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Summer Activity Guide 2015

So much to DO...So much to SEE... So much FUN to have! STAY and PLAY in our area! Fountain Square 2nd Saturdays.....................................4 BB&T Concerts in the Parks Schedule...........................6 Wes Berry’s Kentucky Barbecue....................................8 The Kentucky Bucket List.............................................10 Backpack in Kentucky...................................................12 Keeping Pets Safe........................................................14 Butler County Catfish Festival .....................................15 Bowling Green Day Trips..............................................16 Caves, Lakes & Bourbon..............................................18 Don’t Miss these Local Attractions................................20 Sunburst Youth Theatre................................................22 Area Fairs & Events......................................................22 Franklin Attractions & Events........................................23 WKU Art, Music & Academic Programs........................24 Warren County Library Author Events..........................26 Xclaim Youth Theatre...................................................26 Pine Knob Theatre........................................................28 Kentucky Rivers Blueways Project...............................29 Munfordville - History & Hospitality...............................32 BG OnStage.................................................................32 Trip to Bountiful - Fountain Square Players..................33 Franklin-Simpson Summer Nights................................34 Mammoth Cave............................................................34 Kenny Perry..................................................................36 Russell Sims Aquatic....................................................37 More Bowling Green Day Trips.....................................38 Summer Activity Guide 2015


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6th Annual

2 Saturdays 2015 nd

Fountain Square Park • 10am-3pm June 13..........TBA July 11...........Cruisin’ for a Cure Car Show Benefiting Juvenile Diabetes

August 8........Back to School Blues Fest

Featuring...KY Blues Society

Sept. 12.........Dance Party in the Square

Featuring...Lauren Cunningham



Summer Activity Guide 2015


n Prese



Downtown Bowling Green Doors Open 6:30pm • Concerts 7:00pm

Pam & Terry

• The Conquerors Quartet • Still Water Quartet • Commonwealth Quartet Still Water Quartet

• The Childress Family • Pam & Terry (from Memphis)

• Living By Faith

Deena Ashley Summer Activity Guide 2015

• The Crossmen Quartet • Deena Ashley • Firm Foundation 5

Ju ne L u nch Co ncerts FOU N TAIN SQ U ARE 11:30a m -1p m

Join us on Wednesdays Ju ne 3, Ju ne 10 Ju ne 17, Ju ne 24

Watch for Band Announcements on FaceBook Concerts in the Park

Frida y Night Co ncerts CIRCU S SQ U ARE 7:30p m -10:30p m Ju ne 5............Nashvegas Allstars Ju ne 12...........Dizzorderly Conduct Ju ne 19...........Skip Bond & the Fugitives Ju ne 26...........Brothers J


20 15 Fountain Square & Circus Square JUNE

Wednesday Lunch

JUNE-AUGUST Friday Night

Children’s Activities Beer & Wine Garden


Sa tu rda y, Ju ly 4

Ju ly 10............Poison Karma Ju ly 17............Swingtones Ju ly 24............Shady Jake & Upsetters Ju ly 31............Ernie Small Blues Band Au gu st 7.........Andy & The Rockers Au gu st 14.......Tyrone Dunn & Kinfolk Au gu st 21.......Bueler’s Day Off Au gu st 28.......Old School


BB&T Concerts in the Park 6

Summer Activity Guide 2015

ButlerCounty.... CATFISH FESTIVAL Wednesday, July 1, 2015 • 10am-10pm Charles Black City Park 2ND ANNUAL BUTLER COUNTY GENEALOGICAL EVENT Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015 • 10:30am-4pm Little Muddy Church Community Center Morgantown, KY 42261 Admission: $10. Lunch is provided. Pre-register with Jessica Moon, 727-431-2993 or jmoon1989@yahoo.com

1 10 10300 Hwy. 31-,‹Scottsville, 31-,‹Scottsville, KY at Barren River Lake‹270.622.7422 Lake‹270.622.7422 -YP:H[:\U[V‹(WYPS[OYV\NO:LW[LTILY‹WHYHKPZLWVPU[R``JVT -YP:H[:\U[V‹(WYPS[OYV\NO:LW[LTILY‹WHYHKPZLWVPU[R`JVT Summer Activity Guide 2015


Kentucky’s Hotbed by Wes Berry, aka “The Hungry Professor” If you’re a meat-eating Kentuckian living close to or west of I-65, consider yourself fortunate: you live in one of the richest barbecue regions of the USA. Having eaten at nearly 200 barbecue joints and festivals all around Kentucky, I can testify to the craft and diversity of barbecue in the Bluegrass state. Here’s a brief rundown of smoky meats you can get in southcentral and western Kentucky. Let’s start here in southcentral Kentucky. Growing up in Barren Co., barbecue to me meant what we call shoulder--thin slices of Boston butt grilled over hickory coals and sopped with a dip of vinegar, lard, and pepper. This is the primary style you’ll find in the counties of Monroe (at five places) and Barren (at six places at least), but you can also get a shoulder plate at Smokey Pig Bar-B-Q in Bowling Green and at the Smoke Shack in Allen Co. Most places also slow grill half or quarter chickens, hot dogs, and hamburgers, but for me it’s the dipped (coated in the oily vinegary spicy sauce) shoulder plate that keeps me coming back. I love how the thin pork slices soak up smoke from the wood coals in a short amount of time. Yes, I’m a fan of smoke and spice, which is why one of my favorite types of barbecue is the pulled pork found in much of western Kentucky from Logan County to the Mississippi River. Some of my favorite places smoke a whole pork shoulder (the entire front leg of a hog) for 20+ hours at low temperatures (say around 200-220 degrees Fahrenheit). This low-and-slow method makes pork that’s smoky and juicy. When you cook meat at low temperatures, the juices don’t boil out as quickly. A properly cooked shoulder just pulls apart; bust into it and steam rushes into your face. People often ask me, “What’s your favorite barbecue place?” and I just say that some of my favorite barbecue areas are in west Kentucky, southcentral Kentucky, Owensboro, and Louisville. Speaking of Owensboro, let’s mention here Kentucky’s most distinctive barbecue tradition: mutton. You can get pulled pork and The Sampler Platter at Red Top BBQ pork ribs all over the United States, and lots of in Guthrie, KY places (Kansas City and Texas foremost) serve beef brisket, but the Ohio River counties of Daviess and Henderson smoke more mutton (mature sheep) than any place in the USA. Owensboro, with the famous Moonlite and locally loved Old Hickory Bar-B-Q, truly is the mutton capital, but you can also get mutton over in Hopkinsville at the Woodshed and the Bar B Que Shack. What’s it taste like? Mutton has a stronger flavor than corn-fed beef. Some people call it “gamey.” If you get sliced mutton (instead of chopped), the texture is comparable to a beef roast cooked in the oven. While at it, eat a bowl of burgoo, a rich, meaty vegetable stew found in only 18 of the nearly 200 Kentucky barbecue places I’ve visited. So these are the three dominant styles of barbecue you find in southcentral and western Kentucky. You’ll also find beef brisket in some places (like at Rib Lickers in Glasgow, Wildfire BBQ and Grill in Franklin, and Jimmy D’s Real Pitt Bar-B-Que in Bowling Green) and also other barbecue variations. Roy’s Bar B Q in Russellville does a really good chopped pork on hoecakes, as does Dunn’s B-B-Q in Franklin. Split Tree in Alvaton serves up excellent smoked chicken. Hickory Hill Barbecue near Scottsville does a mighty fine job with pork ribs. In short, numerous barbecue road trips await you, and your tastebuds won’t get easily fatigued with all the variety to be found within 100 miles of Bowling Green. On Youtube, type in “Kentucky Barbecue” to see short videos of these various styles. I also post photos and barbecue notes on Facebook at Wes Berry’s Kentucky Barbecue Adventures. Wes Berry, aka The Hungry Professor, wrote The Kentucky Barbecue Book, now out in paperback for $19.95. 8

Summer Activity Guide 2015

AVOID THE FUSS, TAKE THE BUS! Route #2 stops hourly at The Fountain Square Clock on State Street!

ALL GO b transit bus g es are ADA acce ssible

With GO bg Transit you can ride one of our five bus routes to reach any major destination within the city limits of Bowling Green – Greenwood Mall, Western Kentucky University, grocery and discount stores, doctors’ offices, Greenview Hospital, the Medical Center, the Convention Center, Fountain Square... You name it, we probably GO there! Fixed route bus services are open to the general public and available Monday through Friday beginning at 7am and ending at 6pm. Student and Monthly Passes are valid for the Second Saturday Shuttles

Buses are equipped with bike racks, allowing access to greenways & parks

GO bg Transit schedules and mapped routes available on our website. For more information

921 Beauty Ave • PO Box 90014 Bowling Green, KY 42102

270.782.3162 (ext. 238) www.casoky.org/transportation

Summer Activity Guide 2015


Most people have at least a notion of the things they want to see, do, and experience, aka their “bucket list,” but how should that list be tailored to Kentuckians? What are the things every Kentuckian should do, see, or experience while living in our beautiful state, and how many of them can you accomplish this summer? Here’s a list of 15 experiences, in no particular order, compiled from suggestions offered by readers and staff members at the Lexington Herald-Leader. It includes the grand and obvious, and it focuses on experiences that can be had between now and summer’s end. Take this list, tack it up on your fridge, get out into our gorgeous Kentucky, and start checking them off. Our state’s only national park, it makes you realize that Kentucky’s stunning beauty isn’t just on the surface. into that famous red wax at Maker’s Mark in Loretto. The brand is known worldwide, and so is the bottle’s dripping red wax. Dip your own on the distillery tour. on the Bourbon Trail. It’s the essence of sophistication and America’s only native spirit, and 95% of it is produced here. , Barbara Kopple’s Oscar-winning 1976 documentary about the “Bloody Harlan” coal miner strikes of the early ‘70s. The Henry County environmentalist, ruralist, activist, and writer is considered one of the nation’s greatest minds. in Corbin. It’s where the Colonel first served his fried chicken with “11 herbs and spices” and birthed an international fried chicken recipe. We are known as an epicenter for folk art. Berea is a good place to start your search for the perfect piece. “The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved,” which details the hullabaloo surrounding the 1970 race and marked the legendary writer’s first foray into gonzo journalism. near Bardstown. Shed your worldly worries (and your smartphone) at this Trappist monastery, where tranquility reigns. at the Kentucky State Fair. The giant talking doll outside the entrance to the August fair’s main hall has entranced kids for decades. , near Slade. If it’s hot, you’ll sweat like a pig getting up there, but once you do, the view is so spectacular, you’ll be cool as a cucumber. . Pick any spot, and it will be stunning. at Pleasant Hill. The Shakers thought they had found an earthly Utopia when they settled near Harrodsburg in the 19th century. After walking the miles and miles of trails through meadows, woods, and along creeks, you’ll understand why. You can’t go inside the gold depository, where 5,000 tons of gold are stored, and you can’t take your picture at the gate, but you can drive by the depository on your way to the General George Patton Museum. at one of the many filling stations in rural Kentucky. 10

Summer Activity Guide 2015

2 Locations:

Summer Activity Guide 2015


Road Trip!! Casually consuming coffee and posting pictures to Facebook. That’s why I hike. To achieve that sense of “been there, done that (what’s next!).” I sip my coffee from a WKU mug, usually in flannel pajamas and a two day beard. This is why I hike. So I can reflect from my breakfast table in Bowling Green. Tis’ good to have such a great outdoors city to return from the wild. But what if I had the chance to enjoy my coffee elsewhere in Kentucky? Where would those places be? I’ve pondered a possible top five as another cup is poured. Biggest city, and I’m not really a big city guy. But man, that skyline is the best in the bluegrass! And biggest city equals biggest park system. Jefferson Forest has a 10 mile trail alone. Plus close drive to Otter Creek, Tioga Falls, Bernheim Forest, Tom Sawyer State Park, and Taylorsville Lake. It certainly doesn’t lack the opportunity for a nightlife once back from the trail, either. I’d love to drink coffee from a downtown studio apartment, plus, this is Kentucky’s answer to Denver (without the Rockies, of course). A wild card here. There’s a skyline in Ashland, too, although it’s just one building. You’ve got to give them credit for ambition. You are at the far eastern edge of opportunity here. West Virginia at your doorstep. Greenbo Lake, Grayson Lake, Yatesville Lake, and Carter Caves all within minutes. Plus, U.S. 23 and a slough of mountain driving if you have a hankering. I like the gritty working class feel of this area as well. Biggest city in that part of the state. Similar wild card would be Middlesboro. For years, touted as a prime place to retire. I worked in this city for a while as a DJ on Froggy 103. Gotta love the quaint town square district and typical college town feel. But the real outdoors draw are the two big honking lakes 20 minutes away. Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, and all the Land In Between! Combine that with four nearby state parks, and I’d call Murray the jewel of the Jackson Purchase. Mammoth Cave National Park in the backyard. Plus an underground boat tour and a bunch of other caves. Easy drive to Barren River Lake and Nolin Lake State Parks. Plus nearby Shanty Hollow Lake. There’s a waterfront park being built downtown on the Barren River that will feature bike trails and a whitewater course. Zip Lines, canoe trips and horseback opportunity abound. Combine that with a ton of restaurants and a performing arts hall, and you’ve got yourself a cool place to call home. Plus, they build the Corvette here, just sayin… Oh baby. Pick your afternoon adventure here. You can see Lake Cumberland from U.S. 27! Burnside Island, Lake Cumberland, and Dale Hollow Lake State Park all nearby. Cumberland Falls, Natural Arch, Big South Fork, and the Daniel Boone National Forest all within a quarter tank of gas. Lots of good eating here too, though a little dry if you get my draft, er, drift. It is Kentucky, after all. But if I could best my own city, it would probably be here. Still sippin’ and dreamin’ till next trip.... Cory Ramsey has been a fixture of Radio and TV in Kentucky for the past 15 years. Winner, William Randolph Hearst National Journalism Award, 2002. For the past five years he’s been a travel contributor to WBKO-TV’s Midday Live, and also contributes to The Big Dawg and The Wave radio in central Kentucky. He has been to every single county in Kentucky multiple times, and over 250 hiking trips. He is the Road Tripper behind Map Dot, Kentucky, found online at www.facebook.com/mapdotkentucky. 12

Summer Activity Guide 2015

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Invest your time here. We’re a big believer in supporting events that enrich all our lives. We also like to support our clients in their eff ffor orts to enrich their lives. Be it savingg ffor or retirement, a college education or financial security, we’re here to help. If you would like foor you, to know more about what we can do for please give us a call. Hilliard L Lyyons 446 East Main Street Bowling Green,, K KY Y 42101 (270) 781-1691 | (800) 679-1691 Securities offered through J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, LLC. Member NYSE, FINRA & SIPC


UnitedFurnitureAppliance.com Mike, Pat & Sam

United Furniture & Appliances offers hometown relationships from our family to yours.



Keeping Your Pets Safe When Traveling There’s good news for pet owners who want to take their pet along on their next trip. With more pets than ever accompanying their owners on vacation, a growing number of products are available to make traveling easier for pets and people.


For those traveling by car, a versatile top-loading kennel provides a safe place for small pets to rest while en route to any destination. When bringing a small dog or cat on a plane, remember that airlines require each pet to be contained in a carrier that meets specific criteria. Look for an under seat carrier. These carriers are designed to fit into tight spaces like the underside of an airline seat and provide ample ventilation on the side and top. When planning a plane trip with a large dog, remember to check with the airline for individual kennel requirements and other important specifications. The kennel you select should follow these guidelines and comply with the standards of the International Air Transport Association. When hitting the road with a large dog, it’s a good idea to use a plastic kennel or barrier to keep the pet contained and out of the front seat, which causes distractions and poses a safety risk to both the pet and pet owner. And, a tubular or wire pet barrier is designed to do just that. Requires no tools to adjust and is easy to install and remove. Make sure all shots, vet records and ID tags are up to date. For fun, make sure you have packed fetching toys as well as a collar and a leash to keep dogs nearby and safe. Don’t forget to include a portable waterer or travel bowl for hydration and nourishment on extended trips or outings, especially outdoors. 14

Summer Activity Guide 2015


Tuesday-Saturday10-4 • Sunday 1-4

You Won’t Have Far To Travel... So Much To Do So Close To Home Michael K. Bishop & Associates P. S.C. Attorneys at Law

Michael K. Bishop • Joseph R. Cox • Amanda M. Sowell

948 Elm St. The Potter Building Bowling Green, KY Summer Activity Guide 2015




KENTUCKY DAM VILLAGE STATE RESORT PARK Are the great outdoors and water recreation your passion? Then Kentucky’s Western Waterlands have everything you dream of. This “waterland wonderland” is the perfect family fun destination where you can experience 3,000 miles of shoreline, 170,000 acres of and protected forest, and hundreds of miles of trails. are major vacation destinations and internationally known for competitive and recreational fishing. Big Lakes! Big fish! If your family is looking for a wide variety of recreational activities, you may want to make reservations at http://parks.ky.gov/parks/resortparks/ky-dam-village/ default.aspx in Gilbertsville. As one of Kentucky’s premiere recreational areas, the state park offers a wide variety of activities including boating rentals, camping, eagle watching, fishing, shopping, golf, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, and tennis.

DOWNTOWN PADUCAH been designated as a Great American Main Street City by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Paducah Cell Phone Walking Tour is a memorable way to view this beautiful historic Ohio Riverfront town by just dialing (270) 854-3050. Listen and experience Paducah’s amazing architecture, locally owned restaurants, art galleries, downtown bed & breakfast, farmer’s markets, and performance and movie theatres. One of the tour highlights will be the Paducah wall-to-wall flood wall murals which portray Paducah’s past as captured by renowned artist Robert Dafford. Historic downtown Paducah has the largest selection of locally-owned restaurants within their community, and you’ll find downtown is a shopping, dining, lodging, and cultural arts district.

KENTUCKY NATIONAL QUILT MUSEUM What a great way to start your morning by grabbing a cup of joe and window shopping at the nationally-acclaimed and awardwinning just a short four-minute drive from downtown Paducah. Often you will see the artisans hard at work in their galleries creating new pieces of art. You can download a list of LowerTown galleries and businesses here: http://www.lowertownartdistrict.com/gallery_artists.php?nid=485. in downtown Paducah is your next destination. View the elegant displays at this 30,000square-foot museum which highlights the vigorous rebirth of quilt making that began in the 1970s. Enjoy quilts and the stories they tell throughout the year. The Museum showcases contemporary, miniature, and antique quilts in its impressive facility. The lobby features quilt-patterned stained glass windows and an exciting gift and bookshop. Be sure to note that kid’s activities and classes are also available at the National Quilt Museum http://www.quiltmuseum.org/youth-activities.html. For hours of operation, exhibits, classes, and admission information, visit their website http://www.quiltmuseum.org or call (270) 442-8856. Your final destination is the in Paducah. This 1852 home was once residence of Lloyd Tilghman, CSA. Exhibits highlight western Kentucky’s role during the War Between the States. For seasonal dates and hours of operation and admission information, visit their website http://www.paducah.travel/listings/?action=display&listingID=446 or call (270) 575-5477. 16

Summer Activity Guide 2015

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Explore our many rooms where you’ll find treasures for your home in true Southern living style.

Are you looking for just the right gift or something for yourself? Occasions has it all! Monday-Friday 10am-4pm Saturday 9am-8pm

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- New Menu Each Mon

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Come join us for our Southern-style home cooking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

BREAKFAST: Tues-Fri 6:30am-10am Sat 7:30am-10:30am LUNCH: Mon-Sat 11am-2pm ST. 103 W. McGLOTHLIN DINNER: Friday & Saturday 4:30pm-8pm FOR RESERVATIONS CALL (615) 325-9508


Like Us on Facebook: facebook.com/occasions.5Chefs Summer Activity Guide 2015


Caves • Lakes and Bourbon Caves Cub Run Cave Located in scenic Hart County, was first discovered in 1950, sealed for 55 years, rediscovered in July 2006. Twenty-seven acres of fun including: cave tours, panning for sluice from Cold River Mining Company, a restaurant and gift shop.

Diamond Caverns For over 154 years Historic Diamond Caverns has offered tours of Kentucky’s most beautiful cave. Presented by state-ofthe-art lighting, Diamond Caverns features intricate drapery deposits lining the halls in cascades of naturally colorful calcite. Thousands of formations decorate the cathedral-like chambers. Discover the beauty of Diamond Caverns. Open year-round

(Located adjacent to Mammoth Cave National Park)

Lakes Lake Malone State Park Camp under the stars and hike the picturesque trails. The lake is enclosed by dramatic 50-foot sandstone bluffs rising above the water’s edge and surrounded by hardwood forests. An angler’s delight describes the 788-acre lake. Try your skill at catching channel catfish, largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and redear sunfish.

Lake Cumberland State Park The park is located on beautiful Lake Cumberland in south central Kentucky and is considered one of the finest fishing and boating areas in the Eastern United States. Lure Lodge overlooks the lake and offers full amenities. The park offers a campground and cottages with a grocery nearby. A marina, boat and pontoon rentals, picnic facility, hiking trails, miniature golf and horseback riding will make this a favorite vacation destination


Lost River Cave

Heaven Hill Distilleries

Kentucky’s only underground boat tour and Butterfly Habitat await you at Lost River Cave. A comfortable 57 degrees year round, the boat tour offers a visit into the timeless world of a Kentucky Natural wonder. The walking tour along the river’s edge will bring alive stories of Native Americans, Civil War troops and the notorious Jesse James.

Historic Bardstown is where you will find the Bourbon Heritage Center. Knowledgeable and friendly Bourbon Hosts will guide you through interactive exhibits, a working rickhouse, and an educational tasting of several premium Bourbons inside a unique barrel-shaped tasting room.


Summer Activity Guide 2015



invites you to explore all that is happening downtown and around Bowling Green Dean Warren, Financial Representative



Bowling Green, Kentucky

Presented by Houchens Industries Hosted by United Way of Southern Kentucky

Bowling Green/Warren County Regional Airport www.balloonstunesbbq.com • 270-745-7532

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www.shakermuseum.com Summer Activity Guide 2015

The Best Place For Care. 201 Park St., Bowling Green, KY

(270) 781-5111 | www.gravesgilbert.com Connect with us at


Summer Activity Guide 2015



Ages 10-18 non-college. $50 per performance slot. Individual students prepared with a memorized monologue (no longer than 5 minutes) and/or groups of students prepared with a memorized scene (no longer than 10 minutes) will meet with the instructor for 30 minute-1 hour sessions 2-4 times during the day Monday-Thursday. That Friday all performers will come together to rehearse for a showcase to be presented Friday night. All materials should be chosen and memorized by the students before meeting with the instructor in order to focus on performance work during the sessions. Space will be limited. Registration will open as soon as dates can be confirmed, so stay tuned!

545 Morris Alley • Bowling Green, KY

270-781-6233 Fun & Learning! Classes Taught by Professionals!


Summer Activity Guide 2015


Age 10-under...............................9am-11am Age 11-up..........................11:30am-1:30pm



Age 10-under.............................9am-11am Age 11-up........................11:30am-1:30pm



Age 10-under (Boys & Girls). .8:30-10:30am Age 11-up (Girls).........................11am-1pm Age 11-up (Boys)................1:30pm-3:30pm


Age 10-under.............................9am-11am Age 11-up.........................11:30am-1:30pm To register, call prior to first day of camp...



• Cheerleading • Basketball • Baseball • Volleyball • Fastpitch Softball • Baseball •

Fastpitch Softball • Volleyball • Baseball • Basketball • Cheerleading • Baseball

Fastpitch Softball • Volleyball • Baseball • Basketball • Cheerleading • Baseball

Certified Public Accountant

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SKY Pediatric Dentistry’s mission is to help kids achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles! CALL TODAY FOR AN APPOINTMENT

727 US 31-W ByPass • Suite 101 • Bowling Green, KY 42101 skypediatricdentistry.com • 270-715-5437 • Toll Free 855-SKY-KIDS Summer Activity Guide 2015

DR. MANDY ASHLEY Board Certified Pediatric Dentist 23

WKU Summer Events for Kids ART & MUSIC PROGRAMS For more information, visit www.wku.edu/kentuckymuseum

The Kentucky Museum offers summer camps for kids ages 6-12 years. Each camp has its own specific age range. Camps are Monday-Friday from 8:30am-12pm in the Kentucky Museum education classroom. There is a snack break daily around 10am with snacks supplied by the museum. Children may register for more than one camp. Space is limited and spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Camp fees: members - $110, non-members - $125. Each student will have work exhibited during the Kentucky Museum’s summer camp exhibit in the Dorothy Grider Garden Gallery. Exhibit opens Friday, July 12 and runs through Sunday, August 16th. A reception honoring the campers and teachers will be open and free to the public on Friday, August 7, 5-8 pm during the Bowling Green Gallery Hop. Painting camp activities will be rich in contemporary art exploration. Students will use the techniques and imagery from the poured canvases of Pollock, paper cutouts of Matisse and Liechtenstein’s pop art paintings. Students will also create and paint their own assemblage. Campers will create in 3 dimensions. We will make portraits in the style of Giocometti, Word sculptures, Calder mobiles along with Chihuly sculptures. Campers will tour the WKU campus to view a wide variety of outdoor sculpture. The WKU Department of Music is pleased to host String Explosion. The program offers one week of intenese, yet fun-filled musical training in string performance. Camp students are under the artisitic supervision of the faculty of the WKU pre-college strings program. In addition, outstanding music teachers, conductors, and performers throughout the region will join the faculty. The camp will conclude on Saturday morning with the finale concert featuring performances by each of the camp’s ensembles. The session is open to young and beginning violin students ages 4-8. Brand new beginners are welcome. $85. 9:00-11:30am. WKU campus, Fine Arts Center music & rehearsal hall. The is open to violin, viola, cello, and double bass students, elementary through high school, who have played for at least one year and can read music. The session will be divided into orchestras based on grade and playing level. Orchestra campers receive lunch daily in the Downing Student Union on WKU’s campus. $150. 9:00am-3:00pm. WKU campus, Fine Arts Center music & rehearsal hall. For info, contact Sarah Berry at 270-745-5146 or sarah.berry@wku.edu.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMS For more information, visit www.wku.edu/gifted

The primary emphasis of VAMPY is academics. VAMPY’S rigourous educational environment reminds students that learning is an enjoyable process. Students spend six hours a day immersed in a topic of their choosing that ignites their curiosity and inspires their thinking. When not in class, students are playing sports, participating in cookouts, dances, and talent shows, or hanging out on the lawn in front of their residence hall, playing music, making crafts, and getting to know one another. Camp Innovate is a day camp designed for advanced ability and high interest children featuring hands-on and minds-on instruction to engage children in learning at advanced levels. Students will explore subjects from math and science to art and theater during their day. Camp Explore is a day camp designed for advanced ability and high interest children featuring hands-on and minds-on instruction to engage children in learning at advanced levels. Students will explore subjects from math and science to art and theater during their day. 24

Summer Activity Guide 2015

Weekdays 6AM-8:30AM

Controversial & Entertaining Al Arbogast and Chad Young are the only source for news and commentary on the issues that affect Bowling Green.

Summer Activity Guide 2015



Mandel will visit with her latest book, Station Eleven, which was nominated for the 2014 National Book Award in Fiction. Cherry will discuss his book, My Enemy...My Friend, a story of reconciliation from the Vietnam War. World-renown archaeologist Dr. Hawass will present The Pyramids, the Mummies, and Cleopatra: Recent Discoveries.

XClaim! Unique Performances for Youth

Summer 2015 Camp Performances F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , v i s i t w w w. x c l a i m i n c . c o m 502 College Street, Bowling Green, KY Executive Director: Christopher H. Cherry

WEE THEATRE YOUNGER CHILDREN’S CAMP.................... Performance Friday, June 19, 12pm Campers will stage nursery rhymes, children’s stories and songs for performance.

MAINSTAGE MIRROR ACTING CAMP............................................. Performance Friday, June 19, 6pm - General Admission Tickets $5 Students will be divided into groups based on age. Each group will present scenes from shows produced by Xclaim! this past year. All campers will have speaking lines in more than one scene.

MUSIC THEATRE CAMP.............................. Performance Friday, June 26, 6pm - General Admission Tickets $5

Campers will create a Broadway-style musical revue in 5 days. A few numbers will feature all campers together, but campers will be divided into groups based on age to present different songs for the performance. All campers will sing musical solos. Music will feature songs from past and upcoming Xclaim! shows, current Broadway musicals, and shows we hope will become stage productions. 26

Summer Activity Guide 2015

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Friday 9:30pm-1:30am • $4.25 a game $

Mon-Thurs 7pm-10pm 2-4-1Well &Drafts

SummerCamp YouthBowling

Monday thru Friday • 9am-3pm June 8, June 22, July 6 & July 20 Open to Age 5 yrs to 13 yrs

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Summer Activity Guide 2015



A short 45 minute drive up the back roads of Highway 185 north of Bowling Green will take you to one of the most complete historic communities in Kentucky with hiking trails, scenic caves, historic buildings, picnic grounds and one of the nation’s outdoor theatres.  The historic community of Pine Knob, just 5 miles north of Caneyville, Kentucky, is a good place to visit on a weekend road trip, complete with the old country store built in 1939; the old 4-room Pine Knob School, built in 1925; the 120 year old Primitive Baptist Church; the Stinson House built in 1865; creeks for kids to wade; springs to quench the thirst; hiking trails up rugged old Pine Knob; and plays presented each Friday and Saturday evening from June through September.  Since 1987, five different productions have been performed during the summer, including Dock Brown - Legend of an Outlaw, Down in Hoodoo Holler, Lucy and Ruth’s Diner, Daddy Took the T-Bird Away, andBee Bop a Lula. The shows are both history and folklore as well as musically entertaining with Doo-wop and Bebop music. The Pine Knob Theatre cast not only performs during the summer at Pine Knob, but they also perform at many fine arts centers — including the Riverpark Center in Owensboro, the Henderson Fine Arts Center in H enderson, and the Alhambra Theatre in Hopkinsville — during the fall and winter months. Dinner shows are also presented each spring at Rough River State Resort Park which is only 14 miles north of Pine Knob. This beautiful spring-fed valley is very scenic, and a number of weddings are performed there each summer as well as family reunions, picnics, and photographers taking pictures of the wonderful scenery — it’s truly one of Kentucky’s little hidden treasures! For show times and more information, go to www.pineknob.com


Summer Activity Guide 2015

TThe h e SSouth outh C Central e n t ra l K Kentucky entucky R Rivers i ve r s B Blueways l u ew ay s Project P ro j e ct Interested in cruising the area rivers and waterways? Canoe and kayak enthusiasts have a great resource to discover all the access points and routes along the waterways in Warren County. It is the Warren County Blueways Project website: www.trailsrus.com/blueways This great resource contains all the access points and routes for canoeists, kayakers and motorized watercraft in Warren County, as well as areas in Allen, Butler, Edmonson, Logan and Simpson counties. The site contains a variety of information and resources for you to begin your adventures on the waterways. There is a map (PDF format or interactive) to help plan your river trip indicating several access points on the Barren, Drakes, Gasper, and Green Rivers. The South Central Kentucky Rivers Blueways Project • Promotes “River Stewardship” and the utilization of “Leave No Trace” ethics. • Provides resources about access points and routes for canoeists, kayakers and motorized watercraft in Warren County, as well as areas in Allen, Butler, Edmonson, Logan and Simpson count ies. • Encourages the safe use of Kentucky’s waterways for recreation and education.

Summer Activity Guide 2015



Summer Activity Guide 2015

2015 OUTDOOR EVENT SCHEDULE We invite you and your family to bring a lawnchair or blanket and join us for our FREE 2015 Outdoor Events Sumner Crest wine is permitted, but no other alcohol is allowed. See our Facebook page or website for more details.

FREE Wine Tasting Daily! OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK... Mon-Th 9am-6pm Fri & Sat 9am-7pm Sun 11am-5pm

June 13..................................SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL (50’s & 60’s) “Four on the Floor” 6:30-9:30pm June 27...............................................SOUTHERN SUMMER NIGHTS “TBA” 6:30-9:30pm July 18..........................................FLASH BACK TO THE 70’s and 80’s “The Body & Soul Band” 6:30-9:30pm August 8.........................................................ROCK & ROLL REVIVAL “Soul Soup” 6:30-9:30pm August 29..............................................16th ANNUAL GRAPE STOMP “The Body & Soul Band” 2:30-9:30pm September 19........CLASSIC CAR CRUISE IN & OLDIES CONCERT Cruise-In 3-6pm • “Four on the Floor” 6:30-9:30pm

Sumner Crest Winery

EXIT 117 OFF I-65 • PORTLAND, TN • 615.325.4086 • WWW.SUMNERCRESTWINERY.COM Summer Activity Guide 2015


Southern hospitality is what you will find in this quaint town--along with a rich history. A walking tour takes you through the heart of town past buildings from the early 1800s, including the Presbyterian Church Union Hospital, the George T. Wood house, Old Munford Inn, and nine more historic sites. Visit the Battle for the Bridge Historic Preserve at 1309 South Dixie Highway/US 31-W and Kentucky’s Stonehenge, the creation of Munfordville native Chester Fryer, located at 201 Lynn Avenue. Visit the city website--www.visitmunfordville.com--for a map of the walking tour and more information about the following summer 2015 events: 113 Main Street • Saturday, June 20, 4:30pm Hart County Fairgrounds • South Dixie Hwy. Mon., June 29 (all day) to Sat., July 4 (all day) 113 Main Street Friday, Sept. 11, 5pm to Sunday, Sept. 13, 5pm 113 Main Street Friday, Oct. 16, 12pm & Saturday, Oct. 17, 4pm

Age 9 – 18. Fee is $200. Limited to 20 campers!*

Age 6 – 10. Fee is $50. Limited to 15 campers!*

Age 12 – Adult. Fee is $50.*

Ages 10 – adult. Production will be on-stage at Van Meter Hall in September.

$20 workshop fee is due by June 5.


Summer Activity Guide 2015

1114 Lovers Lane • 270-782-7276


Summer Activity Guide 2015


Renaissance Franklin-Simpson ppresents r e s e n t s tthe he

2 20 20 1 5 Summer Nights Concert Series

Sponsored by

 May 29. . . . . .Tiffany Johnson

& S o u l C o n f i d a n t - R&B

 J u n e 5 . . . . . . . C r a i g D u n c a n O r c h e s t r a - Big Band  J u n e 1 2 . . . . . B l a c k W i d o w - R&B

30s & 40s

 J u n e 1 9 . . . . . N a s h v e g a s A l l S t a r s - Pop/Country  J u l y 1 0 . . . . . . . J . D . S h e l b u r n e - Country Rock  J u l y 1 7 . . . . . . . J i m m y C h u r c h B a n d - R&B  J u l y 2 4 . . . . . . . T h e S i d e w i n d e r s - R&B/Current  A u g . 7 . . . . . . C h a p t e r 1 1 - Southern Rock/Country  A u g . 1 4 . . . . S o u l S e a r c h e r s - R&B  A u g . 2 1 . . . . T y r o n e D u n n & K i n - F o k e - R&B

Simpson County Tourism

 Sept. 4......Skip Bond and T h e F u g i t i v e s - Classic Rock/Motown —PLUS— LUNCHTIME ON THE LAWN • LIVE MUSIC

Friday Nights 7PM-9PM Franklin Courtyard Bandstand

E v e r y We d n e s d a y d u r i n g M a y, J u n e & J u l y S i m p s o n C o u n t y C o u r t h o u s e c o u r t y a rd All concerts are free.

Mammoth Cave National Park The second oldest tourist attraction in the United States is home to more than 400 miles of passageways. Mammoth Cave has year-round tours of different lengths and difficulty. The Frozen Niagara Tour is one of the most popular tours. Only 1/4 mile long and 12 steps make this tour easy for children and elderly family members. The park’s 52,000 acres feature dozens of unique things to do and see. Hike one of the many trails in the park. The Heritage Walk is an easy 3/4 mile walk adjacent to the Mammoth Cave Hotel. A ranger shares stories about the history of the area and a walk through the Old Guides Cemetery where former enslaved cave guide Stephen Bishop now rests. Canoeing, bicycling, horseback riding, and camping make this a perfect trip for the entire family. The Visitors Center offers a variety exhibits, programs, a gift shop and tour information. The park is easily accessible from I-65 near Park City. For directions and a schedule of park events visit: http://www.nps.gov/maca/index.htm 34

Summer Activity Guide 2015

Store everything from boats, vehicles, furniture, boxes & more

Ace Storage & Leasing, Inc


West Side of Courthouse Square (1 block west of 31-W / Main St.)

ANTIQUE CAR SHOW & CRUISE-IN SEPTEMBER 18 & 19 Historic Downtown Square

• •  •  •  •  •  •  •


Approx. 2 miles south of exit 2 on I-65

OCTAGON HALL MUSEUM Approx. 6 miles north of Franklin on 31-W Open 8-11:30am & 1-3:30pm Wednesday-Saturday

• •  • •  •  •  •  •

Connecting Bowling Green Summer Activity Guide 2015


Kenny kisses the trophy after winning the 2013 U.S. Senior Open


Summer Activity Guide 2015

June 7 - August 30, 2015 Worship Service Sunday School 10AM 9-9:45AM

The Presbyterian Church 1003 State Street • Bowling Green, KY 270-843-4707 • www.bgpres.org

RUSSELL SIMS AQUATIC CENTER Everyone will enjoy all the zero depth entry, palm trees, water buckets, lemon drops, splash playground, beach area, 50 meter pool, 2 breathtaking water slides and 2 diving boards! A full line of concessions to satisfy any craving. Season passes are available for individuals or families. Need a place for your church group, company picnic or family reunion? Call about the group rates/rentals.

Special events throughout the season. Plan your next birthday party here.

Fully staffed with American Red Cross certified lifeguards.

Make Russell Sims Aquatic Center your everyday summer vacation!

For information on opening dates, admission prices and hours contact

Lost River Cave Lost River Cave offers Kentucky’s only underground boat tour! With over 70 acres of woodlands, wetlands, wildlife, blueholes and Butterfly Habitat- Lost River Cave serves as an urban retreat ideal for exploration, play, learning, and more. For more information about Lost River Cave:

2818 Nashville Road • Bowling Green, KY 270-393-0077 • www.lostrivercave.com Summer Activity Guide 2015




ABRAHAM LINCOLN BIRTHPLACE NATIONAL HISTORIC PARK There is no greater way to commemorate the Civil War than to pay tribute to President Abraham Lincoln by visiting Kentucky’s in Hodgenville. For over a century, people from around the world have come to rural Central Kentucky to honor the humble beginnings of our 16th president. His early life on Kentucky’s frontier shaped his character and prepared him to lead our nation through Civil War. This, the country’s first memorial to Lincoln built with donations from young and old, enshrines the symbolic birthplace cabin. For dates and hours of operation and tour information, visit their website http://www.nps.gov/abli/forkids/ web-rangers.htm or call (270) 358-3137.

KENTUCKY RAILWAY MUSEUM Moving from the president famous for building split rail fences to a different kind of rail, the located in New Haven is a railroad museum dedicated to the history and heritage of Kentucky’s railroads and the people who built them. It’s one of the oldest railroad stations in the United States. The museum owns four steam and six diesel locomotives and over a hundred pieces of rolling stock. For dates and hours of operation, admission, and special event information such as Day out with Thomas, Santa Express, Dora Explorer, Halloween Express, Dinner Train and Mystery Theatre, visit their website http://www.kyrail.org or call (800) 272-0152.

MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME STATE PARK Ready for an entertaining summer evening? Make reservations to attend the , Kentucky’s official outdoor musical. Nestled on the grounds of , you’ll experience the sights and sounds of the 1850’s with such timeless classics as “Oh! Susanna,” “Camptown Races,” “Beautiful Dreamer” and “My Old Kentucky Home.” For dates and hours of operation, performance times, reservations, and tickets, visit their website http://www.stephenfoster.com/musical.htm or call (800) 626-1563. Before attending the play, tour the 2012 “Most Beautiful Small Town in the United States” on the of downtown Bardstown. The carriage ride provides a slow-paced way to see the historic sites and attractions, including their quintessential downtown shopping, dining, and cultural district. They offer carriages, buggies, and even a stagecoach to tour just about any size group, but reservations are recommended. For dates and hours of operation and reservation and ticket prices, visit their website http://www.wisebuyingmall.com/ aroundthetowncarriageandstagecoach or call (502) 348-0331. Also, schedule a tour of the in Bardstown which served as the Old Nelson County Jail property and housed prisoners from 1797 until 1987. The front building, sometimes referred to as the “Old Jail,” was constructed in 1819.The upper floor of this native limestone building has 30 inch thick walls and contained two cells and an “upstairs dungeon” to house prisoners. It was the oldest operating jail complex in the state of Kentucky and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. To schedule a tour or a stay, visit their website http://www.jailersinn.com or call (800) 948-5551. 38

Summer Activity Guide 2015

1/2 Price Moms w/ 18 & Under Paid Admission Buy One Regular Price Ticket, Get One Free

1 FREE Small Dippin’ Dots for Every Guest

1/2 Price Grandparents w/ 18 & Under Paid Admsn

1/2 Price Dads w/ 18 & Under Paid Admission 1/2 Admission w/ Church Bulletin, Valid up to 6 Guests

$5 OFF Adult Ticket $3 OFF Child/Senior Every Day!

Not Valid w/Other Discounts - No Double Discounts Good for 2015 only - Good For Up to (6) Admissions Admission includes Rides, Splash Lagoon Water Park, Gold Rush Golf, Petting Farm and Live Shows Daily. COUNTRY PEDDLER

Bowling Green, KY

Park Hours at beechbend.com 270-781-7634 beechbend.com Summer Activity Guide 2015






OF TWICE THE JEWELRY AT HALF THE PRICE! Celebrate “Life’s Special Moments” with a wonderful JEWELRY BARN experience. We have made a serious commitment to our customers and community with the investment into our showroom, in-store jewelry repair and design center and our wonderful staff. Our people are the BEST and when you need and want to be treated with respect, friendliness and professionalism, our staff is trained and practices these characteristics every day. You don’ t have to leave our city to find what you are looking for. We provide Bowling Green’ s largest selection of loose diamonds, custom mountings as well as all the up and coming fashions. Our jewelry repair services include everything from ring sizing to prong re-tipping to elaborate restorations in platinum or gold. Our services are performed by an in-house bench jeweler with over 27 years of practical hands-on experience. We invite you to come by and let us show you around and even give you a free ring cleaning. Thank you for the years of loyalty and your referrals, we truly appreciate your business! We are the leading buyer of scrap gold, loose and mounted diamonds, estate and fine jewelry.


270.781.1194•jewelrybarnpromise.com 2910 Scottsville Rd.•Bowling Green, KY

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Summer Activity Guide 2015  

Summer Activity Guide 2015