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Guangdong Country Garden School



in the community

Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS) has a vibrant and purposeful school community.

the world. Our students acquire 21st century skills to enable them to thrive

GCGS is committed to providing a high quality, affordable international

To better serve our students’ learning needs and personal development, we

education that represents excellence & quality. We are a selective,

aim to continuously improve the quality of our facilities and the educational

coeducational, independent Kindergarten through Year 15 school. You will

programs we offer. We are proud of our school and of the achievements

discover new things, and share your enthusiasm with new friends from all

of the members of our school community but we are not complacent. We

over the world. As an international school located in the South of China, we

welcome constructive feedback on how we’re doing because it helps us

value and celebrate the rich diversity of the many nationalities, cultures and

grow and improve

traditions of all our students and we aim to provide a safe, inclusive and caring environment in which young people can learn to live and work together in a spirit of harmony and mutual respect. Each student is encouraged to play an active role in school life, both in and out of the classroom.

in an increasingly mobile and interdependent world. In addition, we also offer IGCSE, IFY & A-Levels as part of our academic program.

GCGS is an inclusive learning community, which inspires International Mindedness, Personal Excellence, and Creative and Critical Thinking. One of the things immediately apparent at GCGS is that we are a community of Learners, actively engaged in a wide range of activities

We have a tradition of curriculum development and innovation and are

requiring diverse skills. Because we are a community much of our learning

currently one of 150 schools in the world to offer all three programs of

occurs collaboratively, within and across groups, which may be defined

the International Baccalaureate, PYP, MYP & DP. The final two years of

socially or professionally. This sense of community encourages risk-taking,

these programs, taught in grades 11 and 12, lead to the award of the IB

communication and involvement, regardless of age or role.

Diploma, a qualification recognized and sought after by universities around

You are always welcome to contact us or make an appointment to visit.

David Li Principle of Guangdong Country Garden School

Questions? Want to contribute? Have a great idea for the magazine? Have a paper airplane war with the editor?



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English Drama Festival


Future Life

AOI Week


Witness of Growth

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SCHOOL Words from the Founder The most valuable investment is in the children’s education. As an old Chinese adage goes, “A great wealth in one’s family is not as valuable as a slight skill in one’s hand.” Money will be used up some day, but abilities may enable someone


Country Garden Resort (Luxury Club)

to create an unlimited amount of wealth for lifelong enjoyment.



Southern Gate

Another Chinese proverb says, “A family’s wealth seldom continues beyond Gymnasium

three generations.” Today, I would take the courage to offer my advice to the

Track & Field

successful people: “Success in one’s career alone is not enough. Besides your



nt D

o rm


career achievement, your children must be promising and well mannered. Only in this way can the joys of your family life have substantive meaning. In addition,


as head of a household, you can enjoy a peaceful and care-free mind only Botani

after you have raised your children who have a sound physical health; a noble

Observatory Tower

cal G arden

determination, and brilliant wisdom to carry forward your career. The realization




of all these will be impossible without receiving a quality education.


National Junior High School National Senior High School

International Cafeteria

Science and Technology Center



ent ’s Pala



National Primary School

g ro

International Building




tu d


e as ers Ov ction Se

IT Center

Lecture Hall for MYP and DP



0086-757-2667-7428 0086-757-2667-7328


Western Toilets!





Administration Building Kindergarten


Guangdong Country Garden School Beijiao town, Shunde district, Foshan city, Guangdong province, China 528312



Guangdong country garden school

New Models of the IB Programs The Primary Years Program (PYP)

The Middle Years Program (MYP)

The Diploma Program (DP)

The new PYP model differs from the old PYP model in the following ways

The new model contains the same message about an MYP education but with a different presentation. The circle closest to the center of the model now contains four elements.

The new DP model differs from the old DP model in the following ways:

1. The core circle remains illustrative of the learner’s position at the heart of the PYP curriculum framework. 2. The innermost circle unites the pedagogy of the PYP with its essential elements 3. The three components of the PYP curriculum cycle (written, taught and assessed) now embodied in Approaches to

1. Approaches to learning—this demonstrates the commitment to approaches to learning

on the new model as Approaches to Learning, is also in alignment with MYP,

2. Approaches to teaching and learning model demonstrating the DP’s commitment

2. Approaches to teaching—this emphasizes authentic learning through inquiry.

related and trans-disciplinary) represented

of education

developing skills for learning.

programs. It reinforces the PYP pedagogy

4. The essential element of skills (subject

other program and the IB’s continuum

are included in the inner circle of the

the MYP pedagogy, including collaborative,

and conceptually driven

a hexagon to a circle to align with the

as a key component of the MYP for

Teaching, aligns with MYP, DP and IBCC of authentic learning that is inquiry-based

1. The shape of the model changes from

3. Concepts—this shows the emphasis placed on a concept-based curriculum. 4. Areas of interaction—shows how learning best takes place in context, and can help to develop international-mindedness.

to particular pedagogical approaches to teaching and to developing particular skills for learning 3. The term experimental sciences has changed to the term sciences to more closely align with the other programs 4. The watermark of the world indicates that much learning for the DP takes place in the global context.

DP and IBCC 5. Concepts feature separately to show the alignment with MYP 6. Attitudes remain a PYP essential element. 7. The PYP culminates in the Exhibition, and this features on the new model. This circle demonstrates the clear alignment with action, and with the culminating activities in MYP, DP and IBCC.

Guangdong Country Garden School


WORDS FROM OUR FUTURE OXFORD STUDENTS Advice for students who want to attend high level British University It is my pleasure to be an offer-holder of Oxford University. In my opinion, there is no direct way to success; therefore preparation and accumulation start from daily study. I would like to share some suggestions with you. As high level British Universities seek motivated

What makes studying aboard so rewarding to me? I believe we need to be exposed to a more well-rounded education in order to pursue a brighter and more promising future.

and independent learners, self-directed learning skills are indispensable and will help you standout during an interview. I remember that one of my interview questions was about defining a new type of number and doing some calculations according to the rules that set it up. Thus, the faster you learn and understand, the more time you have to respond to the questions. Moreover, internships relating to your major are encouraged to equip yourself with practical experience.

Critical thinking skills are also important. In this case, participating in different kinds of aptitude tests might be a good choice because it can

The difficulties and benefits of studying at a prestigious British University

challenge your mind and improve efficiency.

The major difficulty frequently encountered

Besides, these experiences will enrich your

by Chinese overseas students is the language

scope of knowledge and alleviate the boredom

barrier. No matter how remarkable the score

from daily routines.

you have achieved in either your IELTS or

Most of you might worry about your personal statement because it is the first chance for you to present your talents and suitability to the admission officers. A good personal statement can be achieved by asking “how fit am I� regularly. By this I mean, relating yourself to the major closely and trying to make your PS concise and to the point. Overall, contentment is a kind of ignorance. If you want to apply to high level British Universities, enrich yourselves right now and try to make your perfection more perfect! by Liang Xiaoman (Teresa)

TOEFL, one thing you should bear in your mind is that there is still a long way to go to catch up with those native speakers. Take myself as an example, achieving the highest score in IELTS listening, I still had a hard time catching the words and phrased uttered from my British peers. So, right now, do whatever you can to practice your English before going aboard. What makes studying aboard so rewarding to me? Quite simply, because I believe we need to be exposed to a more well-rounded education in order to pursue a brighter and more promising future. Through my conversation with the professors, I am amazed by the fact that the interview is actually assessing

Participating in different kinds of aptitude tests can challenge your mind and improve efficiency. 4

your presentation skills which are commonly overlooked by Chinese modes of education. Accordingly, access to western education enables us to develop skills and abilities that we do not have yet, but are important for our own sake. by Fang Zhuoran(Roger)

oxford student

Oxford University, United Kingdom

HOW DP HELPED ME When I was in year 10, I faced a difficult choice - DP or A-level. Although my family strongly supported me to take the A-level

My ambition after my first degree

course as it was easier to handle, I eventually

Oxford has been my unique university dream

lifestyles by adding anti-fog and self-

stuck to my own viewpoint and chose DP

since I finished my first visit to the city in 2008.

cleaning properties into glasses through

without hesitation. DP was a curriculum full

Looking back, the road to Oxford was tough,


of challenges. In my opinion, DP stands for

but meaningful. Composing my personal

Products with such appropriate materials

statement, attending the admission test, waiting

bring people a better overall experience.

for the interview invitation anxiously and having

Hydrophobic sprays repel oil, ketchup

a face to face academic combat with the

and even chocolate syrup so effectively

DP trained me to be a person who studies

professor. Every single step has enhanced my

that it could very well keep the world

intensively. This characteristic gave me a lot of

ability and strengthened my mind.

clean and dry. This unparalleled character

help in the process of learning mathematics

But what is more than this prestigious university?

motivates me to spread those benefits to

and eventually leaded me to this major. I

An old dream ends when a new dream begins.

all humanity.

did not limit myself to book knowledge. DP

Entering Oxford to study Materials Science is

Above all, Oxford is not a medium to flaunt

just the beginning of my journey. With the help of an excellent education, I truly hope that hydrophobic (water

my achievements, but a precious sanctuary to accelerate the procedures in which to

repelling) glasses can eventually

fulfill my dreams.

come into the world. Since I first went

by Liu Xiewen(Seven)

determination and passion, for which DP students should pay100% attention and volition during the two-year course.

curriculum provided me the opportunity to learn more deeply about mathematics, for example the learning of Four Color Laws and the Taylor series. Through this learning process, I practiced my logical thinking skills and understanding of natural laws though mathematics.

fishing with my grandfather; I have

In addition, DP trained me to be a persistent

been studying the tiny fuzzes on lotus

person. During the application of university,

leaves that prevent the permeation

I almost gave up due to the high pressure

of water drops. Those drops on the

and complex application procedure. From the

leaves react just like mercury. This amazing

accumulation of knowledge for MAT test to

phenomenon of nature inspired

the preparation of interview, persistence was

me to design a pair of

the main factor prompting me forward. And

specific glasses which

I believed that I would continue to give my

make raindrops slide

enthusiasm to mathematics as I always did.

along the surface

DP always drove me crazy, but it changed my

instantly. I sincerely

life path. It brought me determination and

wish to create

more convenient

passion. Brother-sister-school students, just come and study in DP. Zhang Sisi

With the help of an excellent education, I truly hope that hydrophobic (water repelling) glasses can eventually come into the world. 5

Recommendation Letters

Dear Admissions Officer: I am very pleased to write a reference for Mr. GONG FU RONG for his application to study chemistry in your university. I am a Chemistry teacher with 16 years of work experience and am currently an A Level Chemistry Teacher, homeroom teacher and director of students’ office in Pre-U Section of Guangdong Country Garden School, an independent school offering CIE International GCSE and A Level courses from Year 9 to Year12. I have known Gong Fu Rong for over one year. He is without a doubt one of the most promising students I have ever seen. His passion for learning chemistry delights not only himself but also his classmates and me. He enjoyed everything about chemistry and insists on choosing a major involving chemistry. GONG FU RONG always focuses on my teaching and gives neatly written homework. He rewrote his chemistry notebook according to his reading and listening; this notebook was borrowed for copying by some students. His answers for homework show his excellent understanding of chemistry and capacity for analytical thinking. He became very spirited when we went through the difficult part of chemistry, for example the part with organic mechanisms. He also does a great practical job in the chemistry laboratory. When we did the experiments of acid-base titration, enthalpy change and transition metals, he finished his experiment in an orderly and correct manner. The results for the examinations for chemistry in AS level have shown that he is, without a doubt, one of the best in my class. The sum, of the marks of AL math, AS chemistry, AS physics and AS biology, shows that he ranks 3 in the A LEVEL program with 55 students. In the past two years, Gong Fu Rong has taken part in a number of activities both in school and outside school. In some volunteer activities like China week, one of the activities is to help others. He overcame the hard conditions in the aided primary school and taught the kids there for five days. Also, his team donated learning supplies and sports goods to that school. His supervisor gave him an excellent evaluation after this activity, which stated that “he is a sun that warms others around him”. He also took part in the sports, science, and language festivals in our school. He was one of my assistants who helped me to prepare and demonstrate interesting experiments to all school students and visitors on the open day. To conclude, Mr. GONG FU RONG is working through the realization of his potential. He has shown independence of learning and the capacity to pursue an academic course logically and maturely. He has a strong sense of responsibility for society and a dream of being a scientific worker to make the word better. He has a well-grounded personality and is liked by both his teachers and peers. These and other characteristics will serve him well in his further study of chemistry in university.

Yan Xiao Chemistry teacher, homeroom teacher and director of student’s office


Dear Admissions Officer: In my eight years of A Level Chemistry teaching experience, I wrote reference letters for many excellent students. This time I recommend Liu Xie Wen - one of my favorite students this year. I’ve known him since he came into grade 11 in September 2011; I am his homeroom teacher and I teach him chemistry. I recommend him not only because of his academic excellence, but also his excellent comprehensive quality and his mature attitude. My appreciation of Xie Wen has deepened with time. One of the most significant events took place in November 2011 China Week activities. It is an annual one-week trip that students go to help pupils in elementary schools in remote areas of China. I was the supervisor of a group of seven students to Da Jiao in Hunan province, among whom Xie Wen was the leader. I was impressed that Xie Wen could always find solutions to cope with the problems that we met with the transportation, accommodation and food - the best demonstration of his strong leadership and problem solving ability. In April 2012, after my promotion to be the Director of Students, there was a lot of school-wide activities to be organized, such as Language and Art festival, Graduation Ceremony, etc. Xie Wen led members of the Student Union to give me a lot of cooperation and support. In these activities Xie Wen showed excellent communication and organization skills. Another example to note is that he didn’t quit club activities, as his peers did, during the AS exam season in June 2011. He was very confident in balancing study and school activities. Because of his outstanding achievements and Students Union work, we recommended him as 2011 Outstanding Student Cadres in Shunde District. Xie Wen is a hardworking and efficient learner. His academic performance and results in my class is in the top 5. What’s worth mentioning is that he was one of the only two students that got A, among 38 Economics examinees in our school. He won the First Prize in the national “XiSi” English contest and he got Top 5% in CHEM13 contest of the University of Waterloo. Xie Wen’s examination paper and homework are my favorite because of his beautiful, neat and orderly writing. He likes Chemistry and he wrote an essay with the title ‘Materials Evolution History of Tennis Racket’, which was a very good combination of his favorite subject and sport. In conclusion, his politeness and gentle way of talking make him known as a ‘gentleman’, his active participation in calligraphy and piano makes him one of the most popular students. I’m going to share with you an anecdote that Xie Wen’s father told me in a parents’ meeting. After a family trip to Britain in 2011, Xie Wen started to be crazy for England and he firmly told his father: “I’m going to study in the UK!” I am very lucky to have met such an outstanding student like Liu Xie Wen. I have always felt that he still has a lot of potential. I believe challenges in university will help to fulfill his potential and I recommend him whole heartedly.

Yours sincerely,

Yan Xiao Chemistry teacher, homeroom teacher and director of student’s office



Massachusetts Institute of Technology “The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the twenty-first century. We seek to develop in each member of the MIT community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind.” - website

A school of industrial science [aiding] the

Through the early 1900’s, especially during

advancement, development and practical

World War II, students or researchers worked

application of science in connection with arts,

on computers, radar and inertial guidance.

agriculture, manufactures, and commerce.

Through the past 50 years; MIT’s courses

—[10], Act to Incorporate the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Acts of 1861, Chapter 183 The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, otherwise known as the acronym (M.I.T) was first established in 1861, in response to the increasing industrialization of the United States. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts along the northern bank of the Charles River basin.

and subjects have expanded considerably to accompany such disciplines as biology, economics, management and physical sciences. The campus is over a mile long and has just under 11,000 students. The instructors have been rewarded several major awards in their fields and offers students fresh and insightful approaches to the subjects they study.


My “Roots and Shoots”, my happiness

The club in our school is in line with this

fertilizer, pesticide, growth regulator and

international organization. It is one important

genetically modified material have never been

part of the ASDAN course, as well as the CAS

used. Rather we have chosen the organic

course in IBDP.

fertilizer and pesticides. We have caught

“Roots and Shoots” is an international and

The club members use organic ways to cultivate

insects, got rid of the grass using our hands

non-profitable environmental public welfare

various vegetables in our campus’ biology park.

and we have happily observed the process of

organization founded by Jane Goodell.

We were ignorant about planting at first, but

growing vegetables.

As one of the educational items

after studying the course of organic plantation

Through the participation of this club, we

for environmental protection and

and following the instructions directed by

have learned how food grows. We now

humanitarianism, it is dedicated to

school logistic aunties, we gradually were

know the importance of cultivation for social

contribute to the betterment of the

able to better manage the process.

development, and the experience of labor

environment, animals, plants and community.

From the sowing, everyday disinsectization, weeding and onto the final harvest; the chemical

and the joy of sharing. This course has also taught us the sympathy and respect we should have towards all creatures. Our awareness of wildlife & environment protection formed in this activity and it has made us more positively involved in turning the world into a better place to live. IFY11-1 Xia Min


The 4th of May. With a lot of excitement and appreciation; it was the day that a new chapter in my life story began. I received an offer from the University of Toronto, majoring in Materials Engineering.

to the instructions that are given. Moreover, in

Looking back at the path of my life, a new

By doing more practices in the laboratory,

direction of the way to travel occurred two

perfecting the procedures of the experiments,

years ago, directing me to a brighter future.

learning how to work out an accurate analysis

More specifically, what I mean is transferring

report; I finally felt this paper was no longer

to the International Section from Bilingual,

difficult for me and I was more confident while

studying A-Level courses instead of Chinese

doing experiments.

High School curriculum. However, this transformation wasn’t easy, all the adaptations confused me and made me feel a little bit out of place. First of all, selecting courses is the first thing we should face when we enter into A-Level. In Bilingual Section, subjects are already designed and the only thing we need to do is to do the courses well. However, in A Level, we can choose our courses that we are interested in. In fact, we are supposed to be responsible with those choices. Subjects that we chose

A2, we are supposed to design an experiment with reasonable steps. Obviously, it was definitely tough for me since I have never done such high-demanding experiments before. I even had difficulties in figuring out the name of the apparatus’.

Thanks to all these distinctive experiences that I had in these last two years; I was shaping up into become a well-rounded person with passion and abilities. Thanks to all the help from people around me, including my teachers, classmates, and my parents. It is you, that accompanied me to get through this high school life, with both joy and sorrow; laughter and tears! By Chen Xinting

in A-Level must be relevant to the major that we are going to study in university. Thus, I had discussions with some teachers and thought over my future plan. With my love for science, I eventually chose Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Secondly, A Level courses focused more on strengthen the hands-on practice and problem solving ability. For instance, in science subjects, like Physics and Chemistry, we have a paper that required us to do an experiment according



Graduation Comes Graduation is around the corner. I have been admitted by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and decided to learn Logistics in the near future.

“All right, what kinds of specific actions or

Excited, relaxed but also lost, as I know my

into an instant silence. I began to realize that

classmates and myself will be apart soon. We’ll

all my previous effort were so superficial and

never study or laugh together from now on.

that I should put my words and determination

However, our friendship will always remain in

into practical deeds. I started to plan my

my heart. Farewell, my friends! Take care.

learning schedule and concentrated in each

Two years ago, I came to this big family IFY. Teachers are patient and classmates are friendly here, but studying was not always easy. My academic scores just ranked at an average level and I was lying to myself by persuading in the words that I had tried my best. In fact that was just an excuse I found later, which happened after the talk I had between my homeroom teacher and myself. He asked me one day: “Do you know why you could not make progress in academics?” “I don’t know, but I feel I have done my best.” I replied.


efforts could be called having tried one’s best in your opinion? Would you like to share it with me? ” He continued. His words and inspiring questions drove me

class. Furthermore, I formed a habit of solving academic problems as they appeared. I have been sticking to this routine from then. This enhanced my study skills efficiently and I made a huge progress in learning almost all the subjects. My proficient time management skills also enabled me to lead a healthy and happy school life under the massive pressure of grade 12. Now graduation is coming and my university life is waiting ahead. I hope my experience of pursuing study in foreign universities will be as wonderful as it was here. IFY12-2 Liu Enming

Teaching achievements of the Overseas Students Section Since being founded in August 2005, the Overseas Students Section has been actively exploring the characteristics of the teaching system. We base our curriculum on the overseas students’ individual situation, practical curriculum and teaching content integration, embracing its own characteristics.

the students’ language skills, such as Chinese

teaching material must be reorganized after

grammar, Chinese listening, Chinese reading

the comparison. The form must be easy to

comprehension and Chinese characters.

understand, effective and not affected by the

The students are brought together from many different cultures, and the age range is large. Students have different learning needs that

The China College Entrance Examination Tests are different for overseas students. Chinese

intermediary language and second language lesson plans.

universities examination content is target-

After years of efforts, our school-based

oriented. We adopt the test classes, all based

curriculum has achieved excellent results. The

on the requirement of the students, to the

National Chinese proficiency test (HSK) is the

teaching goals and the exam outline standards

sole criterion for testing purposes of Chinese

for the specific colleges and universities. For

teaching. Our HSK examination level passing

can basically be divided into four categories:

instance, Zeng Zhen, a girl from Myanmar, her

rate has been 100% for four consecutive years.

studying only Chinese, preparation for entrance

goal is to attend Tsinghua University. We teach

HSK grade 5 students all obtain the above

into Chinese universities, preparation for the

her Chinese history individually according to

certificate achieving the university examination

IB program and individual drop-in counseling.

the standards of Tsinghua University.

standard. The Party secretary of Guangdong

Therefore, the Overseas Students Section

University of Foreign Studies, dean of the

chooses a hierarchical class teaching model

school of international students, Liang Xuehong

according to the different learning needs of

evaluated our Chinese teaching saying: “Your

students. We take the essence of a variety of

HSK scores are the best in Guangdong.” During

materials, combined with practical experience

these four years, all graduating students have

and form the school-based teaching plans and

been admitted to key domestic universities.

learning base.

They’re studying in Tsinghua University, Fudan

For Chinese teaching, we adopt a small-class

University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and

teaching mode. That is to say that the students

other first-class domestic universities.

study in different classes in accordance with their Chinese level. We employ the Beijing Language and Culture University “strengthening

An English class or a math class may have two

Chinese tutorial” as the main teaching material,

or more levels of teaching. While considering

add in some auxiliary content, such as primary

the students age differences, teachers need

school Chinese, Chinese culture and ancient

to pay attention to different students’ Chinese

Chinese, in order to develop the students’

level and the level of interlanguages. In

ability of language communication. This

addition, due to several differences between

multi-faceted approach works to cultivate

teaching content abroad and locally, the

5 tips graduates can learn from super-achievers






Learn from failure


Tell your story

Manage emotions

Pursue your passion

You may not realize it but you will fail. And fail frequently. You’ll fail more than you’ll succeed. And the higher you set your sights the more you’ll fail. But failure is the best teacher.

In order to achieve success, you’ll need to reach out to others and rely on them. So, get over your pride. Tap anybody and everybody to find contacts in your field.

What will make you stand out among the other people vying for the same job? A well-crafted and compelling story engages. Clarify who you are, what it is you want and what you have to offer.

Early on, you can be derailed by emotional ups and downs. You may feel anger, frustration or despair on a daily basis. But overcoming emotional struggles is the key to success.

Studies have shown that being happy in a job can make you more productive. For many successful people, happiness itself isn’t the goal, the pursuit of happiness actually made them happy and productive.






The University of Oxford 张思思、方卓然、刘燮文、梁晓曼

Imperial College London 杨泽涌、李星晨、吕翰狄

University of Toronto 王庭钧、陈逸熙、杨羽、许铎

University College London(世界排名第4) 肖子仁、陈达潮、杨琦凝、刘浩男、李易兴、 魏娅、刘贤钊、姚奕、许凯杰、王琪铭、朱祉 恩、林嘉豪、庄怡皑、何馨

The University of Edinburgh 张颖凡、陈芷贤、王华、陶朕博、孙思韵、 孙皓城、宋嘉璐、陈欣婷、钟雪梅

The University of British Columbia 邓航、霍伊婷

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne ) 蒙凯奇、何明修、李婉怡、王一清、郑早翌 University of California, Los Angeles 张逸 New York University 曹欣欣 Boston University 欧阳炜航 University of Washington 莫若愚 University of California, Davis 张维麟

King’s College London 卢翊君

The University of Melbourne 李炜莹、曹海桦

Bristol University 黄洛彬、林钰媛、尹苓璇

The University of Sydney 李昌俊、权赫惇、黄靖怡

University of Manchester 欧阳颖诗、周万童、肖艺、余梦琦、陈俊峰、刘 继翀、张薇、王乐宇、殷昌晶、王一茹、赵心怡

Monash University 阳洋、崔大成、曹泳瑶

The University of Warwick 姜钰

The University of Hong Kong 安希真、秦爱率、李承沿

The University of Sheffield 任震南、刘永贤、何芷盈、卢宛彤、何栩毅

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 黄蕊、马嘉蔚


Witness of GROWTH As a graduate in 2013, Guangdong Country Garden School is my proudest topic of conversation. In 2001, a quiet 5-year-old girl entered the school gate and spent 75% of her 17-yeartime here. She didn’t even realize this was one of the luckiest things that could have ever happened to her. I now realize that I am the



luckiest girl, and now i am going to university

People may ask me: ”Don’t you feel bored for

with the powerful help of my Alma mater.

staying in one school for 10 plus years?” My

School is the perfect place for this occurrence

answer is absolutely NO! If you were me, you

of stories; acting as a witness of my growth. My

may know what comfort we would have if

experience helps and protects me. I remember

friends knew each other’s secret and we were

every little detail as it happened yesterday.

close enough to make the families jealous. If

Such memories can make you smile, but they

you were me, you will be thankful to all the

can also make you cry quite hard. The only

awesome educational resources and various

thing we need is a cup of mellow coffee to

opportunities we can have on our way to

remind us all of the days and nights long past.

growth; If you were me, you may find how easy

My graduation is filled with ‘pities’: I won’t

and convenient itis to solve problems in school

rush and shout out loudly on the school road

because you know almost everyone here.

because i am almost late; I will never be ‘invited

The past 12 years tell me: life is not measured

‘to stand up because I often talk to my desk

by the number of breaths we take, but by the

mates during class; The doctor Mr. Zhu is not

moments that amazed the old times. Although

going to drive me around the school again. I

we must live forwards (because the future is

will never have take-away with friends in a

where we are going to spend the rest of our

corner and throw our phones into the toilet

life) I will bear this time here in my mind forever,

when teachers come by anymore. I won’t wake

whether it makes the tears run down my face

up by the familiar frequency of insects buzzing

quietly or create an innocent smile on my mouth.

outside my window. This green and yellow

No matter how my future will turn out.

school uniform (that looks like pajamas) have actually become my pajamas! I am not a bad girl but a sunny, crazy girl. Gratitude always reminds me of all the warmness in my cleanest and most beautiful days here, and that’s what builds up my disposition.

I love my mother school and I always will. But love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. School is my second home, she witnessed my growth and I witness her beauty. AL-12-1 YAO YI

By taking this opportunity; I want to say thank you to all the staff at GCGS. Thank you for all for the efforts you contributed. Thank you all for paying so much attention to students. Thank you all for being so responsible and so tolerant Now, we are about to leave, but we must firmly believe that GCGS is always our powerful foundation. I want to say thank you to all my friends here in GCGS as well, In the coming life, be brave be patient be strong be unique be valuable. Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. We are proudly entering the next stage of life hand in hand. Life couldn’t be better.



Dear school leaders, teachers and fellow students, Good morning! I’m the father of Liwanyi, from DP class 1 year 12. It’s my great pleasure to attend this graduation ceremony, and to witness this very important event in your lives. It is also my great honor to stand here and make a speech as a representative of parents.

How many times can you fight for yourself?

things will be pleasant memories. Fellows,

Now that the fortune is in your hands, kids, go

please remember the beautiful times you

master your future! Will gold shine? We have

spent in BGY!

faith in you all. We hope that someday in the

Finally, in this exciting moment, please allow me,

future, you would open the door of your life

representing all the parents, to bring about the

with indifferent toughness, unruffled chillax,

fieriest congratulations to the school leaders,

knowing that action always speaks louder than words. You would live up to your to your home school, to

As most of the parents sitting here; I believe

the society and to your

that when we send out children to this school,

fabulous youth.

the excellent studying environment this school provides. For all the efforts you teachers have made, I would like to bring you my greatest thanks. You are the most patient educators in my eyes: no matter how tired you are, you

The father of Liwanyi, DP class 1 year 12

parents, to your teachers,

My daughter transferred to BGY 6 years ago.

we acknowledged the dedicated teachers and

teachers, and dear students. Thank you!

Russian poet Pushkin once said: all will pass by and everything will be over. Past

would always look for the latest materials to enrich the lesson; no matter, how exhausted you are, you would not have the heart to reject the passion of a kid longing for knowledge. Therefore, I was firmly convinced that our children would spend a joyful and valuable time here, and till the end, they will always achieve their great success’. Let me represent all the parents, and give all these adorable teachers here our sincere respect and deepest appreciation. What’s more, my dear children, I understand that you have spent a hard but gorgeous time here in the pre-U section. You are so great to have been sharpened. You have made a huge step towards becoming an adult and successful. Congratulations! After this harsh reviewing time for the international exams, you’ve strengthened the most important basis for your future. Your journey at BGY ends here, but you will soon step in another palace, where you write your lives in the words of legends. Kids, we admire you, for being so tough and wise during this hard time, and we are always proud of you, remember that.




Lottery Dreams Unforgettable America

that’s Uncle Sam’s asset.” Afterwards, Uncle

Have you traveled to America before?

other countries call America “Uncle Sam.”

If you have, perhaps you’ll think this is an

If you decide to go to America, you can

unforgettable journey. If you haven’t, what a

visit some famous universities. Perhaps you

Hi! My name is Phil Gates and I am an English

pity! I recommend that you plan a journey to

know of Harvard University. This university is

teacher. I work in the kindergarten with my

America! Just take a few minutes to read this

located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This

wonderful students. However, I don’t have

article. I’m sure you’ll have some new opinions.

university’s full name is The President and

money because I have only been teaching one

First, let’s talk about something interesting.

Fellows of Harvard College. You’ll also see

month. I work really hard to keep my job!

What about food? Lots of teenagers in China

Yellowstone National Park, Disney World

love McDonald’s or KFC. These all come from

and the Grand Canyon if you travel around

America. In China, most teenagers like KFC

America, because these are famous tourist

better, but when you travel to America, you’ll

attractions. I want to say a few words about

change your mind. You’ll like McDonald’s

Yellowstone National Park. You can’t imagine

better, because in America, KFC’s flavors are

Sam became America’s nickname. That’s why

the beauty around you! There are no

This is a fictional story. The characters are not based on real people at our school nor has anyone at our school won the lottery. So don’t ask me who won!

One day, after working for about 8 straight hours without rest, I was too exhausted and I accidentally slept on my desk. After a while, I heard that someone was calling my name so I woke up immediately. Unexpectedly, I saw my mother standing in front of me. She said

for people who live in America. You won’t love

words to describe this park. You’ll see

KFC in America as much as you enjoy it in

what I am talking about if you go there.

China. You’ll like McDonald’s in America, and

The best thing I can tell you is - travel

tired. All I was thinking about was how I was

the foods are all delicious! There are many

to America! It is unforgettable!

going to use the money. How great was that!

other delicious foods in America too, such as

Austin Wang, grade 6, class 4

I found that my bank account had an incredible

Turducken, Buffalo wings, Cobb salad, lobster, apple pie, ice cream, and so on. You have to try them!

“Honey, wake up! I won the lottery and we got ten million!” I was so excited that I no longer felt

increase. I have never been so happy in my whole life. I went to the principle and I applied for a long holiday. After my holiday was

Another interesting thing is the official

accepted, I went to the travel agency and

language of America. I don’t know what will

got everything I needed. It was time for me to

happen in the future, but I know that up until

travel all around the world!

now, we still don’t know the official language of America. Everyone knows the reason is because people in America come from many different countries. Some people’s mother tongue is not English, such as people who were born in Mexico. They speak Spanish. I think that’s why the American government said the official language is not English. So you can speak Spanish to a Mexican and speak Chinese to people who were born in China, too! Have you heard of Uncle Sam? He was a businessman called Sam Wilson, who gave beef to the U.S. armed forces during the War of 1812. Every barrel of beef had two letters on the outside: U.S. It meant that this barrel was the property of the United States government. These were the same letters as Sam Wilson’s nickname, Uncle Sam. After that, people said, “If a barrel has the letters U.S. on the outside,

During my holiday I was spending too much that I found that I had to more money to pay those bills. I was broke. I had no money to leave Japan and fly back to my own country. As I thought about that situation, I hoped things could not get any worse, but my luggage was stolen and I lost my passport “Some one help me! I shouted. Suddenly, I found my self in a dark room. I looked at the clock and it was already 11 in the evening. I turned on the light and I found I was still in the kindergarten. It was all a dream. I was really disappointed and I felt sad. Anyway, I had to go home and I started to clean up. I told my story to my family and they all laughed at me. I really hoped this dream could come true so the next day I went out and bought a lottery ticket. Guess what? I won…. Jessica Chow, 9-7ee


Living at school

My Life in the Dorm

To tell you truth, my actual life in dorm is

Only about a year ago, I was a student

of all, my roommate is my younger sister. That

imagining what life in a dorm would be like. I

kind of breaks almost half of my imaginations.

bet almost every student does the same thing.

My sister and I do not have a lovely relationship.

My imaginations were full of excitement and

We even fight like boys sometimes. Actually, we

fun. Since I was young, I had hoped to live in

don’t get to see each other a lot because we

a dormitory. I had rarely considered this hope

are in different grades. The only time we talk

realistic. If I wanted to live in a dorm, I would

together for a while is at night before we sleep.

have to attend a boarding school, which

In addition, I don’t just live in the dormitory. My

definitely was not an easy task. However, this

home is located very close to our school. On

hope actually came true in China. Now, I would

weekends, I go home and spend some time with

like to tell you how my imaginations about the life

my parents. You might say that I don’t have much

in dorm differ from my actual life in dorm.

freedom, but I actually have a lot of freedom at

My imaginations were wide but not too wild.

home. My friends envy me for having a house

As a teenage girl, being able to spend a lot of

near our school and parents also.

time with friends was an exciting opportunity.

It is very rare to have a reality that is exactly the

(It still is!) At that time, I thought that if I live in

same as imaginations. Even though my reality is

a dorm, I would be able to spend more time

almost the opposite of my imaginations, I find the

with my friends than usual. This idea obviously

reality quite interesting. Now that I have grown

fascinated me. I thought about talking all day

accustomed to the life in dorm, I have realized

with my roommate nearly and sharing secrets. I

that there are many fun occasions that were not

was also curious about how I would feel being

in my imaginations.

independent, apart from my parents. Although

Sally Kim

significantly different from my imaginations. First

there could be more freedom, I was still a bit scared of the thought.

Dear Cindy,


How are you? This is the first time I write to you. First of all, I have to say that I am greatly proud of

Due to the popularization of the Internet and cellphones, fewer people are sending old-fashioned, personal letters to one another.

you. Now you must be a famous designer. You have

However, old-fashioned letters can give

foreign designers now. I am so happy that English helps you so much!

the recipient a personal, special feeling and can mean more than electronic

have designed many beautiful clothes. You are great! Second, I believe you must have mastered English by now. I remember how active you were in all the English lessons. You can talk with those

I love you so much that I will try my best to be a better you.

communication. Today, students of the

Best wishes,

English Composition Club in National

Cindy 周雨心 NPS C4, G5

Primary School talk about different kinds of letters.


already realized my dream ten years ago. You must

English store is our favorite The Kids’ English Store is a store in our National Primary School. There are a lot of gifts in the Kids’ English Store. We can use dollars to buy our favorite gifts. There are many ways to earn dollars. There are many English language checkers in our primary school and they check our English speaking every day. The better we speak English, the more dollars we can earn. I enjoy learning English and I like speaking English with my friends. I can use English to talk with my friends in my

At the English Store, we can buy gifts with dollars. We earn dollars to spend at the store by practicing our English.

daily life. Because I want to buy gifts from the Kids’ English Store, I work hard and speak more English. I gained twenty dollars last week. I bought a doll from the store. I feel very happy about it. My friend Kitty bought a new doll, too. We all like the Kids’ English Store because we can choose our favorite gifts from it. My mum says it’s a good way for us to learn more English. Mai Yingxuan NPS C1 G3

Dear Linda,

Dear Sandy,

How are you?

How are you? It seems a long time since

I am quiet eager to see you next week. I

we met. I have so many things to tell you!

think you like playing badminton, don’t you?

Yesterday evening, I quarreled with my

If so, we can play together when we meet. We can also

classmate Karen. I felt so upset at that time. But no more

play some other games! Oh, yes, I also want to show you

than a few hours, both of us seemed to have forgotten the

some silkworms! I am keeping them lately! Looking forward

unhappiness and we became as good as before. What a

to meet you!

strange thing friendship should be!



Vivien 赵星然 NPS C4, G5

Sherry 胡樱华 NPS C1, G5





Children’s Day, always a great festival for kids,

called “The Adventure in the Forest” written

was celebrated with a very special event this

by Melody, a student from Class 3 Year 3

year at our school. In addition to the traditional

and performed by her classmates. Melody

exchange market activity, we celebrated this

wrote the play in three days and her class’

happy occasion with an English Drama Festival.

performance of her play was a great success.

The first Children’s Day English Drama Festival

The English Drama Festival is evidence of the

was held in the new theatre house. Twenty

success of including English Extra-curricular

classes performed eleven wonderful English

activities to further our students’ English

plays for over two hundred students on the big

Language skills. It is also highlights the overall

stage. There were sketches from many classical

improvement of the language program at PYP

stories like Beauty and the Beast, Little Match

as a result of the ongoing English curricular

Girl, Ugly Duckling, and Three Little Pigs to

reform which is integrating learning English

name a few. Children dressed up in costumes

through reading and performing as part of

and danced, sang and performed in English,

language instruction and acquisition.

showcasing their talents. One of the highlights of the festival was a play

Thanks to all the students and teachers who made this celebration an unforgettable success.

third is in the navel. For the first time I was too

A Wonderful Performance

shy to sing out loud and let all the people in the

How a unforgettable the performance was

”There’s nothing to be afraid of, all you have to

last night. The Guangdong makeup was very

do is burst your sound out!” they said.

remarkable, the custom was fascinating. It was

After the singing, the tutors said ”now you have

very unusual to the audience.

to learn some beautiful movements!” Without

This reminded me of an old Chinese saying, ten

them, Cantonese Opera can seem dull. The

years of practices for one minute on the stage.

movements were gentle and smooth, like an

The special part was the decorating of hairs,

Although there was a few minutes in the last

angel dancing and dancing, without stopping.

which was a very complicated process. You

performance, a lot of effort was put into it.

On the last night, before the show began, a

had to add different wigs and to curve and

The training started in November of 2012,

makeup girl helped us to dress up. That was

bend them. After that, colorful decoration was

when I first met my two tutors. They were the

my first time to do Guangdong makeup, and

added to the wigs, some were blue, some

actors of Cantonese Opera, who taught me

it made me excited. My face was like a color

were pink and some were orange, which

about Cantonese Opera. We practiced our

board, first they painted me white, then red.

made my head look like a beautiful flower. The

voice ,”ah” “ah” “ah” for half an hour, the aim

Then she helped me to draw eyeshadow, using

decorating made my head felt heavy and tight.

was to open the sound boxes in our body, one

black color. She also helped me to draw 2

Anyway, as we all known, the effect was

is in nasal cavity, the second is in the throat, the

straight bridges of the nose, in order to make

wonderful, wasn’t it?

my nose more outstanding.

By Carrie Jia from MYP C2G10

hall hear. However, my tutors were very strict.


This semester the students in MYP 7.1 and 7.3 have been learning about different types of poetry all while producing their own works. Students learned how each poem has a unique set of rules, either grammatical or visual, that distinguish it from other poetry. They learned about rhyming, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification and simile. A foolish tiger

The Hat

A big smart tiger jumps into the fire

In the big zoo there is a crazy monkey who wears a hat.

Her temperature becomes higher

The crazy monkey ran into the happy cat.

All she needs is water, MEOW!

The happy cat took off the crazy monkey’s hat,

A clever dog wants to save the tiger

The cat took the hat to the hippo who was really fat.

He asks for water from the farmer Then the foolish tiger is saved! She is OK, but she is so silly And then she wants to learn to skate! “You must be joking!” Come on! Donald 7.1

Suddenly, a funny bird came. She took the hat away and brought it to a bat, The stupid bat didn’t know what was a hat. And he threw the hat to the rat, The rat thinks it’s a great thing. So the clever rat used the hat to make a home! Candy 7.1

Thin Tiger Creative poetry written by students

Behind the rabbit there is a think tiger. He is a hungry tiger! Roar! Roar! Roar! In the grass, there is a sick snake.

Spring Winter has gone, spring is coming

He is a sad snake. Sss! Sss! Sss! Anne 7.1

Spring is an angel, she calls way the winter Spring is a woman, she away cries And summer comes, away dries

Sky cow

The wind has come, has beautiful long hair

Up in the sky there are 3 cows!

Has gets a fire


The rains come.

The first cow is happy.

He is a crazy man.


The summer passes and autumn is here

The second cow is angry.

She is a fat old woman!


Oh! Winter has returned.

The third cow is sad.


MOO! MOO! MOO! Lucy 7.1



to visit an amusement park, but Mason and I


didn’t go on any rides. Instead we played on the exercise equipment with Claire. After that, we all got on the bus and went to supper. After supper, we went to our hotel where we pulled in to our hotel. Everyone was cheering when we arrived because it was a really nice hotel. Miss Echo got our keys and everybody was getting their stuff together. Then Miss Echo

It took just about two hours and thirty minutes to travel there by bus. The first thing we did when we arrived was go to a museum about Heyuan. Everything was still in Chinese, but it was still pretty cool. Then after that, we went to lunch. That restaurant was my favorite out of all the restaurants we went to. After

elevator, but everybody had already taken i. So we ran up the stairs and then, into our hotel room. We were really blown away because they were really nice. Later that evening, we heard someone knocking, so we went to the door. We found, surprisingly, that nobody was there; so we went to the window and sure enough, Ben was standing on a giant balcony that stretched all the way around the building, but only on our level.

eating at he restaurant, we

The next day, Mason and I woke up at 7:30 in

went to a dinosaur museum.

the morning and went down and waited to get

They were in the Guiness

the breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, we

Book of World Records for one

went to an elderly home. While we were there,

of the largest dinosaur egg collections. We

we put on a show for them and gave them food.

eventually left the dinosaur museum and got

Gabe 7EE

This AOI week, I thought, was the best AOI I have ever been on. We went to so many beautiful places in HeYuan.

The whole grade 7 went to Heyuan to have a trip of three days. In the morning of the day we arrived, we went

presentation. There were 5 seniors having a

On the first day, it actually took us two and a

to a cemetery to commemorate the soldiers

birthday; so we gave the presents and cakes

half hours to get to Heyuan. When we arrived

that died because of the war. The cemetery, just

to them. After the senior’s home, we went to

however, we got to go to a revolutionary

like a park, had a museum inside. The museum

the most beautiful place in HeYuan---Wan Lu

martyr’s cemetery. There were many memorial

collected a lot of soldiers weapons, such as,

Lake. We had to walk for almost a half an hour

graves and items inside. After that, we went

firearms, spears and so on. It’s boring, but I

to watch a show. After the show we played

to a dinosaur museum. There were many

really love the history of that period. So I read

something that slipped across the lake. I was

dinosaur fossils inside and even some Hakka

some resources and took some photos.

so excited. In fact, I felt a bit afraid when I was

culture on the second floor.

After lunch, we got to go to a museum of

above the lake, but I loved it so much. We

On the second day, we went to Wan Lu

dinosaur eggs and fossils; and even got to

rowed the boat on the lake and everyone was

lake. Unfortunately, it was raining that day,

attend a fun air. The museum had 15,000

being sprayed by the water; it was a lot of fun.

but we still had fun in any case. We got to

dinosaur egg fossils and more. It also has a

Thursday was the last day of the trip. We went

climb a mountain and even watched some

record in the Guinness book of world records.

to the village full of Hakka architectures. I was


I loved the fun fair much more than the museum.

thinking to myself that the buildings all looked

My parents are quite busy, so they do not have

so nice. We planted some vegetables there.

time to bring me to a fun fair. So I played a lot

After lunch, we were going back to school and

inside. I loved it so much!

I was thinking about how much I liked the trip.

ON the second day, we spent the whole

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

On the third day, we went to a Hakka home; there were so many interesting Hakka things. I really enjoyed every part of the trip! Ben 7EE

morning in a senior’s home. We gave them a


gave Mason and I our key. We then, ran to the

7EE – An interesting trip – Hailin

It was one of our favorite AOI weeks ever. It was Amazing! The first day, we woke up early. ‘Oh My Gosh!’

for the elderly (they were very nice by the

Today is the first day of AOI!’ I yelled. I sat up

way), we went to WanLu Lake. The water of

in bed. That may be the most exciting time.

the lake there was green, because it reflected

When we got to Heyuan, I couldn’t believe

the trees behind it. It was like a paradise. I felt

what I saw. It seemed I forgot everything about

comfortable. We also went on a boat ride.

Heyuan. It was such a beautiful, wonderful

AOI Week was so great, I really loved it. I

place. Heyuan wasn’t like a city. It was just like

really can’t wait to go to HeYuan again.

a ancient town!

Lilly (7EE)

It made me feel powerful, I thought. We had lunch at a Cantonese restaurant, then visited a really interesting dinosaur museum. There were lots of dinosaur egg fossils inside. I took a lot of photographs for fossils of dinosaurs and their eggs here, and I even got to touch some eggs that they had laid on the table for us to see. The second day, after we went to the home

All of the students took part and traveled to three different districts that were Xinhui, Yangjiang and Jiangmen.

was for pleasure and we did a lot of fun

We visited many local places and really had a

I think this was my favorite place that we

good time.

visited during AOI so I was so excited when

During the first day of AOI week, we departed from the school early in the morning. We were so excited when we woke up and gathered together with our luggage really early. After a 3-hour trip on a touring bus, we arrived in

things such as making sandcastles, playing on the seashore and walking barefooted on the beer so as to avoid getting sand in our shoes.

our teacher told us we would go to the beach the next day. We arrived the next day where the leadership of our grade had us pick up rubbish. I felt it was a satisfying deal to come and beautify the beach instead of sunbathing!

Jiangmen, which was our first destination. The

We also tried to do some publicity to

first location was a park with hand-prints and a

persuade people at the beach to be aware

statue of many famous artists. I saw the familiar

of the recycling and classification of garbage

faces of Andy Lau, Tony Leong, Joey Yung and

by giving them informative leaflets. I felt

many others. In the afternoon, we went to an

nervous to hand these out but found later that

exhibition on a kind a fan called a punkah. It is

I had given out lots of leaflets.

made from the Chinese palm, which is grown

One of our teachers told us that “going

in abundance in this area. We also climbed a

on AOI is not just about the travel, but

mountain that made us so tired as I thought the

more about living experiences.” This is

mountain was a million feet high. After having

what the teachers told us before the trip.

our dinner, we went back to our hotel.

I do appreciate that the school gave us a

The next 2 days we stayed in Yangjiang and

wonderful journey!

went to the same beach twice, each time with a

Jasper Wong, 8EE

different purpose. The first time we went there



National primary school

Our life in the future will be quite different from now.

What will my life be like in the future?

My imagination about the future

I think my life will be very different in the future.

Mandy (C3, G5)

There will be an intelligent robot and it can

In the future, people will have more time to

do so many things for me. It can help me with

enjoy themselves, because robots can help

all of my housework, especially cleaning the

people to do their jobs. Some people think

floor that I hate to do most. It can also cook

they will live longer, because they are always

the meals anytime for my family. It could take

relaxed and they have better medicine.

me to school or home instead of my parents. Furthermore, it could also be my teacher at home. With the breakthrough of technology, it will be a talkative robot. It can talk to me when I feel bored at home. But the most special thing is that he can paint any pictures I want. Sometimes when I cannot draw the landscape,



In the future, clothes are special. Clothes will be adapted to the change of temperature. If you press the red button, your clothes will make you feel warm. If you press the green button, your clothes will make you cool. When it rains, you press the yellow button, it will be a raincoat.

he would teach me how to draw or how to

In the future, every family will have a small

color and so on. My painting level will increase

plane. It is faster to get to the place you want to

a lot. I am looking forward to the robot’s

go to. And the road on the street can move fast.

appearance in my life soon.

In the future, clever engineers will make a

Winnie (C3, G5)

fastest lift in the world. Trees won’t grow on the ground. They will grow in the sky. In the future, there are many things waiting for us to explore and research. I hope my dream will come true. Mandy (C3, G5)

Clothes in the future

What do students’ imagine about the future?

At present, people wear different clothes according to different weather. But in the future, there will be a big difference. People will wear

A conversation: Our world in the future

Jobs in our future

same clothes because the clothes will get warm

Miss Yuki: Today we’re going to learn about our

In the future, we won’t cook in the kitchen, and

the weather is hot.

world in the future. You can talk about sports,

we have much time to have fun. The robots

Tina (C3G5)

clothes, transportation, jobs, food or life. Who

will help us cook in the kitchen. They can make

has got an idea?

good food we want to eat. Also, after the

Tina: Miss Yuki, I’ve got an idea! I think children will study at home in the future. They will learn everything on computers and they will talk to teachers on video phones.

meals, robots will wash plates and make them very clean. We will be so happy, because we won’t be very tired.

Miss Yuki: Oh, that’s a good idea! I hope it will

In the future, singers are so fantastic, because

come true.

singers may sing with cute parrots. And parrots

Wendy: I’ve got my idea. I think most people will work at home. Machines and robots will do most work for us.

can also talk to everyone. All people like

Miss Yuki: Uh…this is also a good idea! Ok, Amy

Tina (C3, G5)

and Linda, what do you think of the future?

Amy: In the future, something may be better and something may not. Linda: What will the world be like in the future? Nobody knows for sure!

Miss Yuki: Good job! Please give big hands for them! Class is over!

when the weather is cold and get cool when


Transportation in the future In the future, our life will be nice. If you drive out, your car is not driven on the ground. It is driven in the air. If you want to make your car go faster, what you need to do is starting accelerating system. And the back of the car will spew fire like a rocket, and then this car will be accelerated. Angel (C2, G5)

All pupils: Thank you Miss Yuki! Yuki (C3, G5)


PYP Exhibition Our Choices Affect the World

In the final year of the PYP, students participate in a culminating project, the PYP exhibition. Each student demonstrates engagement with the five essential elements of the programme: knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action.

and Li Laixiang cut the ribbon to indicate the

It is a trans-disciplinary inquiry conducted in the

nowadays, from “war” to “endangered animals”,

spirit of personal and shared responsibility, as

and from “drugs” to “green vegetables”. They

well as a summative assessment activity that is

presented their work through different media

also a celebration as students move from the

such as handbooks, posters, PPTs, movie clips

PYP into the middle years of schooling.

and comics to name a few.

The exhibition represents a significant event

Parents, teachers and students of PYP Year 4

in the life of a PYP school and student,

listened to topic introductions carefully and then

synthesizing the essential elements of the

asked questions about each topic. Students’

PYP, and sharing them with the whole school

communication skills, collaboration, depth of

community. It is an opportunity for students

learning and actions to make a different world

to exhibit the attributes of the learner profile

were impressive to all.

that have been developing throughout their engagement with the PYP. On June 9th, the second PYP exhibition since PYP authorization, was held in the hallway of the international building. First, parents, students, school leaders and teachers gathered in the lecture hall to have the opening ceremony. Michelle, the PYP coordinator, shared a lot of touching stories during the inquiry process. School leaders Li Chunlei


opening of the exhibition. Then, based on the central idea of “Our choices affect the world,” twenty three inquiry groups shared their learning in different ways. Their topics covered most of the hot issues

Some of the touching comments left by parents on the comment board were:

“Nature, human, live harmoniously together.” “Your waste, their food. Save the world.” Keep moving forward PYP!

Taking care of the planet is everyone’s responsibility. To do this, one must

Learning about Plants in the Kindergarten

first develop a sense of empathy for the world and the living things that inhabit it. One of the ways we grow and acquire this is to understand how we share the planet with other living things. In the Kindergarten, the children in ICKB have learned about these roles, connections, and responsibilities through

We were busy sprouting beans, journaling about growth, planting gardens, studying fruits and vegetables, and talking to gardeners from our community.

the study of plants. Over the course of two months we were busy sprouting beans, journaling about growth, planting gardens, studying fruits and vegetables, and talking to gardeners from our community. Those experiences helped us to understand many different things. For example, we learned the difference between types and parts of plants, how to care for them, and how plants help people. The habits we are learning now will shape our perspective so that we can make a difference in the future. Katie Bailey

ASDAN Business Simulation Project In January 2013, a group of Grade 11 students (Rix, Jasmine, Da, Jenny and Lenna) made a professional, full paged magazine together outlining the ASDAN business simulation competition.

“During each round of competition in the

“ASDAN Business Simulation is designed to

using different ways, for in¬stance promoting

provide intensive and engaging learning

the motivation of workers to encourage them

experiences based on simulation. Students

to take more challenging positions. Students

participated in the competition and was trained

needed to design the whole project involving

to deal with business related problems, and

the expenditures, activities, rules, objects etc.”

also some required fields of study.”

-Business Simulation Magazine


Business Simulation, each group would not only finish their decision calculation to run their company, but also design a business project which may enable them to earn more money

Business Simulation



DECISION CALCULATION An official guide of the introduction to the decision making rules and some calculas-related formulas which the player can follow. It involves the human resources, sales, production, market and finance. Examples are also given in this guide. Students should be familiar to these instructions because they are the foundamental of the competition. They should follow these insturctions to make decisions to earn most profits.


BUSINESS PROJECT SIMULATION Business project is a problem solving and motivation designing project aimed to promote the producibility and quality of each company. Students should make their own project.


Business Simulation

Business simulation, originating from the United States, is very popular in foreign countries. In most cases, the terms business simulation, business game, management game, business game can be used interchangeably and there is no well-established differences among these terms. Some scholars just defined a business simulation as a sequential decision-making exercise structure around a model of a business operation, in which participants assume the role of managing the simulated operation.


This brilliant magazine (made entirely by these students) can be read by e-mailing us here at : In the subject line of the e-mail write: Business Simulation Magazine



The Ark & the City of Paradise There once was magic Characters

The teacher entered, and he began talking

as the usual distant roaring went off. The roar

about ancient men’s prediction about the end

happened three times a week, and each was

of the world.

more powerful than the last. She didn’t know

“Of course, many of them calculated and they

what it was, and took no interest in it.

got the same result….”

Until sunset, when Rosemary finally found a

Rosemary’s hand shot straight up into the air.

chicken, they settled in the warm kitchen in

“Yes, Rosemary?” Lillian, Cecilia, Rosemary

“May I ask what day they had calculated is the

Chapter 1

End of this world?”

Lillian went to her school one morning, finding

“Christmas, December twenty-five.”

her friends, Cecilia and Rosemary, already in the classroom. She sat down and began to put her things out. It was nearly winter time and the students were already wearing coats. The distant forests wore a blanket of snow. Lillian stared out at a

The teacher thought for a moment and said,

“That’s not long from now,” said Cecilia in a boring voice, “I would like to see what happen that day.” The teacher shot her an annoying look and went back to the lesson.

flying creature which was soaring toward her.

At the end of the day, it started to rain. Lillian

The creature turned out to be a phoenix. It flew

had something on her mind….something was

onto her hands and rested there, indicating a

going to happen….something she didn’t know.

rolled-up parchment on its legs. Lillian wasn’t

She always sensed things that were going to

surprised, she said, “Fawksie, you’ll find your

happen. She told Rosemary and Cecilia what

food upstairs.” Fawksie the phoenix went away,

she felt and they went home together.

and Lillian un-rolled the parchment, she read out:

Rosemary Watson’s parents were dead so she

Dear Lillian, I haven’t seen you for ages. We’re holding a ball here, and I wish you would come. Have a nice da y!

moved to live with Lillian in her big tree house. Cecilia’s parents disappeared mysteriously

year ago at the start of middle school. Lillian was still thinking about this when Rosemary spoke up, “Lily? Did you finish your Homework?” Lillian was brought back to present, “Yes, Rose. How about you, Ces? ” Cecilia looked red in the face and the other two knew immediately that she didn’t. “I’ll borrow from….” She began but Lillian interrupted and said, “I’ll give you.” then passed her homework to Cecilia.



“Suppose it is a dragon?” guessed Cecilia, who had an imagination like no one ever did. “Can’t be, Cesy, how come a dragon didn’t take off for days?” said Rosemary. “You know, you are probably right, Ces, but the possibility is too small! A dragon would be sleeping in winter now!” “Or it could be a giant!” suggested Rosemary, but Lillian shook her head, “I don’t think so. If it is a giant, baby or adult, we’ll surely see its head!” This conversation was interrupted by another roaring, the three friends said, “What’s that?” all pointed to a fountain of fire, lava more likely, fighting its way out of the ground beside a distant lake. It was soon cooled off by the cold air. The lava stayed where it was, liked a statue of fire. The silence was broken by Cecilia, who spoke

Rosemary. The three friends lived happily

carefully, “Come and eat now, your meat’s

together in Lillian’s tree house.

cooling down.” Rosemary turned her head but

As the days draw nearer to Thanksgiving, Lillian

of them was better than the last one. school on the opposite mountain. They met a

about the strange roaring.

when she was young so she moved in with

Best wishes, felt stranger. As usual, when she turned on Lawrence the TV, the reporter gave strange information P.S. Reply as soon as you can. about the things happened in days, and none Lawrence, a friend of Lillian’s, attended the

the lowest level of the tree house. They talked

On Thanksgiving, Lillian woke up with a start,

Lillian remained where she was. “Lily? Lily?” Cecilia was going to touch her when she said seriously, “We need to pack this night, we’ll leave tomorrow.” “Are you….kidding? You are, aren’t you? Lily?” asked Rosemary in a timid tone.

knowing today she’d be fine, cutting timber

Slowly Lillian turned her head and looked at

and hunting chicken. They hadn’t seen a turkey

her and said, “I’m not joking, Rose, we’re leaving

in their area. The school gave a holiday to the

TOMORROW!” Cecilia wanted to ask why but

students, allowing Lillian time to think about

Lillian only held up a hand to shut her up, “Pack

her senses. Rosemary took the job of finding

useful things, Ces, not your fashion cloths,” and

chicken and finding timber. Even sitting in her

went upstairs, “Quick!”

cozy bedroom, in front of her warm fireplace,

Rosemary and Cecilia exchanged confused

she felt weird. She didn’t know why.

looks. Lillian shouted from her bedroom upstairs,

Lillian watched out of her window with a start


Chapter 2 They packed all night, leaving furniture in the kitchen, and Lillian said to two astonished faces, “I’ll explain when we get to safer places.” She

“20 miles from our school. Lawrence won’t get to the tree house and find us. He’s got the letter. He’ll be moving in a few hours’ time,” said Lillian. “But how about the others?” asked Cecilia.

looked around the furniture-full kitchen, as to

“What others?”

“Lawrence’s house isn’t far from ours,” said

remember something, and called out, “Fawksie!”

“The people who lived beside the volcano!”

Cecilia with a horrified expression on her face.

The phoenix soared into the kitchen, landing on

Lillian thought about this, and said, “Now we

“Yes. I hope he’ll find out about the Ark before

Lillian’s shoulder, and she gave her a parchment.

need to do….we need to convince people to

he is blown up,” said Lillian.

“To Lawrence” And the phoenix flew away.

move away.”

“Will he come with us?” asked Rosemary.

Lillian took her magical bag out, and opened it.

“To where?” asked Rosemary, looking worried.

“Dunno,” was the only answer she got.

Lillian looked at her firmly and said, “The Ark.

A long silence followed, which was broken by

Remember what the teacher said? The men

Cecilia, “Guys! We need to have a plan!”

The small bag was containing infinite magical powder and did whatever Lillian said. “Grab a bit,” said she. They all grabbed a little powder and said, “Disappear to Lillian’s dreaming place!” in Lillian’s mind they saw a mountain top with a shelter. Suddenly they felt they’d been

from the past built an ark in case that day came. And now it’s coming! December the twenty-fifth! It’s nearly end of November!”

“She’s right,” said Lillian. They worked from noon to evening, drawing on parchments Lillian had brought from the tree

squished through a tiny hole and in a blink of

Cecilia and Rosemary were surprised at her

an eye they hit solid ground on that mountain.

comment, unable to say a word.

“Where are we, Lily?” panted Cecilia as she

“But, Lily, how are we supposed to find this Ark

them on mountain tops. Rosemary suggested

looked about. Rosemary was looking too.

thing?” asked Rosemary, “Used your magical

that if the Ark wasn’t real, they’ll waste time on

powder again?”

finding it. Lillian thought that the best was to

that shelter-like cave now,” said Lillian, pointed

“No, I’m afraid that the powder can’t take us

let people believed them. They argued for a

at the shelter they had looked before arriving.

there. It’s supposed to be legendary, what if it

while, and finally came to the idea that while

She went around the quite-small mountain top,

isn’t real? We might land on some dangerous

they went to the villages, they could gather

about the size of three-added bedrooms. The


information about the Ark.

mountain was not tall enough to cap snow and

She was interrupted by Cecilia, who looked

“That’s really the best!” exclaimed Cecilia. Lillian

Lillian seemed to be happy with this. She picked

brave, “I dare say, Lily, if we can find this

suggested that maybe they should take a rest

some nearly-dead wild flowers and put them

Ark, we’ll have to do it, not sitting here doing

for a day or two before going.

in the small cave, which was capable of just

nothing! Three lives aren’t precious!”

“But you know we really have no time!” cried

Lillian thought about this, and said, “Well, if you

Rosemary as she heard Lillian’s suggestion.

insisted, I have no arguments. I’m waiting for

Lillian looked at her with slight irony and said,

you to say it, Ces. But first we’ll wait for Fawksie

“Really? You still don’t know where the Ark is,

and second we’ll have to work out a plan.”

do you? The villagers might not know,” and she

as though an invisible hand was setting some

After two hours Fawksie arrived, holding a

walked away to her piles of book in the other

timber to fire. Cecilia smiled at this and said,

rolled-up parchment. Lillian unrolled it and read:

end of the cave.

“Okay, listen. We’re now going to settle down in

10 persons. Then she grabbed some magical powder and said, “Take all the timber from the tree house and use a little of them to set a fire.” As soon as she let the powder dropped on the ground the timber arrived and it looked

house. Cecilia got the idea that before they moved people into the Ark, they needed to set

“OK, shut up, I’ll cook dinner,” said Cecilia as

“Now can you explain?” Lillian nodded and sat between Rosemary and Cecilia.

Dear Lillian,

she went to the timber pile beside the cave.

“While the underground volcano erupted, I had

I got your letter. Is it true? What’re

She took some and started making a fire, put

the impression that the volcano was getting

we going to do now? I can’t leave my

the frying pan on it and made soup.

bigger. It’ll drown our house so we had to move

family and go to where you are! Can

“It amazes me,” muttered Rosemary as she, too,

faster in case somebody got here before us.”

you tell me your plan?

started gathering information.

“But where are we? What’s this place?” asked

Best wishes, Too be continued…. Lawrence


by Tina吴蔚7EE

Guangdong Country Garden School



A Lens of Life

On these occasions, you can find busy figure

see clearly the way to go in the future, so we

carrying professional equipment and shooting

have more confidence to improve our skill.

DP Photography Club was established in

wonderful pictures. Pictures from our club

Our photography club is like an infant that

September. 2012 with the ideal of recording

member are published in school journals.

needs care, support and nurturing. There is an

beautiful and memorable moments of campus

One highlight among all the club activities is

old saying: No pain, no gain. To be honest, it is

life. Since the day of establishment, it has

the photograph exhibition. It is a summary of the

not easy work. You have to concentrate on what

caught immense interest from students and

year’s work, a showcase of our achievements, a

you are going to take and cannot miss each

currently the club consists of 24 members.

testimony of our cooperation and commitment

wonderful moment. But we enjoy it! We will try

DP photography club has organized a range

to photography. This exhibition not only

our best to make the photography club one of

of activities and adds color to campus life.

concluded the past, but also helps each of us to

the famous clubs in Country Garden School. DP11-1 李炜怡

From the initial classes of basic skills on how to take better photos to active participation in photographing of school events, the club is growing increasingly mature. At the beginning, we invite teachers with good knowledge of photography to teach how to “play” with the camera. After mastering the theoretical knowledge, we are so eager to try our hand: we take photos in every corner of the school. Gradually, when skills are honed and refined, we start to take pictures for school events. During the whole year, we recorded thousands of memorable moments such as Halloween festival, Christmas festival, ASDAN, carnival party, charity night, band show and so on.

OUR VOLUNTEER CLUB The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. For the Festival this year, our volunteer club members went to the nursing

Old lady: ‘l can’t walk, so l lie on the bed all the time!’

home in DaLiang. The purpose of this trip

Members: ‘What do you do in your daily life?’

was to express our sympathy and solicitude

Old lady: ‘A little bit boring, just watching TV.’

to the elderly as well as understand the living

Member: ‘Which channel do you like best?’

conditions of vulnerable groups in the society. There were 47 members in this activity.

At the end, we gave a hug to the old lady.

Initially, members’ performance was very

This was a successful activity, we not only

shy and some of them did not know how to

learned how to communicate with the elderly,

communicate with old people. We quickly

but also knew some of their stories and

found a solution. Group leaders and managers

experiences, and witnessed our changes, then

helped members to visit the elderly and they

learned how to take care for others.

interviewed the nurse to understand elderly’s

In the future, our club will continue to have

habits. Gradually, members understood

meaningful activities like this in different places in

how to communicate with the elderly. Here

China and persist in bringing warmth to society.

is a conversation between one of the group

DP11-1 李炜怡

members and an old lady:


Members: ‘Hello, how is your health?’

MAD Glass Slippers

The Magic Thread of Trust The Magic Thread of Trust can help you trust anyone to do the most important tasks. Just

It’s footwear for any special occasion! For last minute engagements and

slip it into their pocket or tie it around their finger. That person will be magically bound to

banquets; these shoes will fool evil step sisters and impress royal suitors.

do everything you ask. They will never lie; they will never cheat you.

Price: $10,000 WARNING: Shoes will self destruct after midnight (we mean seriously explode.

Price: 10 lbs of gold WARNING: Thread is subject to weathering and may break over time. The string wearer will be unable to make logical decisions when it involves you.

So take them off.) Pumpkin carriage not included.

The Raccoon Suit The Trans Dimensional Displacement door has unlocked a wealth of new products for the Mad Scientist line. Presenting now, for a limited time only – the Raccoon suit. Kneel down with this snazzy animal costume and you will turn into

Trans-Dimensional Displacement Door One door, one lock, one key; go anywhere you want; anytime, anyplace. Pick your favorite picture or cutout from a magazine. Your favorite comic book or

(for a limited time only) a living statue! Fool family and friends; great for surprise

draw or write your own story. Slide it under the door, insert the lock and open–

birthday parties and undercover police officers! Additionally, the attached

voila; step into your world.

raccoon tail allows for flight (for a limited time only).

Price: $100,000 or a First Edition Comic Book WARNING: Never leave the door open. Never stay in the alternate world for more than

Price: 3 gold coins WARNING: May cause the wearer to grow facial hair.

24 hours otherwise your stay will be permanent.

Come up with a few crazy inventions and send us your ideas. You, too, can be a mad scientist. Email

Guangdong Country Garden School


July September




九w jiǔ yuè





星期一 xīng qī yī

星期二 xīng qī èr

星期三 xīng qī sān

星期四 xīng qī sì

星期五 xīng qī wǔ








International Joke Day

World UFO Day





星期六 xīng qī liù

十一月 shí yī yuè

十二月 shí èr yuè

一月 yī yuè


二月 èr yuè



星期日 xīng qī rì

十月 shí yuè




三月 sān yuè

7 Chocolate Day

Independence Day USA

10 11 Summer Break begins!

14 15 16 17 18 19 20

四月 sì yuè Bastille Day France


五月 wǔ yuè


六月 liù yuè


七月 qī yuè



八月 bā yuè

21 22 23 24 25 26 27

28 29 30 31


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