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peek into this fall and winter season reveals collections that are unique and fashion forward, yet maintain a perfect balance between style and comfort. Focused around luxurious, rich fabrics and vibrant hues, this season’s trends still retain their sense of fun, colour and self-assuredness. Jackets hold the fashion spotlight, from classic suits, Jacquards or velvets to bomber and denim styles. Selecting a piece that reflects your taste shouldn’t be a difficult task this year since the pattern and colour choices are endless. As a new and upcoming trend in the high-end fashion industry, the Jacquard coat offers a stylishly bold uplifted design on a soft stretch knit. These Jacquard coats transition well from season to season: they can be enjoyed as a light jacket in the fall and early spring or as an extra, cozy layer for warmth during our cold Canadian winters. Fall is a great time to showcase the Canadian tuxedo, so be ready to wear denim from your head to your snazzy boots. From embroidered jeans to sweaters and tunics, denim is a perfect fabric for women of all shapes, and sizes. You’ll see accents of Marigold and Gloxinia flowers adorning jeans with the accompaniment of sequin jewels and distressed rips, a great fit for any occasion. Cozy cable knit sweaters and tunics are a standout addition to jeans and leggings since their rich feel and appearance never go out of style. Bold, dark and romantic floral patterns and vintage plaid patterns are also a mainstay for this fashion season. And continuing strong this fall is the layered look: think turtle necks almost hidden underneath a long blouse topped off with a funky poncho or shrug. Don’t be afraid to mix and match florals, plaids or edgy accents of leather and fringe. When it comes to your fashion sense and trends, it really is “anything goes” this year. Clothing featured by Orange Fashion Village


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nce Experience Christmas ExperieClasses

Christmas s Classe

at Van Belle‘s

At Van Belle Flowers IN COURTICE

Christmas With My Friends

Grinch Christmas Tree Arrangement Class

Thursday, November 2 Hours: 6 – 9 pm

Saturday, November 18 Class Time: 1 pm RSVP Cost: $60.00 plus taxes

See page 5 for more information.

Christmas Open House

Have some fun for the Holidays and design a whimsical Grinch Christmas Tree which is a great conversation display.

Friday, November 10 Hours: 9 am – 9 pm

See page 5 for more information.

Festive Outdoor Foliage Urn Class Wednesday or Thursday or Friday November 15 or 16 or 17 Class Time: 6:30 pm RSVP Cost: $50.00 plus taxes Create a festive outdoor foliage planter with assorted foliage greens, berries and accents.

Stunning Pillar Centrepiece Class

Welcome Holiday Planter Class

Thursday, November 16 Class Time: 6:30 pm RSVP Cost: $100.00 plus taxes Design a long lasting centrepiece with 3 pillar candles, assorted holiday greens and accents.

Holiday Wreath Decorating Class Friday, November 17 Class Time: 6:30 pm RSVP Cost: $55.00 plus taxes Create the most exquisite outdoor Christmas wreath, which you can design to match your holiday décor. 6 • VAN BELLE FLOWERS - 800-263-8008 - VANBELLEFLOWERS.COM

Wednesday, November 22 Class Time: 6:30 pm Cost: $70.00 plus taxes Welcome your guests with a beautifully decorated planter that can be used for all the seasons.

Deluxe Holiday Hanging Basket Class Wednesday, November 22 Class Time: 6:30 pm Cost: $60.00 plus taxes Create a hanging basket of holiday foliage, velvet ribbons and pine cones, which can be used to decorate the outside of your home.

Bird Lovers Outdoor Urn Class

Wooden Holiday Sled Class Saturday, November 25 Class Time: 1:00 pm Cost: $65.00 plus taxes

Thursday, November 23 Class Time: 6:30 pm Cost: $90.00 plus taxes

A wooden sled is adorned with Christmas greens, festive accents and ribbon.

A bird nesting on a feeder, and holiday accents make this one a popular class.

Winter Wire Hanging Basket Thursday, November 23 Class Time: 6:30 pm Cost: $90.00 plus taxes

Modern Succulent Holiday Arrangement

An elegant hanger is filled with winter greens, berries and Christmas accents.

Birch & Pinecone Foliage Urn Class Friday, November 24 Class Time: 6:30 pm Cost: $125.00 plus taxes

Saturday, December 2 Class Time: 1 pm Cost: $75.00 plus taxes White pillar candles, succulents, pinecones and holiday greens create this contemporary design.

Holiday Inspiration Classes

Birch poles, designer foliage and large pine cones make this urn a statement piece at your front door.

Christmas Centrepiece Class Friday, November 24 Class Time: 6:30 pm Cost: $50.00 plus taxes Long lasting holiday foliage, berries and taper candles make this a wonderful centrepiece for the holidays.

Van Belle’s would be honoured to facilitate a “private event” for groups of 15 or more. Customizable to suit your style, time frame and budget. We would be thrilled to accommodate your party at our Courtice location.


SIGN UP ONLINE! OR CALL: Van Belle Flowers – Courtice Location 905-623-4441 or 1-800-263-8008 All classes are approximately 60 – 90 minutes. Class sizes are limited, so call & register early.

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special moments

flowers for all occasions


Easy Peasy Holiday Entertaining... With a simple-to-arrange charcuterie board Pick a cheese board

Some salty things

Condiments to accent

Add some cheese! Soft, hard and crumbly, different strengths, and different colours and shapes

Add some lovely crackers

The finishing touches

Fill the spaces

Add a little sweet

For complete article and step by step directions, please go to: HOLIDAY 2017 • 9





ecorating brings the spirit of the holiday season alive. Adding decorative touches to the interior and exterior of your home creates an ambiance of cheerfulness and merriment and brings together family and friends. Traditionally, decorating starts with the tree which then sets the tone for the rest of the home. The character of the decorated tree is established either by theme or colour and is instrumental in shaping your overall design. Ask yourself: Are you creating a design with a classic, traditional or formal look? How about a whimsical or character-focused tree? Which style suits you the best? It may be possible that one design compliments one area of the home, while another room takes on a totally different feel. In a more formal area like the living room, you may feature coordinating decorations while using themed ornaments and more rustic accents in the family room. You can use colour to tie rooms together and lend visual harmony. Choose a focal colour to be the unifying factor, and then accent with secondary colours. Reds can be complemented with golds and silvers, and whites look wonderful accented with copper and rust tones. How about lavenders with a hint of blue? The potential colour combinations are endless, and can look even more striking when a third accent colour is added. For example, a dominant red can be paired with frosted white and a splash of silver or even lime green. 10

This year in colour trends, red continues to hold sway since it is a stable, traditional colour reminiscent of Christmas past and childhood memories. Coming up strong are blues and lavenders blending into purples. Also showing this year are hues of copper, rust and amber since these colours work well with natural themes. Textures such as plaids, woods, florals and foliage are also evident. Silk flowers enter back into the scene with floral poinsettias and magnolias in rich red and burgundy tones. Enticing blues and lavenders will take centre stage complementary to decorative ornaments. The influence of succulents carries through to holiday decor, seen as accents in winter arrangements and decorative touches.

CHRISTMAS TREES It is easiest to approach decorating your tree by working in layers. Start with the lighting, which can be obtained by either using a pre-lit artificial tree or placing lights on your freshly cut evergreen.

Trending this year are various styles of LED micro lights, in various shades of white or multiple colours, with multi-function settings. When calculating how many to use, bank on using at least 100 lights per foot height of your tree. Ribbons should be your next step, and can be hung in either a vertical or horizontal application. As a wavy dramatic overlay, they bring a visually appealing flow to the tree, or can be hung vertically to give the illusion of added height.

fancy an extra little touch for the room. A pleasing arrangement can be formed with sprigs of artificial greenery blended with glossy berries and accented with a favourite coloured flower. Place it on a crystal platter with glossy Christmas ball ornaments on it and “voila,” your creation is complete.


Next, add silk flowers and holiday picks to create texture. Place silks such as poinsettias, magnolias and boughs evenly throughout the tree. If the tree is visible from all sides, generally 12-14 pieces work well for coverage; adjust to 6-8 if your tree is placed in the corner of your room. If you are coordinating the top of the tree, 3-5 pieces may be paired with a traditional angel or Christmas star. Boost the effect by layering your poinsettias or florals with a silk spray of pine, leaf or berries. Silks have flexible wiring from flower to stem which can be adjusted to create graceful curves. Adding ornaments is the final step. Place collections of past treasures and newly found gems gently on the tree. Family room trees can be home to whimsical collectibles that have been carefully selected through the years while more formal areas such as living rooms call for an elegant theme.


Decorating bannisters and newel posts can be a favourite part of the process. Key your colours off the closest tree and bring some of those thematic elements to the bannister. Tie gentle curves of garlands to the railings as a focal point for garnishing. Just imagine large red poinsettias with sprigs of cherry red berries paired with bow accents complementary in colour. Envision ice blue poinsettias with flowing silver-white ribbon mimicking the swoop of a mixed cedar garland, or even snowy white flocked garlands adorned with crisp white snowflake ornaments and dangling clear crystal icicles. There is an abundance of creative recipes and ideas to draw from. As a finishing touch, dress up sideboards and centrepieces for your table. Florals and silks are useful if you

Greet guests with a beautifully accented wreath set in the colour tone of your decorating style. Its welcoming effect announces your colour scheme as they enter the home. Weave twists and loops of ribbon through the circle of greenery if you like, or as an alternative use a glorious bow of ribbon with tails for a simple, elegant finish. Perhaps a bright red cardinal nestled in a twig nest could become the accenting focus touch. One element of holiday decoration still requires mention: Lighting. With reduced daylight hours, real candles as well as LED or battery operated alternatives create dramatic effect. There are many types of lighting available, from tabletop pieces to lit ornaments that draw your eye to the Christmas tree. Let your adventure into decorating begin. Decorating your home’s interior creates a festive atmosphere to be enjoyed by all who visit throughout the holiday season. HOLIDAY 2017 • 11

hostess, as you would give a different gift to a close friend than your boss. You might consider a couples gift or something the whole family can enjoy. When arriving at the party, remember to be discrete when you present it as not everyone will have brought one. When giving flowers, ensure that they are arranged in a vase or mason jar so as not to make additional work for your host. Better yet, a potted plant or arrangement that is delivered the day before the party gives the host time to incorporate it into their decor. Since your host is busy preparing, don’t expect them to open your present right away. Bring a gift that can be set aside for another time, which you can mention when you give the gift. Say something like “Enjoy this after we all go home,” or “This is just for you so hide it for later.” Another great idea is to bring something that can be used at future gatherings like tidbit plates, designer napkins and candles, fancy cheese knives and spreaders, coasters, or scented hot pads.


Hostess Gifts For the Holidays By Dianne Visser

Seasonal hosts gifts that will get you invited back again and again.


love this time of year. It is the season of giving, and a holiday party is the perfect occasion to say “thank you” to your host by bringing a unique gift.

Those who give the best gifts do a little research into the traits and likes of the recipient as well as reflecting on the tone and nature of the party. Keep in mind your relationship to the 12

Kitchen gifts are a wonderful idea as most hosts appreciate and enjoy items that can be used every day, such as bamboo cutting boards, oven mitts filled with utensils, bamboo spoons or whimsical tea towels. If you know the host well enough you could pamper them with more personal items like bath bombs, face masks and specialty soaps. For your friends with a green thumb, rosemary trees, amaryllis, paperwhites or orchids go well with any decor. Tasty treats could include local honey, maple syrup, baked goods, some truly awesome hot sauces, specialty olive oils, and particularly balsamic vinegars and flavoured salts since a little of these goes a long way. I am a chocoholic and therefore I cannot call this list complete without suggesting some excellent quality chocolate. I would rather have one or two pieces of good chocolate than a whole box of the less expensive stuff. If you are going to bring wine, try to find something

exceptional and then add a cute wine stopper, bottle opener, set of stainless steel wine glasses, wine charms or themed Christmas ornaments. Overnight stays call for a larger gift than a casual dinner, as your host will have sheets and towels to wash and a few more meals to prepare. I like the element of surprise and usually leave presents such as Christmas pillows, lavender sachets or a basket filled with teas and tea accessories in the guest room for the host to find after I have gone home. Running late or forget to pick up a gift? Write a nice thank you note and send or drop off the gift within seven days of the event. Don’t be offended if you don’t see your gift on display or served the next time you visit. Remember, it is a thank you to your hosts and not about you. Lastly, don’t forget to offer to help with the dishes but don’t push as some people like to decompress on their own after their event. My advice to the host is to enjoy the occasion and the people, don’t expect gifts, and receive each present graciously and thankfully.

Happy holidays!

HOLIDAY 2017 • 13


Them Up By Will Heeman


hristmas urns, those bunches of potted green boughs adorned with shiny red balls, are a beloved sign that Christmas is approaching, festive displays ready to greet the holiday celebrations. Think of most urns you might see on porches (maybe yours!) during this time of year and this image might come to mind: cut pine or cedar greens, arranged in a pot and adorned with shiny red or gold ornaments. It’s all wrapped in burlap, festooned with a reindeer or snowman, topped off with a red bow and looks fantastic!


It’s hard to top the classic Christmas urn, but if you’re after a unique look this year, winterscaping is a bold new way to aproach your seasonal decorating. Traditionalists and innovators alike can take some fairly simple steps to add pizzazz to the porch. Here are some ideas for what’s hot and interesting in urns:


Use evergreens as anchors of the piece, but feature other natural elements. The idea here is to present a diverse arrangement that showcases natural diversity. Try adding some “upscale green” such as magnolia, seeded eucalyptus, or oregonia. The combination of different textures and shapes adds natural contrast that can turn an ordinary arrangement into something extraordinary.


Think natural! Add brown pine cones or lotus pods, which will bring new shaping to the piece and add interest. For a bit of “pop,” introduce metallic accents like pine cone picks in frosted silver or burgundy. Champagne, silver and copper-coloured pieces will add timeless beauty to any piece.

The essence of winterscaping is to create something of timeless beauty, something that provides months of value and enjoyment.

Lime green and purple are also interesting enough to draw the eye. If you want to showcase the whimsical side of your personality, you can even add some hot pink. Don’t be afraid to test-drive some unconventional colour choices — it’s still going to be a powerful presentation, it’s just not going to scream “Christmas” when you’re into February.



You’ll be surprised by how effective wood ornaments, either unpainted or in a soft whitewash, can be if used sparingly and strategically. Pop in some classy whites or copper-coloured accents. Yes, reindeer are the animals of the season, but try moose instead. Small toboggans, skis and snowflake patterns all say “welcome, winter” and can inject a jaunty flair.


Containers come in a myriad of sizes and shapes so you’ll want to make sure yours is well in proportion with what’s inside and atop it. If you have an urn you love, continue to love it. But if its original black has faded to grey, give it new life with a coat of spray paint. Consider classic black, red or burgundy. You can also try urns of different sizes and shapes, made into an attractive set by using the same colour for all.


Even with your best efforts to replicate the beautiful arrangement you see in your mind’s eye, reality can sometimes fall short… literally short. You have beautiful greenery, some lovely accents and colours and there’s just some “wow” factor you’re missing. Chances are, you’ve been focusing on what’s in the urn rather than what’s above and around it. Instead, envision a fully three-dimensional urn, a piece with height, depth and breadth that can elevate ordinary to extraordinary. Often, the missing element is as simple as bringing in some height with vertical sticks of white birch – always a lovely, classic look – and adding a graceful flaring of Western red cedar that cascades downwards. It’s a simple step but one that can elevate an ordinary urn to an extraordinary one. Remember to add lots of water to your urn display until it is completely frozen, as this helps keep the greenery lush throughout the holiday season.

We suggest people envision a “filler,” a “spiller” and a “thriller” as they design their urns.

Many of the items used in these Christmas Containers are provided by Second Nature. Available at select Garden Centres.

Winter urn arrangements can be one of the most strikingly beautiful ways to make your home a welcoming place. With the right materials, a bit of guidance and some imagination, they can add months of colour, class and a real spark of joy to our homes. HOLIDAY 2017 • 15

HOLIDAY GIFTS WE To keep us warm...

Cozy Hat, Scarf & Mitt Set


Fashionable and functional, a great stocking stuffer.

Boot Socks that are Fashionable AND Warm A variety of colours and styles to choose from.

Royal Stewart Tartan Wool Blanket

Adding that touch of Sparkle and Glam...

A luxurious throw that is a festive accent to any room.

Crystal Angel and Mistletoe to Decorate Christmas Trees & Windows

Add a touch of sparkle to your tree.

Jolly Santa & His Flying Reindeer A statement piece, perfect for the mantel. 16

Swirling Acrylic Christmas Tree

Back by popular demand, this is a perfect holiday gift.

Making the Holidays Glow... Silver Acrylic 200mm Ball with Lights on Timer Perfect for your outdoor evergreen planters.


ITEMS SHOWN IN ARTICLE: Royal Stewart Tartan Wool Blanket - $84.99 Cozy Hat, Scarf & Mitt Set - $29.99 Boot Socks - Various sizes and prices. Crystal Angel - $17.99

Micro LED Lights in Warm White for Indoor & Outdoor Use To light up lanterns, wreaths, garlands and fresh arrangements.

Crystal Snowflake - $17.99 VAN BELLE FLOWER & CHRISTMAS STORE 1979 Highway 2, Bowmanville, L1C 3K7 905-623-4441 or 1-800-263-8008

Resin Santa - $89.99 Swirling Acrylic Christmas Tree - $54.99 Silver Acrylic Ball - $24.99 Micro LED Lights in Warm White for Indoor & Outdoor Use - Various sizes and prices.

Reg. $39.99

Reg. $59.99

Featured $29.99

Featured $49.99 Available at Van Belle Flowers & Christmas Store. While supplies last.

HOLIDAY 2017 • 17

Festive Holiday Plants FROM VAN BELLE FLOWERS

Custom designed and always beautiful, our holiday planters and flowering plants are always the perfect gift for the Holidays, for family, friends and business associates. Stop in and select your own plant display or let our floral designers create one for you. VAN BELLE DELIVERS DAILY THROUGHOUT THE GTA. FESTIVE POINSETTIA PLANTS


Price Ranges starting as low as $6.99 SHOWN: $40.00 in ceramic container



Price Range: $65.00, 85.00, 105.00


(Van Belle Specialty Item) VBXP-1730 Price Ranges: $40.00, 55.00, 70.00 & up



Price Ranges: $55.00, 75.00, 95.00 & up


HOLIDAY 2017 • 19

FRESH CHRISTMAS GREENS, WREATHS, & GARLANDS Van Belle’s has the best selection of fresh pre-made evergreen planters in all sizes, ready to be placed at your front door. We also have the best selection of fresh cut evergreen boughs such as BC Cedar, White Pine and Magnolia, Red Dogwood and Curly Willow Branches, birch

in all sizes and many holiday accessories, like ribbons, balls, and waterproof berries. Select from a matching wreath, garland, evergreen mantel piece or hanging basket. Customizing your planter is easy at Van Belle’s. Stop in and we will create a display to suit any style.

Van Belle’s Christmas Store 1-800-263-8008 View our Youtube Video on ‘How to Create the Perfect Christmas Urn’


HOLIDAY 2017 • 21



ith the holidays fast approaching, we love to decorate with beautiful bright poinsettias, seasonal cacti and tropical plants. However, it is easy to forget that some of the plants that adorn our homes throughout this festive season may not be the best choice for our pets. Although many plants and decorations will not injure pets in any way, there are some tropical plants that can be harmful to our furry family members. If putting the Amaryllis or Poinsettia on a high shelf or table is not an option, try these ideas for a stressfree, pet-friendly holiday season.

With its unique texture, small dark green needles and bright new growth, this staple houseplant is a great substitute for a cut Christmas tree! Keep away from drafts and decorate minimally for a great effect. Mini rice lights and small shiny red balls will provide a very elegant focal point. Don’t forget that this plant is also an excellent air purifier for your home.

Christmas Cactus A staple holiday plant!

Norfolk Island Pine A tropical Christmas idea!

With all the attention succulents have been receiving this past year, the Christmas or Easter cactus is a unique, easy-tocare-for succulent that thrives in bright light and dry air. It will brighten up any room with its rich green leaves and delicate red, pink or white flowers. You can also use it as a teaching tool for the kids, as the leaves are an easy propagation project for tiny hands. 22 • VAN BELLE FLOWERS - 800-263-8008 - VANBELLEFLOWERS.COM

Blue Echeveria Succulent A trendy plant alternative!

The staple succulent in most fairy gardens, the Blue Echeveria won’t hurt pets either. With fleshy blue-green leaves growing in a neat rosette pattern, you can safely plant and decorate a miniature garden to continue the holiday magic for even the tiniest of your family members. Try adding a touch of glitter sparkle or a soft spray of metallic paint to match your holiday decor.

Boston Fern

The tropical queen of texture! Boston ferns not only help purify the air in our homes, they are also non-toxic to our furry friends. With generous lime green fronds, a large Boston fern can be quite the statement piece in any home. Consider using a Boston fern in an indoor arrangement with some white or green Phalaenopsis orchids or using a Boston fern on a glass candleholder to lift your centrepiece off the table with dramatic effect. Add a bit of holiday glitz with shimmery picks or berries and your centrepiece will dazzle throughout the season. When the holidays are over, take the glitzy picks out and your Boston fern will continue to purify the air in your home! They also thrive in the summer months in shady outdoor locations.

White Phalaenopsis Orchids

An elegant choice! When giving a plant gift this year, why not give a potted White Phalaenopsis orchid? With a slight fragrance and delicate, unique, long-lasting blooms, these beauties are safe for both cats and dogs. This orchid’s easy-to-care-for attitude makes it a perfect choice as a holiday centrepiece or as a stunning single stem in a glass vase. Since you need to water it only

once a week, it is a low-maintenance option for an area in your home that needs some plant attention. If you are giving a cut orchid as a gift, pair its delicate blooms with the pet friendly Areca palm leaf for an elegant background. While we may not think of palms as being pet friendly, they most assuredly are! Areca, Butterfly, Bamboo and Dragon palms are among the many plants safe for our furry friends. To get the best health, height or drama in your living room, mist your palm on a regular basis to ensure the leaf tips don’t dry out.

Always Play It Safe

If you do choose to have any of these plants in your home, opt for a location that is safely out of reach of your pets – even your high-jumping feline friend. As a bonus, many of these plant alternatives will lend colour and visual impact long past the Christmas season. Some of these plants, when ingested or chewed, can cause mild indigestion and discomfort. When in doubt, you can always contact your local veterinarian or refer to the “Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List” provided by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Another great idea is to familiarize yourself with the names and origins of any houseplants that you currently have, so you can provide the correct information to your veterinarian should a problem occur. Artificial plants are another safe option that you could consider, as they will continue to beautify your home for many years to come. As we look forward to the holiday season, there is nothing more important than having our loved ones by our side. With a little pre-planning and a visit to your local independent garden centre, the entire family can be safe and sound – not just during the holidays, but all year long!

Honourable Mentions •

African violets

Haworthia Succulent

Rose plants

Polka Dot plants

Peperomia plants

Prayer plants

Spider plants HOLIDAY 2017 • 23




REG. $599.99


$699.99 REG. $899.99




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