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Marie Arnold Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: St. John’s Medical Supply Marie has been helping me with the diabetic shoe program for 2 years and has blessed me with her hard work and dedication to the programs success. She shows up with a smile on her face and sometimes a cup of coffee in her hand and digs right in. Without her I could not keep up with it all and there is so much to do. She is one of the legs that make this program stand and I am proud and pleased to admit that. Cindy Arrowwood Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Master Gardeners of Greene County With a passion for gardening, a connoisseur’s eye for plants, and a big back yard, it would be easy for Cindy to spend her time in her own garden. However, this nominee is an amazingly dedicated volunteer whose gardening skills and efforts are not kept at home but shared with all of us. Cindy became a Master Gardener in 2001, volunteering in both the Xeriscape Garden and Nathanael Greene Demonstration Garden. The amount of time required to plan, plant, label, weed, water, prune and generally oversee a garden this size is staggering: for the 2010 season, this nominee volunteered over 500 hours! Cindy makes a lasting difference to Greene County by getting others to make a difference. Dr. Cindy Baker Ozark, Missouri Nominated by: Jay Baker Dr. Baker serves on many chartable organizations. She runs the Tree of Hope for Freedom’s Rest, a domestic violence shelter in Christian County. She donates her time giving lectures. Buddy Ball and Virginia Jones Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks Buddy, the husband of the pair, works closely with United Way of the Ozarks as part of their Annual Campaign Cabinet, raising funds to be distributed among many area non-profit organizations. We are very grateful for the role he plays in our Annual Giving Campaign. Buddy devotes over 70 hours a year, fundraising for United Way and has donated 30 hours to BCFO’s cause. Virginia the wife of this duo is a hardworking, highly appreciated volunteer and mainstay at a number of local non-profit organizations. She has volunteered weekly with BCFO for over 2 years and has taken over a number of fundraising projects. Virginia has donated around 180 hours of her time to give help and hope to local families impacted by breast cancer. Virginia has also donated time to Isabel’s House and Suit Yourself Boutique. She has donated 288 hours of her time to these organizations. It is evident that this couple feels strongly about giving back to the community.

The broadest and maybe the most meaningful definition of volunteering: Doing more than you have to because you want to, in a cause you consider good. Ivan Scheier

Shirley Bass Monett, Missouri Nominated by: Julie Beckwith & Melissa Priest Over the past 41 years Shirley has given her time & talents in a most loving & generous manner, a yearly event she has been totally committed to for 41 years is the Barry County Youth Camp. This is a camp that provides a camping experience for children ages 7-10 who may not otherwise be able to participate. She has served as co-chairman for over 26 years. Endless hours go into planning this camp each year. The Barry Lawrence Development Center is a school for handicap children in the area, and they have been blessed with her support for over 36 years. She serves on the board and also volunteers with teaching & training of the children one day a week. She exemplifies an excellent role model of what a parent should be. She has given those parents the support and understanding they need in coping with their handicapped child. As you can see children and their welfare are of vital concern to her. She does it because of the love she has for children of this community and their future. Herbert Batson Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Friends of the Gray/Campbell Farmstead Herbert has been a volunteer for our organization for approximately 6 years. He has donated hundreds of hours as a volunteer. He has done an assortment of things including, teaching 5th graders how to survive on the prairie, repairing furniture, doors, floors, water pump and windows. He will go out and take care of whatever is needed. He has volunteered at the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home for over 20 years and countless hours. He is one of the most generous and humble persons I have ever come into contact with, and I know they are very grateful for his service to Missouri Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries. Holly Beadle Nixa, Missouri Nominated by: Junior League of Springfield Holly possesses the integrity, attitude and demeanor that most of us could only hope for. Among the vast volunteers our candidate has given, many can be contributed to the Junior League of Springfield. This year, she chaired the Kids Count Committee which is directly involved with Isabel’s House. She has been responsible for coordinating House volunteers and being the liaison between the Isabel’s House staff and Junior League Community Council. Our candidate is truly a servant who demonstrates a relentless work ethic with impeccable character. She likes to remain in the background, never taking credit for her accomplishments, but concentrates on getting the job done. Kathy Binkley Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Friends of the Zoo; Dickerson Park Zoo Kathy is dependable and supportive, consistently and passionately demonstrating her dedication to the mission of Dickerson Park Zoo to educate our youth passionately demonstrating her dedication to the mission of Dickerson Park Zoo to educate our youth and the public on conservation issues. She goes above and beyond expectations, working early mornings at the zoo (prior to her work day) to care for the birds of prey and complete numerous essential tasks to provide the best possible conditions for the education program animals. I can always depend on her to punctual and efficacious in her duties, no matter how messy, dirty or mundane.

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer Author Unknown

Jill Bright Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: CoxHealth Center Jill has volunteered since 2006, donating over 2,018 hours to our organization. She performs a variety of duties including working at the information desk to assist visitors coming to the hospital to see loved ones. She works with the activity director planning and helping with crafts for the rehab patients. Every time there is a need, she is right there. She volunteers for Newborns in Need and has donated over 1,000 hours. She loves being able to use talents that God has given her to help others. Volunteering is never "work". It’s having fun. She states she was never this busy before she retired. Never has she had so much fun either! She has touched many lives here. Lynn Broussard Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: St. John’s Teddy Bear Club Lynn has been volunteering for the Teddy Bear Club for approximately 3 years. She is very compassionate and caring person who has dedicated herself to helping others. If I am busy doing something, she will look around and do whatever needs to be done, from paperwork to praying with a family with a sick child. Her dedication to the Lord is obvious and she walks with an evidence of a close relationship to our Heavenly Father. She is a delight to be around and we are all thankful that she volunteers here. Amanda Brown Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Robert DeVore Amanda Brown is involved in so many non-profit events that I cannot begin to name them all. She is very involved in the American Cancer Society’s "Bark for Life" Relay fundraising event that honors the care-giving qualities of canine companions. She is by far the most giving and personally involved person I know. Linda Brown Buffalo, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield Conservation Nature Center Linda knows that in the right environment, children will absorb much of the knowledge shared with them if given the opportunity. When volunteering, she takes the opportunity to combine her three passions: working with children, interest in nature, and teaching. She takes steps necessary to promote parent/child interaction beyond the classroom by offering activity suggestions and literature to further bonds between parents and children and to build connections to the natural world. She began volunteering her time in 2004 and has volunteered 1,402 hours with the Springfield Conservation Center. Her work ties into making connections between people and the natural world. Dr. Rebecca Burrell Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Alpha Gamma Chapter-Delta Kappa Gamma Dr. Burrell volunteers through actively engaging her oft-expressed: Your Life is a Masterpiece--what are you creating? As Volunteer Coordinator for Cox Health’s Partners in Creative Care, she makes weekly visits to oncology patients’ rooms at Cox South where she draws individual angels, a patient-treasured symbol of hope and healing. Her dedication of time and service to various groups and individuals is her "paint"---with opportunities to serve comprising the blank canvas---sometimes even a "group mural."

It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference. Tom Brokaw

Robin Bushong Willard, Missouri Nominated by: Randy Custer Alexia and Aleena Havens attend the church where Robin attends. In January 2011, both girls were severely burned in a tragic house fire. While the girls were recuperating at the Shriners’ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, Robin began a fundraising project for the girls. For over two months, she worked at least 20 hours per week on the project, organizing over 20 volunteers. A giant garage sale was held on April 2 and over $5,200 was raised that day for Alexia and Aleena. This is truly a special person who organized, gave heroically of herself, and worked tirelessly for two special little girls. Jan Carter Strafford, Missouri Nominated by: Friends of the Zoo; Dickerson Park Zoo Jan has been one of the most dependable and supportive docents. She consistently demonstrates professionalism in her dedication to the mission of Dickerson Park Zoo. She frequently goes above and beyond expectations. Jan is always dependable, punctual and efficacious in her duties, no matter how messy, dirty, or mundane. Jan also volunteers for the Greene County Humane Society, Greater Ozarks Audubon Society, and Fair Grove Public Schools. Jan is a helpful, caring, cooperative and positive individual who passionately cares for our planet. Brian Cheever Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Webster’s defines "gifts" as: "a notable capacity, talent, or endowment". In every sense of the word Brian Cheever has been a "gift" to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In an environment when giving has been scaled back, he has provided a shinning example of what can be done through passion and caring commitment to others. In 2010 he organized the first ever "Lorenzo Williams & Friends Celebrity Pro-Am" golf tournament. He spearheaded the entire event and there was not a task that he was not willing to take on. Alexis Daniels Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield, Musgrave Unit This nominee is an outstanding leader and steps up to the plate when things need to get done. She is a positive role model for others to be around. She likes helping staff and other members when it is needed. This young lady is involved in a leadership group that has been awarded for outstanding work at the national and regional levels. This young lady brings a glow to the room with her smile and helping spirit. George Deatz Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Katie Steinhoff, Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center Coordinator George Deatz can’t keep a secret. Under the leadership of Mr. Deatz, the membership of Friends of the Garden has grown from a small handful to over 600 with his personal goal of realizing 1,000 members by the end of his term in 2011. He is a pro at the art of building relationships and empowering people to be successful. George eats, sleeps and breathes the success of the Parks and most especially the Botanical Center. Without George’s leadership and drive, the Botanical Center might not just have been a best kept secret, but a dream deferred.

The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers. Terri Guillemets

Pat and Bob Dickens Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: CoxHealth This husband and wife team meets all the Ozarks Honor flights of the WW2 veterans and he is on the 1000+ person waiting list to be an Ozark honor flight. Both volunteer at Cox hospital. Bob since November, 2007, has worked at the information desk where he helps visitors find their loved ones. He is one of the first people that our customers talk to and his humor and pleasant disposition make him an ideal candidate for this desk. He has put in 1,311 hours since beginning with us. Pat works at the surgery waiting desk. She possesses a great attitude toward our patients’ family and friends. This desk is a busy desk and you’re dealing with stressed people all day. She maintains a calm attitude and helps to relieve a lot of that stress. She started May of 2008 and has donated 725 hours since then. These two certainly understand the needs of the community and work to fulfill them in a variety of gifted and caring ways. Marcia Downs Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Crosslines Marcia is a true giver in both time and love. She has a big heart for children and a special drive for helping children in families that are struggling. Each Christmas Marcia works tirelessly to make sure that all of the children receive gifts for Christmas through Crosslines Toystore. She starts her mission early in the year (January) to take advantage of deep discounts on winter clothing items such as mittens, hats and scarves. She oversees the complete implementation of the program right up to the set-up of the store, leading the volunteers and clean up. She has worked with Crosslines Toystore for several years and her dedication has insured many smiles and happy children on Christmas morning. Ron Enos Willard, Missouri Nominated by: Ozarks Technical Community College – Adult Education and Literacy When Ron heard that the GED Program offered by Ozarks Technical Community College Adult Education and Literacy needed a volunteer to help with math and science twice a week for one to three hours per visit, he signed up. When some of the students he was working with were ready to take the GED test, he learned that they wound not be able to do so. The test could not be administered at the facility, and the inmates could not be released to go to an approved testing site. He wrote (DESE) requesting that the Justice Center be approved as an official testing site for GED. Because Ron would not quit, those who are incarcerated in Greene County have an opportunity to change their lives. In addition to the volunteer work at the jail, he wears many additional volunteer hats. So, even though our nominee has retired, he is devoting almost 40 hours per week to volunteering in charitable causes that help the people of Springfield and Greene County. Tonya Forbes Springfield, Missouri Nominated By: Springfield Little Theatre Tonya is absolutely remarkable with her extraordinary heart for service. During the day, Tonya is a full time teacher at Wilder Elementary School but her afternoons, evenings, and much of her weekends are spent volunteering at Springfield Little theatre. She often spends up to 8 hours at the theatre each night and sometimes 8-10 hours per day on the weekend. She spends hours and hours making sure that each director, actor, and crewperson has an organized script with all necessary paperwork. Tonya is warm, kind, and welcoming. She is always at the first cast meeting, the first day of classes, workshops, and auditions to make sure all actors are given an encouraging welcome to SLT. Whatever she endeavors, she gives 150%.

Connie Fortner Willard, Missouri Nominated by: Harmony House- Family Violence Center Connie came to us with a driving need to help and since being here has selflessly given her time to the women of our shelter. She has worked in our donations area since she began and in that time has assisted in providing over 700 women and 478 children with clothing and personal care items. In the beginning she filled clothing requests for the women and children, trying to the best of her ability to pick out stuff the women would like. When the idea for a boutique came about last year, she worked almost full time to make sure it was stocked and ready. She is one of the hardest working people we have had the pleasure of knowing and the long term consistent dependability of her volunteer service has been a great help to the organization and they go above and beyond to brighten up not only our client’s day but also ours. Don Garrett Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Erica Frazier Don is always there with a smile ready to help anyone and everyone with anything. Everywhere you go you meet someone who would call this man a friend. He volunteers for Ms Society, a Legislative representative, Board member of the Ozarks Counseling center, Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, Boys & Girls Town, and the list goes on. He wears many hats and changes many lives everyday. This man has had so much impact and yet remains so humble about the amount of effort and time he devotes to so many different causes. I want to know where he gets so much time. Vera Gibbons Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Rocknribs Childrens Charities This woman exceeds the "norm" in her exceptional attitude and giving to her community. Vera is one of those women that inspire others to greatness as she quietly amazes those that are around her. Vera is one of the founding members of the Metro Rotary Club of Springfield who currently serves as Director of Community Service, a past member and leader in the Sunrise Rotary, Springfield Downtown Rotary and one of the leaders of RockinRibs. Vera will amaze you with a seemingly tireless energy and commitment to almost everyone but herself. Barbara Hall Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Ozarks Technical Community College For five years Barbara has volunteered every Wednesday morning in the Adult Education and Literacy program beginning English as a Second Language class at OTC. She not only assists with instruction, but also devotes time away from the classroom to prepare homemade meals and snacks so the students can experience home-cooked American food. The fact that she has performed this volunteer job for five years demonstrates her dedication and commitment to the students and to the idea of helping non-native speakers learn the language. Barbara and her husband are the only humans on site at the Human Society on Monday afternoons when they feed, water, and exercise their canine friends. Barbara has consistently devoted more than 2025 hours a week of her retirement to making the Ozarks a better place to live.

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. Edward Everett Hale

Colene Hank Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Christian Healthcare East Colene plays a vital role in the delivery of quality of life programs for our nursing home residents. She clearly understands and has been instrumental in helping others to realize that residents living in our nursing home are people first with lots to offer. She has the gift of making others feel useful, wanted, and motivated to live life to the fullest. She also lifts their spirits with her smile and enthusiasm. She uses her reading background to find creative ways of stimulating residents. When receiving recognition for her countless volunteer efforts she is quick to give credit to others around her. Her humble, servant’s heart makes her the perfect candidate for this award. Dwight Ingalsbe Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Southwest Center for Independent Living Dwight is special through his giving heart as well as his skills and technical expertise to help others through the provision of home wheelchair ramps for accessibility. Dwight has inspired others to give, as he has coordinated groups of volunteers to build wheelchair ramps for people with disabilities (consumers of the Southwest Center for Independent living.) His work significantly impacts the way of life for many people with disabilities. Last fall, for SCIL’S ADA celebration (Americans with Disabilities Act.) he built a special obstacle course, consisting of a wheelchair ramp and doorway that could be adjusted for varying inclines and doorway widths. Dwight continues to go above and beyond in serving people who would remain isolated in the community without his help. Don & Donna Jump Bolivar, Missouri Nominated by: Good Samaritan Boys Ranch Don and Donna Jump are truly a blessing for Polk County and the Ozarks. They are very quiet and humble people, yet their time and commitment to helping others is so evident in what they do. For the past 10 years, they have been volunteers at the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch helping young men who have no one to count on in their troubled life. Their volunteer time is not limited to helping youth as they also volunteer at Citizens Memorial Healthcare Facility helping the elderly; the Children’s Miracle Network; the Muscular Dystrophy Association; and they help friends in need according to Bolivar resident Nicole Sokolik. Susan Jurgensmeyer Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Joy Robertson Fountain Susan volunteers annually for MDA, and gives tireless hours to her beloved St. Agnes Catholic Church. She regularly donates platelets- 250 aphaeresis units so far. She also Volunteers for hospice for “Angel Watch”, mows elderly neighbors lawns. She is a wonderful Christian person and a generous, peace-loving soul who I’m honored to consider not only a dear friend but a member of the family. Lisa Koontz Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: SAAFhouse Spay/Neuter Clinic Lisa is a volunteer who has gone above and beyond to help us at the SAAFhouse Spay/Neuter Clinic. Lisa came on a mission to do what she could to help in our efforts to help control animal population. To date she has put in 106 volunteer hours. Since the clinic opened in August 2010, Lisa has made all of our reminder calls. This is no small task as we have 15-26 clients a day, and they always have questions for her when she calls. By making phone calls Lisa has helped us Spay/Neuter 2,279 pets!

DeAnn Kraichely Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: The Victim Center Deann’s life is dedicated to service of others. She has been a volunteer victim advocate with The Victim Center since April of 1999. This past year she was a recipient of the "Lifetime Achievement" Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her work through The Victim Center. To date DeAnn has provided 11,994.25 hours of service through The Victim Center. She is very positive and truly a great source of comfort, resources, and "hope bringing" when working with those who are, many times, experiencing their darkest hour. Our community is truly a better place because of her service, hard work, and genuine caring spirit. Gerry Lee Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Rotary Club of Springfield-Southeast On the average, Gerry volunteers 90-100 hrs /month and has consistently maintained this level of service for years. His personal commitment to the advancement of the youth of our community has transcended years of leadership and service with a number of organizations including President of the Springfield Public Schools Board of Directors. Mr. Lee also started Leadership Academy (For High School Juniors). He started the Watch Dog Program at Wilder School/Pershing Middle School and this program has spread to other schools. He also serves At Schweitzer United Methodist Church. Mr. Lee is involved in the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast, and many other organizations. Joyelle Low Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Dillon Low Joyelle is a hero to those in need. She gives tirelessly of her time to those in their worst moments of crisis and has taught us by example the true meaning of giving from the heart. Joyelle gives freely and without expectation of recognition or thanks, quietly. She has encouraged us by her example, to give back to our community and we are joining her in her efforts. We admire and respect her for her truest gift of self. This would be an amazing award for an amazing woman who touches the lives of all she encounters. Dean and Darlene McAnnally Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield MO Convention and Visitors Bureau This couple’s dedication to their faith has kept them busy helping others all their adult life together. Dean’s passion for his hobby of rebuilding computer equipment has evolved in almost a full time service to our senior citizens that need help with their equipment or can not afford the equipment on their own. Darlene is active in the hospice community. Both are active with the Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau working weekly serving the visitors. Dean visits Ft. Leonard Wood monthly welcoming the new service men and women to our area. There are very few days that they are not helping someone somewhere. Their happiness and enthusiasm for life is contagious.

When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving much advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a gentle and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares. Henri Nouwen

Janis McCall Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: One Missing Link, Inc. This nominee founded One Missing Link, Inc., a non-profit organization, after the disappearance of her daughter and two other women who vanished on June 7, 1992. She started this organization with her husband and family with the purpose of educating, prevention and identification. She has worked countless cases over the years, very few with happy endings, but this nominee puts aside her personal tragedy and feelings to help each family deal with their own. It is a demanding job and leaves her little time for other interests. Gloria McCuan Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: St. John’s Medical Supply Gloria McCuan’s heart is of one to serve. She wants to be a blessing and has been a crucial part of my department at St. John’s Medical Supply. Gloria recently had a medical issue that didn’t allow her to be up and around and has asked me to bring her work so she can still help. It is such a blessing that she helps me with tasks that need to be done. She is always positive and uplifting, even if everything isn’t peaches and cream in her world. I love her and her heart. Jane Mcelvaine Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Junior League of Springfield Jane is not only devoted to her family and business, but she is committed to serving the community and improving the lives of those that live in the Ozarks. While she is involved with many different service organizations, one of her largest commitments is to the Junior League of Springfield. She has served in many roles with the Junior League over her tenure with the group in capacities such as Newspaper Insert Chairman, Admissions Chairman, and New Member Chairman. She has achieved the status of Sustainer because of her long-term dedication to this group. She recognizes a need in the community, builds relationships with organizations and individuals that share her vision for improvement, then takes action to make a difference. She is without a doubt "one who can do something" and she does it again and again. Judi Meehan Mt. Vernon, Missouri Nominated by: Camp Barnabas Judi is a very selfless volunteer. She is a remarkable lady in that she volunteers in many capacities. She is an active volunteer at her church as well as a volunteer for Camp Barnabas. Judi is 70+ years old and has been a licensed RN in the state of Missouri for over 50 years. She gives herself in many ways and all of them make the community a better place. Karenanne Miller Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Ambassadors for Children Karenanee has served on the Advisory Committee for Ambassadors for Children since 1999, when our agency began. She brings a wealth of knowledge related to child abuse & neglect, specifically related to the legal field and legal representation of minor children in such cases. She has represented our agency well within the community and we are truly honored to have her as a volunteer. Her energy and enthusiasm for supporting others is truly contagious!

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain

Richard Miller Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Second Baptist Church Richard is a leader that gives much of his time to charitable organizations that directly affect our community. He serves on the Board for Salvation Army; serves as President of the Southeast Gideon Camp; President of the Faith Fund for Missouri Gideon Organization; teaches Youth at Second Baptist Church; and serves on the Deacon Board for Second Baptist Church as well as the Board at the New Coventry Academy School. One of the greatest services that he provides is the counseling of adults and young people on their personal finances. Many seek financial advice from him after making an incorrect financial decision. James Murphy Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts Working with James has been an absolute pleasure. This man serves as a greeter to patrons entering the Hall, taking tickets, giving directions, and ushering. I have never seen him do any job without a smile; in fact, I always try to give him the best assignments because I truly believe he is the best face for Juanita K. Hammons Hall. I have always been taught that it takes eight good impressions to override one bad one, and this volunteer ensures that every patron who interacts with him will have a good time. People like James have made my job worth doing, and he is definitely one of the brightest lights shining from Juanita K. Hammons Hall. Over the last 9 years Jim has volunteered more than 10,254+ hours. Alana Myler Nixa, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield-Greene County Library Center The Children’s Department at the Library Center has been blessed to have such a humble, dedicated volunteer spend 6-14 hours with us each week. She is a college student, and has a part-time job, but loves working with us so much that she gives us tremendous gift of time. She will shelve materials, pick up garbage, clean up after programs, create wonderful storytelling props for us to use, help with crowd management, and even brainstorm with us. In all she has volunteered 2,016 hours with the Children’s Department at the Library Center. She is incredibly smart and talented young woman. Gilbert Napoleon Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Ozarks Technical Community College One of the requirements to volunteer in the English as Second Language classes of Ozarks Technical Community College is to observe the class where you think you want to volunteer. Ultimately, though, Gilbert thought, “Maybe I can brush up on my own native language while improving my English grammar and writing skills and help others at the same time. Few people are willing to volunteer anywhere for three times a week, yet Gilbert completes his morning bus route that serves children with disabilities for the Springfield Public Schools, then comes to OTC to volunteer until 12:30 PM. The steadfastness and dependability with which he maintains this schedule is like an anchor. Gilbert’s willingness to help others succeed and good-natured personality make him a favorite of all of us who work with him. He has also enrolled in OTC to continue his education to improve his own English skills.

A volunteer is a person who remembers to do the thing to make other people happy, who takes the loneliness out of the alone by talking to them, who is concerned when other are unconcerned, who has the courage to be a prophet and to say the things that have to be said for the good of all.

Meganne Rosen O’Neal Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Caleb Copeland Meganne loves the community and is very involved in the art, film, and music scene in Springfield. She is one of the founders of the Art Factory 417, a non-profit designed to help artists have an open space to work in Springfield. She is involved in LemonDrop Art Gallery, a production designer and full-time legal assistant at Aleshire Robb Law Offices. Meganne manages to be the most positive person in the room and she is always encouraging everyone around her to do their best and enjoy life. Kira Owens Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Linda Daugherty Kira gives of her own to help a customer that needs a coat, or needs new shoes or any type of clothing; she balances and reconciles the checkbooks and accounts so they know where they stand financially as well as helping many other ways. Then gives the rest of what’s left of herself to her 2 young sons, she is raising by herself. Monica Parsch Nixa, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield-Greene County Health Department Since 2009 Monica has been undyingly committed to her work; no matter how big or small the project. She is willing to contribute her time to creating programs that will help our staff better serve the community or spend it opening band-aids to help with immunizations to protect our community as a whole. This wife, mother, and grandmother is a spunky asset to our team. All of her efforts, with our organization and others, are selfless and compassionate. For that, I celebrate her and hope that her efforts may be recognized in a bigger way than she ever would have dreamed. Dawn Rethman Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Lisa Bonacker Slattery Dawn is not only someone who does the work for an organization, but sees a need and then develops what is needed, bringing it to fruition. There are few supports and resources available to the disability community, but Dawn has developed some of the most valuable resources. She gifts her time and service to Autism Speaks, Family Bridges, Regional Transition Network, and Through the Roof Ministry, as an example of a few. Dawn’s life is a gift which she is using to make the Ozarks a better place to live for families who are raising children with disabilities. The organizations she has envisioned and developed will live on in Springfield, touching lives even beyond our city limits. She doesn’t ask for recognition, her reward comes from God. Diane Richardson Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Ozarks Food Harvest Diane Richardson is truly a Hunger Hero for SW Missouri. Diane began volunteering at Ozarks Food Harvest in January 2010 and immediately we knew she would not be the typical volunteer. She has taken on any challenge we’ve offered and more times than not she comes back with suggestions that have made the task more efficient. Her enthusiasm and hard work have touched thousands of lives across the 28 SW Missouri counties that Ozarks Food Harvest serves. Diane has worked closely as a volunteer with the Child Advocacy Center, Southwest Missouri Office on aging and she heads the SW Missouri chapter of Project Linus which provides hundreds of blankets to children in need each year with a focus on weighted blankets for children with autism.

Anne Schubert Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Ambassadors for Children Ann has served as an Advisory Committee member since our inception in 1999. Ann has contributed incredible knowledge related to child abuse & neglect and has provided us with credible and constructive perspectives as our programs have been developed, maintained and improved. Anne consistently shares new ideas for improvements to our programs with special emphasis in serving as many local foster children as possible while using our limited resources responsibly, and she rarely misses a meeting and we are thrilled to have her support. Dixie Sleight Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Dickerson Park Zoo and Friends of the Zoo As a docent for Dickerson Park Zoo and Friends of the Zoo, Dixie has consistently demonstrated professional performance since she began in 2005. She demonstrates professionalism and passion in her dedication to the mission of Dickerson Park Zoo to educate our youth and the public on conservation issues, going above and beyond expectations. She is also someone I can call to help during emergencies or illness. What a wonderful addition she has been to the Conservation Education Department. She is there when you need her. Dixie has also blessed Sunshine Elementary and Juanita K. Hammons Hall of Performing Arts with her presence as a volunteer. She leads by example with her ever present smile. Luther Smith Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield Conservation Nature Center This fellow gives up his lunch time to make sure nature center staff members have an opportunity to take their lunch break. Luther has donated more than 3,900 hours of service to the nature center since he began training 19 years ago. He is a great asset to the nature center team because of his interest in the outdoors. His knowledge about hunting and fishing help him "walk the walk" and " talk the talk" of conservation-the wise use of our natural resources. This volunteer’s efforts are always "in season" and on "target" just like his hunting ethics and shooting skills. Lori Steffen Washburn, Missouri Nominated by: Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary Lori has volunteered with the Haven of Ozarks Animal Sanctuary for over 10 years. She maintains the website, posting photos and descriptions of the animals. When the kittens and puppies are to be spayed or neutered, she keeps them overnight returning them to the veterinarian the next morning, and picks them up and cares for them post-surgery. One weekend a day she spends 5-6 hours at the sanctuary taking photographs, inventorying supplies, and providing extra care to the animals. On the other weekend day she spends at least 12 hours heading up the Mobil adoption event in different locations. The animals are showcased at pet supply stores to interact with potential adopters and hopefully find new homes. Because of her efforts countless animals have gone to new homes, healthy and ready to live their lives without producing litters. She is a truly compassionate person with the animals. The sanctuary residents could not ask for a better advocate.

Too often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. Leo Buscaglia

David Sutton Cabool, Missouri Nominated by: Cabool Senior Center Do you ever wonder who picks up all the aluminum cans from the highway and backroads? The community of Cabool knows. David Sutton is the most caring and loving individual you will ever have the pleasure to meet. He picks up cans to further the meals program at the local senior center. He is a Veteran who takes pride in his country. He is the first to arrive at his church on Sunday morning to open the doors, turn up the heat or air, arrange books, and start the coffee. Selfless is certainly a word to describe him and all his accomplishments. Elena Thaemlitz Willard, Missouri Nominated by: Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks Smart, energetic, passionate and professional these are the words that best describe the Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks volunteers, but there is one volunteer that stands out from the crowd with her exceptional work ethic and vision for the organization. Within the last 4 years she has served the organization in various ways. 1. She was instrumental in building our initial website in 2007. 2. She has worked as chairman for the following large group events; family picnic, Christmas Party, and Step Up for Down syndrome. 3. She currently serves as secretary of the Board of Directors. She understands the importance of caring our message past our circle of influence and she is willing to take the initiative to take our message to the public. She has made a significant impact of the growth of the Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks. Without her volunteer work and professionalism we would be struggling. Dorothy Thurman Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Greater Ozarks Audubon Dorothy has played percussion in the Republic Community Band for 24 years. This group performs free concerts for local communities and festivals. She has also played tympani in the MSU-Community Band for 26 years. Dorothy and her husband have delivered Meals on Wheels weekly for 5 years. They volunteer for Crosslines through the Council of Churches. Dorothy has been active in the Greater Audubon Society for 30 years holding the office of President twice, Secretary and Education Chair. Last year she began volunteering twice weekly as a docent at the Butterfly House in Close Park. She conducted a weekly, 5 year survey of the birds of Close Park, then designed an informational bird sign that was erected in the park Gil Trout Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Ann Marie Baker, UMB Bank Gil has made a significant impact through his work with numerous local and national organizations. He supports children and young adults by serving on the board for the Boys and Girls Club of Springfield as secretary/treasurer, the Missouri Colleges Fund as vice president and executive committee member, and the Southwest Baptist University Business Advisory Group as a committee member. This man’s life would not be complete without this most recent addition to his list of volunteer efforts: The Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program at his son’s school. The opportunity combines his love for his family with his passion for volunteerism.

No matter how big government gets, and no matter how many services it provides, it can never take the place of volunteers. Ronald Regan, 40th U.S. president

Rick Uffmann Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield Mid-America Singers To promote Arts in the community, he volunteered to perform with the Mid-America Singers in 1990 and has been a volunteer performer for the past 21 years. Additionally he served 4 years on the board of directors and served 1 year as accompanist for the Mid-America Children’s Choirs. He has volunteered for Springfield Little Theater, performed with the Springfield Symphony and Springfield Regional Opera as well as numerous other organizations. One of the most exciting and culturally satisfying experiences that would contribute to the overall improvement to the quality of life in Springfield, in 2010 he had the opportunity to travel to Russia to perform, for large audiences, selections from Handel’s Messiah in St. Petersbury, Moscow, and rural Russian locations. Joyce Wallace Strafford, Missouri Nominated by: Northview Center Joyce Wallace has been a volunteer at Northview Senior Center for about 5 years. Joyce devotes her time and her love of music on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the Line Dance classes at the center playing music, taking attendance and sharing her love of music. After she is finished at the Center, Joyce drives to play music and teach a Special Needs class some of her choreographed dance steps she developed just for them. Joyce does all of this in spite of her own health problems. She could do like most people and just stay at home and feel sorry for herself, but feels helping others keeps her going by having a meaningful and purpose in her life. Greg Weaver Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Tara Benson, Marissa LeClaire and Jeanette Lauver This man could easily quit his job as an attorney in town and serve full time as a local advocate, volunteer and philanthropist. I can’t possible name everything this man does in a day. It could be running to a Developmental Center of the Ozarks meeting, to a CASA event, to a Habitat for Humanity ribbon cutting, to a church meeting, he does it all and with a great appreciation for each organization. He deserves this award for many reasons, but the most recent reason is due to his role with the Rock’nRibs event sponsored by the Springfield Rotary Clubs of Springfield. This nominee gives so much to the Springfield community and will continue to do so to make it a better community. Marissa LeClaire Weaver Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Tara Benson Marissa is a dedicated, devotional and creative volunteer in the Springfield Community. Marissa is currently a Big Sister for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and an active member with the young professionals group called "The Network". Not only is she a great volunteer herself, she is also an advocate for volunteering in general. She is constantly looking for ways to connect non-involved members of the community with a service organization because she has grown so much in her volunteer work. I am excited to call her co-worker, friend and local volunteer guru.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill

Connie Webb Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Pregnancy Care Center Beneath her quiet, unassuming demeanor, this committed volunteer is a dedicated, effective, and untiring advocate for women. A professional counselor, she chooses to volunteer her time to help some of the most vulnerable and at-risk young women in our community: those facing a crisis pregnancy. She approaches each woman she mentors with respect, kindness, and a reassuring voice. This lady shows God’s love for these young people by bringing them hope for the future, a helping hand, and loving concern when they need it most. She has given more than 5,408 hours in the past 13 years to the Center, volunteering at least one day per week.

Jan Wingo Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: The Caring People Jan has served as the Springfield City Chair for “The Caring People” for 7 years. In that capacity she has cared for and mentored both Single Moms struggling to find their place in this world, and other caring women serving under her as volunteers. She leads an amazing team of over 60 women in a variety of roles all striving to bring Single Moms unconditional love and support. Jan truly represents the love of Jesus and all who experience her “gift of time” are better for it. She changes hats easily and steps up to lead in each new challenge as we seek to grow the mission. We refer time and time again to her framework of success and we would not be here today without her passion for our mission.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. Elizabeth Andrew

2011 Gift of Time Nominees  
2011 Gift of Time Nominees  

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