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Liquid Art

{ C o p e n H ag e n, D e n m a R K }

In an inconspicuous building across from Denmark’s oldest museum, The Thorvaldsens, you’ll find Ruby: a livingroom style two-floor bar responsible for concocting some of Copenhagen’s finest cocktails. When Ruby opened its doors in the summer of 2007, it was the only spot of its kind along the quiet strip of canal. The opening of Rasmus and Adeline Shepherd Lomborg’s cocktail spot coincided with the rise of the popular American television series Mad Men, a show that helped kick-start a renewed interest in classic cocktails. ”In the beginning, a lot of guys didn’t know what an Old Fashioned was, so they would order it and stand around not daring to admit that it was too strong for them“ says Sune RisumUrth, part of Ruby’s management team. Ruby’s beverages, which change seasonally, are simple to the eye yet offer guests an unhurried taste of aromatic art. Coupled with Ruby’s attentiveness to guests, theirs is a craft that reveals another facet of the city’s unwavering delivery of memorable sensory experiences.


Countlan Issue 05  
Countlan Issue 05  

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