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Group Therapy Weekend Therapy weekend

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd February 2013 ÂŁ110 pp

Janine Piccirella - Counsellor 07972 260 430 Sara Barratt - Holistic Therapist 0781 551 6023

About the Weekend We will start both days with meditation led by Sara, allowing each individual to become calm, relaxed and focussed. No prior experience of meditation is needed, you will be guided through the process.

The body of the day will be spent in Group Process Therapy led by Janine. The group will take the format of Transactional Analysis process therapy. What this means is that the group will be a safe and confidential space to develop understanding, awareness and insights about yourself and others. Each group member will have the valuable role of offering time and space along with constructive feedback and perceptions to help one another achieve your desired goals. Janine will work in the group with the therapeutic relationship(s) to facilitate change and growth for each individual. The use of different methods of therapeutic interventions will help facilitate the change and growth in you, dependent on your individual needs. The group process is valuable and can be profoundly moving as it offers you a chance to be seen, to change and develop new healthy life patterns. To empower your personal growth, which enables you to move towards autonomy. Towards the end of each day, Sara will lead a meditation to reflect on the day’s insights and perceptions.

About Janine Piccirella I am a Counsellor and work with Transactional Analysis (TA) as the main modality I use. I am qualified at Post Graduate Clinical Diploma level and hold MBACP accreditation. I have been working as a therapist for five years work in private practice and in the NHS. I offer individual, couples and group counselling, working short, medium and long term. I work with a range of presenting problems including depression, anxiety, abuse, bereavement, relationship problems, identity issues and many more. Integrity, straightness and willingness to be honest and real with my clients are my main values. These values help me to be genuine whilst being respectful and facilitating clients towards their therapy goal(s). These values shape my style as a therapist, I believe that everyone as the right to expect open, honest and genuine dialogue that encourages recognition of different thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I respect individual uniqueness, whilst encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own care, learning and development within a safe, boundaried and structured environment.

About Transactional Analysis Transactional Analysis (TA) is a model of psychotherapy used for understanding human development and facilitating change to life patterns. TA provides a stimulating and engaging framework to understand how we have developed into who we are and how we relate and communicate with others. TA offers explanations as to how we continue to repeat patterns of behaviour, thinking and feeling; that may be self-defeating and painful. TA’s concept of ‘life-script’ explains how we can continue to re-play childhood strategies in life today and this can limit an individual’s potential.

Once we become aware of our self-defeating patterns and self-limiting beliefs they become available to change. This is achieved by working together contractually to achieve the desired therapeutic goals. By gaining awareness, intimacy and spontaneity along with changing out dated and often dysfunctional decisions, we can be empowered to develop positive decisions. Therefore new healthy life patterns, personal growth and self-development will emerge, which will in turn enable us to reach autonomy.

About Sara Barratt I am a holistic therapist, Kundalini Yoga teacher and Reiki Master. I am qualified in reflexology, Indian head massage, Ayurvedic KV foot massage and aromaflex. I also teach yoga, meditation, breath techniques and relaxation and work one-to-one with clients to deliver effective, realistic and rounded solutions for dealing with the challenges that face them. Before training as a holistic therapist I worked for ten years within a large organisation as a computer programmer and a trainer, gaining a qualification in Training for Trainers. Since changing career, I have worked with large organisations providing holistic therapies as part of incentive and wellbeing programmes for employees as well as spending 18 months working in the voluntary sector working with women and young people and teaching relaxation, stress management and meditation. In my private practice I work with individuals on a range of issues including stress, grief, depression, back pain, digestive disorders and “feeling powerless” or “lacking direction”. I take inspiration from the Suffolk countryside and coast, and try to work in harmony with the natural cycles of life. My aim is to enable people to move through their lives with confidence, strength and peace - giving them the tools they need to deal with life's difficulties, to become aware of their connection with the wider world, seen and unseen, and to live life joyfully and with grace.

About Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation is a powerful tool for relaxing the body and mind and has been practised in many cultures across the world for thousands of years. Meditation is an integral part of many people’s day to day practice for physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Meditation may include focussing on the breath or a particular image or repeating a particular phrase or mantra aloud or silently. It may simply involve being still and allowing the mind to quieten, letting go of everyday stress. One of the forms of meditation based in yoga is “pranayama” – controlling the speed, frequency and depth of breath to achieve a particular outcome. Slowing and deepening the breath and being mindful of the feeling of the breath flowing through the body is deeply relaxing and is suitable for both beginners to meditation and experienced practitioners. Adults typically take around 16 – 20 breaths per minute. Slowing this frequency allows a feeling of relaxation, increased mental awareness and relief from stress. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated, allowing the body’s natural healing processes to work. Practised regularly, this meditative, mindful way of paying attention to the body and mind becomes automatic, allowing you to react positively in difficult times and situations.

Location The Bay Therapy Centre 21 Trent Boulevard Lady Bay Nottingham NG2 5BB

Janine Piccirella Counsellor 07972 260 430 Sara Barratt Holistic Therapist 0781 551 6023

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Group Therapy Weekend in Nottingham. Process Transactional Analysis therapy group.