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It’ s ALL About


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Come Celebrate Southern Living With Us

• Fine Gifts • Great Food • Catering (615) 325-9500 • (615) 325-9508

Join Us for Everything You LOVE About Family Dinner EXCEPT the Dishes!

You’ll LOVE our huge selection of • Home Accessories • Candles • Jewelry & More MONOGRAM SERVICES & BRIDAL REGISTRY Stop by and see us today! Come spend a leisurely day with us in one of Tennessee’s largest gift shops! Explore our many rooms where you’ll find treasures for your home in true Southern living style. Are you looking for just the right gift or something for yourself? You’re sure to find it here. Monday-Friday 10am-4pm • Saturday 9am-8pm

Great Southern Food Served Family-Style! SATURDAY NIGHTS ONLY

- New Menu Each Month 2 Different Dinner Time Options... 5pm-6:30pm or 7pm-8:30pm $16.99/person • Children under 3/Fr Children 4-10/$10


For Reservations (615) 325-9508 103 W. McGLOTHLIN ST. PORTLAND, TN

You’ll love our southern-style home cooking

Our delicious Southern-style food, specialty cakes, and reasonable prices make us one of the busiest restaurants around. Come join us for our Southernstyle home cooking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. BREAKFAST: Tuesday-Friday 6:30am-10am Saturday 7:30am-10:30am LUNCH: Monday-Saturday 11am-2pm DINNER: Friday & Saturday 4:30pm-8pm

Like Us on Facebook: facebook.com/occasions.5Chefs 2 • Flair • 2015 • January/February/March

Take home one of our specialty cakes

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www.countrypeddlerbg.com Special Publication



— Publisher — Belinda Saltzman


— Editorial — Jim Browning Editorial Director

— Production —

6 Beads, Bars, and Bunnies 10 Valentine Va-Voom

Tricia Crawford Design Director

Lisa Frye

14 Signs of Early Spring

featured women 5 the essence of Shannon Vitale


— Advertising — Lana Hendricks

18 Five Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

8 It’s Healthy to be Stepped On Holly Cherry

Advertising Sales Director

Tonya Kirby

16 Wherever She Hangs Her Hats is Home

Advertising Sales

— Contributing Writers — Liz Bradley Hannah Bertram Jim Browning Belinda Saltzman Deborah Williams Martha Zettlemoyer

“Spongie” Kronenberger

19 Sassy Celebrity Lauren Becall

in every issue

— Contributing Photographer — Tricia Crawford Flair is published 4 times per year and is distributed free to 25,000 homes in Bowling Green/Warren County. Flair makes every attempt to ensure the material contained herein is not copyrighted elsewhere. Flair is not responsible for unintentional copyright infringement

For advertising or article submissions please contact Country Peddler office 270-842-3314 or contact us thru our website www.countrypeddlerbg.com

20 Kentucky Literary Award Holly Goddard Jones

4 Publisher’s Prattle 12 Sir-PRIZE Frank LaManna

13 Refuse to be a Victim

Cover Design by Marissa Bell Marissa is currently a sophomore at Western Kentucky University. Her major is in Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. Marissa attended Greenwood High School and has been recognized locally and regionally for multiple pieces of art.

22 Word Buzz Make a Move

Flair Magazine BG KY Flair • 2015 • January/February/March • 3

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Publisher’s Prattle

Belinda Saltzman, Publisher

Okay, I admit it: I am in awe of technology in general and specifically all the “techie” gadgets that are just so cool. My new “techie” gadgets for 2014 (new only to me, not the world) included the following items. Gadget #1: My very cool looking Bluetooth portable speaker. It is a funky aqua blue and bright yellow cylinder the size of a small wine glass. My favorite music is available to me on our pontoon boat in the middle of the lake, on my back porch relaxing with my favorite beverage, or in my bathroom as I soak in a bubble bath. I love music, so I am in heaven. Gadget #2: My single cup coffee maker. I must confess that my son shamed me into this gadget. I kept arguing that I didn’t see a reason for owning one because my $25 Black & Decker coffee maker worked just fine. Of course, I never saw a reason for the I-Pad, which is now my constant companion. The convenience of coffee or other hot beverages available at a moment’s notice may not be a reason to own one, but it sure is nice. Gadget #3: My new activity tracker bracelet. Apparently, Santa thought I needed to be aware of just how many steps I was actually taking each day. Not only does it monitor my activity, it monitors my sleep. Just in case I was not aware of my tossing and turning and frequent trips to the bathroom, one touch of the app on my I-phone tells me just how badly I slept. I try to ignore that troubling graph and focus on my plan for accomplishing 10,000 steps for the day. It’s not as easy as you might think. You actually have to log many more steps than those involved in desk to copier, recliner to kitchen, couch to bathroom: you know — the usual steps of the day. There is also another cool feature called “calories in - calories out.” You guessed it: it lets you know just where you stand on the eating/exercising ratio. There it is in full color, beautiful graphics: the reason I am not thin. Who knows what new gadgets are on the drawing board. I say, “Bring ‘em on. I’m ready!” — Belinda Saltzman

Flo 100 Ov ori Y er ng ear Exp s o eri f en ce

See Us for the Latest in FLOORING TRENDS QUALITY & DESIGN AT COMPETITIVE PRICES •Area Rugs •Carpet In-stock Rolls Available

•Hardwood •Laminate •Luxury Vinyl Tile •Largest Selection of Oriental Rugs in Southern Kentucky

Red Carpet Shop (270) 781-2829 4 • Flair • 2015 • January/February/March

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the essence of Shannon Moore Vitale Financial Consultant, Hilliard Lyons My family: Husband - Michael Sons - Adam (26), Jack (15), Sam (14) & Our Dog - Ollie My best friends say I am: A VAULT! Great at keeping secrets. The best thing that ever happened to me: Leaving a secure job because I wanted to be in the investment business. I was hired at Hilliard Lyons almost 28 years ago! The women I admire most (besides my Mom): In addition to my fabulous sister, Sharla Moore Siemens, Barbara Stewart and Sue Badgett—they are all heroes and warriors! If I were an animal, I’d be: My sweet sons say I would be a queen bee. The person (living or dead) I would like to have dinner with: I would love a Sunday lunch with all of my family—including my brother, Scott, and my grandparents, who are all deceased.

The sport I am best at: Being a Quarterback at home and in business.

My natural hair color: Only my hair stylist knows!

I’d really like my name to be: I love my name, but I do have a special group of “sisters” who call me Elle.

My favorite thing to wear: All of my polka dot pj’s. Flair • 2015 • January/February/March • 5

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Beads, Bars, and Bunnies — By Liz Bradley

The Christmas holidays have come to an end, and thoughts of spring begin to creep in. With those thoughts come the planning for the trifecta of spring holidays — Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter. Each holiday brings different reasons to celebrate and, in turn, very different ways to decorate. When decorating for Mardi Gras, you cannot veer from the traditional gold, green, and purple. They are iconic colors that even when seen together other times of the year still scream Mardi Gras! No Mardi Gras celebration can be complete without the beads, and the overabundance of them is never considered too much. This is one holiday where you are free to be over the top and tacky. Honestly, what Southern woman doesn’t love a good excuse to be tacky and over the top! And let’s not forget the green-beer-wielding, shamrock-wearing, good-luck-holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. It honors the Irish Saint Patrick and celebrates the one day lent is lifted — giving us yet another excuse for overindulging and a reason to decorate for the holiday of green and good luck! If there was a crown jewel of the spring flings, it would be Easter. It is the most celebrated and decorated holiday of the three.  While Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day dictate the color palette of the holiday, Easter is a little more lenient. Decor can range from the classic pastels, to the natural green, blue and browns of nature, to the darker hues of jewel tones. The iconic bunny cannot be overlooked. While the real reason for the holiday is to celebrate that He is Risen, the bunny has become the most recognizable symbol of the holiday — a mascot for Easter of sorts. Whether you decorate and celebrate for all three holidays or pick and choose — don’t miss the opportunity to go a little over the top this year with beads, bars,

and bunnies!

Liz Bradley is a thirtysomething wife, mother of two girls, shoppe keeper, and interior designer. She has one shoppe named LuLu’s that offers fine home furnishings and consignments. The other is Little Lulu’s which offers children’s furniture and previously gently loved clothes. She loves sharing her ideas with her clients.

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Exceptional CARE... Sensational

SMILES WE’RE HERE FOR ALL YOUR DENTAL NEEDS • Botox • Cosmetic Dentistry • Preventive Care • Implants • Root Canal Therapy • Oral Surgery • Oral and IV Sedation




• Dr. Andrew M. Burt • Dr. Todd Shuemaker • Dr. Leslie Campbell • Dr. Meghan Thomas • Dr. Thomas Birkenhauer

546 Park Street • Bowling Green • 270.781.6161 • www.bgohc.com Offices also in Morgantown 270.526.3346 & Smiths Grove 270.451.0059

Built By C raftsmen

Let Us Create the Perfect Outdoor Environment Just for You Outdoor Kitchens • Paver Patios & Driveways • Curbing • Stone Work Segmental Retaining Walls • Architectural Design • Virtual Imaging

www.Unique-Hardscapes.com Daniel Meador 270-776-3568

Mark Meador 270-792-1674

FREE ESTIMATES Flair • 2015 • January/February/March • 7

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Healthy to be Stepped On It’s

By Hannah Bertram

Holly advocates the philosophy “the better you are to your body, the better you’ll feel:” 8 • Flair • 2015 • January/February/March

Ever had anyone stand on your back to try to pop it? Well, please don’t do that anymore. Leave it to a professional like Holly Cherry who is trained in two unusual modalities of massage called Ashiatsu and Ashi-Tai. In her workspace on Ashley Circle, Holly offers her clientele a very unique, luxurious massage as they lie on a heated massage table and she balances herself from bars bolted into the ceiling. Holly compares Ashi-Tai to “doing yoga while taking a nap,”and Ashiatsu allows for deep bodywork without pointy elbows or bony fingers that can create soreness. These ancient Eastern massage techniques alleviate stress and depression; relieve pain, swelling, and cramping; enhance energy, concentration, sleep quality, circulation, and even immunity by stimulating lymph flow. Both processes are very graceful and entrancing to watch, and Holly is the only massage therapist who provides them in this area. This makes one wonder why more people aren’t making use of this opportunity? The concentration of and positive reception to massage, physical therapy, and overall holistic medicine in Bowling Green is intriguing when one considers it. Is this because Bowling Green is a college town full of free-thinking members of Generation Y, or is it because of the increasing general tendency of people to return to a more natural lifestyle? Regardless of the reason, it can still be difficult to be healthy. This is due partly to unawareness of health options and partly due to the dedication health requires: sometimes it’s just simpler not to think about what you eat and how little you’ve probably exercised lately. While Holly says she tries to be healthy, especially since she helps other people stay healthy, she acknowledges that it can be a struggle. Of course, she stays busy with her own family and getting a fair share of massages herself, since being a massage therapist can be tough physically. Although health is a demanding mistress for those who try do everything, Holly advocates the philosophy “the better you are to your body, the better you’ll feel:” a motto unquestionably rewarding for anyone to adopt.

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A Lively Mix of Shopping and Entertainment

C lassically European, C om fortably A m erican

1129 College Street 270-781-9646

lunch/dinner/late night saturday brunch www.novodolce.com

www.thebistrobg.com Lunch M-F 11am-4pm Dinner M-Th 5-9pm F & Sat 5-10pm

651 31-W BYPASS OLD TOWN SQUARE 270.904.3300

Start a Healthy Habit... drink eight 8-oz glasses of water each day !

T anpt o i Good Health Bowling Green Municipal Utilities is proud to provide safe, clean drinking water that exceeds the quality required by all federal and state regulations to our growing community.


FREE Furniture


399 All In-Stock $


Visit Our Website for Monthly Specials UnitedFurnitureAppliance.com Celebrating 68 Years of Service with a Smile!


270-782-1200 • www.bgmu.com


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Here are a few ideas to put some variation in your normal Valentine’s Day routine... • Book a hot reservation (at home). While

• Play Truth or Dare. Begin with each of you writing

cooking together might be something you do every day, there’s no reason it can’t be special. The twist — devise a unique menu that you’ll make together every year on Valentine’s Day (think: all seafood, or an aphrodisiac theme). Start the tradition now and you’ll never have to worry about making last-minute plans in the future. • Vamp it up. Buy yourself (or your partner) three new lingerie outfits in totally different styles — over-the-top, cutesy, and subtly sexy — and use your shopping spree as an excuse to suggest a predinner fashion show. Because what guy wouldn’t love his very own sexy fashion show and what girl wouldn’t be touched that her man ventured into a lingerie shop to surprise her?

out five dares — anything from trying on a sexy outfit to something naughty like stripping — on separate pieces of paper. Place them in a bowl. Now take turns asking each other naughty questions such as, “What’s the sexiest fantasy you’ve ever had?” or “What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever wanted to have sex?” If you don’t answer, you have to dip into the pot and select a dare. • Go for a run...with a steamy finish line. Sure, it’s cold outside, but all those endorphins pumping through your veins will pay off in a hot, two-person shower later. • Build a fort. You remember how to do it — construct it out of couch cushions, blankets, and pillows in your living room. Then, turn that fort into a love cave. • Start a V-Day text-a-thon. Can’t spend the whole day together? Send your partner a steamy text every hour, on the hour. By the time your honey gets home, the anticipation will be at an all-time high. • Recreate your first V-Day together. Who said there’s no such thing as a do-over? Do it the same way you did back then. The only things you’ll miss are the nerves and overblown expectations.




10 • Flair • 2015 • January/February/March

Tarket • Mohawk Quick Step • Shaw If you can’t come to the showroom. . .we’ll bring the showroom to you!

1353 Old Louisville Road 270-843-1072

Flooring and Furnishings

Name Brand Flooring



Owners: Gary & Anita Grinstead ales: John Webster & Richard Rector

with Your

Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5 • Sat by appt only

Fall in Love

Installation & Financing Available WAC

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Earn Extra Cash Today with Your Recyclables Y C C L E I R NG, IN Y B L E C. H S “Where a Pound = A Pound”

M-F 7am-5pm Sat 7am-1pm


No alcohol or drug dependent woman wants to go to the world’s second best treatment center.

That’s why women choose QUESTHOUSE, Kentucky’s Premier Treatment Provider. The Kentucky Board of Certification of Alcohol and Drug Counselors named QUESTHOUSE’s founder, Russ Hopper, The Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor of the Year. The designation was in recognition of Hopper’s dedication, commitment, and excellence in the delivery of alcohol and other drug counseling services. Hopper has also been recognized as a nominee for the Robert Straus Treatment Award for outstanding contribution to substance abuse practice in Kentucky. QUESTHOUSE is a nominee for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for ethical practices.



2349 Russellville Road Bowling Green, KY

QUESTHOUSE’s staff has provided services to over 6,000 people suffering from addiction — putting their lives back together and their families at ease. Our professionals report a 92% recovery rate over a three-year period, and 99.1% of our guests rate their quality of care received as good to very good.

Give Yourself and Your Loved Ones the Gift of Sobriety Learn more about QUESTHOUSE at http://questhouse.com or call 270.781.3387.

We Make It Easy For You... Only Drive-Thru in Bowling Green! Just drive in, sit back & relax while we unload your vehicle for you!

WE PAY CASH FOR... •Cardboard •Refrigerators •Washers •Dryers •Radiators •Water Heaters •Cans •Car Batteries •Copper •Brass •Car Motors •Carbide • Stainless Steel •All Non-Ferrous Metals

WE BUY... •Brass •Copper •All Types of Aluminum •Electric Motors •Transmissions •Car Batteries •Auto Radiators •ACR Radiators

330 Power Street • Bowling Green


Flair • 2015 • January/February/March • 11

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Frank LaManna

Fun to be Fit!

It will be no surprise to Frank LaManna’s exercise classes that he has been chosen as a feature subject in Flair. There is no doubt that Frank has “flair” since he can turn exercise into fun. The focus on fitness started for Frank in 1985 when he made the decision to move to Los Angeles from his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. He was hired to work at one of Jack LaLane’s fitness clubs as a trainer. Frank remembers Jack as the ultimate professional in every way who insisted that all staff members be dressed in black pants and white knit shirts (with the club logo) with a clipboard in hand for taking notes. Frank worked at the club for three years, advancing from trainer to floor supervisor to assistant manager. However, after three years of missing holidays with his big Italian/Hungarian family and experiencing LA’s traffic and exorbitant cost of living, Frank decided to move nearer to his family. His parents had relocated to Glasgow, Kentucky, with his Dad’s job, so Frank looked for employment in Bowling Green. He interviewed and was hired by Bowling Green Parks & Recreation as a fitness instructor and program developer. He was challenged with expanding the programs, especially for females and seniors. In a 20-year span, what was a “one-person day job” has now become a multi-program, state-of-the-art facility and operation.

Frank’s P.I.G.’s celebrating Halloween (Frank is the “Bobble-head Devil”).

Frank’s collection of pigs, given to him by his P.I.G.S. 12 • Flair • 2015 • January/February/March

Frank, with the help of Margaret Saxton, formed a unique exercise class in 1994 that is still thriving. It has been fondly nicknamed “Frank’s P.I.G.S.” (pretty impressive guys and gals staying fit). This group knows how to work fun into fitness. They meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30-9:30am. The members’ ages vary from mid 40’s to early 80’s. Every Friday after class, the group has lunch together at a local restaurant. Halloween was celebrated with costumes and hallway trick-or-treating. For the last class of December, they had a pajama party. The motto of the class is fitness, fun & friends--with the emphasis on fun. They have numerous field trips, including an annual ocean cruise. Of course, exercise class is conducted on the ship. In his spare time, Frank continues to do what he loves--work. Since 1992, he has been an EMT for WKU special events on campus that include athletic events, concerts, and so on. He loves having the “best seat” in the house while on duty. Frank has been very active with the American Red Cross teaching CPR classes and serving on the board. In 1994, he won the Jefferson Award for his community involvement. When asked about special interests in his life, Frank answered with enthusiasm, “I enjoy staying active with any kind of physical activity. I love being with people, and I enjoy teaching lifesaving skills that can make a difference.” It is no coincidence that Frank is synonymous with fitness, fun & friends, and now we can add flair!

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Your best defense is awareness

REFUSE T O BE A — By Deborah Williams

According to an FBI crime report for 2010, a violent crime occurs every 25.3 seconds. A forcible rape occurs every 6 minutes. In the next few issues of FLAIR, we will be sharing tips that will help you maximize your personal security at home, while traveling, or when performing your daily activities.

PREPARE FOR LOW, MODERATE, AND HIGH LEVELS OF AWARENESS... • Look around and under your vehicle as you approach. • Unlock ONLY the driver’s side door. • While pumping gas, place your purse on the back floorboard on the side where you pump, lock all the doors, and take your keys. • Avoid disussing plans for travel. Social media can be an open invitation for burglaries. • Always have an answering machine and record a message that says, “We can’t come to the phone right now.” Never reveal who lives there or let children record the message. • Avoid talking on the phone or texting when you should be aware of your surroundings. • Photocopy everything in your wallet and store the information in a safe place. • Don’t go with someone if he or she attempts to abduct you. You are more likely to get help in a public place. Deborah Williams has been a Firearms Instructor for 36 years and has taught Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons Training in Kentucky since 1996. She is a Certified Instructor in three (3) disciplines for the NRA which encompasses Basic Pistol, Certified Range Safety Officer, and Refuse To Be A Victim.

Have You Ever Said “I LOVE My Doctor?” If you haven’t, is it time to make a change? Personal Attention - The BEST Medicine! • Adult & Adolescent Patient Care • Yearly Physicals • Acute and Chronic Problems • Full Service Lab and X-ray — ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS — Walk-in Appointments Available for Established Patients Tues-Fri Noon-6pm PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS

• Joseph Allen, M.D. • Ashley Bennett, M.D. • Gina Clark, APRN • John Gover, M.D. • James Jarvis, M.D • Freda Meador, APRN • Tonya Simpson, APRN • Judith Waddell, APRN • Richard Welch, M.D.

GREENVIEW MEDICAL GROUP PrimeCare Medicine Associates



Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm • Sat 8am-1pm

www.primecarema.com Flair • 2015 • January/February/March • 13

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Signs of

y l r a E g n i r Sp — By Martha Zettlemoyer Bowling Green

Two clicks into February, I step out to check the mail from yesterday before today’s arrives and see the daffodils, coated in crystalized dew or 10-X powdered sugar, which one I’m not sure, shivering in place. Crazy things. Don’t they know? Or, do they? My wooly dog has already shed her endorsement of their foreshadowing, a constituency of maddening clumps of fur all about the house, not just in the corners. And I just vacuumed yesterday. Like a child who’s pleased to have made her point but didn’t win the argument, I’m all at once both pastel and perturbed, now that what I desperately wished would come ahead of time has come. The flags of March may end up frozen dead but maybe not, if — and only if, they say — I put my faith in Punxsutawney Phil. Don’t you worry, little girl, this is their poignant, bulbous life. They keep their beauty secrets underground and know what chance they take. The cold wind flukes, and here they rise and swivel their yellow heads toward me, as if I’d whistled, and riffle up the crabby slope to the house, then swerve aside, momentarily tired, like the many children I might have had but never did when they’re called home from playing in the last, thin snow, scant-half committed to hats and mittens, to buttoning their coats, to coming in from the barely cold. I’ve been out longer than I meant to be. See how in one masterful stroke the wind waves them back downhill again: the perennial tug-of-war between regret and hopefulness in unabated bloom.

14 • Flair • 2015 • January/February/March

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om www.southernsophisticateboutique.c

Let Us


chen! t i K r u o Y Be ’s 1945 Scottsville Road • Ste. A5 • Behind Rafferty Y CK U BOWLING GREEN, KENT 270.599.1312

-A rt G a ll er y a n d C u st o m Fra m in g-

RC HA SE FLA IR1 5 - 15% OF F PUre Sto On- Lin e or In- Sto



d house Roa 1200 Small Green, KY Bowling

9 270.781.1 Monday-Fr




955 Fields D Bowling Gre

rive, Suite 1

en •270-842

w w w.b a n d jg

F E E L S L IK E H O M E •Furniture •Antiq ues ware

•Collectibles •Glass

(270) 935-5065 feelslikeh om e310@ gm ail.com

31 0 L ow e A ven u B ow lin g G reen , Ke Y

9am -5:30p m & B y A p p oin tm ent D en n is & Tam m y W hite , O w n ers

e ry.c o m R ob in G B ec ky B or de en tr y, O w ne r n, D es ig n C on su lt an t Artist: M -F 9- 5, S at 9- 12

From your first blemish to you of your skin pays off in a r first fine line, taking good care lifetime of beauty. No ma tter your age, the time to car e for your skin is now. Bo what ok your personal skin assessme nt today — it’s free!

130 Walton Bowling Green, KY Avenue • 270-746-6499

Ju st get th e d ress an d w e’ll d o th e rest!

are to be pamper Prep ed!

BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM CAKES Hours: M-F 7:30am-5:30pm Sat 8am-3pm Kitchen Closes: M-F 5pm • Sat 2pm

• BAKERY • CATERING S OWultatER • CAFE • FL& Cons ions — — Free Estimates

oEns ptaCti Tem SweetBAK AF Y ER AND

w Plaza 600 31W Bypass • Ste. 3A • Fairvie gmail.com y@ bgk ons tati mp ette 270.904.4210 • swe

a ll



Nadine Wilkerson

Dentistry for Children, Teenagers and People with Special Needs Dr. Mandy Ashle y DMD, MsED, Board Certified PediatricMS Dentist

727 US 31-W Bypass Bowling Green, KY • Suite 101



Hair withs Flair by Jamie Knoi

Master Stylist

BED & B R E A K FA ST Exceptiona l Ac for Both G comodations uest & Auto — Home of —

Spongie’s Wh imsicals Handmade SO



610 MATLO 27 0 - 5 3 5 - 3 3 6 8 CK RD • BO WLING GR EEN

For the look you desire

270-904-2620 Flair • 2015 • January/February/March • 15

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Wherever She Hangs Her Hats is Home If you have a choice to be smart or lucky, pick lucky. This is the mantra of Spongie Acres innkeeper Clint Kronenberger, according to his wife, Juannie, whose nickname is “Spongie.” Of course, being both is optimal, and it seems this savvy couple definitely possesses the two qualities. What is the intriguingly named Spongie Acres exactly? No, it is not a sinkhole ripe for a cave in. It is a charming and meticulously maintained bed and breakfast, recently refurbished and re-christened “Matlock Mansion in Corvette City.” When the Kronenbergers settled in Bowling Green, Clint fell in love with the property, and the bed and breakfast was a business Juannie claims they sort of “fell into.” “My husband thought he was retired,” she jokingly remarks. The pair have been involved in customer service their entire 30+ year career: first in a bicycle business in Florida (where they decided they definitely didn’t want to retire because so many people already had) and then creating a hospitality business (an idea inspired by their cyclist friends who were housed by the couple on long weekend trips). The first business was the scary one, according to Juannie. They didn’t have a plan. They just worked, sacrificed, and prayed. With Spongie Acres, they had time and were no longer afraid of the risk, so they decided to just go for it. Other than licensing and just learning the trade, they already had everything they needed. Common sense mostly taught them how to schedule mealtimes, check-outs, and clean up. If Juannie had one fear when they started, it was the fact that, comparatively, they had nothing that made them stand out like other B&Bs. Then the couple thought of their love of cars and became business club members of the Corvette Museum. They now offer show car accommodations, which has earned them a great deal of recognition from car enthusiasts. Juannie advises that the best thing a potential business owner can do is to satisfy the customers he or she gets, get them talking, and let them do the advertising; respecting people and treating them with kindness will make them speak highly of you. Luck, hard work, ambition, and timing are also all essential to entrepreneurship. Common sense should be more important than the proverbial booksmarts, in Juannie’s opinion. “Be an expert trouble-shooter, self-disciplined, and motivated,” she advises in conclusion. “You have to wear all the hats.”

Hannah Bertram, senior at WKU, is an English major aspiring to the professional world of editing and publishing. She currently interns at Flair magazine, overseeing two articles and accompanying photos per issue. Hannah brings her own flair to her pieces.

By Hannah Bertram

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FAMILY and COSMETIC DENTISTRY Dr. Eric S. Kelley, D.M.D. Comprehensive Adult and Pediatric Dental Care Complete Dental Implant Treatment from Start to Finish, under IV Sedation

727 31-W BYPASS STE. 102 PROFESSIONAL ARTS BUILDING kelleydentistry.com


BUSINESS CARD BUZZ I t ’s Yo u r L if e , S h e lt e r I t

Insurance for yo ur... Auto • Home • Life Farm • Business • Motorcycle Let me help you plan for life’s changes and unexpe cted events



304 E. 11th Ave,ent Ste Bowling Green 3






Know why YOU should advertise in




Colorful and visually stimulating. Plus the articles are informative, fun and uplifting to read.


FLAIR is geared to women, who account for more than 85% of all consumer decisions and hold the most BUYING POWER.

• CONVENIENT and SUBSTANTIAL REACH... FLAIR is home delivered to over 24,000 homes PLUS rack or countertop delivered to “hot spots”.


An ad size and price for ALL budgets.

To advertise call Lana or Belinda at 270.842.3314 Flair • 2015 • January/February/March • 17

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5 ways to beat the winter blahs Did you know caves stay the same temperature year-round? Take an underground boat ride in Lost River Cave and enjoy the mild 55˚ climate! The National Corvette Museum is open 7 days a week, 8am until 5pm, offering exhibits and interactive fun with their KidZone. For pieces of Kentucky history, why not visit the Kentucky Museum’s instruments of American Excellence, ‘Recommended by Duncan Hines’, and Civil War exhibits? If you like trains, then you won’t want to miss the Historic Railpark & Train Museum. They have a two-story interactive museum, and out back you can climb aboard real rail cars! Oh, and how could we omit SHOPPING! Bowling Green has tons of unique, locally-owned shops, antiques galore, a mall, a consignment district, Kentucky’s largest indoor flea market, and much more! 18 • Flair • 2015 • January/February/March

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Lauren Bacall

“HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU KID!” 1924-2014 Award-winning American actress, author & fashion icon

I think your whole life shows in your face, and you should be proud of that. Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.

L ook in g at y ou rself in a m irror isn ’t ex actly a stu d y of life. Find me a man who’s interesting enough to have dinner with, and I’ll be happy.

H ere is a test to fin d ou t w h eth er y ou r m ission in life is com p lete: if y ou ’re alive, it isn ’t. You don’t always win your battles, but it’s good to know you fought.

I remember my oldest son saying to me once, “I don’t ever remember seeing you with an apron on.” And I thought, “That’s right, honey; you did not.”

G en erally , w om en are b etter th an m en : th ey h ave m ore ch aracter. W om en h ave a greater sen se of h on or an d are m ore w illin g to tak e a ch an ce w ith th eir lives.

To fly as fast as thought, you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived.

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R u ssellv ille N at iv e W in s 20 14 K en t u c k y Lit er ar y Aw ar d The winner of the 2014 Southern Kentucky Book Fest Kentucky Literary Award was The Next Time You See Me by Holly Goddard Jones. The Kentucky Literary Award is a celebration of Kentucky literature. Eligible books include those written by Kentuckians or books with a substantial Kentucky theme. Hailed as “an astoundingly good novel” by Gillian Flynn, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Gone Girl, The Next Time You See Me is a gripping tale of mystery, desperation, and redemption. When a small Southern town’s most fiery single woman, Ronnie Eastman, is found dead in the woods, it’s not just her secrets that threaten to surface. There’s Ronnie’s sister, Susanna, a dutiful but dissatisfied schoolteacher, mother, and wife; Tony, a failed baseball star turned detective; Emily, a socially awkward thirteen-year-old with a dark secret; and Wyatt, a factory worker tormented by a past he can’t change and by a love he doesn’t think he deserves. Connected in ways they cannot begin to imagine, their stories converge in a violent climax that reveals not just the mystery of what happened to Ronnie, but all of their secret selves. Praised as “immensely satisfying and skillful” by Kate Atkinson, author of New York Times bestseller Life After Life, The Next Time You See Me is a debut novel not to be missed.

Holly Goddard Jones

Holly Goddard Jones was born and raised in Russellville, Kentucky. At the age of nineteen, after a year of college at nearby Western Kentucky University, she married her boyfriend, Brandon, and the two moved to Lexington, Kentucky, to pursue degrees at the University of Kentucky, where Holly took her first fiction workshops and worked part-time as a marketing assistant at University Press of Kentucky. Holly soon went on to receive an MFA in creative writing at The Ohio State Univerity and to teach at Denison University, Murray State University, and most recently the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she is Assistant Professor of English. Holly’s first book, Girl Trouble, a collection of short stories, was published in 2009 by Harper Perennial. The Next Time You See Me, Holly’s debut novel, was published in February, 2013, by Touchstone. She and Brandon, who teaches interior design at High Point University, are still happily married, and they have two rowdy dogs, Bishop and Martha.

the story behind the book...

...When I was a little girl, a phone line repairman found a murdered woman’s body in an abandoned shack on a property near my neighborhood, and I was fascinated by the idea that death had happened so close by—that it might have been me to find the body, under other circumstances. So that was the germ of the idea.... 20 • Flair • 2015 • January/February/March

Jones receives award from Book Fest’s Libby Davies

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Live better naturally

In an effort to help those who may be having a difficult time paying their electric heating bill, Warren Rural Electric is proud to offer

WEDDING OFFICIANT Margalena is an Ordained Minister and will work with you to customize the wedding ceremony your heart desires. Services include Traditional, Interfaith, Unconventional and Non-Denominational Weddings, Vow Renewals and House Blessings.

on i t a r e Op Wa r m Hearts


This program allows Warren RECC members to round up their electric bill to the next dollar amount. For less than a dollar a month, you can make a difference in someone’s life.

A technique for achieving a satisfying and stress-free method of birthing.

5 Week HypnoBirthing Group Program begins March 10 - PERSONAL TRAINING AVAILABLE -

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Call us or visit our website margalena.com for a complete list of services offered by our team of qualified massage therapists.

Proceeds will be distributed through community action agencies to qualifying Warren RECC residential members.

A treatment feels like a gentle wave of energy that flows through and around you.

Reiki I & II Classes February 28 & March 1

BALANCED LIFE Massage and Hypnosis


1725 Ashley Circle • Ste 109 • Executive Plaza • Bowling Green, KY

or visit our website at www.wrecc.com

F AIR Ashley Cardwell



To sign up for Operation Warm Hearts, call

Spotlight on

Call to see if you qualify for Medical Massage Therapy sessions at no cost to you. When you have been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident or a Workman’s Compensation Injury, you can receive up to 24 visits of Medical Massage Therapy AT NO COST TO YOU!!!

Service Certified Banker

Ashley Cardwell started her career with South Central Bank in 2005. She is currently a Service Certified Banker at the Nashville Rd. Office.  Ashley is originally from Bowling Green, but now resides in Morgantown with her husband, Chad and their two children.  Ashley was head teller at the South Central Bank’s 31-W Bypass Office for several years. When the office closed in July 2014, she relocated to the Nashville Road Office.Ashley always displays great customer service and is always eager to assist you with your banking needs.Come see Ashley today and see what South Central Bank has to offer you.

270-782-9696 www.southcentralbank.com Flair • 2015 • January/February/March • 21

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For a new year to bring you something new, make a move, like a butterly tearing its cocoon! Make a move! --Mehmet Murat ildan 22 • Flair • 2015 • January/February/March

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e s o R y n o T Catch TONY from 6am-9am only on

#1 DJ in Bowling Green joins the

#1 Station in Warren County!

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W esu pportthe RIGH T to w earon eof theseon you rLEFT We are the leading buyer of scrap gold, loose and mounted diamonds, estate and fine jewelry.


2910 SCOTTSVILLE ROAD • 270.781.1194

Profile for Country Peddler

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