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Guangdong Country Garden School


a in the community

Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS) has a vibrant and purposeful school community. GCGS is committed to providing a high quality, affordable international education that represents excellence & quality. We are a selective, coeducational, independent Kindergarten through Year 15 school. You will discover new things, and share your enthusiasm with new friends from all over the world. As an international school located in the South of China, we value and celebrate the rich diversity of the many nationalities, cultures and traditions of all our students and we aim to provide a safe, inclusive and caring environment in which young people can learn to live and work together in a spirit of harmony and mutual respect. Each student is encouraged to play an active role in school life, both in and out of the classroom. We have a tradition of curriculum development and innovation and are currently one of 150 schools in the world to offer all three programs of the International Baccalaureate, PYP, MYP & DP. The final two years of these programs, taught in grades 11 and 12, lead to the award of the IB Diploma, a qualification recognized and sought after by universities around the world. Our students acquire 21st century skills to enable them to thrive in an increasingly mobile and interdependent world. In addition, we also offer IGCSE, IFY & A-Levels as part of our academic program. To better serve our students’ learning needs and personal development, we aim to continuously improve the quality of our facilities and the educational programs we offer. We are proud of our school and of the achievements of the members of our school community but we are not complacent. We welcome constructive feedback on how we’re doing because it helps us grow and improve. GCGS is an inclusive learning community, which inspires International Mindedness, Personal Excellence, and Creative and Critical Thinking. One of the things immediately apparent at GCGS is that we are a community of learners, actively engaged in a wide range of activities requiring diverse skills. Because we are a community much of our learning occurs collaboratively, within and across groups, which may be defined socially or professionally. This sense of community encourages risk-taking, communication and involvement, regardless of age or role. You are always welcome to contact us or make an appointment to visit.

David Li Principal of Guangdong Country Garden School

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Words from the

FOUNDER The most valuable investment is in a child’s education. As an old Chinese adage goes, “A great wealth in one’s family is not as valuable as a slight skill in one’s hand.” Money will be used up some day, but abilities may enable someone to create an unlimited amount of wealth for lifelong enjoyment. Another Chinese proverb says, “A family’s wealth seldom continues beyond three generations.” Today, I would take the courage to offer my advice to the successful people: “Success in one’s career alone is not enough. Besides your


Country Garden Resort (Luxury Club)


career achievement, your children must be promising and well mannered. Only



in this way can the joys of your family life have substantive meaning. In addition,

Southern Gate

as head of a household, you can enjoy a peaceful and care-free mind only Gymnasium

after you have raised your children who have a sound physical health; a noble

Track & Field

determination, and brilliant wisdom to carry forward your career. The realization



nt D

o rm


of all these will be impossible without receiving a quality education. Hill


Observatory Tower

cal G arden Geolo


gical Park

National Junior High School National Senior High School

International Cafeteria

Science and Technology Center



ent ’s Pala



National Primary School

g ro

International Building




tu d


e as ers Ov ction Se

IT Center

Contact Information PHONE

0086-757-2667-7428 0086-757-2667-7328


Guangdong Country Garden School Beijiao town, Shunde district, Foshan, Guangdong province, China 528312

Lecture Hall for MYP and DP


Western Toilets!



Administration Building Kindergarten





New Models of the IB Programs

The Primary Years Program (PYP)

The Middle Years Program (MYP)

The Diploma Program (DP)

The new PYP model differs from the old PYP model in the following ways

The new model contains the same message about an MYP education but with a different presentation. The circle closest to the center of the model now contains four elements.

The new DP model differs from the old DP model in the following ways:

1. The core circle remains illustrative of the learner’s position at the heart of the PYP curriculum framework. 2. The innermost circle unites the pedagogy of the PYP with its essential elements 3. The three components of the PYP curriculum cycle (written, taught and assessed) now embodied in Approaches to

1. Approaches to learning—this demonstrates the commitment to approaches to learning

on the new model as Approaches to Learning, is also in alignment with MYP,

2. Approaches to teaching and learning model demonstrating the DP’s commitment

2. Approaches to teaching—this emphasizes authentic learning through inquiry.

related and trans-disciplinary) represented

of education

developing skills for learning.

programs. It reinforces the PYP pedagogy

4. The essential element of skills (subject

other program and the IB’s continuum

are included in the inner circle of the

the MYP pedagogy, including collaborative,

and conceptually driven

a hexagon to a circle to align with the

as a key component of the MYP for

Teaching, aligns with MYP, DP and IBCC of authentic learning that is inquiry-based

1. The shape of the model changes from

3. Concepts—this shows the emphasis placed on a concept-based curriculum. 4. Areas of interaction—shows how learning best takes place in context, and can help to develop international-mindedness.

to particular pedagogical approaches to teaching and to developing particular skills for learning 3. The term experimental sciences has changed to the term sciences to more closely align with the other programs 4. The watermark of the world indicates that much learning for the DP takes place in the global context.

DP and IBCC 5. Concepts feature separately to show the alignment with MYP 6. Attitudes remain a PYP essential element. 7. The PYP culminates in the Exhibition, and this features on the new model. This circle demonstrates the clear alignment with action, and with the culminating activities in MYP, DP and IBCC.



student’s work

March into Language Festival A rehearsal is an event that occurs as preparation for a performance. It is

their clothes too! They have many fresh ideas

undertaken as a form of practicing, to ensure

and how to perform in a better way. What's

that all details of the subsequent performance

more, they design the programs by themselves.

are adequately prepared and coordinated.

The students make full use of time to practice

It’s most commonly employed in the performing

with their partners.

arts as preparation for a public presentation.

During the training, they cooperate well and

Students from National Primary School are

help each other to overcome the difficulties

going to begin their rehearsals next week.

in order to make their performance perfect.

All children are preparing for their own

Sometimes they ask for help from teachers,

programs as the 8th Language Festival is

also they search materials or videos from the

approaching. Though it is cold, students are

internet. From the training, they can gain a lot

willing to try every effort to practice for the

of experience. As the saying goes, “No pain, no

Super Speaker position. There are varieties of

gain.” They know how to work in groups and

programs that will take place during the festival

they are willing to inquire in order to make their

such as speeches, dances, songs, dramas,

performances more wonderful.

interviews, jokes and a challenge with music,

Ally, Julia, Michelle

tongue twisters and so on. Once you walk into the National Primary School's teaching building; you can see a lot of students preparing for the language festival everywhere, such as in the classroom, around the corner, on the stairs and in the hall way. Many of the students are excited to prepare

What a fantastic math class! National Primary School welcomed a special maths teacher — from America! Every week, students will meet him once and

Jolin: I can understand most of the maths knowledge, even if it's taught in English. Besides, the new maths teacher is really funny!

have a maths lesson taught in English. Such

Baron: I have never had such a lesson before.

a lesson, organized according to western

We may get some ideas about how American

educational models, provides students a great

children learn math. It's just super cool!

opportunity to taste the original flavor of an

James: It's really a big challenge for me to talk

international maths class. Here’s some feedback

about maths in English, but it's also great fun! I

from students in class 3, grade 4.

like this math lesson!

Sam: I was excited when the new maths teacher

English is a language, a discipline, and a

came into the classroom. I like him very much.

tool. To learn English well and to improve

William: I think it's like killing two birds with one

students with great English ability should be our

stone. Not only can we review the knowledge,

relentless pursuit! Such a fantastic math lesson

but we can also practice our English.

is just a start… 陈静静 Ms. Emma



about what to wear, how to attract the audience

Education without Borders A number of front-line teachers of our school went to a Canadian international school to have an IB program seminar.

lectures, including education, psychology and

forever engraving the IB concept deeply into

so on. They gave a chance for teachers to

our minds. With the IB philosophy, education

experience a students’ happiness by studying

now becomes borderless!

The seminar began with a unique welcome

of this seminar. Participants were from all over

ceremony - children from a Canadian

the world. They studied together, discussed the

international school performed a wonderful lion

concept of IB education with each other as well

dance. It fully embodied the harmony of Chinese

as tried to solve problems with their teaching.

and western culture. Teachers presented them

They also exchanged their ideas and learned

with great praise and warm applause!

together as a group. This IB program seminar

Every morning during the stay at the Canadian international school, there was a variety of

again. The project training was the highlight

Lora 刘畅

allowed the teachers to broaden their vision as well as increase their teaching knowledge;

I’m a chef in class! There were 5 types of evening activities this semester. It included a lot of interesting things to do. Children do not only learn a lot about the activities but also improve their comprehension abilities. The children who take part in “Korean Cuisine” Club and the “Cake Making” Club benefit from the activities a lot. They have their class in the kitchen and the chefs are their teachers. They do not only know the process of making Korean dishes and cakes but can also make cakes and cook dishes by themselves. All the children are very excited and they enjoy their own work. Julia (王会怡)



What do you use an iPad for? Playing games? Watching movies?

Technology helped a lot in teaching, making

If you still think of these definitions, you are out

their favorite ways and materials to learn.

of fashion. This is how Year One children from

With the help of these technologies, we say

the National Primary Section use an IPad.

“no” to traditional class and come closer to

good use of these tools will increase our class efficiency. Children are able to choose

individualized education! Lora 刘畅

I can share my ideas on the iPad with my friends.

I turned to my iPad teacher for help when I have problems.

The secret of colors! The year one children in National Primary Section are inquiring about the secret of colors these days. Today they had a special English class. The teacher gave the pigment that the students wanted then they mixed them to see what color the mixture would be. The children couldn’t wait to try, since they wanted to know the secret of colors. Black and white is gray; Red and yellow will become orange; red, green and blue will become a beautiful purple. It’s really amazing! “ We want to know more about the secret of colors!” Philips 陈丽萍




I have many hobbies. I like singing, dancing, drawing, learning English and so on. But I like dancing and learning English best. I like dancing because I can show everybody my hobbies on stage. I’ve been learning dance for 5 years. I think it’s good for my health. I go dancing twice a week, and I have taken part in dancing competitions several times. I dance whenever I have free time.


I like speaking English too, because I am good at it. I am a little English teacher. I speak English with my teachers and classmates every day. English is a very important


Name: _________________

language, so I try my best to learn and my English is getting better and better. I will work harder and harder in the future.

四 (1) 陈雅婷 Date: _______________________________________


Ornament-Shaped Word Search







word list J F Z T X E M O A E T Y C U S U A L C A T N A S D E O Q G


















Did you


The first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510.



GCGS principles visit the Confucius International School of Chengdu The principles discussed the integration of traditional Chinese and Western education models while visiting Chengdu earlier this month. The Chairman of the World Confucius Foundation, Mr. Kong Lingtao has shaped a unique internationalized “Double Tri-Color” education system incorporating the advantages of both Chinese and Western education into its curriculums. Our principles met there to further model our school as a truly international educational institution. Confucius International School is unique in itself for having been founded by the 76th descendant of Confucius, a prolific Chinese teacher, politician and philosopher of 551–479 BC.



The Charity


A fundraiser for a primary school in Zhao Qing It was a nice day and everyone got up early, not for anything else but the charity bazaar. Just a week before that, our organizer had just started this project with little idea of what it would be. Most people did not support this idea because the time was so limited and they kept giving different opinions and plans.

knew we had to be quick because there was

problems that we had never thought of, but

not a lot of time left. We bought our materials

in the end we overcame all of them. We all

online and started to make some posters. A day

used different solutions. In the end, we profited

later; we found that we were in trouble again

about 50 times above our original cost. It was

because the goods we bought could not be

a miracle!

delivered on time (this was because of a one day delivery.)

A week before, we had never thought about making a charity sale and we never thought

Confidence grew gradually however and

We were down again but we devised a

that we could hold one while preparing in just

our plans started to take shape. We had a

different method. We went to a bulk trade

a week. We were shocked and happy, and

meeting on Sunday night and the next day,

market on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately,

also glad that our leader kept telling us not to

when we went back to school, more and more

because that day was Friday, the traffic was

give up and move on.

suggestions started to surface. Eventually a

incredibly bad so we decided to get there

proposal was formed.

first by subway. It was difficult for us to find the

We wanted to hold a sale (a store selling items) on Wednesday and Friday at school which would provide snacks, star puzzles and some other cute things to sell for charity. Unfortunately the chairman of our department rejected our plan and we had to start over again. We complained about it for a while but we knew clearly that we had to move on and find a new way to raise money. We quickly started working on a new program. We had decided to hold our activity on Saturday instead. We

way. We searched the internet, asked police for help and walked for a long time. In the end

No matter what happened; we accomplished our task! We made this miracle together! MYP Class 9/1 Jessica, Vikkie 陈泳潼,罗慧

however; even though we were so exhausted, we were all satisfied with what we had bought at Yi De road. After that, all we had to do was wait for the big day to come. Everyone woke up early on Saturday (the day of the event) and prepared for the charity bazaar. It was sunny that day and all of our classmates went to Shun Feng park on time. We carried the goods and started selling. It was truly difficult at first. We had met lots of


th Annual l o o h c s h ig 2 1 H e Th nd a y it s r e iv n U g n

n o i t i t e p m o C h s i l g n E n e k o Sp Guangdo

The 12th Annual Guangdong University and High school Spoken English Competition has begun once again. It is a fantastic opportunity for students from all over Guangdong province to present their spoken English abilities in a competitive way. There are three stages to this competition, but the first began simply here at our school with 13 students, a stage, a theatre of classmates and five foreign judges lining the table closest to the stage. The judges carefully graded the speakers on their pronunciation, coherence, grammar, lexical resource and overall fluency while participants worked their way through three separate stages of the competition:

Introduction Picture Description Talent Show 13 students participated in the event but only 5 were selected to move on to the more challenging semi-final being held in Guangzhou.

ates are: id d n a c l a in F n o ti ti Compe g on ang TongT 黄彤彤 H u en YongXin 陈咏欣 Ch g Su 黄骕 H uan g en YueYan 陈悦洋 Ch ng WanBin 唐婉彬 Ta


You Try it! Part 2 of the speaking competition was to describe a picture in English.

Try to describe this photo!







The Cambridge English Centenary Conference marked 100 years of Cambridge English exams.

specialists and policy-makers from over 40

Country Garden School integrated Cambridge

countries to look at the future of English.

English assessment into its English education

The Cambridge English exams started life in

reforms. In 2013, students from Country

1913 when three candidates took the first

Garden School who took part in YLE, KET, PET,

ever Cambridge English Proficiency exam.

FCE and IELTS test made progress dramatically.

New horizons in teaching, learning and

Today over 4 million candidates a year take

In recognition of an outstanding contribution to

assessing language around the world were

Cambridge English exams to prove they

the Cambridge English Language Assessment

discussed at the conference in Hong Kong.

have the English language skills needed for

mission, Country Garden School was recognized

Cambridge English Language Assessment

immigration, study and the workplace.

for successful “Incorporation of the Cambridge

brought together an audience of language

In order to improve the students’ English ability,

English exams into the school curriculum.”


Want to join the club?

Our club has a cordial and friendly atmosphere. 欧阳晓昕


Not many people are in our midst and do the same thing with us, but all of us are interested in the beauty in our lives.

Our club

What are we doing? Some of us are keen to publish the articles they wrote or they

IMPRESSION like. So they are conscientious and

introduce the movies they enjoy.

We played videos of how to use a

make a good job of publication,

They will write something or find

computer to compose these works.

including writing, computer

something so that they can show

We also learned to apply the

composing, finding inset, printing,

the story and the actors. On the

theory into practice.

bounding and so on.

other hand, students who enjoy

We communicated with other clubs

Some of us take photographs.

listening to music always give

and have built good relations.

They take photos and keep the

good recommendations to others

nice details forever. They always

and that makes everyone happy..

What’s next...?

acquire new impression of the

What kind of activities do we have?

We want to develop our skills.

the true essence of the life. In this

We have discussed and

interested in.

way, they keep smiling to the life,

chosen the best photos to

whatever succeeded or failed.

make postcards. Certainly, we

experience of the life and know

Some of us like sharing their interests and opinions with each other. The movie lovers often



have written on or two poetic sentences with photos. We also learned to appreciate art pieces..

We want to do the things we are

“Do not linger to gather flowers; walk on, for flowers will keep themselves blooming throughout your way.” By Grace, Liang Minfeng MYP 10-7


IF WE CHANGE TODAY, we can save tomorrow Countries around the world are developing more quickly, and standards of living are getting better and better. However, the world’s population is increasing, our scarce resources are running out, and the environment is getting worse and worse. Therefore, I think that society isn’t using its resources in a sustainable and socially responsible way. According to the book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, by Jared Diamond, there have been many cases of past societies that have failed to manage their resources sustainably, and these societies have all collapsed. He listed seven main problems: deforestation, soil problems, water management, overhunting, overfishing, effects of introduced species on native species, and

of global warming is our use of fossil fuels. When we use fossil fuels today we do so because we only think about our private costs and benefits. We don’t think about the externalities, such as melting glaciers and ice sheets, and rising sea levels. Some people might argue that it is not a serious problem. They say we have many new technologies that will solve our problems. But I think we can’t be sure because those technologies aren’t developed yet. In conclusion, I strongly believe that we are digging our own grave if we don’t change the way we use our resources. To build a better future, we need to think about the effects our own behavior on society. We need to think about the social costs and benefits of our actions. Amy Liang 梁韵桢 Class 9-2, MYP Economics

overpopulation. Also he suggested there are new problems that may lead to collapse in the future, such as climate change and energy shortages. Today we can see evidence that we are failing to manage our resources well. For example, our oceans are full of trash. Day by day the garbage spreads throughout the world. This will have a negative effect for fish and for humans. Also, there is the problem of global warming. The main cause




Nationwide Challenge

The speeches you see here were written by MYP grade 7 and 8 students for the first part of a three round competition set by Cambridge. The competition is nationwide and is only available to those students that take part in the PET or FCE tests. The winner of this speech will be selected (out of more than 20 different schools) to represent the province of Guangdong in a nationwide final event taking place in Beijing.

Special skill

they need to accumulate life experiences. It is significant to be a well-rounded, friendly and funny person. So, I won’t tell them what to do, but I will show them what is right and what is wrong. I will give them a nice environment to study in.

As a normal routine, most people will have their own family and will become fathers or mothers. So we must think about how to help our son/daughter to be a useful person.

Some can swim fast, some can eat a lot, and some can recite large amounts of vocabulary. If I have a special skill, I think it would be playing the guitar.

and have their own ideas. Third, they must

Once, I went to see an art exhibition. I was drawn into that colorful world.

and how perfect it was when the models

learn. I’m not interested in piano or saxophone,

wore them. I started to think about what

because everybody wants to learn to play

kind of career that can connect art

those. I think guitar is the best. Playing the guitar

with fashion, and then a word

is different from listening to songs. You can play

came up in my mind: fashion

what you want, and play what you like. This

designer. Now, I can tell you that

feeling is the best thing in the world. I think no

I want to be a fashion designer, and

words can be used to describe that feeling.

create my own fashion brand.

And if you play songs for your parents or

Being a fashion designer needs at

friends, they might be proud of you, and you

least one special skill, and that is

will be very happy about it. I will practice

creativity. Also, fashion designers

I hope someday playing the guitar can be my special skill. I will try my best to learn to play the guitar. Zhang Jiayu MYP Grade 8


And I will also work hard for my children,

MYP Grade 8 Wu Mengxi

Special skills

music, so I want to choose an instrument to

know how to play.

feel the warmth of the family.

better life, happiness and warmth.

and I was shocked by the delicate clothes,

guitar. Then maybe one day, I won’t even

important thing in one’s life. So I will let them

how to be a kind person. Second, education

Do you know why? I love music. I want to play

practice I will become unfamiliar with the

to university because I think family is the most

because I have the responsibility to give them a

After that, I saw a fashion show in Paris,

my guitar skills every day, because if I don't

Also, I will look after my children until they go

I have some ideas. First, we should tell them is very important; they must have knowledge

Everyone has their strengths or they’re very good at something.


be independent and strong. In that case,

need to paint well. I want to make my dream come true. You can do anything you want in the world of art. Most importantly, art makes me more confident. That's why art is very important for me, and that's also the reason I want to paint well. I believe that if I have that special skill, my life will have unbelievably big changes. I will have a more colourful and interesting life.

Now I have a plan for my dream. First, I still need to learn painting when I'm in university. Second, after I graduate from university, I'll probably go to a fashion design college. Maybe I need to do some part-time jobs to save some money. And then, I might work for some clothes design companies to get some experience before I have my own brand. I know it won’t be easy all the way. So I’ve decided to try hard now and try my best to follow my plan step by step. I don't know what will happen in the future, but there's one thing that I'm 100 percent sure of: Art will always be with me. And I want this special skill to make my life more interesting! MYP Grade 7 Feng Zuer (Suri)

Rules are important in daily life. They are the base of normal social order. It also tells people what to do and what cannot be done. Without rules, everything might be in chaos. We need rules to restrict and protect people as well as ourselves. Rules exist everywhere. In school, we should be disciplined. In society, we should obey the laws. “The Butterfly Effect” can be a good explanation for having rules. A small mistake can bring serious effects.

help people live well. Following rules helps both ourselves and others. For example, in


school we can’t run in the corridor. If we run, we may bump into others, or even hurt ourselves or others. Following rules is also an effective way to make our society just. Another reason is rules, or to be more specific, laws, are set by the government. It is the thing that everyone in the community should obey. Once broken, lawbreakers should be punished according to the law. This can be a warning to other law breakers, but fair to those who obey.

have “reasonable” reasons for doing wrong things. However, if everyone had a reason for breaking the law, what would our world be? Personally, I feel any rule-breaking behavior is not acceptable. Being just is the core value in our life as well as a symbol for a civilized society. So everyone should obey rules.

There are a number of reasons that we should

Some think maybe we should not be harsh

follow rules. One of the reasons is that rules

to some lawbreakers because they might

MYP Grade 8 Li Siqi

We have many rules in our daily lives. There are traffic rules, school rules, family rules, and society rules. What do they mean?

rules. Everything in the world is the same. If we

this, so the traffic police pay more attention

follow rules, everything will be in order. The

to this. Schools also have rules. Rules are

inevitable result of not following the rules can

set to help us have better and more proper

only be chaos!

behavior and to be successful people.

The word “rules” generally refers to ways

If we didn’t have traffic rules, cars wouldn’t

In my opinion, it is good for us to obey

which are commonly accepted in regions

drive in order, accidents would happen more,

our school rules because everyone likes a

or communities. We have rules because we

and more people would die. Nowadays,

person with good manners and no one likes

have to observe something to protect our

many people don’t follow the traffic rules.

a person with bad manners. So I think we

interest. We should follow the rules because

For example, they don’t stop at red lights.

should always pay attention to our manners.

we would pay for it if we don’t follow the

Consequently, many people die because of

MYP Grade 7 Wen Jingxiang (Kevin)


CAMBRIDGE Nationwide Challenge Years have passed, and our science and technology have improved. We often hear that our living conditions are getting more and more serious because of the destruction of our environment.

number of cars. Traffic jams have become

It is common that many trees and animals

more health problems.

are close to extinction, and the all-important

more serious and common in many cities. In the meantime, cars release harmful gases, which cause air pollution. This has already brought

Many people now go out by car, train and airplane. In the hot summer, people have airconditioning; in the cold winter, people have indoor heating. People have lights, computers, and TV’s. Yes, it really pleases us because it makes us more comfortable. But it also causes

Moreover, many incidents have shown that

us some problems. Cars, air-conditioning and

the injured earth counterattacks us, in the form

factories make carbon dioxide, and carbon

of bird flu, polluted water, and the fresh water

dioxide causes the rupture of the ozone layer.

crisis. This is why we need to take effective

So what happens then? The weather becomes

measures to protect the natural world.

extremely hot, and people have to turn on

supported by sound reasons and people

The earth is the home for all creatures; every

their air-conditioning to cool themselves.

should reach an absolute consensus on this.

living thing should have a right to survive. We

There is also another problem. Many people

should protect the earth from now on.

are afraid of death, so doctors made

MYP Grade 8 Wu Jialin (Linda)

medicines that could make people live longer.

food chain has been destroyed. With the rapid economic development, people’s living standard is growing steadily; however, the environmental pollution has become worse and worse. Protecting the natural world is

There is no denying that we have damaged the environment and hurt the animals. Factories play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, so we build up as many factories as we can, we cut down the trees, and destroy

A long time ago, people could only live for 40 or 50 years, but now, we can live 70 to 80 years. People always think if they could live for 1000 years, that would be perfect.

the habitats where many wild animals live. In

Many materials of our world are non-renewable. Our natural world

addition, factories release harmful gases that

will be damaged because there are so many people in the world,

affect the city’s air quality. With the financial

and we need different materials to live on. For our new habitats, we

burden, many people need money, and they

are cutting down forests, we are ruining the houses of animals, and

go to the forest and hunt elephants for their

we are destroying the ecological balance. I hope we can save

tusks, they hunt the bears for fur, and they sail

energy and do something to protect the natural world.

boats to catch sharks for their fins. Another

MYP Grade 7 Yu Yue (Cherry)

result of the economic boom is the increasing



Many people are afraid that we are damaging the natural world too much, including all plants and animals. I won’t talk

There are now many tiger sellers in the

create a public security group only for

world. Every part of a tiger can be sold at a

the forest, so they can get the poachers.

price, such as tiger claws and furs. Why do

Also, we can move all the tigers to another

they sell these? For money? For health? The

man-made tiger habitat; it has professional

answer is both. An excellent piece of tiger

experts and feeders to give 24-hour care

fur can cost a huge amount of money. Also,

to the tigers. I think the most important thing

tiger parts are used in Chinese traditional

is to improve our awareness of this issue; we

medicine. These may be the reasons which

need to educate the students and adults, to

trigger people to kill tigers.

encourage them to protect the tigers.

I have a few opinions about this. First, don’t

Every species on Earth is precious.

Many people like tigers because they

buy tiger parts. That is a good way to stop

If any become extinct, we will never

are very strong. They are one of the most

the sellers. This is what we always say: no

see them again.

about all of them, because it can be boring. I am only going to talk about protecting tigers.

fearsome animals in the world. The number of

purchasing, no hunting. Another way is

tigers in the world is decreasing at a fast pace.

to make stricter laws, so there are fewer

MYP Grade 8 Li Ziyou (Leo)

poachers in the forest. The government can

Nature is always connected to human beings. If the natural world doesn’t exist, our greatgrandparents, grandparents and I won’t appear in the photo frames. But nowadays, people are damaging nature by cutting down trees, building factories, and taking resources so blindly from nature. She is hurt, so she uses natural disasters to defend herself from us, and the tragic stories of human beings taking place in collapsed houses or in the salty sea water begins. The natural world has to be protected. But now, the issue of pollution all over the world is getting more and more serious. There is air pollution, water pollution, and even food pollution. Because of all these sorts of problems, some of the animals are becoming homeless, they have no food, and simply, they die. I don’t know whether your eyes will brim with tears when you learn your pet or any animal you love has died, but I will. And I hope

people who kill innocent animals, who don’t protect the environment, and who hurt the natural world.

protecting the animals, we can make ads and

After learning about nature’s scars, we should

posters to lead more and more people to take

try our best to heal it, and I think protecting

part in our activities, and do charitable work to

the environment and the animals are the main

help the animals that are dying.

points of saving nature. As for the environment, recycling is such an important action. Our resources are limited, and they will vanish when we use them up, so, reusing resources is the best way for us to keep them. There are a lot of things that we can use for recycling, like chopsticks, tissues and even cell phones.

I am talking for the trees, because you can’t hear their voices. I am talking for the animals, because you can’t hear their crying. Please protect the natural world, and make the earth renewable for generations. MYP Grade 8 Huang Jingtong

Remember to look at the words on each trash bin, so you know where you should put the recyclables, and where you shouldn’t. For

all of you will. After I cry, I’ll always blame the



CHINA WEEK “It was an unforgettable!”

a lot of time collecting money and donations

hardship if we lived there. When we arrived

for the poverty stricken students. We did this

at the school after nearly 3 hours of traveling

Generally, our China Week is dedicated

task several times and sometimes it’s possible

from one of the nearest hotels; we were really

to volunteer teaching and helping people

to rarely gain any money. One instance is in

shocked by the environment they lived in. They

affected by poverty in rural China. We not only

the last Saturday of October. We tryed to

didn’t have glass in their windows and their

do teaching but also donate necessary items,

collect money in TianHe; which is the most

classrooms were of clay-made architecture. The

stationary, extracurricular books and clothes for

developed area of Guangzhou. We invited

people there were dirty but in their traditional

instance to those in need from an area in need

some singers and students from other schools to

custom. They only washed their body 3 times

of assistance. During this China Week, we had

collect money together. However, although we

in their whole life! First time was when they

a great experience that widened our horizons

prepared a lot and did all the things we could,

were born; the second was when they marry

by seeing the world other than where we live.

we only received 300 RMB for the whole day.

and the last was when they die. What’s more is

We helped the students who are of the same

In the evening, we went to FengHuang Cheng

that when they speak their own language and

age, those that we can view as our younger

and did the performance again so that we

we can hardly understand them. Besides, due

brother or sisters. China Week is not like any

could reach the goal we set previously. It was

to the economic circumstance, their horizon is

of the other social practices; AOI Week for

11 o’clock when I went back home.

so limited and their knowledge is so narrow

We were shocked by the poverty in the

we need to change our teaching plan. But

Liangshan. Liangshan is a national autonomous

what impressed me the most is that they love

area, most people there are Yi minority.

studying and are very optimist, even in such a

The minority lives in rural areas, mostly in

living condition, they are happy every day. I

We started our China Week by making a team.

mountainous areas where altitudes are at

believe they are happier than most of us are.

We first got into groups of 8 to 10 people with

least 2200 meters. Nobody will deny that it

We teach them for 5 days and each time when

each team deciding where to go. For my team,

is cold there, but what those pupils wear is

we went back to the inn we felt really tired and

our team-mates agreed to do volunteer teaching

unbelievably thin. Thanks to our predictions that

exhausted. But we were glad that we want a

in Liangshan, Sichuan. We then started to allot

we were able to bring 100 jackets for them

better world by helping the poor in our home

the task to each team member. I got the job of

to solve their clothing problem. We helped the


designing the lessons and activities for pupils.

students in two schools but none of them had

Apart from doing our own tasks, finance is

good learning circumstances and we could

very important for China Week. So we take

hardly imagine whether we could survive the

example. From the soliciting of donations to the last day; we can hardly see the teachers helping us. Almost everything here was devised and done by ourselves.



DP 11-1 GuoZeYuan

Join hands to

for different classes, and the echoes for them

help the world

were good, and the students enjoyed the

A five-day event, almost all the team members do their best to finish the activity.

different classes. The classes that were taught

In our tasks, more complex mental work, rather than just simple.

atmosphere that was given to us. The third day was the busiest day during China week. The whole team participated in teaching included English, music, art and PE. All the members could maintain and control the classes in order. The extra-curriculum activity for the third day was ‘ join hands to feel the world’.

On the first day of school, we had a

The activity was at noon and lasted for 40

meeting with the principal. We recieved

minutes. The audience was i of grades 4 and 5.

more information about the school, and also

We selected 5 members to take part in giving

confirmed the activities the tasks and finalized

the speech and 3 of them were main lecturers;

some basic problems such as accommodation

the rest of them were assistants. There were

and transportation. In the afternoon, we

3 groups that talked about UK, Australia and

listened to an English class at school to master

Dubai respectively. The students were curious

the class of students and their English level. We

and interested in our speech. They came

also took part in a PE lesson, briefly to know

forward with various questions for us and after

about the organization and process of it.

the speech; the students still asked questions

The task for the second day was not too much;

about the world from us.

we felt flexible. Everyone was in preparation

The fourth day was generally a relaxing day,

for the class and the related activities. At noon,

part of the team members still had various

we focused on “English corner” activities in the

tasks but continued teaching English, art and PE

conference room for about 20 minutes. The

classes. The ‘English corner’ was at noon on this

students from grade 4 and 5 took part in this

day and the time was still controlled within 20

activity. We were divided into two groups and

minutes. Our groups reviewed the words and

taught them some words and phrases that they

phrases we taught before in the same teaching

were interested in. Learning enthusiasm was

method. Then we developed the knowledge for

much higher than what we saw in the normal

them, for example, linking the words or phrases

English classes they had before. Students’ ability

in short sentences. In the evening, members

of acceptance was very strong. The other part

began packing their luggage and preparing

of the team members had begun their teaching

to return.

in arts, physical education and extra-curriculum activities. The extra-curriculum activities assigned to us were modeling and cultivating our class. The extra-curriculum class for that day was mainly responsible for students of grade 4 to 6. Our group members were responsible

They didn’t have glass in their windows and their classrooms were made of clay.

On the fifth day (the last day) we finished all the tasks, the group leader continued teaching an art class. Without specific tasks, the other members were busy making gifts or writing letters as goodbye presents for the pupils. We counted the resources we brought to the school as well. In the afternoon, we exchanged contact ways with the lovely students; taking with them and the teachers. We were leaving with the students’ hugs, kisses and tears. Our activity ended, and we felt that we harvested a lot in this special tour. (Alevel 11(2) YUAN MENGQI)


China week

The First Time to Sichuan Since most of students in the school are

Distributing leaflets

children who lost a parent in the earthquake,

On the fourth day we in Jiuxiang , we went

their home situation is not good. We saw that

to a busy road and distributed leaflets about

many students all but give up on the idea of

the prevention of AIDS and other health

applying to high school. We gave a lot of

knowledge, such as giving up smoking,

thought to the matter and looked at ways to

However, this was challenging work. Lots of

help those students go to high school.

people refused to take the leaflets when they

day1. The local school was far away from

We thought that letting students know about

saw AIDS. After the activity, teacher told us

any town center, so we had to get a car to

a scholarship system is one way to encourage

the reason why many people did not take

arrive there. However, we didn’t know which

the students to study hard and give them

the leaflets was because they did not want

transportationour destination. Instead of coming

hope and dreams for their future. We were

to be mistaken for having AIDS. But to our

to a quick decision, we kept dilly-dallying

allocated into different classes and gave them

relief, there were still a lot of people were

around. a nearby street snack cart helped us

a communication lesson. We talked about our

willing to read it carefully. For us, this was an

find the long distance terminal, and we soon get

school life and boarding experience, we can

unforgettable experience.

to the local school called BaiHeJinZhou school,

see the curiosity expressed in their eyes. In class, they called us ‘teachers’, however, after

Visiting the poor students

located in Jiuxiang. We met the head teacher and some teachers to have time to confer about

class they treated us as friends. We made

the upcoming activities. system to take to But,

lots of friends there. The time to depart finally

fortunately for us, a women working at.

came and a large amount of students came

On the first day, there was no airport near the principality so we disembarked at Chengdu’s Shuangliu International Airport and then drove to Yaan. It took longer than we expected to get there because of a traffic jam. The city was four to five hour drive away. Day 2 at Yaan was as hectic as

Baihejingzhou School

to the meeting room where we had our rest to ask us for contact info. On our way back

The school is in a small city called Jiuxiang, in

to Chengdu, we constantly received their

the southwestern province of Sichuan province

greetings and wishes.

with a population of about 10,600 people.

We visited two poverty-stricken students in the BaiHeJinZhou School, one was boy and another was a girl. They were both well-educated students at the school, but because of their poor family condition, they may not be able to continue to go to school. So we brought some attention for them and publicized the event in WeChat. Before long, some students’ families were willing to help them by providing financial assistance for them!

Saying good-bye We were unwilling to say good-bye to our new friends and we exchanged our contact info with the students and teachers in that school. Finally, we took a lot of photos with them. A-level Yin zhiyuan 尹智园, dai keni 戴可妮



my hometown

HONG KONG My hometown, Hong Kong, is a very good place to visit, and it is a beautiful. Many people go to Hong Kong on the weekends and people like to visit Ocean Park and Disneyland. These two places are the most popular places in the travelers mind. Many travelers have children so they prefer to go to Disneyland. Travelers who are older than 18 may prefer to go to Ocean Park..

Hong Kong Disneyland is a very fun place in children’s minds. There are many famous cartoon

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park is a very great place in the mind of adult travelers. There are many exciting rides at Ocean Park and there are many animals too. There are fast cars and boats, and penguins, sharks, clown fish, etc. This is a very exciting and interesting place. Ocean Park’s rides are more exciting than the rides at Disneyland in my mind. In my opinion, children like to go to Disneyland and adults like to go to

and Hong Kong people like to relax at these

Ocean Park.

beaches and go to the beach during the summer.

Hong Kong also has many other interesting

I think the beaches in Hong Kong are cleaner

places such as the Sky 100 building, shopping

than the beaches here. The sea is beautiful in

malls, and sandy beaches. The Sky 100 building

Hong Kong. Many travelers go to the sea to

has 100 floors and maybe you can see all of

take photos. When the sun comes up, the sun

Hong Kong from here. There are many malls in

reflection on the sea is very, very beautiful. I like

Hong Kong and there are many famous shops

it very much. I like Hong Kong and I think you

like Chanel and Dior. The beaches in Hong

will like it too.

Kong are also very beautiful. Many travelers

Cecilia Luo (Luo Ya Er) – Grade 6 class 1

characters in Disneyland and there are many rides with the famous cartoon characters on them. This is one of the reasons children like to go to Disneyland. They can see the famous cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Woody, and more. At Disneyland, there are many fun and exciting rides. I think you will like it if you go!.




A Guest From New Zealand An exchange teacher from a school in New

New Zealanders are very proud of their

Zealand came to BGY for a visit in early

country because New Zealand is a peaceful

October. Her name was Ms. Wendy. She

country. New Zealand is also small and has

visited our class and gave us a speech about

three main islands with 4.2 million people.

her country.

There are many famous festivals in New

Ms. Wendy is a teacher in New Zealand

Zealand and most are from England but there

Did you know?

where she has taught English, Mathematics,

are some from China. The most amazing thing

New Zealand is a great

Science and History. We interviewed her

is that Christmas is in summer!

about New Zealand. She said that there are

A kiwi is a kind of animal that is famous in

many great foods in New Zealand such as

New Zealand and it is also the nickname

lamb, salmon and so on. The most famous one

of the people from this country. The

is called pavlova. It is a dessert and it is very

sports that people enjoy are playing

sweet and will melt in your mouth. The biggest

rugby, skiing and playing football. Many middle

difference between food from China and New

school students like to play basketball so they

Zealand is that food from New Zealand is

are very similar to students at our school!

mostly baked and Chinese food is quickly fried.

travel destination. Taste the wonderful food and desserts! Play a sport! (Rugby) You will have a great time!

By Linda, 8-EE

WORD FIND How many words can you make out of Christmas tree?


Did you find? Something you wear.

Someone who paints.

Something you drink.

A place where you sit.

Something you drive.

A place where you drive.

Something you breathe.

A place where you go up.

Something to put on the tree.

Another word for clever.

A number.

The opposite of stand.

A planet.

Mix milk in your coffee.

A subject in school.

Three of your senses.

A month of the year.

A small river.

What a teacher does.

A group of athletes.

BONUS Can you find four verbs with both past and present tenses?



German Teacher Day Schön warm ist es immer noch in Hongkong,

werden. Angeboten wurden Seminare

in Kontakt zu kommen, hätte er seine Meinung

als sich am 19. und 20. Oktober die rund

und Workshops, um neue Lehrmethoden

darüber wahrscheinlich noch einmal überdacht.

160 Deutschlehrerinnen und Deutschlehrer

und Lehrmaterialien kennenzulernen. Der

Spannend war vor allem der provinz- und

des Goethe-Instituts aus 16 Provinzen

Deutschlehrertag ist aber vor allem ein Tag der

kulturübergreifende Austausch. So kamen in

Chinas erstmals auf einem gemeinsam vom

Begegnung und wurde zu einer Plattform der

verschiedenen Gruppen sowohl Personen

Standort Peking und Hongkong organisierten

Vernetzung, um mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen

unterschiedlicher Standorte - und somit auch

Deutschlehrertag zusammenfinden.

provinzübergreifend Erfahrungen auszutauschen.

Herausforderungen – zusammen, als auch

Das einzige was einen an diesem Tag leicht

Mit nicht wenig Ironie zitierte im Anschluss Frau

Lehrerinnen und Lehrer mit deutscher oder

frieren lässt, ist die zentrale Klimaanlage des

Anna Bartels, stellvertretende Generalkonsulin

chinesischer Muttersprache.

Hongkong Arts Centre, in welchem sich das

der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Hongkong,

So wie die Deutschlernenden immer wieder

Goethe-Institut Hongkong befindet. Das wird

in ihrer abschließenden Eröffnungsrede den

in die Situation gebracht werden die Sprache

aber durch die warmherzige Atmosphäre der

Schriftsteller Oscar Wilde mit seinen berühmten

direkt anzuwenden, wurden auch neue

Teilnehmenden schnell wieder ausgeglichen.

Worten„ Das Leben ist zu kurz um Deutsch zu

Lehrmethoden nicht nur vorgestellt, sondern

Aber was kann man sich nun vorstellen unter so

lernen“. Wäre es Oscar Wilde gegönnt gewesen

einem Deutschlehrertag? Es ist vor allem der

an diesem Wochenende mit den hoch motivierten

Tag, an dem Lehrenden wieder zu Lernenden

Lehrerinnen und Lehrern des Goethe-Instituts

auch gleich mit den Lehrerinnen und Lehrern an Ort und Stelle geprobt.

Der ersten Deutschlehrertag in Hong Kong G ER M AN


The First German Teacher Day in Hong Kong The first “German Teacher Day” was held in the Hong Kong Art Center and was organized by the Goethe Institute. Over 160 German

German Teacher Day served, in particular,

languages and perspectives towards learning

as a platform for the participants to share

and teaching joined in groups to challenge and

and exchange their learning and teaching

discuss with one another.

teachers from 16 different provinces and

experiences of German language.

In order to have the German learners

regions in China were invited to participate in

Ms. Anna Bartels, acting consul general of

immersed in the real situation of the language,

the two-day workshop on October 19th and

Germany in Hong Kong, quoted author Oscar

the German teachers not only were introduced

20th, and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of

Wilde with irony in her opening speech that

the new teaching methodology, but also had

the Hong Kong Goethe Institute.

“To learn German, life becomes too short.” But

the opportunity to put it into practice right at

What can we expect at German Teacher Day?

if Oscar Wilde could join the highly motivated

the workshops. In this way the participants could

teachers of Goethe Institute on this weekend,

gain a direct impact immediately, when and how

he would probably change his opinion.

the new teaching methods could be especially

various kinds of seminars and workshops,

What was particularly exciting was the

effectively installed in their own lessons.

where innovative teaching methods and

province- and culture wide exchange. People

teaching materials were introduced. The

from different places with different mother

The most significant was that all the German teachers became students again. There were

Rachel (Li Jia Wen)



celebrations from other cultures

Christmas around the world The Philippines

Simbang Gabi


Ganna and Timket

Over the nine nights leading up to Christmas, Filipinos attend Simbang Gabi, a festive and

Christmas Eve, according to the Orthodox

colorful series of Masses that includes Tagalog

calendar, falls on January 6 in Ethiopia. On

hymns, processions with bamboo star lanterns


that night, priests lead processions throughout

and Filipino foods.

Christmas Wafers

cities and villages in which they carry

The tradition, which translates to “night

elaborately decorated umbrellas and wear

worship,” goes back to the 16th century, when

Christmas Eve starts with fasting and ends with

their best traditional clothing. The processions

Spanish colonization resulted in much of the

feasting in largely Roman Catholic Poland.

end at churches for Mass. On the morning of

nation converting to Catholicism. Much of the

The Christmas meal, wigilia, is one of the most

Christmas, which is called Ganna, presents are

population in the colony worked early in the

important meals of the year. A significant part

exchanged, people feast and some also take

morning as fisherman or woke up early to farm,

of it happens when families and close friends

part in sports.

making pre-dawn the best time for Mass.

Everyone dresses in white. Most Ethiopians

Simbang Gabi Mass has the same liturgy as

don a traditional shamma -- a thin, white cotton

other Roman Catholic Masses, but it adds

wrap with brightly colored stripes across the

emphasis on Tagalog hymns and the story of

ends. Twelve days after Ganna, on January

Jesus’ birth. In the United States, it has become

Families exchange gifts on Christmas Eve

19, Ethiopians begin the three-day celebration

an evening event in order to not conflict with

and traditionally end the night by attending

called Timkat, which commemorates the baptism

work schedules.

Midnight Mass.

of Christ.

share in eating a piece of Christmas wafer, which is typically stamped with a nativity scene or another Christmas symbol and has been blessed by the local bishop.

Oftentimes, Filipinos make a panata, or vow, to attend every Simbang Gabi Mass, as tradition

Word search























says that a wish will be granted for those that reach the goal. The photo above shows star-shaped Christmas lanterns, known as parols. Parols are patterned after the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the three kings to baby Jesus in a manger, and are made from bamboo covered with paper. They are displayed in houses, buildings and streets. They represent the victory of light over darkness.


Father Christmas It is cold, wet, and foggy in England at


Graveside Candles On Christmas Eve, Finns traditionally place

Christmastime. The day before Christmas is

Puerto Rico

very busy for families in England. They wrap


presents, bake cookies, and hang stockings over the fireplace. Then everyone gathers

The parranda is a Puerto Rican tradition where

around the tree as someone tells a classic

groups of friends and even strangers gather to

holiday story, “A Christmas Carol.” Children

asaltar or overtake friends’ homes with holiday

The tradition has its roots in pre-Christian times,

write a letter to Father Christmas with their

merriment. Some parranderos play musical

when ancient Finns believed that the Winter

wishes and toss their letter into the fire so

instruments such as guitars, tamboriles and

Solstice -- which is around the same time as

their wishes can go up the chimney. After the

maracas, while others dance. Everyone sings.

Christmas -- brought out the spirits of the dead.

children fall asleep on Christmas Eve, Father

The group gets bigger and bigger as they go

Food would be left out on tables and families

Christmas comes to visit.

from home to home.

candles on the graves of relatives.

would sleep on the floor in order to let the

Parrandas are spontaneous, so every

dead have a good meal and a place to rest when they visited. The candle tradition remains, and it became especially popular after the 1920s as Finns began to put candles on the graves of dead soldiers. Today, Christmas Eve


Buche de Noel

is still a significant night for honoring those

Christmas celebrations

who have died in war. The practice of putting

France begin on December 5,

candles by graves around Christmas is also

which is St. Nicholas Eve, but Christmas

common in Estonia.

Eve is the most special time in the French

household must be prepared all throughout the holidays and at all hours to receive guests. Rum and traditional food, such as arroz con gandules (rice and pigeon peas), pernil (pork shoulder) and pasteles (similar to tamales, but made from plantains or yuca), are often available.

celebration of Christmas. Church bells ring

In Puerto Rico and in many Latin American

and voices sing French carols, called noels. On

countries, Three Kings Day is also significant.

Christmas Day, families go to church and then

The holiday commemorates the journey of the

enjoy an abundant feast of wonderful dishes,

three kings to bring gifts to Baby Jesus and

ending with the traditional buche de Noel, a

falls on January 6. In many cities and towns,

rich buttercream-filled cake shaped and frosted

colorful parades will mark day, which is also

to look like a Yule log.

known as Epiphany.




Niccolo Paganini

• Julia Fischer – Paganini: 24 Caprices Op. 1

This monthly column will focus on composers and performing musicians.

As previously discussed Paganini wrote

• Salvatore Accardo and the London Philharmonic Orchestra

almost for the violin. Since he was such

• Paganini: The 6 Violin Concertos

I will discuss their lives, musical styles, famous

an incredible virtuoso he also wrote

compositions, standard recordings and why

compositions that were incredibly difficult.

they have had such a large impact on music.

The Romantic Era of music was a time

• 24 Caprices for Solo Violin

To kick the article off I will discuss Niccolo

of great change and composers were

• Moto Perpetuo for violin and Piano

Paganini. Paganini transcended the composer-

demanding more and more from their

performer bridge making him a great place to

performers. Paganini was different only in

start. Enjoy!

that he had great demands for himself. His

Italian born Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840) lived through the early to mid-point of the Romantic Period of music history. His talents were realized at a young age taking up the mandolin at age five and the violin at age seven. The violin was destined to be the cornerstone of his career and led him to be one of the most recognized performers in the history of the instruments. As a composer Paganini saw his compositions purely for his own instrument. He toured frequently and performed his own music almost exclusively. He was one of the early virtuoso’s of the romantic era. The term virtuoso is reserved for only the very best of performers and is not taken lightly in the music world. He travelled across Europe performing unaccompanied works, chamber works and full concerti. His skills were entirely unmatched in his generation. Part of his impressive abilities came from the fact that his hands were exceptionally large making him able to leap around the violin with ease. There were rumors around Europe at the time that he was in league with the Devil and Satan himself granted him his unusual abilities in exchange for his soul. This is an artist’s depiction of Paganini with such a thought in mind. People believed this rumor so much so that he was denied a Catholic burial. In reality there is no evidence to support such an outrageous claim and the odds are he never fought it as it led to him carrying a great mystique that helped make him a household name.


Must have recordings


most famous composition is Caprice No. 24 in A Minor Op.1 for solo violin. Any violinist in the world will recognize the melodies from this standard work and can profess to its extreme technical requirements. The Caprice is so famous that Sergei Rachmaninoff wrote a full piano concerto in the form of theme and variations based on it. Paganini’s influence on music was nearly the same as any great composer. He was born the year after Beethoven into a world of musical confusion. Beethoven left such a legacy behind defining what the symphony was that composers were terrified of composing one knowing that it would be compared to his. Paganini defined himself as a composer in the field of solo and chamber works. Since then, every soloist and composer alike has looked to him for guidance on his or her own music. By Neal Postma

Famous Compositions

• all of his Violin Concerti

HEALTHY FOODS There’s no question that maintaining a nutritious diet can help keep your body healthy. But when it comes to which foods













can specifically benefit which body parts, science remains surprisingly sketchy. For all the hype about the health benefits of, say, antioxidants and probiotics, a scan of the scientific literature reveals how much we don’t know. Here’s a guide to foods whose benefits to the body are supported, to varying degrees, by reputable research.

What's Your Health Worth?

at some point reason must intervene and state

out in some poor approximation of a Western

emphatically that our health is a priority and

restaurant further impacting your health in a

really is worth whatever price we have to pay.

negative way. Or it could be spend on other

The first metaphoric bill to exit the proverbial

consumer products, eh-hem, intended to

wallet is a little bit on your precious free time.

deaden the pain caused by your overall poor

Yes, it tough to let it go, but let's think about

health. It's up to you.

the benefits associated. For starters, regular

Finally, let's drill down to the bedrock. The most

exercise has long been known to promote

important bit of currency you're parting with

productive, deep sleep. And this alone might

is your precious energy, and I know how hard

justify the allocation of time just in terms of

it is to come by these days. But again, you

the hours you won't spend tossing and turning

have to spend money to make money, and this

and sleeping poorly. Also, exercising 3-5 times

time it's a fairly simply exchange. Exercise has

a weeks has been shown to elevate energy

been clinically proven over and over again

levels which can make the hours you spend

to significantly boost energy levels and fight

on static responsibilities all the more efficient.

fatigue. So you give a little and you will get a

You see it starting to add up? The cost versus

lot. The net gain is beyond anything anticipated

benefit analysis is beginning to swing in

in the large-term prospectus, and the way you

exercise's favor...

feel... Well, you don't need a financial advisor to

Next you do have to bust out a little cash, but

describe that.

what I've found here is that it's not all that

In the end I think the summary, objectives and

much. For between 250 and 500 RMB you

risks I've laid out here lead to one undeniable

can have a membership to some sort of gym

conclusion: getting exercise on a regular basis is

or health club and access to a swimming pool

just about the best investment you can make in

10 to 15 times a month; more than enough to

your health. And clearly the benefits out-weight

get in shape and stay that way. So you going

the costs, so part with a few duckets of your

be perfectly honest, you're right. It isn't easy.

to complain, "That's a lot of money." Well, it ain't

sacred time, energy and coinage and almost

Our lives here as teachers at Guangdong

pocket change, but let's take this tack at it. That

immediately you'll be in the black.

Country Garden school are full to the rim, but

amount of cash could easily be spent eating

Okay, I know what you're all going to say. "We're already busy, with school, meetings, activities, personal and social obligations. Where are we supposed to find the time to exercise on a regular basis?" And, to

by Chad Snyder




race, I saw him run faster and

were strong, and we were

competitive spirit, Alex ran faster

not afraid. Everybody was

than ever before. At the last

cooperative! In our class, the

moment, three people passed him

contestants ran hard in the 800

and Alex had no energy left to

meter race. Our classmate Alex

run. Applause erupted from our

made us very proud.

class. Suddenly, Alex got a burst of

There were individual races and many of us ran. There

was in 3rd now when she had

was some success for our class,

was Lily and she ran her best

especially for Connie, she got first

but dropped back. She gave the

in the 400m race. We also had

baton to Connie who crossed the

some group games. We played

finish line in last. We didn’t feel

a basketball drill game where

sad because they were trying

Alex was the runner from our

you had to dribble the basketball

their best to run!

class. He needed to run 800

around some obstacles and then

We also participated in a rope

try to shoot the ball at the rim. If

skipping competition. We had to

you didn’t make it then you would

jump rope for 3 minutes and count

need to try one more time or until

our jumps. Our group jumped 160

you put the ball into the hoop.

times in 3 minutes but the other class

On the second day, we supported

jumped 200 times in 3 minutes.

our class relay team made by Lily,

At last, we had the Sports Festival

Connie, Katherine and Annabelle.

closing ceremony. We stood

The relay started and we were all

in the hot sun and it was very

very nervous for our classmates.

uncomfortable and we almost fell

Katherine started and she was

over from heat exhaustion. Ms.

very fast and was in front. She

Echo told us that we tried our best

then quickly gave the relay baton

and this is a victory in itself.

to Annabelle and she ran fast but

to pass the baton to Lily. Next


meters and 400 meters. Before

faster. In order to show our class’s

energy. His speed got faster and faster. “Come on, Alex! You can do it!” I shouted. Alex ran to the end.

the 800 meter competition, I

During this Sports Festival, we

asked him, “Are you nervous?”

smiled together and supported

Alex didn’t answer me, but I

each other.

could see his nervous face. In the

Sam Wang (Wang Zi Shen) 7EE

There were many sports we could choose: 100 meter running,

400 meter running and 800

In the afternoon, we had the jump

meter running. Their endurance

rope competition. We jumped

400 meter running, high jump,

was fantastic!

very fast. We jumped 230 times

long jump, 25 meter swimming,

On the second day, we had

in three minutes! But class four

and relay race. On the first day,

200 meter running, 400 meter

was faster than us. They jumped

we had 100 meter running, long

running, 800 meter running and

260 times! On the third day, we

jump, swimming and jump rope.

800 meter relay race! I was in

also had many races, but it was

Our class was very supportive.

the cheering section for the 800

not as exciting as the first day

Although I was the last one in the

meter relay race. My classmates

and second day, except for one

100 meter race, nobody blamed

Candy, Shirley and I shouted

race - the teachers’ relay race. It

me. Betty, who is good at running,

loudly. When the students finished

was more exciting than the student

got fifth place on the team. This

running, we gave them drinks.

races. We shouted loudly for our

indicated that the other students

Classmates Lila and Demeter ran

teachers. At the end, our teachers

were faster. In the afternoon other

the eight hundred meters. They

got first place in the race. We

students went swimming, but we

are very good at long distance

were all excited. That afternoon,

could not go to watch them, so we

running, but when they finished

the sports festival finished!

just sat in the audience to watch

running they were also very tired.

Zoey, 8EE

grade nine to grade eleven’s


In our class, everyone had a competition. Our competitors

Jane Jian (Jian Ya Chun) 7EE

All of the athletes in our class are great at sports! Shaman set

because of me, but because of

On the second day, I had to run

the three other athletes – Connie,

I have been to 6 Sports Festivals. However, this is the first

a new record in the long jump,

Tony and Shaman.

time in MYP. So, I wonder how it is

‘Ready, set, go!’ and I rushed and

and the boys were 1st in the 800

The Sports Festival finished while

different from PYP? Let’s see!

sprinted to the finish line – but

meter races.

we were still congratulating each

On the first day, I had nothing to

I only participated in one

other on our good scores. The

do. So I walked around and saw

competition, the 100 meter

next Sports Festival may be next

many interesting things. First, I saw

On the third day, there was a

swimming. We were the

year, but I hope our class can be

that many people, all students,

game in the afternoon. It was

champions. I felt very happy.

champions again!

were sitting on the stage and had

called ’Together’ and it was played

We were the champions not just

Jessica Chau (Zhou Ze Hui) – 6-4

microphones and were shouting

by three people at a time. We

out loud! They sometimes shouted,

lost because our swimmer, Jason,

‘Faster! Faster!’ and sometimes

swerved and hit the other group!

shouted, ‘You can do it!’ That

The Sports Festival ended and

was funny! And I walked further

we went home. But we enjoyed it

on and saw a class of students

very much, especially because we

wearing thick clothes – they

didn’t have classes because of it!

looked like crocodiles! And there were pandas, fish, dogs and

200 m. The judge was saying,

I was exhausted after that and couldn’t walk for ten minutes.

Edison (Chen Zi Yun) MYP 6-2

Bigfoot all over the place!

The dawn was shining on our building. The sunshine was golden. It made me think of the Sports Festival. The festival started on October 16th at 8:30 am. I knew it was going to be a great day. I had a lot of confidence as I walked to the roll call. I was ready for the shot put competition, where I had to throw a lead ball. But the ball was very heavy and I didn’t do very well. There was also a swimming competition. The megaphone

called everyone to start, then the swimmers dove into the water

I participated in two competitions, the shot put and the 400 meter race.

broke last year’s record!

On the first day of the festival,

With the smoke suspended in

I went to the playground to

the air, racers started their race.

participate in the first competition

Although I didn’t do well, our

– the shot put. This was the first

classmate Alex made the finals.

time I took part in this competition

Then, our grade held a jump rope

and my heart was pumping like a

competition. I did not participate,

gigantic drum. Time passed quickly

I looked at our building, and

so I walked around and sat near

and now it was my turn. I threw

sat remembering until the sky

the playground to cheer and

the shot put out three times. The

turned dark.

count the number of times my

last time I threw it onto the ground

classmates jumped.

and flopped their feet. The water drops flew everywhere, and it made me feel cool and great. They swam quickly using their hands and feet together. Then came the most nervous part – who will win the competition? Finally, the winner appeared above the water. She showed her smile and her friends congratulated her.

Bella Chan (Chen Yong Lin) 6-3

but my score was very bad so I didn’t take part in the finals. But my partner Mike got into the finals. He came in third. Our class

On the second day, I joined the 400 meter race. I was ready.

We had a great time at the Sports Festival. Jason Chen (Chen Qi) – MYP 6-1

got another medal when J.C. picked up the first gold for us in the 400 meter run. In the afternoon, we had lots of swimming competitions. Catherine in our class came in first. She



I could see the curiousness and the happiness of having new knowledge in their eyes.

“Here we go,” said Miss Tammy. “We are going to Qingyuan to teach the students there about making their own water-propelled rocket.” Before we went there, we started to prepare the things that we needed for making a rocket. It was very difficult, because there are lots of different kinds of rockets. We also needed to make a teaching plan. When we got there, we taught our first class. When I was teaching, the students listened to me very carefully. And I could see the curiousness and the happiness of having new knowledge in their eyes. In the first half of the class,

I learned a lot during AOI week. I learned how to be a good teacher and how to make a lesson plan. We taught many students in

teamwork and group spirit. It is a good idea

Liannan too. I think they learned how to get

We did well during AOI Week. We were not

close to their dreams.

the best teachers, but we tried our best. On

The Liannan school has six classes; each grade

the last day, we chose some good students to

has one class. The first class we taught was

put on a show for the others. They needed to

grade three. In the first class, we were a little

play a game. The game was called “Blind Men

nervous, but as the time passed, we weren’t

Patting an Elephant.” The game is very easy

nervous anymore.

to play. One person closes their eyes and the

We did well in this AOI week, but we did some things wrong, too. Our topic was “Dreams”. First, we wanted each class to make a “dream


let the students know that working together is important.

other tells that person where to go. I think the game went well because our students learned something new: how to work together.

tree,” but we didn’t have enough paper.

During this AOI week, I learned many things:

So, we decided that grades one and two

I learned how to be a teacher, how to make

wouldn’t make the dream tree. We would just

a teaching plan, and how to talk loudly. The

let them talk about their dreams and then go

students in Liannan learned many things too;

out to play some games. Sometimes, when

they found their dream and learned how to get

we finished our lesson but still had a lot of

closer to it. I think it is very important to know

time left, our classmate Happy suggested we

your dreams.

play some games to teach the students about

Angela Qu (Qu Fang Yu) – Grade 7EE


none of the students wanted to try to do anything themselves. They only sat there and waited for me to tell them what to do. I told them that it is ok to try it themselves. “If you correct your mistakes, then you know how to do it next time,” I said. I think that after my class, the students got not only science knowledge, but they also learned that if they don’t know something they should try and find the answer. Just listening to the teacher isn’t enough. Time always goes faster when you are having fun, and soon, AOI week was over. Alex Ye (Ye Zi Cong) – Grade 7EE

We went to LianNan Primary School to teach other students for AOI Week. We were successful, and it was a wonderful journey. Our AOI topic for this year was “Teaching Programme”. I had to prepare distinguished, creative, and unforgettable classes because I joined English Group 1. We were divided into 8 groups, and our group, English Group 1, had a very rough time in the beginning. We had six people at first, but after the long-weekend, three of us got a cold. And

The final result was a perfect teaching plan,

disappointing! They were naughty! And I think

and it was the best one that I’ve ever seen

they weren’t cooperative at all. We added a

(maybe that’s because I’ve never seen a lot

game when we were making the first teaching

of teaching plans). We practiced our plan for

plan. That game was called ‘Pass the Letters’.

the first time. Our actions, such as our body

First, students of every group came up to the

language, were great. But our speech wasn’t

platform, and I was going to tell them one

very smooth.

letter, then they were going to pass it through

So after that, we tried and practiced many

the group, and the last student of every group

times. We were disappointed with the first

would run to the blackboard and write down

teaching plan, but the new plan was getting

the letter, including the capital and small

better. We did it!

letter. If they were wrong, they would sing the alphabet. If the letter was correct, they would

then we had no ideas for our classes. It was

Our preparation was perfect, so we were

a really difficult time for me, Jane and Shirley,

successful. The first class of our teaching journey

who were still ‘alive’. We could only TRY to

was fantastic. The students in Grade 3 were

And, it was really surprising that there were no

make the first teaching plan because there

active and full of passion. When I asked a

right answers, only wrong. The reason for this

were still three of us who were not here, and

question, they all raised their hands quickly. If

was that the students were not cooperative AT

we didn’t know what was going on with them.

they were wrong, the others didn’t laugh at

ALL. They always shouted at each other and

them. Yes, maybe the conditions there weren’t

they didn’t listen and respect each other.

very good, but the students’ hearts were pure.

So I realized the importance of cooperation at

school, and they were ‘reborn’. Then, we faced

The second grade students were a little

that time.

our second problem - we needed to change

naughtier than the third grade class, but other

This journey, this AOI week, was unforgettable.

our teaching plan for Crystal and Candy, and

than that, it was a piece of cake.

Jane brought us a little box of alphabet cards. So

The only grade I want to make a complaint

we changed our teaching plan a second time.

about is Grade 1. They were REALLY

But after 2 days, we got a big surprise! Our classmates Crystal and Candy came back to

get presents.

Austin Wang (Wang Yuan) – Grade 7EE

The school’s environment was not very good. Everything was very old. There was no green at all. Their basketball

basketball, so they will love to

This was a very good experience

play basketball forever.

for me. I learnt many things from

There were 7 grades in the

this experience. I want to try it one

school. Every grade had only one

more time.

court was in very poor condition.

class. I was going to teach grade

Their classrooms were very old.

five. I thought this grade was a

But they experienced something

very clever grade because they

new every day. That was their

not only learned from their own

own happiness and laughter.

teacher, but also from the people

The teacher’s knowledge was

around them who were more

shared with everybody. I got the

clever than them in some way.

impression that this school was full

There is a very famous saying in

of happiness.

China: ‘There is a teacher of mine

Before we went to this school,

even when three people walk

we were divided into different

together.’ They wanted to learn

groups: English, design, science,

from me so they listened carefully

sports and many other groups.

in class and did their best to do

I was a member of the sports

what we wanted them to do. I

group. This group was going to

liked them very much.

Allen Huo (Huo Ming Chao) – 7EE

teach the students how to play


AOI WEEK I was always tired before, during and after AOI week. Why? Because we had to teach other students. Before AOI week, we had a holiday, but it was a busy holiday. We had to write our personal plan to talk about what we should do. I sat in front of the computer day after day. If I wasn’t at my computer, I was with my toys. I used them to practice my teaching.. Soon, AOI week came. We took the bus to the school to meet our students. We arrived in the afternoon and began to teach. The first class was the dance class

I forgot what we talked about, and what we planned. One class was only forty minutes, but I didn’t know it could last so long. There were six classes on the second day. I loved year three students the most because they were so cute and didn’t have any stage fright. They were always

Wow! I was very excited when I was teaching the students! This was the first time I stood in front of about 20 students.

happy and earnest, and they

I was teaching an easy

learned so fast.

experiment called “The Secret

On the 3rd day, we only had one class for the year two students.

people were poor.

to do that? I can explain it to you.

my first thought was: ‘They won’t

First, you need to prepare a glass

time for the show. The show was

of milk or juice, a piece of A4

very successful. After the show,

paper, some candles (or you can

we went back to our school.

use an alcohol burner) and a box of cotton buds. And then you put

with the year six students. I didn’t

one cotton bud in the milk, then

know what we were going to do.

write a letter or draw something

listen to us.” After the grade three class, I change my mind. They seemed interested in our creative English class. We gave homework to every class we taught, and they finished it quickly and did it well. Grade one students were the same.

the paper on the window and

Our classes were prepared

wait for it to dry. When it is dry,

for grades one, two and three.

you won’t be able to see what

In the class, we taught them the

you wrote on the paper. That’s

alphabet, alphabet songs, and

why this experiment is called “The

some easy words. We also played

Secret Letter.” You then use a

English games with them. They

match to light the alcohol burner

enjoyed the morning reading, and

or candle and put the paper

some of them finished reading

near the light to heat it up. After

many books.

5 minutes, you will see your letter

Although they worked hard, they

and the color will look like tea.

were naughty, but I think they

After I showed the students the

were okay. If there is a next time, I

experiment, they wanted to do

think we need to improve some of

it. So we prepared some juice.

the points: the attitude in the class,

But we had an accident during

more tasks in the class, and help

the experiment. When we helped

students more.

the students heat up the paper,

This trip helped me learn a lot

the paper caught ON FIRE! We

of things. I also learned to keep

threw the paper on the floor and

a positive spirit from the students.

stepped on it.

From now on, I need to study like

I think teaching is a lot of fun.

them and make progress.

When I have class at BGY, I want

Shirley Liu (Liu Zhuo Lin) – Grade 7 EE

to go up and teach! Donald Zou (Zou Cheng Hong) – 7EE


was fresh, but the houses and the

During the teaching programme,

on the paper. After that, you put


was beautiful there, and the air

Letter.” Do you want to know how

When we finished the class, it was

Demeter Jin (Yin Yuan Qi) – 7 EE

The bus stopped at the front of the village, and we walked towards the school. The view

The AOI task for us this year was education in the countryside. All of us prepped a lot for it. We made teaching

our group members tried to create an active atmosphere in the highgrade class. We tried to question them; nevertheless, it seemed to be

videos, specific plans, and

useless. Nothing happened at all.

rehearsed what we were going to

But in the kindergarten class,

talk about.

everything changed. They

On the first day, students all got

students displayed the opposite

up extremely early, at 6 am. Then

behavior. No one concentrated

we ate breakfast and got on the

on the class; everyone did their

coach with excitement. We spent

own thing. We could not deal

hours heading to Qingyuan. This

with this situation by shouting at

route could have been a boring

the students, because they were

one but fortunately, it wasn’t

yelling too, and they were much

because we spent all the time

louder than us. A multitude of

playing with our smartphones.

kindergarteners were drawing

We arrived at the school, ate lunch, and joined a conference on cooperation in the afternoon. We joined another group’s class on the first day. They performed very well that day; teachers praised them as a group of professional teachers. After I watched their performance, I thought our classes should be like theirs.

and even running out of the classroom while making loud, sharp noises. None of us could bear teaching such a class of naughty kids. I felt exhausted after educating kids for a whole day. “We need to make some changes; maybe we can change our class structure.” This was my summary for the second day. “These changes could make our

On the second day we had

lessons much more fun and more

our own lessons. But during all


these classes, there were neither good teachers nor cooperative students. We had a total of six lessons on 9th: four for the kindergarten kids, and two for fourth and fifth graders. What was our feeling about teaching classes in higher grades and kindergarten? Actually, they were totally different. Having a lesson among higher grades, I felt like I was talking to myself. It was embarrassingly quiet. All of

On the third day, I told my peers what I was thinking. They agreed and made changes. Still, I don’t know why the classes didn’t improve as much as I thought they would. But they did get a little better. On the last afternoon (also on the third day), we held an exhibition. It displayed our students’ efforts during these three days. It was quite interesting and quite favorable. I was very pleased to take part.

In Qingyuan, we taught poor students who live deep in the mountains. They don’t have much knowledge because of their living conditions. When we got there, they were very excited. They gathered at the school gate to welcome us. We were quiet during our AOI trip to Liannan. We did a lot of preparation for those poor students in the mountains. We didn’t even sleep enough while we were preparing. But, although we didn’t sleep enough, I didn’t hear any complaints. Our first class in Liannan, and also the first class of my life, went perfectly. My group mates and I really acted like teachers, I thought. And the students were active and friendly. But, a few students in the class were really naughty. We tried not to be strict and awful, but still, they wouldn’t

they wanted candies. When we gave them candies, they ate them during the class, all of them. We had no idea what to do about this, because we couldn’t punish all of them. On the first day of AOI week, we didn’t have any class. We all went to a classroom for our class preparation. We made four “Dream Trees” and we used them to stick our “Dream Stickers”. We wrote our dreams on the “Dream Stickers” and stuck them on the “Dream Trees”. And then, we put the “Dream Trees” on the wall to help the students remember their dreams and to make them come true! On the second day of AOI week, we had 4 classes. We felt very tired after we got back to the hotel. I almost died! It rained when we left the school, so we didn’t need to help clean the village.

listen to us if we were being so

On the third day of AOI week,

kind to them. So we punished

we had to go back to BGY, but

them by making them do some

we still had 2 classes left to teach.

sports, such as running 10 times

We did well.

around the school and jumping

Afterwards, we returned school

When I was on the way home, I

very high 100 times. We also

in the afternoon. It was the end of

thought, “I want to go to Liannan

gave candies to students whose

this practical and meaningful trip.

once again if I have the chance!”

behavior was great. So, after

Robin Hu (Hu Wei Xi) – Grade 7EE

these actions, all the students

Happy Hon (Hon Kai Xin) – 7EE

listened carefully, just because


Our purpose was to teach the students in a poverty- stricken area. We went to a poor school.

called us ‘teacher’. We had the

It was really fun. I’ve never been

opportunity to work as a teacher

first class in grade three. The

that happy and free.

at poverty-stricken area’s school.

students were about 8~9 years

After this AOI week, I think

Crystal Yun (Yun Huan Jia) – 7EE

Their school environment wasn’t

old. We taught them the alphabet

I learned a lot of things. The

very good. It had a small teaching

song. They were very positive.

students were positive. They

building and a small playground.

They followed us in singing and

worked very hard. They listened

There were only seven classes in

dancing. We also gave them some

carefully. They were polite. Even

the school: a baby class and other

homework. They worked very

if they don’t have many toys and

six classes. Every grade had only

hard on their homework. They

no phones, they can live happily,

one class. Our BGY students were

had many questions to ask and

work happily and play happily.

separated into eight groups: two

we answered many questions.

I really admire their teachers.

English groups, science group,

They worked really hard in our

They teach the students every

sports group, art group, dancing

class, and they seemed to be very

day and live at the school. The

group, psychology group and

interested in English!

students love their teachers

technology group. I was in English

Then, the next day, we taught

and the teachers really love


grade 1 and grade 2. Grade 2

them. The teachers care about

When we arrived at the school,

had only seven students, so it was

all the students. I really like the

the students were coming back

easy to teach, but in grade one,

principal. She worked very hard

from lunch. After they finished

there were almost 30 students, so

to make this school, because she

lunch, we came together and

we called English group 2 to help.

wanted to give the children in

introduced ourselves. They

We taught them the alphabet and

the village a school and a better

knew we were there to teach

let them ask questions. We also

environment to learn in. I am very

them new knowledge, so they

played English games together.

happy that our school gave us the


We traveled to Kaiping, Zhuhai and Zhongshan. We took photos and had discussion groups about our investigation. The first day we went to a factory of musical instruments where they made electric pianos and drums. We visited the workshop of the factory where the workers were doing their work seriously even as we were passing by. I saw the staff make all the components



In the afternoon, we went to a

myself. In the afternoon, we went

school to help kids. We had fun

to see the famous architecture in

and played games and we also

Kaiping such as the watchtowers

exchanged gifts. I think they were

that were used to defend against

all simple kids and they were

enemies. They were not that high

polite, hard working and clean.

but were useful.

I think that we could also learn

Finally, we came back to the

from them. Also, we watched them

school. Although our AOI week

perform, which was perfect. After

was short, it made me very

carefully and although they were

our first day was over, the hotel

happy because it was the most

careful, there were problems.

was great and there was Wi-Fi in

fantastic week and everything

There was a room for repairing

every room.

was great. I think I’ll remember

the bad parts and another room

The next day, we went to the

the students from the school.

to test its functions. How did they

Hailin faucet factory and it was

They always had a smile on their

do it? The staff put 50 electric

great. The faucets they produced

face and although their school

pianos in the room and turned

there were really good but the

was not as big as our school,

them all on for 72 hours, if any of

noise in the factory was annoying.

I thought they were better

them had shut down, then it had

I made a faucet by myself and it

students. I hope we can learn

a problem and needed repairs.

was a challenge. We also tested

from them!

We also saw the finished products

it to see if it worked and it did, so

that were perfect. I thought they

I was successful! I was proud of

had pretty covers.

By Leo Lee, 8EE

On our first day of AOI week, we went to Zhuhai. We visited a musical instrument factory that was called Medeli. The

of the factory told us the story of

to form a group of 3 with them

factory was so large and so

learned to install a faucet. In the

and write our self-introductions.

cool! They have different floors

afternoon we went to a town and

I couldn’t really speak fluent

for making different parts of the

saw many of the old buildings.

Chinese, so I was partnered with

piano. We tried to understand the

They were very beautiful. I saw

two girls from the school and they

technical process but was quite

two dogs and I played with them

were very bright and I gave each

hard. In the afternoon, we went

until I had to go home.

one of them a book and a piece

to a school to help with the local

On the last day, we went to

of gum. Lastly, we watched them

kids. They were poor and we

Zhongshan to learn something

celebrate our schools visit.

brought them presents. We went

about history. This was the final

The second day we went to a

to one class with them and used

thing we did because we went

water faucet company called

English to write a self introduction.

back home. I felt that our AOI

Sunwave. We watched the

I hope that I can improve their

week was quite fun but also made

company’s introduction video and

English! The students work so hard

us tired. I will love my AOI, it was

listened to the leaders welcome

and were very polite. I think we

fun and exciting and I learned

speech. Then we watched the

can learn from them.

many things during this time.

faucet making process. Different

The next day we went to another

By Emily, 8EE

workers would drill holes, make

factory in Kaping and the boss

After we ate our lunch, we went to Sanban Elementary School. We listened to their class perform and played along with them. We had

This is a time for students to experience new cultures and do some community service. This time classes were divided up and went to different places. Our class went along with class 4 and 5 to Kaiping. So, on Tuesday morning we got on a bus and our exciting trip began.

parts. In the end, we also tried to put the parts of the faucet together ourselves. The next

modern musical instruments.

place we went to see was the old

Our topic was “the process of

homes of Kaiping where there

Medeli company production” and

were a lot of people selling things

when we arrived, we went to a

on the streets. To pass the time,

meeting room and watched video

we bought some ice cream in a

clips introducing the company.

café. Our teachers were very nice

After that, we went to the most

and we went back to the hotel

important place, the factory floor.

afterwards where we ate dinner

The factory was divided into parts

and wrote our dairies.

production process. It was actually very interesting since this was the first time I’ve been in a factory. The tables would automatically go around very slowly and the workers would put tiny parts into the main structure of the instrument. We saw them making electric pianos and drums. I tried to watch everything carefully since this was our group’s topic.

visited the factory and we also

shine it and add different small

Medeli Company, which makes

instruments. We videotaped the

and fruit and he was so nice! We

the main structure of the faucet,

The first place we went was the

for making different parts of the

the company. He gave us candy

Since I am a foreign student, I had a hard time understanding lots of things in this trip. Almost everything was in Chinese so it was difficult for me to understand what people were saying. However, I had a very fascinating experience on this trip. I had explored and learned new cultures and really enjoyed this AIO week with my class. By Elly, 8EE





I’m sitting with super heroes Batman and Superman; two people that need no introduction, having saved the world multiple times.

Interviewer – I

B: I did say that.

Superman – S

Superman looks angrily at

Batman - B


I : Superman, I can’t tell you how pleased I am for you to be here today. I’m a huge fan.

I: You look so human though... Isn’t it mathematically impossible for such a species to exist?

S: Thanks.

Superman shrugs his shoulders.

Superman is drinking a large french coffee; surprising because this interview is in New York City.

I: Batman, I also have to thank you for coming. Did you enjoy the trip from Gotham City? B: (raspy voice) I don’t enjoy anything… Batman stares blankly at the interviewer. There’s a long silence in the room. Superman takes a sip of his coffee.

I: Okay. Superman, where did you get your powers from? S: I was born with these powers actually. I get my strength from the light of your yellow colored sun. The sun on my home planet Krypton was red. The yellow color I guess gives me my powers. B: So you’re an alien? S: Yea, I guess you could say that. Batman pulls out his cell phone and looks at it.



What’s this? Superman picks up batman’s cape from behind the chair and waves it at him.

S: What? B: Ice cream, is there any ice cream in space?

S: Black—all back. What a nightmare.

S: There’s no ice cream in space.

I: So Batman, what do you like to do on vacation?

B: Really?

S: I dunno—I guess. Someone as handsome as me; it’s not so unbelievable.

B: I like to sit in my cave.

B: I hate space.

Batman stares at the interviewer.

Superman quickly turns his head.

I: Some of our readers would like to know; what’s the deal with your costume? I mean, according to your comic book; isn’t your red cape a baby blanket, and aren’t you wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants?

B: --alone.

S: Sorry gentlemen; my instant noodles are done at home. I’ll speak to you later!

Superman looks blankly.

S: This, um—well… this suit is designed to… Superman struggles to find the right word.

I: Right. S: I like to fly into space and sit on the surface of the moon and watch the stars. You can see them so much clearer there without the atmosphere. I: That sounds lovely. B: Space is really dark. I like the dark. Is it cold in space?

S: Yes, there’s nothing in space.

Superman flies off. Just batman and the interviewer are in the room. There is an awkward silence.

I: So Batman, what do you like to do in your leisure time? B: I like hanging upside down from the ceiling in my flat. Batman takes out his cellphone again and

B: Designed--for what?

S: Yes, it’s very cold in space.

looks at it.

S: It’s designed to save people.

B: How cold? Like Beijing or the Antartic?

I: Oh really, from what exactly?

S: Yea, kind of like the Antartic; only if someone left the freezer door open— forever.

I: That’s an peculiar way to spend your leisure time. Why do you do that?

S: … B: Fashion S: Oh and you’re fashionable?

I: Wow, that’s cold! B: Is there any ice cream?

B: I don’t know. I often do it; difficult to eat when I do though. I: Right… By Jason Ault


STORY Continued from Voice Volume 7

Chapter 6 “First we need to cover you up,” said Lillian after they had told Lawrence their story. “Right.” Lillian took her magical bag out and took a little bit. She dropped the powder on Lawrence and she knew it had to work. She also helped packing his tent. “Come up,” she announced as they finished packing. They used all of their space on Angelina and she had to turn into a bigger form. “Where are you going now?” she asked. “Where are we going, seriously, Rose. Where’s your plan?” Lillian asked. Rosemary took out her parchment of plans and started reading it. “We are now… going around for living things,” she said. Angelina went up and flew in a low speed. Four of them looked down at forests for a moving thing.

were drinking their milk tea, talking.

The one before her went away into one of the

“Where do you think is the Middle of World

dark doors. Simfaria turned her head away as

that Simfaria Nasitora had said in your dream?”

someone else squealed, “Sister! My dear Sister!

“Maybe she was tricking us into her trap!” Lillian exclaimed. “I do think the ‘Middle of World’ is true!” Cecilia shouted in their tent. Lawrence came out of his finished tent and sat down to join them. “I don’t think you’ll go and find her,” he said. Lillian thought about this. Maybe he’s right, she thought. But she needed to meet Simfaria, to hear about the prediction. “What? Are you planning to go?” Rosemary asked, amazed as she took in Lillian’s expression. “Go where?” Cecilia asked as she walked to them.

I’ve brought you bad news!” A teenage girl ran toward Simfaria, panting. “What have you found out about, slave?” The girl tried to retort but held up in time. She ignored her sister’s speech on her and said, “Sister, I have…” But she was interrupted by Simfaria, who looked furious. “You’re NOT my sister!” “Fine!” cried the girl. “I have found out that Lillian Finnien will never be seen by you again.” “What?” shouted Simfaria. “What were you saying? Slave Jacquelyn?” The girl named Jacquelyn answered

“Nothing,” Lillian lied.

frighteningly, “You can’t see Lillian Finnien

She dreamed about Simfaria that night, about


what she was planning. “My lady, did you kill the girl?” someone asked with his back to Lillian.

“Then what are you doing here? Go and get out of here!” shouted Simfaria. “But, you already sent…”

Soon sunset arrived. Angelina put them in

“I think not,” Simfaria replied. Her pale face

a forest clearing and returned to her angel

was reflected in the dim candle light around

form. Lillian made a fire using her magical

the room, which they were now standing. The

powder and they sat around it. They ate from

chamber walls were black, only a few candles

Lawrence’s remained food because they were

were lit. And then there were the doors, blurred

To be continued…

too tired to eat. After dinner Cecilia and

in outlines.

Tina 吴蔚 7EE

Lawrence took out their bags and took the canvas for the tent out. Lillian and Rosemary

“I can’t find her. I think you can. Go,” she whispered coldly.

“Get off!” she pointed her wand at Jacquelyn and she vanished. “I am going to get you this time…”

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Mia (panyan) Standard Level

Hi My Dear Fish Dara (Cen Xinyue) Higher Level

Hilary (Kim, Haeun) Higher Level

Hilary (Kim, Haeun) Higher Level

Canny liangjiewen Standard Level

Hilary (Kim, Haeun) Higher Level

12 ART

year 40


David (lixiang) Standard Level

Gloria (jinherong) Standard Level

Lorna (Zheng lu) Higher Level

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11 12


14 16

15 17 18 19 20





2. What is a typical cake that is baked and given often as a

1. What month is Christmas? 3. Who is Rudolph anyway? 4. Who helps Santa with all this work? 6. A house that is made out of candy and cookies? 9. What do you call the big guy with the red suit and the white


present (much to everyone’s chagrin) to friends, relatives and neighbors during this holiday season?

5. What can be found under most decorated pine trees on the morning of December 25?

7. Where does Santa put the small presents? 8. Jingle ____, jingle ______, Jingle all the way. 10. What do people hang on their doors? 14. What Ballet is preformed during the holidays? 15. What’s another word for present? 17. Santa’s transportation. 18. What do you call a decorated pine tree? 20. Where are the stockings usually hung? 21. What kind of a nose does Rudolph have? 22. Dashing through the _______, on a one horse open sleigh. 23. Santa’s favorite drink



Santa Claus








beard that gives presents on December 25?



11. Where does Santa live? 12. Stringy, silvery or gold stuff that people decorate the tree with. 13. What do people do in groups in front of other peoples doors? 16. What are Christmas songs called? 19. What is traditionally put on the pine tree during the holidays?


North Pole


Hot Chocolate




Gingerbread House


Fireplace Mantel


Christmas Tree





We need





ARTICLES Contributions can be of any topic, style, subject and prose. Please keep your submissions positive, limited to 2 pages, with pictures (preferably) and typed. Each article

s t n e Stud lented Our ta



Kilts to ottish From Sc in Hong Kong pandas

and a ng PYP Reformi Cambridge visite to



d and a e Hydrate Staying oking Cours Co Jungle


name (if applicable) and class or department.

eful resourc

ng skills Acquiri

l Schoo

should include authors English and Chinese




tal to

cake Cheese Mango s dumplings iou & delic


s Pa succes


ge 12

inton, , Badm Hockey and more all Volleyb


ology Techn of

olution The Ev and Apps Phones


Please email

for all inquiries and submissions.




December September

九月 jiǔ yuè


十月 shí yuè







十一月 shí yī yuè

十二月 shí èr yuè

一月 yī yuè

二月 èr yuè

8 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival Guangzhou







International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Language Festival @ 2pm

Burning Devil Festival




10 11








12 13


International Anti Corruption Day WORLD

Language Festival @ 2pm

Learning & Teaching Expo

UOI Presentations - PYP



15 16 March


17 18 19 20 21

三月 sān yuè Christmas & New Year Celebration @9am

四月 sì yuè



五月 wǔ yuè


六月 liù yuè

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Christmas Holiday



七月 qī yuè

29 30 31

八月 bā yuè

Hogmanay Festival Scotland

5 days off for New Year’s Day



Boxing Day


United kingdom

MAD Mobile Storage Unit Universal Chemistry Set 3D Pencil Sketcher Now, your imagination, your art, your ideas will grow to be fantastic. Any character you draw with this pencil becomes absolutely real. Just draw anything and step back. The possibilities are endless!

This Chemistry set is unlimited. It comes with all elements of the universe as well as beakers, retorts, flasks, test tubes, a booklet of 200 mixing recipes and a poster for the table of elements. Mix your own super nova, black holes, suns and life inhabiting planets! WARNING: Don’t use it in this universe

Shrinks your things for easy and convenient transportation. Using ground-breaking anti-gravity technology, you can put everything in a light-weight package. Pick it up and carry anything easily; your books, your pencils; your laptops, even your groceries.



Mogwai Robot 225 Have you ever had strong wind blow your important documents all over the room or out the window? Never again with this 10lb cube that has 5 retina displays! Hold your papers down AND find inspiration on each side. It’s cool to be a square.

Robot 225 is faster than Robot 224, smarter than Robot 223 and has more colors than Robot 222. It can carry more than Robot 221, dances better than Robot 220, and cooks with more skill than Robot 219 (reports mentioned that everything tasted like chicken). Models 0 to 218 didn’t sing at all while 219 coughed and 220 managed a whistle. It was Robots 220 through 224 that sang but kind of sounded like a mix between Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs. Robot 225 is the model of choice for the best of everything, but especially for coming with you and your friends to KTV and sounding like Adele.

PRICE: A short story and 5,000 RMB

PRICE: $2,000, but FREE if exchanged for an earlier model

Writer’s Block Paperweight

The Mogwai has long been known to be one of the most mysterious animals in the known world. It has long since become extinct. Only one Mogwai remains in the world. For centuries it has been believed that taking care of a Mogwai brings great misfortune, but who believes that nonsense! There are a few rules however. WARNING: No matter how much it begs you, never feed it after midnight. Don’t bathe him; keep him away from water and never ever,let him touch it. Mogwai are very sensitive to lights, so turn them down when you let him out of the box.

Come up with a few crazy inventions and send us your ideas. You, too, can be a mad scientist. Email



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