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87 front should button over the


and the top edge and

may be trnnmed with lace or embroidery. Trimmings. The most durable trimming for under-

edge of sleeves


Madeira w^ork, but as this is costly, it is not within the reach of all and the Excelsior and the BeauIdeal embroideries are a most excellent and durable subReal Valenciennes lace is sold by some houses at stitute. little more than cost price. The make is strong, and very and suitable for trimmings. clothing



The mode employed

of cutting out a nightdress

in cutting out a

Fig. 54.

must be




similar to that

chemise the required length ;

for Smaller Pieces.

and the pattern pinned on


or pen-

cilled out on, the cloth.

Fig. ^^ does not give the entire length of the night-dress, but it is very easy to continue the perfectly straight lines until the breadths are as long as

they are wished to be.

Figs. 55 and ^6, the simpler patbe described first. The front breadth of this night-dress for a person of medium height should be a yard and a half long from the shoulder to the hem, and the back breadth six inches less. tern, shall

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A Guide to Dressmaking - 1876  

19th Century Dressmaking techniques

A Guide to Dressmaking - 1876  

19th Century Dressmaking techniques