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Rooftop Honey { M e l b o u r n e , AUST R ALIA } What Vanessa Kwiatkowski calls ”a moment of clarity“ led her and her partner Mat Lumalasi to launch Melbourne City Rooftop Honey, a project that cultivates honey from beehives located on underused rooftops around the city. Fuelled by concerns over food production and the worldwide decline of bees, Vanessa — an avid gardener already accustomed to growing her own food — saw the project as an opportunity to raise awareness of the various threats and diseases that put honeybees at risk. By offering hive adoptions and sponsorships, along with partnering with local restaurants, Melbourne City Rooftop Honey connects people, food, sustainability, collaboration, and community. ”We encourage people to get involved in any way possible“ says Vanessa. ”We teach people about bees and how to keep their own hive, and encourage the general public to plant bee-friendly plants to attract bees and supply food for them.“ Currently, Vanessa and Mat oversee 73 hives in the city where they install, maintain, and care for the hives using natural beekeeping methods.



Photo Credits: Robyn Charnley, Justin Emerson, Latchie Mathison

Countlan Issue 05  
Countlan Issue 05  

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