My Trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum: Social Story

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I am going to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. I will learn about music and see many instruments.


In the museum‌ I will

I will not

Keep my hands to myself

Touch the glass



Keep an inside voice


There are bathrooms, water fountains, and water bottle fillers at the Museum. I can ask my parent/guardian/chaperone if I am thirsty or need to use the restroom.

When I get there, I will walk through the lobby to get my ticket. The lobby may be crowded, but I will be okay. I might explore the museum with my family or a group. I may get a map of the museum at the box office.

I may use the elevator, big staircase, or spiral staircase to move through the galleries.

The museum has many visitors. There are many videos with sound. Sometimes it gets very loud in the museum. It is okay.

If it gets too loud, I can go to a quiet space to relax. I can find quiet spaces on the sensory map.

There might be a lot of people in front of a case. I can wait until others are done looking to go up to the glass.

I might see people wearing name tags with the museum logo on it. I can ask them questions I have about the museum.

There might be a specific object I want to see. It might not be on view when I visit. That is okay because I can see others.

I might explore the museum with a scavenger hunt. I can find scavenger hunts and fun activities in the Taylor Swift Education Center on the 3rd floor.

I might visit the Dinah and Fred Gretsch Family Gallery on the 2nd floor. I might record a song or explore interactive stations there.

I might go to a family program. I might learn to play an instrument, make art, dance, or learn something new.

I might eat lunch or a snack at a museum restaurant, but food is not allowed in the galleries.

When I am finished touring the museum, I might go home or back to school.