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pResseD Honey Mein Honig, a small honey startup that launched in Upper Austria’s Kalkalpen National Park, is the story of six individuals, 20 bee hives and a honey making technique connected to an indeginous warrior tribe in the Amazon forest in Brazil. It started with David, a nature loving, self-taught beekeeper, who inherited three bee hives from his father when he was 13 years old.

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David, influenced by his father who had lived with the Rikbaktsa tribe in the Amazon for a few years, travelled to Brazil to learn about his father’s past. It was in Brazil where David studied the Rikbaktsa tradition of making pressed honey. Back in Austria, he assembled a team who shared the same ecological and economic concerns to raise awareness of the importance of bees in the ecosystem. Together they embarked on creating a pressed honey of their own. From its packaging to the honey, everything about Mein Honig is hand made and a labour of love. ”I spend evenings covering the caps with our special paper. I walk through the fields looking for lavender to dry and put in our Bienenpatenschaft boxes, an opportunity to sponsor a Queen Bee and recieve the honey from the colony’s seasonal production“ says David. The team prefers to keep their pressed honey operation small, in favour of producing a higher quality product; something that David calls pursuing prosperity without growth. ”So we would rather stay small and keep our work fun.“

Photo Credit: Thomas Lichtblau



Countlan Issue 05  
Countlan Issue 05  

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