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Volunteering as an Older Adult How to find the right fit for your new lifestyle Many parents feel involving their children in volunteering at an early age can have a profound, long-lasting impact on their kids. But youngsters are not the only ones who can reap great rewards from volunteering, some studies show that men and women at, beyond or approaching retirement age also benefit greatly from volunteer work. Older adults who want to volunteer but have little or no history with volunteering might not know where to begin with regard to finding the right opportunity. The right fit can make all the difference for volunteers and the people they help, and the following tips might help older adults as they look for an opportunity that best utilizes their skills and experience.

• Know your schedule. Older adults who are others. Imparting wisdom learned in your professional life can provide a sense of still working but want to volunteer may purpose and even make you feel as have a firm grasp on their schedules, but even retirees should not overestimate how though you are still actively involved in the industry where you built your professional much time they have to volunteer. Before reputation. But life experience can also you begin to look for an opportunity, write prove invaluable in volunteering. down your commitments and daily schedule, using this list to determine how • Volunteering opportunities come in many much free time you have to volunteer. variations, and each is significant in its own right. Coaching a grandchild’s soccer • Give due consideration to your experience. Older adults who have retired team can have as significant an impact on the people you help as other volunteering or are on the cusp of retirement have a lifetime of experience they can use to help opportunities.


• Leave time for the rest of your life. Volunteering is a selfless act, and volunteers are the backbone of many successful charitable organizations. But older men and women should leave time for the rest of their lives as well. Retirement should be fulfilling but also include time for recreation. Finding the right volunteer opportunity can make all the difference for older men and women who want to give back to their communities.


Caring Advice for the Next Step in Life After receiving the same questions from friends, acquaintances and sometimes even strangers, Mary Cohron and Stacy Carter saw a serious unmet need in South Central Kentucky. That recurring question? “My elderly parents need care—where do I begin?” So, with much planning and counsel, Cohron and Carter founded a local company that helps clients find the right resources, or pathway, to care by equipping them with the right information to make better decisions, save time and money and feel less overwhelmed when searching for the best senior care. The advisors work with each client to explore options, including inhome care, assisted living, nursing home placement, independent living assistance, memory care, respite care, moving services, along with real estate and personal property liquidation—all at no cost to you. Cohron and Carter have extensive backgrounds in healthcare and senior care, positioning them each as strong advocates and counselors in a time that is often difficult to face. “We all have a passion for this because of our background,” Carter said. “We know there are so many people out there who don’t understand the process when it hits, and they are desperate to find the best care at the best value. It’ s much better to have that conversation around the table rather than when you’ re panicked inside the hospital.” This company is groundbreaking because it’s the only local option for senior care advising in Bowling Green, meaning all staff are local and all references are local. “We never refer a client to a facility that we haven’t toured and inspected,” Cohron said. “Most people don’t consider options for aging family members until the need arises, but we have cleared the pathway to make it easier.” Mary Cohron is the financial managing partner of Pathways Senior Care Advisors and Stacy Carter is the outreach managing partner of Pathways Senior Care Advisors. For more information, call 270-780-3770.


Stacy Carter

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From FARM to PHARMACY... Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CLEAN • ALL NATURAL NO PRESERVATIVES • NON-GMO What are Cannabinoids? Chemical compounds that hold the key to many health benefits. Non-Psychoactive Hemp will NOT get you high! COMPLIANT • LEGAL • TESTED Ananda hemp uses no herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals on any of their hemp fields.

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(NAPS) The next time you want to get together for an evening with friends, go for the sophisticated touch of a wine and cheese pairing party. Here are four hints on how: Start with at least four different kinds of cheese: Creamy, decadent cheeses, with a soft rind. Stiff cheeses, which can be sharp or salty. They’re often aged. Pungent, sometimes salty cheeses, with a blue tinge. Soft, spreadable cheeses that can be tangy or mild. Go for either complementary or contrasting flavors. A lush wine works well with a triple-cream cheese, while an acidic wine will reduce the cheese’s sweetness. Taste the cheese first by itself on a cracker before you try it with the wine. You can use any large platter or cutting board or perhaps a special glass or a slate cheese tray you can chalk the cheese names on. In addition to the cheese, you may care to add some extra flavor, color and crunch with sliced cured meats such as prosciutto and hard salami, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, assorted olives, slices of fresh apples or pears, dried fruit and mixed nuts. White wine should be served at 45° F, red wine at 60° F. The cheese should be at room temperature for about 30 to 60 minutes before you serve it. Start with lighter wines and fresher cheeses and move to the sharper, more full-bodied ones. Serve it all on Harvest Stone Crackers. They’re certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and made on dedicated, certified gluten-free production lines. The crackers are also verified non-GMO and made according to organic standards. Because Harvest Stone crackers are packed with whole grains, seeds and not much else, they make for an excellent canvas for just about all your wholesome creations. These clever crackers can complement your health-conscious lifestyle without compromising your good taste.

• Harvest Stone® Tomato Basil Brown Rice & Chickpea Crackers • Manchego cheese • Prosciutto & Fig Top Harvest Stone Tomato Basil Brown Rice & Chickpea Crackers with slice of prosciutto and Manchego cheese. Finish with wedge of fresh fig. For other great recipes, coupons, tips and nutrition information: www.harveststone.com. 8

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Hospice care in your home, nursing home, hospital, assisted living facility or Hospice House the area’s only 10 suite inpatient facility.



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A crown is a porcelain “cap” that surrounds your tooth, making it stronger so that it won’t fracture. Crowns look and feel natural and are stronger than your natural teeth. Crowns are necessary when teeth develop fractures or have very large fillings that weaken your teeth. With our same day procedure we use a computer to scan your tooth. This means no more disgusting impression material in your mouth. We then digitally develop your crown using your bite, and mill your new crown out of very strong porcelain. The crown is usually able to seat in under two hours. No need for a temporary that can come of, or a second visit. This amazing technology has changed the way we practice dentistry. Here are some commonly asked questions: • How do I know if I need a crown? The most common way to know that you need a crown is to have pain or sensitivity when you bite down. This may indicate a small crack. A crown can fix a small fracture before it gets larger. If a fracture is too large it will require an extraction. • Is a “CEREC” crown as good as a conventional crown? Yes, if not better. Conventional crowns require making an impression, sending it to a lab, a lab tech setting the impression in stone, fabricating the crown, and sending it back to cement it. Our CEREC crowns use a scanner that digitally creates and mills your crown directly, making for a stronger, more accurate crown. • Do they cost more? No, CEREC crowns cost the same as conventional crowns.



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Checklist FOR Your

SOCIAL SECURITY — By David K. Smith Say “annual checkup” and most people imagine waiting at the doctor’s office. But, there’s another type of checkup that can give you a sense of wellness without even leaving home. Visit www.socialsecurity.gov and follow these five steps to conduct your own Social Security annual checkup. Your Social Security Statement is available online anytime to everyone who has a my Social Security account at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount. Creating your account gives you 24/7 access to your personal information and makes it impossible for someone else to set up an account in your name. We still send paper Statements to those who are 60 and older who don’t have an account and aren’t receiving Social Security benefits. Your Statement provides information about work credits (you need 40 credits to be entitled to a Social Security retirement benefit), estimates for retirement, disability, and survivors benefits, plus a history of your earnings.

Work Credits Count

If you have earned 40 work credits, your Statement will show estimates for retirement, disability, and survivors benefits. If you don’t have 40 work credits, the Statement shows how many you have and how many you still need to qualify for benefits.

Review Earnings Record

Review your history of earnings year by year to make sure each year is correct. This is important because

Social Security benefits are based on your lifetime earnings. If any years are incorrect or missing, you may not receive all the benefits you are entitled to in the future. If you need to correct your earnings, contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please have your W-2 or paystubs when you call.

Study Benefit Estimates

Review the section titled “Your Estimated Benefits.” Be sure to review not only your retirement estimate, but your disability and survivors estimates. No one likes to think about disability, but a 20-year-old worker has a one-in-four chance of becoming disabled before reaching retirement age, underscoring the importance of disability benefits. Since the value of the survivors insurance you have under Social Security may be more than your individual life insurance, be sure to check your survivors estimates also.

Calculate Additional Estimates

You can use our Retirement Estimator to compute future Social Security benefits by changing variables such as retirement dates and future earnings. If you want to project what future earnings could add to your benefit, visit www.socialsecurity.gov/benefits/retirement/estimator

Schedule Your Annual Check-Up

Each year, make a date with yourself to review the most recently posted year of earnings on your Statement. By checking your record every year, you can be certain when you retire that Social Security will have a correct record of earnings to use when computing benefits for you or your family members. Social Security helps you secure your today and tomorrow by providing information to make your financial planning easier. Social Security is more than retirement; it is a family protection plan. For more information about benefits, visit us at www.socialsecurity.gov.

David K. Smith is the Social Security District Manager in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Discounts for the Over 50 Crowd

Many people may not look forward to the day they turn 50, but cracking the half century mark can have its perks. Many retailers and businesses offer discounts to men and women over 50, and the following are just a few ways that people who have turned the big 5-0 might be able to save some money. The cost of going to the movies has skyrocketed in recent years, as today’s theaters now offer an array of amenities and, thanks to bigger screens and better technology, a better viewing experience than the theaters the over-50 crowd grew up visiting. While film lovers may need to wait until they turn 60 to cash in on discount movie tickets, many chain movie theaters offer discounted tickets to older patrons. Men and women over 50 may be able to save substantial amounts of money on travel simply by typing in their birthdays when purchasing tickets or planning trips. For example, men and women over the age of 62 are eligible to receive a 15 percent discount on the lowest available rail fare on most Amtrak trains. AARP members also are eligible to save up to 30 percent on base rates for vehicle rentals at Avis. The discounts are applicable at participating locations in both the United States and Canada. Hotels: Men and women over 50 may have extra time on their hands once their kids go off to college and then begin careers and families of their own. Many such adults use that extra free time to travel, which requires staying in hotels. Many hotels offer discounted rates to travelers over the age of 50, and such discounts may make it more affordable to book directly through hotel websites instead of using popular travel sites where rates tend to fluctuate by the minute. Of course, many restaurants offer early bird specials for patrons who want to eat a little bit earlier than guests typically arrive for dinner. However, many chain restaurants also offer discounts to senior diners regardless of when they arrive. Discounts are sometimes even applicable to both food and beverages. Men and women over 50 may not have grown up with smartphones in their hands, but chances are they now cannot imagine life without them. Some mobile providers offer discounts to AARP members, while others may offer senior discounts to customers whether they’re AARP members or not. 14



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As men and women age, various factors may affect their ability to drive. In addition to issues with memory, seniors may have failing eyesight and physical limitations, and their reaction time may slow down. In such instances, seniors’ ability to safely operate a motor vehicle may be questioned. Losing the ability to safely operate an automobile can greatly reduce a person’s independence. That is why periodic driver evaluations may be met with some reluctance. Aging men and women who don’t want to avoid potential conflicts with concerned family members can take their own steps to ensure they maintain their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

When drivers’ abilities to operate a motor vehicle become suspect, a thorough evaluation should be scheduled. The evaluation should not be handled by a family physician or family member, but by an unbiased third party like a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist. A program called CarFit can help drivers assess if their car is suited to their abilities. A team of trained technicians and/or health professionals work with participants to ensure their vehicles are equipped for maximum safety and comfort. A properly adjusted vehicle is as important as one’s cognitive and physical abilities. Adjustments can include mirror placement, good foot positioning and sitting at the proper distance from the steering wheel. People can learn about an upcoming event at www.car-fit.org. Driver improvement courses are provided by various organizations, including some insurance companies. AARP also has a Driver Safety Course to lower the risk of traffic violations, collisions and injuries. Completion of these courses can help drivers enhance their abilities behind the wheel.

Driving is one of the key avenues to personal independence. Strengthening seniors’ driving abilities is a goal of many organizations. 16

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A Taste of the Country Near You A farmer’s market is right around the corner from you! The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports the number of farmers’ markets have more than doubled across the country in recent years. Farmers’ markets will continue to thrive and expand as people increasingly realize the benefits of supporting local food providers. Buyers who are not familiar with farmers’ markets may consider the following reasons to visit one: • ENJOY FRESH, SEASONAL FOODS Foods at farmers’ markets tend to be limited to in-season offerings. Some nutritionists suggest eating seasonally available foods is better for your body. In addition, many people feel that fresh, seasonal foods taste better than the alternatives.

secrets and recipe ideas. Many local farm families supported by farmers’ markets generally offer supreme customer service to keep shoppers coming back week after week.

• DISCOVER NEW FOODS There’s always something new at a farmers’ market, and this can entice shoppers to expand their flavor palates. Explore interesting, locally grown items. Even children may fall in love with colorful fruits, vegetables and their refreshing tastes.

• SAVE MONEY Farmers’ markets may sell organic produce at a cost comparable or even lower than other retailers. That’s because local farmers don’t have to transport their items as far as retailers whose foods were shipped from far away places.

• EMBRACE ORGANIC Many farmers’ markets offer foods that are organically grown and are produced without GMOs. Farmers’ market retailers also tend to give firsthand accounts of where their foods come from and how they are grown or raised. • INDULGE IN NUTRITIOUS FOODS The vivid colors and smells emanating from farmers’ markets indicate just how fresh and nutritious the offerings are. Farmers who peddle their wares at farmers’ markets adhere to careful farming methods to ensure their foods are as nutritious as possible. • LEARN SECRETS AND RECIPES In addition to fresh produce, farmers’ markets may offer baked and other prepared goods. Vendors often mingle with their customers, offering trade


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Despite countless television ads touting the virtues of retirement planning, it seems many people are not getting the message. According to a survey, one-third of Americans have nothing saved for retirement. Financial advisors recommend men and women begin saving for retirement as early as possible. The longer people delay opening a retirement account, the less time their money will have to grow. Those who never open such accounts may not be able to meet their cost of living in the future. While it pays to start saving for retirement early, late bloomers who need to catch up should know that it’s never too late to start. • Sign up for an employer-sponsored retirement account. Many employers arrange for retirement savings accounts like a 401(k) for their employees. Such accounts are typically tax-deferred. • Start saving as much as possible. Many people contribute 6 percent of their pay to a retirement savings account such as a 401(k). That rule of thumb may be enough for young workers, but late bloomers may need to contribute a higher percentage of their incomes if they hope to catch up. • Avoid high-risk investments. Investors trying to catch up on retirement savings may be tempted to invest their money in high-risk funds with the hope of making up ground quickly. But investors typically want to reduce risk as they get older. That approach should still govern late bloomers’ investing decisions, as high-risk funds that don’t perform well could leave aging investors with little to nothing come retirement. Prospective investors who need help choosing the right funds should contact a financial advisor. • Cut spending. Men and women getting a late start on retirement saving should examine their monthly expenses, looking for places to cut costs so they can reallocate those funds for retirement savings. Men and women who have delayed saving for retirement should not panic. While it’s always best to begin saving for retirement as early as possible, there are ways for late bloomers to catch up and/or create a decent-sized nest egg for their golden years. 19


How Do I Know? Did you hear about the Tiffany lamp that was purchased for $125 in 1960 and was recently appraised for $300,000?



Originals by famous artists are fetching big dollars. Signed lithographs and works by unknown artists - not so much.


Stories like this, and the popular PBS series Antiques Roadshow, have caused many folks to head into attics and basements on their own mini A-LIST treasure hunts. Think you’ve found your potential AUTOGRAPHS fortune in a dusty old box? How do you know if Anything signed by that “junk” — or “priceless antique” — you legends like Babe Ruth, inherited is really worth any money? Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley, or Marilyn You can have items professionally appraised Monroe has or you can do the research. The following 4 tips tremendous upside. may help you separate trash from treasure. You might be surprised at what’s considered valuable these days and what’s not! 1. Do Your Homework CARDBOARD You might find an item that you think is worth ADVERTISING a lot, but what if it is just a copy or poorly SIGNS made reproduction. If you are really serious One large-format cardboard about separating out the good from the bad, Chesterfield cigarette ad is start visiting flea markets and antiques and worth about $10,000, for collectibles shops. You can pick up some example, but a metal version of the same thing is essentially pointers on how to tell if something is a rare worthless. The exception: original or a cheap reproduction. metal Coca-Cola signs. 2. Check Out a Price Guide A tedious, but generally reliable, method for getting rough values is checking out a price guide. There are price guides for general antiques and collectibles— COINS & Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles CURRENCY Price Guide is a good one to Coins from the 19th start with. century or earlier have seen steadily climbing 3. Visit a Dealer…or Three prices, as has paper Once you know what you have, money from 1928 visit two or three antiques and and earlier. collectibles dealers to get a feel for what they think the items are worth. Make it clear that you MINT-CONDITION TOYS aren’t interested in selling and Vintage playthings like Barbies, GI Joes and old be sure to ask what they think metal cars have enduring appeal, especially if the items are worth, not they’re in their original packaging. what the dealers would pay for them. 4. Have the Item(s) POLITICAL Professionally Appraised MEMORABILIA If you have done the Original documents linked to a research and it seems like president — especially the item is valuable then Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy — and pre-1960s have a professional campaign buttons have appraiser determine lasting value. its value.

• • • • •• • •

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Remember... the antique business is a business like any other, so if you do find a treasure or two in the attic that you think might be worth something, make sure you get a fair price for it if you decide to sell. 20


Do You Suffer From Hair Loss?

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Chemical Hair Loss • Alopecia FTER • Balding Spots A

Ann Lane has been a client since 1995. She says integration has been the only thing she has found on the market that enhances her hair style without causing hair loss or harming her hair!

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Failing to plan for long-term care expenses may leave aging men and women with little or no assets late in life. AARP says that the cost of long-term care continues to rise and the array of options can make it difficult to find the best, most affordable care. The median monthly costs for a semi-private room in a nursing facility averages between $6,800 to $8,000. Individuals who only anticipate hiring a home health aide should know that such options cost an average $3,800 per month. Retirement savings can quickly dry up when long-term care is required. It is estimated that 60 percent of all individuals will need extended help during their lifetimes. Ongoing care, including assisted living and extended nursing home stays, can last for many months or years. These needs may not be covered by federal health insurance programs, such as Medicare. As a result, it is up to individuals to find ways to finance their care.

Long-term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is one of the ways to offset costs of care for later in life. Long-term care insurance is a safety precaution that can be purchased early in life to plan to help pay for expenses aging men and women may incur in their golden years. Coverage varies, but policy premiums generally increase with the age of applicant.

Government Aid

Government aid is available for U.S. residents but qualifications vary and it is usually limited to those with financial hardships. Medicaid pays for the largest share of long-term care services. But to qualify, one’s income must be below a certain level and the person must meet minimum state eligibility requirements. Financing long-term care is something individuals must consider as they make their plans for the future. 21

Good Nutrition Made Easy For Older Adults

(NAPS)—Roughly 110 million adults in the U.S. are age 50 or older. If you’re one of them or know someone who is, there’s something you need to know: As you age, your nutrition needs change. You may become less active, your metabolism slows, and your ability to absorb some nutrients becomes less efficient. You need fewer calories to keep you going—which means the amount of nutrients in your food becomes even more important. To help, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and nutrition scientists at the Jean Mayer U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, with support from AARP Foundation, created MyPlate for Older Adults.

What’s on MyPlate for Older Adults?

Based on the federal government’s guide to forming healthy dietary habits, MyPlate for Older Adults makes good nutrition easy. Even better, it helps seniors with fixed incomes select healthy foods within their budget. That includes showing how frozen, dried and canned fruits and vegetables can be Older people wise alternatives to fresh produce. MyPlate for Older Adults encourages eating whole can help their grains, which are high in fiber, as well as plant-based own health by proteins such as beans and tofu, along with fish and lean Vegetables and fruits make up half the plate, watching what meat. reflecting the importance of eating several servings a day in a range of colors. MyPlate for Older Adults also they eat. recommends using herbs and spices instead of salt to season food. Cutting back on salt can have big health benefits—especially for older adults, who are at risk of hypertension. You can use the MyPlate for Older Adults as a tool when you shop to help you decide on types and combinations of foods, and as a reminder that the foods you choose to eat should be rich in vitamins MyPlate for Older Adults and minerals. The rest of the Fruits & Vegetables recommendations Whole fruits and vegetables are rich in important nutrients include: and fiber. Choose fruits and • Brightly colored vegetables with deeply Fluids vegetables such as colored flesh. Choose canned varieties that are Drink plenty of fluids carrots and packed in their own water, tea, coffee, soups, juices or low sodium. broccoli and fruits and vegetables. • Deep-colored fruit Healthy Oils Liquid vegetable oils such as berries Grains and soft margarines Whole grain and and peaches provide important fatty fortified foods are good sources of fiber and B acids and some fat• Whole, enriched vitamins. and fortified grains soluble vitamins. Dairy Herbs & Spices and cereals such Fat-free and low-fat milk, Use a variety of herbs and cheeses and yogurts provide as brown rice and spices to enhance the flavor of protein, calcium and other 100 percent whole foods and reduce the need to add important nutrients. salt. wheat bread Protein • Low-fat and nonfat Protein rich foods provide many important nutrients. Choose a variety including nuts, beans, dairy products fish, lean meat and poultry. such as yogurt and low-lactose milk • Dry beans and nuts, fish, poultry and eggs • Liquid vegetable oils, soft spreads low in saturated and trans fats • Lots of fluids such as water and fat-free milk • Physical activity such as walking, resistance training and light cleaning. LEARN MORE You can check out MyPlate for Older Adults and find more information about AARP Foundation at www.aarpfoundation.org/myplate. 22

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