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Publisher’s Prattle

Lana Hendricks, Publisher

To Prattle or not to Prattle: that is the question. Anyone who knows me knows this will be the easiest part of my new job responsibilities. I just love to talk about anything and everything. I had a hard time deciding what to “prattle” about. There is so much going on in my life: a new position at work - publisher. A new office. New responsibilities. New is good, right? You know how we feel about change. One thing here that has not changed is my work family. I say this with all sincerity: I work with a great group of people. We laugh together, cry together, and would literally give the shirts off our backs for each other. More than anything, we work hard, and our goal is to provide our community with a quality publication with FLAIR! Summer is here - the perfect time to chill and read. Pour yourself your favorite refreshment, put your feet up, and enjoy. FLAIR magazine offers readers insightful and inspiring stories about our local women, and I hope this unique blend of honesty, inspiration, and information motivates you, the reader, to be the best you can be. Learn from other women and become more aware of the powerful women in our community. Our advertisers serve as a go-to for information on everything from healthcare to shopping to your next night on the town. We hope that you will enjoy reading FLAIR magazine online and in print. — Lana

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16 Summer is Here 18 Sassy Celebrity - Sally Field Cover Design by Joyce Lawhorn

19 Cookin’ with Justin 20 From Bloomers to Bikinis 22 The Sad Passing of Southern Foodways

Joyce Lawhorn is a writer and artist, originally from Monroe County, KY, who now lives in Bowling Green. She accepts commission art assignments full time now, creating many portraits of people, animals, and scenery. Since she was a girl at Tompkinsville High School, her first love was art and writing poetry and short stories. This passion had to be put on the back burner when her children came along; then when they all left home, she picked up where she left off and hasn’t stopped. She posts her art online at “fineartamerica” and has several pieces hanging in homes across the U.S. and Europe.

Yesterday morning, I asked my beloved spouse what she wanted for supper, and she replied, “Tuna patties.” So, I dug out my favorite recipe, looked at it, and realized that (1) it called for green onions, and (2) there wasn’t an onion — green, blue, chartreuse, or otherwise — in the house, but there was one in the garden. I’d missed it several days back when the rest of the onion patch gave its collective life for a Better Cause. Out to the garden I went to get an onion. An onion. As I pulled that little fellar up, it occurred to me the greens needed to be picked, so I hauled that one onion back to the house, got a paper poke, and headed back to the garden and commenced picking greens. Then I realized the beans needed attention as well, so I toted the paper poke full of greens to the house, dumped them in the sink, grabbed my next to best bucketwithout-a-bail, and set sail to the garden. Again.

A Day in the Life of a

House Husband: — By JD Gee As I finished picking the beans, the realization struck that the squash needed to be harvested too, so, taking my life into my own hands, I waded in. I’ll swear, one of the squash plants is a meat eater. I surely hope none of the neighborhood kids wander near the garden. I trudged back to the house one last time and “laid my burdens down” — rinsed off the squash; washed and snapped the beans; and washed, stemmed, blanched, and cooked the greens. All of this just because my mother-in-law’s daughter wanted tuna patties for supper. I’d planned to spend the day eating bon-bons, sipping champagne, doing my toenails, and watching Oprah. The Scottish Plowboy-Poet had it right when he wrote that “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men/Gang aft agley” (often go awry). Not to sound like a moralizing man, but this seems to apply particularly to married men. The mice will have to speak up for themselves. I was mostly through sulking by the time my favorite wife got home, so despite the heat, we took our evening stroll, but there weren’t as many critters or folks stirring about as usual. We ambled a bit faster than we normally do in hopes of generating a breeze, and got home in time to watch most of last evening’s exciting rerun episode of Mission: Impossible. (It was the episode with the Worst-Ever Rendition by Anyone of The Times They Are A-Changing, in case you keep track of such things.) By the by, the tuna patties were a hit, and as far as the bonbons and champagne and Oprah I missed out on — well heck, there’s always tomorrow! And here you thought nothing exciting ever happens in the hinterlands north of the Green River. Author JD Gee, self-described as an unrepentant ne’er-do-well, misspent his youth in the Lake Cumberland area of Kentucky before removing to Bowling Green in the 1970s. After wearing out his welcome in that fair city, he left under cover of darkness a decade and a half ago and has since resided “north of the Green River” in the Land of Buckeyes. He states he’s too old to work and too scared to steal, so he resorts to writing.

Southern Fried


INGREDIENTS... 1 (14-3/4 oz.) ca 1/4 cup onion nned tuna , fin 1/4 cup cornm ely chopped eal 1/4 cup flour 1 egg 3 tablespoon s mayonnaise DIRECTIONS... 1. Open tuna and drained tuna drain thoroughly. Place in evenly with a mixing bowl and flake fork. 2. Add onion , corn meal, flo ur, mayonnaise, and egg. Stir until well blended. 3. Shape the mixtu size of an ave re into patties about the rage burger o r less. 4. Cook in oil in skillet over medium heat until browned on each side . Turn once while frying. Note: The ma yo hold their sha nnaise helps the patties pe and keep s them from b too dry. eing

Jana Sublett A successful woman is one who:

Executive Director of CASA of South Central KY (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

My family: Being from Bowling Green, I say that I am related to a lot of people...One degree away from being related to most anyone in Warren County. But I have a very small family. What I am most excited about: Successfully getting through my first event and grant season with CASA. Come on July 1!

Best friends say:

I have been so fortunate to have a strong, smart, independent Granny to look up to my entire life. She is definitely before her time. I know that when I look at her, I am seeing myself in 44 years.

My guilty pleasures: I am energized: By having something to look forward to. The hardest lesson I have had to learn:

If I were a singer I’d be: I have always aligned myself with three singers — Patsy Cline, Stevie Nicks and Madonna. We are all altos.

Around the World in Seven Days — By Celeste Rehmel

I had never been out of the United States. I had never even been on an airplane; however, when the opportunity arose for me to travel to China over spring break 2016, I jumped at the suggestion. There wasn’t any specific reason I wanted to go. I had always wanted to travel, but I hadn’t ever had a particularly keen interest in China specifically. For some reason, though, I kept thinking about the trip, about the opportunity that was just within reach, about that little voice in my head that said I should go. For the next few months, God kept putting the idea in my head, so I made my first payment. The next thing I knew, I was in the Nashville Airport at 3:00 in the morning with eight other college students, full of a little bit of fear, a little bit of nerves, and a whole lot of excitement. When I took my first step on Chinese soil, I was half-asleep and exhilarated at the same time. I had been on a plane or in an airport for the previous 24 hours, and physically I was exhausted already, but, mentally, I was awake as ever. I was in a brand new country: a country in which I didn’t speak the language at all, and yet, somehow, I was not daunted in the face of this. It was all brand new. While we were in China, our group spoke with English Language majors at a university located in southeast China in a “small town” of about three million people and shared with them about God, Christianity, and our faith. The receptiveness and boldness of these people was no less than eye-opening. Despite being faced with the threat of a communist government that would imprison them at the very least for being a Christian, they remained strong in their faith. This in itself showed me that being shy isn’t a good reason to not share the Good News with someone here at home. Where I am does not change the strength of my God. Eating with the local believers on one of the last nights was the most revelatory part of the trip. We fit about 40 people around two round glass tables at a restaurant near the university. Luckily, one of the Chinese believers ordered for us since we honestly had no idea what we had been eating for the past week, except for a pork and peppers dish called “La Jao Chow Ro,” which was our group’s favorite. As we ate, someone began sharing his testimony, which created the trend of going around the table and sharing our stories. To hear the stories from the people at that table was amazing. While there was a language barrier, higher at some times than others, the boldness and faithfulness that I saw in these people’s faces was, for lack of a better word, life changing. For the first time in my life, I realized I had been involved with something much larger than just my individual person. I had been doing God’s work, and, for some reason, it had taken me traveling halfway around the world in order to realize I could do that anywhere. In the words of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius, “A youth, when abroad, should be earnest and truthful. He should overflow in love to all and cultivate friendship.”

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Flair • 2016 • July/August/September • 7

Lost River Cave

FFinding inding N Natur ature

by Carly Mathews

Rho Lansden, E x e c u t i v e D i r e c t o r, Lost River Cave & Va l l e y

Lost River Cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Southern Kentucky, drawing in thousands of tourists to Bowling Green each year. There’s beautiful trails to hike, cave tours done daily, and no beating the beauty of the park. Meet Rho Lansden, Executive Director of the park and the woman who makes the beautiful area possible. Rho started out as a volunteer back in 1999 and then was offered the first paid position in the park in the fall of 2000. Although Rho didn’t start with Lost River until 1999, she’s always had an appreciation for the great outdoors. “I grew up on the outskirts of Detroit, and so it was a field trip to a nature center that had a lasting impact on me and where my appreciation for the outdoors began,” says Rho. She says that by being exposed to nature, she was able to see things that she never would have in an urban setting, and this is something she hopes to be able to offer to other children through her work at Lost River. Not only does she want to expose them to the outdoors, but Rho also wants to teach the younger generation the value of unplugging from technology to enjoy more “green time.” “Lost River is different from other parks because we have that educational component,” says Rho. “It makes it possible for us to be able to give the entire community of Bowling Green a love for nature.” Rho’s love of nature has been passed down to her two kids, both of whom work in national parks out west. It’s her love of what she does that makes Rho’s job not so much a job. Despite all the hard work that goes into making Lost River the natural and historic attraction that it is, Rho wouldn’t have it any other way. “I’m one of the luckiest people in Bowling Green because my job is my hobby,” says Rho with a smile. “I get up excited about the work that our staff and our board is doing in the community, and it’s unbelievable.”


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915-C LOVERS LANE • (270) 781-2829 Dear Gabby, We had tornado warnings last night and I spent the night in my closet. While in there, I noticed that I need new clothes and shoes. Wouldn’t you agree with me that I should do something about that? — Signed, Raggedy Ann Dear Raggedy Ann, I am impressed. It takes a true woman to turn a stormy night into an excuse to go shopping. — Gabby Dear Gabby, I keep hearing older women being described as “cougars.” What does that mean? and, at my age, would I be considered a cougar? — Signed, Possible Cougar Dear P.C. Nooooo, I would say you would be considered something else. You would be more of an “old goat.” — Gabby

Dear Gabby, My husband has been wanting to send me to a place that he says will give me lots of rest and relaxation. He says there are even guys there in white coats who will take good care of me. Sounds nice, like a spa, so should I go? — Signed, Unsure Dear Unsure, Yes, definitely go. They will also give you a nice white jacket that wraps around you like a hug. — Gabby Dear Gabby, I have been looking at my old high school yearbooks. I was so cute back then and now I just look old. I am depressed and wondering if there is something wrong with the way I feel. — Signed, Down Dear Down, I am not sure if there is anything wrong with the way you feel, but there is certainly something wrong with your eyesight. Trust me, you weren’t that cute in high school. — Gabby Flair • 2016 • July/August/September • 9

— By Carly Mathews “From the outside looking in, you can never understand it; from the inside looking out, you can never explain it.” These words spoken by, and about, sorority women are undoubtedly true. Outsiders claim these women to be a part of a cult, and the members perceive non-Greeks as simply crazy. Some see “paying for friends,” and others see a lifelong sisterhood. Lizzie Correa, Megan Hall, Cherie Cothern, and Liz Grant are four teachers who most definitely agree with the latter. All four women are teachers at Dishman-McGinnins Elementary School, and all four women are alumni members of the Chi Theta chapter of Chi Omega, the WKU chapter of the national sorority. “It’s so much fun being able to work with my sisters because I know I’ll always have people in my corner and people who are always there to help me out,” Lizzie says with a smile towards the other women. Lizzie, Megan, and Liz are all friends from college; Lizzie and Liz were even a part of the same pledge class in 2006. Cherie, a member of the 1983 pledge class, says that even though she wasn’t in school with the girls, their relationship is as strong as if they had been. “I’m the mom of the group,” Cherie says with a laugh. The friendship between these women, some-

10 • Flair • 2016 • July/August/September

• • • • • • •

thing they attribute to their bond as Chi Omegas, is evident to any person who is around the four of them while they’re together. “I wouldn’t trade being able to share this bond, and work with these three girls, for anything,” says Cherie. All four women are extremely involved in the school’s activities, which they credit to their time in the sorority. “In Chi O, you’re always having to do something,” says Lizzie. “You always have a responsibility, and I believe that prepared all of us for real life.” However, responsibility isn’t all that they excel in; they have fun as well. They will perform a dance routine together at the school’s endof-the-year talent show. Being able to be responsible while having fun is only one of the qualities the women believe they gained by being a Chi Omega. “We all work well in large groups; we’re able to delegate, and we’re able to be leaders, if that’s what needed of us,” says Liz. “All of these things are skills that we learned by being in a sorority like Chi O.” The four women all wholeheartedly agree that their success and hard-working attitudes are partly thanks to being a part of Chi Omega. These four sorority women daily defy the negative connotations that go with being a “sorority girl,” and they all agree that they wouldn’t have it any other way. “They really are my sisters,” says Megan. “I can’t imagine doing this without them here beside me.”

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Life’s Better Together... — By Celeste Rehmel The biggest comfort in the world to a family in crisis is the presence of people on whom to lean when times get rough. We all hope that a situation will not get so hard that we must depend on our support systems, especially if we don’t have them, but sometimes life happens. Life’s Better Together, a non-profit organization created and run by Danette Neel Idlett, is a support system for those who need one. The journey to Life’s Better Together has been a series of events beginning with Danette’s first husband Aaron Neel’s diagnosis of and death from a rare lymphoma in 2011. Afterwards in 2012, she decided she wanted to do something in her late husband’s name, so what better than to help those going through the same things she and her family experienced? During Aaron’s invasive chemotherapy and full-body radiation treatments, Danette was incredibly lucky to be surrounded by family and have help with doctor’s appointments, treatments, and babysitting. She never had to worry about paying bills, cooking, cleaning, or even mowing the yard; however, not everyone has that luxury. When a parent, or even a child, is undergoing treatments, there are countless hours spent away from work, and there are hundreds of dollars spent in travel — none of which is covered by insurance. In 2012, Danette and her second husband, Matt Idlett, attended a fundraiser in a nearby city sponsored by a large group of families who would pool their money together and find local families to whom they could donate funds to assist in their financial stress while their family member was busy battling an ongoing illness. It was the sign that Danette was meant to carry this message home and to begin Life’s Better Together . Armed with the knowledge of her experience and taking away what she learned at the event, Danette wanted to build her own non-profit organization providing assistance to families who have a child battling a serious illness or a parent suffering with an ongoing ailment. Danette has a group of volunteers ready to take action for families in need — whether it is paying their mortgage, buying a new set of tires, taking care of their pets, or cleaning their homes. Since the beginning, Danette and Matt have graciously paid 100% of all start-up and ongoing administrative expenses. They have no rent, staff, or other costs associated with running a non-profit. That means every penny donated goes to where it is needed most — the families who are affected by illness. However, no one can do what they do without others getting involved and donating. Volunteers and financial support are needed, and Danette encourages everyone to share the group’s Facebook page. When asked what her favorite part of the group is, Danette thought for a while and then said, “Knowing one less thing is on their to-do list, one less stress, is a comfort to my clients and me both. They need to focus on healing, not on mortgages or feeding their kids.” As a mother herself, Danette knows how stressful it can be to worry about paying lifesbettertogether.org medical bills as well as finding someone to pick the kids up from school, and she hopes that Life’s Better Together will at least ease some of the burden off of families with quite enough on their plates. To quote Mother Theresa, “I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. But together we can do great things.”


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Goldendoodle Debacle

I dreamt of a Goldendoodle puppy to call our own. For months, my step-daughter, Bailee, and I looked at puppies on the internet dreaming of the day that Paul (my husband/her father) would finally get on board. We wanted a Goldendoodle puppy. A litter was born March 31, 2015, and eight weeks later we brought “Blue” home. Here are just a few of my journal entries from the early days.

• 5/23/15: Blue is every bit as adorable as I ever could have imagined. With curly apricot fur and teddy bear button eyes and nose, he appears to be a true puppy angel.

by Jenny Bettersworth

• 5/24/15: Oh my goodness! Was this puppy sedated before we picked him up yesterday? If so, it has definitely worn off. This puppy is a wind-up toy with a bobble-head and a steel-trap jaw. Yesterday he was an angel, but now he has gotten comfortable in his new home with his new family, and his true nature emerges. He is Pac-man meets Energizer Bunny. • 6/2/15: We have come to learn that Blue acts like an angel when he is scared and/or in a new situation, but as soon as he is comfortable again, the constant snapping and attacking resumes. • 7/23/15: Blue is horrendous. A baby alligator has moved in. • 7/28/15: Blue’s new favorite game is scrambling to get to Bailee’s face so that he can lick her eyeballs. • 8/15/15: My husband now refers to letting the puppy out of the crate in the morning as “setting the Kraken free.” • 9/15/15: Shameful but true: my puppy is a bully. He follows me around barking and is waging war on Bailee, too. He also unleashes his terror upon objects: toilet paper, sunglasses, hats, gloves, shoes, socks, and laundry in general. • 10/17/15: Took Blue on vacation to the beach. He ate my sister-in-law’s pajama bottoms. • 11/08/15: Blue stole a razor blade from the sink.

Blue...aka “Braveheart”

• 12/21/15: Blue stole a can of spray paint off my work bench and painted his face and chest blue before I could get the punctured can away. Paul thinks that Blue looks like a cast member of Braveheart with his new blue body graffiti.

We began fighting back. We took Blue to weeks of obedience classes. We rolled up newspaper and smacked him on the hind quarters with it. Petting him was like trying to pet a raptor, so I did what any sane person in this century would do. On February 2, 2016, I contacted Mr. Larry Krohn, master dog trainer and federal agent, who has vast experience in working with aggressive dogs, including training K9-units. Larry coached me in developing what he calls “confident leadership,” and I watched in awe as my defiant, rowdy puppy’s behaviors began to miraculously change. Blue has come a long way in a very short amount of time. He only jumps on me now on rare occasions, walks politely on a lead, and the nips are very few and far between. Most of all, he now tolerates us petting him! My goal is to have Blue pass the AKC “Good K-9 Citizenship Test” by the time he is two years old. 14 • Flair • 2016 • July/August/September

Jenny Bettersworth is a psychotherapist at Chestnut Park Professionals, an accomplished artist, and a lover of dogs (especially Goldendoodles).

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Flair • 2016 • July/August/September • 15

r e m Sum here – is

are you ready?


For as long as I can remember, I have always majorly disliked my thigh area. Even as far back as middle and high school, I was unhappy with my appearance. I was always the girl who would wear the skirts on the swimsuits and barely wore shorts because I was so self conscious about my fat and cellulite on my thighs. As an adult now, I am a runner and live a healthy lifestyle but continued to struggle with that same problem area. This is when I decided to try these laser treatments because nothing was working. I was beyond ecstatic when after just one treatment, I could already tell a slight difference in my pants and after three treatments, not only could I tell a major difference in my cellulite, but people could notice by looking at me that my thighs were slimmer. I could never have achieved these kind of results on my own and I am beyond happy with what the laser has done for me. For the first time ever, I can wear a regular swimsuit and not feel embarrassed! I look forward to more treatments in other stubborn areas with no doubt - more amazing results. — Amy Tanner


I can say it really works. I would do it again and plan on doing it on other areas. It has helped my belly area. I would recommend it to anyone, I saw results after 2 treatments. — David Long

Think about how much fun you’ll have this summer at special events in a summer dress with a brand new silhouette. Imagine going to the pool or working out at the gym with confidence and loving what you see in the mirror. Get your body bikini-ready! Yes, reducing cellulite is actually a reality! Clients of Cindy Coppersmith’s, owner of PERFECT IMAGE, were positive about their results. Patients lost significant fat bulk in different parts of the body and saw an increase in skin tightness. Patients lost 1”-2” with every treatment. Patients didn’t suffer from any major complications. Laser lipo is a non-evasive procedure that uses heat from fiber-optic lasers at various wavelengths to melt body fat. The added benefit of laser lipo is it spurs the production of collagen, making skin more taut. Cindy’s passion for skin care provides surgical results without any of the surgical down time. Whether you are interested in Laser lipo, Laser Hair Removal, Laser tattoo removal, or skin rejuvenation, Cindy will consult with you and guide you through the process to ensure you are comfortable with the treatments. Cindy has been in the medical field since 1990. She is a nursing school graduate and opened PERFECT IMAGE SPA & BODY LASER in July, 2015. Cindy is an active member of our community, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and gives her time freely. She has an annual promotion in which she gives a percentage of her proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Cindy combines a small town customer service attitude with state-of-the art laser body sculpting techniques. The PERFECT IMAGE is committed to providing a serene and sanitary body sculpting and spa experience.

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Flair • 2016 • July/August/September • 17

Sometimes the greatest triumphs in your life come in on little cat feet.

When I was born, the doctor looked at my mother and said, “Congratulations, you have an actor!”

I care more about having the opportunity to play roles that I havenÕt played than I care if my neck looks like someoneÕs bedroom curtains.

Being a mom is everything: it’s mentorship; it’s inspirational; it’s our hope for the future.

Everybody “Likes”

Oscar, Emmy & Golden Globe Winning American Movie & TV Actress & Director 18 • Flair • 2016 • July/August/September

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Featuring Stuarto’s line of Olive Oils, Balsamics, & Spices Chicken Marinade

• 2 Chicken Breasts (approx. 10-12 oz.) • 2 tsp. Stuarto’s Olive Oil’s Best Friend Herb Blend • 2 tsp. Stuarto’s Applewood Smoked Pepper • 2 TBSP. Stuarto’s Baklouti Green Chili Oil While optional, I like to use a meat tenderizer to slightly flatten and thin my chicken breasts. Whether you choose to do so or not, is completely up to you. Coat and pat your chicken breasts with Stuarto’s Olive Oil’s Best Friend & Apple-wood Smoked Pepper. Once seasoned, place your chicken breasts into a plasic baggy or covered container adding 2 TBSP. of Stuarto’s Baklouti Green Chili Oil. I try to always marinade my meats overnight in the fridge; however, an hour is really all that you need for this recipe. After marination, pre-heat grill or grill pan to medium-high heat. Cook chicken well, but not overly cooked, 165 degrees internal temperature is recommended for poultry/game birds; 6-7 minutes each side. Remove from grill/pan and wrap in aluminum foil to rest.

Salad Preparations

Nothing can beat the perfect recipe! In this new series, Justin shares with you some of his favorite recipes to use with your Stuarto’s olive oils, balsamic vinegars, sea salts, spices and cane sugars.

’ n i k o o C n i t • wITH Jus •

Note: Support your local farmers and their markets for as much ingredients as you can, not only is it healthy; it’s kind! “Fresh garden and leaf lettuce works fantastic in place of the spring mix in this recipe.”

• 1.5 lbs. Spring Mix or Farmer’s Market Blend (add Arugula for an extra bite) • 1 small Red Onion • 3-4 Crimini/Baby Portabella Mushrooms (sliced) • 6 medium-large Strawberries (sliced) • 2 Peaches (pitted and sliced) • 3/4 cup Whole Pecans (these work best, but your favorite nut can be substituted) • 3.5 - 4 oz. Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese (I shave mine, but shredded or chunked is fine; be you!) After proper washing of your vegetables, slice and prepare all of the salad ingredients and toss them in a large bowl. Remember, organic/non-GMO mushrooms only need to be wiped with a dampened towel. I like to use a single-blade vegetable peeler to shave long slices of cheese from the block, go ahead and set the cheese out of the fridge while preparing veggies; let the cheese give it’s best performance. It looks nice and balances the taste ratio of sharpness with sweetness!

Green Chili & Peach Vinaigrette

• 2 TBSP. Stuarto’s Baklouti Green Chili Oil • 2 TBSP. Stuarto’s Picual Olive Oil • 5 TBSP. Stuarto’s Peach Balsamic • 2 tsp. Toasted Onion Salt • 1 tsp. Applewood Smoked Pepper • Juice of 1 Lime


• • • • • • •

You’re likely already using olive oil on your salads and in your cooking - but did you know that it also has health benefits that could lead to a longer life? Olive oil helps in the prevention of heart disease, stroke and dementia, as well as cancers of the breast, respiratory tract and upper digestive tract. Research shows it may have the potential to lower the risk for osteoporosis and diabetes, too.

Blackberry-Ginger Early Summer Spritzer

• 1 TBSP. Stuarto’s Blackberry-Ginger Balsamic • 1.5 oz. Vodka (can be omitted for non-alcoholic beverage, fresh Lemonade can substitute) • 8-12 oz. Ginger Beer (I use the non-alcoholic Ginger Beer in this recipe, but if you need the extra kick, well... For you Kentuckians familiar with Ale-8-1, you can use it in the place of Ginger Beer for a local “sweeter” taste!) • 4-5 washed Blackberries • 1 tsp. of Stuarto’s Ginger Cane Sugar (extra for rimming the glass) • Small cubed/crushed Ice • 1 Lime (just for rimming the glass) • Fresh Mint Sprigs and extra Blackberries (for garnish) I prefer to use a highball glass to serve this drink in, it makes muddling the ingredients easier and has a great presentation. If rimming the glass, dip/rim each glass with lime juice followed by a dip into Stuarto’s Ginger Cane Sugar. Place 4-5 fresh blackberries into the glass, followed by 1 TBSP. of Stuarto’s Blackberry-Ginger Balsamic, and 1 tsp. of Stuarto’s Ginger Cane Sugar; muddle (smash/mix) these ingredients. If you do not have a muddler, use a wooden spoon or other kitchen utensil. Top muddled berries with ice, vodka, and ginger beer/or equivalent mentioned in the recipe. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and a skewer of fresh blackberries; you’ll be the star of your next meal!

Bowling Green folks and neighbors, stop at Stuarto’s in Bowling Green and let Blake and the staff help you with what you need for this recipe! Summer is here; let’s eat, smile, live, be healthy, and thrive! Much Peace & Many Dishes! — Justin Cline Flair • 2016 • July/August/September • 19

A BRIEF HISTORY In 1946, the bikini hit shelves and changed America’s beaches forever. In honor of the 70th anniversary of this momentous event, let’s take a look at the history of women’s swimsuits. The first stop on the timeline is in the 18th century--although there’s proof people were using bathing suits as far back as Ancient Greece and Rome. According to Smithsonian, ladies often wore a “bathing gown” in the water, which was just what it sounds like: a long dress meant to modestly cover women, even when wet. This fashion continued well into the early 20th century. Bloomers--adapted for water and worn with tunics and black stockings--became popular around the turn of the 20th century. However, they were made of heavy material, such as wool or flannel, that made it difficult for women to comfortably navigate the water. In 1907, Annette Kellerman (famed for becoming the first woman to swim across the English Channel) was arrested in Boston for wearing a one-piece, form-fitting suit. The arrest was not an isolated incident, and what followed was women’s bathing suits showing more and more skin on beaches across the world. In 1938, the strapless bathing suit made its first debut in Miami Beach. Then came the “bomb” that would change swimming fashion forever. On July 5, 1946, the bikini made its explosive debut at a Paris fashion show. French engineer Louis Réard invented the scandalous two-piece, midriff-bearing bathing suit, rumored to be named after the recent atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll (because it too would explode). The bikini took some time to catch on, but soon it was all over beaches and a part of popular culture. Today, bathing suits come in all shapes, patterns, and sizes. Whatever suit you like best, summer is a great time to put it on and enjoy your favorite beaches, rivers, springs, and lakes.

From Bloomers to Bikinis...


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1. Be the brightest thing on land or sea. Use color to put the attention where you want it. Dark, muted colors recede; bolder, brighter colors jump out. Also, try color-blocking, which is flattering on everyone. 2. Get more stares with eye-catching prints. The bolder the print is, the more it will become the focal point of your look. Also, try print-blocking to achieve your desired effect. 3. Go big or go home. Create a little extra interest on top with a long-line bustier bikini top. Similarly, bottoms that cover more surface area are ideal for drawing the eye down. 4. Shine bright like a diamond. Choose a suit with sparkles or metal embellishments. Bows, ruffles, knots, and embroidery also make great accents. 5. Get a little weird. A one-piece covered in sexy, skin-flashing straps is going to get more attention than a plain one-piece. Cutouts are another great way to create unexpected visual interest. 6. Get a move on. A swimsuit with a little fringe or a ruffle blowing in the breeze is more compelling than one that just stands still. You can also make the eye move with swimsuits that sweep up and around in dramatic ways.

South Central Bank salutes women in business, education and leadership in 2016.

South Central Bank Salutes: JANE PARROTT a Realtor with Re/Max in Bowling Green, as it continues to recognize the women in our community. • A Realtor with 30 years of experience, her slogan is “With a bird’s eye view of Bowling Green.” • Education: Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky; Master’s Degree from Eastern Kentucky University; real estate license from the Lexington Academy of Real Estate. • She became a full-time Realtor after moving to Bowling Green in the 1980s. • Family: Jane is married to Shelby Parrott. She has a daughter and son-in-law, Shelly and Christian Griffin, and a son and daughter-in-law, Lance and Rebecca Parrott. Jane and Shelby are grandparents to: grandson, McCoy Griffin, and granddaughters Eden, Salem, and Mendel Parrott, with a grandson due in August. From Teacher to Realtor Jane Parrott says if you’re not a good sales person, then you can’t teach first grade. “You have to sell those kids on what you want them to learn,” she said. “You have to sell it to them.” “Selling”education to her students helped her hone the skills she would bring to the career she has delighted in for three decades – real estate. “I’ve loved selling real estate since day one,”Jane said. “I love it as much today, after 30 years, as I did when I started. A lot of people can’t say that about whatever they do. I love what I do.” Jane, a Somerset native, spent 12 years teaching first grade. Though she might have honed some of her salesmanship in the classroom, she got her first real sales experience when she began selling World Book Encyclopedias on the side. “That was my first taste of sales, and I loved it,”she said. “I just really enjoyed selling.” Though a career in real estate wasn’t in Jane’s plan, when someone asked her if she had thought about getting her real estate license, Jane decided to give it a try. She took her classes through the Lexington Academy of Real Estate, as they offered courses in Somerset on the weekends. Once she had her license in the mid-1980s, she began selling real estate while continuing teaching.

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Starting Over in Bowling Green In 1988, Jane and her husband, Shelby, moved to Bowling Green for Shelby’s job. Her Realty career had been going well in Somerset, where she had lifelong connections, and business would fall into her lap. “When I moved to Bowling Green, nobody had ever heard of me, so that was an adjustment for me,” Jane said. “Nobody knew to call me. So I had to establish myself as a Realtor.” She took her first year in Bowling Green off from selling real estate. During that time, she got involved in a variety of activities, including events at her children’s school, joining the Bowling Green Country Club, and becoming active in a Bible study. “That was the foundation of all of my clients and customers,”Jane said of her first year in Bowling Green. “It’s grown from there. Twenty-eight years later, here I am, still selling.” Passion for Real Estate Many people have told Jane they think they would like to become a Realtor because they love people, and they love looking at pretty houses. While Jane, too, loves working with people, she says real estate is more than just the people and looking at houses. “You’re on call 24/7,” she said. “You have to be willing to work nights and weekends. There is so much more than even looking for the house, finding the house. That’s just the beginning.” She has a passion for her career, though, because it’s always different. “You meet all kinds of people,”Jane said. “Every client and cross section is unique and different in its own way. …It’s rewarding when you’re working with people, and you find the home for them that they love. It’s rewarding to help them achieve that. So I just like helping people, I really do.” Career Advice: Follow Your Dreams Real estate allows Jane to be her own boss. “I could never go back and work where you have to punch a clock,” she said. “Once you’ve been a Realtor, and you’re your own boss and set your own schedule, you work all the time, but have control over your schedule.” And she thinks other people should follow their career passions. She is strong in her faith and gives God the glory for her business success. Jane said that her career is what the Lord intended for her to do when she moved to Bowling Green. “You only live this life one time,” she said. “I think whatever you do, whatever career path you choose, love it. …I’ve had the opportunity, in my profession as a Realtor, to meet so many nice people. I’ve been able to help in other ways than just help buy a house. I feel like I’m a vessel to help people, one way or another.”

— Family-Owned & Operated —


KY 185 North to Boat Landing Road, left on Power Street


www.southcentralbank.com Flair • 2016 • July/August/September • 21

I don’t care what anybody says. Canola oil is inherently evil, and I don’t believe in microwaves.

And then there’s this indisputable fact: everything tastes better fried in lard. Trying to outrun my genetic, off-the-chart cholesterol, I make my hummus strong with garlic and lemony. When my people call me to the table, it seems I’m ever-present but not always accounted for. The painful past, when they bring it up, is like an over-baked casserole at the family reunion potluck: everyone takes a spoonful and pushes it around his or her plate, but no one asks for the recipe. I look away from the skillet while I wait to drop in the two eggs I’m authorized to eat once a week. Because I feel guilty, I pass the dogs some biscuits, it’s my fault they’re bored, and the one allowable pat of butter is scorched when I look back. Or it’s Sunday in a blue law town, and I wish I had a glass of red wine to go with this trimmed steak and salad. If only we didn’t know so much, we could eat like kids at the county fair: entree, cotton candy, and, if we don’t throw that up after all the rides, corn dogs for dessert.

— Martha Zettlemoyer 22 • Flair • 2016 • July/August/September

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