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BODY LANGUAGE Olivia Falcon on how to have a good hair day


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hairbands and how to move my childish ponytail into hen it comes to hair styling, I have zero skills. something more chic and French looking. Be it my own hair or my daughters’, I’m She also has tonnes of practical advice. My hair had rubbish. My last attempt at school-gate styling been looking particularly dire of late and I couldn’t seem ended in tears and me having to cut a dreadlock out of my to shake an untamable halo of frizz. Zoë explained, as you younger one’s mane, so when my friend, Zoë Irwin, John reach your forties, hair – like skin – tends to get drier and Frieda Salons’ new Creative Director and international less moisture means a frizzier texture. She showed me a trend guru, invited me to come and road test her new flash cooling technique that she picked up at Princeton Masterclass in Styling (£100) at the Alford Street Salon, University where they study the science of hair. The idea Mayfair, the kids practically pushed me out the door. here is the quicker you take hair from hot to cold with Tucked away from the buzz of the dryers, Zoë has an a hairdryer, the better it sets and more control you have amazing Aladdin’s cave of grown-up hair accessories. over it. It also looked far shinier too. There’s buttery soft, nude and pastel Corinne leather bands Rather than dowsing my head to wrap round pony tails, Born In The Sun with volumising spray as I usually velvet and corduroy hairbands to smarten do, Zoë also schooled me in art of up your work look and, for the Christmas precision product placement. This party season, Gucci-inspired ’70s turbans involves dabbing a couple of different and hairbands embellished with green, products on the back of your hand amber and ochre coloured crystals. I like a make-up artist, dipping your wanted to swipe the lot. It’s hair heaven. fingertips in and then raking them through The Masterclass is designed to teach different areas of scalp. Zoe has masses of people how to style their hair around products to hand but she whisked Colour accessories – yes there is more to just Wow Raise The Root through my crown, clipping something in. Zoë often and then raked Virtue’s 6-in-1 Styler over references the old school ways of the Styling ideas from the flyaways on my forehead. It worked 1960s and ’70s. She showed me how to a John Frieda masterclass a treat. Bring on the wind machine. n tease my hair for volume, tong it around 36 | COUNTRYANDTOWNHOUSE.CO.UK | November 2019

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Country & Town House - November 2019  

In C&TH’s first ski special, On Piste, Felix Milns selects the best places to stay, ski and après. If you need to warm up after all that tim...

Country & Town House - November 2019  

In C&TH’s first ski special, On Piste, Felix Milns selects the best places to stay, ski and après. If you need to warm up after all that tim...