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Mike Thompson, left, and Paul Croft co-manage the Sarnia office of Rally Engineering.



The first step is knowing what kind of business is right for a firm like Rally Engineering 16 • LAMBTON SHIELD MARCH/APRIL 2019


t’s clear from speaking with Mike Thompson and Paul Croft that it was the structure of a business plan that they presented to the senior management team at Rally Engineering, headquartered in Edmonton, that has been formational in the success of the Sarnia office the pair co-lead. That plan, which took shape with the opening in late 2016, remains key to Rally’s future success, say Thompson, the business development lead, and Croft, who serves as senior project manager. In the case of Croft, he’s seen a career that included working for smaller engineering firms, then a much larger one, where he eventually worked on what he calls a “mega-project,” the type of work he now says he’ll avoid at all costs. “It’s like pushing a boulder up hill,” says Croft. “The minute you take your foot off the gas, it rolls you over. There isn’t a lot of satisfaction involved in getting things back on track.” Thompson, whose career has included various stints at engineering firms, mostly in the business development role he now has at Rally, reconnected with Croft at a firm they both worked for before setting their sights on what a local Rally office could bring the larger organization, which also has offices in Calgary and St. John, New Brunswick, in addition to Edmonton.

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Lambton Shield - March/April 2019  

Lambton Shield - March/April 2019