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Notes on Entertaining with Erin Souder House of Earnest blogger, Erin shares a few ideas about what keeps her organized when she entertains weekly, her trustworthy tools and her entertaining style. ”I love seeing people happy. Entertaining is a gratifying way to socialize and motivates me to learn new tips, recipes, and hostess tricks from others.“

01 What

is your biggest entertaining pet

peeve? My pet peeve is a messy bar. Bottle caps, drips, trash, and empties cloud the aesthetic. I like to have a mini trash can (like a pretty ice bucket) near the bar for such things.


What does your organization process look like before guests arrive? I am a big planner. For example, I will make a dish in advance to test the recipe; I setup serving dishes with Post-It notes to indicate what will go where, and plan my timeline for the day. Organizing in this way helps me to enjoy the night by awarding me more time with my guests!

03 How would you describe your entertain-

ing style? My style is casually indulgent. I have a few go-to snack plates for drop-ins, pretty patterned napkins, stirrers, straws, and platters on hand to make everything appear very put-together even if the gathering is last minute. I find extra details always make guests feel doted on and indulged. 






Countlan Issue 05  
Countlan Issue 05  

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