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1785 O’Hara House

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1785 O’Hara Home


Betty O’Hara went through most of her adult life living in a grand historic home in Prattsville, New York. The house reflected the history of the village and the growth of the community. However, in August of 2008 life in the village and life in the grand old home would change forever. Hurricane Irene swept through this region of New York State leaving in its’ wake devastation and destruction that would change much of the village. It would be the determination of family and friends that would sustain and restore this historic beauty to a new era and into the 21st. century. The O’Hara home is located just the other side of this bridge leading into the village.

With the help of workers local and from out of state, as well as family, the restoration was completed. Pictured upper left: Daughters Erin and Ann! with their mother Betty.

The Main entrance from the front porch opens into this beautifully restored center hallway. Many of the original art and antique furnishings were destroyed in the flood but the newly decorated home reflects the same sense of a 1785 home in Prattsville and some of the original art and furnishings were saved.! Throughout the house furnishings combine old and new creating a very warm and natural decor.

A new kitchen with modern appliances and cupboards has given the home a cozy new place for a cup of tea or morning breakfast.

Arched doorways were added during the restoration ! creating elegance and a new modern charm to the home.

The past is reflected in every room.

Staring up at a younger version Betty remembers her home and is happy to have it back.

The flood changed the Village of Prattsville forever. Many of the homes were washed away or simply could not be restored. As you can see from the photographs the O’Hara home was restored and in many ways Betty says the restoration has made the old historic house even better and it will be around for many more years.!

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O'hara home