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ndia pulsates with spirituality and colours; it boasts a kaleidoscope of cultures and observes a multitude of festivals! How better to celebrate India than by partaking in one of its many vibrant festivities? Festivals give the culturally-curious a window into true India and present great photography opportunities. Talk to us to plan your trip well in advance for a complete India experience! WHERE


Pushkar Camel Fair – 50,000 camels converge and are dressed up, paraded, entered into beauty contests, raced, and traded. A huge carnival with an array of musicians, magicians, dancers, acrobats, snake charmers and carousel rides to entertain the crowd. Pilgrims also bathe in the holy waters of Pushkar lake.


Oct or Nov

Holi – The festival of colour is marked by throwing coloured powder and perfume at one another. One of the most exuberant and fun celebrations of Spring! There is also an Elephant Festival in Jaipur during this time.

Varanasi, Jaipur and other parts of North India


Diwali – The festival of lights when clay lamps and candles are lit and placed in houses and fireworks are let off everywhere. Best celebrated in Jaipur (there is a competition for best decorated market) or Varanasi (river banks are lined with candlelight, devotees chanting and bathing in the river in the early hours).

Widely celebrated throughout India Especially in Varanasi and Jaipur; except Kerala

Oct or Nov

Kumbh Mela – Probably the largest human spectacle on the planet! It is a Hindu pilgrimage where pilgrims, acclaimed saints and sadhus (Hindu holy man) congregate to take ritual baths in the Ganges river to cleanse away their sins. The Ardh (half) Kumbh Mela is celebrated every 6 years and the Puma (complete) Khumbh takes place every twelve years, with 2012 being the twelfth year mark.

Haridwar and Allahabad

Jan to Feb



India - Ancient Stories, New Journeys  

Experience India like you have never before. Be Inspired!

India - Ancient Stories, New Journeys  

Experience India like you have never before. Be Inspired!