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Tigers, Earthquakes, and Camping, oh my!

Take a trip to France, Australia, or Japan

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Guangdong Country Garden School


a in the community

Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS) has a vibrant and purposeful school community. GCGS is committed to providing a high quality, affordable international education that represents excellence & quality. We are a selective, coeducational, independent Kindergarten through Year 15 school. You will discover new things, and share your enthusiasm with new friends from all over the world. As an international school located in the South of China, we value and celebrate the rich diversity of the many nationalities, cultures and traditions of all our students and we aim to provide a safe, inclusive and caring environment in which young people can learn to live and work together in a spirit of harmony and mutual respect. Each student is encouraged to play an active role in school life, both in and out of the classroom. We have a tradition of curriculum development and innovation and are currently one of 150 schools in the world to offer all three programs of the International Baccalaureate, PYP, MYP & DP. The final two years of these programs, taught in grades 11 and 12, lead to the award of the IB Diploma, a qualification recognized and sought after by universities around the world. Our students acquire 21st century skills to enable them to thrive in an increasingly mobile and interdependent world. In addition, we also offer IGCSE, IFY & A-Levels as part of our academic program. To better serve our students’ learning needs and personal development, we aim to continuously improve the quality of our facilities and the educational programs we offer. We are proud of our school and of the achievements of the members of our school community but we are not complacent. We welcome constructive feedback on how we’re doing because it helps us grow and improve. GCGS is an inclusive learning community, which inspires International Mindedness, Personal Excellence, and Creative and Critical Thinking. One of the things immediately apparent at GCGS is that we are a community of learners, actively engaged in a wide range of activities requiring diverse skills. Because we are a community much of our learning occurs collaboratively, within and across groups, which may be defined socially or professionally. This sense of community encourages risk-taking, communication and involvement, regardless of age or role. You are always welcome to contact us or make an appointment to visit.

David Li Principal of Guangdong Country Garden School

Questions? Want to contribute? Have a great idea for the magazine? Have a paper airplane war with the editor?




2 Words from the Founder 3 New Models of the IB Programs 4 My May Holiday 4 Going Camping 4 My Cozy Classroom 4 When I get Home 5 If I had 50 million Dollars 5 My Best Friend, Lucy 5 My 3 Best Friends 6 Relationships 7 Me and My Voice 8 A Visit to Korean Hwarang Elementary School 9 Save the Tigers 10 The Cambridge Nationwide Challenge - Earthquake 13 The Cambridge Nationwide Challenge - Travel 14 A Summer in Paris 15 Away in Australia 16 Super Toilet 17 Favorite Thanksgiving Foods 18 Sports Festival Reflection 19 Youth Blossoms at the Sports Festival 20 Interviews 21 The School TV Station 22 Passion, Speed and Memories 22 Sports Festival* 23 Skateboard 24 The Ark and the City of Paradise Chapter 5 26 Art 30 The Great Gatsby Movie Review 31 Crossword 32 Calendar

Me and My Voice

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A Summer in Paris

Cambridge Challenge Essays

9th Annual Sports Festival



The Ark & The City of Paradise

Year 12 Artwork


*Cover photo taken by Robert Carlyon, along with other pictures from the Sports Festival Section.



SCHOOL Words from the Founder The most valuable investment is in the children’s education. As an old Chinese adage goes, “A great wealth in one’s family is not as valuable as a slight skill in one’s hand.” Money will be used up some day, but abilities may enable someone


Country Garden Resort (Luxury Club)

to create an unlimited amount of wealth for lifelong enjoyment.



Southern Gate

Another Chinese proverb says, “A family’s wealth seldom continues beyond Gymnasium

three generations.” Today, I would take the courage to offer my advice to the

Track & Field

successful people: “Success in one’s career alone is not enough. Besides your



nt D

o rm


career achievement, your children must be promising and well mannered. Only in this way can the joys of your family life have substantive meaning. In addition,


as head of a household, you can enjoy a peaceful and care-free mind only Botani

after you have raised your children who have a sound physical health; a noble

Observatory Tower

cal G arden

determination, and brilliant wisdom to carry forward your career. The realization




of all these will be impossible without receiving a quality education.


National Junior High School National Senior High School

International Cafeteria

Science and Technology Center



ent ’s Pala



National Primary School

g ro

International Building




tu d


e as ers Ov ction Se

IT Center

Lecture Hall for MYP and DP



0086-757-2667-7428 0086-757-2667-7328


Western Toilets!





Administration Building Kindergarten


Guangdong Country Garden School Beijiao town, Shunde district, Foshan city, Guangdong province, China 528312




New Models of the IB Programs The Primary Years Program (PYP)

The Middle Years Program (MYP)

The Diploma Program (DP)

The new PYP model differs from the old PYP model in the following ways

The new model contains the same message about an MYP education but with a different presentation. The circle closest to the center of the model now contains four elements.

The new DP model differs from the old DP model in the following ways:

1. The core circle remains illustrative of the learner’s position at the heart of the PYP curriculum framework. 2. The innermost circle unites the pedagogy of the PYP with its essential elements 3. The three components of the PYP curriculum cycle (written, taught and assessed) now embodied in Approaches to

1. Approaches to learning—this demonstrates the commitment to approaches to learning

on the new model as Approaches to Learning, is also in alignment with MYP,

2. Approaches to teaching and learning model demonstrating the DP’s commitment

2. Approaches to teaching—this emphasizes authentic learning through inquiry.

related and trans-disciplinary) represented

of education

developing skills for learning.

programs. It reinforces the PYP pedagogy

4. The essential element of skills (subject

other program and the IB’s continuum

are included in the inner circle of the

the MYP pedagogy, including collaborative,

and conceptually driven

a hexagon to a circle to align with the

as a key component of the MYP for

Teaching, aligns with MYP, DP and IBCC of authentic learning that is inquiry-based

1. The shape of the model changes from

3. Concepts—this shows the emphasis placed on a concept-based curriculum. 4. Areas of interaction—shows how learning best takes place in context, and can help to develop international-mindedness.

to particular pedagogical approaches to teaching and to developing particular skills for learning 3. The term experimental sciences has changed to the term sciences to more closely align with the other programs 4. The watermark of the world indicates that much learning for the DP takes place in the global context.

DP and IBCC 5. Concepts feature separately to show the alignment with MYP 6. Attitudes remain a PYP essential element. 7. The PYP culminates in the Exhibition, and this features on the new model. This circle demonstrates the clear alignment with action, and with the culminating activities in MYP, DP and IBCC.



student’s work

My May Holiday

Going Camping

Last May, I went to

Going camping can make you very excited

Yangjiang. I went there

when you have a holiday. I like going into

with my parents and friends. When we got

the mountains to camp, because it’s very

the hotel, it was noon. We wanted to play

interesting. I also like to watch strange things

on the beach, but mum said it was lunch

on the mountain when I go camping. Today

time. So we had lunch first. When lunch

I want camping with my friends. I take many

was finished, my friends and I went to the

things, such as a tent, a flashlight, some

beach. My parents went to the hotel to

apples, some bread and water. I sleep in

put down our things, then they went to the

my tent too. I eat my food and I have a very

beach and joined us. We wanted to build

wonderful day.

a big, big sand castle. We began to dig

Kitty(徐纤婷) from PYP Class5 Year 4

the sand. Lily went to get some water. I dug

Tutor: Thomas 黄勇泉

the sand. Lynne began to build the castle. Suddenly, it started to rain. We had to go back to the hotel. Our sand castle was washed away by the waves.

My cozy classroom

The next day, we built another sand castle.

Our classroom is nice and cozy. It’s very hot

We were lucky because it didn’t rain all day.

now, but we have an air-conditioner and it

We put a flag on the top of the sand castle.

keeps our classroom cool and comfortable.

We sang songs and danced around it.

There are many other things in our classroom

The third day, we got up early. We went

too. We have a TV and two computers, 4 big

to the beach to pick sea shells. But I finally

cupboards and a bookshelf. Our desks and

found out that the sea shells were all alive.

chairs are made of wood. They look very nice.

We put them back in the sea. I hope they

I have many friends here. Jason is one of them.

can grow bigger and bigger in the sea. I

We have classes, read books, watch movies,

really enjoyed this holiday. I hope we can

eat snacks and do many things here. I like my

go to the beach soon and have another

classroom. It’s like our second home.

wonderful time.

Wendy 罗惠岚 from PYP Class 4 Year 3

Jerry 徐海心 PYP Class 2 Year 3

Tutor: Josie 王久红

WHEN I GET HOME Ivy 王玥琪 from PYP

When I get home,

When I get home,

When I get home,

Class 3 Year 3

I like reading some

I like riding my bike,

sometimes I do

of my favorite books,

jumping rope or

nothing, just stay in

When I get home,

such as The Magic

playing other games

bed and imagine

I always give my

School Bus, the

to strengthen my body.

beautiful things.

mother and my father

adventures of Tin Tin

a big hug. I give a

When I get home,

My life is very

and some other story

sweet smile to my

I also do some

colorful when I get

books. I love reading,

younger brother.

homework, and help

home after school.

because it gives me a

my mother to do

How about you?

lot of happiness.

some housework.

Tutor: Laura 刘



Everybody knows foods and drinks are not allowed in the library. However, in my library, all the kids can eat food they bring in the Coco bar. The roof of Coco bar is black and white

If I had 50 million dollars with me, I would set up a kid’s library.

chocolate with a bubble tea on it. The table top is hamburger and its legs are fried chips. In the corner, there is an ice-cream machine

Nowadays most libraries

and a juice container. The little readers can help

look very boring to kids. The

themselves to enjoy various flavors of ice-cream

shape is stereotyped and too

like chocolate or vanilla. They can also taste four

adult. It doesn’t arouse any interest from our

warmly welcoming kids to enter her magic

children. So many kids wouldn’t like to go there.

kinds of fruit juice like apple, blueberry, orange

book world. The reading room would be a

Therefore, I really want to build a lovely and

and strawberry. They are all free for kids.

huge schoolbag. All the tables are magic cubes

interesting library for kids.

and there is also a drawing room. Inside the

My dream library must be cool and funny. Its

drawing room are several big pen containers,

roof should look like an open book. On the

with the color pens and painters that kids can

book, there would be an eraser, a ruler and a

use to draw anything they like. In this room,

pen. Its pillars would be pencils with different

every table has an eraser top and four colorful

Christine 庄乙庭 from PYP Class 3 Year 5

colors. Above the door, there would be a

pencil legs. The reception desk looks like a car.

Tutor: Sue 张淑梅

smiling rabbit. She would be wearing glasses

A librarian sits inside the car and helps our

and be very knowledgeable. She is always

young readers to lend or borrow their books.

My best friend, Lucy

If there was more money left, I would open more kid libraries like this around the country. So more and more kids would love to go to the library and enjoy reading books!

My 3 best friends

Lucy is my best friend. I first met her when

team, so we always sing and dance together in

I have 3 best friends. The first one is Sonia. She

I was four years old. She is ten years old now.

the morning. Last Saturday, we went to watch

is 9 years old, just like me. She is very pretty, I

She is a tall, thin girl. She has two big eyes and

a puppet show together. In February this year,

think she looks like a princess. Her favorite fruit is

a small mouth on her face. Lucy has long and

we went to the USA for a dance competition

mango. The second one is Sally. She is nice too.

black hair. She likes eating grapes and fried

together. We had a great time there and we

She is a good dancer and she can do Chinese

rice with egg very much. She is very cute and

know each other better.

gongfu too. The third one is Anna, she can speak

generous, so I like to play with her. Lucy has a lot of hobbies. She is good at dancing and drawing. She likes reading and playing computer games as well. She always

I love my best friend. I am so happy to have a great friend like Lucy. Amy 周纯晔 from PYP Class 3 Year3 Tutor: Laura 刘超群

very good English. We like to study and play together. I am happy to be with my friends. Betty 巫卓恩 from PYP Class 3 Year 3 Tutor: Josie 王久红

comes to my home to do our homework and watch TV with me. Both of us are on the school dancing




Beyond all the relationships between people that you can think of, this may not be the purist, truest or even the most romantic. But this fills my heart with the sweetest honey ---Friendship

Everyone was happy and laughing that night,

I still remember the last night which I spent with

that the relation between us had rusted joints

the classmates. It was crazy, but also sweet with

and brutal lies. Even though it had the darker

a bit of salt. We had a bunch of junk food with

side and it was complex, I still saw the way that

music that night, but we also had a chat about

the strings between us were connected, it had

“what do you want to say before we separate

crosses and ties. It had places that were loose,

from each other”. The topic was pretty nice, but

but it was all connected together.

that night I thought the conversation didn’t go

Relationships may be complicated, friendship

so well. Everyone just said a few words and

can even be more, but the feelings that we

took it as a joke. Now, as I review the scenery

produce from our heart are as simple as a baby

from that night, I feel as though everyone

looking at you with a smiling innocent face.

actually hid the freezing part of their heart.

The author requested to remain anonymous

but now I can feel how everyone felt deep inside their heart where we cannot see with our naked eyes. I also remember the AOI trip, it wasn’t as fun as we thought. It gave me an experience more than just a pure simple relationship. I found out





5 6





1 It uses its fins to swim in water

2 It slithers on the ground because it has no legs

3 Gives us milk and steaks




5 Furry animal that hops because its front legs are shorter than its back legs 6 Its neck withdraws into its hard shell


9 Large pink bird with long thin legs and a long neck

13 14



3 Lays eggs and clucks 4 Beautiful flying insect with colorful wings 7 This household pet barks and wags its tail

8 It has feathers and it flies

12 Tall spotted animal with long thin legs and a very long neck

10 Eats bananas and swings from tree branches

13 Eats bamboo and lives in China

11 Flying insect that makes honey and can sting humans

15 Large gray animal with floppy ears and a long trunk (nose)


14 This household pet meows and purrs

PUZZLES I traveled with my family during the National Day Holiday. We had a good time at the Club Med Resort in Guilin. I brought two picture books with me as usual and mom brought the Voice magazine. Sometimes I felt bored while we waited for activities during the trip. When I was thinking of playing some games on the iPad, my mother took out the Voice magazine and turned to a page with a Halloween word search.

Me and my Voice

It was the first time I tried to play this word game. I was attracted to it at first sight. The more words I found the more I enjoyed this game. Sometimes it's better to play with a pencil and paper than a finger on an iPad. This is the story between me and my Voice. Annika Gu, C5Y1, PYP

thanksgiving WORD SEARCH+creative sentences












word list

thanks supper stuffing blessing

squash cider celebrate memories stuffed

Did you know? The heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds, about the size of a large dog.

Create sentences using some of the words from the word search:


EDUCATION A Visit to Korea

Hwarang Elementary School From September 30th to October 4th, eight students from the PYP Primary School visited Hwarang Elementary School in South Korea. Hwarang Elementary School attached great importance to our visit. It held a grand welcome ceremony for the students and teachers from our school. The school teachers specially arranged one etiquette lesson and one other teaching traditional Korean instruments. The homestay children brought their handbooks for our students. They learned traditional Korean etiquette and played a traditional Korean game. They learned to sing the Korean folk song “Ali Lang” and got to know many traditional instruments. During the visit, the schedule was full. The students had lessons and visited famous places in Seoul. The homestay families were friendly. Our students’ parents could see learning and visiting activities on a blog every day. The last day of the visit, we said goodbye to the teachers and students. We wished our friendship would last forever. We are looking forward to the visit of students and teachers from Hwarang Elementary to our school. Sue from PYP






Dear poachers, I am writing to you because I don't want

tigers to become extinct. They are endangered

and also have their own right to live. Why are

you selling body par ts of tigers when there are so many other ways

of making money?

Tigers also have families just like you. Just

imagine that a tiger mother is your so if you kill one, it would be own mother.

own mother,

like killing your

Why don't you think of other people? We want

our children to be able to see these beautiful

animals too, and we need to keep the balance

Dear poachers, Killing tigers is bad. Tigers are beautiful

animals, and they are endangered. Tigers have families and babies like us. When you kill a tiger it’is like killing a person.

When you see a live tiger don't you feel

happy? I want my children to see tigers, don't you? Please don't kill any more tigers. Yours Sincerely, Sunny Yang Sunny Yang 杨阳 PYP Class 1 Year 3 Tutor: Tammy

of nature.

If you see a tiger alive in the future, won't

you be happy? I beg you not to kill tigers as

Yours Sincerely, Sam lan Sam Lan兰浩川 Class 1 Year 3 Tutor: Tammy


they are in danger of extinction.

All tigers are endangered. Tigers are native to much of Asia, from the coldest regions to the steamy rainforests of the Indonesian Islands. There are only 3,200 endangered tigers remaining in the wild.


The Cambridge Nationwide Challenge These speeches were written by MYP grade 7 and 8 students for the first part of a three round competition by Cambridge. The competition is nationwide and is only available to those students that take part in the KET or PET tests. The winner of this speech will be selected out of more than 20 different schools to represent the province of Guangdong in a nationwide final event taking place in Beijing. The winner of that final competition will be rewarded a generous sum of money as well as have the opportunity to take part in a prestigious summer camp in Cambridge, UK.

and ruptions the e ic n a lc ch as vo k e s , bu t vents su ause earthqua akes are e l a r u t Na can c rthqu impacts y-occurring ea plates. m e t e or ll a r rth’s o f n at u f t he e a o t n e majorit y m ve d by m o triggere



First, you must know, before an earthquake comes, sometimes the weather is special, like stormy and hot weather. Pets in your

Earthquakes are one of the most dangerous disasters in the world. ake On May 22, 196 0, a big earthqu

tsunami and happened in Chile, causing a sand people volcanic eruptions. Twenty thou at midnight were killed. On July 28, 1976 ake killed in Tangshan, China, an earthqu pened at 240,00 0 people. Because it hap sleeping, night, when many people were ths. this disaster caused so many dea ake On May 12, 2008, an earthqu 70 happened in Wenchuan, China. people were killed, many houses

s. collapsed, and it caused landslide all These are horrible disasters. We bring know that an earthquake can iety. a lot of damage to human soc According to a study, there are about five million earthquakes in every year, so many people die earthquakes. In order to reduce I the death toll in earthquakes, n think, at least, we need to lear how to protect ourselves. So what should we do?

house will be very irritable.

When an earthquake comes, if you are in a tall building, you shouldn’t take the elevator. You must stay in a triangular space. If you have time, you can take something to protect your head, like a book. I think you should prepare some food and water daily. It could help you have something to eat or drink if you are unlucky enough to be trapped under the ruins (because sometimes earthquakes happen when you are asleep at midnight).

When an earthquake comes, if you are in a bungalow and you have the time, you must escape quickly. Otherwise, you should stay in a triangular space too. If you are under pressure in ruins, you mustn’t sleep. Instead, you should be calm, and you must believe you will be rescued. When the Wenchua

n earthquake happened, a little girl was crushed under the ruins, but she didn ’t cry. She read a book with a flashlight before the rescuers discovered her.

When an earthquake comes, if you are in an open area, you shouldn’t get close to any buildings, because maybe something will fall on you. I think if everyone can learn a little earthquake knowledge, when an earthquake comes, we will know wha

t to do!

MYP Grade 8 Guo Song lin 郭松 菻


ESSAYS from Cambridge

TRAVEL My parents enjoy traveling very much. When I was just 5 months old, my parents took me traveling. When I was one year old, I followed my parents abroad to Thailand. So, I have loved traveling since I was young. I love traveling for many reasons. I believe travel allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery in different places. We will see with our own eyes many places that we have read about in books. We will meet people with different interests and see strange and different things when we travel. Travel helps us gain knowledge of geography, history and other things.


There are many places that I want to visit, but the Maldives is my favorite country. I want to visit the Maldives on my next trip. Everybody knows, in 100 years, the Maldives will sink because of the rising sea level. Then we might not see the Maldives anymore. Everybody knows, the Maldives is like heaven. The water is very clean and clear, and the sky is blue with pure white clouds. Sometimes, it is difficult to find proper words to describe this beautiful island country. I want to visit Paradise Island, where the sea is unbelievably stunning. I think I would be crazy for that place. I think I would swim, feel the sea and drink the seawater. I can imagine how amazing it is. Beauty is not the only feature of the Maldives. There is also the local featured food, like the seafood. Tuna and curry are the most popular foods there. I hope I can travel there right now, because I cannot wait. MYP Grade 8 Ouyang Bingbing

“Nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kinds of people� -Mark Twain



If I had a long vacation, I’d like to travel to a foreign country. Which country would I like to travel to? I think South Korea is a good choice. Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. It is also an international city. There are many

friends. We can make friends with the people who travel together with us, or we can make friends with people we meet on our journey. Many people like to travel to foreign countries. In most of the cases, people like

interesting things to do and many beautiful places to see. The most

to experience the things that are different from their countries.

appealing thing to me about South Korea is the food. I like fried rice,

Everyone needs to work or study for most of the time, so travel is

and soup is also a characteristic food in South Korea. There are many

a good way to relax. When we go to a different place, we can

kinds of soup; they are all delicious. I think South Korea is a country

get rid of our annoyances. I think different places in the world will

of fashion, so I must go shopping in South Korea to buy some things.

give people different feelings. Every place is different. So, let’s

Travel is important to me. We can learn something that we can’t

go travel to see the world and experience a wonderful journey.

learn from our class when we travel. Travel will also help us to make

MYP Grade 8 Shen Shuhan (Fion) 沈书涵

Look for more Cambridge Challenge Essays in the next issue of the Voice 13

vacations around the world

Paris is the most romantic city in the world.

The Eiffel Tower reflected the golden light.

I felt the wind and saw the leaves blowing

It was so elegant. I thought it was the most

down the street. The sun shone on the Eiffel

romantic sight.

Tower’s spire.

Hundreds of romantic movies take place in

I said to myself, “The Eiffel Tower is much more

I loved my summer in Paris. My summer in Paris

this wonderful city. This summer, I visited this

than a tower. It is a sign of Paris.”

gave me a lot of joy, and taught me a lot.

beautiful city.

Paris, the most romantic city in the world,

The most famous place in Paris is the Eiffel

touched my heart. There were many lovebirds

Tower, so I want to write about the tower, and

there. In the air, I smelled perfume, and

my summer in Paris.

I also smelled love.

When I arrived in Paris and first saw the Eiffel

I bought an ice cream, eating while

Tower, I thought it was so beautiful. I saw

I walked through the streets of Paris.

the sunlight on the top of the tower and the shadow underneath it.

Lily Huang 黄际如, Grade 7EE

A lot of lovebirds walked past. In this city, I felt romance and love.

A Summer in


The Eiffel Tower reflected the golden light. It was so elegant. I thought it was the most romantic sight.



My first day in Pine Bluff Today was an imaginative, exciting and unique day I have spent in Australia.

for the Robert's family. There was nothing

The most unforgettable moment happened

around us except cows and sheep. We were

that night. The night sky was the most splendid

waiting for them to pick us up with a truck. When

scenery I have ever seen. The Milky Way was

they arrived, we went down the mountains to

straight up on our heads, we were shocked to

We went through an uncomfortable journey on

bungalows by the river side, which we called

find a huge line of stars across the sky. It was

the bus, almost 7 hours, which was really painful

Pine Bluff. It was a remote mountain region with

really mysterious. We felt the sense of freedom,

and miserable. It was so regrettable for me

no mobile signal, and I couldn’t believe that we

just like we were standing in the whole universe,

because I just got a sandwich at Subway for

were going to stay there for 4 days!

although we were just little individuals, on a

After we packed up our luggage in the

small planet.

dormitory, we had to pick some branches for us

After a tired but worthwhile day, we crawled

to hold a bonfire party. By the way, there were

into the sleeping bag, and waited for a

also 5 young men to accompany us during this

sweet dream in the cold night. With the wood

journey; they were there to teach us. After

crackling happily in the fireplace, we never

that, we had a short walk along the river, I

knew the kangaroos and wombats were still

Seemed like years have past, we finally arrived

enjoyed the spectacular scenery. The sunset

outside our dormitory and whispering under

at the peak of the mountains. We got off the

was absolutely romantic. At the meanwhile, the

the stars.

bus with our luggage and pillow, and waited

kangaroos were jumping around us, as if asking

lunch! However, all along the way, the scenery was unbelievably gorgeous; it was just like a fairy tale. Beside the road, on the boundless grassland, a horde of sheep was eating grass while enjoying the nippy weather under the small rain with their unshaved thick coats.

黄甄彤 Joanna 10(4) Tutor: 刘晓 May

us to join them.


Away in



SUPER TOILET What appears in your mind when I ask your opinion of the environment of China? Trash in the street? Or dirty river with floating dead fish? Think about Japan, what is it that comes to

esteemed by the people. Japanese set a ‘toilet day’ every year on 10th of November, on that day; the statue called ‘goodness of toilet’ will show up in almost every toilet, people will put some rice cake to express their admiration in front of the statue.

mind and draw what you imagine. Will you

Normally, our Chinese

draw a huge sushi roll in front of each door

dislike the toilets; we

of the restaurants? Skip that part, look down

think going to the toilet is a kind of disaster,

And now the woods are cutting down by

a little bit at the street; can you see any piece

especially the restrooms in the scenic spots. Of

people, and becoming less and less. We have

of handkerchief? Your answer will be nope,

course, our toilet isn’t as functional as theirs.

to protect the environment, so using the toilet

right? So as you know, Japan is a clean and

What I’ll talk about next, are the difference

paper is not a good idea.

tidy country, and incredibly, the toilets are also

between Japanese and Chinese toilets.

clean. That’s what I wanna talk about.

The biggest deference is that Japanese toilets

toilet have a washing function after you using it.

The toilets are a sparkling point on my trip to

can play music while you are using it! I know

So they don’t have to use the valuable recourse

Japan. So I suggest that you research ‘how to

you are in shock, just close your mouth, then I’ll

in their country.

use a Japanese toilet?’ on the internet before

tell you why it’s invented.

you travel to Japan. When I got there, I spent a

There is a sort of lovely hotel in Japan, which

toilets, but however, remember that the toilet

lot of time figuring out how to use the colorful

is called capsule hotel. The rooms in it are just

can also show your level, your state’s level and

little buttons near the toilet seat. That’s the

as small as capsule, and the worst thing is: the

even your country’s level, so please don’t ‘hurt’

great culture of the toilet in Japan.

impact of the sound insulation isn’t very nice,

the toilets and think for the others when after

First, we should know that Japanese respect

so the others can hear the indelicacy sound

you using it, or if you can, try to invent some

the restrooms very much; they think how clean

when you are using the toilet, then you’ll feel

equipments to make it more convenient.

the restrooms are equal to how thick their

embarrassed. For avoiding this, an intelligent

purses are, and the toilet cleaners are always

guy creates a button near the seat. When you push it, the whole restroom will be broadcast

Let’s talk back to Japanese toilet now, their

There are still many differences between the

Don’t ‘hurt’ the toilets; they are also a part of our environment, and something we should protect.

the sound of the stream, or the beautiful songs from the singing birds. That’s incredible right? Let’s change a topic, let’s talk about environment protection, our Chinese use the toilet paper after using the toilet, they are made of woods from the forest.



Kelly Huang (黄靖彤) C5,G8,MYP

Match the beginning and end of the words. Fill in the blanks. APP






• CH

• ON

• LE

• AR




Fruit Word Chop

STUFFING/DRESSING Stuffed in the Turkey or served separately, the best stuffing

recipes are slightly dry, crumbly, and have lots of bread.

TURKEY Nature’s sleeping aid. Deep-fried turkeys are quite popular these days. The frying oil locks in the turkey’s moisture,

making for incredibly juicy and tender meat.

MASHED POTATOES Simplicity is the best guideline for mashed potatoes, but you can dress them up with garlic, cheese, bacon or just about anything.

HAM Not everyone likes turkey. A ham can add visual appeal to a Thanksgiving table and, when paired with a honey dijon sauce, can become the most beloved dish.

CRANBERRY It doesn’t look natural, it’s loaded with sugar, and made from cranberries. Yet, we are fascinated with

this mysterious, gelatinous substance.

PUMPKIN PIE Homemade or store-bought, it wouldn’t be Autumn without pumpkin pie, served with whipped cream on top. A great alternative is pumpkin cheesecake.

ROLLS/BREAD Don’t skimp on the bread. Bread serves many purposes, including soaking up gravy and cleansing taste palates in between dishes.

SWEET POTATOES These don’t show very often, so treat them right. Common dishes include candied sweet potatoes, or sweet potato casserole, covered with marshmallows.

GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE Green beans are not the most enticing thing at dinner. Neither is casserole. With their powers combined, this is an unexpected favorite

TURDUCKEN Now a fowl play. What is it? Turkey... stuffed with duck... stuffed with chicken. Have you ever hall all three at the same time?




REFLECTION upon the 9th Sports Festival

The three-day sports festival has come to an end. In retrospection, I have benefited a great deal from it, but what has impressed me the most is the caring attitude. The first thing that is worth high appreciation is the representatives of my class in the

before the race, we practiced rope jumping every morning. The satisfying result proves the age-old adage: “Practice makes perfect.” In the end, we were the best in both collaboration and speed. Without tacit cooperation among our players, the success would not have been achieved.

competitions. Although they did not win any

The school’s sports festival has helped me to

championships, all of the players demonstrated

redefine “heroes”: the players are certainly

their courage to face all challenges. Some

the forefront heroes. They played hard, they

players are not excellent runners, but they

played smart, and they played to the end.

participated in it without any hesitations. Before

So my first salutation goes to them. All other

the festival, they had no time to practice the

classmates are also heroes. They served

relay race. Four girls made the spontaneous

drinking water, they cheered in the crowd,

decision to join the race and passed the baton

and they offered encouragement at the finish

to the next. Despite the outcome, they did

line. Though their work was not in the spotlight,

their best and equally deserved our highest

they equally deserve my respect. In the eyes of

regards. However, my class performed very

some people, their support seems to be trivial,

well in the women’s 4x200 meter and 4x100

but I think it is important. It is their comfort and

meter races. Similarly, in the basketball game,

service that makes every player feel that their

all the boys played hard and demolished their

efforts pay off. Showing care for others is the

rivals with seemingly brilliant ease. According

cornerstone of a harmonious team. Without

to the rule, my class needs to have more girls

care, nothing would be accomplished.

than boys for this game. Unfortunately, the girls

The school’s sports festival has left many things

were not so good at basketball. So the boys

for my thinking. The ultimate purpose is not to

took the challenge and finished the game at

win any visible medals, but to learn how to

the fastest speed. Even though my class didn’t

become more considerate of and cooperative

achieve the highest score, we all enjoyed the

with others. To create the atmosphere of “care

participation. I am very proud of the rope

and appreciation”; this is in my opinion, the real

jumping record made by my class. A few weeks

goal of the festival. Carolina Wu (吴颖燕 DP11(4))



Youth blossoms

at the Sports Festival

Postscripts of Sports festival

Sports festival is always in autumn, because it’s not as cold as chilly winter or as restless as the hot summer. Autumn means harvest, and it witnesses our efforts and growth and tells us ‘no pain, no gain’.

In this golden season, our final sports festival

their best to win the games. They may not

in Country Garden School arrived. This time

win the championship, but they all possess a

next year, we will be engaged in applying

passionate heart to enjoy the game itself. They

to university and preparing for heavy school

all knew they were fighting for the sake of class

work. We joined this sports festival not only for

and grade honor.

competing for honors, but also for leaving a

At the end of the racing track, there were

good memory of school life behind.

students shouting with all their strength because

My class, with 22 boys and 4 girls, is very

they assumed that their strength was able to

special in gender ratio. We are very active

be passed to the racer on the track. What

in all school activities and the class cohesion

impressed me most was that one classmate told

unites us together. Chen Chuang, the chief

me he wanted to cry every time our classmates

commander, also our class monitor, is well

sprinted to the finishing line. I can’t imagine such

known for his talents in sports. Unluckily, he got

a big boy like him being so emotional when it

hurt in a basketball game just before the sports

comes to sports. However, as a matter of fact,

festival, and he had no choice but to give up

when you fully engage yourself in something,

all competition. Doctors suggested that he

you will find that every single cell and every

should not move around, but he didn’t forget

emotion are related to it. To those sports

his obligation as commander in chief and came

enthusiasts, they sense the tears and sweat that

to deliver the opening speech and cheered

blurs reality, when you indulge yourself in a

all players on as they participated on the

sports games.

playground. His behavior conveyed the spirits

The sports festival belongs to us, and the youth

of the sports festival, which is holding on to

belongs to us. We exhausted all our strength,

the end and never giving up. As well as Chen

and spared no efforts to mark the end of sports

Chuang, other classmates also outperformed

festival with glory and achievements. This final

their normal levels. All the basketball and

sports festival also paves a solid path for us to

volleyball players took these games very

transit from teenager to adulthood.

seriously; forsook their naughty side, and tried

IFY 11(1)




This is an interview between Eileen, a girl who won lots of awards in the sports festival, and myself. It’s my great honor to have

GCGS held the 9th annual sports festival. Every competition was wonderful. The athletes’ great performances won the hearts of the audience.

an interview with her. She is full of

This was an interview between

I: Angel, tell us about the sports event you participated in just now.

Angel and I. I was so grateful to Angel. I admire her confidence and bravery. This is the interview:

I = Interviewer A = Angel

I: Hello, I am Amy, an interviewer from the TV station. Today, I’m glad to interview our athlete Angel. Hi, Angel! Can you introduce yourself? A: Hello, I am Angel from Class 1 Grade 10.



energy, and courage.

I = Interviewer E = Eileen

I: Hello, I am Amy, an interviewer from the TV station. Today, it’s my pleasure to interview our athlete Eileen. Hi, Eileen!

I: I saw you swimming. What was the result? E: Yes, I have broken 4 records.

I: Wow, you’re an extraordinary athlete. What kind of training did you do in order win? E: I have been training for many years. Many students were trained by my teacher too and they were so great! I admired them and I kept training to catch up with them. Finally, I became an athlete.

E: Hi Amy. I am Eileen from Class one Grade nine.

A: I have just finished the 4*25 meters mixed-swimming relay race. It was a team game and we performed well.

I: Emm, so is swimming your favorite sport?

E: I think that swimmers should practice more in the swimming gym so that they can improve their skills and abilities day by day. Also, I think they should be more confident in themselves as they are competing and practicing.

I: Thanks for our advice and thank you so much! E: You’re welcome! Amy L 梁韵桢, MYP Grade 9 Class 2

so excited for today’s swimming relay race, the four students which includes me were swimming in a fast speed. I felt that team work is important too.

I: Emm, did you train yourself before the race? A: No, I haven’t swam for 2 years.

I: Why is swimming your favorite one then?

I: Wow, you’re so amazing, I just can’t believe it! So, why is the sports festival important?

A: Because I got good scores and gained happiness every time. I felt

A: Personally, I think that sports festival is important because students

A: Yes, definitely.

I: Emm, what advice can you give other swimmers that want to improve in this event?

can race and train themselves to be fit during the sports festival. Also, I think that the most important is to employ team work and unity during the games.

I: Thank you for your remarkable interview. A: It’s my pleasure

The School TV Station

interviewed, I called for our photographer who

believe that which they are watching had been

ran towards me with a brand-new camcorder

finished by such monumental dedication, but

October 16th to 18th is the time for the sports

in hand. We worked perfectly during these

it’s normal for the editors. As we can see, our

festival. During the festival, journalists and

three days. We all felt substantial and pleasant

editors are paying great efforts too.

photographers from our MYP Student Union TV

after a long day of interviewing, but also

In conclusion, we were working as volunteers

station paid lots of efforts working on everyday

exhausted and tired from our efforts.

every day of the sports festival. Although we

videos for the competition.

Apart from me, the editors, from our TV station,

were often fed up of doing almost the same

The principle of our TV station; Joy, was in

contributed their labor every moment for our

thing per day, we still persisted in working, not

charge of every detail such as camera shooting

evening videos. At first, the editors looked at

just for the MYP section or the school, but also

and video editing. Every morning, the members

the short videos in our camcorder and found

for ourselves. This is because we gradually

of the TV station gathered together to allocate

splendid moments so that our editors could

gained a variety of experiences and improved

different tasks for every evening show. As they

add them into the video. It’s a time-consuming

our skills and expressions. We were grateful for

finished their tasks, they brought their work as

process for editors to do that, but they then

the TV station because of its unique arena.

soon as possible so that the editors could finish

try their best to classify different videos as

the videos quickly.

they can deal with them easily. In fact, after

I am both a journalist and an interviewer for our TV station. Every day, I spoke with my group and we moved around and caught novelties along the 400 meters sports field. As soon as I found an athlete who had agreed to be

classifying different information, they have to

Amy L 梁韵桢, MYP Grade 9 Class 2 MYP九二班梁韵桢 Tutor: Lily 蔡例利

spend more time editing an integrated video. Joy said that the fastest time they had edited was around 6 hours. It’s very difficult for students, who are just watching the video, to



Passion, Speed and Memories Our last sports festival After being a student here in BGY for more than 10 years, things like sports festivals and art festivals have become constants of my life. As a grade 11 student, I attended my last BGY sports festival last week, and man was it unforgettable.

a deep breath and started running, his speed increased as he got nearer

to the rack. When he finally got there, he leapt hard and his feet left the ground, flying over the rack successfully, Eric landed on the mats on the other side of the rack like a king. With that, Eric successfully broke the school’s record on high jump and claimed champion of this year’s

course, he was the 1st place of both the freestyle

high jump competition.

and breaststroke matches.

On the second afternoon of the sports festival,

The last day was when the basketball matches

there were high school swimming matches, the

took place: DP played against A level, and IFY

most popular events among all. Even though the

played against DP. The matches were fierce, all

matches started at 2:00 pm, the pool side was

the players really put their backs into the game.

already very crowded at 1:30. Competitors

The sports festival passed soon, since we won’t

were in their swimming suits stretching their

be attending next year’s sports festival, we will

The high jump competition was definitely the

bodies, warming up for the coming race. As

cherish our memories of this wonderful event.

hit event of the first day. Boys from both the

time went by, more and more contestants

bilingual section and the international section

dived into the pool. The crowd cheered and

all made their efforts to try and overcome

applauded for excellent swimmers as their

the high jump rack in front of them. Every one

bodies cut through the calm water surface. Leo

succeeded the first round. As the height of the

Li, from DP 11-2, received the most cheers and

rack increased, more and more competitors

applause. He was definitely the star of the show.

failed and left the field, and the number of the

His swift movements in the water; his incredible

remaining contestants decreased sharply. In the

speed and his superior physique helped him as he

end, there was only one player left standing,

charmed his way into many spectators’ cheers. Of

Unlike being an athlete for the past festivals, I’ve decided to quit the field this time and take the job as a medic. This gave me plenty of chances to see the games and matches.

AL11-3 Carrie 陈恺莹

Sports Festival

Although the result of this sport festival was not

This was our last sport festival in Country

strong sense of fulfillment due to our whole-

Garden School, where a majority of us have

hearted participation and positive attitude.

spent seven years of our life on average.

There has been nothing left for us to regret

During the event numerous events were held,

about because the periods of our life have

including track and field, ball games,

never been wasted, which will be cherished in

rope-jumping as well as swimming

our memory all our life.

and so on. We enjoyed ourselves to a large

A Level 11-2 Joanna Xie(谢原)

extent not only for the breath-taking excitement but also the suspension of lessons in class. As is well-known to all, sport activities prove to be the best time to demonstrate the team spirits, collaboration and self-challenge. For our last sport festival, our class have planed and implemented several unforgettable things, such as designing our own class uniform.


Eric Huang from A level 11-3. He took


up to our expectation, we all have achieved a

how to choose a skateboard

Today, many people have started to skateboard. It is a kind of extreme sport. Teenagers love it. It originates from a sport called surfing. It has now become one of the coolest sports in the world. Boys and girls both can take part in it. It is not that hard if you are


brave. By the way, hipsters loves it. There are three main skills for skateboard: The AerialL, the invert and the Ollie. There are two types of skateboard, one is for the beginner and we called it the TOY

QUIKSILVER The most common brand in China, but in foreign countries, they are famous because of Aquaplane. In the early years, there

BOARD. This kind of skateboard can only glide.

were many fake products on the market, but

Another is for professional people. This one will

then they started to open specialty stores and

accompany you for the rest of your life, unless it

held some activities. Now the situation is far

gets broken. You can use it to cross the barrier.

better, but the price is more expensive.

It does however, require a lot of skills.

2 3 4

A Skateboard is made of a deck, griptape, trucks, wheels and bearings. Now you know the basic information about skateboarding. If you want to pick up this sport and want to buy one, here is some further information about HOW TO CHOOSE A SKATEBOARD. MYP 10(5) 零静 Charlotte Tutor: 蔡例利 Lily


ROXY This is a subordinate company of Quicksilver. The difference between them is that Roxy is a brand for girls. These are also very expensive.

DC DC has been purchased by Quicksilver. DC’s logo is very famous. It is really unique. There are many stars wearing DC shirts.

VANS This brand is very common. You can see this everywhere. Vans witnessed the whole history of skateboarding.

In the early years of skateboarding, many


skateboarders used these products. The design is awesome and the price is not so expensive.


STUSSY This brand is not very famous in America, but in Asia it is. Their main product is Skis. Most of their design is

around SKULLS, CROWNS And a style called OLD SCHOOL.



STORY you thought about, you desperate to get, is coming true?” Lillian thought about this. “But I hadn’t thought of anything!” “Yes you did. You just don’t realize it.”

The Ark & the City of Paradise There once was magic

“Then I wish you’re dead now,” said Lillian. Another laugh escaped from Simfaria. “You can’t kill me now. A witch knows how to defense death!” then she screamed at the

Continued from Voice Volume 6

sight of Lillian’s magical powder bag around her neck. “Where did you get that? Tell me!”

Chapter 5

“Let’s move before—”

“Lily? Lily?”

But Lillian didn’t finish her sentence. There was

move. She stared down at her face. Lillian said,

a sudden thunder and a bright light blinded

“I don’t know…it was here when I was young.”

Lillian heard Cecilia’s panicked voice and she tried to open her eyes. It was like time traveling, being into another time, another place. It felt

them all. Lillian heard the same cold laugh in her dream, and knew she was coming.

She moved closer to Lillian, who was unable to

Simfaria was angry. She tried to take the bag from her neck but went back immediately.

strange to be inside the tent, when such a

The dark flying figure with Simfaria Nasitora

Lillian thought that maybe the magical bag only

realistic dream had taken place.

under it came upon them. Lillian looked

listened to her.

She decided it was a dream. Take it easy, she thought. But what about the sign on her forehead? Wait! If Simfaria is going to kill me, then she must be on the way now. She jumped up from her comfortable bed, which startled Cecilia, and shouted, “We need to move!”

sideways and saw Rosemary shivering with fear and Cecilia trying to be brave. She stared into Simfaria’s face and, without realizing it, whispered, “You.” Simfaria landed with a soft thud and lifted her hood up. “It is too late…” The whisper made back of Lillian’s hair stood

“Get that down!” Simfaria ordered, but Lillian didn’t move an inch. She glared at her. Simfaria pointed to her sign on the forehead. It suddenly hurt, like a fire burning in your heart. Lillian screamed. “I’ll torture you until you take that down.” “No, I won’t—”

on the end. Rosemary was still shivering and

“Lillian!” shouted Rosemary.

Cecilia not knowing what to do.

The pain was piercing Lillian. She struggled,


“Okay! Fine!”

later,” said Lillian seriously. She ran out of the

With a cold laugh Lillian replied.

Then the pain stopped. Lillian pretended that

tent, followed by Cecilia, grabbed her magical

“Very much like your father…”Simfaria said after

bag, and took some powder out of it.

a while, “and got the same look of Jennifer

“Hide the tent in my bag,” ordered Lillian.

Finnien…I still remember that scene…Ten years

“What?” asked Cecilia, as Rosemary peered through the tent. “Move. Someone’s coming to get me. I’ll explain

The tent vanished and Lillian’s traveling bag was full of tent cloth. “What the…?” began Rosemary. But as Cecilia took her hand she began packing too. “Don’t mind it, Rose. Let me do it,” said Lillian, taking another handful of powder and said,

she was losing the string, and quietly opened the bag. She dropped a little so Simfaria couldn’t see.

ago! Think about it. Today I shall kill you, without

“Let Simfaria Nasitora never find us,” she

anyone blocking me…”

whispered. She was still glaring at Simfaria but

Lillian sensed that Cecilia was about to say

she knew that she couldn’t see them.

something. She made a gesture that Simfaria

Simfaria looked around angrily, expecting them

couldn’t see to let her be quiet.

to reappear again. Slowly as possible, Lillian

“Do you think you will kill me?”

mentioned the others to come with her. They walked ten yards or so toward the mountain,

“Pack all these things.” Immediately the things

Simfaria didn’t answer the question straight

and they stopped, turning heads to see

became packed.

away. “Silly girl. Do you know that everything

Simfaria looking around. They giggled silently and were ready to climb the mountain.



But before they could move an inch, they

will burn you to ashes!”

pointed at the sky using her white misty finger.

heard Simfaria called out, “COME OUT! OR

The three looked at each other.

“Where’re you going?”

“I’m sorry, guys…I shouldn’t have let you came

“Em…Can you bring us to Lawrence? You know,

with me…I’m sorry.”

the blonde boy. Do you know him?” asked

I’LL HAVE THE WHOLE FOREST BLOWN UP! INCLUDING THAT MOUNTAIN!” she eyed their way, “THREE…” Rosemary and Cecilia looked at Lillian, and she nodded her head to the mountain in front of them. “TWO…” They ran. At the bottom Lillian grabbed a bit of powder and— Again they felt as been squashed through a tiny hole and a second later on solid ground.

“Don’t…don’t lose hope,” said Rosemary tearfully. “We’re glad that we came with you. Better than died in eruptions like that volcano,” sobbed Cecilia. Lillian looked at the sky. If you can just help me now, God… There was a bright blue light, but she was paying no attention. She was still staring at the

Lillian. “Of course! I know every person on this land,” said Angelina. She turned left and sped up. Soon they arrived at a strange place Lillian had never seen before. Angelina lowered and they could see a tent. Something moved in the tent and a familiar person came out. “Lillian!”

“ONE!” Came Simfaria’s voice far down.

sky. Then someone spoke:

“Lawrence!” cried three voices altogether.

They looked down the steep mountain. First the

“Are you Lillian Finnien?”

Lillian, Cecilia and Rosemary jumped off

trees were white. Then, from where the clearing was, a red dot appeared. Soon it grew larger and larger until all trees in the area were on fire. Cecilia could see no higher places in

Lillian turned her head and saw a little girl in the middle of air. She was surprised, but nodded in reply.

Angelina. “Wait here please,” said Lillian. Angelina nodded. Lillian greeted Lawrence with a big, broad smile.

distance, and the fire was reaching as far as

“I can help you to get out of here,” the girl said.

her eyes could see.

The little girl’s body was not clear. The only

“It is not normal fire,” said Lillian, “My powder

clear thing was her head. Her blue eyes

can’t stop this.”

matched her dark blue hair. At her back little

“They were, em…” his tone was sour.

wings that looked like leave swung about. A

Cecilia gasped, Rosemary was tearful. Lillian

ghost, Lillian thought.

looked serious. “How did they, er, you know…?”

“Please send us to a safe place without

“Well, that’s a long story. I got your letter then

Simfaria noticing.”

while I was watching Fawksie flying away I

The girl turned into a blue cloud. “Come up

saw the volcano you said in your letter was

here,” said the girl from inside the cloud. Cecilia

erupting. They were out there hunting and, you

looked at the cloud distrustfully, but Rosemary

know…”he lost his voice, and there was a long

shot her a glance so she went up the cloud.


The cloud was solid and, once they all stepped

“Do you want to come with us?” asked

on it, then it began to move in a fast speed.


Rosemary glanced back at the burning forest.

“Sure. But where’re we going?”

Then they heard Simfaria shouted, “Now you’re

“You know the Ark? We’re gonna find it.”

trapped on the mountain, and you’ve lost your

“Okay,” he replied.

“We’ve got to go!” cried Rosemary. Lillian took out some. She whispered a place and dropped the powder that was in her hand. Nothing happened. “Oh! Your powder had NO effect in the burning area!” Cecilia began to squeal as she realized the truth. The fire was climbing higher toward them, they could felt the heat. Lillian stared into it, and hoped they could escape. The fire climbed still higher, in distance Rosemary could see a volcano erupted. It seemed their minds were locked. They

chance!” Lillian looked back, the mountain top

couldn’t see a thing, or think of something.

on which they had been, was now drowning

At last the fire reached their foot, and stopped

with fire. She saw Simfaria flying away.

reaching them. Then they heard a familiar

“What’s your name?” asked Cecilia, which

cold laugh from below, following by a speech,

startled the other three.

“Lillian Finnien! I know you’re up there! I give you one last chance. If you don’t come down, I

Where’re your parents?” asked Rosemary, peering into the tent.

To be continued… Tina 吴蔚 7EE

To leave comments or feedback for the writer, please email

“My name’s Angelina. I come from there,” she



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Self Portrait Klement (He Zikang)

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Sketch of a Handbag Stanley Chen



The Great Gatsby was impressive. I feel


bad for what has happened between

I think the Baz wants to send to us is the final

Gatsby and Daisy. Among the striking

word of the movie-”tomorrow we will run

parts I think is the flourish but depraved

faster, stretch out our arms farther...And one

city, where the tragedy of love occurs. We

fine morning...So we beat on, boats against

can experience the golden age in New

the current, borne back ceaselessly into the

York via the movie, while the vain side

past.” Hope and dream is the “green light” in

of humanity is shown to us. It really touches me deep inside. The story begins with Nick, played by Tobey Maguire, the narrator of the whole movie and the only one that remains with integrity. Coming to NYC, a developing city, Nick gets a chance to live next to Gatsby (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), with whom he becomes friends afterwards. Every day there are parties held in Gatsby’s splendid house, where almost every person in the town ends up their days constantly. Nick is amazed, however, finding out that Gatsby is used to being together with Nick’s cousin Daisy(plays by Carey Mulligan)

the movie which is also the only thing Gatsby live on. However, Gatsby gets lost in the “green light” when he is addicted to the love with Daisy again. He can’t help yearning for their beautiful past. Even in the last minute before his death, he still aches that their love is strong enough after all those upset quarrels. Although, life is tough and the society is not as we thought, the past cannot be copied. So it is not wise to stick to the past. The only thing we living people had better do is to do our best to fight for a brighter future. A person who keeps reveling in the past and virtual dream may be defeated by himself.

who is now married to a wealthy man Tom(plays by Joel

Money is a devil, I can say, it is definitely the villain of the

Edgerton )somehow. Nick decides to help the old couple back

whole movie and the weapon that destroys their affection.

together. Tragically, Tom discovers, stopping them by digging

Every time Lana Del Rey’s ethereal voice comes to my

out Gatsby’s true identity. The story comes down to the most

ears, I can’t stop feeling sad for Jay Gatsby who has lost in

grievous part. It turns out that Daisy has already lost her heart

his own lamentable fantasy. But in some ways, Gatsby is

of Innocence and purity as soon as the jewelry and wealth

worth admiring for his insistence in love in that showy age.

floods her down. In the end, Daisy departs with Tom, leaving Gatsby dying alone in rumor and misunderstanding. Based on the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby” was directed by Baz Luhrmann. This time, Baz shows us the incredible charm of city by 3D effect, which exceeds the beauty that in Moulin Rouge. The cast of the movie is

”Needless to say, all of life is a process of destruction.” (From The Crack-Up by F. Scott Fitzgerald) Life is short, old sport, it is an in-depth life combining trust, support, honest, genuineness and love that we should go for. Li Shimin (Wendy)

awesome. Leonardo DiCaprio leads us deep into the Gatsby’s infatuation while Carey Mulligan shows her gorgeous appearance and acting skill. As for me, I think she truly stands out from this movie rather than the movie Shame. And Tobey Maguire, the ex-spiderman, plays the role well without doubt. In my opinion, the most important point


Reference: wikipedia


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15 14



1 An ______movie has a lot of fighting and it can be violent. 3 Someone who likes to help people in need is____________. 5 What word is the simple past of escape? ________________. 9 A ___________is a movie which is funny and it can make us laugh. 12 Ghost movies are_____________. 13 What word is the simple past of meet?_____________ 14 Adventure movies are______________.

2 What word is similar to clever?____________ 4 What word is the simple past of laugh? _______________ 6 ______________is the simple past of save. 7 _________ is the simple past tense of fight. 8 Romantic movies are sometimes____________. 10 Someone who is not afraid to do dangerous things is________. 11 A __________is a movie about American cowboys usually riding horses quickly and wearing hats.

15 ____________is a movie with animations like Tom and Jerry.

We need

ARTICLES Contributions can be of any topic, style, subject and prose. Please keep your submissions positive, limited to 2 pages, with pictures (preferably) and typed. Each article should include authors English and Chinese name (if applicable) and class or department.


s Thai Deliciou recipes ian and Ind



l schoo Middle ll tournament volleyba



inting, es, pa Sculptur aits rtr and po


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