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With cooler temperatures rolling in, saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall is not a hard thing to do. It’s time to break out the jackets, boots, scarves, and hats in preparation for the change in season. Autumn is the most scenic and beautiful if you love being outdoors. It’s the perfect time to start making hot cocoa and lighting a fire. This season creates a sense of comfort, warmth, and reflection. Autumn is one of the most packed holiday seasons. There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Christmas. It’s not just full of regular holidays: these are all very involved, family-centered holidays. This is a season to be thankful and to be surrounded by the people you love. It’s a perfect time to think over the past year, what you’ve been through, the memories you’ve made, and to look forward to a new year. Thank you to our advertisers, who serve as a go-to for information. Thank you to each and every FLAIR reader for the motivation and for taking the time to send your feedback. We hope you will enjoy reading FLAIR magazine in print or online.

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10 Late Bloomers 12 Home is Where the Haunt Is 13 Ask Gabby 14 Karen Harper Lain & Lulabelle’s Story 16 The Empty Chair at the Holiday Table

Cover Design by Rhonda Hartis Smith

18 Making Christmas Wishes Come True

Rhonda Hartis Smith is an artist who has lived in Bowling Green since she was a child. Drawing constantly in her early years, she didn’t have any formal training until working on her business degree at WKU where she squeezed in art classes. Despite her interest in art, Rhonda didn’t start serious study until about 17 years ago. After a career in the corporate world, Rhonda is now retired and can devote more time and energy to her art.

20 Cookin’ With Justin Flair Magazine BG KY

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22 Not Another New Year’s Resolution Article

Check out her website at http://www.rhondahartissmith.com/ .

If you believe in yourself enough and know w hat you w ant,you’re gonna m ake it.

The fans never send me crazy things. They send me things that they put so much time and effort into making, and they are so amazing.

I’m proud of what I am and who I am, and I’m just going to be myself.


Mariah Carey

I love giving gifts. I don’t open mine until three days after Christmas because I want to give everyone else their presents.

Never listen to anybody who tries to discourage you!

Christmas Diva

Don’t ever take anybody for granted because you never know when you might lose them and you may never get a chance to tell them how you really feel. Christmas is always the most fun. I start looking forward to Christmas before it’s even summertime.

•••••• After every storm, if you look hard enough, a rainbow appears.

Mariah Carey

American Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer & Actress

He wants to know if we can keep you?



408 E. Main Ave. • Fountain Square • Bowling Green, KY email: contact@morris1881.com • website: www.morris1881.com Flair 2017 • October/November/December • 5

Billboard’s Top 10

Most Popular Holiday Songs Certain songs become ubiquitous every December, especially if you’re tuning into one of around 160 stations in the U.S. that play holiday music 24/7 this time of year. Some songs, though, become even more inescapable than others. Below are the 10 most popular songs in Billboard magazine’s history. Chances are, you’ve already heard all of them at least a dozen times this season, proving that holiday hits are truly the gifts that keep on giving (to songwriters, at least!).

10. “Last Christmas” by Wham!

Since 1984, George Michael’s onward-and-upward Christmas anthem has been a seasonal favorite, earning covers by many, including Taylor Swift.

9. “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams More than 50 years in, this 1963 Andy Williams staple shows no signs of fatigue.

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8. “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby

The song rose to prominence thanks to Crosby’s performance in Holiday Inn, which earned it an Academy Award for best original song in 1943 and has been popular ever since; according to Guinness World Records, it’s the best-selling single of all time.

7. “Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The medley of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “Carol of the Bells” was first released on the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s 1996 debut; since then, they’ve become a holiday powerhouse.

6. “A Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives

Burl Ives first sang the song as Sam the Snowman, narrator of the beloved 1964 stop-motion classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; since then, it’s become one of country music’s most-covered Christmas tunes.

5. “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano

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F AI R free. is

r Issue Premie

The Spanglish single has become one of the world’s most popular Christmas songs, no surprise given its endless sing-a-long potential.



About It’s ALL EN... WOM About tI’s ALL ITUDE! ATT

4. “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms

The country classic, featuring the guitar of Nashville legend Hank Garland, was actually written by two ad men in 1956, which might explain how catchy it is.

3. “The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)” Nat King Cole

The legendary crooner found one of his most enduring hits in this Mel Torme composition, originally written, according to Torme, as a mind-overmatter attempt to stay cool during a stifling summer day.

2. “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee

At just 13 years old, Brenda Lee instantly became a rockabilly legend with the recording of this Christmas party classic; it’s even featured in the seminal holiday film Home Alone as Macaulay Culkin’s pretend party soundtrack.

1. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

All I Want for Christmas Is You” takes the top spot and is so popular that it re-enters the Billboard Hot 100 every December.

6 • Flair 2017 • October/November/December




Essence of...

Kara Kara Williams Williams Glenn Glenn


“ I never leave ho m e w itho utm y w allet. Y o u never kno w w hen yo u m ight need a bo ttle o fw ine.”


“ I like to share quo tes w ith m y interns to enco urage them . One o fm y favo rites is by Brian Tracy, ‘N ever settle fo r less than yo ur best.’”

Photo by Silas Walker


“ M y Im agewestinterns co nstantly surprise and inspire m e. N o thing m akes m e happier than seeing the incredible w o rk they co m plete and ho w happy o ur clients are w ith the finished pro duct.”



“ On Black Friday a few years ago , m y sister and I literally cam ped o utin fro nt o fTargetfro m 7 p.m . until 4 a.m . W e were fo urth in line, butw hen they o pened the do o rs there w as a stam pede. So m eo ne even tried to steal the TV o ut o fo ur cart. I had to thro w m y entire bo dy o ver itso they co uldn’ttake it.”


“ I alw ays vo w to m ake the new year better than the last.”


“ The key to keeping m y team o perating atpeak perfo rm ance is to keep the o ffice fully sto cked w ith candy, m y co m fo rtfo o d. I believe m y team is far m o re pro ductive after eating a Reese’s Cup.”

W ith a penchantfo r creative, results-driven w o rk, K ara W illiam s Glenn leadsW estern K entucky U niversity’s student-intern staffed advertising agency, Im agewest. A s an alum na o fthe pro gram , K ara understands the inner-w o rkings o fthe agency w hich aids her in co ntinuing Im agewest’s gro w th and success. Co m m itm entis atthe fo refro nto fK ara’s pro fessio nal and perso nal life. Beyo nd m aintaining an extensive clientele at Im agewest, K ara also runs her o w n to urism business, U nseen Bo w ling Green, w here she gives haunted histo ry w alking to urs.

H er interests alw ays keep her busy, and she resides in Bo w ling Green w ith her husband and their three beautiful cats. Flair 2017 • October/November/December • 7

Give Thanks To Mother Earth

Because of the simplicity of Thanksgiving, it’s probably one of the easiest holidays to “green” up. Thanksgiving is a day based on generosity, thankfulness, connection and loving what is. There is nothing more superb than sitting around a table with those you love, taking turns describing what you’re thankful for and sharing the good in our lives. Here are a few tips to keep your conscience clean with a Green Thanksgiving, and keep you focused on the joy of the day:

Don’t buy individual drinks, such as bottled water or canned beverages Shoot for leaving as little trash as possible

Cloth napkins, the good china, etc. Pool these resources from several households for large gatherings.

Homebrew tea. Set up beverages in attractive pitchers next to an ice bucket to add to the charm.

Opt for reusable decorations

Try decorations made from food or natural materials that can be composted afterwards.

Opt for an organic, local and free-range meal

Turkey, locally grown pumpkins, organic cranberry sauce, homemade stuffing...mmmm.

• Setup up your recycling bins near your trash can to encourage recycling. You may need to check periodically that things are going in the right bins. • Compost when possible. Non-edible table scraps, pumpkin rinds, potato peelings, corn husks, etc. can all go in the compost pile instead of the trash can. • Before and after cleaning/cleanup? Use only non-toxic and earth-friendly products to clean up after family and friends have left. Enjoy the time, connection and love between family and friends. Take turns sharing what you’re thankful for, enjoy each other, make music or just talk and laugh. These ARE the good ol’ days and enjoying them is the most important thing we can sustain.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. — John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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late bloomers Nature’s Best Source of Food for Our Little Friends –— Yvonne McQuitty, The Plant Lady

Memories this year of spring plantings, what to buy, checking the soil Ph, watering, weeding and pest control are all good. Now the harvest of my beautiful flowers and yummy vegetables has come, and this is why I love gardening so much. But do most think about how those beautiful flowers and vegetables come into existence? Pollinators - those winged insects, bees, butterflies and yes, wasps. They fly from flower to flower, gathering pollen and nectar and spreading it all over the garden. Growing up, I never was afraid of the bees and all the other flying insects. All I saw was pretty pink and yellow zinnias that were as tall as my little brother and grabbing ahold of the sunflowers which were too tall all summer to touch. Now their big flowers weeped their heads down towards the I’d brush off the leftover flowers to From the garden of despair you’ve been ground. reveal the plump black seeds. A few transferred here. You little flower you little honeybees and an occasional bumble bee symbol of hope. There’s no need to shed would be hanging on, still trying to get that last bit of pollen. I brushed them off too and kept a tear. There would always be peace on playing. It was much later in life when I found out that here. You late bloomer. I know that you those little guys can bite…or in this would cope. —Juansen Dizon case — sting. It was painful lesson, but I’ve learned the good guys from the bad guys in the garden. I’ve come to love the flying insects that pollenate my plants, so that I can enjoy the flowers I’ve planted. As the garden transforms from summer’s heat, most flowers begin to fade or go to seed. Our pollinators — bees, butterflies, moths, etc. still need a source of food to get them through the fall migration. Though many gardeners go from summer geraniums to fall mums, I’d like to suggest what I call “late bloomers”. These perennials can be planted in the spring to early summer, but unlike your summer annuals these varieties won’t fade in the summer heat. Instead they will be growing big and strong and produce lots of color and pollen for our little insect friends.

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

• Sedum Autumn Joy (Stonecrop). These plants are as dependable and adaptable as they come. Sedum flowers late August into November. They open to pink and mature to a copper which fits in very well to the fall color theme. The are one of my favorite late bloomers. They are just covered in sweet little honeybees and butterflies — a must have.

Top: Sedum Autumn Joy. Left: Black and Blue Sage. Bottom left: Coreopsis. Below: Verbena Homestead.

• Verbena Homestead. This plant is a striking groundcover perennial — heavy bloomer of deep purples to violet pink. The butterflies love it! • Asters. These are the backbone of your fall garden. This dense, mounding perennial waits until late September to start blooming. Some can grow one foot all the way to four foot tall. Asters are pretty purple, daisy flowers. • Black and Blue Sage (salvia). This is another spectacular sage. Grows in full sun to part shade. Mine hasn’t stop blooming! The butterflies and hummingbirds are there all the time. • Coreopsis (tickseed). This plant family thrives in poor soil conditions and blooms the sweetest, tiny daisy flower. Blooms shades of yellow, orange, coral all summer to first frost. I love mine!

Yvonne McQuitty (aka The Plant Lady) is a Kentucky Certified Nurseryman, Garden Consultant/Designer and Florist. Yvonne makes unique garden gifts including Cloche Gardens, Moss Gardens and dried floral wreaths. She also enjoys sharing advice on gardening and offers monthly Gardening Workshops here in Bowling Green. The everyday opportunity to tell everyone what to do in the garden (grin) is what makes this Plant Lady happy. Foraging for the goodies from nature and creating gifts with them is the blessing of being part of planning, working and relaxing in the garden. Check out The Plant Lady’s Facebook page for new ideas and workshop schedules. 10 • Flair 2017 • October/November/December

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SouthCentralBank.com Flair 2017 • October/November/December • 11

— by Lana Hendricks It’s officially Halloween! Now, I know I’ve said that before, but this time, I mean officially — not just for us haunt nerds who really, really, really, really like spooky, eerie things, but for theme parks and haunted attractions. Home Haunts are usually referred to as a display where people decorate their yard or their house, sometimes even creating amateur “haunted houses.” Yes! I am an official home haunter in every sense of the word. The Abyss started as a small yard display in 2010 and has grown into the full walk haunt that it is today. Back for the seventh year, The Abyss is an over-the-top Halloween feast for the eyes. Our Home Haunt was featured on WNKY last year. Planning starts around December all the way through February. Haunt conventions are on the agenda for first quarter. Building runs from March through August, and then comes the countdown. The set-ups range from props bought from a Halloween store to elaborate home-made items. I consider this to be more like a Halloween art exhibit than a mere yard display. In fact, three years ago, a group of 30 study-from-abroad WKU students toured and told me they felt as if they were in a museum. The best part about building a yard haunt is getting to be creative and seeing the faces of people who drive by. I hope that by doing this every year it has inspired other Halloween fans to get out and decorate their yard. If you have been by, we hope you had an amazing experience. If not, well then, come take a look!

12 • Flair 2017 • October/November/December

Dear Gabby, This year for Halloween my husband wants me to dress like a witch. I think he may be referring to my personality. What do you think? — Signed, Witchy Woman Dear WW, No, I don’t think he is referring to that at all. I think he would just like to see you using a broom for once. — Gabby Dear Gabby, I went to a Relay for Life walk tonight and I need your help. I feel bad because I actually did more talkin’ than walkin’. —Signed, Chatty Cathy Dear CC, The revelation that you did more talking than walking comes as no surprise to anyone. Let it go. — Gabby

Dear Gabby, I am so busy during the holidays, I need help from my husband with getting everything done. However, he cannot multi-task. Do you think I can teach him? — Signed, Busybody Dear BB, Oh, he knows how to multi-task. He smiles, nods, and pretends to listen to you - all at the same time. — Gabby Dear Gabby, I went to the mall during the holidays and sat in Santa’s lap. He said I was too old for that. Don’t you think that was rude? — Signed, Kids R Me Dear KRM, Since your list included Oil of Olay and a walker, I am going to go with Santa on this one. — Gabby Flair 2017 • October/November/December • 13

Karen Harper Lain &

Lulabelle’s Story

If you are a new Kentucky author, like Karen Harper Lain, you might want to consider ePublish or Bust (www.epublishorbust.com), a one-stop resource for aspiring and self-published authors created by the Daviess County Kentucky Public Library. Karen is a mom, reader, writer, and lover of the lesstraveled road. She is passionate about music, books, good coffee, and all things Kentucky. Born and raised in Owensboro, she now resides in rural Western Kentucky. She can be found most mornings photographing the sunrise from Harper’s Rock, her home near Rochester. Lulabelle’s Story: The Trailer with Lots and Lots of Love is her first book, a whimsical story of a happy mobile home in Western Kentucky who provides love and shelter to the family who lives in her. If you’ve ever lived in a mobile home, live in one now, or know someone who does, Luluabelle’s Story will find its way into your family’s heart and on your bookshelf. For more information about Karen Harper Lain, visit her website at www.karenharperlain.com.

ePublish or Bust! What is ePublish or Bust? ePublish or Bust (www.epublishorbust.com) allows authors to locate educational resources, tools, and promotional opportunities offered by public libraries across the country. Initially created by the Daviess County Kentucky Public Library, the site is continually adding partner libraries. The site features articles on writing by the ePublish or Bust staff, a listing of programs and resources available at participating libraries, and an online calendar where registered users can book promotional visits at participating libraries. Registration with ePublish or Bust is free. You do not have to register to view the content displayed on ePublish or Bust. Registration is necessary if you are an author wishing to book an appearance at a participating library. Registration also allows you to receive the latest updates to services and information provided by ePublish or Bust. Registration is easy. Click “Login / Register” and select “Create new account”. Type in your full name as you wish it to be displayed on the website and enter your e-mail address. You will 14 • Flair 2017 • October/November/December

then recieve an e-mail from qwerty@epublishorbust.com with further instructions. Following those instructions, you will be able to log in to epublishorbust.com and set your password. To book an appearance click on “Build Your Audience”. There you will see a list of available dates with the location underneath. Click the date, fill out the simple form, and submit your booking request. A follow up email will be sent to you by the library coordinator to confirm your visit and obtain details for promoting the program. If a booking is already pending for a date, select another date to book. Any library can participate in the ePublish or Bust program. Interested libraries should use the Contact form and select “I represent a library interested in joining ePublish or Bust.”

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James Sutton, DMD Jeffrey Clark, DDS Shane Williams, DMD Jerry Cohron, DMD, MS Flair 2017 • October/November/December • 15

THE EMPTY CHAIR at the Holiday Table

For those of you who have lost a loved one within the past year, thinking about the empty chair at the holiday table may intensify grief in all its complex manifestations: sadness, anger, resentment, and maybe even guilt about the loss and, yes, joy and sweetness and gratitude that the person was in your life.

Grief counselors generally agree on some basic guidelines that can help you manage a personal loss: u Allow yourself the right to grieve. If someone dear to you died during this past year, remind yourself that it’s normal and healthy to want to bow out of some of the events of the holidays that emphasize family and togetherness when you are feeling alone in a new and painful way. u Plan ahead. Do you want to be alone, or will being with those who love you ease the pain? Sometimes being alone makes the aloneness much too hard to bear. Sometimes being in a crowd is overwhelming. Only you know what is best for you. Talk to family members and ask them to support you in whichever decision you make. u Rethink hosting the party. If yours is the usual gathering place, think about whether you want to do it this year. Some people like getting lost in the details of planning and managing a

dinner; however, if you are one of those who finds it just too hard to make a party when in mourning, know that it’s okay to beg off. People who love you will understand. u Give people permission to share stories. Many people have the idea that the best way to help someone in grief is to avoid talking about the person who has passed. Let people know that as hard as it is that the person is no longer with us, it’s important to remember the good times, to laugh about funny things he or she did or said, and to acknowledge that he or she is missed. u Do things a little differently. For some people, doing the usual traditions and celebrations makes the loved one’s absence all the more painful. Think about whether doing things a bit differently or going to a different place would be helpful.


Time does heal most things, but everyone has his or her own sense of timing. If this is your first holiday season since the loss of a loved one, give yourself permission to feel what you need to feel and do what you need to do to get through it. Find ways to honor the memory of your loved one and to accept the support and care of those who love you. If you are a friend or family member of someone who is grieving, give him or her support, love, and assistance. 16 • Flair 2017 • October/November/December


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M aking Christm as W ishesCom e True TEEN TEEN ANGEL ANGEL

Since 2010, the Teen Angel Program, Community Education, and the community of Bowling Green have been helping to make teens’ Christmas wishes come true. Teen Angel is a program designed to take care of the older children who aren’t covered through other programs, as they have aged out. Joshua Smith, the Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator at Community Education, says that the program targets those teens who are still in school and may sometimes understand the hardships that are facing their families. “These teens are still kids at heart, and they deserve to have something for them, something that they want at Christmas,” says Joshua. The program relies on the community of Bowling Green, as well as the Youth Service Coordinators who are found within the Bowling Green Independent and Warren County Public Schools, to make their giving possible. So far, the program has raised over $118,000 and has helped 800 teens since its inception. “The responsibility really does come back to the community, as we ask for donations, not adoptions,” says Joshua, when he was asked about the response and encouragement that he receives from the community.

by Carly Mathews

The donations-not-adoptions mindset of the program is something else that Joshua believes makes it so successful, as it takes the pressure to find that perfect gift off of the community. Instead, the Youth Service Coordinators, the people who know these teens, go shopping for the gifts, making it possible for these teens to receive exactly what they want come Christmas. Teen Angel is currently taking donations through December 1, ending in a Donation Blast’ event with all donations being matched by Crocker Law Firm. The program relies on nominations and volunteer sign-ups that can come from the schools or from the parents themselves. Joshua says that most parents come in to sign up due to a rough patch or a lost job and are shocked to find themselves in this position. “The parents of these teens who we help truly are thankful that someone’s here and someone cares,” says Joshua. “That’s definitely a really awesome part of the program, to help those who need it the most.”

For more information contact


Donation Blast: (L-R): Jennifer Martin, Networking Women of BG; Linda Krutza, BGJHS Youth Services Center Coord.; Lynn Vincent, HMMS Youth Services Center Coord.; Shannon Oleyar, Networking Women of BG; Tony Rose, D93 Radio; Cyndi Crocker, Crocker Law Firm

Wrapping gifts for the Teen Angel Program (L-R) Angie Smith, WEHS Youth Services Center Coord.; Cyndi Crocker, Crocker Law Firm; Joshua Smith, Teen Angel/Community Education

18 • Flair 2017 • October/November/December

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Flair 2017 • October/November/December • 19

Delicious Kabobs & More Featuring Stuarto’s Line of Olive Oils, Balsamics & Spices Surf, Turf & Veggie Kabobs served with Rice and a Fresh Arugula Salad with Lemon, Honey & Fig

’ n i k o CoITH ustin J w Nothing can beat the perfect recipe! In this series, Justin shares with you some of his favorite recipes to use with your Stuarto’s olive oils, balsamic vinegars, sea salts, spices and cane sugars.

Surf, Turf & Veggie Kabob (Serves 4)

SHRIMP • 4 Colossal Shrimp (6/8 ct.) or Fresh Water Prawns (Langostino or small Lobster Tails may be used) Shrimp Marinade: • 3/4 Tbsp. Organic Mission EVOO • 1 Tbsp. Raw Local Honey • 1.5 Tbsp. Honey-Ginger Balsamic • 3/4 tsp. Lime Fresco Sea Salt • 3/4 Tbsp. Baklouti Green Chili EVOO Blend the Baklouti Green Chili EVOO, Organic Mission EVOO, and the Raw Local Honey first. Next blend in Honey-Ginger Balsamic and Fresco Lime Sea Salt. Marinate shrimp in mixture for a minimum of 1 hour. Note: Shrimp will be skewered with mushrooms for grilling. PORTABELLA • 8 Small Portabella Mushroom Caps or Med-Large Cremini Mushrooms Portabella Marinade: • 2 Tbsp. Organic Mission EVOO • 1 tsp. Olive Oil’s Best Friend Herb Blend Combine Organic Mission EVOO with Olive Oil’s Best Friend Herb Blend and toss mushrooms in mixture. Marinate for a minimum of 1 hour. Note: Mushrooms will be skewered with shrimp for grilling.

Rice with Fresh Herbs & Oil

• 2 Cups of White Rice • 3 Tbsp. Organic Mission EVOO • 2-3 Tbsp. Fresh Basil, thinly sliced • 1-2 Tbsp. Fresh Oregano Leaves, whole or torn or chiffonade • 2 Tbsp. Fresh Parsley, coarsely chopped Cook rice - drain. Drizzle Organic Mission EVOO over rice and mix until well coated. Add fresh herbs and blend until even distribution of herbs can be observed.


BEEF: Grill beef filet/medallions to medium-rare to medium, or to your liking. Allow to rest covered for a minimum of 5 minutes before serving. SHRIMP & MUSHROOMS: Skewer mushrooms and shrimp onto a skewer, placing a mushroom cap on each end of the shrimp, creating a “shrimp sandwich” between the mushroom caps. Grill over medium heat, until shrimp are fully cooked but not overcooked. Remove from grill and allow to rest for approximately 5 minutes. PLATING: Pack 1/2 cup of herbed rice into a mug or small dish to shape rice for plating. Once plated, insert shrimp and mushroom kabob into beef filet/medallion and rest over rice for serving.

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Fresh Arugula Salad with Lemon, Honey & Fig


BEEF • 4 4-6 oz. Beef Filets or Medallions Beef Marinade: • 2 Tbsp. Wild Rosemary EVOO • 2 Fresh Garlic Cloves, minced • 4 tsp. Black Truffle Sea Salt Lightly season all sides of the beef filet/medallion with Black Truffle Sea Salft and allow to rest while prepping oil and garlic mixture. Combine the Wild Rosemary EVOO with the minced garlic, blending well. Marinate salted beef filet/medallions in oil and garlic mixture for a minimum of 1 hour. Cook to medium-rare to medium, or to your liking.

• 2 Cups Arugula • 1/4 Cup of Toasted Walnuts • 1 Cup Mandarin Orange slices • 4-5 Black Mission Figs, dried & sliced (fresh are optional) • 1/2 Cup Radishes, sliced • 1/2 Cup of Feta Cheese Crumbles • 1/2 Cup Red Onion, thinly sliced Lemon, Honey & Fig Vinaigrette: • 3 Tbsp. Organic Mission EVOO • 1 tsp. Raw Local Honey • 1.5 Tbsp. Sicilian Lemon Balsamic • 1/2 tsp. Poppy Seeds • 1.5 Tbsp. Black Mission Fig Balsamic Combine all vinaigrette ingredients and blend well. Combine all salad ingredients in a large bowl, drizzle with vinaigrette and toss, making sure to thoroughly coat all portions of salad with dressing and serve.

Grilled Pound Cake with Macerated Strawberries, Basil & Lime • 4 Slices of Pound Cake, 1” thick • 1/4 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream • 6 Strawberries, sliced or cubed • 4-5 Fresh Basil Leaves, torn • Zest of 1/2 a Lime

• 3 Tbsp. Black Currant EVOO • 2 Tbsp. Butter EVOO • 1 tsp. Butter Up Your Batter Sugar • 1 tsp. Toasted Coconut Cane Sugar

CAKE: Combine Butter Up Your Batter Sugar and Butter EVOO and blend well, creating a perfect coating for the cake. Brush or drizzle sugar and oil mixture onto each side of the pound cake, grill until sugars have caramelized or nice nice toasty grill marks have occured. Allow to rest. Can be served warm or cold. STRAWBERRIES: Combine strawberries, basil leaves, and lime zest in a small bowl. Toss with Black Currant Balsamic and Toasted Coconut Cane Sugar, allowing to marry and macerate in refrigerator for a minimum of 1 hour. Note: Whip heavy whipping cream with 1/4 Tbsp. of Toasted Coconut Cane Sugar while waiting for berries to macerate and chill. PLATING: Plate grilled pound cake, topping with fresh macerated strawberries. Top with fresh whipped cream and serve. Note: Garnish with a fresh basil leaf and/or a pinch of Cinnamon Cane Sugar.

Grilled Pound Cake

I enjoy sharing the above recipes - which I used last August when I was the guest chef for Stuarto’s Cooking Class Series at U.K.’s Spindletop Hall - with you and your family this holiday season in FLAIR. I am currently working on a cookbook with these and some other favorite recipes using olive oils and balsamics. I wish each of you a very safe, healthy, and prosperous holiday season! — Justin

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“There isn’t enough time.”

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“It is just easier not to.”

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How does this make you feel? How do you set yourself New Year’s resolutions that are attainable and that you will stick to?

Be Smart

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SPECIFIC - Have the detail in mind. For example, “I want to lose 10 lbs. in 9 weeks and complete my first 5K Fun Run.”

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ATTAINABLE - Set yourself up for success.


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TIMELY - Make sure you set yourself a reasonable time frame and break down your goal into manageable smaller goals. Having an end date or event date will give you focus and drive to achieve your desired results. For example, “I want to lose 10 lbs. and run my first 5K Fun Run before my daughter’s wed-ding in March, 2018.”

Create an attainable goal that you know you will reach.

for me? For example, “I want to lose 10 lbs. in 9 weeks and run my first marathon in 6 months.” Is this realistic for your body?

It may sound quite simple, but goal setting and being specific is more of a challenge than we may realize. Imagine if you applied this to more than just yourself but also to your family, business, and personal life. You will cut through the nonsense and excuses and start to see change year after year. 22 • Flair 2017 • October/November/December

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