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Elwin & Nynke van der Hoek Owners of &designshop Zwaanshals 520 3035KS Rotterdam The Netherlands

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signshop ☞ Next to the shop we also work in our in-house studio for consumers and companies: Elwin van der Hoek: youneedme* | creative studio (design & visualisation) Nynke van der Hoek: Star Cygnus (design, interior styling & creative advice)

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Photos courtesy of &designshop.

What is &designshop known for as a store? &designshop is all about young designers and fresh brands from around the world. All products are made in smaller exclusive series with love and care for material, colour and finish. We strive to be as unique as possible by always going that extra mile looking for new and surprising creative highlights. Next to products from other designers, whom we mostly all know personally, we create and sell our own products directly to our customers. We have a close bond to all the products and strive to know and tell as much about the background story and production as we can.

How would you describe the mix of products you carry instore? We believe in hands on design which for starters, is always visually beautiful but also stays close to functionality and long life-time use. The mix of products in our shop is constantly evolving and changing according to trends we spot and create for a bigger audience. This mix includes a variety of high quality materials and new production techniques which are true eye candy. We don’t follow any strict rules, but we always need to fall in love with a product and stay close to ourselves, not conforming to other shops or trends pushed by magazines.


What constitutes a good “conversation piece” in a home? A conversation about any subject starts with something that makes you curious, something you want to know more about and something you can’t stop touching. A great example is the Endless Chair by Dirk van der Kooij, a 3D printed full size comfortable functional chair which invites a person’s touch and makes a true statement in any home. On the subject of materials that make good conversation pieces, another example is the duo behind the brand, Beeldend Konstruktief, which makes amazingly colourful furniture by laminating hand-woven fabrics onto wood. In general a design should always tell a story about its origin, how it is made and



Profile for Countlan Magazine

Countlan Issue 01  

Countlan is a quarterly magazine dedicated to exploring how people around the world entertain at home.

Countlan Issue 01  

Countlan is a quarterly magazine dedicated to exploring how people around the world entertain at home.

Profile for countlan