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Counter Terrorism Global Ltd WELCOME TO Counter Terrorism Global Ltd

Counter Terrorism Global Ltd in Mayfair, LONDON is a new training in safety, security, advice, equipped to analyze and act in a globalized reality fraught with risks for everything from Counter-Terrorism.

Counter Terrorism

With terrorist threats worldwide growth, Training and education opportunities are now available from a variety of sources. The program includes roles and responsibilities officer terrorism and includes operational tactics, as well as planning and training.



Throughout the course, which will deal with everything Counter Terrorism, is closely linked to both the private, government and public institutions. After graduation, candidates get to work in both the private and the public, such as analysts and advisors.

Anti Terrorism

We believe that safety from terrorism can be secured through effective law enforcement strategies, coupled with strong intelligence and community engagement.

Counter Terrorism Courses

Counter Extremism

Counter Terrorism Global Ltd

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon. It poses a threat to our security, the values of our democratic societies and to our rights and freedoms.With more foreign wars and terrorist threats at home, many are looking for ways to better prepare for a possible disaster or threat.

Anti terrorism