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April • May • June ‘13

It’s ALL About


It’s ALL About


Jessica Argo

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Publisher’s Prattle Winter is behind us and spring is here! Woohoo! I love all the seasons but spring in Kentucky is just the best! As well as the beauty of the season, think of all the events we celebrate in spring…..Easter, Mother’s Day, graduation, Father’s Day, weddings, not to mention spring break, opening of the pools, and daylight savings time! On the subject of new beginnings…Flair welcomes a new contributing writer. In this issue you will find “1/2 Full Of” by Patty Sue Sutherland. Some of you may know Patty Sue. If you know her, you are well aware of her creative sense of humor and her comical way of relating everyday occurrences. If you don’t know her, you are in for a treat! Look for the glass 1/2 full! How about a new look...we have a MAKEOVER winner! Tammy Duke-Paul is the lucky girl to be primped and pampered by Bella Salon and Spa. Read all about Tammy’s MAKEOVER in this issue.

Wishing you a spectacular spring and fun with FLAIR! Belinda Saltzman, Publisher

— Belinda Saltzman

D I A M O N D S H O W $

Sasha & Jim

5 Million Dollars in Loose Diamonds arriving from Antwerp, Belgium

3 DAY ONLY EVENT May 9, 10 & 11 • 9:30-6 Come meet Sasha (expert Diamond Broker from Antwerp, Belgium) and Jim Steen (owner of Morris Jewelry)

2 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June

morrisjewelrybg.com 408 E. Main Street

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www.countrypeddlerbg.com Special Publication

— Publisher — Belinda Saltzman — Editorial — Jim Browning Editorial Director

Mary Anne Andrews

Page 3


April/May/June 2013


4 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters

WKU Intern

— Production —

10 Grandma Grace

Tricia Crawford Design Director

22 A Mother’s Heartstrings

Lisa Frye

A True Story


— Advertising —

24 Girl Talk

Lana Hendricks

Top 10 Things Only Women Understand

Advertising Sales Director

Tonya Kirby Advertising Sales

Meredith Thessen Advertising Sales

26 The Graduate Liz Bradley

Pam McGuffey

featured women 5 the essence of Esli Pelly

14 The Makeover Tammy Duke Paull

18 A Peek into Leona Morelock - How a Wedding Planner is Born

Business Card Gallery Sales

— Contributing Writers — Mary Anne Andrews Liz Bradley Jim Browning Mary Joyce Lawhorn Mariah Julio Belinda Saltzman Casandra Spears Patty Sue Sutherland — Contributing Photographer — Tricia Crawford Flair is published 4 times per year and is distributed free to 25,000 homes in Bowling Green/Warren County. Flair makes every attempt to ensure the material contained herein is not copyrighted elsewhere. Flair is not responsible for unintentional copyright infringement

For advertising or article submissions please contact Country Peddler office 270-842-3314 or contact us thru our website www.countrypeddlerbg.com

Flair Magazine BG KY

28 Dreams are Fleeting Fantasies

20 Sassy Celebrity

in every issue

30 Are You a Ginger or a Mary Ann?


Katharine Hepburn

Publisher’s Prattle

6 Word Buzz “There are only two ways to live”

8 Wine-0-1-1 13 1/2 Full of... 16 Sir-PRIZE Jack O’Callaghan

Cover Design by Jessica Agro Jessica Agro, Greenwood High School student, designed the cover for this issue. Jessica was a senior in Beverly Oliver’s art class. She was awarded the Gold & Silver Key - Scholastic Art Competition. Majoring in communications and journalism, she also designs and sells jewelry.

27 Shout Out To Sheila Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 3

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50 R u les

Dads of Daughters


by Jim Browning, Flair Editorial Director

“For my first Father’s Day,” writes Michael Mitchell, “my daughter Isabella gave me a mug that said I was the best daddy in the world. You probably have one, too. If you won’t tell my little girl, I won’t tell yours!” Mitchell is a 30-something husband and father who blogs daily tips and life lessons for dads of daughters at lifetoheryears.com. Mitchell describes his blog as a combination of the parenting style he’s trying to adopt and his attempt to capture the numerous thoughts he has as the doting father of Isabella Grace, “a beautiful and precious little young lady” who he’d like to see “grow up into a strong and talented woman someday.” Mitchell spends his days practicing the “arts of husbandry” (to the “lovely and talented Annaleise”) and fatherhood, while attempting to be “a man of God and a professional raiser of philanthropic funds, along with other pursuits of awesomeness and trying to carpe the heck out of the diem while drinking from a glass that’s usually half full.”

Bookmark lifetoheryears, follow Mitchell on Twitter, or “like” him on Facebook for more of his tips, lessons, and rules. 4 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June

What follows are a select few of Mitchell’s 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters:  Love her mom. Treat her mother with respect, honor, and a big heaping spoonful of public displays of affection. When your daughter grows up, the odds are good she will fall in love with and marry someone who treats her much as you treated her mother. Good or bad, that’s just the way it is. I’d prefer good.  Always be there. Quality time doesn’t happen without quantity time. Hang out together for no other reason than just to be in each other’s presence. Be genuinely interested in the things that interest her. She needs her dad to be involved in her life at every stage. Don’t just sit idly by while she adds years to her life . . . add life to her years.  Save the day. She will grow up looking for a hero. It might as well be you. She will need you to come through for her over and over again throughout her life. Rise to the occasion: red cape and blue tights optional.  Savor every moment you have together. Today she’s crawling around the house in diapers; tomorrow you’re handing her the keys to the car, and before you know it, you’re walking her down the aisle. Someday soon, hanging out with her old man won’t be the bees’ knees anymore. Life happens pretty fast. You better cherish it while you can.  Pray for her. Regularly. Passionately. Continually.

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the essence of Esli Pelly

I never want to be: Without friends

My family: • Husband - David • Daughters - McKay, 13 & Croslin, 21 • Grandson - Landyn, 17 months • Max the poodle, many cats and 2 pot belly pigs, goats, rabbits and a sheep named Sheldon My work: The Garden Patch, Owner

My words to live by: It will be all right

My signature dish: Anything that can be cooked at 500 0 The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn: Marrying a dairy farmer means never being on time

My favorite place to be: In my greenhouses

If I were a flower I’d be: A daisy - easily accessible to all

I can’t live without: My faith, family, friends and Diet Coke

I love to be kissed: By my wonderful husband, David

My favorite line from a song: “If we weren’t all crazy, we would all go insane” Jimmy Buffet

My best body part: My mouth you can change the world with a smile

My best friends say I am: Ve r y c r e a t i v e . . . but organizationally challenged

My favorite possession: Old quilts with blue stitching

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6 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June

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A Gentle Spiritual Retreat for Recovery from Alcoholism & Other Addictive Diseases



QUESTHOUSE is a voluntary retreat for spiritual recovery, uniquely committed to the long-term healing of its guests. Our caring focuses on the whole person—body mind, and spirit—not just surface symptoms. QUESTHOUSE is a secret place apart from the everyday world to entertain silence in the heart, to listen to the inner voice—a place for the addicted person to discover his or her own recovery. QUESTHOUSE’s sole purpose is to promote healing. Our staff is bound together by a passionate belief in the innate dignity of every human person. Guests are cared for in a gentle, respectful manner and are provided a safe place for the healing process to begin. Guests address their specific issues, whatever they may be: denial, frozen feelings, past abuses, post acute withdrawal, spirituality, unresolved grief, interpersonal relationships, grandiosity, sexuality, family of origin, daily living skills, and relapse avoidance. Family members and friends are included through the Family/Friend Guest Program so they may understand the behaviors associated with addiction. They too will learn how to solve problems, improve communications, care for themselves, and resolve the confusion and conflict of the past through weekly meetings led by our staff. 

QUESTHOUSE IS A PREMIER RECOVERY PROVIDER Many of QUESTHOUSE’s alumni were formerly in treatment at some very prestigious facilities, including Betty Ford, Hazelden, Cumberland Heights, Sierra Tucson, The Meadows, Caron, Talbott Recovery Campus, Bradford, The Pines, and MARR. After relapsing and coming to QUESTHOUSE, these guests, without exception, have stated that QUESTHOUSE is a superior program; not our words but the consumers.


270-781-3387 Questhouse.com

May the rest of your life be the BEST of your life!


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The Wine-0-1-1

The 411 on Wine brought to You by Shenanigans Wine & Spirits

By Casandra Spears Come on girls, it’s time to flaunt what you got….in wine terms that is! I recently had the opportunity to meet a sassy Lexington, Kentucky local named Gwen Ogle who started her own wine label called Trophy Wife Wines. The wine is wonderfully tasty, easy to drink, and available at a great price! Gwen Ogle conceptualized Trophy Wife Wines after working as a wine territory manager in the beverage industry, where she learned that many people still consider wine intimidating and complicated. “I created Trophy Wife Wines to simplify the act of purchasing and drinking wine,” says Ogle. “I want people to feel that wine can be - should be - something simple to share with family and friends. The philosophy behind Trophy Wife Wines is all about having fun.” The Trophy Wife artwork plays a big part in the playful message. The labels are vibrant, cartoon depictions of fabulous women, each as unique as the varietal they represent. The Sweet White Wine, for example, showcases a sassy blond in a bright pink dress, sipping a glass of white wine while flashing a diamond ring. Their slogan “Being fabulous is exhausting, relax with a glass of Trophy Wife Wines” adds to the overall branding message and shows us that the company is celebrating wonderful women while giving them a sweet and sexy way to relax and have fun. “Women are amazing,” says Ogle. “We can be mothers, workers and wives, all while looking good and feeling fabulous. I want Trophy Wife Wines to honor these women, while giving them the confidence to walk into a wine store and feel good about their selection.” So, pick up a bottle of Trophy Wife Wines today and flaunt what you got….and I don’t just mean the wine! 8 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June

Being Fabulous is Exhausting. Relax with a glass of Trophy Wife wine.

White Wines Chardonnay California Ripe with tropical fruits and hints of vanilla

Sweet White Wine California Crisp and sweet with fruity flavors

Red Wines Pinot Noir California Embodies black cherry and raspberry with a smooth finish

Big Red Wine Blend California Rich in texture, fruit forward with hints of black currant Casandra Spears, owner of Shenanigans Wine & Spirits, has a marketing degree from Western Kentucky University and is very educated in drinking wine with seven years of experience doing so. Casandra is also available at both Shenanigans locations in Bowling Green and Lexington, KY. If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact her at 270-780-9420.

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For Personal Service... Robin Gentry, Owner


WINE TASTINGS Fridays & Saturdays 4pm-8pm


Wine Choices





9 5 5 F I E L D S D R I V E  78 0 . 94 2 0

842-3801 • 955 Fields Drive, Suite 104 Mon.-Fri. 9-5 • Sat. 9-noon

Off Campbell Lane


Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 9

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Grandma Grace’s Extra Dose Of Love

by Mariah Julio, Bowling Green

Grandma Grace baked seven loaves of bread most Saturday mornings. The wondrous aroma of yeast working its magic to rise dough into satiny mounds filled her tiny home. She brushed melted butter on the top of each golden crust before wrapping the loaves for storage in her pie safe. Linda, my younger sister, and I believed Grandma’s mini-bakery was our private stock of future buttered toast coated with cinnamon and sugar or slathered with peanut butter and honey. Gracie, as she was known to family and friends, was a wispy woman with a puff of thistledown hair. Ravages of untreated osteoporosis had rounded her shoulders and back until her height dwindled to barely five feet. Her scrimshaw-lined face held an expression as delicate and patient as her name. Linda and I spent many hours at Grandma’s friendly home during childhood. Mom’s youngest sister, Dorothy, was seven years my senior and the only babysitter I remember. Luxuries were few for Grandma. Her one indulgence was the walnut spinet piano she played by ear. Linda and I considered it a treat to stay overnight with Grandma and Aunt Dottie. Occasionally, after everybody was scrubbed and in nightclothes, Grandma would play a host of melodies, including Home on the Range and Row, Row, Row Your Boat to satisfy the small fry. She finished by playing hymns: Jesus Loves Me for us and her favorite, His Eye Is on the Sparrow. Grandma was the bedrock for her family. Her paramount concern during the Great Depression had been the constant challenge to stretch the meager store of food available to nourish her growing brood of seven. The family may have

missed a few meals, but it always stayed together. By the time I arrived on the scene, a steady stream of grown children rarely visited empty-handed. My grandmother belonged to an era when homemaking skills were considered accomplishments, not chores. A stocked larder was a badge of honor for her. Despite what others brought, inside her refrigerator always rested a tureen of homemade soup to be savored with her special bread. You just weren’t trying if you left her residence hungry. Adept at using what she had on hand, Grandma grew produce decades before “green” became fashionable. Her garden overflowed with the fresh vegetables and herbs she used to flavor her food, alongside the blooming flowers she loved. “Flowers enrich the spirit the same as food aids the body,” she said, while Linda and I helped her weed around her treasures. Drawn more to romping with cousins during childhood, I rarely noticed her cooking although I enjoyed the delicious meals placed before me. I recall Grandma wiggling her fingers once above a dish bubbling on the stove. “That’s funny, Grandma. What are you doing?” She smiled. “I’m sprinkling in an extra dose of love. It’s the most important ingredient in any dish.” Among countless lessons, I learned optimism from Grandma Grace. Her merry hazel eyes seemed to hold a secret she was bursting to share. She taught us by example to enjoy the simple gifts provided by ordinary tasks that lay before us--comforting a child, mowing grass, painting the bathroom. These character builders developed a sense of purpose and pride in a job well done.

Mariah Julio has published essays and stories in www.FaithHopeandFiction.com, This I Believe, Patchwork Path: Friendship Star, Patchwork Path: Treasure Box, newspapers and periodicals. As a member of SkyWriters writing group, she is midway through editing her first novel. 10 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June

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Page 11

Anyone who tells you money can’t buy happiness doesn’t know

Natural Beauty

where to shop From Art Deco to Vintage — Vette City has something for everyone!

FkkbofiPqobkdqe fi Name Brand Flooring... TARKET • MOHAWK • QUICK STEP • SHAW If you can’t come to the showroom. . .we’ll bring the showroom to you!


Enjoy browsing through over 200 booths of vintage and antique jewelry, clothing, glass, lamps, textiles, kitchenware, collectibles and more!

V ette City Let Us Turn You Into An Expert

Installation & Financing Available WAC

Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat 8-12

Flooring and Furnishings

1353 Old Louisville Rd. • 270-843-1072 Owners: Gary & Anita Grinstead • Sales: John Webster & Richard Rector


778 Interstate Drive


• Ample Parking • Courteous Friendly Staff Hrs: Mon-Fri 9-5 • Sat-Sun 9-6


(Behind Jerry’s at Exit 28)

• 270-393-9500

We offer In-Home Color Consultation, as well as Do-It-Yourself How To Clinics*... • Decorating/Coordinating with Color • Faux Painting • Concrete/Deck Care Our friendly knowledgeable staff is ready to help you with all your decorating needs! * Call store for information on Dates & Times


Front Row: Asst. Manager - Amber Smith Manager - Kym DeWitt Back Row: Sales Assc. - Danni Shoemake Sales Assc. - Cody Phillips, Decorator - Kayla Brown

Hours: M-F 7-7 • Sat 8-6 Sun 10-6

1689 Campbell Lane • 270-793-0176 By Jimmy Johns/Five Guys - across from TJ Maxx

No 2 B o wwl i n Green g location t o s e r v es you! Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 11

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Page 12

T HA N K Y O U !!!

D93 is celebrating the 1stst Anniversary of our LOCAL morning show

h t i w p U e k Wa a d n o R ’ n i Ro c k

Thank you Bowling Green and beyond for bringing us into your homes every weekday morning!

Rockin’ Ronda, BIG MOUTH ? Maybe. BIG HEART ? Definitely!  Nominated for the past 9 years - Bowling Green’s Best DJ  Nominated for the BG Human Rights Commission - Woman of the Year  Recognized by Toys for Tots for her dedication and generosity  With your help, has raised -

• Hundreds of rolls of toilet paper for the elderly in need thru the Housing Authority • Hundreds of backpacks for kids in foster care • Hundreds of coats for kids with Bowling Green Jr. Woman’s Club • Helped provide Christmas for hundreds of Angels on the Salvation Army Angel Tree

Join Rockin’ Ronda weekday mornings 6-9am on D93, Bowling Green’s Classic Rock. Laugh with her or laugh at her... a great way to start your day! 12 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June

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Your Perfect Day Begins with a Perfect Smile WE’RE HERE FOR ALL YOUR DENTAL NEEDS


• Whitening • Botox • Cosmetic Dentistry • Preventive Care • Implants • Root Canal Therapy • Oral Surgery • Oral and IV Sedation

by Patty Sue Sutherland

The bleak days of winter are behind us and we trudge on toward the spring. I often think about many things while I am in the shower, while I am working in the yard, or just sitting around. Why just yesterday I was thinking about when people diet and why that word seems to make us a little crazy! I mean, invariably, when you are trying to lose weight you will go to someone’s house that all they have to sit on is wicker furniture. I just LOVE to get up and my backside looks like a Honey Baked Ham! I believe those people have a weird sense of humor! Oh, and see if you can relate to this...no matter how much or little you watch TV, EVERY commercial is ABOUT FOOD! Then when I scroll through the channels and just happen to fall on the Food Channel (which I NEVER watch), I stop and find myself watching it like it was...and this is awful....like it was PORN! So where am I going with this? Do NOT USE the word “diet” and stay away from wicker furniture! Terrific spring wishes campers, get out there and share your smiles and your food with one another. 1/2 full of food groups, junk food and this health benefit called LIFE!

• Dr. Andrew M. Burt • Dr. William Funk • Dr. Leslie Campbell • Dr. Meghan Thomas • Dr. Thomas Birkenhauer

B LUE G RASS 546 Park • Bowling Green

O R A L H E A LT H 781-6161 • www.bgohc.com


Offices also in Morgantown 526-3346 and Smiths Grove 451-0059

Patty Sue Sutherland was born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, grew up in Lexington, attended and graduated from Western Kentucky University and lives on Barren River Lake. She loves sports, especially college & pro football, college basketball and golf. She loves the great outdoors and experiences many adventures while working in the yard. She is grateful for her family and friends and has been blessed with a wonderful life that keeps her glass 1/2 full. Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 13

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A Day at the Spa

The Makeover...

— By Mary Anne Andrews


As Tammy Duke Paull sat at her kitchen table making plans to nominate a friend for a day of pampering, she never dreamed it would be her feet, hands, face, and hair that got the queen’s treatment. Tammy won a makeover at Bella Salon and Spa after her husband secretly nominated her. He wanted her to have a day of relaxation that she so richly deserved. With two jobs, two dogs, and a two-year-old named Ava, Tammy said it’s hard for her to take time for herself. “When you become a mom, your needs come last,” she said. “But it’s totally worth it.” Not your typical makeover candidate, Tammy is lovely and stylish. But, with all of the plates she keeps up in the air all the time, she needed a break. “I used to go get my nails done, you know,” she said shaking her head. “Now I couldn’t tell you the last time. I’m very thankful for this experience.” Although she lives in Lexington, Kentucky, Tammy comes to Bowling Green often for work and to visit family. She graduated from WKU with a degree in Psychology and now works for the Pride Program, counseling and helping pregnant women with substance abuse problems. “You would be surprised how many women ‘use’ while they’re pregnant,” she said. Tammy gives these women the support and contacts they need to fight addictions and prepare for their new lives as mothers. She also owns her own event planning business, Tammy Duke Paull Events and Designs. She was most recently involved in the Wedding Expo at the Sloan Convention Center. She also used the event to raise money for a local charity, as she often does. Tammy said she always tries to incorporate giving into her events. Even her 30th birthday party was a fundraiser for two charities. Her causes include the Barren River Animal Shelter and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, along with countless others. Tammy sits back Last September, Tammy was named one of Bowling Green’s and relaxes while Hometown Heroes by WBKO based Bella Salon and on her philosophy of giving. “I try to gear everything towards giving,” Spa’s experienced she said. staff pampers her So, it was Tammy’s turn to receive. from head to toe. She was treated to a full line of services by the friendly staff at Bella. In the tranquil salon, Tammy sat in a massage chair as Tammy Duke Paull she got her pedicure, a warm neck roll draped over her after her day of shoulders. The spa session included a pampering at hydrotherapy treatment, a Bella Salon & Spa 30-minute massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, shampoo, and blow-out worth over $315. After her day at the spa, Tammy was off to put her relaxation to good use with a long nap.

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Beautiful Gowns for Beautiful People...

Always Personal Touch ) No Rush ) 1-on-1 Service )



• 30 Day Layaway Offered • 20% NonRefundable Deposit




Unforgettable In So Many Ways



270.799.0539 By Appointment Only Call For Yours Today

FULL-SERVICE SALON • Hair • Nails • Waxing • Facials • Massage • Body Wraps — WE PROUDY USE & SELL —



Like Us on Facebook & Follow Us on Twitter: BellaSalon_Spa

2020 SCOTTSVILLE ROAD, SUITE 103 • 842-9772

Built By C raftsmen

Let Us Create the Perfect Outdoor Environment Just for You Outdoor Kitchens • Paver Patios & Driveways • Curbing • Stone Work Segmental Retaining Wall Repair • Architectural Design • Virtual Imaging ™

Only with Viz Terra can 3D DESIGN SOFTWARE you have total control! Transforms a flat 2D site plan into a real time 3D tour - all with the click of a button


www.Unique-Hardscapes.com Daniel Meador 270-776-3568

Mark Meador 270-792-1674 Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 15

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Jack O’Callaghan

Sometimes our young people are described as lazy, having no work ethic, or feeling entitled. While that may be true for some, it is NOT true for all! Jack O’Callaghan is a 22-year-old “jack” of many trades who gives the phrase “work ethic” a whole new meaning! Jack’s family moved to Bowling Green when he was 7 years old. He had a typical childhood that included a lot of outdoor activities since they lived on 68 acres. When Jack was 14 years old, he had a 4-wheeler accident that fractured the same vertebra as Christopher Reeve did during his horse riding accident. Jack suffered a severe concussion, also. After 2 weeks of semi-consciousness, Jack awakened with total amnesia. That condition caused unconstrained frustration, fear, and anger. He had a lot of hard work ahead to overcome many obstacles. In Jack’s words, “Since my slate was totally clean, I could re-invent myself. I didn’t know who I was, what I liked, or anything about my personality, so I picked out a role model, Ashton Kutcher. I decided I wanted to be that guy – happy, confident,

JACK O’CALLAGHAN “Jack” of Many Trades

passionate about everything.” So, the previously very shy, not confident teenager transformed himself into the person he is today. Jack O’Callaghan is one of those people who walks into a room and lights it up brilliantly. He exudes joy, confidence, and charm (just like Ashton Kutcher). When asked what is his passion, Jack immediately answered “life.” His philosophy is that “your life is ending one second at a time...this is your life — live it!” And live like there’s no tomorrow is exactly what Jack does. He graduated with an associate degree in Graphic Art and Design from Nossi College of Art in Tennessee in 2010. Jack is the creative director for CCMS, a company that produces promotional magnets for national distribution. He is also a freelance graphic artist producing art posters, t-shirt designs, and commissioned graphite portraits. He owns and operates an established seasonal lawn care company. Plus, he heads up a crew that does radon mitigation for his dad’s radon detection company. With all these irons in the fire, Jack took on more responsibility when he decided last year to pursue a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Western Kentucky University. With one semester under his belt, he continues to hold down all his other jobs and maintain top grades at WKU while focusing on his new career path. FLAIR magazine salutes Jack O’Callaghan – a man who lives life with FLAIR!

Some of Jack’s works of art that he has created.

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Page 17

N e w Tanning

Sensation Perfect for prom, wedding, or any special occasion ~Call for details~




www.reginawebbsalon.com 1250 Westen Avenue



Disposable underwear upon request

Weight Loss is in the BAG... Introducing the New Canine/Feline


Metabolic Diet • Provides 28% body fat loss in 2 months in dogs • Provides 29% body fat loss in 2 months in cats • Proven to avoid weight regain following a weight loss program • Great taste and backed by a 100% refund guarantee

Come by for a

FREE Weight Assessment

for your pet with one of our technicians and receive a Free canvas tote, 8lb. bag of Metabolic Diet and a bag of treats Appointments Available • Quantities are limited

Bowling Green’s Premier Veterinary Hospital

GREYSTONE Pet Hospital

“Where Pets are Family”

843-1558 1650 Campbell Lane Monday-Friday 7- 6 • Saturday 8-12 Sunday Pickup/Dropoff 4-5

Emergency phone calls answered 24/7

Front L-R: Dr. Matt Paxton & Dr. Adrienne Price Back L-R: Dr. Betty Stephenson & Dr. Amanda Gray Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 17

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11:02 AM

Page 18

A Peek Into...

How a Wedding Planner is Born — By Belinda Saltzman

How does one decide to become a wedding planner? I found out firsthand from Leona Morelock, owner and lead designer for Lasting Impressions, who has a fascinating story. Leona explains, “I’m originally from England, and, yes, my mom had a party when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married! I would like to say that after their wedding, I began dreaming of being a wedding planner, but since I was only two at the time, I probably didn’t know what I was watching. Rather, I arrived at my career destination via a business, a Spanish degree, and the world of banking. As I mentioned with the royal wedding, my parents had parties for everything, so, growing up, I learned to celebrate life at the turn of every corner!” Leona moved from Manchester, England, to Portugal with her family when she was eight years old. No one in her family spoke Portuguese, but Leona quickly became fluent in the language. Her dad was semiretired when the family moved to Portugal, but both Leona’s parents always owned and operated various businesses. The entrepreneurial spirit was a big influence on Leona at a very early age. She remembers creating several money-making projects when she was a child to support various charities or worthy causes. When Leona was 14, her parents decided to move the family to the United States because of more career opportunities for their children. Her dad had read the book 50 Best Places to Raise a Family. Nashville was third on the list. That’s how the family ended up very close to Nashville in Lebanon, Tennessee. Leona graduated from Tennessee Tech in 2001 with a business and world cultures major and a minor in Spanish. Also, she met her husband-to-be there. Leona and her husband moved to Bowling Green in 2001 where she began her banking career. She loved her job, but her heart was still set on owning her own business, and her creative talent and business skill led her to a different career path. She pursued and received certification as a wedding planner in 2003. She had originally thought this would be a hobby or a creative outlet, but after helping her sister - and then a friend - with their weddings, she realized her dream of being a business owner was going to be a reality. Leona gained experience while working at a bridal shop and then at Dillard’s as a wedding registry consultant. Lasting Impressions, her own wedding planning business, opened in 2003. When asked about any unique wedding stories, Leona spoke about a fortuitous situation using her Portuguese language skills at one of her weddings. The bride was from Brazil. The parents flew in a day before the wedding and did not speak English. At the rehearsal, Leona was translating and speaking fluent Portuguese to the parents! What a great added service for that family! When asked to explain five good reasons to hire a wedding planner, Leona replied with the following list: 1. Providing stress relief for the bride and her mom; 2. Offering design expertise; 3. Obtaining vendor discounts; 4. Helping with every step; 5. Orchestrating the event for the ultimate guest experience.

Photography by Joshua McCoy and Kelly Lee Flora

Visit Leona’s website at: www.lastingimpressionsbyleona.com

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Keeping Bowling Green in Stitches since 1998!

E’S LINDA ROMNE O -H IN TUDIO QUILTING S ilting for... Machine Qu y Blankets Quilts • Bab forters m Throws • Co

ediu — Small, M

m, Large Mea

ndering —

s sed Pantogram Open or Clo meandering with a otion Some free-m it. No detail quilting. in gn si de OAD

ETERY R 12017 CEM-5841 (Cell) 615-809 NE GIFTS THIRTY-OYONE.COM/16785 T WWW.THIR

th e b a gs . Yo u ’v e se e n ... yo u ge t th e m H e re ’s h o w

, C o ns ul ta nt G re ta G ill ia m Yo u r Li fe ! es ig n ed fo r D ... e yl St & Fu n ct io n e P ar ty ” H o st a “P u rs 2- 63 57

C el l: 27 0- 62 2-

27 0- 62 12 48 • H om e:


New Indoor -Out door Event Ven Countr ue

yside Sett ing Perfect Fo r. .. • Weddings • Anniversa ries • Reunions • Birthdays


• Fresh & Sil k Flow ers • P lants • G if ts • G ift B askets • C an dles (100 % Soy,C otto n W icks) • Fu n eralSp rays • U n iqu es

Cason’s Cove

— A Premier W ed

www.casonsc ding Venue in Bowling Green, KY — ove.com • 2 70.202.030 3


S D A ILY “Every O rde risU niqu e”

(27 0)7

9985 A lva ton R82-2229 d.,A lva ton,K Y

Be Ready fo Your Close r Up with a Pic ture Perfect Hairstyle

Je rr i R

730 Fairviewom a n s Ave 843-2282

D AV ID 2 7 0 .3 0 3 .9 7 4



It’s Always a Great Day a t

takes a Photography of time, t u o t n e m o m holding y b , fe li g in r e alt it still forever


Prepare to bioens foPr Boamth Guests & Auto pered Clint & Ju anni

www.spongie e Kronenberger, Innkeepers 610 MATLOC acresbedandbreakfast.com K RD 270-49• BOWLING GREEN


ot De Vine Ph

ography, LL








ST Date Night & Romantic Ge taways C A R FR IENDLY! Exceptional Ac

CHARLE 2 7 0 .5 3 5 .1 8 N E 95


gmug.com xdevine.smu

e Gifts Purveyors oy f FEvinent Planning

Bridal Registr ign  Interior Des

EB YPASS, SUIT 661 31-W BG GREEN, KY BOWLIN 96.5928 270.7 Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 19

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AMERICA’S I never realized until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex.


Everyone thought I was bold and fearless and even arrogant, but inside I was always quaking.


If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.

Katharine Hepburn 1907-2003 American Actress Four-Time Academy Award Winner

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It ’s Yo u r L if e , S h e lt e r It

Insurance for your... Auto • Home • Life Farm • Business • Moto rcycle Let me help you plan for life ’s changes and unexpected eve nts


Calm your mind. DEEP RELAXATIO N • FOCUS QUIT SMOKING • L OSE WEIGHT Bo ok yo ur pr iv at e se ss io n



62 0.


hy pn os isu nl im ite0. 38 8. 03 24 d@ gm ail .co m

LUTCF, FSS - Agent


nhickey@shelterinsuran ce.com



Ce nt er w ay Sh op pi ng W es te rn Ga te ee n Gr , Bo w lin g Ru ss el lv ill e Rd

27 0- 79 6- 28 26

Arts on Sterling

Art classes fo children, teens and r adults

Have a paintin g party!

NANCY HICKEY 304 E. 11th Ave, Ste 3 Bowling Green


Bowling Green’s Fin est Pet Grooming Esta blishment

Private classes available

270-618-9747 37 years teaching art

pet salon  All Breeds, All Sizes  Personal Attention -Great Customer Serv iceThanks, Bowling Green, for Tru stin With Your Precious Petg Us s for 4 Years!

Hours: Tues-Sat by Ap pointment

101 Nellums Avenue


Open 7 days a week


an d Sn ac ks Go ur me t Do g Tr ea ts St om ac hs Tr ea ts fo r Se ns iti ve s Do gg ie Bi rt hd ay Ca ke Organic Dog Treats Neem Soap for Dogs John Paul Pet Products s-Pet Portraits in Pastel Candles Locally Made Soaps & Milk Soaps at 100% Soy Candles • Go Home/Office Delivery


812 Broadway Ave. 5165 792-5732 • 791-4 Tues-Sat 10:30 ry.com www.barktwainbake

FAMILY and COSMETIC DENTISTRY Dr. Eric S. Kelley, D.M.D. Comprehensive Adult and Pediatric Dental Ca re

Complete Dental Implant Treatment from Start to Finish, unde r IV Sedation

727 31-W BYPASS STE. 102 PROFESSIONAL ARTS BU ING kelleydentistry.coILD m


PANDORA’S BOXX n Where Consign Meets Desig Consignment of • HOME ACCESSORIES & FURNISHINGS • FURNITURE • ANTIQUES Taking Consignments Tuesday-Friday or by Appointment


• Patio Homes • Condos • New Construction • Single Family Homes Realtor®

REMAX Hall of Fame Hrs: Tues-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-3

Green Pass • Bowling Bo 1027 31-W By ebo xx a’s dor ok @ Pan Visit us on Fac

Ja n e S a ff o rd

each office is indepen dently owned and operated

Vickey Grimsley Owner


Service is the difference

Real Estate Executiv es 2530 Scottsville Rd, Ste 101 • Bowli ng Green, KY

Cell 270-792-8249

Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 21

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A Mother’s Heartstrings: A TRUE STORY

A young mother of four was preparing to go into the hospital to have a hysterectomy. When the time came for her surgery, she was very nervous and afraid she might die while undergoing the procedure. She thought of her children and couldn’t stand the idea of not being there for them because they were all so young. For some reason, a newspaper headline flashed through her mind: “Young Mother Dies Undergoing Simple Operation.” The nurses had prepped the woman, and she had been given a sedative, when she suddenly — By Mary Joyce Lawhorn told her husband she had changed her mind about having the hysterectomy and wanted to go Bowling Green, KY home. Her husband thought the sedative had caused his wife to panic, and he rushed out of the room to get a nurse. The doctor came in to assure her that he had performed this procedure many times and that she had nothing to worry about. With a third degree prolapsed uterus, she needed to have this surgery done. After a few more words of encouragement and a pat on her shoulder, he left the room. Meanwhile, all was well as far as everyone thought, but when the nurse came to roll the woman into surgery, the bed was empty, and the husband had stepped out of the room for a second. As he came back in, the nurse asked him where his wife was, but he didn’t know. “She was here just a minute ago,” he told her. The hospital staff was panicking. They had misplaced a patient, and the doctor was waiting in the operating room. One of the nurses finally found the young woman in the lobby and asked her how in the world she had gotten down to the first floor as heavily sedated as she was. However, the mother was determined to go home, and, needless to say, she slept all the way there, happy to be going back to her children. After about a month, the woman realized just how sick she was getting and that she could hemorrhage to death. Now she couldn’t back out of the surgery because she had her children to think about. An appointment was made with her doctor to reschedule the procedure. At the office, she told her doctor that he needed to order a pregnancy test for her because she had missed her period. The test came back that she was about six weeks pregnant. Her doctor couldn’t believe it and told her if she had not backed out of the surgery that first day at the hospital, there would have been no way of knowing she had been two weeks pregnant until her uterus was removed and examined. Were those microscopic little hands tugging at his mother’s heartstrings? I believe they were . . . and do for a mother’s lifetime.

22 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June

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Celebrate the Seasons of Riverview at Hobson Grove

rn-20, Clothing for Newbo ty Juniors & Materni ABY’S ONSIGNMENT TORE The Purple Building

Accepting Summer Items


The Right Tools for Every Meal

110 0 We st Ma in 84 3- 55 65 Thursda

y-Saturday10-4 • Sunday 1-4

JERI L. MARSH Independe nt Team Leader







T he N arrow W ay B ed & B reak fa st

554 S.L u ca s Rd,L u ca

27 0-646-2957

s K Y 42156

ass 516 U.S. 31-W ByP

With Unique Gifts from the Museum Shop

’s u L u L e l t Lit E N ’S C O N


Jus t min s from The Na rro ws mp ute & Ma rina and Bar ren Riv er LakRa e Sta te Re sor t ww w.t hen arr ow wa ybb .co m

? r e t a W t Go . WAT E R IT H JU S T W N A E L C

e cleaning Chemical-fre onal use pers for home and

business emos & free d s, ct u d ro P available opportunity

wi nn ingop po rtu nit y@ jun o.c om ww w. pa mp ere dc he f.b iz/ jm ars h

111 Oak Pointe Cour t • Bowling Green Bus 270-783-8002 • Cell 615-310-2264


39 219-324-28


Ywjfy Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

“The Way Life Used To Be”

Spongie’s Whimsicals

ying Around Old-Fashioned M onke Monkeys

ood Ave. 1133 Nuartw ound the (Just LuLu’s) corner from 70

P 270.904.02

rwex.biz robinson.no cy an .n w w w

onkey Sock Mes Now Class able! Avail

Sock One-of-a-kind handmadet include your and custom outfits tha designs. o favorite sports and retr


5-lssock33mo6nke8ys.com 3 -5 70 2 ica w.spongieswhims

• Ap pa re l • Ac ce ss or ie s • Gi ft s

27 0. 90 4. 24 42

42 6 E. M ai n Av e.

Liz Be rn ar d, Bo w lin g Gr ee n, KY 42 10 1 Pr op rie to r sh op zin ga rel la@ ho tm ail .co m/ em ail

Advertise Your Business Card

to reach over 25,000 homes! Petite card...as low as $60 Grand card...as low as $105

To advertise call...

270.842.3314 Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 23

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0 : facial n s 1 ’ o

i ts Ca p r e s s ex



Why bean sprouts aren’t just weeds #

9 :The need for the same style of shoes in different colors

# #



6 :Taking a car trip without trying to


beat your best time



your hair to make it grow



The inaccuracy of every bathroom scale ever made 24 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June



difference between beige, ecru, cream, off-white, ivory & eggshell

3:Eyelash curlers

AND, the number one thing only women understand... # 1 :OTHER WOMEN!

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A Lively Mix of Shopping and Entertainment

Let The Bistro Make It Memorable The Bistro is the perfect venue to host your Wedding, Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Reception and Day-After Brunch • Private Dining Available • Outdoor Courtyard & Covered Patio 1/2 PRICE Lunch 11-4 M-F • Dinner 5pm M-Sat • Sunday Brunch 10:30-3 SPECIALS... • Martini Mondays • Beer Tuesdays • Wine Down Wednesdays Classically European, Comfortably American

Delivery - Order Online • www.thebistrobg.com

1129 COLLEGE STREET • 781-9646

Celebrating 67 Years of Service with a Smile

We’re More Than Just Candles... Stop By Today!

We have Accessories for Your Home & Your Outdoor Friends... • BIRD FEEDERS/HOUSES

Mon-Thu & Sat 10am-6pm • Fri 10am-8pm • Sun 12pm-5pm

415 Park Row • Bowling Green • 270-843-30 01

D ressin g for th e

D erby 1881

DOWNTOWN BOWLING GREEN 1008 STATE STREET 270-843-6101 UnitedFurnitureAppliance.com

Jewelry morrisjewelrybg.com

Unique one-of-a-kind brooch by Frederic Sage

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TheGraduate — By Liz Bradley

To me, graduation signifies a time to celebrate your accomplishments. Graduation day and your commencement ceremony is often on par with your wedding day and the birth of your first child. It’s not only when good things come to an end, but when a new chapter in your life begins. Graduation day is a day that lets you tell the world you did it! And, the graduation cap has become an iconic symbol of that day. It symbolizes perseverance, freedom and accomplishment for the students who so proudly wear them. There is something moving and inspiring when looking out into a sea of black caps on graduation day. There is also something to be said for the individualist who wants to stand out or send a message. What better way to do that on the big day, than with the cap! We are always looking for ways to express ourselves and let people know who we are, what is important to us, and what we stand for. The cap can be an extension of the graduate’s Some send a message personality. A person who of realization stands out from the A message crowd is someone Display your thankfulness who is comfortable with who they are, has the confidence to be unique, and to let their individuality shine. In the words of the great Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” However you wear the feather in your cap this graduation day, and Who you leaned on to make it through regardless of the path you take after graduation — congratulations to the Class of 2013!

Don’t forget the whole reason for graduating ...getting a job! 26 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June

It’s a way to show school spirit

of inspiration

Show your sisterhood

Liz Bradley is a thirty-something wife, mother of two girls, shoppe keeper, and interior designer. She has one shoppe named LuLu’s that offers fine home furnishings and consignments. The other is Little Lulu’s which offers children’s furniture and previously gently loved clothes. She loves sharing her ideas with her clients.

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• • • • • Shout • • Out • • To • • Sheila • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dear Sheila: I will be graduating from college this spring, and don’t want to take part in the formal ceremony of graduation. I just want them to mail me my diploma. My family is very upset about this. Should I take part in this, even though I think it is a boring, antiquated tradition? ---Suzie Coed Dear Suzie: Oh honey, in a word, YES! Why would you deny your family the pleasure of something they probably sacrificed for? There is no reason not to walk the line, unless you can’t walk in heels. In that case, wear flats! Dear Sheila: I am my Mother’s only child, and I want to do something special for her for Mother’s Day. I want to buy her a new outfit, and take her to dinner. My problem is my college buddies are calling me a Mama’s Boy and kidding me. What should I do? ---Sentimental Son Dear Sentimental: Don’t listen to your buddies, they’re probably jealous of good relationship you all have. As a side note, do you need a foster Mother? Maybe an Aunt? Godmother? Dear Sheila: I’m a senior in high school, and a boy has asked me to prom. The problem is, I don’t want to go. I’m not a very good dancer, and I don’t want everyone looking at me. Should I go anyway? ---Not-the-Prom Queen Dear Queenie: Let’s see - new dress, corsage, special hair do, free dinner, hmmmm.... If you’re worried about dancing, you shouldn’t be. What passes for dancing these days isn’t that much! Just jump around and hold your cell phone over you head - you’ll be fine. Dear Sheila: I’m being married in a few months, and my Mother wants me to wear her wedding dress, which is so dated. I’m not sure I want to, but I don’t want to hurt her. Suggestions? ---Got the Wedding Blues

Dear Blue: Of course it’s dated! It belongs to your Mother! Here are your questions - how much would wearing it mean to your Mother and family? How sentimental are you? Could this be your reception dress? Or, watch Something Borrowed Something Blue on TLC for inspiration.

Want to ask Sheila a question? Write her at Shout Out To Sheila at P. O. Box 492, Bowling Green, KY 42102.

T hinking ofbuying or s elling a hom e,fa rm ,or com m ercia lproperty?

T hink ofm e! Perry Thessen, Your Friend in the Neighborhood.

Perry Thessen R E A LTO R ®

The Hunt Group


1053A Lover s Lane Bowling Gr een, KY Cell 270-796-7550 Of fice 270-745-9900

“Independently Owned & Operated”


on a real life budget

Are you newlyweds starting out or looking for unique pieces to complement your existing decor? Our store is perfect if you are interested in changing the look of your home and investing in gently used furniture pieces. We look forward to seeing you in the store soon! Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm

1116 Broadway Avenue www.lulusfinehomefurnishings.com

P 270.781.5550 Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 27

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!H !xkgs y!gxk!Jrkkotm!Jgtgyoky I ju st h ad th at w o n derfu l dream ag ain th is tim e I alm o st h eld yo u clo se an d tig h t. P erh ap s yo u w ill b e w ith m e o n ce m o re w h en I tu rn o ff th e lig h ts an d fall asleep to n ig h t. B u t dream s are o n ly fleetin g fan tasies w ith n o w arm th , so ftn ess, o r ten dern ess to last. D ream s w ith o u t fu lfillm en t h av e n o fu tu re an d dream s certain ly can h av e n o p ast. So m ay I take yo u r g en tle h an d in m in e, m ayb e e v en sh are a sw eet an d ten der kiss. I w o u ld lo v e to m ake so m e real m em o ries an d n o t liv e fo r p assin g dream s like th is. I h o p e w e can jo in o u r h earts to g eth er, g o to th e altar an d say th o se w o rds “I do .” It w o u ld b e su ch a sp ecial g ift fro m h eav en if th ese dream s I h av e w o u ld co m e tru e. L et’s lau g h , lo v e, an d liv e o u r liv es to g eth er w ith tw o h earts an d so u ls jo in ed as o n e. I w ill h o ld th e o n e I w ill alw ays tru ly lo v e th en th e n eed fo r dream s w ill b e do n e. B u t if n o n e o f th ese w o n ders h ap p en s an d yo u h av e o th er p lan s it seem s, th en I h o p e an d p ray m o st earn estly th at I keep h av in g th ese w o n derfu l dream s. — B erlS him el B ow ln g G reen , K Y

28 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June

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Sign up for Warren RECC’s AUTO PAY and

Save Time & Money! When you’re out of town or just plain busy, A UTO P AY will pay your electric bill directly from your checking account so you never have to worry about paying late fees again.

Call any Warren RECC office and find out just how easy it is to save...  Time  Worry Tuesday-Friday Walk-in Appointments from Noon-7PM for established patients

 Late Fees  Postage

 Checks  Gasoline

842-6541 www.wrecc.com

F AIR Spotlight on

Joann Haley

Joann Haley is South Central Bank’s Lehman Avenue Branch Manager. She started her banking career in 1968 at First Federal Savings and Loan in Bowling Green. Joann is an active member of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of


Commerce and the Kiwanis Club. After graduating from Bowling Green High School she attended Western Kentucky University. Joann is married to Jerry Haley and they have two sons. Joann attends Woodburn Baptist Church.

(270) 782-9696 • www.southcentralbank.com Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 29

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r e g n i G

Are You a

or a

Mary Ann? Dawn Wells aka Mary Ann

30 • Flair • 2013 • April/May/June

Who’s hotter: Ginger or Mary Ann? It’s a debate as old as the hills, says Sonia Simone, Associate Editor at copyblogger.com. To quote Jim “Suldog” Sullivan, “This is the question which has plagued adolescent boys, and the men who think like them, since time immemorial (that is, 1964).” Before Lost, Survivor, or Castaway, there was the iconic Gilligan’s Island, so if you could be like a shapely star of a cheesy ‘60’s sitcom, would you be Ginger or Mary Ann? It’s fairly clear that the Gilligan’s Island creators thought Ginger had it hands down. A redheaded Marilyn Monroe knockoff in sequined gowns and high-heels, Ginger Grant was what used to be called a “starlet,” whose sole reason for existence was her sex appeal. Mary Ann Summers, on the other hand, was the girl next door. A Kansas cutie in pigtails and cut-offs, she was down-to-earth, sensible, and could make a comfy hammock out of coconut vines. Ginger was a star who had a certain dignity. She was a little aloof, holding herself apart as something special. When confronted with being marooned for the rest of her life on a desert island, she never considered compromising her essential identity. She didn’t dabble in activities at which she was no good, like catching food, cooking, or building shelter. Ginger was a specialist, optimized to perform in a certain environment and not interested in adapting to anything different. Some would call that strength of character; others, pigheadness. Do you adapt and shift to catch the latest fads, or do you stick to your sequins and create your own definition of authority? Mary Ann was useful. Along with the professor, Mary Ann had a deeply practical bent. When you’re on a desert island, it’s good to know how to do things that are actually useful: catch fish, build a hut, and fend off cannibals. If you consider yourself a Mary Ann, you’ll give lots of practical, solid advice that friends will want to file away for reference. You’ll be the queen of the numbered list. Ginger was remarkable when faced with desolation and probable starvation; anyone can start whipping up the bamboo huts and coconut pies; however, it takes some creativity and resolve to retain your movie star essence in the face of spending the rest of your life talking to the same six stereotypes. Ginger had a certain Norma Desmond stubbornness, a refusal to let shabby reality get in the way of her self-created legend. She was still “big:” it was the island that was small. She was still shaking her sequins when everyone around her was wearing frumpy grass skirts. Tina Louise Mary Ann was relevant. Mary Ann looked around and saw what needed to get done. She figured out aka Ginger the needs of her community, pitched in, and helped create what was most important to that situation and that audience. Mary Ann knew how to listen. Let’s face it: Ginger was hot. Ginger was champagne and caviar, martinis and cigarettes, Betty Page, and the Vargas girl. On the other hand, Mary Ann was hot, too. Mary Ann was cut-offs and hayrides, apple pie and farm breakfasts, Doris Day and the girl next door. Mary Ann was the girl men wanted to marry. So who are you: Ginger or Mary Ann? About the Author: Sonia Simone is an Associate Editor of Copyblogger and the founder of Remarkable Communication.

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When the time comes, will you be ready? Do you know the cost of a funeral? Do you have funeral insurance? For answers to these questions without obligation, please give us a call We offer dignified, yet affordable Funeral Services, Cremation and Monuments

1510 Campbell Lane Bowling Green, KY 42104

270-904-4201 -Veteran Owned Company-

Jan & Kenneth Cone


Color Your World With

Visit Our Remodeled Showroom Designed for YOUR Convenience!

DISTINCTIVE FLOORING • Area Rugs • Carpet In-Stock In-Stock Rolls Rolls Available Available

• • •

Hardwood Laminate Luxury Vinyl Tile

Largest Selection of Oriental Rugs in Southern Kentucky QUALITY & DESIGN AT COMPETITIVE PRICING!

Red Carpet Shop — Over 100 Years of Flooring Experience —

1115 LOVERS LANE • 781-2829 Flair • 2013 • April/May/June • 31

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GOLD • DIAMONDS • GEMSTONES New & Estate Jewelry • Jewelry Design & Repair

2910 Scottsville Road • 781-1194 We are the leading buyer of scrap and broken gold, old coins, estate and fine jewelry.

Profile for Country Peddler

Flair April/May/June 2013  

A magazine about women. Features local Bowling Green Talent.

Flair April/May/June 2013  

A magazine about women. Features local Bowling Green Talent.