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FROM THE EDITOR As fall arrives, it seems like the number of guests passing through our door for a meal increases. A coffee and dessert here, a dinner there - on a weekly basis there is always something to plan, organize and prepare. Autumn is a great season to entertain and catch up with people you may have missed over the summer or want to see before the ensuing holiday season. The produce is plentiful, and shorter days and cooler nights make for a great motivator to cook at home and create a cosy atmosphere. The fifth issue of Countlan Magazine focuses on the theme of connection. When we entertain, the innate desire to connect with people in our lives fuels our desire to invite, shop, spruce, primp and cook. Thanks to this driving force, we make time in our busy schedules to contemplate what will bring pleasure and entertainment to the guests seated at our table. In the following pages, we focus on the four main areas of entertaining that help facilitate connection: ingredients, tableware, technology and resources. As always, I hope Countlan’s collection of stories from around the world inspires you to entertain at home and to establish new traditions with family and friends this season. Sarah Lambersky Editor and Co-Founder



Assistant Editor:

Mike Drach {Canada}




ADAM GOODMAN {DENMARK} Tina Brok Hansen {Denmark}


Philip Kennedy {UK} Anna Kovecses {Cyprus} Lukas Chladek {Czech Republic} Andrea Davalos {Czech Republic}


Kristin Pedroja {Australia} Emily Baillie {Canada} Antonia Cafati {Chile} Lisa Nieschlag {Germany} Julia Cawley {United States} Eva Kosmas {United States} Cosima Opartan {Romania} Carla Isidoro {Portugal} Erin Souder {United States} Birgitte Brondsted {Italy} 2



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Countlan Issue 05  
Countlan Issue 05  

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