auction by Master Gardeners Guest Speaker, Dennis Winters of Tales of the Earth

June 20 The Piano Men Songs of Billy Joel and Elton John starring John Ritter The Regent Theatre, Picton 613.476.8416

Let Us Simplify Your Project The Canadian

How-To People

'JOBODJOHt3FOPWBUJPO&YQFSUTt*OTUBMMBUJPO Make Your Dreams Come True with a New Kitchen, Bathroom, Deck or Garage! Nowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the time TOP QUALITY t Lumber, Hardware to do it.

Paint & Tools WE INSTALL t Flooring, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Windows and much, much more!

"4,5)&&91&354 8&$"/)&-1

Get up to



in RONA gift cards* on your eligible home renovation purchases over $1,000 (before taxes).

Call for Details.


5th Annual Multicultural Festival Music, song, dance and food celebration of Canada’s multiculturalism. Conservation Park – Victoria St. Napanee

July 4 – 5

Prinzen Ford Sales 50 Main Street, Bloomfield 613.393.3318

Donnybrook Auction Sale 9 auctioneers, simultaneously auctioning donated goods Warkworth Arena June 25 Phedre The Regent Theatre, Picton 613.476.8416 June 27 Mill Fest A benefit in aid of Children of Fallen Soldiers. Fun outdoor heritage family activities during the day, dinner & concert indoors at night, at historic Stockdale Mill Grist Mill, 1914 Stockdale Rd., 10 km. north of Trenton 613.398.6356 Opening Reception – Andrew Lui 3 – 7 Show runs June 26 – July 21 Oeno Gallery June 28     Drums and Other Spirits Concert Black Walnut Gardens, 1695 County Rd. 17 613.476.8849 July 1

8 Wing CFB Trenton Armed Forces Anniversary Weekend A weekend packed with entertainment for the whole family. Air show, interactive displays. Free admission. July 9 – 12 Belleville Waterfront & Ethnic Festival West Zwicks Park. Free admission July 9 - July 25 Ship of Fire Mt. Tabor Playhouse, Milford. Wed to Sat at 8pm, matinees Wed & Sat. 2pm, 15th, 18th, 22nd and 25th, 1.866.584.1991

“Your County Ford Dealer for 25 years”

July 11 Mariners Museum Fish Fry A rollicking good evening of dinner, music and silent auction. Tickets $20 Mariners Park Museum, Prince Edward County 613.476.8392 July 17

Built for vineyard and orchard work. 5th Annual Canada Day Buddha Dog Eating Contest Enter a team for an hour of hotdog eating fun. Picton Bath Artisans Canada Day Art Exhibition & Sale St. John’s Church 613.353.1188

Narrow enough to work between the vines and low enough to get you under the tree branches. These narrow and compact tractors offer exceptional maneuverability and power.

Rotary Loves Kids Kids and adults golf at 3 local clubs. Dinner and dancing to follow as part of Riverfire at Belleville Market Square.

Picton Tel. (613) 476-6597 Fax (613) 476-1594

M6040/M7040 M8540 Narrow s Compact and narrow construction s Center-direct injection engine (E-CDIS) s F8/R8 transmission and 4-wheel brakes s Bevel gear front-wheel drive with Bi-Speed turn s M6040/M7040/M8540 available in ROPS models s M7040/M8540 available with factory cab s M8540 also available with rear tracks

Bellville Tel. (613) 969-6246 Fax (613) 969-1653


Answers come from within. I’ll help you find them.

“Caring for the County’s Trees”

Advertisers Directory

County Arborists

Anderson Equipment Sales Angeline’s Restaurant, Inn & Spa

Tarot readings for insight and inspiration 613-352-9910

SPECIALIZING IN: Proper Tree Pruning Custom Sawmilling Brush Chipping Stump Grinding Tree Planting Removals

Tom Mikel, ISA Certified Arborist 613.969.6788

Onstage at

Brighton Barn Theatre April 17-May 2

Over the River and Through the Woods

A comedy by Joe diPietro

July 3-18 The New Northumberland Calling Normandy

A musical tribute to Canada’s triumphal breakthrough at Juno Beach in 1944

Sep 25-Oct 10

When the Reaper Calls

Consultation includes creating a budget, providing vendor referrals, and organizing an event plan for your big day. Design services may range from creating a unique invitation to orchestrating your entire County wedding.

A comedy/thriller By Peter Colley

Tickets $15 Box Office open 1 - 5 p.m. Mon - Fri 96 Young St, Brighton (613) 475-2144



Link direct to advertisers at 53 39

Barcovan Golf Club Barrel Organ Grinder Bathworks BeautyWorks Day Spa Belleville Downtown Business Association Best Western Belleville Body Synergy Brauer Homes/Young Cove Brighton Barn Theatre Brighton Parade of Homes Buddha Dog

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54 9 47 6 54 48 51 54

Debra Tosh Re/Max Quinte Ltd. Brokerage 35 Earl & Angelo’s Earthwalk Elizabeth Crombie – Royal Lepage Pro Alliance Realty Engine Communications

29 49 46 47

Fairview Farm Family Dental Centre Farmgate Gardens Fireplace Specialties

9 7 25 28

Gallery ArtPlus/Revue Garage Door Company Hastings Home Improvement Hickory Homes Hilden Homes

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Ideal Bike Imacs Renovation Company

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J.J. The Golf Guy Kaitlin Group Kate Redmond Design Knudsen Brady Vaughan CIBC Wood Gundy


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L’Auberge de France 38 Leona Dombrowsky MPP 47 Lockyer’s Country Gardens 47 Lorne Park Nurseries ltd. 9 Maritime Lobster Express 45 Marjorie Matthews, CFP, RFP Investors Group 29 Master Bedroom 39 McDougall Insurance 20 Mennonite Furniture Collection 48 Mindful Movements 44 M-R Cigar & Chocolate 15 Northumberland Hearing Centres 35 Paul Gentile – Century 21 Lanthorn R.E. 29 Peter Fisk – Belleville Toyota 51 Photography by Marianne 52 Picton Golf and Country Club 30 Pinnacle Music Studios 14 Plumbing Plus 20 Primer Educational Seminars 31 Prince Edward County Arts Council 23 Prinzen Ford Sales 53 R.W. Baldwin Construction & Fencing 44 Ramada Inn on the Bay 43 Red Ball Radio 48 Red Tail Winery 9 Regent Theatre Foundation 23 Rett Wills 31 Rona 52 Sandbanks Vacations 45 ScotiaMcleod 43 Scout Design 26 Shaw’s Furniture & Appliances 15 St. Lawrence Pools 3 Stockdale Mill 43 Supportive Soles 4 Susan’s Just Because 21 Terra Vista Landscape 30 The County Fireplace Company 40 The Eckhart House 28 The Edith Fox Life & Loss Centre 15 The Satisfied Soul 48 Waring House Gourmet 21 Waring House Restaurant 21


Parade of



MAY 2224 • 11am - 5pm

This spring, don’t miss this showcase event and your chance to win valuable prizes JUST FOR ATTENDING!!

Check out the web site for details or once to Brighton, simply follow the signs.

Quality Without Compromise

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New Homes with Personalized Design

R O S S LY N E S TAT E S of Brighton Nature’s Wonders at your Doorstep

Picturesque Rural Setting

Serving Quinte with the Highest Quality since 1956

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County and Quinte Living Spring 2009  

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