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Publisher’s Prattle So….the holidays are behind us and we are settled into life as we know it postholiday frenzy. This season of cold weather, gray days, and early dark makes me want to cuddle up on the sofa and watch a “feel good” movie. If you haven’t seen “Pay It Forward” with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt, it’s one to put on your “must see” list. This movie will get you in the mood to DO GOOD, BE KIND, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE, no matter how small. With that in mind, this issue of FLAIR is focused on LOVE. Love surrounds us in many forms – all we have to do is pay attention. This issue will remind you of all the ways LOVE touches each of us every day. — Belinda Saltzman

Belinda Saltzman, Publisher

P.S. Watch for the Bella Salon and Spa MAKEOVER Winner in the April/May/June issue of FLAIR. Bella has been accepting nominations for some lucky lady who will get “made over”. The winner and her makeover pictures and details will be revealed.

Antwerp, Belgium... We go the extra 4,323 miles to hand select your diamonds

408 E. Main Street

Downtown on Beautiful Fountain Square 2 • Flair • 2013 • January/February/March



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www.countrypeddlerbg.com Special Publication

— Publisher — Belinda Saltzman — Editorial —

Page 3


January/February/March 2013


Jim Browning Editorial Director

Mary Anne Andrews WKU Intern

— Production —

8 One Dozen Designer Secrets 14 Heels on the Hill

Tricia Crawford

5 the essence of

Design Director

Lisa Frye

20 To Dye For


Advertising Sales Director

Tonya Kirby Advertising Sales

6 A Peek into 22 Fifty Shades of Fantasy

Meredith Thessen Advertising Sales

Pam McGuffey Business Card Gallery Sales

26 Buy Local Food Year Round

— Contributing Photographer —

Paula Edwards’ Kitchen

12 Sassy Celebrity Audrey Hepburn

16 Puppy Love Lorri Hare

— Contributing Writers — Mary Anne Andrews Liz Bradley Jim Browning Belinda Saltzman Casandra Spears

Kaye Buser

Liz Bradley

— Advertising — Lana Hendricks

featured women

in every issue 2

Publisher’s Prattle

Tricia Crawford

9 Shout Out To Sheila Flair is published 4 times per year and is distributed free to 25,000 homes in Bowling Green/Warren County. Flair makes every attempt to ensure the material contained herein is not copyrighted elsewhere. Flair is not responsible for unintentional copyright infringement

For advertising or article submissions please contact Country Peddler office 270-842-3314 or contact us thru our website www.countrypeddlerbg.com

10 Wine-0-1-1 18 Sir-PRIZE Johnny Britt

Cover Design by Ranorra Lang Ranorra Lang, Greenwood High School student, designed the cover for this issue. Ranorra was a senior in Beverly Oliver’s art class and planned to attend Western Kentucky University.

24 Word Buzz I Fill Myself with Love

Flair Magazine BG KY Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 3

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Be An Angel Operation Warm Hearts

STOP SEARCHING... We Solve Tax Problems

Does the Fiscal Cliff have you confused? In an effort to help those who may be having a difficult time paying their electric heating bill, Warren Rural Electric is proud to offer Operation Warm Hearts

Tax Laws have changed BIG time! IRS Refunds will be delayed. That’s why this year, more than ever, you NEED us at Professional Tax Service. Our registered tax professionals will be glad to meet with you face to face to answer questions and help solve your tax dilemmas. INDIVIDUAL • BUSINESS PAYROLL • TAX PROBLEMS Let Us Show You What A Family-Owned Business Can Do For You

This program allows Warren RECC members to round up their electric bill to the next dollar amount. For less than a dollar a month, you can make a difference in someone’s life. Proceeds will be distributed through community action agencies to qualifying Warren RECC residential members.

To sign up for Operation Warm Hearts, call 270-842-6541 or visit our website at www.wrecc.com

Dave Ramsey’s

No charge for a confidential consultation LICENSED TO PRACTICE BEFORE THE IRS

Professional Tax Service

Stop By Today No Appointment Necessary!

600 31W Bypass • Bowling Green KY• 781-4141 • www.ProTaxbg.com

Tuesday-Friday Walk-in Appointments from Noon-7PM for established patients

Start a Healthy Habit... drink eight 8-oz glasses of water each day !

p a T nto i Good Health Bowling Green Municipal Utilities is proud to provide safe, clean drinking water that exceeds the quality required by all federal and state regulations to our growing community.

782-1200 • www.bgmu.com 4 • Flair • 2013 • January/February/March

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the essence of

Kaye Dillon Buser

My career: Professional Tax Service Co-Owner/Founder

My family: • Husband of 46 years - Pete • Sons - Michael, John and Brian • Daughter - Mitzi • Trouble - 6 lb. Poodle My guilty pleasures: I have never had time for guilty pleasures... I had 4 children! My words to live by: Right is right and wrong is wrong

I can’t live without: My “old time” My pocket calendar

My favorite kind of music: Soothing and relaxing Right now I am reading: Everyday a Friday by Joel Osteen

I am most proud of: M y m a r r i a g e t o Pe t e , 4 children, 9 grandchildren a n d Tr o u b l e , m y 6 l b . p o o d l e

My mother always said: “ Re m e m b e r y o u r “Re m a n n e r s !!” ” And I did!

My favorite place to be: In my pool at home My favorite possession: My faith and my family If I were a shoe I’d be: Years ago a stiletto. Now, a comfy sandal. My signature dish: Lasagna Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 5

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A Pe e k Into Pa u l a’s Kitchen

Paula Edwards is a country girl at heart. She loves animals and always wanted to have outdoor space for a horse or two. Six years ago, she and her husband Stan bought 12 acres on Drakes Creek in Alvaton, a beautiful country setting but close to city amenities. After thoughtful planning and tweaking of floor plans, construction began in 2010 on the Edwards’ home. Paula wanted the style and interior design of their home to fit the rustic setting of the property. In November 2011, they moved into their new home which is hidden from the road by rolling pasture land and situated on the bank of Drakes Creek. A breathtaking view through the trees provides a perfect glimpse of the creek below. Paula’s kitchen is the centerpiece of the house. She wanted the kitchen to be open and a gathering place. The end result is spectacular! The Edwards’ kitchen is inviting, spacious, and comfortable. The large center island with black/ brown granite countertop provides plenty of space for hanging out. Just opposite the center island is the Keeping Room, a cozy room with fireplace, sofa, easy chair, and TV, for lounging in comfort and yet allows proximity for interaction with the cook! The custom cabinetry reflects the hues of the outdoors. The upper cabinets are a glazed sage green distressed wood and the lower cabinets a rich walnut distressed wood. A natural stone archway frames the commercial grade gas stove and oven accented with a small patterned tile backsplash. Built-in spice racks flank the stove. Cooking for a crowd will be no problem for the Edwards. In addition to the commercial stove/oven, the kitchen is also equipped with a built-in oven, microwave, and warming drawer combo. The refrigerator is encased in the same natural stone archway design with built-in shelving and cabinets for display and storage. A convenient butler’s pantry/bar area complements a corner of the kitchen with glass front cabinet doors, a bar fridge, and small bar sink. The eat-in area of the kitchen is light and sunny with a view of the wooded creek and step out access to an expansive deck for outdoor entertaining.

Paula’s wish for plenty of outdoor space for animals was fulfilled with their new home. Cows, horses, donkeys, and three Labrador Retrievers (yellow, white and black) are happy to roam the acreage, and the dogs have a perfect swimming hole in Drake’s Creek!

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Relax. Refresh. Renew. 20% OFF Any Service

Robin Gentry, Owner & Claude

New Location!

Promo Code: FLAIR

Voted BEST Place for a Massage & Runner-Up BEST Hair Salon in Bowling Green

FULL-SERVICE SALON NOW Offering Spa Treatments & ™ the Brand New Invati Hair Treatment • Hair • Nails • Waxing • Facials • Massage • Body Wraps — WE PROUDY USE & SELL —

955 Fields Drive, Suite 104

Mon.-Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-noon www.bandjgallery.com


Off Campbell Lane

BellaBG.com • Like Us on Facebook & Follow Us on Twitter: BellaSalon_Spa


2020 Scottsville Road, Suite 103 • 842-9772

The Glasser Clinic Welcomes

Dr. Kevin Kelly Dr. Do uglas and Dr. K elly are no w accepting new patients aged 10 and o ver Dr. Todd Douglas FAAFP, Family Medicine Board Certified

For more information about Greenview Medical Group, call TriStar MedLine® at 800-242-5662.

Dr. Kevin Kelly AAP, IM,Pediatrics, Board Certified

Dr. Jack Glasser FAAFP, Family Medicine Board Certified

270-901-3454 • 1325 Andrea Street, Suite 100 Bowling Green, KY 42104 Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 7

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Start you r livin g room fu rn itu re plan w ith th e best seat in th e room an d w ork from th ere. — DD ALLEN

Page 8

To give rooms architectural detail when they don’t have any, paint a 11⁄2” to 2” lining stripe around the ceiling and up the walls in the corners. It’s a rich touch, a way to get a lot of look with just paint.


Don’t hang a mirror between windows. The spatial void it creates distracts from the view. And don’t fall prey to using mirrors in every room or over every mantel. Mirrors are not art, and a room needs art.





Stop at 6 pillows on a bed. You need 2 soft extra-long pillows, 2 European squares, and, if you want, you can do 2 more European squares. But those Pekingese-size small pillows all over the bed are vulgar. And you have so much to throw on the floor when you get into bed. — DAVID NETTO

I recommend a height of 36” for a bathroom vanity instead of the standard 30”. It’s much more ergonomic and more comfortable all around. — JASON BELL 8 • Flair • 2013 • January/February/March

01 One Dozen


I like to use velvet on sofas and chairs because it’s so comfortable. But only low-pile velvet. If you put plush velvet on them, you’ll see the shadow of a person’s behind when they get up. Big mistake! — SUSAN FERRIER

Float something in the room - a sofa, a lounge chair - to avoid the ‘dance hall’ look. Think of it as an opportunity to show off the back (do something with the back). — BRAD WEESNER

Always use white linens and towels. Never cross the line always use white. They’re bleachable and they send a message of cleanliness, refinement and order. — MYRA HOEFER


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• • • • • Shout • • Out • • To • • Sheila • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dear Sheila: My boyfriend and I are going to be engaged. Instead of the traditional ring, I want a house. MY family is throwing a fit, saying I must stick with tradition. My boyfriend is willing to give me whatever I want, which is why I love him! What do you think? ---Happy in the Saddle Dear Happy: What do I think? Any man who will willingly buy a woman a house is a keeper! You don’t need a ring, that man loves you! Dear Sheila: My husband and I have been married 10 years. I want to get married again - I think it would be so romantic! Do you think it’s a good idea? ---Dolly Do-over

Dear Dolly: Here’s my take on the recommitment ceremony — it’s a huge waste of money for something you already have. This foolishness has been perpetuated by the bridal industry, and all that goes with it. Much better to take a swanky vacation!

These Shoes Were Made for Walkin’

Dear Sheila: I’m getting married soon, and want my cat to be the ringbearer. Is this appropriate? ---Miss Kitty

From Art Deco to Vintage — we believe we have something for everyone!

Dear Kitty: Really? You really have to ask this? Do you know anything about cats? Better to use your well-trained dog than a poor scared cat who will race screaming down the aisle with a ring pillow tied to him, and end up on the Pastor’s head!

Dear Sheila: Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I want to get my husband something really special. I was thinking a red tie, or a book of poetry. What do you think a man would want? --Rosie Romantic

Dear Rosie, What do I think a man would want...hmmmm. I’m pretty sure from my vast experience that it’s NOT a book of poetry! Plan something involving beer and baby oil, and you’ll be good! Want to ask Sheila a question? Write her at Shout Out To Sheila at P. O. Box 492, Bowling Green, KY 42102.

Stroll down aisle after aisle of over 200 booths of vintage and antique jewelry, clothing, glass, lamps, textiles, kitchenware, collectibles and more!

V ette City

• Ample Parking • Courteous Friendly Staff Hrs: Mon-Fri 9-5 • Sat-Sun 9-6


778 Interstate Drive

(Behind Jerry’s at Exit 28)

• 270-393-9500

Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 9

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The Wine-0-1-1

The 411 on Wine brought to You by Shenanigans Wine & Spirits

The Mood is Yours. Welcome to the World of BE. By Casandra Spears Women are moody. Let’s face the truth, ladies - we are naturally and without a doubt the most moody creatures on Earth. We can go from Happy-Go-Lucky to Miss Cranky Pants in two seconds flat. We have a tendency to know exactly what we want, when we want it, and most of us will take whatever it is at that exact moment. Just imagine walking through the wine aisle and you come across a wine that speaks to your moody dilemma of the day. A wine that will make you feel better about something or make you want to dance to your own music. Then, tomorrow, you can choose a different one to match your mood for that day, too. Well, there is good news for all us moody women - there is a wine for just that! Be. Wines speak to every woman’s mood with their line of different varietals matched with creative words so you can choose to drink your mood for the day and make you feel even better than you did before. The wines are: Be. Fresh Chardonnay Be. Bright Pinot Grigio Be. Radiant Riesling Be. Flirty Pink Moscato Be. Peachy White Peach Bellini Be. Tempting Red Blend Be. Sultry Sangria So, the next time you are feeling blue, grab a Peachy White Peach Bellini, or, when you’re feeling sexy, grab the Sultry Sangria. You might even want to tell your best friend how special she is with the Radiant Riesling. The possibilities are endless! Ladies, it’s time to pick your poison which one are you today? 10 • Flair • 2013 • January/February/March

Correction: Your World of BE. That’s right. Be. Wines are the first, and only wines that cater to your ever-changing world with seven stylish offerings to suit your moods. (Finally, wines to pair with your personality!) Every day’s a new opportunity to mix, match or venture beyond your norm. Feel the fervor and taste the fun of letting your fabulous self just Be. you. Be. Fresh Chardonnay - Each sip starts with a politely pleasant murmur that unfolds into an invigorating, crisp green apple splash that awakens your senses and revives your spirit. This fortuitous flavor is perfectly complemented by hints of citrus reminding you of the delicious magic of a budding romance, new adventure or simple twist of fate.

Be. Bright Pinot Grigio - Snagging the spotlight is simply effortless with this Pinot Grigio that breezes in with its sun-ripened fruit flavors, shines with carefree cues of the tropics, and finishes with an exquisite ending that welcomes you to your place in the sun.

Be. Radiant Riesling - The tempo is set for excitement with tantalizing fruit that boasts a marvelously magnetic appeal. Once your palate is captured by this zest for life, it is complemented by bright floral notes and whispers of sweetness that linger like that perfect evening that still floods your daydreams with sly smiles. Be. Flirty Pink Moscato - This tastefully gregarious gem is decked out and ready to get noticed with its playfully pink color. Its sweet berry flavors allure your palate with a friendly approach that mesmerizes as delicate notes dance to the playlist of fun rotating ’round a shiny disco ball in your head.

Be. Peachy White Peach Bellini - This sweet and sunny White Peach Bellini is comprised of a blend of Chenin Blanc and Muscat with a splash of natural peach flavor to make this blend extra peachy. Serve chilled, and feel free to add a slice of peach to be extra peachy keen. Be. Tempting Red Blend - This bold blend is as rich, seductive and sinfully delicious as a bite of red velvet-with lush berry flavors, hints of chocolate and spice, and a smooth come hither finish. Serve at room temperature, or chilled for a little shiver of something different.

Be. Sultry Sangria - This scintillating Sangria offers up a sip of paradise, with bright berry and juicy fruit flavors and a refreshing finish. Perfect for setting a sensuous mood. Serve chilled, alone or garnished with fresh berries for a seductive treat. Casandra Spears, owner of Shenanigans Wine & Spirits, has a marketing degree from Western Kentucky University and is very educated in drinking wine with seven years of experience doing so. Casandra is also available at both Shenanigans locations in Bowling Green and Lexington, KY. If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact her at 270-780-9420.

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Page 11


Creating a Lifetime of Beautiful Smiles

WINE TASTINGS Fridays & Saturdays 4pm-8pm

We’re Here For All Your Dental Needs...

• Botox • Cosmetic Dentistry • Preventive Care • Implants • Root Canal Therapy • Oral Surgery • Oral and IV Sedation



7 Be. Wine Choices at




9 5 5 F I E L D S D R I V E  78 0 . 94 2 0

• Dr. Andrew M. Burt • Dr. William Funk • Dr. Leslie Campbell • Dr. Meghan Thomas • Dr. Thomas Birkenhauer

546 Park • Bowling Green • 781-6161 • www.bgohc.com Offices also in Morgantown 526-3346 and Smiths Grove 451-0059

Schedule Now So You Can Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Sooner!

• Outdoor Kitchens • Paver Patios & Driveways • Curbing • Segmental Retaining Wall Repair • Stone Work • Architectural Design • Virtual Imaging ™ 3D DESIGN SOFTWARE

Only with Viz Terra can you have total control! Transforms a flat 2D site plan into a real time 3D tour — all with the click of a button!

Proud To Be Named R OO “BEST OUTD A” E R LIVING A f O 2012 Parade Homes

Built By Craftsmen www.Unique-Hardscapes.com Daniel Meador Mark Meador 270-776-3568 270-792-1674 Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 11

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ICONICu d r e y A

There is more to sex appeal than just measurements.

I’m half-Irish, half-Dutch, and I was born in Belgium. If I were a dog, I’d be a hell of a mess.

Nothing is impossible: the word itself says, “I’m possible.” You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.

I s t i l l r e a d fa ir y - ta l e s , a n d I l i k e t h e m b e s t of a l l .

A nice, creamy chocolate cake does a lot for me.

12 • Flair • 2013 • January/February/March

Paris is always a good idea.

Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993)

Actress, Humanitarian, and Fashionista

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A Lively Mix of Shopping and Entertainment



United Furniture & Appliances offers the high quality products you deserve at the competitive prices you want!

Our prices remain competitively low through volume buying and low overhead. United’s in-store financing allows you take home your favorite piece the same day. To better serve our valued customers, we offer delivery and in-home setup.


843-6103 morrisjewelrybg.net 408 E. Main Street • Downtown on Fountain Square

Let The Bistro Make It Memorable WEEKDAY SPECIALS... • 1/2 Off Martini Mondays • 1/2 Off Beer Tuesdays Private Dining Available Outdoor Courtyard & Covered Patio

Service with a smile for over 66 years!

(Wide Selection of Beer)

• Wine Down Wednesdays (1/2 Off Wine Glass or Bottle)


Join Us For Our Weekday Specials


1008 State Street • Bowling Green 270.843.6101 • UnitedFurnitureAppliances.com

y Da ial! 0 3 E Tr FRE

YOU’LL LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR Better Hearing Starts Today!

No-Obligation Consultation FREE Hearing Test Latest in Digital Hearing Aid Technology

Classically European, Comfortably American Delivery - Order Online • www.thebistrobg.com

1129 COLLEGE STREET • 781-9646

David Kimbel, NBC-HIS

270.843.3192 800.264.1749 829 829 State State Street Street •• Bowling Bowling Green, Green, KY KY 42101 42101

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s l e e H Hill on the

By Mary Anne Andrews

The month of March is deemed Sexual Assault Awareness Month. During the month, groups encourage members of the community to rally in support of the staggering one-in-three women affected by the tragedy of sexual assault. This March, the Inter-fraternity Council of WKU will hold its third annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event to raise money for the local Hope Harbor organization. The International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault, and Gender Violence was created in 2001 and has been spreading across North America ever since. The walk will take place on March 26, 2013. The council invites male walkers from the campus and community to join them by slipping into something uncomfortable for a cause. A $25 registration fee covers a t-shirt, a donation, and, most important, a pair of red pumps. Last year, about 50 men participated in the one-mile walk around WKU’s campus while wearing red high heels. “We recently brought it to campus, and it’s been a growing event. It sends a wonderful message,” said Alissa Mansfield, Greek Affairs Coordinator. Alissa organizes the event and is hoping for a great deal of growth this year. Last year’s walk raised $1,000 for Hope Harbor This year’s walk will take place on and received national news coverage from CNN March 26, 2013 and the Huffington Post. It will be a sight to see over 100 hairy This year, Alissa hopes for an increase in legs doing their best trudging up “The community involvement, especially among Hill” in five-inch heels. Don’t miss it! volunteers. Those who don’t want to walk can simply give a donation, buy a t-shirt, or stand along the path and cheer for the walkers as they come past. “We want people to get involved, supporters in t-shirts cheering them along,” Alissa said. “We are doing much more collaboration this year with other groups on campus. We hope we’re raising awareness.” Registration for the walk will be available online in February, 2013, at www.wku.edu/wkugreeks. Alissa said she believes the event is good for the campus community, also. “Many men aren’t encouraged to get involved in taking a stance on gender violence,” she said. This is a way for them to be educated, discouraged from participating in the problem, and help a cause. Women on campus are encouraged by the event, too. “It shows them that the male community on campus is aware and being educated and that women can be supported by many of the males on campus,” she said. It will be a sight to see over 100 hairy legs doing their best trudging up “The Hill” in five-inch heels. Make sure you don’t miss it! 14 • Flair • 2013 • January/February/March


4:02 PM

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What’s Not To

Name Brand Flooring... TARKET • MOHAWK • QUICK STEP • SHAW If you can’t come to the showroom. . .we’ll bring the showroom to you! Installation & Financing Available WAC

Grinstead’s Flooring and Furnishings

Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat 8-12

1353 Old Louisville Rd. • 270-843-1072 Owners: Gary & Anita Grinstead • Sales: John Webster & Richard Rector

Melt Away Stress.

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Massage with Reviving Foot Scrub and FREE Aromatherapy



99 99

(an $80 value)



90-Minute Massage

with FREE Hot Stone and FREE Aromatherapy



99 99

(a $115 value)




Two 1-Hour $ Massages

in our Couple’s Room with 2 Long-Stemmed Roses & Box of Chocolates


99 99

(a $140 value)

• Massage • Facials • Waxing • Body Treatments • Mani/Pedi • Reflexology


730 Fairview Ave. • Ste. A2 Bowling Green • 270-904-0454 www.sanctuarybodyspa.com

Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 15

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4:02 PM

Page 16

Puppy Love By Mary Anne Andrews

When Lorri Hare began working with the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society 14 years ago, she never dreamed one day she would become its Director. At the time, the shelter did not have a volunteer program, so she began encouraging volunteerism with a 5K walk fundraiser that raised $3,000. Last year, that same 5K walk raised $30,000. Under Lorri’s leadership and with the help of a loyal staff, the shelter’s adoption rate has increased 70%. “We won’t stop until we can adopt out every healthy pet,” she said. The shelter sees several kinds of pet owners. “We see the part of the community who treats animals like part of the family . . . and the part who doesn’t,” Lorri said, “but the great homes far outweigh the bad ones.” The best way to combat bad homes is through awareness and responsibility-particularly the spaying or neutering of pets. The shelter offers a low cost spay and neuter program that is open to the public year round. When it comes to pet adoption, Lorri says that the shelter is the best option. “When you purchase a dog from a store or a breeder, you may be contributing to puppy mills or other bad conditions,” she said. At the shelter, an $85 pet fee covers your new pet’s spay or neuter cost, vaccinations, and microchipping. This is over $280 worth of veterinary services. Also, the shelter employees know their animals and help families choose the pet that best fits into their lifestyle. Pets are especially important in homes with children. “We all remember our childhood dog that was our favorite pet,” Lorri said. “Children have a bond with animals that they don’t have with humans. That animal will love them regardless. It teaches them responsibility, also.” With over 10,000 animal intakes in 2012, there are always plenty of options. The shelter usually has about 200 animals who need homes at any given time. Surprisingly, about 25% are purebred. The best way to adopt a pet is to take your time and get to know different animals.

Lorri Hare, Director of the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society

“The animal picks us as much as we pick it,” Lorri said. “If you don’t see what you want the first time, check back. Adoption forms are available online, and some pets are ready to take home the same day.” Nothing makes a better Valentine than the gift of saving a life. When you adopt an animal from the Humane Society, you are really saving two lives: the one you adopt and the one for which you create a space. The shelter has an open volunteer program with applications available online, too. Volunteers help walk and socialize pets to prepare them for future homes. “On my tombstone, I want it to say I made a difference,” Lorri concluded. “I hope I can fulfill that epitaph.” 16 • Flair • 2013 • January/February/March

The best way to adopt a pet is to take your time and get to know different animals.

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Page 17

T hink ing of buying or s elling a hom e, fa rm ,or com m ercia lproperty?

T hink ofm e!  When the time comes, will you be ready?  Do you know the cost of a funeral?  Do you have funeral insurance?

For answers to these questions without obligation, please give us a call We offer dignified, yet affordable Funeral Services, Cremation and Monuments


Perry Thessen, Your Friend in the Neighborhood.

Perry Thessen REALTOR®

1053A Lover s Lane Bowling Gr een, KY Cell 270-796-7550 Of fice 270-745-9900

1510 Campbell Lane Bowling Green, KY 42104

270-904-4201 -Veteran Owned Company-

Jan & Kenneth Cone


The Hunt Group “Independently Owned & Operated”


Laser Therapy Surgery-Free, Drug-Free, Noninvasive Treatment for Your Pet Laser Therapy has been successful in treating post-surgical pain and is used for many acute and chronic conditions, including: • • • • •

Infections Arthritis Cuts & Bites Tissue Trauma Sprains, Strains & Fractures

• • • • • •

Allergy Inflammations Lick Granulomas Hip Dysplasia Tendonitis Urinary Tract Disease Acupuncture

Contact us today to determine if Laser Therapy is right for your pet. Dr. Adrienne Price & Dr. Matt Paxton

Bowling Green’s Premier Veterinary Hospital Mon-Fri 7- 6 • Sat 8 - 1 Sun Pickup/Dropoff 4 - 5 Emergency phone calls answered 24/7

Dr. Matt Paxton • Dr. Adrienne Price Dr. Betty Stephenson • Dr. Amanda Gray


“Where Pets are Family”

www.GreystonePetHospital.com Pet Hospital 843-1558 • 1650 Campbell Lane Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 17

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Sir-PR IZE... Joh n n y B ritt Local Basketball Celebrity BG is blessed with local celebrities from all walks of life. Johnny Britt is one of our celebrities! Johnny is a graduate of Warren East High School where he was a stand-out basketball player. He was awarded a basketball scholarship to Western Kentucky University and played for the Hilltoppers 1972-1976 as a “small” forward and his senior year, a point guard. The 1976 basketball season was great for the WKU basketball team and its fans. The rivalry and competition of the OVC Conference brought fans to Diddle Arena to “fill the house.” The night of the OVC Championship game between WKU and Austin Peay was filled with electric anticipation. Diddle was filled to capacity and the fans were roaring. The media pregame hype pitted two former Warren East high school team members against each other in this important game. It would be Johnny Britt of WKU v/s Charles Fishback of Austin Peay, high school friends and ferocious competitors. In the final seconds of the game, WKU was up by 1 point. Britt fouled Fishback who went to the foul line. Fishback was successful with both foul shots which put WKU behind by 1 point Britt, #20, in the final minutes of with 8 seconds on the clock. The ball the WKU and Austin Peay game. ended up in the hands of Mike Warner (not the team’s best shooter) who frantically threw the ball in the air from half court trying to make a miracle shot. Wilson James, a WKU forward, grabbed the ball out of the air and laid it into the basket all in the same motion, just as the clock buzzed. WKU won by 1 point! The crowd exploded in pandemonium! It was a night that WKU fans would remember forever! WKU ended up losing to Marquette in the NCAA that year. Marquette progressed to win the NCAA tournament. Now, as Paul Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story.” In the fall of 2010, 35 years after the big game, Johnny Britt got a phone call from the WKU Athletic Department and was informed that the 1976 OVC Championship team, including managers, trainers, and coaches would be recognized at a WKU basketball game and presented with a championship ring. In February 2011, the 1976 team members gathered for a reunion meeting, then went to WKU to meet the current Johnny Britt’s basketball team. At half time, the 1976 OVC Championship 1976 OVC team was introduced and presented a beautiful Championship Ring championship ring on the basketball floor where a memory of 35 years ago was recognized and honored. And that is the rest of the story.

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D.M.D. , y e ll e K . S ic r Dr. E dult sive A Comprehen ental Care ic D and Pediatr Treatment

BUSINESS CARD BUZZ • A p p a re l es • A cc e ss o ri • G if ts , Li z B er na rd Pr op ri et or


42 7 0 .9 0 4 .2 4

2 in A v e . 426 E. Ma 2101 n, KY 4

ur mind. D E E P RE L A XATION • F OCUS B o o k y o u r QUIT SMOKING • LOSE WEIGHT

re e B o w li n g G ho tm ai l.c om /e m ai l @ la el ar zi ng

sh op

p ri v a te s e s s io n

ntal Implant Complete De ish, under IV Sedation Fin from Start to




h yp n os is u n


620.388.0 324 li m it ed @ gm ai l. co m

02 ASS SUTILED.IN1G P Y B -W 1 3 727 SSIONAL ARTS B PROFE tistry.com kelleyden

A fun, creati ve to paint & p place lay!



Having fun ne goes out of sty ver But Hairstyles le... Do!

Canvas Parties

• Bir thday s

• Ladies Nig ht • Art Camp


270.783.083 0 pl ac es tu di o. co

w w w.p ai n tn

1243 Magno lia

Jerri Ro 4› 0-›C^fosfbt›> mans sb›•›510*//5 /

If yo u h a o u r co ve r- ve so m e th in g to h id u e 1 5 fo rm u la p e xp e rt s ca n h e lp , C o m e in fo s a n d o ve r 2 0 0 sh a w it h de r a fr e e E xp re ss M a ke o s. ve r.


• Bowling G reen



©2012 Merle Norman Cosme tics,

0 843-995

1 3 0 W a lt o n Ave • Bo w lin g G re e n KY 2 7 0 -7 4 6 -6 499 Mon-Sat 10 -6 • MERLEN ORM

Merle Norma n Cosmetic Studios hav e been indepe ndently own ed


and operate d since 193 1.




T EVENTS • WEDDING EXECUTIV S E GET Date Night & SweetheaAW AYS rt Specials

Prepare to be Pamp ered

Clint & Juanni www.spongie e Kronenberger, Innkeepers

610 MATLOC acresbedandbreakfast.com K RD • BOW LING GREEN 2

270- 495-9 545

e Gifts Purveyors oy f FEvinent Planning

CHARLENE 95 2 7 0 .5 3 5 .1 8

D AV ID 41 2 7 0 .3 0 3 .9 7 LDS.COM .THERABO W W W

Bridal Registr ign  Interior Des

EB YPASS, SUIT 661 31-W BG GREEN, KY BOWLIN 96.5928 270.7 Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 19

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To Dye For

— By Liz Bradley

Who says dyeing Easter eggs is just for kids? This Easter think about asking a few girlfriends to hop on over for an Easter Egg Dyeing party! First on the list of to dos? Find creative ideas for dyeing the eggs. Let your imagination run wild. Your eggs can take on a more sophisticated feel or be a little more difficult since this party doesn’t include supervising the kiddos. Let your style and the look of your home be your guide for your inspiration. Here are a few ideas to help you get the egg rolling... One of my personal favorites is the chalkboard egg. Instead of traditional egg dye, just paint your eggs with chalkboard spray paint. This is also a treat for the family when you get home. They can draw and change the eggs around all season.

Dip dyeing also takes on a clean look of simplicity and style when left to one or two colors mixed with the white egg. Variations of this style are limitless and look designer when put together as a centerpiece.

20 • Flair • 2013 • January/February/March

The speckled blue egg is always a natural choice. This technique is as simple as dyeing the eggs different shades of blue with a little gold paint splattered on the egg. Remember that the darker the dye and the longer the length of time the egg lays in the dye determines how vibrant the egg will be. The eggs look more natural when they are different colors and consistency. Never underestimate the power of a monogram or an initial in the South. There is no one at your party who won’t swoon over these beauties. You can use them on undyed farm fresh eggs or make them fun with a traditionally dyed egg. The vinyl letters can be found in craft stores or on-line and for very reasonable prices so not to break your basket! No Easter party could be complete without the golden egg! The options of the golden egg are endless. You can use gold spray paint, gold leaf paper, and of course, gold glitter. After all, in order to really call yourself a crafter, there must be a little glitter involved. Easter is just a hop, skip and a jump away, and with no shortage of fun and clever Easter ideas out there, now is the time to start planning your party that all your friends will swear was TO-DYE-FOR! Hoppy planning!

Liz Bradley is a thirty-something wife, mother of two girls, shoppe keeper, and interior designer. She has one shoppe named LuLu’s that offers fine home furnishings and consignments. The other is Little Lulu’s which offers children’s furniture and previously gently loved clothes. She loves sharing her ideas with her clients.

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Yo u’ ve se en th e ba gs . H er e’s ho w yo u ge t th em ...

• Fresh & Silk Flow ers • Plants • G ift B askets • G ifts • C an dles (100% Soy,C otton W icks) • Fu neralSprays • U niqu es D E LIV E R IE S D A ILY “Every O rderisU niqu e”

Fu nc tio n & St yle ...D es ign ed fo r Yo ur Lif e! Ho st a “P ur se Pa r ty ”

Ce ll: 27 0- 62 2- 12 48

• Ho me : 27 0- 62 2- 63 57

Become a Representative FREE Training

9985 A lva ton Rd.,A lva ton,K Y



Accepting Summer Items


535 Three Sprin 362 gs Rd

winn ingop port unity @jun o.co m www.pam pere dche f.biz/ jmar sh

111 Oak Pointe Court • Bowling Green Bus 270-783-8002 • Cell 615-310-2264



Chemical-free cleaning for home and personal use Products, demos & free business opportunity available

219-324-2839 www.nancyrobinson.norwex.biz

Ywjfy Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm


1133 Nutwood Ave. (Just around the corner from LuLu ’s)

P 270.904.0270

Bowling Gre Pet Grooming en’s Finest Establishment Emporium

nd Snacks g Treats a o D t e m r u omachs Go e n s it iv e S t S r o f s t a s Tre thday Cake D o g g ie B ir

Treats Organic Dog r Dogs fo Neem Soap t Products John Paul Pe lsits in Paste -Pet Portra andles e Soaps & C Locally Mad t Milk Soaps andles • Goa ble 100% Soy C ivery Availa Hom


R E N ’S C O N S

Clothing for Newbo rn-20, Juniors & Materni ty


Got Water?



Independent Team Lead


GLENDA GRIDER 270.791.7082

Little LuLu’s N IG




(27 0)7 82-2229

The Right Tools for Every Meal




G re ta G illi am , Co ns ult an t

el e/Office D

way Ave. 812 Broad 791-5165 • 792-5732Sat 10:30-4 Tuesry.com twainbake www.bark

pet salon  All Breeds, All Sizes  Personal Atte ntion -Great Custome r ServiceThan Bowling Green, ks, for With Your PrecioTrusting Us us Pets for 4 Years!

Hours: Tues-Sat by Appointmen t

101 Nellums Av enue


Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 21

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Fifty Shades

Fantasy of

Well . . . the Top Three, Anyway!

The summer of 2012 might well have gone down as one of the hottest on record, but not only because of the soaring temperatures outside. Millions of readers worldwide (mostly women) fell under the spell of a trio of erotic books written by novice British novelist E.L. James — Fifty Shades of Grey and its two sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Notable for their explicit erotic scenes depicting such sexual practices as bondage and disciple, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism (BDSM), the series has topped bestseller lists around the world, including the United Kingdom and the United States; has sold 40 million copies worldwide with book rights having been sold in 37 countries; and has set the record as the fastest-selling paperback of all time, surpasssing even the Harry Potter series. What does the phenomenon of this bestselling series and its avid readership tell us about women and their sexual fantasies? According to Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, author of Pleasure: A Woman’s Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need, and Deserve, “Patients often ask me if sexual daydreams are normal. They are!” Dr. Hutcherson has identified the top three sexual fantasies for women and interpreted what they mean. They include the following: 1. Sex with another man, usually a celebrity. This doesn’t mean that you’re dissatisfied with your real sex life, just that you’re excited by new experiences, and, of course, gorgeous stars. 2. Domination. This fantasy allows you to engage in sexual activity that may seem taboo without any guilt. Seeing yourself as submissive can signify a desire for a loss of control, and freedom from responsibility can be thrilling. 3. Last but not least: sex with your guy. This is the most common fantasy for women. It’s usually more exciting than your average roll in the hay-perhaps a replay of your hot honeymoon, for example. It simply means that sex with your partner turns you on. What a great concept!

In March, 2012, Universal Pictures and Focus Features secured the film rights to the Fifty Shades trilogy, and, at present, the two top contenders for the coveted role of the mysterious, young business magnate Christian Grey are Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, pictured here left to right.

22 • Flair • 2013 • January/February/March

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Rho de Isla nd Red Chi cke ns Bab y Chi cks • Tur key s Gui nea s • Hat chi ng Egg s Com pos ting Mat eria ls

- Sm all Ani ma l Sw ap Me et 3 rd Satu rday Eve ry Mon th • 8AM -1PM February 16 & March 16 Flea Market • Guns • Produce Knives • Saddlery • Leather Crafts

Rain or Shine

159 7 Squ ire Lyl es Roa d Sco tts vill e, KY 421 64

270 -77 9-2 300 • 270 -99 1-7528 www .Tim and Sus ieHe nHo use .com

It ’s Yo ur Li fe , Sh el te r It Insurance for your... Auto • Home • Life Farm • Business • Motorcycle Let me help you plan for life’s changes and unexpected events


304 E. 11th Ave, Ste 3 Bowling Green




“The Way Life Used To Be”

Spongie’s Whimsicals


ying Around Old-Fashioned M onke Monkeys Sock One-of-a-kind handmadet include your and custom outfits tha designs. o favorite sports and retr

onkey Sock Mes Now Class able! icalssockmonkeys.com Avail www.spongieswhims


Arts on Sterling

Art classes fo children, teens and r adults

Have a paintin g party! Private classes available

270-618-9747 37 years teaching art


Commercial Printers Since 1978 SMALL TOWN PRICING Online Quotes and Ordering FREE DELIVER Y



t e seasons a C e le b r a te th b s o n G r o v e at Ho R iv e r v ie w

lÉâÜ É X Ç à x Ü à t | Ç xà c Ä t v • B r id g e •o nTse•a sS h o w e r s e • Lunch eo C lu b s • L it e r a r y

OMEN S FOR ADULT W E TI R A P E M O ducts IN-H Romance Pro & e ri e g in L Lotions, ny Sarah & Pen08 6 -9 8 270-61 om py@yahoo.c s h sara snoo



LINDA RONE’S Keeping IN-HOME Bowling Green QUILTING STUDIO in Stitches since 1998! Machine Quilting Quilts • Baby Blanfor... kets Throws • Comforter s — Small, Medium, La

rge Meander

ing — Open or Closed Some free-motion Pantograms me design in it. No de andering with a tail quilting.

12017 CEMETER YR 615-809-5841 (Cel OAD l)


Where Consign Mee ts Design Consignment of • HOME ACCESSORI ES & FURNISHINGS • FURNITURE • ANTI QUES Taking Consignments Tuesday-Friday or by Appointment

Ñx Ü yx và xä xÇ à? x à{ Ü yÉ z |Ç à{ ç X ä xÜ xä xÇ t z |y à á{ É Ñ4

M a in 1 1 0 0 We s t 9 1 - 6 1 4 6 7 843-5565 •

Vickey Grimsley Owner



1027 31-W By Pass • BowTuelins-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-3 g Green Visit us on Facebook @ Pand ora’s Boxx

Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 23

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I fill



ove, L

4:34 PM

Page 24

and I send that


out into the


How others

t a e r t


is their


how I




—Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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F AIR Spotlight on


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Dena Nelsen

In the first of a series of South Central Spotlights, we would like to highlight one of our brightest individuals, and that is our LPL Financial Advisor, Dena Nelsen. We are very lucky to have Dena at South Central Bank, as she represents exactly what a community bank should emulate. She believes in supporting her community, she listens and responds to each individual customer’s needs, and she is reliable. In fact, it was her desire to serve her community that landed her practice at South Central Bank in Bowling Green. She is in her tenth year of volunteering for Junior Achievement as a classroom instructor. She has also served as a Board Member of the Public Theatre of Kentucky and the

Financial Advisor, LPL Financial

Capitol Arts Alliance. She is a supporter of United Way and served on the United Way of Southern Kentucky Allocations Committee and Leadership Circle. We also are glad to have Dena because she recognizes that women clients often have unique investment needs. More than half of her female clients are single, widowed, divorced or have blended families. Dena is knowledgeable in understanding the challenges women face and will provide personalized guidance that can help them become more comfortable and secure. Stop by to see Dena at our beautiful Lehman Avenue location, and talk to her about your financial goals.

Dena Nelsen, Financial Advisor, LPL Financial

805 Lehman Avenue, Bowling Green KY Office: 270-529-1329 FAX: 270-846-1431 dena.nelsen@lpl.com

Located at

Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its licensed affiliates. 805 Lehman Avenue: not registered broker/ dealer(s) nor affiliate(s) of LPL Financial.

The Purrfect Flooring for Any Lifestyle ... Visit Our Remodeled Showroom Designed for YOUR Convenience • • • • • • QUALITY & DESIGN AT COMPETITIVE PRICES

Area Rugs Carpet In-Stock Rolls Available Hardwood Laminate Luxury Vinyl Tile Largest Selection of Oriental Rugs in Southern Kentucky

Red Carpet Shop Over 100 Years of Flooring Experience

1115 LOVERS LANE • 781-2829 Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 25

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BUY LOCAL FOOD YEAR ROUND WITH CFM Delicious, local foods available 12 months of the year! Winter market season runs through March. You will be able to purchase your favorite cool season vegetables all winter long. In addition, the winter market will feature milk, meat, eggs, bread, granola, ice cream, BBQ, and all your favorite hand-crafted jewelry, clothing and home items.


WINTER MARKET Saturdays from 8am-1pm Lettuces • Greens • Tomatoes Green Beans • Squash • Zucchini Brown Eggs • Cheese • Canned Goods Baked Goods • Honey • Wine Local Chef Table • Jewelry Clothing • Handcrafted Toys Soaps • Local Music Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping & More!

Behind Old Mall (intersection of Nashville Road/ Campbell Lane) - Campbell Lane Entrance

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Page 27

Forever Communications • 270-843-3333 1919 Scottsville Road, Bowling Green, KY Flair • 2013 • January/February/March • 27

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Page 28

Your Girlfriend Wants Me



We are the leading buyer of scrap gold, broken gold, old coins, estate and fine jewelry

2910 SCOTTSVILLE ROAD • 781-1194

Profile for Country Peddler

Flair Magazine January, February, March 2013  

A women's magazine. Featuring local talent, business/professional women and stories of interest.

Flair Magazine January, February, March 2013  

A women's magazine. Featuring local talent, business/professional women and stories of interest.