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Brings Fiber To Farm


t finally happened!” proclaimed Brian Bates, co-owner of Bear Creek Organic Farm in Petoskey. “On January 10, 2019, we joined the 21st century with high-speed fiber internet from Great Lakes Energy and Truestream.” For Petoskey’s first-ever, 100 percent, USDA-certified organic farm, Truestream has been a game-changer. Slow internet speeds hampered their farm operation that seeks to support the community by sourcing local supplies and growing organic food. Before signing up with Truestream, Bates explained, the company hemorrhaged money for internet with barely anything in return. “We used two internet providers because both were inconsistent,” Bates said. “We have paid $3,000 per year for the worst internet of anyone we know for the last five years. Now, we will pay $800 [per year] for some of the fastest internet in the USA.” “The numbers don’t lie,” Bates continued, who posted speed test results on Facebook after Truestream was installed. “Truestream is 40 times faster than our satellite was and more than 400 times faster than we were able to get with our other provider. And for 75 percent less money with no contract and unlimited everything!” Being a family-run business, connecting with loved ones is important. “For the first time since Griffin was born,” referring to their son, Bates said, “we were able to successfully FaceTime with his grandparents in Florida. No static, no lag, no blurry faces. Now, that’s a dream come true!” The Truestream fiber network stands to improve internet connectivity across Emmet County and beyond 12 MARCH 2019

Brian Bates (left), wife Anne (right), and son Griffin enjoy Truestreaming with their new fiber internet.

“The road to fast internet has been slow, but GLE has answered the call. If you haven’t signed up for service—do it. Your neighbors depend on you.” dramatically. Construction, which will begin in full force this spring, depends on the crowd-sourced interest program at the heart of the roll-out process. At, GLE members can pre-register their interest in the service and let Truestream know which areas have the highest demand. Construction plans are laid out for the Petoskey service district, but sign-ups continue to ensure Truestream’s success and also help Great Lakes Energy make plans for the next area where service will begin. Bates explained why this process is so vital for the region: “We know many of our friends are still waiting for Truestream. And Great Lakes Energy knows it too. The road to fast internet has been slow, but GLE has answered the call. If you haven’t signed up for service—do it. Your neighbors depend on you.” Visit to register today. Pre-registration ensures you will receive free installation (a $149 value). There is no obligation, no contract and prices start at less than $60 per month.

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