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(NAPS)—Here’s an eye-opening statistic: According to the National Institutes of Health, adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a night, but nearly 30 percent are getting six or less.

Five Steps To Better Sleep If you’re ever among them, consider these five tips: 1. Try to go to bed at the same time each night and rise at the same time each morning. 2. Avoid large meals before bed. 3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime. 4. Avoid nicotine. 5. Get a mattress with the right degree of firmness for you. For example, a soft mattress is for sleepers who prefer to feel it hug them in a supportive embrace but not let them sink in too much. • Sleep on your side and sometimes your back • Like to feel enveloped in your bed and linens • Have trouble with your arms falling asleep before you do. The standard comfort level used in the finest hotels is luxury firm. This balances cushioning and contouring support to ensure proper spinal alignment. • Sleep on your side, back or stomach • Switch sleeping positions often in the night. Firm is for sleepers who prefer an initial plushness quickly followed by firm support. • Sleep on your back or stomach • Prefer a mattress that you float on top of instead of sink into • Have been told by your doctor to sleep on a firm mattress. Whatever degree of firmness you like, you want your mattress to be top quality. Look for higher density of nontoxic foams and dual innerspring construction, which prevents sagging. In the case of memory foam mattresses, look for higher weight and density and nontoxic foams. Focus only on a memory foam mattress that allows for the most efficient air circulation within the mattress. Memory foam mattresses are a rising choice with consumers, as they offer the elimination of pressure points or discomfort that can contribute to the “tossing and turning at night” to find a comfortable sleep position. A well-handcrafted memory foam mattress also eliminates “motion transfer,” the annoying transfer of motion from one side of the bed to the other that can come from sleeping next to a restless sleeper. Also look for coil-on-coil construction. The lower coil unit should offer a connected, hourglass-shaped, steel support base while the top coil unit features an individually wrapped, pocketed coil system that contours and responds to your body, eliminating most motion transfer. 4

I’m Sarah. I didn’t get to choose when I left this world. I’m glad I could choose how I lived in it until the end.

Sarah Fallon December 16, 1972–September 19, 2013

By contacting Hosparus early, patients and their families get the most out of the time they have left together. Benefits include medical care, family counseling, pain management and much more. Hosparus Barren River – A Hospice Provider The earlier you call, the more we can help. Call 1-877-892-5858 today. hosparus.org 5

10 Best BABY BOOMER MOVIES Baby Boomers like movies, writes Paul Briand at BoomerPlaces.com. They grew up with them. They were the first generation to have them come into their homes. They watched movies develop and evolve in the 50’s and 60’s at a faster rate than anyone could imagine, compared to the half-century before. New genres, filming techniques, and themes were introduced, as they joyfully watched. As a result, they have rather sophisticated and eclectic tastes when it comes to film. With the advent of cable TV, DVD’s, and the Internet, the entire magical movie kingdom lies at their fingertips. Here are 10 of the best movies that relate to Boomers’ specific lifestyles, values, and passions — some new additions, some old favorites, and some often overlooked. These movies encompass the themes that defined the generation: peace, love, war, music, and self-identification. 1. “ (1983) — Included many of the Boomer elements of post-college identity crisis and friendship around a terrific music score; what boomer doesn’t love this movie 2. 3.

(1967) — Talk about Boomer angst...find a job, find a love, find Mrs. Robinson instead...whew (1970) — The documentary for a generation — sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll


(1969) — A story of the open road and the consequences of intolerance, definitely not a retelling of John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley”


(1964) — The Beatles led the English music invasion on the “Ed Sullivan Show” and then followed it up with a movie that still had the girls screaming


(1979) — Epic take on the Vietnam War that pilloried the insanity of American foreign policy


(1969) — Buddy movie with the passing of the hunk baton from Paul Newman to Robert Redford (and Katharine Ross to boot)


(1965) — A chick flick that appealed to guys, what with the Russian Revolution and all … and “Lara’s Theme,” the song that launched a billion music boxes

9. 10.

(1977) — Episodes IV, V, and VI trilogy that first appealed to our inner geek (1977) — Defined the attitude of disco, the music and the dancing, whether we like to remember it or not. 6

Heart pounding movie thriller Chest pounding pain

E EVERYDAY VERYDAY A ACHES, CHES, O OR R SOMETHING SO M E TH I N G M MORE ORE S SERIOUS? ERIOUS? O Our ur e expert xpert e emergency mergency tteam eam ccan an h help elp g get et y you ou b back ack tto o tthe he m movies ovies you you e enjoy. njoy.



20 TIPS TO HELP YOU GET RID OF JUNK Helping a parent downsize for a move can be complicated. Where you see a houseful of stuff to sort and toss, your parent is apt to see treasures, essentials, and a lifetime of memories. For adults over 60, only a spouse’s death and divorce rank as more stressful than moving to a smaller home. Avoid the “junk wars” and make downsizing less stressful -- for all of you.

How to Sort 1. Avoid tackling the whole house in one go. Tackle one room or area at a time. About two hours at a stretch is ideal for many older adults. 2. Frame decisions as yes-no questions to provide the opportunity for the parent to feel successful so that you can move on to the next thing. 3. Use the new space as a guide. Measure exactly how much closet or cabinet space the new place has and fill an equivalent amount of space as you sort. 4. Banish the “maybe” pile. The less decisive you are about what to do with an item, the more attached you or your parent risk becoming to it. 5. Encourage your parent to focus on most-used items (and let the rest go). 6. 7. 8. 9.

How to Cope with Treasures

Pack representative bits of favored items (not the whole kit and kaboodle). Cull a collection by asking, “Which is your favorite piece?” Take photos of the rest of a collection and present them in a special book. If it’s meant to be a gift or legacy, encourage giving it now.

How to Sell 10. Think twice before selling items on your own. It can be time consuming. 11. If there are several items of high value, consider an appraisal. Auction houses, whose goal is to sell items at the best prices, are the best option.

How to Donate

12. Contact donation centers for acceptable items and if they have pick-up. 13. Target recipients for specialty items by donating musical instruments and old costumes to local schools or arts organizations. 14. Try the “free” tactic. Set items on the curb with a “FREE - HELP YOURSELF” sign.

What to Discard 15. If it’s chipped, broken, or stained, toss it. Charities don’t want items that they can’t sell. 16. Weigh your loyalty to recycling against your available time, finding a home for every object can be incredibly time consuming. 17. Don’t be shy about tossing replaceable items without consultation. 18. For a price, you don’t have to haul it away yourself. Also, local junk dealers may haul things away for free if they see items that they’ll be able to sell.

Get Help 19. Consider bringing in a professional “move manager” for a fee. 20. Investigate one-stop solutions, such as an estate or yard sale, if time is available.



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Faster At The Pharmacy Five steps you can take to get in and out of the pharmacy faster: Time your visit right. Pharmacies are generally less busy and lines may be shorter mid-mornings and late afternoons. Scan to refill. Many pharmacies now have secure apps that let you scan the bar code on a current prescription when it needs refilling. Keep all your information together. See if your pharmacy has a mobile app that can be used to have 24-hour access to prescription records. These apps allow you to view and order refills, and stay up-to-date with health. Don’t waste time going to pick up a prescription that’s not ready. Many pharmacies offer text, e-mail or telephone alerts. Avoid unnecessary issues. Check to see if your pharmacy has a Drug Interaction Checker that checks medications and their reactions with other medications, foods and so on. A Pill Identifier takes the guesswork out of which pills are which, so you take the right one. (NAPS) 9

Style for Women Over 50: Essential Hairstyle and Fashion Tips You can (and should) have fabulous style at 50 (and beyond). You actually feel more beautiful now than at any other time of your life—and look more beautiful now, too. Thousands of women create great style with their hair and clothes that make them look and feel fabulous. See why they look so good in their over-50 fashions and how you can, too.

4 Must-Do Tips for Hairstyles Over 50 One of the most important components of fashion for women over 50 is hair. After all, since you wear your hair every day - make it count. 1. Get an Anti-aging Hairstyle. If you try to “look your age,” you might age yourself prematurely. Take years off your appearance with the best hairstyle for your face. 2. Never Skimp on the Right Hair Products. A great haircut doesn’t make a difference if you never style it. Use anti-frizz serum and volumizing mousse to add body. After blowing it out and curling it, use a light finishing spray. 3. Consider Hair Color. A hairstyle for a woman over 50 inevitably has to address gray hair. Cover up gray with your original color. It doesn’t just make a difference in your hairstyle — you can actually see your face better. However, there’s nothing wrong with going natural. If you do decide to let your hair go gray, just don’t let it go flat or dull. 4. Express Your True Self in Your Hairstyle. There are so many hairstyles for women over 50. How do you choose one? By age 50, you know yourself better than you ever have, so choose a hairstyle that expresses the true you.

4 Fashion Tips for Dressing Your Best Over 50 Many women over 50 grew up thinking they weren’t feminine unless they resembled Twiggy and looked good in miniskirts. What a nightmare! Finding beautiful clothing styles for women over 50 is now easier—and more fun. 1. Let Go of Baggy Clothes That Weigh You Down. Try a fitted sweater and a crisp top. Bright accessories add just the right amount of sparkle. 2. Stop Hiding Behind Old Clothes. True elegance comes out of hiding when you exchange a loud, plaid print, for example, for a soft, cool colored blouse that honors your timeless beauty. 3. Ditch the Black and Look 10 Years Younger. Black clothes are not flattering on every woman—especially women over 50. Some women look much older and even harsh in black. Choose colors that bring out your best look. 4. Don’t Try to Be Someone You’re Not. Once you’re over 50, you know yourself pretty well, so wearing clothes that aren’t really “you” diminishes your self-confidence. Age in Style. Your natural beauty is alive and well, even in your 50s, 60s, and beyond. Start following your fashion instincts and learn to bring that beauty out. 10



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Encore Careers for Baby Boomers by Robert Fowler, boomerplaces.com

Today, thanks to healthier lifestyles and innovations in pharmaceuticals and medical technologies, people are living longer, more active lives well past the age of retirement. As the baby boomer generation moves into their senior years, this often creates a need to continue working – to combat boredom, earn income so they don’t outlive their retirement accounts, or simply because they want to add another interesting stage to their lives. If you have earned the right to retire--but are not looking to put up your feet poolside, wander the highways in your RV, or live out the rest of your days relaxing on your front porch--you may want to take this opportunity to begin an “encore career.” You can branch out to do something completely different from what you’ve dedicated the majority of your working career to. Recent studies have shown that there are already 9 million baby boomers ages 59 to 70 working in such encore careers – focusing less on gathering a nest-egg and more on attaining personal fulfilment in a cause greater than mere financial gain. Encore careers often revolve around helping others or making the world a better place. Baby boomers are finding personal fulfillment, stimulation, and new learning as educators, social workers, mentors, or even missionaries. Although the economy is still struggling and many people are out of work, with a lifetime of experience in your portfolio, it is easier than you may believe to launch a second career in your 60s, 70s, or even 80s. If you’re considering such a career change after retirement, you do not have to leave behind the skills you have already learned. You can put your hard-won expertise to work to find a rewarding position. If you worked as an executive or manager, many non-profit organizations would be happy to take advantage of your leadership abilities. If you worked in customer service, a help-line may be just the socialservice job for you. To find an encore career that offers personal fulfillment, do a search of non-profit organizations that speak to your personal passion and give them a call to see what positions might be up your alley. For active baby boomers, retirement can be a time of rediscovery of your passions and an exciting new phase of your life. 12

Duncan Hines BG’s Own ‘Roadfood’ Pioneer Duncan Hines was born in Bowling Green, KY, on March 26, 1880, the son of a Confederate soldier. His mother died when he was four, and he was raised by his grandmother. Hines attended Bowling Green Business University, which later merged with Western Kentucky University, and worked in the American West for Wells Fargo and other companies before settling in Chicago. Working as a traveling salesman for a Chicago printer, by 1935 when he was age 55, Hines had eaten a lot of good and bad meals on the road all across the United States. At this time, there was no American interstate highway system and only a few chain restaurants, except in large populated areas. Therefore, travelers depended on getting a good meal at a local restaurant. Hines and his wife, Florence, began assembling a list for friends of several hundred good restaurants around the country. The list became so popular that he began selling a paperback book, Adventures in Good Eating (1935), which highlighted restaurants and their featured dishes that Hines had personally enjoyed in locations across America. One such listing in the 1939 edition read: Corbin, KY. Sanders Court & Cafe. 41 -- Jct. with 25, 25 E. 1/2 mi. N. or Corbin. Open all year except Xmas. A very good place to stop en route to Cumberland Falls and the Great Smokies. Continuous 24-hour service. Sizzling steaks, fried chicken, country ham, hot biscuits. L. 50¢ to $1; D. 60¢ to $1.

The book proved so successful that Hines added another which recommended lodging. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Hines wrote a newspaper food column, Adventures in Good Eating at Home, which appeared in newspapers across the U.S. three times a week. The column featured restaurant recipes, adapted for home cooks, that he had collected during his nationwide travels. In 1952, Duncan Hines introduced Duncan Hines bread to the world through the Durkee’s Bakery Company of Homer, New York. This was Duncan Hines’ first foray into baked goods. By 1953, Hines sold the right to use his name and the title of his book to Roy H. Park to form Hines-Park Foods, which licensed the name to a number of food-related businesses. The cake mix license was sold to Nebraska Consolidated Mills in Omaha, Nebraska, which developed and sold the first Duncan Hines cake mixes. In 1957, Nebraska Consolidated Mills sold the cake mix business to Procter & Gamble. The company expanded the business to the national market and added a series of related products. Duncan Hines died on March 15, 1959. He was buried in Fairview Cemetery in Bowling Green in the Hines family plot. Hines is widely honored in his hometown, and a portion of U.S. Route 31-W north was named the Duncan Hines Highway after his death. A museum exhibit at WKU’s Kentucky Museum showcases Duncan Hines’ career and life. 13

Droughts are destructive beyond belief and almost beyond control, but sometimes we fight back-and even win! This story tells of such a battle and my family’s victory. We were dairy farmers in Western Missouri in the Dust Bowl days of the mid1930’s. Although not hit as hard as Kansas and Oklahoma, it quit raining. Ponds dried up; creeks dried up; wells went dry as clouds of dust blew in from the west to overwhelm us. I was about 12, my older sister about 15, and my young brother about 8 years old. We had 25-30 cows to feed and supply with water. (Cows require much of both when they give milk.) Water was not readily available. We would either have to sell-out or find a way to survive. Many sold out and lost everything. (We all know the tragic loss; most Kansas and Oklahoma farmers suffered.) Our dad and mother would not give up easily. We found a “water-witch” who promised to find us water. He searched for several days and found a spot to dig a well--sadly, far away from our house and barn. We started digging, by hand-with only a promise of success-hard work, day after day. A tripod of poles and mules pulled up the loose soil. Success beyond belief was finally found; water flowed in at 20 feet. This well provided more than what was required to fill our thirsty cows. They deserved it; they paid all our bills. This water did not come easily. We had to pump it out all day on hot, sunny days. My older sister and I pumped water every day to fill these thirsty cows. We had a hand-powered pump that


The Dust Bowl Summer

worked very well. Each stroke to the left and each stroke to the right delivered cool, clean water. Both of us handled this pump almost beyond our ability to keep going. (There was no electric power available and, I suppose, no money to buy a gasolinepowered pump.) No one could understand the problems of driving our cows from our home area to this precious well. We had to cross a busy highway--always a special trauma. However, we pulled it off-over and over. Some problems we faced could never be understood by those not involved. Our cows gave milk; our milk checks came in every two weeks; our family farm survived. We pumped water and fed and milked our cows; we did not quit—we won! When our mom and dad finally passed on, they left us three children a nice amount of money-earned by hard work, sweat, intelligence, and a will to win. My sister, brother, and I owe them a lot for teaching us about survival. We survived the terrible Dust Bowl days.

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Are You a Baby Boomer? Take This Quiz and Find Out! Are you a Baby Boomer? Sure, you can check your birth date, offers Tom Sightings at sightingsat60.blogspot.com--but it’s more of a cultural thing. Take this quiz to see if you make the grade as a true Baby Boomer. Have fun! (a) Henry Hawkins (b) Bob Dole (c) Walter Mondale (d) Sargent Shriver (e) Ed Muskie (a) Dan and Don (b) Phil and Don (c) Dan and Dick (d) Tommy and Dick (e) Paul and Artie (a) John Wayne (b) Daniel Boone (c) Andrew Jackson (d) David Bowie (e) Davy Crockett (a) The Brady Bunch (b) Ozzie and Harriet (c) My Three Sons (d) The Partridge Family (e) Father Knows Best (a) Paul’s girlfriend (b) John’s father (c) John’s son (d) Ringo’s real name (e) the original Beatles drummer (a) Goldie Hawn (b) Richard Nixon (c) Joe Namath (d) Lily Tomlin (e) Johnny Carson (a) 1969 (b) 1971 (c) 1973 (d) 1975 (e) 1977 (a) From Russia with Love (b) Dr. No (c) Octopussy (d) Goldfinger (e) Diamonds Are Forever (a) Alan Shepard (b) Yuri Gagarin (c) John Glenn (d) Neil Armstrong (e) Valentina Tereshkova (a) Easy Rider (b) The Graduate (c) Midnight Cowboy (d) Five Easy Pieces (e) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (a) Sara Jane Moore (b) Charles Whitman (c) Kathy Boudin (d) John Hinckley (e) David Berkowitz (a) Mary Jo Kopechne (b) Patty Hearst (c) Rocky’s girlfriend (d) Dorothy’s dog (e) Malcolm X’s daughter

(a) cross country (b) diving (c) pole vault (d) triathlon (e) decathlon

(a) Colorado (b) Columbia (c) Snake (d) Red (e) Green

(a) Carl Stokes-Cleveland (b) Thomas Bradley-LA (c) Coleman Young-Detroit (d) Walter Washington-Washington, DC (e) David Dinkins-New York (1) e (2) b (3) e (4) a (5) c (6) e (7) d (8) b (9) b (10) c (11) a (12) b (13) e (14) c (15) a. 14 – 15 correct: Excellent, you’re a true baby boomer; 12 – 13 correct: Hmmm. You’re probably on the cusp; 10 – 11 correct: Are you from the Silent Generation, or a Gen Xer?; below 10: Omg! you’re a millennial! 16

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You may be surprised by the amount and quality of free financial advice available to seniors. You can take to the web and do your own research or obtain the services of a personal financial advisor. Begin your search for free money advice at your banking institution. Advisors will go over your financial history and future goals often for free. Too, AARP can help with free advice about retirement plans, investment vehicles, tax credits, etc. Your local Area Agency on Aging will inform you about free financial seminars, and the federal government provides free tax advice for seniors age 60 and older. Finally, there is no shortage of excellent advice available on the internet.

The websites below offer free financial advice in the form of articles, calculators, and financial tools: • http://www.aarp.org/money/ • http://www.ftc.gov/ • http://www.daveramsey.com/ • http://www.irs.gov/ • http://www.mint.com/ 17

Iron Man is turning 50. Zoolander is turning 50. Two of the original Two-and-a-Half Men are turning 50. Robert Downey, Jr., hit the half century mark in April; Ben Stiller on November 30; and Charlie Sheen, who once made out with Ferris Bueller’s sister in a police station, turns 50 on November 30, while Brat Pack cohort Jon Cryer celebrated in April. The Blue Lagoon came out in 1980 when its star Brooke Shields was only 15; she turns 50 on May 31. One of the few surviving cast members of Diff’rent Strokes, Todd Bridges, turns 50 this year, as does Bjork, Chris Rock, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sport Illustrated Swimsuit model Paulina Porizkova. Carrot Top and Cheryl Hines turn 50 as well. Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling turns 50. So does Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Rodney King, which might be the only thing those two have in common. Chris Burke, who played Corky on Life Goes On, turns 50, as does Cindy Margolis, Linda Evangelista, and celebrity chef Ted Allen. It’s got actors like Diane Lane, Connie Neilsen, Elizabeth Hurley, Viola Davis, Sherilyn Fenn, John C. Reilly, Jeremy Piven, Kevin James, Kyra Sedgwick, Martin Lawrence, Jami Gertz, Kristin Davis, Luke Perry, and Bill & Ted’s own Alex Winter. It’s got musicians like Rob Zombie, Gavin Rossdale, Shania Twain, GNR’s Slash and Steven Adler, Dr. Dre, Trent Reznor, Moby, Slick Rick, The Beastie Boys’ Mike D, Goo Goo Dolls’ lead singer Johnny Rzeznik, and Black Francis of The Pixies. It’s got athletes like NBA stars David Robinson, Scottie Pippen, Reggie Miller, Muggsy Bogues, and Horace Grant; NHL stars Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman, Ed Belfour, Cam Neely, and Patrick Roy; the NFL’s Sterling Sharpe and Brian Bosworth; Olympians Katarina Witt and Dan Jansen; boxer Lennox Lewis; Gators basketball coach Billy Donovan; and FSU football coach Jimbo Fisher. There’s wrestlers Mark Calaway (aka The Undertaker), Shawn Michaels, Booker T, and Mick Foley (Mankind). 18


8 Travel Splurges for Senior & Baby Boomer Travelers When it comes to a memorable vacation, splurging on a few comforts and travel extras can make all the difference. Here’s some travel splurges you should consider.

Pillows: Not all hotel pillows are created equal. If you sleep better with your own pillow, consider bringing it along, especially if you are driving to your destination.

Slippers: Slippers take up a lot of room in your suitcase, but after a long day on your feet, there’s nothing nicer than taking off your shoes and sliding on comfortable slippers. Extra Leg Room: Consider springing for extra leg room in coach (or economy) class airplane seats. Five inches can make all the difference on long flights. Air Conditioning: Summer travel can be a lot of fun; you can pack lighter, and enjoy colorful flowers and warm beaches. Without an air conditioned hotel room, however, summer travel can be a miserable experience. Ask about air conditioning when you book your hotel.

Taxis: Taxis are definitely more expensive than public transportation, but they are comfortable and efficient. Particularly for short journeys, taxis might be a much better transportation choice. Local Tour Guides: While it might seem counterintuitive to hire a local tour guide to save time and money, you might be surprised at how much you’ll gain by taking a half-day or day-long tour with an expert. A good local tour guide knows the best times to visit attractions. Head-of-the-Line: You may be able to buy museum and attraction tickets online, skipping the long ticket lines, or get earlier access by signing up for a guided tour.

Regional Cuisine: Travelers should indulge all five senses, including the sense of taste. It’s fine to save money on airplane food and eat most of your meals on a shoestring budget, but you should put aside enough money to pay for at least one nice restaurant meal and one grocery store adventure. 20

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Play Games to Boost Your Brainpower Remember those games you used to play as a kid that helped you learn? Chances are, you had so much fun playing them that you didn’t realize you were learning. As an adult, you can still use games to boost your brainpower. You may not be trying to build your vocabulary or build up math skills anymore, but you still use games to keep your memory sharp, improve your ability to concentrate, flex your brain muscles, and keep your mind agile and healthy. The best part: They’re fun! - When it comes to boosting your • brainpower with games, there isn’t any one type that’s the best to try. There are great board games, puzzles, riddles, and even video games that can help you get that brainpower flowing and sharpen things like math and word skills and help boost logical thinking. • - Number puzzles can give you a great mental workout. Games like Soduko get you to use skills like problem solving, memory, and strategy. Traditional board games like Scrabble or Boggle, crossword puzzles, or online word games that have you play with letters and words and ideas can improve memory, problem-solving and concentration. • - Yes, you read that right. You can play videogames to boost your brainpower. Games that require you to concentrate, remember, and think up strategy can help sharpen mental skills. • - When you move your body, your brain can benefit, too. Aerobic exercise, like walking or running, can improve memory and help your brain focus better and boost other mental abilities like multitasking and problem solving. 21

The Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH The notion that exercise is good for you has been around for quite a while, but until recently seniors have been left out of the picture.

Everyone Benefits from Exercise

Research today shows people of all ages and physical conditions benefit from exercise and physical activity. Staying physically active and exercising regularly can help prevent or delay many diseases and disabilities, including dementia. Moderate exercise and physical activity can improve the health of seniors who are frail or have diseases that accompany aging.

Don’t Be Afraid to Exercise

Exercise and physical activity are among the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Some older adults are reluctant because exercising is too strenuous or that it will harm them. Research shows that actually the opposite is true: exercise is safe for people of all age groups, and older adults hurt their health far more by not exercising than by exercising. An inactive lifestyle can cause older adults to lose ground in four areas that are important for staying healthy and independent: strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance.

It’s Never Too Late to Start Exercising

Even if you have had an inactive lifestyle - it’s never too late to improve your health. Research suggests that exercise and physical activity can help you maintain or partly restore your strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Growing older doesn’t mean you have to lose strength or your ability to do everyday tasks. Exercise can help older adults feel better and enjoy life more.

4 Best Exercises for Older Adults

• Strength exercises build muscles and increase your metabolism, which help to keep your weight and blood sugar in check; • Balance exercises build leg muscles, and help to prevent falls. U.S. hospitals have 300,000 admissions for broken hips each year, many of them seniors, and falling is often the cause of those fractures. Balance exercises will help you avoid problems as you get older and can help you stay independent by helping you avoid the disabilities that could result from falling; • Stretching exercises can give you more freedom of movement, which will allow you to be more active during your senior years. Stretching exercises alone will not improve your endurance or strength; • Endurance exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, even raking leaves, increase your heart rate and breathing for an extended time. Build up your endurance gradually, starting with as little as 5 minutes of endurance activities at a time. 22

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Plan Now for Peace of Mind Tomorrow

You live, work and play smart. The road of life is filled with important milestones - major events and achievements - that help to define who we are and what’s important to us. But what about funerals? Where do they fit on the list of life? Part of providing for ourselves and those we love means planning for the unexpected, and sometimes the expected. J.C. Kirby & Son is a full-service funeral chapel serving all faiths and designed to meet all funeral aspects. We stand ready to help you understand and create a funeral plan in advance. Don’t wait, call us today!

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