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Free Energy-Saving Products For Your Home


ooking for an easy way to start saving energy today? Request your FREE energy-saving kit from the Home Energy Express Program! This offer is available at no cost to you through your electric cooperative's Energy Optimization program. What’s in the kit? The free kit contains products that will help you start saving energy immediately. The devices will help you control the amount of energy used to heat and cool your home, as well as the electricity used by lighting, appliances, and electronics. There may even be some water-saving items in your kit, which can help reduce the overall amount of water you use and the energy consumed for hot water heating. The following items could be included in your free kit: • Energy-efficient lighting (LED bulbs) • Smart power strip • Smart thermostat or programmable thermostat (depending on eligibility criteria) • Pipe wrap • Water-saving products (such as faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads)


Energy, Save


Take control of your energy use at home today The Home Energy Express Program provides FREE energy-saving products for your home, plus free delivery and installation by an Energy Optimization program contractor.

Saving money at home has never been easier.

ONLINE: PHONE: 877-296-4319

How Do I Get Free Products? Step 1: Request your free energy savings kit by calling 877-296-4319 or emailing Be sure to mention the Home Energy Express Program. It takes just moments to request your kit. An Energy Optimization program representative will help schedule the complimentary delivery and installation of your energysaving products. Step 2: Your products will be personally delivered and installed by an Energy Optimization program contractor. The contractor will make sure you know how to use all the items before leaving your home

Get Started Today Before requesting your free kit, please review the following eligibility requirements. You must: • Be a member of Great Lakes Energy. • Own a single-family home or, if you are a tenant, must have the owner’s permission to have work done on the home. • Be willing to sign a document to allow work to be done on the home by professional, trained contractors.

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