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Manitoba Horse Council - Celebrating 40 RESPECT IN SPORT (RIS) years of service to the Manitoba Equine CALLING ALL EQUINE COACHES Community! Online Certification NEW for 2014 - Optional Member Insurance Benefits

Respect in Sport Program is an education program for coaches to

All individual MHC members living in Manitoba are eligible to purchase

assist them in the prevention of harassment, abuse and bullying in

the following optional insurance benefits upon joining. The optional

sport. The purpose of the program is to impact on attitudes, skills,

insurance benefits are in force twenty-four hours a day, seven days

and knowledge of the coaches that will result in a safe, sportsmanlike

a week and cover members anywhere in the world. All insurance

environment for all players, coaches, and parents.

programs are provided by BFL Canada.

Course Length $2,500 Life Saving Surgery Endorsement

The Respect in Sport Program is only offered online and is a total

Equine - Covers emergency, life-saving surgical procedures under

of 3 hours in length. The course consists of 6 modules, each 30

a general anesthetic, including colic and fracture repair. You must

minutes in length.

have a MHC membership which includes Horse Mortality in order to

Respect in Sport is a program mandated by Sport Manitoba.

be eligible. The limit can be applied to multiple horses/procedures,

Sport Manitoba believes in being proactive in ensuring sport in our

but the total limit of insurance per year is $2,500 regardless of

province is safe and welcoming for all participants.

the number of horses you own or procedures that are done. COST: $49.00

RIS is a mandatory requirement for all coaches in Manitoba. It can be completed at

$3,500 Tack and Horse Equipment Coverage Do you keep your tack at the barn? Your homeowners insurance may

Equine Canada Learn to Ride Program

not respond to a claim for loss or damage if it is kept outside your

The Equine Canada developed Learn to Ride Program is for individuals

residence for more than 30 days. This coverage ensures you have

who wish to learn safe horsemanship skills and practices. The

protection no matter where you keep your tack. COST: $29.00

purpose of the program is to produce well-rounded horsepeople, who are able to care for and ride their horses in a correct and safe

$1,000,000 Travel Medical Coverage


Travelling outside Manitoba? You need insurance to cover medical

The program is available for both English and Western. It

expenses not covered by your Provincial Health Insurance Plan. Our

provides a systematic process to introduce new riders to equestrian

policy covers members under 71 years of age for any number of trips

sport and presents the basics of good riding. Since proper riding

up to 30 days in length. COST: $49.00 per person (Note: longer trips

technique is best developed only with the aid of an accredited

are available – just call our office before you leave.)

instructor, the program has been designed to be delivered by an

Further questions regarding your MHC member optional insurance program can be directed to the MHC office.

Equine Canada certified coach. An accredited examiner, who obtains the standardized exams from each Provincial Association, will give an evaluation for each

Road Manual


level. The Learn to Ride program is the first step in becoming a certified coach.

Order your copy today! Track your progress, work towards a national standard, learn to ride safely, develop a range of skills and knowledge, recognize your achievements and join a program that is for everybody. For more information please visit

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Why participate in the EC Learn to Ride program? Please contact the MHC office and order your copy today. Call204.925.5718. Full color/printed/coiled handbook - $15 including taxes and shipping.


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The collector's copy. The last issue of Horse Country published by Linda Hazelwood - the magazine will still continue but under a new owner....

Horse country 2 2014 digital  

The collector's copy. The last issue of Horse Country published by Linda Hazelwood - the magazine will still continue but under a new owner....