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Q+A Eric Davich, Co-Founder of Songza whAt is YoUR FAVoURite tYPe oF mUsic to listen to while hostinG A dinneR PARtY?

It depends on the crowd and the occasion of course. If it’s a fun, casual dinner party with friends, I’d go for some retro soul and funk like our ‘60s Soul Dance Party: Deep Cuts playlist or The World of James Brown. If it’s a more formal dinner party, I might choose something like For Sinatra Fans or At Ease with Classical Adagios.

01 sonGZA:

An app that positions music as a lifestyle enhancement. It is entertaining tool we can’t live without. It’s a free streaming music service with a massive library of expertly-curated (handpicked by a person) playlists on the internet. We can’t get enough of Songza’s Music Concierge which ensures you always have the right playlist at the right time. 02 sAY dUcK:

A peep show for tech-savvy, design conscious users. We are talking about an augmented reality mobile app that helps consumers see products in their home before items are purchased. Watch Say Duck in action.

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Countlan Issue 05  
Countlan Issue 05  

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