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Anti-Mafia Gift Baskets { C o p e n h ag e n, D ENMA R K } Growing up in Palermo, Sicily, home of the Cosa Nostra (Sicilian mafia), Riccardo Adragna the founder of Social Good Stories, was conscious about the importance of supporting socially and ethically responsible producers when he launched his online gift basket business in Copenhagen. In the 1980s, Italy adopted a law to confiscate the property and assets of the mafia. Local organizations such as Libera Terra, gathered over a 1 million signatures to sponsor a bill to redistribute the confiscated mafia assets to the community for social projects, and cooperatives. Social Good Stories connects consumers to socially responsible food producers by arranging gift baskets packed with socially responsible items. For example, the breakfast basket contains marmalades from Libera Terra, coffee from a small Ugandan cooperative, and honey from Bybi, a local organization that trains and employs homeless people to become apiarists. The Christmas hamper has a wine from a Sicilian producer whose brother was killed by the mafia and extra virgin olive oil from a NGO where Arab and Israeli women work together.

Photo Credit: Social Good Stories

Documenting Food on Film {Europe}

Photo Credit: The Making Of

City life often comes with its advantages; one of which is access to a variety of food. We head to specialty stores, local grocers, supermarkets or hypermarkets to do our shopping and typically make a choice based on familiarity, necessity, price, packaging, word of mouth or convenience. However, as the team behind The Making Of film project questioned, why don’t the people and the story behind the product play a greater role in influencing the decision process?



From this starting point, Ignacio and Constanze aimed to explore and document a better way to connect people and food. ”Our videos are about people who started food projects within their lifetime, as opposed to having inherited a running business. These individuals successfully created their own projects. For these producers, being featured in one of our short films means certain recognition to their life´s work“ says Ignacio.  Currently, the group has made 15 films which are posted on their website and will be posting more soon.

Countlan Issue 05  
Countlan Issue 05  

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