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CDSS 2011 Annual Report

Photo courtesy of Quintin Aspin

New Ideas Take Flight


to our many members, donors, and volunteers for a year of growth and reaching further! 2011 donors are listed on our website at

Dear CDSS Friends and Supporters, Wow, 2011 was a busy year! You’ve heard a lot about our office move and the changes in our professional staff, including the transition to an Interim and then a new Executive Director. The real story is that, with your support, so much extraordinary work went forward, building connections, strengthening communities, and changing people’s lives. The photo on the cover of this report is from the culminating moment at the Northeast dance organizers’ conference, Puttin’ On the Dance. Each paper airplane contains a vision for the future – quite literally, new ideas taking flight! As the saying goes, “He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance.” Over the past 97 years, you have helped us stand, walk, run, climb, and DANCE! Your passion and generosity have always moved us forward, reaching further and higher. As we head towards our Centennial, I look forward to working with you to make many new ideas take flight. Here’s to the journey ahead! A. Rima Dael Executive Director

Photo by Sharon Schenkel “Puttin’ On the Dance was a transforming experience for me. The feeling of bonding and mutual support with other organizers has me energized for the next phase in the life of our dance. Most of all, my belief that this work is important has been validated many times over.” —Lisa Sieverts, dance caller and organizer


Photo by Keather Weideman

Dear Members, Donors, and Friends,

Dancing at Dare to Be Square Your CDSS memberships and donations supported professional video documentation and a syllabus/CD - tremendous resources for this irreplaceable American cultural art form.

This past year, I had the privilege of participating in several major events made possible by your support, including the Dare To Be Square weekend at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. (See photo left.) With your help, CDSS provided major financial backing for the event, which attracted callers and dancers from all parts of the US and Canada. Six nationally-known callers were on staff, prompting one caller to write, “It’s like having Jesus, Buddha, and Socrates sharing the stage!” The rich material from that weekend is now available with CDSS’s publication of a detailed syllabus and accompanying CD with more than 150 mp3 audio files. Squares are on the rise! CDSS is in the midst of a major transition. We have a dynamic new Executive Director at the helm, and the staff and Board have been mobilized by a fresh burst of energy. In my new role as Board President, I have gained a deeper understanding of CDSS’s extraordinary commitment to preserving our traditions, building connections, and providing resources to support our community. Thanks, friends, for the work you do in your own communities, and for your generous support of the important work of the Country Dance and Song Society. —David Millstone CDSS Board President

OUTREACH and SUPPORT 100 individuals from 27 states & provinces received a total of $46,362 in scholarships to our summer camps 41 groups & individuals in 20 states & provinces received a total of $17,790 in grant support Regional conferences received $2,200 in support “With [your] support I was able to collect materials and experiences that have informed my teaching. Thank you for providing me with the means to bring a rich vitality of traditional arts to the classroom.” —Scholarship recipient, , Teacher Training Course, CDSS Family Week at Ogontz 2011

In 2011, you supported dozens of scholarships and grants across North America! By supporting CDSS, you’re reaching further, building strong, joyful communities, and extending your love of these traditions to those in need. You’re changing lives!

CDSS 2011 Financial Statement


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Sales & Services







2011 INCOME: $1,324,047



2011 EXPENSES: $1,503,890

Your generous support in this year of transition and growth allowed us to maintain the high level of excellence in our existing programs and expand our services to address the community’s needs. CDSS is in a strong position moving forward in 2012.

CDSS Annual Report Full  

Country Song and Dance Society

CDSS Annual Report Full  

Country Song and Dance Society