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ur founders’ dream of a school that would offer the finest academic preparation for young people within a caring community meets the reality of the 21st century in today’s Metairie Park Country Day School. Our tradition of care and cultivation of each individual child comes to life with innovative approaches to

teaching, advanced uses of technology, and an expansive curriculum that opens the world to our students. Our tradition of developing an aesthetic sensibility in each student is reflected not only in the beautiful physical surroundings of our campus, but also in the rich and varied performing and visual arts program that has been a hallmark of our school since its inception. We have been pleased, but not surprised, to see that current research on brain development and learning calls for the very values and practices that have made our school unique since its inception. The primacy of the adult-student relationship in connecting learning to living, the need for physical activity to stimulate the thinking process, the value of collaborative learning, and the importance of depth of inquiry over mere recitation of facts are key features inherent in the Country Day philosophy. The successes of our graduates in college and beyond are a living testimony to the curiosity, involvement, and creativity engendered by this philosophy. As you read through this view book, you will see multiple examples of cooperative and experiential learning, global connections, projects tailored for and designed by individual students, and myriad opportunities for exploration. We hope you will also come to campus to experience for yourself the vibrant spirit of a school that seeks not only to equip students with the skills essential to meeting the challenges that lie before them, but also to meet those challenges “with a sense of humor, with optimism, and with confidence.” Cordially,

Carolyn Chandler

Generations of Excellence


etairie Park Country Day School opened its doors in 1929. Its founding head, Ralph Boothby, arrived at Country Day anxious to apply the progressive principles of cooperative learning that were to be the hallmark of his new school: “Study of the individual child, and effort to satisfy

his or her needs; Freedom to develop naturally, which does not mean license to invade other people’s rights; Attention to play and physical development for every child; The utilization of children’s interests for educational ends; A large place for beauty in nature, in art, in music; Friendly relationships between pupils and teachers, with teachers functioning as guides rather than taskmasters; Such cooperation between school and home as will make the two, supplementing each other, provide for the whole development of the child.” The first student body of fifty-six assembled in the current administration building, completed just in time to open for the first academic year. Over eighty years later, the School has evolved into a pre-k through grade twelve institution, with nearly 100 full and part-time faculty members educating over 700 students on a fourteenacre campus. Generations of families have been prepared for life here, and the strength of the bonds among our alumni is legendary. Country Day is more than just a school. It is both an extension of home and an exceptional place for exploring the world in which we live.


OUR MISSION Country Day’s cooperative learning environment fosters critical thinking, curiosity and a love of learning for its own sake. Students learn to be ethical, to be adaptable, and to face the challenges of life with a sense of humor, with optimism, and with confidence.

“Prepare to cultivate your sense of wonder.” - Country Day teacher, Mimi Landry

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S Academics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Lower School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Middle School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Upper School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Minds In Motion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Athletics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Country Day Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


College Counseling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


A Profound Effect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .





he Country Day curriculum is a balanced exploration of the math-sciences, the humanities, and the arts. It is challenging and flexible to respond to a world in flux and designed to teach students to engage and think critically. The traditional

academic subjects are not self-contained; we connect them across disciplines and grade levels, from the pre-k curriculum through the interdisciplinary senior humanities requirement. Thought-provoking inquiry begins in Lower School with active discovery to cultivate excitement and wonder. From pre-kindergarten to fifth grade, our students are guided in the development of critical socialization skills, personal accountability, and open communication with peers and teachers, all of which serve as the foundation of our collaborative learning environment. Country Day is characterized by the pursuit of ideas and hands-on application of knowledge. The middle school curriculum stresses a mastery of essential content and skills through provocative questions and creative problem solving. Our middle school students are introduced to service learning to heighten their awareness of the needs of their community. Our outdoor education program allows them to cooperatively solve challenges with their peers. Vigorous intellectual exploration expands in the Upper School. Students hone their skills with our advanced curriculum and make genuine connections to the wider world. They are challenged to apply what they have learned through studentdirected independent study and externship opportunities. Meaningful study of the history of ideas and cultural exposure through study-abroad programs provide an expanded global outlook and help to develop the habit of ethical thinking and moral behavior.


Learn how to be a Morehead-Cain Scholar and letter in a Varsity Sport

“Country Day teaches you that one’s obligation is not just to study hard but to use what you learn to serve the greater community.” - Will Hales, Class of 2004



“Each student has the opportunity to develop fully and confidently on their unique path to maturity. No child is left unknown...� - Lower School Principal, Lilian Mullane


LOW E R SC HOOL Pre-Kindergarten Where Discovery Begins


ountry Day’s pre-kindergarten program, housed in Bart Cottage, provides young students with a fascinating environment in which to explore and develop genuine friendships and a love of learning. Pre-kindergarten teachers

take into account each child’s skill set and life experiences and personalize curriculum to bring in student and family interests, cultures, current events, and Country Day traditions. Parents play an important role in cultivating a confident and engaged child, and teachers maintain an open dialogue with families and encourage parental involvement in lessons. Because every child has a unique learning style and pace, flexible goals are set according to student readiness. Through rich exposure to group dynamics, joyful play, and the practice of effective communication skills, pre-kindergarten students develop a sense of self-worth and secure relationships with their peers and with adults. They develop confidence in their ability to read, write, count, and problem solve, laying the groundwork for the kindergarten curriculum. Our pre-kindergarten program ignites a passion for discovery while enabling children to naturally and confidently progress to the next physical, emotional, and cognitive stages of development.

Look up to your 5th grade buddies


The Multiage Approach-The Gift Of Time


ur multiage classrooms, adopted by Country Day over thirtyfive years ago, have proven to be a highly effective format in which to learn. Our small class sizes and dedicated teachers make individualized instruction possible in a collaborative learning environment.

So how does it work?

Two teachers are assigned to one group of students for three years in kindergarten, first and second grade, and for two years in third and fourth grade. Research shows these are the years in which children develop at varied rates, both emotionally and cognitively, so within each classroom our teachers strategically assemble student groups with diverse interests, learning styles, and academic strengths. These small groupings, the foundation of our multiage program, provide students of different skill levels with appropriate attention, individualized instruction, and varied teaching methods. Our multiage teachers shape lessons around the students, offering specialized instruction and assignments of varying academic intensity. Every child is allowed to tackle complex problem solving and advanced curriculum at his or her own rate, not constrained by a grade level or textbook timeline. If a student excels in mathematics, advanced levels will be introduced, and if that same child requires additional time to master language skills, it is also provided, balancing challenge and success.


See how meaningful relationships form confident learners

Intellectual growth is not separate from social and emotional growth. The comfort afforded by small class sizes and nurturing teachers allows children in the multiage setting to grow in ability and engagement with their peers as they master multiple subjects of interest. Older students appreciate their leadership roles and naturally provide assistance to their younger classmates, reinforcing their own mastery of a subject matter.

Fifth Grade. Ready To Lead. Students leave the multiage setting and enter traditional grade level specific classrooms in the fifth grade, ready to embrace their roles as leaders of the Lower School. In preparation for the advanced curriculum and responsibility of Middle School, teachers emphasize accountability, homework, effective study and testtaking strategies, time management, and organizational skills. Fifth graders dive into literature and book clubs, research and essay writing, world geography, and the study of complex mathematics and science. All lower school students are exposed to French and Spanish as foreign languages and are allowed to elect which of the two they will pursue into Middle School, when Mandarin is added for all.




Connect the How with the Why iddle School at Country Day is a wonderful bridge between the lower and upper school divisions. Our talented faculty guide and motivate children during this unique stage of their personal and intellectual development. They are allowed to stretch their

imaginations, take academic risks, and to explore new areas of interest, making sense

of themselves as well as the world around them.

Middle school faculty maintain a model of instruction that challenges students to think creatively while they learn to problem solve independently and in cooperative groups. Apple laptops, iPod Touches, and iPads in the classrooms, as well as extensive print and online research materials available through the library keep middle school students engaged in connecting the how with the why. Our modern science laboratories are exciting places to test the Kinetic Particle Theory, while earth science students use the courtyard to map the relative distance between planets in relation to the sun. Middle school students expand their understanding of the culture of our diverse city by visiting historic neighborhoods for creative writing and imaginative art projects, partnering with community service agencies such as Head Start and Ronald McDonald House, and taking part in a backcountry canoe experience. Physical education, athletics, music, and art allow them to discover and enjoy their diverse talents outside of the classroom. Commitment to active learning and social and moral education makes the Middle School at Country Day a vibrant community.


“Just go for it! Country Day has so many fabulous things to offer – tough academics, music, art, drama, athletics... and the size of our school makes it possible to participate and excel at a high level in any of these... not just observe from the wings.” -Art Department Chair, Katie Antis

Learn more about Kinetic Particle Theory



UPPER SCHOOL Prepare to Achieve

ntensity increases in the Upper School, with the primary focus on academics and preparation for success in college and beyond. Students, guided by advisors, choose rigorous and stimulating courses and class schedules. Upper school students learn to think critically, preparing them to excel in a variety of careers, including developing fields and those that do not yet exist. Our traditional curriculum offers honors classes and fourteen Advanced Placement options across all disciplines. Within our classrooms, inquiry-based discussion develops analytical skills and encourages independent thinking. Working with faculty members, students with special interests can design independent study projects in subjects such as architecture, advanced psychology, digital animation, and anthropology. A one-to-one tablet program makes individual study possible, and frequent teacher assessment promotes a realistic measure of achievement. More than half of the upper school faculty have advanced academic degrees, and all pursue cutting-edge approaches to instruction through professional development opportunities. Our Global Humanities program furthers the experiential learning process; all seniors write a senior thesis and participate in a self-designed externship program related to their research interests. Students have recently enjoyed business-marketing programs with the New Orleans Hornets, investment-banking opportunities, stock portfolio research, and even exposure to critical infant care at Children’s Hospital.


“Country Day does a great job at fostering well rounded young people.” -Country Day dad, Dr. Robert Maupin



Cultural Exchange Country Day provides opportunities for students to experience the richness of cultures around the world through a student exchange program with sister schools in Paris and South Africa. We also offer opportunities for upper school students to study abroad during the summer months in Spain and France.


Explore the world


Minds in Motion

Geometric Proofs Manipulatives Statistics c2=a2+b2 Quadratic Equations Trigonometry AP Calculus Mathematical Modeling

The Country Day curriculum focuses on critical thinking




The sciences explore nature from the tiniest particle to the infinite universe, and mathematics is expressed as the language of nature. The humanities and social sciences engage the


question of how we should live, and our students interpret the world

AP Art History AP Modern Europe

around them through the visual and performing arts.


AP U.S., World Civilizations Biography

Government Political Theory



AP Government

Literature Poetry Fundamentals of Writing Analytical Writing Phonics Spelling Vocabulary


AP Human Geography Anthropology AP Psychology World Geography Economics

“Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto.” “I am a human being, so nothing human is strange to me.” -Terrence


World Literature World Religions Philosophy Music Art History of Ideas


Shakespeare Solfege Ear training Orff Method Honors Chorus


Orchestra Band Music Fundamentals Percussion Ensemble Musical Theatre


Thermodynamics Quantum Mechanics AP Chemistry Biochemistry





Cellular Biology AP Biology States of Matter Atoms Compounds Newtonian Mechanics AP Physics n=fΛl Ecosystems Biodiversity




Ceramics Drawing Sculpture Metals Painting Photography


AP Spanish AP French Spanish French Mandarin Study Abroad Student Exchange Latin American Studies

“...a truly great intellect is one that takes a connected view of old and new, past and present, far and near, and which has insight into the influence of these on one another; without which there is no whole, no centre.” – John Henry Newman


21% 5 score

Duke TIP


on AP exams

7 Seniors scored in 99th% on ACT 11 Seniors scored in 95th% on ACT



Cum Laude Society members inducted each year for superior GPA, character, honor and integrity

7th & 8th grade National Spanish Award Winners

4 19 10 22

AP National Scholars AP Scholars - Honors AP Scholars - Distinction AP Scholars

51% 60% 78% 79%

of Freshmen take at least 1 Honors course of Sophomores take at least 1 Honors or AP Course of Juniors take Honors and AP Courses of Seniors take Honors and AP Courses

National French

AWARDS: Certificate d’Honneur Prix d’Excellence

Sociedad Española award for


10 16 18 gold,



Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors took 142 AP exams in 2011


bronze medals awarded for National Spanish Exam Statistics based on 2009-2011 student success

THE A RTS Express Yourself


he arts program at Country Day allows our students to express their interpretation of the world around them. Visual art, music, and drama develop creativity and strengthen fine motor skills in young students and continue as part of

the core curriculum through Upper School. Many of our students take Honors Art classes and pursue independent study courses in stage lighting, set design, advanced instrumental music, vocal music, and drama. The Country Day art

faculty is composed of professional musicians and practicing artists who exhibit their work on an ongoing basis.

Visual Art Visual art courses at Country Day involve students in a wealth of visually stimulating experiences leading to an appreciation of their own efforts and the efforts of others. Students are afforded frequent opportunities for creative problem solving as well as for developing sound technical skills and a sophisticated art vocabulary. Country Day offers an extensive list of Visual Art electives, including Painting, Metals, Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Clay, and Video Arts. AP Art History students study art beyond the European tradition, with an emphasis on China, the Middle East, Africa, and Japan. Each year our students and faculty produce vibrant art installations in the Georges Art Gallery and have enjoyed exhibiting their work at the nationally acclaimed Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans.


Music We strongly believe that music provides opportunities for personal growth and satisfaction in cooperative effort. Introduction to music begins in Lower School with simple rhythms, unison playing, and development of finger agility. By Middle School, students may apply any of the music courses to their fine art requirements such as Orchestra, Band, Percussion Ensemble, Chorus, and Honors Chorus. Country Day students also enjoy music outside of the classroom by participating in the Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra or performing at the Jazz and Heritage Festival. Several students distinguish themselves with Superior ratings at the Louisiana Music Educators’ Association festival and selection into the District Honor Band. In 2011 alone, over 172 students from Lower to Upper School took music lessons while the middle and upper school chorus stood strong with 111 members.

Drama In drama classes, the Viola Spolin method is used as a basis for theater training for both comedy and drama. Students learn improvisation and present various scenes to classmates for discussion and critiques. Middle and upper school annual productions in Weinmann Auditorium traditionally include works of Shakespeare in the fall and a full musical production such as the recent Anything Goes and Fiddler on the Roof in the spring. We support students who pursue their talents in acting, music, and art at NOCCA and other institutions beyond Country Day, and reasonable accommodations are made to their school schedules to allow for rehearsals and performances off campus.



-The Reily Recreation Center

Healthy Bodies. Healthy Minds. Healthy Teams. Our physical education program is designed to engage students in active, healthy lifestyles beginning in pre-kindergarten. Whether the day calls for an obstacle course inside Lupin Gymnasium or a brisk jog around our extensive campus, Country Day students strengthen their bodies and clear their minds with invigorating exercise. All students with an interest in athletics are encouraged to join one or more of the many available team sports. Our coaches reinforce the importance of teamwork, commitment to challenge, and community spirit, and our student athletes know that the highest measure of performance is not in being a star, but in giving their team the best they have to offer. Our “no cut� policy encourages all students to take a chance on the field, from the highest-ranking athlete to the novice interested in trying a new sport. Each year our teams enjoy statewide acclaim competing among the largest schools in Louisiana, and our coaches are often honored among the best in the state. Country Day offers more than eighteen sports and over fifty teams at the middle school, junior varsity, and varsity levels: more than most Class 1A High Schools in Louisiana. We are proud of the successes of our student athletes, but we are even more pleased that seventy to eighty percent of middle and upper school students choose to participate in at least one sport, with fifty to sixty percent involved in two or more sports.


Learn how to be an Academic All-State Volleyball MVP

C OU N T RY DAY L I F E Academic intensity at Country Day is balanced by a rich student life, a diverse community of friends, and faculty to rely on for direction and support. Everyone shares a role in maintaining the integrity of our community, and through that responsibility comes an appreciation for diverse perspectives.

No Bells-No Whistles The community-orientated values of Country Day are exemplified in the physical form of the campus. There are no bells in closed hallways, but rather open walkways and a main courtyard that invite a stroll between classes, a friendly conversation, and enjoyment of the fourteen-acre outdoor grounds. Unique among schools in the area, Country Day is intimately connected to its environment.

Advisors Clear the Path Faculty advisors are assigned to every middle and upper school student and meet with their advisees weekly to assess personal and academic goals. Advisors guide students in ethical decision-making while they face the tough choices that come with growing up. Communication with parents about their child’s personal and academic progress is a critical part of our advisory system. Advisors are compassionate advocates who provide a vital link between home and school.

Student Leaders Forge Ahead Country Day relies heavily on student leadership and input and affords students opportunities to discover their leadership abilities and guide their peers in service to others. Our student government consists of the upper school student senate and the middle school student council. Both groups, diverse in gender, age, interest, and ethnicity, work together to improve student-to-student relationships, promote community action, and uphold our commitment to ethical behavior, on and off campus. Student leaders support honor and discipline, which are integral components of our educational philosophy from Lower School to Upper School.


“We do more than teach students to follow the rules. We teach them to understand why the rules are important.�

-Upper School Principal, Howard Barton


Diversity Keeps Us Relevant Learning in a dynamic environment requires diversity at all levels. The differences that our students, families, and faculty bring to our community maintain the richness of culture and perspective that makes Country Day relevant and interesting.

Selflessness is a Lifestyle Pitching in is a natural part of daily life that leads to the desire to do more. All students participate in caring for our community, from fifth graders clearing plates in the Dining Room, to seniors partnering with kindergarten students to offer support in their new environment. Country Day students find joy in providing for people and communities far beyond our campus. Students and families have gathered on weekends to restore our coastal wetlands or prepare hot meals for families in crisis. Innovative recycling initiatives and hands-on work with Habitat for Humanity take place virtually year round. Funds have been raised to construct fresh water facilities in African villages, and our baseball team takes time every season to play innings with area students with physical disabilities. All of our students are active in improving their community, and through this, many discover talents that direct their futures.

Clubs: • • • • • • • • • •

Global Citizens Group Green Club Literary Magazine O-YES PAX Speech and Debate Science Olympiad Math Club Economics Club Students Against Destructive Decisions • Sports Club • Grill Club • Assets Task Force

Join the Club Our students create their own opportunities to remain engaged in their academic interests beyond the classroom. With over twenty-one student run clubs in the Upper School and a rich extended day program (EDP) offering courses in cooking, dance, performing arts, chess, seasonal sports, and even study skills development, there is truly something for everyone. We encourage students to remain involved with their peers and put their great ideas to work.

Family Style Dining The dining experience at Country Day is one of our most deeply rooted traditions. To promote interaction among diverse groups in a family style setting, students sit at assigned tables. A designated student server is responsible for serving the day’s meal and ensuring the younger children are cared for first. Faculty and staff hosts sit at nearly every table to assist in fostering mature conversation and reinforcing manners. When the meal is complete, all share in the responsibility of clearing the table and leaving it ready for the next group of diners. Our professional chef and staff provide delicious, well-balanced meals for hundreds of students every day, many of which are prepared with fresh ingredients from our student-grown gardens. Favorites like red beans and rice, jambalaya, and gumbo always receive rave reviews. Sandwiches, a fresh salad bar, and vegetarian alternatives are made available to students daily.

Read about the Global Green project @


COL L EGE COU NSE L I NG Finding the Right Match

Strategies that Work

Country Day students are provided with a rich college

In an effort to make the college selection process as stress

preparatory curriculum to ensure success in college and

free as possible, our students receive college guidance for five

beyond. Our college counseling program helps students

years. In the eighth grade students prepare for standardized

identify their goals for higher education, introduces

tests by taking the formal Pre-ACT, and practicing on

them to a broad selection of colleges and universities,

high-quality software programs. Advisors emphasize the

and supports them in applying for financial aid. Students

importance of maintaining a strong grade point average

learn to manage the application and selection process

while taking challenging academic courses and participating

as they compete for admission into leading educational

in extracurricular activities. All freshmen are introduced to

institutions around the country.

Student Edge software and take the PSAT in preparation for the SAT.


College 101

College Forum

Sophomores are given access to Naviance, a comprehensive

We are so committed to ensuring a successful college

college database program, so they can begin researching

admission process that each fall Country Day hosts a

schools, while they continue to practice for the ACT, PSAT

public college admission forum. Representatives from

and SAT. As juniors, students begin College 101, which

a variety of colleges and universities converge on our

offers seven sessions on everything from college essay

campus to participate in a panel discussion about their

writing, interviews, application completion, to scholarship

school and the profiles of the students they seek to admit.

opportunities. The college guidance counselor personalizes

Over 300 students and families from public and private

college reference manuals for each student and schedules

schools across the Greater New Orleans area attend this

regular meetings with students and their families to monitor

event at Country Day.

the progress of their college admission status.


Class of 2011

Colleges Want Country Day Students Our students have been accepted to some of the most competitive and prestigious colleges and universities in the United States and beyond.


Learn more @

Agnes Scott College American University Appalachian State University Arizona State University Auburn University Austin College Babson College Barnard College Baylor University Bennington College Birmingham-Southern College Boston College Boston University Brandeis University Brown University Bucknell University Butler University Carleton College Centenary College of Louisiana Chapman University Charlemagne University College Antwerp Clark Atlanta University Clemson University College of Charleston Colorado School of Mines

Colorado State University Corcoran College of Art and Design Cornell University Dartmouth College Davidson College DePaul University Drexel University Duke University Elon University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Emerson College Emory University Flagler College Florida A&M University Florida Institute of Technology Florida State University Furman University George Washington University Georgia Institute of Technology Hampden-Sydney College Hampshire College Harvard University Hendrix College High Point University Howard University

Huntingdon College Indiana University at Bloomington James Madison University Johns Hopkins University Kenyon College Lake Forest College Louisiana State University Louisiana Tech University Loyola Marymount University Loyola University, New Orleans Lynchburg College Lynn University Manhattanville College Marymount Manhattan College Marymount University Mercer University Miami University, Oxford Middlebury College Millsaps College Mississippi College Mississippi State University Mount Holyoke College New College of Florida New York University Nicholls State University

North Carolina State University Northeastern University Northwestern University Oglethorpe University Parsons School of Design Pennsylvania State University Pomona College Pratt Institute Princeton University Randolph College Randolph-Macon College Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute Rhodes College Rice University Roanoke College Rockhurst University Rollins College Saint Louis University Samford University San Francisco Art Institute Santa Barbara City College Santa Clara University Savannah College of Art and Design School of the Art Institute of Chicago Seton Hall University

Sewanee: The University of the South Smith College Southeastern Louisiana University Southern Methodist University Spelman College Spring Hill College St. Edwards’ University St. Lawrence University St. Leo College Stanford University Texas Christian University The American International University in London, Richmond Transylvania University Trinity College Trinity University Tufts University Tulane University Tuskegee University University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa University of Arizona University of California at Berkeley University of California at Los Angeles University of California at Santa Barbara University of California at San Diego

University of Colorado at Boulder University of Colorado at Denver University of Dayton University of Denver University of Georgia University of Kansas University of Kentucky University of Louisiana at Lafayette University of Massachusetts, Amherst University of Miami University of Mississippi University of Missouri at Columbia University of New Orleans University of North Alabama University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University of North Carolina at Charlotte University of Oregon University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh University of Rochester University of San Diego University of South Alabama University of South Carolina University of Southern Mississippi University of Tampa

University of Tennessee, Knoxville University of Texas, Austin University of Texas, Dallas University of Vermont University of Virginia University of Richmond Valparaiso University Vanderbilt University Vassar College Virginia Polytechnic Institute Wabash College Wake Forest University Washington & Lee University Washington University in St. Louis Wesleyan University Williams College Winthrop University Wofford College Wright State University Xavier University of Louisiana Yale University

College acceptances 2009-2011



THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE. Each year, before Country Day seniors graduate, they take a moment to reflect on the past and offer advice to their younger peers.

Grades Matter Early...

Value of Hard Work...

“Every grade makes a difference when

“Figure out your learning style. Now I am at

college time comes around.”

the point where I know what to do in order to make the grade I want.”

“Freshman grades really do have a huge impact on your final GPA.”

“Take the HARDEST class schedule possible each year. Tasks that seem impossible are

“Start now! Everything here counts,

usually much easier than you think.”

so don’t approach anything with an it doesn’t matter attitude.”

Take Advantage of Opportunities afforded at Country Day... “Do all the activities you can, because you will never get this chance again.” “Don’t be afraid to join any group or activity. You will ALWAYS be accepted and it will be rewarding.”


Always be Yourself....

“The older you get, the more you learn

“Just be yourself. I promise you will find

to make new friends and keep the

people here like you.”

Cherish the Time... “Have fun! You’re only at Country Day once!”

ones you have.” “It’s easy to get caught up in what others “Take the time to talk to at least one person that you do not know very well.” “Always be honorable.”

think, but do what you want to for your own

have at Country Day. It’s a great

reasons. You’re safe here.”

place to grow up.”

“Don’t be afraid to step out of the ordinary and set your own path.” “Make decisions that will not only have a

Don’t be afraid to make more.”

“Here, you can learn to balance school with life without ruining one or the other.”

“Take NO ONE for granted.” “Friendships are incredibly important.

“Appreciate every moment you

positive effect on you but on everyone else.”

A PROFOUND EFFECT An Alumnus Looks Back The year was 1947. I was finishing the sixth grade where I had been disciplined for inattention in class and chastised for having indulged my curiosity by reading some of the meager collection of books which our school called a library. My parents were concerned [and] had been advised by school teachers that I needed the more challenging environment of a private school. Somehow my mother found her way to the Headmaster of Country Day, Ralph Boothby. Generous as ever with his time, he and she were able to work out a plan which enabled me to begin Country Day in the seventh grade... It is difficult to convey to you the enormity of Country Day’s effect on my life. Country Day provided me with a safe place where I could flourish. There I found respect for intellectual effort which had been utterly lacking at the school I had been attending... Best of all I found a community of peers and teachers who were accepting of one another and connected in pursuit of academic excellence tempered with humane values. I could go on at length about the changes wrought by my experience at Country Day. Suffice it to say that I was able to go on to Yale and Harvard Medical School, and to my present position as President of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, because of the foundation laid at Country Day. Those six years were life changing for me. I am grateful beyond measure for what the school and Mr. Boothby gave me.

With best regards,

Larry H. Strasburger, M.D. Class of 1953 Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology


American Board of Forensic Psychiatry

“It is difficult to convey to you the enormity of Country Day’s effect on my life.” -Larry H. Strasburger, M.D., Class of 1953


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Country Day View Book  

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