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From the Motherland { H a m b u R g, g e R m a n y }

When Jan Schawe sought to open Mutterland, a delicatessen-café in the heart of Hamburg, he strived to create a concept that better connected people to local, high quality food. A reflection of his own philosophy and taste, the name Mutterland (motherland) is suggestive of the type of menu items and delicatessen products carefully selected and made in-house since 2007. Mutterland’s cakes, sandwiches, jams, muesli and soups pay homage to traditional German home style (how mother made it) cuisine and highlights time honoured recipes from around the country.

At Mutterland’s three locations, Jan and his team only work with small family owned manufacturers in Germany to stock the floor to ceiling wooden crates (shelves) and displays throughout the store. ”The interior of Mutterland is democratic and not snobby, which means people will feel comfortable to come inside“ says Jan. The Mutterland head office on Ernst-Merck-Straße is divided into a 26 seat café with large chalkboard walls as the backdrop and a delicatessen showcasing the various cheeses, meats, quiches, pastries and specialty food items such as small batch olive oils, jams, honey, pasta, beverages, chocolates, sauces and spices. What’s next for the six year old company? ”Lots of people have contacted us about opening concepts like Mutterland in other parts of Germany. We want to grow slowly. Up next, we are rebuilding our web-shop for spring 2014, updating the design of the café and have a new chef in the kitchen.“



Countlan Issue 05  
Countlan Issue 05  

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