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2014 Community Giving Report

Community Giving Report


Coughlan Companies Community Fund was created with the vision of building strong communities by starting in our own backyard, with our own people. Coughlan Companies has a long history of community involvement and community giving and in 2014 officially launched the Coughlan Companies Community Fund. Its mission is to strengthen communities by supporting literacy programs, expanding educational opportunities, and caring for our people and our environment. Coughlan Companies Community Fund also strives to create strong partnerships with organizations who have the same ideals.

Message from the CEO It’s a pleasure to commemorate Coughlan Companies commitment to community giving! This is the first annual report we have done that will highlight the many Coughlan Companies community giving activities. Capstone and Jordan Sands are built on values of giving back to the community. 2014 was exceptionally active in that regard. Here are some notable activities that you can read about in this report: • Working with partners to advance literacy in our community • Continuing the Capstone Literacy Centers to help struggling readers • Starting the sustainability initiative

The Coughlan Companies Community Fund includes the Capstone Community Fund and the Jordan Sands Community Fund.

• Donating building stone in the community • Coughlan Companies employees volunteering in the community We are looking forward to another banner year in 2015 that will see us continuing to improve literacy in our communities, build stronger relationships with our partners, volunteer, and make strides to be more sustainable. Enjoy this report and thanks to all of you for living the values that make Coughlan Companies a unique and enriching place to work.

Table of Contents 3 Letter from CEO 4 Community Giving Highlights of 2014 6 Literacy


Tom Ahern Chief Executive Officer

8 Partnerships 12 Sustainability 16 Health and Well-Being 18 Employee Engagement


2014 Community Giving Report

2014 Community Giving Report


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The Capstone Literacy Center had some major advances this year. We created a new online tutoring platform that helped improve the reading skills of 12 students, just in fall 2014.


See pages 6 and 7 for more information.

Volunteer hours In 2014, Coughlan Companies employees used 395 business hours for volunteering. Each employee can use up to 16 business hours per year for volunteering. This year, 29% of employees used at least part of their allotted volunteer time.


business hours for volunteering

100 employees or


Cuna Maya, Mexico


Community giving is a large part of Coughlan Companies’ culture. We make it a priority to give back to the communities in which we do business and in which we live. We do this through three primary efforts: Literacy, Sustainability and Health and Well-being. These areas of focus allow us as a company to maximize our employees’ backgrounds and expertise with their desire to help others in need. Coughlan Companies has been donating money and in-kind stone for generations, but we recently established a corporate giving and social responsibility department which will ensure that our giving reflects the interests of our employees. 4

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Community GivinG hiGhliGhts of 2014

2014 Community Giving Report

Since 2011, Coughlan Companies has supported Cuna Maya, a poor neighborhood in Mexico. In 2014, Coughlan Companies built five little libraries and filled them with books for the community. 24 people attended this event to volunteer and help the community.

Community Giving Website The Community Giving website was launched in fall 2014. The website is updated with the most current community giving initiatives. To view the website visit:

2014 Community Giving Report



Enhancing Literacy Skills in Our Community Capstone Literacy Centers A volunteer tutor

is helping a stude nt pick out a book

in the Capstone Lit eracy Center.

This outreach program was started in 2012 to help struggling readers develop their skills in reading and writing. The goal is to build confidence while enhancing students’ literacy skills. In 2014 Coughlan Companies partnered with Mankato Area Public Schools and Mankato Community Education to feature a Capstone Learning Center at Lincoln Community Center. Coughlan Companies Community Fund fully supports the Capstone Literacy Center, which is located at the Capstone headquarters as well as in the Lincoln Community Center. Since 2012, 63 students have participated in the program in the Mankato area. 82% of students participating in the program since 2012 showed improved reading skills of 15% or more.

A volunteer tutor is working with a student on Capstart in the Capstone Literacy Center.

+90% +80%

After a 10 week session of students showed improvement on one of the tests of students showed improvement on both of the tests

“”Ryan”** is so excited to be back in your program. He wants to read on his own now – without being asked to read! (Amazing!) He’s also enjoying what he’s reading. I’m so proud of him and feel your program is largely responsible. Thank you and your volunteers.”

We believe all students can be confident and successful readers, writers and critical thinkers. We at Coughlan Companies believe that we have the responsibility to help students experience the joy of reading and writing for pleasure, the power of reading to find information, and the competence to express ideas clearly through writing. Helping children develop a love of reading and learning is at the heart of what we do at Capstone. We value collaboration with public, private, and non-profit organizations where literacy is modeled, supported, and celebrated.


2014 Community Giving Report

- “Ryan’s” Guardian **The student’s name was changed.

Launch of Capstart Platform Used in Capstone Literacy Centers The Capstone Literacy Center began using a new online teaching tool called Capstart in the fall 2014 session. This interactive and engaging platform was designed to serve grades1-8 struggling readers and includes all the key literacy elements: writing, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. It also includes authentic reading and writing activities to develop the students’ ability to create meaning with print while encouraging higher-level thinking. Every session is tailored to each student’s literacy needs. 2014 Community Giving Report


Partnerships to take home a free h child who visits gets to Children’s Clinic. Eac nka Ma at r rne Co g The Capstone Readin

Developing the Love of Reading Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) Capstone book!

BookStart was started in collaboration with SMIF with the focus of giving grants to organizations committed to distributing books and literacy programming directly to young children in the 20-county region that SMIF covers. Each year Coughlan Companies donates over 10,000 books to this program. In 2014 Coughlan Companies expanded the donation to include myON, a platform with over 4,000 ebooks.

Greater Mankato United Way For over 10 years, Capstone and the Greater Mankato United Way have partnered by sending books to the homes of children birth to 5 years old in the Greater Mankato area. This program is based on a study that shows children who have their own library of as few as 5 books have markedly higher reading skills. Capstone donated nearly 18,000 books to United Way’s Books for Kids program in 2014.

Mankato’s Children’s Clinic Capstone Community Fund began a partnership with the Mankato Children’s Clinic with the opening of their new clinic in fall 2014. Capstone sponsors a reading area where children can choose one book to take home with them after every visit to the doctor’s office.

2014 Book Donations Capstone and Jordan Sands have a lot of good to do, but we can’t do it alone. We have established some long-term partnerships and some newer partnerships that help us to get our books, cash gifts, and in-kind gifts out to those who need them the most. We choose strategic partners who believe in the same things we do: literacy for all, sustainability for a better world, health and well-being.


+30 +9,000



2014 Community Giving Report

2014 Community Giving Report

books donated different organizations received book donations

books read on myON through the SMIF donation children had access to myON books through the SMIF donation


buildinG the Community ChildrEn’s MUsEUM OF sOUthErn MinnEsOta Jordan Sands and Capstone are proud to be part of the Founders group of donors for the museum. Coughlan Companies has committed to cash and in-kind gifts of stone and books valued at over $500,000. Our quarry exhibit is the museum’s main interactive exhibit.

univeRsity of st. thomas Coughlan Companies has a long-standing tradition of donating stone to the University of St. Thomas for campus buildings. This year, Coughlan Companies donated limestone to build the Engineering Building on the Saint Paul, MN campus.

nEWMan CEntEr Located on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato, the new St. Thomas More Newman Center has stone on both its exterior and interior walls. The Coughlan Family stone was used in the Newman Center that was built in 1961, and we are proud to continue our partnership by donating stone for the new Newman Center.

paRtneRs foR affoRdable housinG

University of St. Thomas Facilities and Engineering Building on the St. Paul, MN campus.

Jordan Sands sponsors and participates in Pedal Past Poverty each year. Coughlan Companies has participated in the event since it started in 2013. See page 16 for more information.

some of ouR paRtneRs inClude:

2014 stone donations

$278,000 in stone donated

12,700 sq ft


2014 Community Giving Report

2014 Community Giving Report



Choosing Sustainable Business Practices Jordan Sands Jordan Sands is committed to being a leader in implementing best management practices in the mining and processing of silica sand. Through state-of-the-art processing facilities, Jordan Sands has eliminated the need for tailings basins and recycles 93% of water used to wash sand. A network of groundwater monitors were installed to ensure ground water availability and quality. Jordan Sands also has air monitors around its quarries and sand processing facilities to maintain air quality. Jordan Sands has committed to the Silicosis Prevention Program through the National Industrial Sand Association with the goal of providing employees with an industry-leading work environment. Being a good employer and clean neighbor is very important to Jordan Sands.

Capstone In 2014, many of the printed books used paper that was Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. This is just one way we use our resources in a sustainable and responsible way. The largest printer of Capstone books prints the books less than two miles from the Capstone Distribution Center. This significantly decreases the fossil fuels used in shipments. Capstone is not only choosing sustainable methods with products, but it also makes sustainable choices in the office. There are multiple water stations to cut down on bottled water, printer cartridges are reused, each location has bike racks to encourage “green� transportation, and much more.

Coughlan Compan ies employees rem oving Buckthorn in a City of Minnea polis Park.

Jordan Sands dry plant

located in Mankato , MN.

In the third quarter of 2014 Coughlan Companies started working to make the company more sustainable. Coughlan Companies already had many sustainable business practices, but employees knew it could do more. The goal of the sustainability initiative is to make sustainable decisions that will benefit both the environment and our business.


2014 Community Giving Report

2014 Community Giving Report


2014 sustainability

Coughlan Companies employees volunteering to remove buckthorn.

8 suppoRtinG sustainability in ouR Community Since the start of the sustainability focus in fall 2014, Coughlan Companies employees have volunteered in the community at two events that focused on sustainability in our community. The first was to plant sustainable landscaping in Hawthorne Eco Village, which is a community redevelopment project focused on environmentally conscious construction on abandoned properties. The second volunteer event was removing buckthorn at Coldwater Spring, a City of Minneapolis park. Buckthorn chokes out the wide variety of native plants and degrades the Minnesota wildlife habitat that we all love and need.

Number of Federal and State Environmental and Healthy Agencies Jordan Sands Works with


Ground Water Monitoring Wells at the Jordan Sands Facility Number of air monitoring tests conducting in 2014 by Jordan Sands


Coughlan Companies employees and their families volunteering to plant sustainable landscaping.


2014 Community Giving Report

2014 Community Giving Report

Estimated number of books that include Forest Stewardship CouncilÂŽ certiďŹ ed paper 15

Health and Well-Being Coughlan Companies is committed to the health and well-being of our employees. We have created Better U as a resource for health and wellness through educational opportunities, wellness activities, and self-betterment. Coughlan Companies strives to establish a worksite culture that not only promotes health, but also improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being among all employees. Coughlan Companies offers a variety of health and wellness activities onsite and offsite.

Coughlan Companies encourages people to get out and be active at events like Pedal Past Poverty. Jordan Sands employees got together to support affordable housing by competing in an indoor bike race. 16

2014 Community Giving Report

To encourage more movement and less sitting, there are many walking paths around our locations. Some employees even hold walking meetings! Yoga is also offered during lunch hour at a few locations to keep people active.

The employees at the Edina and Mankato offices donated 50 units of blood at the 2014 blood drive, helping save up to 150 lives. The blood went to the American Red Cross.

During the warm months in Minnesota, Coughlan Companies employees have the option to participate in a CSA. People are able to get fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables while supporting a local farmer – a win-win!

Health and well-being vendors from around the Mankato area came to the 2014 Health and Wellness Fair. Attendees received massages, acupuncture, and information on healthy practices.

2014 Community Giving Report


Employee Engagement Kiwanis Lights Parade Capstone donated books to hand out during the Kiwanis Lights Parade. A total of 26 Coughlan Companies employees and their family members handed out 1,500 books.

Halloween Fun Run Capstone donated over 350 books to St. Peter, MN children who participated in the Halloween Fun Run. Children participated in the Lil’ Monster Dash as a way to raise funds for an indoor community playground.

Two Little Libraries Donated to Chicago Public School

Winter Accessories to Chicago Area Children Hats, gloves, scarves, and books were donated to Tutoring Chicago to help get students through the cold winter.

The Capstone Classroom team donated little libraries and books to Perkins Bass Elementary School.

Vikings Book Signing

Sharing Tree Coughlan Companies employees donated gifts to 63 people in need in Mankato and the Twin Cities area. Gifts ranged from winter jackets to toys for children.


2014 Community Giving Report

Vikings signed copies of Capstone’s Goodnight Football title to hand out to children who attended their summer training camp. Capstone donated 500 books for the event.

2014 Community Giving Report


Coughlan Compan ies Quarry Exhibit at the Children’s Mu seum of Southern Minnesota.

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2014 Community Giving Report