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From “According to Our Records” VII. Blason for Jenna

Indianapolis Children’s Hospital Genetic Screening

Temple. Vein. Shadow, shadow Porcelain.

Jenna, 18 mos. Normal birthweight, 96% percentile hght. and wght. Facial dysmorphology suggests genetic condition, as yet unknown. Picture attached to file. Hypertelorism & Epicanthal folds evident. Indistinct philthrum Cubitus valgus.

Fan of eyes. Petal, whorl Mineral glint. Arc, render Trace pressure Of God’s hand.

VIII. Intravenous

Indianapolis Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Referral

Two cannot hold Jenna. So One drops a heavy arm on top, Two prods the vein.

Macrocephaly— Recommend MRI. >4 yrs. Cannot remain awake. Insurance for anesthesia.

Two misses. Makes a pincushion of Jenna’s arm. Jenna’s ribs arch & chase a magnet to the ceiling. Her joints do circus tricks, Sling-shoot, Pistol fingers gain unlikely leverage On the mattress, pull it sidelong. Then One tries to wrap her in a sheet. Like you might wrap a kid In that dizzy contest Everybody pair up, let’s see who can make a mummy faster. But One and Two are not playing. They will molt past errors, shed on a scrap table of tender skin.

Nurses notes—non-compliant, Trouble with the I.V.


Mrs. Brasstacks is the one who helps. She puts my body right. She puts me cement, not the grass, Jenna. She puts my hands in my pockets. Mrs. Brasstacks puts words on me: Un-ex-pec-ted BeHAYVyor. School’s out and I want to go on the slick ground parts sliding Mrs. Brasstacks says HAYV, JENNA. Parade time and I want in front flag whip & trumpet shine Mrs Brasstacks says HAYV JENNA. Mrs. Brasstacks’ loud hands put me back where I belong.

IEP Accomodations Jenna Brown: Recommend 1-1 paraeducator in classroom. Para on-site to support behavioral mods., especially socialization.

From According to Our Records  

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