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This lookbook celebrates 5 years of Country Chic Paint and the amazing people that use our products every day to rescue furniture pieces and give them new life. With this book full of examples, it is our hope that you also will be inspired to look at your furniture in a new way. Anyone can paint furniture with Country Chic Paint, so pick up a paint brush and create something that you’ll be proud of and will enjoy for years to come!

Happy painting!

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MEGAN REDDEN @lubblyjubblyfurniture

from Lubbly Jubbly Furniture | Oshawa, Ontario


Liquorice, Pebble Beach and Simplicity


Classically farmhouse

With this piece, I started off blending Liquorice, Pebble Beach and Simplicity and it turned out even better than I had envisioned. I love how it looks. The piece sold to a lady who had bought a new home in the country; she’s thinking of using it as a vanity. It’s now one of my favorite pieces.

I’m a stay-at-home mum with to “four children, three of whom are in school while my youngest is still at home with me. In 2017, I started a hobby at home that quickly expanded beyond something I did just for me. So much so that recently I became the registered business owner of Lubbly Page 4 |

Jubbly Furniture, where I create new life in furniture with chalk-style paint. My business began when I started painting a fireplace that I got from a friend. I started out using wall paint brands when someone told me about chalk-based paint - I was immediately hooked.

Being creative is what fuels my passion. When I see a piece of furniture, I know exactly what I want to do with it and what colors I want to use on it. If I need more inspiration, I love to look up color schemes and interior design ideas on Pinterest. I’m not afraid to try new styles, designs, or colors. I’m attracted to bright colors and I love trying new things when it comes to painting furniture. I have a vision for each piece and I pour my creativeness into it. My mother, who passed away last June with ALS, also was my inspiration and motivation. She was an artist herself, and an amazing one. My husband helps me with my projects a lot. He picks up furniture and delivers pieces for me. He also helps me do the things I don’t know how to do, or can’t do. For instance, I refuse to use a staple gun -- only because I stapled my thumb once as a kid and I have been afraid to use them ever since -so that’s his job. For my part, I just love trying new products, meeting fabulous artists, and providing people with beautiful pieces for any type of room.

This cabinet is one I found in great condition at a farm in Ontario. I kept its origins in mind when I created this piece. I used Sage Advice, a color I love, on the top and kept the legs and inside the original wood color as I wanted the piece to have that farmhouse look; I feel it suits this cabinet. I started off cleaning the cabinet with odorless mineral spirits then I applied two coats of the paint and sealed it with Natural Wax for protection. This piece actually sold to a lady who, it turns out, knew my mum and lived opposite her old house! Since my mum passed away last year, having this connection and seeing the cabinet go to the right home made it even more special. Page 5 |

Sage Advice

Full Bloom

This is a very detailed antique piece. I had a vision of lots of greys with this one and I think the combination of Pebble Beach and Hurricane worked out perfectly.

Pebble Beach and Hurricane

This cabinet is a very old, antique piece from 1920 that was used as a radio cabinet. There was a sticker on the back that had the company name so it was really interesting to research. I picked Full Bloom because this color is bright and so pretty. I also wanted to keep the legs the original dark wood color, so I sanded them down and re-stained them. The lady that bought this piece loved it and said it matched her decor perfectly.

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I chose Hollow Hill for this piece because it seemed quite country and needed a dark green to pair with the original wood.

Hollow Hill

CRYSTAL SUTTON thedriftwoodhome.com

The Driftwood Home | Alexandria, Virginia




Classical Farmhouse, Primitive & Rustic

My interest in painted furniture began in 2014 during the “nesting” phase of my pregnancy. I wanted to custom paint some furniture for my son’s nursery, but I soon realized that painting was therapeutic. Soon friends, family, and neighbors began asking me to take on projects from them, and our business soon expanded to a small booth in an antique mall. As an active military family, my husband and I decided to focus our business online; almost everything we do is advertised, discussed, sold, shipped, and delivered over the internet. Our blog, The Driftwood Home, is where we talk about our furniture processes, tips and tricks, and share photographs; we also collect and sell vintage decor through our Etsy store and have recently expanded into making artisan candles. By restoring furniture, we’re saving a piece of history; I love that antique furniture has lived in many homes and served many purposes, and by the time Page 8 |


I bought this dresser originally to put into our spare bedroom. This was one of the pieces I first sprayed using Country Chic Paint and I loved the subtle color of Elegance. I sealed it with Tough Coat for some added protection and a satin sheen.

it gets to us, it’s worn and tired. I believe that with a lot of handwork, therapy, and the right products, furniture is literally revived, given a new look and new purpose in a new home. These are some of the finest quality pieces I have ever had the privilege of working on, so it’s very important for me to take my time, be creative, and ensure that the piece will continue to live on. My inspiration comes from everywhere. I have so many friends in this line of work like Heidi from Lily Field Furniture and Cait from Little City Farmhouse who are both extremely talented. I find that color is really what moves my designs. I look at color variations and in my mind I can see what style of furniture each color would look great on. I can also look at a piece of furniture in its raw state and envision it re-done. As well, I love making coat racks, wood boxes, and fun decor pieces with leftover scrap wood, and mixing leftover paints to create custom colors. It’s hard to say why I create, but I think my love of old things inspires me to do what I can to bring them into the future. In my view, being an artist is seeing beauty in the old and ugly, and working hard to bring your vision to life. My husband, Jake, does a lot of the prep work on pieces. We have our own process for how a piece is transformed from start to finish and it usually begins with him making repairs, replacements and fixes. Then it comes to me for the finish and design. Motivation-wise, my husband and son have ALWAYS been the reason I choose to work as hard as I do. The military life has asked a few sacrifices from us, but the future is all about working towards that dream and together we continue to grow as a business and family.

Pebble Beach

I found this piece in shambles. It needed a lot of work and there was so much wear that I decided to make that a highlight rather than cover it up. I painted this piece with Pebble Beach and it turned out to be the perfect shabby chic gray. Some distressing added dimension and texture, and the piece definitely looks refreshed with this color. I love how neutral Pebble Beach is and how it adds so much character to this vintage table. Page 9 |

Happy Hour and Hurricane

This was originally a block chest that sat on the ground with no height or dimension. It needed to be modernized, so I went with a funky combination of Happy Hour and Hurricane. Adding hairpin legs was all this piece needed for the perfect retro vibe. Page 10 |


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It’s very rare that I find sets of tables or art deco furniture that I like. I was lucky enough to find both of these in one location. I painted them with Happy Hour which I think compliments their shape extremely well. Their large flat surfaces are excellent for this fun pop of color and I love how the new casters and ceramic rose knobs keep the look classy.

Happy Hour

CAIT MILLER littlecityfarmhouse.com

Little City Farmhouse | Medicine Hat, Alberta





Classic, Comfortable, Farmhouse

Bliss was one of the very first Country Chic Paint colors I ever tried and I still love it. This was a custom piece I did for a client’s front entryway to hold mitts and gloves and such. Giving it a coat of Antiquing Wax sealed it and gave it that perfect aged look.

I am a wife, stay-at-home mom, and business owner. Juggling it all is no small feat, but I love it. My business is primarily refinished furniture, but also includes some handmade home decor such as rustic wooden hearts and blanket ladders. My business ultimately began when we moved into our new home in 2011. We needed furniture on a limited budget, so I began thrifting pieces and painting or reupholstering them. On a whim in 2012, I posted a beautiful cream dresser I had refinished on a local buy & sell website to see what would happen. It sold in 7 minutes Page 12 |

and I immediately wondered if I could make this into a profitable business. After several months of refinishing furniture, I gave my business a name: Little City Farmhouse. I love paint. But refinishing furniture is so much more than just the application of paint. A lot of love, product knowledge, and hard work goes into each piece. Being able to give my customers the best possible finished product I can is my highest priority and makes me proud

of what I do. Inspiration is everywhere, but most of the time it comes from other painters. I love seeing how they use color and different painting methods on pieces. I feel more than encouraged by their work; I feel truly excited for them when they just knock it out of the park. Two of my absolute favorites are Heidi Stukenberg of Lily Field Furniture and Crystal Sutton of The Driftwood Home. Their knowledge and style have greatly influenced me in the past couple of years.

My little family is my main focus. Raising our kids (and our pets) is our priority. Being able to do what I love in addition to that is the icing on the cake. I truly believe that your home should be a reflection of who you and your family are. Being able to refinish furniture that people love, are excited about, and use in their homes is what brings me joy. I am always bouncing ideas off my husband and family members. My hubby tells me I can when I think I can’t, and

Bee’s Knees with Texture Powder and Crackle Medium

This dresser was a solid little piece but the finish was horrible. Rather than go through the process of stripping and sanding it, I decided to just run with it. Using multiple products including Texture Powder, Crackle Medium, and Bee’s Knees, I layered finishes on the piece to create an old-world worn finish. I love how it turned out. Page 13 |

Rustic Charm

This was an antique pharmacy cabinet that my sister had in her house that desperately needed a dose of color. She wanted to leave the inside wood finish as it was, so we gave it a couple coats of Fresh Mustard and distressed it well. She loves color in her home, so this was the perfect choice for her!

Fresh Mustard

This dresser was so fun, and so pretty! It had a laminate top on it that we quickly replaced with new wood. I painted it in this beautiful green, distressed it, and gave it a coat of Antiquing Wax to richen up the color. Small dressers like this are a perfect way to add color in your home - and those flower knobs? I can’t get enough!

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gives me encouragement to keep going on days when I don’t want to paint. I’ve also been privileged to meet and become good friends with several other painters in the business. We chat about our paint

successes, failures (they happen to even seasoned painters), general business, and daily work life. They inspire and motivate me on a daily basis. I tend to dream up a lot of projects for our home,

and having a handy husband who is willing to make my dreams reality is perfect. We DIY everything from house updates to custom tables together.

This dresser is one of my all-time favorites. It was a sentimental piece belonging to a client. She chose Cheesecake, complimented with a stained top. This piece has such a rich texture that shows the age and tells a story. I really love how it turned out. Page 15 |



HEIDI STUKENBERG lilyfieldfurniture.com


Lily Field Furniture Co. | Rockford, Illinois

@lilyfieldfurniture STYLE

Cranberry Sauce

Eclectic Minimalist

When our youngest daughter was born in 2009, we purchased our home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was the first time we didn’t have huge closets so by necessity, we had a need for dressers. As we started to shop for them, I was horrified at how expensive and poorly built they were. This led me to craigslist where I bought my first dresser and decided to paint it myself. After I was finished, a friend saw it and wanted to purchase it. The rest, as they say, is history -- Lily Field Furniture was officially named a year later! Four years after starting the business in Milwaukee, we moved back to our hometown area in Illinois where I now work from home in our third bay garage that my husband converted into a heated workshop - a necessity for Illinois weather. I am a one-woman team and run all of our social media, blog posts and painting work by myself while the kids are at school. I’m DIY obsessed; for me, it Page 16 |

Rocky Mountain

never gets old seeing an outdated piece take on brand new life with just paint and some TLC. I can see the potential in worn out furniture that most people can’t. My very favorite Country Chic Paint color is Liquorice; I would paint everything in this gorgeous black if I could. Instagram and Pinterest are my favorite places to look for inspiration, but photos of furniture aren’t the only places I find that creative spark. The Page 17 |

other day, we were at a restaurant and there was a gorgeous vintage car in the parking lot. I snapped a picture because I KNEW it needed to be a color on a piece of furniture! Cait with Little City Farmhouse and Crystal with The Driftwood Home are two fellow painters that I talk to daily. We have never met in person but I consider them both to be some of my closest friends. We discuss our projects

in detail and talk each other through any challenges or design dilemmas we may have. The three of us each have our own different points of strength, so there is a wealth of knowledge that comes with our friendship. My husband, Chris, is always my cheerleader. He helps keep me motivated and lets me talk through my process when I just need an ear to listen.

Hollow Hill with Graphite Glaze

Dark Roast

Page 18 |


I’m DIY obsessed; for me, it never gets old seeing an outdated piece take on brand new life with just paint and some TLC.

KRISTIE GRAVES @lee.marieantiquedfurniture

Corp NameAntiqued Lee.Marie | Country Furniture | Innisfail, Alberta



Modern, Farmhouse, Distressed

I’m a mother to a 3-year-old boy, a wife to my best friend, and a serial creator. I’ve been painting and artistically enhancing furniture pieces since 2013. I sell my furniture, along with some antiques and odds and ends, at a booth at The Old Creamery Antiques in Innisfail. I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and saw a chalk-style paint tutorial for turning this ugly brown dresser into a beautiful white distressed one. I was newly married and on a budget to decorate our new home, so I thought I would practice a bit on some old donated shelves and tables from my mom; I could eventually work my way up to our bedroom furniture if those turned out okay. After painting my first little side table and shelf, and throwing those practice pieces on Kijiji, I was surprised when they sold right away! Every piece after that just kept selling. After all of my practice pieces sold, I realized that I had found a way to satisfy my creative itch while making some Page 19 |

Lazy Linen and Elegance

I found this piece online on a local buy & sell site and, although it was in great condition, I thought the shape was awkward. It looked like two pieces that had just been glued together. But that’s also why I loved it; I felt it was screaming to be split in half with two colors. I wanted to transform this awkward feature so I chose Lazy Linen and Elegance. Although it’s kind of bold with the split, I think the color choices are very soft and go well with each other, enhancing and complementing the cabinet’s unique shape. It’s still one of my most favorite pieces!

extra money on the side. About a year later, I got the courage to become Lee. Marie and officially put myself out there with my creations. I love finding pieces that are ugly and broken and imagining how they could look redone. I even enjoy how that first paint stroke on a freshly prepped piece feels and the excitement of fitting it with some pretty hardware. It’s a great feeling when you rescue furniture from the dump, or get to fix and enhance an older piece back into modern décor and create that perfect addition to someone’s space. My motivation is always my family. They have always been encouraging me; most of them own pieces I’ve transformed and they continue to share my work, liking everything on Facebook, and visiting me at markets. My sister Tanis, “Wool and Arrow”, is even more creative than I am and even though our creations are very different, we enjoy bouncing ideas off each other and teaming up for markets. My husband is my secret weapon. He does a lot of the behind-the-scenes fixing. He’s also even better than I am at finding amazing pieces and, of course, he’s my main lifter/mover. I could not do any of this without him - we are definitely a team. Another notable mention is my father-in-law. His knowledge of antiques and how to find them has been so valuable to me. We often ask him for help and he’s always giving me the inside scoop for great pieces.

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Lazy Linen and Elegance

Page 21 |

I found this little white shelf in a second-hand store. At first glance, it was in horrible condition with ugly heavy 80’s pulls, but it had potential to be a bookshelf – maybe in a little girl’s room. I always try to envision where a piece will most likely go so I can paint and stage it accordingly. I decided it either needed to be a super girly Vintage Cupcake or the always classic Vanilla Frosting. I chose Vanilla Frosting because it’s the perfect white. Of course, I replaced those ugly tarnished pulls, opting for dainty glass ones instead.

Vanilla Frosting

Antiquing Wax


Page 22 |

I found this hall bench in great condition on Kijiji. To create the beachy, washed look I was after I painted it with two light coats of Lazy Linen. Then I applied Antiquing Wax liberally and worked it into all the cracks and grooves in the wood. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Lazy Linen with

CARRIE HOLMES thirtyeighthstreet.com

Thirty Eighth Street | Arizona, USA



Fun, Frugal, Repurposed, Eclectic

I’m the creator of Thirty Eighth Street a blog that offers furniture ‘before and after’ makeovers, refurbishing tutorials, and painting techniques for refinishing furniture so ANYONE can create showstopping home decor for less! I also sell my refinished furniture pieces locally in the Tucson/Phoenix area. Years ago, my husband and I purchased a home with basic builder-looking kitchen cabinets that were absolutely awful and boring. I knew that painting them would be an easy, inexpensive way to transform my plain kitchen into something really dreamy, except I didn’t know the first thing about painting kitchen cabinets. So, with a giant bucket full of determination and absolutely no experience, I turned to the web and set out to transform my kitchen. At the end of my DIY makeover, I was absolutely convinced that paint IS magical, easy and economical. Thirty Eighth Street was created as a platform to help inspire and teach others how Page 23 |


to discover budget-friendly solutions for their own outdated furniture. When I was a little girl, my dad would cup his hands together to create the shape of a bowl and let my siblings and I pull out an imaginary story from it that he would unravel into a tale full of characters for us. Those early images and stories were the start of a grand imagination for which I am forever grateful. The creative process is a journey of learning and growth no matter the medium. Sometimes I love the end product I create and sometimes I don’t, but even when I don’t, I’ve always learned something. There’s gratification in taking something old and unlikable and turning it into something you’re proud of. And there’s a sense of empowerment when you help others realize that in themselves. I get rejuvenated every time a friend or family member sees something I’ve been working on and says, “It doesn’t even look like the same piece; it’s gorgeous. Teach me how to do THAT!” I find inspiration in all sorts of odd public places: old chipped doors, wallpaper, restaurants, walking through boutiques, looking at paint color chips, artwork. I even found inspiration for one piece in a fabric store and another in a hair salon from a Balayage hair color. I fiercely love my Father in Heaven, my family, and the home that I am creating. Not necessarily the physical and tangible “things” that are inside (although they do bring me joy), but it’s the loving environment, the memory-making and little people that I have an influence on that are my focus. I have truly enjoyed blogging about furniture makeovers, and I’m considering starting an additional blog

in a different niche. Thirty Eighth Street is a partnership. My sweet husband helps me with the heavy lifting (my least favorite part of the job) and is a whiz at making precision cuts. He has an eye for detail and I sure appreciate his go-with-the-flow attitude when I propose a wild idea.

Midnight Sky and Pocket Watch

I discovered these vintage nightstands at a furniture yard sale I happened upon by accident. They had pretty lines and at a slashed bargain, I snatched them up and started to dream about how I’d redo them. Once I brought them into my garage and inspected them closer, I noticed that one of the doors was quite warped and beyond usable; the texture of the doors was what initially sucked me out of my car to take a closer look. But after I gave them a really good cleaning, I ditched the doors and painted them with two coats of Midnight Sky and I refreshed the hardware with some Metallic Cream in Pocket Watch. The transformation taught me that every piece has possibility.

Midnight Sky

Page 24 |


and Pocket Watch

AMY AND CAROLE ADILMAN dustbinrevival.com



Dustbin Revival | Pickering, Ontario


Tropical Cocktail

Changes on a daily basis

Dustbin Revival is a mother/daughter business grown out of our love of design and reinventing things. In England, the dustbin was the place where all things unwanted were sent; our desire to rescue items forgotten, discarded, or given up on goes back many years and has fueled the home-based business we started in our little paint studio in Pickering, Ontario in 2016. You can find us there most days with the coffee pot on -- cleaning, repairing and painting our lovely finds. We endeavor to keep the character, charm and history of each piece in mind while creating a finished product that is unique and one-of-akind. There are many “stop the car” moments when we see a forlorn piece on the side of the road. We have a real passion for diverting these pieces from the landfills and making them beautiful again. We also love to scour auctions and sales for those special pieces from the past that have fallen out of favor and breathe new life into them. Page 25 |

The sleek lines and complicated styling of this piece is right on trend again. We found this MCM sideboard on a local buy & sell site which stated that she needed work. That was a bit of an understatement. But the original owners had owned her for over 50 years and just wanted someone to give her a second chance. We revived her by sanding and staining the drawers to add warmth to the piece and choosing Tropical Cocktail for the rest. She was treated to a Clear Coat finish to protect her clean lines. It was a bold choice but we knew she could pull it off. We named her ‘Audrey’ and she quickly sold to a sweet family in a gorgeous home filled with color and style.

Our partnership with Country Chic Paint, and their eco-friendly paints, waxes and glazes, is in keeping with our hope to recycle things from the past and responsibly recreate them. We are very proud to not only use their products for our own pieces, but to be a distributor of the brand and stock the full line in our Studio. Our work is inspired by so many things: our love of color, nature, and reinvention to name a few. But the true beauty is seeing these forgotten pieces shine and become relevant again. We love the process, from searching and acquiring each piece, to scrubbing them clean and unearthing their beauty, to choosing or

blending the right color, right down to the joy we take in staging and photographing their debut. We name most of the pieces that come through our door, adding a bit of storytelling about each and the journey we’ve taken with them. On many days, the business is a comedy of errors. We often joke that we could be more successful filming our day-to-day antics than selling furniture; rarely a day goes by where something doesn’t crash to the ground, a paint can isn’t tipped over, or a paint brush isn’t dipped in a coffee mug instead of a paint jar. Mama Dustbin even shook a can of paint with a loose lid while standing behind Daughter Dustbin, resulting in a downpour of paint

over her head and back! Our finished pieces are pristine but the process is always an adventure. As a mother/daughter business, we rely on each other to bounce ideas back and forth. We’re also surrounded by much support from family and friends, and have a great circle that feeds our creative souls. Opening Dustbin Revival was hard work but after leaving busy corporate careers, the joy of working for ourselves, doing something we love which gives each of us a creative outlet, is priceless. “Ordinary living, extraordinary life” is a motto we try to live by.

This ornate Jacobean-style buffet server, which we named ‘Arthur’, is one of the most beautiful pieces we’ve ever worked on. He is solid wood, intricately carved, and has superior workmanship. We decided to refresh his top and drawers with a deep rich walnut stain and, despite our love of bold colors, we painted the rest of him Cobblestone since it appears regal and classic. He looked stunning. And with the addition of Black Wax to his curves and grooves, we were really able to showcase his charm; he was sold to a wonderful family that will be adding a sink on top to use as their vanity in a grand master bathroom. Page 26 |



KELLY MATEJCEK hilltopflorist.com

The Junky Monkey | Mankato, Minnesota



Comfortable cottage with a modern farmhouse flair

I’ve been addicted to paint ever since I became aware of its transformational capabilities. I started painting my own items, and anything I could get my hands on, after taking a furniture refinishing class. My mother is an antiques dealer and is always searching for furniture to refinish; her passion for great furniture rubbed off on me and I started The Junky Monkey in 2014. I just love the creative experimentation process: stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new, mixing colors to create blends that are unique, and upcycling vintage pieces. Along with selling the pieces I breathe new life into, I also host different DIY workshops around our area. Through my mother’s knowledge of furniture and antiques, I’ve learned many lessons about what I should and should not paint. She has given me a deep understanding of how to preserve older pieces and keep family heirlooms Page 27 |

Sunday Tea


I had been looking for a vanity that I could cut apart and make into two nightstands when I finally found one at auction; my husband cut it up to make two beautiful pieces. To keep some of the original features, I used the hardware it came with and kept some of the stained wood exposed. I painted the rest with Sunday Tea, my favorite neutral color in the line because it can be beautifully manipulated in so many ways. I decided to leave the top drawer natural because of its wood stripe that ties these pieces to their origin. Page 28 |


alive. Although to some, it may just be a piece of furniture, an antique can hold memories and emotion for a family that is much more valuable than any dollar amount. Inspiration is everywhere. I love color, especially blues and greens. Creating for me is like therapy. I like having control over a project and being able to experiment; I also feel a sense of accomplishment when each piece is complete. Magazines are definitely my greatest source of inspiration for color, ideas, and display. I keep all my favorites for far too long. I rip pages out that spark my imagination and put them on my inspiration wall above my workbench. Artwork and wall colors can also kindle my creativity. My husband, or “junk hunk” as I like to call him, is my everything! He is the greatest furniture doctor. Along with him, the most important things in my life are my four sweet kiddos, our animals, and the sacred homestead that we’ve created together. It’s beautiful and comforting.

KEEGAN ROBINSON @lemondropsreclaimed

Lemon Drops Reclaimed | Whitby, Ontario




Simple, Clean and Classic

This piece was actually part of a three-piece set that I ultimately decided to split up. My client wanted a clean and timeless look, so Hurricane was the perfect grey. We kept the original hardware and lined the drawers with a pretty geometric paper.

I’m mother to a spunky little girl, and soon-to-be mother to a baby boy. My husband and I hail from a small town in Ontario where I discovered my passion for furniture refinishing and started Lemon Drops Reclaimed in 2015. My background is actually in the healthcare field but after the arrival Page 29 |

of our first child, I decided I wanted to stay home. During my maternity leave, I painted a few projects for our own home, while slowly working up the courage to put myself out there and list a few of my pieces for sale. Shortly after that, I began to receive requests for custom work and that’s primarily

Vintage Cupcake

This piece has very simple lines so I felt it had the ability to carry off any color, especially pink. I chose Vintage Cupcake to help soften the hard lines and added some light distressing. The bone knobs add an extra touch of whimsy and a little visual interest. Page 30 |

what my business is comprised of now. I really love the entire refinishing process from start to finish - hunting for perfect pieces, repairing and preparing them, choosing the perfect color, and then seeing it all come together. I find it very rewarding and fulfilling; it drives me to continue learning and perfecting my craft. I still find it difficult to label myself as an artist, but I think I have the ability to see the potential in a piece of furniture, come up with ideas that suit the piece and ultimately, bring it to life. Having a vision and translating that into reality isn’t always smooth sailing, but more

often than not, the end result is even better than the original plan. Old things make my heart sing. I love that with just a little paint and a couple of special details, a family heirloom or found treasure can have a new lease on life. When I’m not painting furniture, I enjoy working on our own house. I love scheming up plans for room renovations and coming up with ideas to inject our personal style into our home. I’m constantly inspired by the new people, new challenges and new adventures that come my way through Lemon Drops Reclaimed. I’m lucky to have a very handy husband

who has a strong creative side. My husband, Kyle, has encouraged me since the very beginning and is my biggest motivator. I wouldn’t be able to do this without him. We share a similar aesthetic and he enjoys brainstorming ways to make my business run more efficiently. Lucky for me, I don’t have to shy away from pieces that require extensive repair as he possesses the knowledge and skills to fix just about any issue. He definitely plays an integral role in the success of my business. I also have a wonderfully supportive family and circle of friends who have stood behind me from the get go.

Dune Grass

I found this unique piece online and was instantly drawn to the intricate detailing. It’s a versatile piece with a lot of character, so I decided a soft neutral like Dune Grass would be best. I added some distressing to enhance the detailing and add depth. Page 31 |


Page 32 |

NATALIE DAYTON arayofsunlight.com

A Ray of Sunlight | Duluth, Minnesota



Peacoat and Texture Powder


Modern, Farmhouse, Eclectic

This dresser came with a lot of battle wounds. As I was prepping it and filling in the numerous scratches and gouges, I started thinking that there had to be another way to cover all the imperfections. Soon enough, I armed myself with Texture Powder, Dark Roast, and Peacoat along with a stencil to create fresh, new, intentional character.

I’m a wife, mother of two, and DIY enthusiast. I have always loved crafting, painting and sewing, but I found my real creative passion in refinishing furniture. Whether it’s fixing a scratch, adding a little cosmetic love, or doing a complete overhaul to save a piece from the dump, Page 33 |

I love to make furniture beautiful again. Before we started our family, I knew that I needed to find something that would earn income without making me leave the kids and I started searching for just the right “job”. I noticed that there were other ladies selling painted furniture

and it intrigued me so much. I grew up painting and refinishing furniture so I gave it a try. I am so glad that I did! A Ray of Sunlight grew out of my desire to bring light back to old, outdated pieces. I continually search for pieces that were built to last through the generations. They may look outdated but structurally, the pieces I work with are the best around. With a bit of elbow grease, creativity and paint, these pieces are


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made beautiful again. And who doesn’t love the feeling of making something worn out look good again? Being a mom of two little ones, it’s easy to feel like I’m never getting anything done. Bringing furniture back to life provides a sense of accomplishment when days of being a stay-at-home mom drag on and on. I also share tips, tricks and how-to videos so everyone can get in on the fun. My parents in particular have been an

These nightstands were once an old worn out vanity. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, but once I got it home, I realized what terrible shape it was in. The top had veneer damage and the mirror was a mess. I had seen nightstands made out of a vanity before, so one day it clicked that that was what I needed to do with this piece. I took the top off, unscrewed all the connecting joints, and had to bust out the jigsaw to cut the last connecting piece. A little bit of Bondo®, new wood tops and the perfect Liquorice paint finished them up beautifully!


inspiration to me. So many times I’ve looked back and value how they taught me to work hard and to learn how to do things on my own. Along with so many other life lessons, they also taught me the basics of woodworking, painting and decorating. Without them, I would never have had the drive or the skills to start painting furniture in the first place. I’m also influenced by all the other great creators out there. I love scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram; I’m amazed at the talent out there and am constantly on the search for new artists. My husband is always there to help lend a hand and a few muscles. His favorite part is picking up furniture and delivering it because he loves to meet new people and see new places. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t create. I love the feeling that comes when I have transformed a piece with a bit of work and paint, especially when I am able to be self-reliant, help my family out, and inspire others at the same time.

This dresser was missing the beaded trim here and there on the drawer fronts. Instead of taking all the beading off, I opted to remove it from the middle drawer alone, and use the extra to fill in the gaps on the other two drawers before I painted the whole piece in Jitterbug. I’m really happy with how this piece turned out.

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Happy Hour mixed with Jitterbug

I found inspiration for this dresser from Katie Hackedorn. Around the same time that I was looking for ideas, she posted two nightstands with this dipped feature on her site. I instantly fell in love with the technique and had to try it out. I chose to mix together Happy Hour and Jitterbug for this dipped dresser. Fun fact: this dresser and the two nightstands painted Liquorice are from the same set. Page 36 |

Midnight Sky topped with a mix of Clear Glaze and Dark Roast

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We found these cool nightstands on an online auction! I thought they were the perfect size and I loved the extra storage they would provide for someone. When I got them home, I really wanted to try something new, so I busted out the gorgeous color, Midnight Sky and wiped on some tinted glaze to give it an antiques effect. I love how the glaze deepened the color!

TAMARA MUNDY moonlightfurniturerenewal.com

Moonlight Furniture Renewal | Greensboro, North Carolina




Minimalist, Modern

I always wanted to start my own business, but never felt like I was really good at anything. A sweet friend told me to look around and figure out what I ENJOY doing and start with that. For me, that translated into furniture. I have always loved antiques and the stories they tell. My idea of a fun afternoon is walking through an antique store. I also love seeing the transformation of a piece from something no one would want— and in most cases, something someone threw out—into something a person would proudly display in their home. Seeing the before and after of a project is definitely why I create. I had already had a few furniture transformations for our home under my belt when I stumbled upon two amazing mid-century modern side tables. I had no real reason to buy them but I did, even though they looked pretty rough. I brought them home, cleaned them up, added some paint, and turned around and sold them. I had so much fun, I decided to keep doing just that. And here we are! Page 38 |

Mermaid’s Tale

This dresser actually belonged to my husband’s grandmother. I don’t get my hands on a lot of French provincial pieces, even though I’m a huge fan of the style, so since this was a rare opportunity for me, I wanted to do something different but keep the integrity of the style. I opted for a French lavender feel: Mermaid’s Tale was the perfect choice. It paired perfectly with the ornate handles and scalloped edges of the piece.

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I purchased this piece at an antique store when my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby girl. We used it in her nursery for a while, then moved it to our guest bedroom. When we were getting ready for our third baby, we just didn’t have room to keep this dresser, so I decided to spruce it up a bit and sell it. The wood grain on this piece was so beautiful that I didn’t want to paint the entire thing, so I just painted the top with Crinoline and replaced the knobs. A friend of mine who owns a local wedding venue actually ended up purchasing it for the groom’s suite! I was happy to see it go to someone I know and love.


My faith in God, my husband, my kids, family, and friends are the most important things in my life. Time is very important to me. I don’t want to look back on my life and see time wasted. My husband and I have made an effort to simplify and minimize our lives so we can spend more time doing the things we find most important. A big reason I decided to start my own business was to eventually become debt-free. That is a big goal for our family. We have a desire to give back to our community and to organizations we believe in. Being debt-free would allow us to pursue giving back at a higher level than we’re currently capable, though we believe it’s important to give what you can, no matter how much money you make. I usually find inspiration by scrolling through Pinterest or my Instagram feed. I bookmark a lot of images from Joanna Gaines, Emily Henderson, Jen from Green Spruce Designs, and Gwen from The Makerista. Some may think you should come up with your own creative ideas, but as one of my husband’s design professors used to say, often the best ideas are someone else’s! I enjoy blending these designers together, or taking what I like most and trying to improve upon their ideas. My husband is a “jack of all trades”. He is very talented and knowledgeable, so he often steps in to help if a piece needs some intense woodworking. He’s definitely my number one fan and encourager. He’s also a tough critic, so I know he doesn’t say things he thinks I want to hear. I can always trust that he’s being honest. Both of my grandfathers owned their own businesses and started them from nothing. One owned a successful farm winery and the other owned several different businesses related to home improvement and construction. I feel proud to have followed in their footsteps, stepping out in faith and starting my own business. I’d like to think that if they were still here today they would be proud of me.

FALLON YATES markethouserestorations.com

Market | House Restorations | Salem, Virginia





Modern, Farmhouse I found this piece through Facebook. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! I purchased and painted it to sell in my Online Marketplace. Before I painted it, I sanded it down and cleaned it really well. I then completely stripped and restored the top to freshen it up a bit and lined the drawers and doors with vintage hymns to give it some extra character. Then I painted it with Driftwood and it was completely transformed. I added a hint of brown glaze and white glaze to add some dimension. Page 40 |

In 2011, I was called to stay home with our first born child. The decision to leave my full-time job forced me to become resourceful in order to maintain a functional yet beautiful home for my family. After a while, I found myself painting and restoring anything I could get my hands on. As time went on, I started to extend my services to other family members and friends. My clientele has since grown larger and larger allowing me to do this type of work full-time from my own home studio. When I first started painting, I found a beautiful buffet at a yard sale and I was so excited about it. I took it home and spent hours outside trying to get off the chipping veneer. When I was finished for the day, I decided to throw a tarp over it instead of bringing it inside. The next day when I went out to work on it, the whole top was split from side-to-side; it had warped and popped off during the night because of the humidity. It completely ruined the original look I was going for. But I learned a valuable lesson and I never did that again. I love Jesus and coffee (black!). Chocolate chip cookies, puppies and yard sales are my weaknesses. I love naps and swinging on my front porch especially with a glass of sweet tea or a bowl of chocolate ice cream. I love to play basketball in the driveway with my kids, throw a football in the street with my husband, eat Sunday dinners with my whole family, and I love painting furniture.


I had a well paying job before I decided to stay home with my kids, but I was working late nights and weekends and all of my income was going towards daycare, which really pulled my heartstrings. That’s when I decided I needed to stop working so much, stay home and focus on my family. I’m so

I love the details on this desk so I wanted to highlight them. The piece was already painted white so I just needed to clean it up a little to prepare it for new paint. I painted the whole thing with Nightfall and then distressed some of the edges allowing the white to pop through so you can see the depth of the details. The inside of the drawer has been papered with a beautiful floral pattern to tie in with the outside color. I also added new milk glass knobs for a sweet little touch. Page 41 |

glad I did because I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t taken that leap of faith and followed God’s calling. It was a huge sacrifice but God revealed a passion that I never even knew existed. I love seeing pieces brought back to life and I still find it amazing that I’m able to make a living doing something I consider a “hobby” while also being home with my family! Now I custom paint furniture and cabinetry and run an online Marketplace with painted and restored pieces that are for sale. Like my Instagram profile says: “I left the corporate world to stay home with my kids and when I did I found a paint brush and a passion.”

Crinoline and Nightfall

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This farmhouse style oak buffet has been painted with Crinoline on the outside and Nightfall on the inside. I started by cleaning the piece really well, sanding it and then filling and fixing some of the split areas. My husband helped me take off the doors and add some wooden slats to them to add a little extra character. I also replaced the hardware with beautiful glass knobs and pulls to keep it timeless. Of course, I wasn’t satisfied with only the outside being restored, so I painted the inside of the drawers and the interior of the bottom area with the color Nightfall. I think it adds the perfect pop of color!

JESSICA MCAULAY bluepeachesfurniture.com

Blue Peaches Furniture | Ottawa, Ontario




Shabby Chic Farmhouse

I am the owner of Blue Peaches Furniture, a company devoted to restoring old pieces of furniture with clay-based paint. Updating old furniture is really the eco-friendly way to go as pieces were built with much better quality in the olden days and with actual wood! Restoring old furniture provides customers with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else will have. I retail Country Chic Paint products which are VOC-free. I’m pretty obsessed with barnwood -- I love to make signs out of it that I also sell. My workshop is located in the heart of Hintonburg in Ottawa, Ontario where Blue Peaches also hosts a series of workshops and classes. In May 2017, I was working in HR at a good job, but I was getting tired of it, so I decided to take a “temporary” break to think about what I wanted to do next. During that time, I started painting furniture because I found it relaxing and satisfying to transform old, unloved pieces into something beautiful. Since I didn’t have space for all my projects, Page 44 |

Cherry Blossom

This piece was inspired by summer. I wanted to do something bright and cheery to represent the summer months so I used the colors Cherry Blossom, Simplicity and Liquorice. I started in the middle with the main color being Cherry Blossom and as I worked my way up to the top, I added more Simplicity. I’m loving the ombre look on this piece!

I decided to post a couple of items for sale; they sold within 24 hours! The company has really snowballed from there. In the last year it has expanded to retailing paint, having a workshop with store hours and hosting workshops and classes. It has been a dream come true to be able pursue something I am so passionate about as a career. A lot of my inspiration comes from inside my head. I see tired pieces of furniture and usually have a good idea of what I want to do with it. The beauty of painting furniture is that you can play around with it as you’re painting a piece, which provides inspiration as you work. Paint is so forgiving; it allows you to play and manipulate as you go - if you make a mistake, it’s so easy to fix. Almost every piece of furniture I have ever painted, I have stopped mid-project and thought “this is a disaster” - but the fun part is to keep going until you stop thinking “this is horrible” and move to “this could be okay” and end with “I love this”! Of course, I also find inspiration from fellow refinishers and social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Having supportive family and friends has been a true inspiration. Knowing that I have people that believe in me and my work is what allows me to keep going and pursue my passion. Spending time with my family is definitely a top priority. I am really fortunate to have a best friend in my husband, Matt. I also have wonderful parents who believe in me and, of course, a cat who provides me with unconditional cuddles. Being happy and doing something you love is very important. I wake up every day feeling very passionate about my work and excited to get creating!

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For this antique tall boy dresser, I used Devotion to give it a pop of color. Since it’s an antique piece of furniture, I wanted to keep the vintage charm so I also added distressing along the sides.


I wanted to do something fun with this piece, so I blended Country Chic in Icicle, Bliss and Jitterbug.

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Icicle, Bliss, and Jitterbug


Blue Door Decor | Mercer, North Dakota



Modern, Industrial, Farmhouse

I am a small town, Midwestern gal with a love for all things old and dripping with character. I hate to throw anything cool away, so the process of saving old furniture and giving it new life with paint had me addicted after my first project. I’m also pretty frugal and believe you don’t have to spend a fortune on new things to decorate well, so I love helping people mix old and new pieces to create a unique, beautiful home. In May 2016, I started my business when painting my own things expanded to taking on custom painting projects for other people. I wanted to keep painting and growing, so I started buying and finishing pieces to sell online and at market shows. I’ve now evolved into a pop-up store that will be open one weekend a month. I work with my clients to determine the look they want and then help them make it happen. This is so rewarding; I Page 47 |


This was a custom project for a client. The hutch was her grandmother’s. While beautiful and in great condition, the orange maple and dated hardware didn’t go with her home décor. The client wanted a clean simple look with no distressing. I gave the hutch four coats of Simplicity to ensure a very solid finish and then sealed it with Natural Wax. I also re-stained the top of the buffet a dark brown, painted the hinges black, and replaced the hardware with modern industrial pulls.


I spotted this hutch for a good price on a local buy & sell website. I wanted it to be colorful yet vintage-looking so I chose Wanderess, which is a beautiful understated teal. After two coats of paint, I used Antiquing Wax to enhance the details and add an aged appearance. The pulls are original and I love how their antique gold pairs with the green paint color. Page 48 |

love when someone tells me they have a piece that was their grandmother’s and they want to keep it, but they don’t love it as it currently is. Whether I custom paint the piece for them or guide them to complete it on their own, it’s wonderful to help people keep special pieces in their family for future generations to enjoy. I get great design ideas from HGTV as well as the furniture painting Facebook groups I’m a part of like Flipping Furniture for Profit. The Country Chic Paint family has been so awesome! I don’t think I would be where I am without this great group of staff and retailers. When I see a piece of

furniture that is old and neglected, I can envision how great it will look once I fix it and paint it. My dad enjoys carpentry, fixing things, and making old things useful; I think this is where I get my passion for restoration. He occasionally helps me with repairs and picks up pieces for me. My sister-in-law and a couple girlfriends have also been a tremendous help with market shows and getting my business going. They are my biggest cheerleaders and they’re so much fun to work with. They give great advice and are always willing to lend a hand when needed. My husband doesn’t love my business

because of the way it takes over our garage and storage areas, but he is tolerant and willing to help me when needed, like when I need new holes drilled for hardware. Often when I bring home pieces, my husband is not impressed. He thinks they’re beat up and ugly, and he doesn’t see my vision. One piece in particular he thought was unsalvageable but a month later, while helping me load a desk onto the trailer for a market show, he said, “This piece will be your first sale; it’s really nice.” I told him it was the piece of junk he thought was beyond hope and he didn’t believe me. But he was right, it was the first piece to sell.

This dresser was an unexpected find. While loading a buffet I’d purchased into my pickup, I told the people selling it that I loved old furniture and they asked if I wanted to see another piece. Of course I said yes. When they showed me this dresser, I just asked how much. “You drove all this way so you can just have it.” What luck -- two for the price of one! I wanted this dresser to be cheery, soft, and pretty to compliment the gentle curved legs, carvings on the drawers, and original ring pulls. Bee’s Knees seemed like the perfect color choice. I gave the dresser two coats of paint, lightly distressed the detail areas, and then sealed with Natural Wax. Page 49 |


Bee’s Knees


You can do more than just paint! Get creative and layer with our specialty products. These sample swatches will help give you an idea of what each unique finish looks like over two of our most popular paint colors.


simplicity (no finish)

hemp oil

tough coat

natural wax

pearl wax

white wax

antiquing wax

grey wax

black wax

gold wax

slate glaze

graphite glaze

smoky quartz glaze

tiger´s eye glaze

limestone glaze

shimmer glaze

sparkle glaze

silver bullet metallic cream

pocket watch metallic cream

belt buckle metallic cream

trigger metallic cream

lucky penny metallic cream

hemp oil

tough coat

natural wax

pearl wax

white wax

antiquing wax

grey wax

black wax

gold wax

slate glaze

graphite glaze

smoky quartz glaze

tiger´s eye glaze

limestone glaze

shimmer glaze

sparkle glaze

silver bullet metallic cream

pocket watch metallic cream

belt buckle metallic cream

trigger metallic cream

lucky penny metallic cream


elegance (no finish)

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Country Chic Paint’s All-in-One Decor Paint is the best-rated furniture paint available today, and more and more DIYers are falling in love with it every single day. Our paint has more 5-star reviews than any other furniture paint line on the market!

Certified 100% VOC-free*, All-in-One Decor Paint contains clay and minerals to give you amazing adhesion and long-lasting durability with little-to-no prep work required. With superior coverage -- even with the bright colors -- it usually takes no more than one or two coats to complete your project. Whether your goal is to make your piece look shabby chic or contemporary, you’ll love how silky soft and smooth this paint glides on. The wonderfully chalky matte finish is easy to distress, yet very durable. You can enjoy your updated furniture with a simple, beautiful chalky finish, or you can easily add special effects with our glazes, waxes, metallic creams, and more.

*Visit www.countrychicpaint.com/vocs to view our VOC test results on this product, as well as our toy safety rating.

Find your nearest retailer at www.countrychicpaint.com

Want to check out some of our tutorials for tips on how to use each product and create unique finishes? Check out our YouTube channel! www.youtube.com/countrychicpaint

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Country Chic Paint Lookbook  

This lookbook celebrates 5 years of Country Chic Paint and the amazing people that use our products every day to rescue furniture pieces and...

Country Chic Paint Lookbook  

This lookbook celebrates 5 years of Country Chic Paint and the amazing people that use our products every day to rescue furniture pieces and...