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Designing Cuppacakes { p e ta l i n g j aya , m a l ay s i a } In a country like Malaysia where eating is a national pastime, it is not hard to see why the intricately designed and themed cupcakes by +Wondermilk is a hit in Petaling Jaya, a city just outside of Kuala Lumpur. In fact, +Wondermilk’s cupcakes would win over the eyes and stomachs of any passerby. What started off as a graphic design bureau has evolved to include a variety of creative businesses in the city including an art gallery for upcoming young urban artists, a small retail operation which sells quirky handmade goods and Cuppacakes, +Wondermilk’s bakery. One reason why Cuppacakes stands out is the team is run by graphic designers-turned bakers. Their three retail shops are a take on a New York loft, with exposed brick walls, industrial fixtures and a homey collection of mix and match furniture. In addition to their 25 cupcake flavours, they also concoct cakes, cookies, gift items and occasionally, home décor items. ”Our most popular flavor would be our Foxy Red Velvet cupcake. It’s a light, fluffy and scrumptious take on the classic flavor topped with a not too sweet cream cheese frosting“ Ifzan Ibrahim shares, one of +Wondermilk’s founders. However it is not uncommon to find unusual combinations such as lychee with rose buttercream, avocado and pineapple, durian with vanilla and jackfruit with thyme.



Countlan Issue 05  
Countlan Issue 05  

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