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TUeSDaY | OCTOBeR 16 | 2018

erase the Stigma

Greek Senate and NGLA hosted Mental Health Awareness Week Shannon Sheehan


in the previous event, it is important for one to live a healthy lifestyle in order to be a healthy individual and create a positive body image of themselves. This was a great exercise and way to get people moving and feeling confident in themselves.

Staff Writer

his past week, beginning on Monday October 8, the Greek Senate and the Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) hosted Mental Health Awareness Week. The purpose of these events were to raise awareness, erase the stigma surrounding mental health, and support those who are suffering.

Baccus said, "For this event, I am looking forward to people having a good time, definitely enjoying cardio, definitely having a total body workout. Also, [I am looking forward] to having a different way of working out in the sense of learning dancehall aerobics moves, or specifically dancehall moves, which originated from Jamaica.

The first day of Mental Health Awareness Week, this past Monday October 8, focused on body. Greek Senate kicked off the week with a presentation on positive body image and healthy living, taking place in the Greek Lounge in the Miron Student Center (MSC). Greek Senate President Victor Benlice and Vice President of Programming Gabriella Lapointe educated participants on what body image is, which is the perception that a person has of themself and the feelings that result from that perception. Benlice told the audience, “Everyone has insecurities. Everyone has these things that they doubt about themselves on a day to day basis, and it’s all about eliminating those insecurities and seeing yourself in a better light.” This was the overall message of the event. Benlice and Lapointe went into detail on the four aspects of body image, which are perceptual, how one sees their body and view their physical self, effective, how one feels about their body, cognitive, how one thinks about their body and behavioral, the way one behaves as a result of those three things. They emphasized that everyone should strive for a positive body image, and do so by living a healthy lifestyle. Once one become confident in themselves, they will much more happier and live a

The second day of Mental health Awareness Week focused on Mind. Active Minds at Kean University, an organization focused on raising mental health awareness, hosted an event in MSC 226. Around the room they had several tables for participants to visit. One was an informational table to educate people on what mental health is and the different mental health disorders. They had advice on how to respond or help people with different disorders. Omar Inca | The Cougar's Byte

Kean University students celebrated Mental Health awareness Week, hosted by greek Senate and NgLa. more successful life. Lapointe said, “I’m hoping that students just understand what mental health is and they become more comfortable talking about mental health, whether it is physical or your mind.” The Greek Senate is very passionate about self-love and confidence. Benlice said, “You need to reaffirm

Kean Scholarship applications!

Scholarship application opened Oct. 1 and is due March 1, 2019

Brandon Gervais


Staff Writer

ean University is known for a world-class affordable education. The university pushes this goal further with offerings of multiple scholarships. The Kean Foundation scholarship application opened Monday, Oct. 1, 2018 and will close Friday, March 1, 2019 and is available for all Kean student applicants. The Kean University Foundation scholarship allows interested students to fill out an online application to be submitted and have their application be considered for a multitude of awards. Based on the requirements each entrant meets, they are

considered for different scholarships based on Kean year, availability, major, involvement, GPA and financial need. Most of the scholarships offered by the Kean University Foundation are one-time awards, and all Foundation Scholarships are awarded based on active donor support, which means not all scholarships listed are available every year. This year the application has opened up two months earlier to ensure that students take advantage of the opportunities. The Kean Foundation provides scholarship opportunities to nearly every major

to yourself that you are enough. You are great. You will not be shaken. You will stand strong. You are worthy. You work very hard. You should definitely appreciate yourself and all that you do, and then also appreciate those around you.” The second event of the week, still focused on body was Dancehall Aerobics with Resident Hall Director (RHD) Laneesha Bacchus. As mentioned

There were also tables that were focused on teaching people how to de-stress, since that is one of the main issues that college students face. For example, at one station one could make a stress ball, and at another one could play with clay. Additionally, at another station one could write one of their stressors on a balloon and then pop it. Once the balloon was popped, one could see how small their issue is, because the balloon shrinks. These all helped people learn how to de-stress and calm themselves.


Latin Patio Night

Students gathered for a night of Latin tunes, fine food and good vibes on the MSC Patio

Courtesy of Student Organization

Students enjoyed a night of Latin culture on the MSC patio.

Kieffer Braisted


Staff Writer

ispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 and is a time for celebration and reflection for both Hispanic individuals and those interested in the culture alike. To help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Kean University hosted its second annual Latin Patio Night for all students, staff and alumni.

SEE "SCHOLARSHIPS" ON PAGE 4 a Leadership and Service Publication for the Kean University Student Community

Being on of the most diverse schools in the New Jersey, Kean University looks to foster an environment that embraces its diversity through events such as Latin Patio Night, which took place on the Miron Student Center (MSC) patio from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 2. Hosted by Kean's Programming for Unique


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Tuesday | OCTOBeR

Kean University

Center for Leadership and Service

16 | 2018

Surely Schustermann

Kean Hillel executive reflects on her involvement at Kean and the ways in which it has impacted her Zoe Strozewski

Miron Student Center, Room 215 1000 Morris Avenue • Union, NJ 07083 P: (908) 737-5179 • F: (908) 737-5175 • The Cougar’s Byte is a leadership and service newsletter where you will find up-to-theminute information on all things related to student life at Kean University. A student news publication that features University events and student activities and accomplishments, The Cougar’s Byte strengthens the overall experience of students by immersing them in the complete college culture. By increasing awareness of all aspects of campus life, students can utilize everything Kean has to offer, while networking and paving the path for their academic and social development. Published every other Tuesday during the regular academic year, The Cougar’s Byte can be viewed both online, at, and in print, distributed biweekly to over 15 campus locations on the Union and Ocean campuses of Kean University. The Cougar’s Byte welcomes Letters to the Editor, calendar events, event news and information, articles, story ideas, artwork and digital photo submissions. To learn more about our publishing policy visit

Caleb Lopez Senior Editor

Danielle Thomas Graphic Design & Marketing Manager

Michael Carfagno Creative Media Manager

Petruce Jean-Charles Editor

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Kieffer Braisted Staff Writer

Brandon Gervais Staff Writer

Shannon Sheehan Staff Writer


Staff Writer

ehind every event and meeting hosted by Kean’s many organizations, there are executive board officers working hard to make sure that every aspect has been thoroughly organized and planned. One of these officers is sophomore Lydia Schustermann, the secretary of Kean’s Hillel. Kean University Hillel is one of more than 550 campus Hillels throughout the country with a mission of educating all students, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, on the culture and practices of Judaism. Throughout the year, the group holds general body meetings, as well as various events that entertain and educate simultaneously. Schustermann is majoring in biology on the health professions track with a minor in Spanish. She decided to get involved with Hillel when she started attending Kean. “My inspiration for joining Kean Hillel was to join a club that would have such a familial environment to it. Even though I am Jewish, you do not need to be Jewish to join Hillel, and it is for that reason that we have such a diverse general body,” Schustermann said. She took on even more responsibility this year by becoming the secretary of the organization. “As secretary, my main duties are to make sure that all room reservations are entered properly, our Cougar Link roster is up to date, and most importantly, to take minutes of any and all meetings.” Apart from Hillel, Schustermann is a team leader in Jumpstart and a member of the Biology Club. She also works part-time off campus and is looking into joining Kean’s Greek life. She said that the balancing act between these responsibilities can be tough yet rewarding. “While it is challenging to juggle my school work,

Noah Dobson Creative Media Specialist

Mary Linen Creative Media Specialist


“We have recruited over 20 members within the first week of the semester. We have arranged for various events including breast cancer talks, suicide health awareness and a coined 'Women in Science' event,” Hughes said. “We have also gotten the attention of the national leads in the American Medical Women’s Association, and they are looking to help us expand regionally.” The organization is already planning more events for the upcoming future in order to further the success they’ve achieved thus far. “We hope to make this year a standing ovation for our organization. We aim to get our names out there further on the campus,” Hughes said.

Martin Alonso

Scott K. Snowden Jr.

“Today, women feel discouraged to show advancement within their field due to lack of

Director, Center for Leadership and Service

While maintaining such a high level of involvement can be overwhelming to even the most hardworking

Zoe Strozewski, sophomore communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

ean’s American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is a campus chapter of the national organization that aims to accelerate women in medical fields and increase the overall health of women. The organization was founded in 1915 and has been active at Kean for approximately three years.

Hughes feels that the actions of her organization are more important than ever as women attempt to navigate a field that has been historically dominated by men.

Graduate Assistant, The Cougar's Byte

“When I go to club meetings, I'm enjoying myself and not thinking about all of the work I could be doing in that moment. That's also why I believe it's so important to do what you love because if you're not enjoying the way you spend your time, then you will let those stressors affect you so much more,” Schustermann said.

“The members of Kean Hillel are my family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We celebrate holidays together and truly care about the lives of each other, which means so much to me,” Schustermann said. “The people that I have met in Kean Hillel have left such a lasting effect on me through their kindness and generosity, which only makes me want to pay it all forward.”

Staff Writer

Omar Inca

Creative Media Specialist

She also noted that, while her various commitments occupy much of her time, they make her busy schedule more bearable because of how fond she is of them.

and organized student, Schustermann believes that the experiences she gained from being part of these groups, especially Kean Hillel, have been invaluable in shaping her time here. After graduating, she hopes to attend graduate school in pursuit of becoming a doctor of physical therapy and stay in touch with the other Kean Hillel members who she now views as family.

Zoe Strozewski

In the few weeks that school has been in session, Hughes and the rest of her team have worked hard to lead the organization to considerable progress.

Christopher Del Prete

extracurricular activities, and my part-time job off campus, I try to stay as positive as possible,” Schustermann said. “There may be times where school work gets overwhelming, but I find that the more involved I get, the less I actually let my stressors affect me.”

American Medical Women's Association works to advance women in medical fields and improve women's health

Staff Writer

Graphic Design Specialist

Lydia Schustermann goes above and beyond to stay involved on campus and on top of her studies.

The Medical Future Is Female

Kyra Hughes, a senior biology major with a concentration in health professions, is serving her first term as president this semester after serving as secretary in spring 2018. She originally joined the club as a general body member in 2017 after being recruited by her genetics professor at the time.

Zoe Strozewski

Danielle Thomas | The Cougar's Byte


support and encouragement. AMWA has helped women in science with things as simple as graduate applications, MCAT payments and prep, etc. The world is changing and for women, we must change with it,” Hughes said. She also believes that the worlds of medicine and health in general can only benefit from more female brains joining the ranks. “Women study science but there are not enough women in the field of research and development. Cures and treatments need to be discovered for the advancement of the human race and who better to help that than women themselves,” Hughes said. “Knowledge about health in general is important, and AMWA provides information about both males and females.” While the organization is dedicated to the advancement of women, Hughes wanted to stress that membership in the AMWA is open to both men and women alike.

"Believe it or not, last year we had one male join AMWA and served on the e-board as the vice president,” Hughes said. After graduating, Hughes plans on taking the GRE and possibly the MCAT. She believes that being part of AMWA has benefited her in invaluable ways, both in the academic and social realms. “I’ve gained a family, I’ve gained confidence and I’ve gained knowledge,” Hughes said. “I have a place that I can help other women progress at my school and in their futures. I can do more as a president than I have ever done as a regular college student.” To join the AMWA or learn more about the organization, please visit their page on Cougar Link.

Zoe Strozewski, sophomore communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.


16 | 2018

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Mental Health Matters

Resources for students to utilize to maintain a balanced mental health Shannon Sheehan


Staff Writer

ollege can be a considerably stressful time for students. Many feel overwhelmed by their classes, work, financial responsibilities, social standing, and many other aspects of life. Kean University is dedicated to making sure the well-being of students is always a top priority. The Counseling Center is a great resource on campus for students to utilize to maintain good mental health and lead a balanced, healthy life. These services are offered to all Kean University students at no additional cost. The Counseling Center offers two types of counseling: individual and group, both of which are led by a trained clinician. In the initial consultation, the counselor and patient will have a discussion followed by an assessment by the counselor. They will use this in order to determine how to best meet the students' needs. The individual sessions allow one to identify goals and how to reach them in a healthy manner. The counselor will aid the patient in making necessary life changes in order to become an overall healthier individual. The group sessions aim to achieve the same, except the group members allow supportive feedback and a peer perspective of one's situation. It is important to know that all records kept in the Counseling Center are private. Some exceptions and limits will be explained to the student prior to them sharing any information with the counselor. These will be shown to the student in writing to ensure that there is no miscommunication. In some cases, students may want to refer their peers to the Counseling Center. This may be the case if someone notices a change of emotional state, strange or bizarre behavior, a decline in personal hygiene, talk of suicide or wanting to harm themselves or others, or any additional signs of one’s peer being in need of help. Students may not always be eager to visit the Counseling Center on their own. Vincent Kiefner, Ph. D., the director of the Counseling, Disability, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Program recommends these five ways to help a friend in distress: 1. Simply ask the person what you can do for them. 2. Be nonjudgemental and accepting in your approach. 3. Be calm, compassionate, and willing to listen.

Shannon Sheehan | The Cougar's Byte

The Counseling Center, located in Downs Hall Room 127 is a resource students can use to seek guidance. 4. Do not promise to keep a secret that may endanger a life. 5. Make a referral to the Counseling Center. "We want to assure those students that we do our best to make their visit with us a positive one. I think that starts with having an enthusiastic and diverse group of counselors on staff. All of our counselors have a wealth of experience working with college students," Dr. Kiefner said. "This is important because college students grapple with specific issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, academic demands, living away from home for the first time, commuting to college, and working one or more jobs while also attending classes."

Assistant (RA) or the Resident Hall Director (RHD). One can also contact a faculty or staff member who knows the student and notify them of the situation. Additionally, one can reach out to the Counseling Center at (908) 737-4850 and inform them of the issue. The Counseling Center will then contact the student directly. Lastly, the Kean University Police Department is always an option as it is open 24 hours and is always willing to aid students. They can be reached at (908) 737-4800.

He continued, "I think if a student gives us a chance and schedules an appointment with Kean Counseling Center, they will find it a rewarding experience. In fact, it may be one of the best decisions they make for their own well-being."

The Counseling Center also offers Wellness Workshops for students. These workshops aim to promote balance in one’s life in order to achieve their maximum potential. They focus on balancing one’s “Wellness Wheel” including the following "8 Dimensions of Wellness": emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual wellness. By being able to balance these aspects of life, one will become a much healthier individual.

For referring more serious cases, the counseling center recommends a few options. Firstly, if the subject is a resident on campus, notify the Resident

The Wellness Workshops focus on one or more of the "8 Dimensions of Wellness." The Counseling Center is looking to team up with student groups

Fill Out Your FaFSa application

Get all of your FAFSA questions answered before you take on the financial aid process Kieffer Braisted


Staff Writer

ear after year, the FAFSA application process seems to arrive earlier and earlier.

It an be overwhelming to some and this is understandable considering the seemingly endless pages of paperwork asking one for all sorts of personal and financial information can be a nightmare to sit through and meticulously complete. The process can indeed be a stressful one, but one can save all the stress and complications by using one of the many resources available to Kean students through Kean's Office of Financial Aid and the FAFSA website. Located in the Center for Academic Success (CAS) Room 124 or online, the Office of Financial Aid offers a plethora of resources to answer any of the potential questions one may have regarding FAFSA, financial aid or anything in the realm of one's tuition and billing. Strictly regarding the 2019-2020 FAFSA Application, those are made specifically for online only access, so it is extremely imperative that one has all the information necessary to complete the application on a timely and first attempt basis. Information regarding to and commencing the application process is available on the aforementioned FAFSA website. The website includes aid estimators, general FAQs and what one should do after they complete the FAFSA process.

Also available are deadlines for various FAFSA forms in every state and territory with FAFSA available. Offered deadlines include the Tuition Aid Grant recipient deadline, fall and spring 20192020 FAFSA Application deadline and a separate spring term only FAFSA Application deadline. The deadlines in New Jersey are as follows: 2018–2019 Tuition Aid Grant recipients: April 15, 2019, by midnight CT (1 a.m. ET). 2019-2020 Fall and Spring Term FAFSA Application: Sept. 15, 2019, by midnight CT (1 a.m. ET). 2019-2020 Spring Term ONLY FAFSA Application: Feb. 15, 2020, by midnight CT (1 a.m. ET). One should make it their utmost priority to complete and submit any necessary paperwork as soon as possible, as funding per state varies and is not infinite. Thus, time is of the essence to help avoid any potential mishaps or repercussions of a late application, such as a depletion or complete loss of potential financial aid received by the student. FAFSA can oftentimes be the financial backing necessary to making the difference in if a student can attend an educational institution or not. Students are urged to complete the 2019-2020 FAFSA Application today.

Kieffer Braisted, junior communication major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

a Leadership and Service Publication for the Kean University Student Community

and organizations for the Wellness Workshops. If one believes that their organization would be positively impacted by the advice from the Wellness Workshops, feel free to reach out to the Counseling Center. Additionally, the schedule will be posted on their website when it is ready. The Counseling Center is located in Downs Hall, Room 127, and can be reached at (908) 737-4850. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the fall, winter and spring, and 8:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. during campus summer hours. For any questions regarding the Wellness Workshops or the Counseling Center as a whole, one can contact Vincent Kiefner, Ph. D., the director of the Counseling, Disability, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Program via his email, To book an appointment, either visit the Counseling Center in person or contact them via phone. Shannon Sheehan, sophomore communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

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Tuesday | OCTOBeR

16 | 2018

Gleim Gleams in the Kean Community

An exceptionally involved student reflects on what he has gained from his extracurricular passions Zoe Strovewski


back to the community. Making a difference with people and within myself is one of my life goals,” Gleim said. “I hope to bring my energy to the position, and help not only the floor that I am assigned to, but the whole building. I would provide residents with an uplifting environment where even in their most dire times of need they can come to me for help and guidance.”

Staff Writer

any students at Kean University boast a high level of involvement. However, for sophomore Christian Gleim, the term “involved” takes on a whole new level of meaning.

One of Gleim’s greatest sources of pride in terms of involvement is his role in the Leadership Institute.

Gleim is involved in the Lambda Sigma Upsilon fraternity, Cougar Radio (WKNJ 90.3 FM), Cougar Volunteers, the Leadership Institute, the Latin American Student Organization and Threads, an organization dedicated to teaching its members about various aspects of the fashion industry. Additionally, he works as a customer service representative for the Office of Residential Student Services and became a Residential Assistant (RA) in the Cougar Hall residence hall on campus for the 2018-2019 academic year. Gleim said that he originally chose to attend Kean because of the possibilities he saw in the school’s compassionate students and unique opportunities available on campus. “I chose to attend Kean University because this university has a hidden potential that many people are not aware of. The college students who attend Kean are beyond friendly and welcoming in the classroom and on campus,” Gleim said. He was also intrigued by the plethora of ways in which Kean allows its students to get involved and experience college as more than just academics. As a business management major, another large pull came from the possibility of spending part of his college education in the Wenzhou campus in China, which is primarily attended by businessrelated majors. One of Gleim’s largest responsibilities is his membership in Lambda Sigma Upsilon, where he serves on the executive board as the secretary. He joined in his freshman year after seeing the strong relationships the fraternity built and the standards it upheld. “When looking into Greek life, I was instantly welcomed by the brothers of this organization. It is amazing to see the bond that the brothers have and what they do for one another,” Gleim said. “I am attracted to this organization because they prioritize academic excellence, brotherhood,

“As an incoming freshman, one thing that was enforced in every open house or meeting was to get involved. When I saw the leadership institute I was very eager to apply and join because it sounded like a great organization to be apart of,” Gleim said. “I am really honored and humbled that a program like the Leadership Institute can appreciate and acknowledge my work ethic and that as a student I can make a difference on this campus.” Christian Gleim is a sophomore business management major with a strong passion toward staying involved on campus. being role models to the community, cultural awareness and diversity.” As secretary, Gleim plays a larger role this year behind the scenes of Lambda Sigma Upsilon, specifically in the aspects of organization and record-keeping.

He feels that the program has been invaluable in helping him develop leadership skills that will overlap into many aspects of his life in the future. “Before starting college, I was glad that this was a way to be involved and make connections. As a business major, learning how to become a leader, having trust in your peers and doing team building activities opened my eyes and made me realize what a true leader actually is. I learned that being a leader is one who leads by example

“I perform a variety of tasks throughout the week. Some of these tasks may include scheduling meetings or appointments, maintaining files, taking meeting minutes, sending emails, answering phones or preparing for events,” Gleim said.

but also takes initiative when needed.” Despite his passion for his extracurriculars, Gleim still finds that it can be hard to keep up with all the facets of his schedule. In response, he's developed strategies to make the balancing act more manageable. “With all of these demanding commitments, I balance my time by staying organized. With so much on my plate, I do not have all the time to do everything," Gleim said. "Therefore, [I'm] deciding on my priorities and accepting that some things will have to change. Making time to socialize and exercise is important, but you will always have time for that when you are finished with any other obligations." He also noted that there are many people at Kean who are more than willing to help students dealing with any type of difficulty, whether it be with academics or time management. "Never be afraid to ask someone for help. There are tons of resources on campus that help, whether it’s with an assignment or trying to balance your life.” When he graduates, Gleim wants to have left this school in an even better position than he found it and hopes to continue positively impacting the institution. “I want to leave a mark here at Kean University," Gleim said. "As an alumni, I want to be known for the great things that I have done or implemented at the University. There is so much I can do as an undergraduate, such as being involved or being a leader [and] role model to other students. But as an alumni I plan on giving back to the university as much as it has given to me.” In the meantime, Gleim will continue to represent Kean in his many sectors of student involvement with his dedication to leadership and making a difference in the lives of others.

Another one of Gleim’s prominent commitments is his current role as a first-year RA in Cougar Hall. He aims to perform his responsibilities to the fullest extent by planning helpful and enjoyable events, becoming a friendly face students can turn to in times of stress and positively impacting each student in general with his support and guidance.

Zoe Strozewski, sophomore communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

“Being an RA is an opportunity to help and give

Know Kean Currencies

How Kean's currencies can be beneficial to new and returning students Petruce Jean-Charles Editor

any on campus location such as textbooks, earphones, Kean apparel and more.

ean University is always finding innovative ways to create easier options for students on and off campus, such as Kean currencies. For new and returning students it is essential to understand how each of these currencies can be applied and where they are accepted.

Cougar Dollars is mainly for residential students and is obtained through a campus meal plan, with the assistance of a Student ID card. Once the student has an established meal plan, the Cougar Dollars are issued onto there Student ID card.

But first, what Kean currencies are available now? There are four types of currencies that are available for student usage on and off campus such as Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash.

With the Unlimited Meal Plan $100, Cougar Dollars are given to residential students. Cougar Dollars are non-refundable and will roll over from fall to spring semester but will expire at the end of the Spring semester.


In order for students to understand how these currencies work, they should know the places that accept Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash.

Although this is for residential students, commuters can also be issued through KeanWISE with a meal plan. Unlike the flex plan, Cougar Dollars are mainly used for food on campus and certain off-campus eateries.

The eateries and places on and off campus that accept Flex Dollars include:

Kean Bucks are rewarded to students who are enrolled in Friday and Saturday classes. They can only be earned during the fall and spring semesters, where students receive $50 per credit hour for Friday classes that start after 3:30 p.m. or Saturday before noon. Students can also be granted $100 per credit hour for Saturday classes after noon.

■■ The Residence Dining Hall - Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash ■■ The Miron Student Center Food Court - Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash ■■ The Cougar’s Den - Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash

■■ Au Bon Pain - Flex Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash ■■ Northside Cafe - Flex Dollars and Kean Bucks

■■ Starbucks (Center for Academic Success) - Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars and Kean Bucks

■■ Applebee’s - Flex Dollars and Cougar Cash

■■ Starbucks (University Library) - Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash

■■ Koki Buffet - Flex Dollars and Cougar Cash

■■ Smashburger - Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash

■■ Tropicana Diner - Flex Dollars and Cougar Cash

■■ Bonchon Chicken - Flex Dollars and Cougar Cash ■■ Rock’ N Joe Coffee Bar - Flex Dollars and Cougar Cash

■■ Auntie Anne’s - Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash

Aside from the places students can use their Kean currencies, students should also know how they can obtain them.

■■ Jersey Mike’s Subs - Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash

Flex Dollars are a form of the flex plan which is available to students, faculty and staff and allows them to add funds to their Kean University ID card. They also can be purchased at any time in any amount over $50.

■■ Outtakes - Flex Dollars, Cougar Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash ■■ Barnes and Noble Cafe - Flex Dollars, Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash ■■ Barnes and Noble Campus bookstore - Flex Dollars and Kean Bucks

For students who like to hold on to their money, Flex Dollars roll over from semester to semester and any unused portions are fully refundable. With Flex Dollars students can purchase food, books or other items at


Kean Bucks expire one year after the date they are issued to a student. Kean Bucks also have no cash value and cannot be used towards bills, tuition or fees. Cougar Cash is the newest currency out of the four and allows students to purchase food in three meal plans: Unlimited Meal Plan MK-100 which is $1,915 per semester Block Meal Plan KB-96 which is $1,371 per semester $1,500 Declining Balance Plan per semester Students are allowed the ability to choose a meal plan that will best suit them and will last them throughout the semester. For more information, students can visit the Kean website. Petruce Jean-Charles, senior communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

Tuesday | OCTOBER

16 | 2018

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New College of Business and Public A Chance To Management Building Shine at The Set to be completed in 2020, the new facility will be state of the art Annual Play Festival Brandon Gervais


Staff Writer

Premiere Stages at Kean University is accepting submissions for its annual festival

onstruction will begin shortly for a new building for the College of Business and Public Management at Kean University's Union campus. Expected to be completed in 2020, the building will be state of the art in business education.

This new building will serve as a home for the entire College of Business and Public Management undergraduate and graduate programs. The space will be 90,000 square feet and include an auditorium, a "Bloomberg room", classrooms, study lounges, a virtual "library in the sky" and a rooftop deck with a view of Manhattan. To be built where the Merck company building once stood across from the Green Lane Academic Building, the new structure will be next to a new housing neighborhood with apartments and retail spaces, which are also currently under construction. “It will be beautiful, spacious, modern, and an anchor to our newest property and to our newly developing neighborhood. Most of all, it is designed with the students in mind at every turn,” Felice Vazquez, Kean’s vice president for planning, told Kean News. “Kean is a global world-class university, and this project gives the College of Business and Public Management a building fitting of the label, with a sixth-floor view of Manhattan to match.” The construction contract was signed to Natoli Construction Corp., of Pinebrook. The building will put into work the goals of the College of Business and Public Management. Kean encourages its students to be at the forefront of technology and education. This building, with all of its features, will surround

The new building for the College of Business and Public Management is set to open in 2020.

students within these majors with cutting edge equipment for business education. "The new building will be a state of the art facility reflective of President Farahi's commitment to student-centered education. The space provides an inspiring setting for enhanced student-faculty research collaboration through many avenues including an innovative digital learning library, Bloomberg lab, and classrooms sufficient to serve the University's largest college. With an unobstructed view of midtown and lower Manhattan, the epicenter of global commerce, our students have a visual reminder of the unmatched professional opportunities available at our doorstep," said Dave Farrokh, assisting dean of the College of Business and Public Management. The College of Business and Public Management works to prepare students to work in the business world. With the stressing

of the importance of internships, the college is adamant on beginning experiences as soon as possible to be prepared for full careers in business. Annually, the College of Business and Public Management holds a business plan competition to honor and award students who compete. Being that it is one of Kean's largest colleges, it is no wonder that they will be receiving this building to impact the many students majoring in business here at Kean University. For more information about the College of Business and Public Management and their seven undergraduate programs and four graduate programs, visit their page on the university website.

Brandon Gervais, sophomore English education double major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Major and Minor Exploration Fair

Hundreds of students gathered to garner more information on all the various majors and minors at Kean Kieffer Braisted


Staff Writer

When asked for a piece of advice for an individual who may be undecided, Wolak offered some interesting perspective. "Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and talk to some people. You never know what you might uncover about yourself through others," said Wolak. Realizing the importance of an event as resourceful as this, Kean makes it a requirement for all freshman Transition to Kean (T2K) students to attend the fair. Undecided freshman Seun Majekodunmi

Petruce Jean-Charles



ean University has the privilege of facilitating departments and buildings that allow development for one's future.

Premiere Stages was created in 2004 and is a professional equity theatre on campus that serves as a resource that develops programs, educational initiatives and professional development opportunities. In regard to professional development opportunities, Premiere Stages is now accepting submissions for the 15th annual Premiere Play Festival. The Premiere Play Festival allows many plays to become successful productions in influential areas like New York and regional theaters around the country. Premiere Stages strives to build potential relationships between writers and theater professionals in hopes of spreading well-developed plays throughout the country. With that being said, this yearly competition for unproduced scripts offers developmental and production opportunities to four playwrights with strong ties to the greater metropolitan area such as New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

The four finalists will then receive preparatory readings from March 14 to March 17, 2019, where a winner and runner-up will be announced by April of next year. Each finalist will leave with more knowledge and a monetary award ranging by winner. The festival winner will be awarded a $2,500 advance and receive a full equity production in Sept. 2019. The runner-up will receive $1,000 and an equity 29-hour staged reading from June 14 to June 16. The two other finalists will each receive an honorable amount of $750.

Some of the aforementioned majors and minors that had representatives attend included fine arts, history, English, sociology, business administration, STEM, American Sign Language, exercise science and more.

"College is the time to discover what you want to do in your life and what your interests truly are," Wolak said. "I chose [exercise science] because I always had an interest in a healthy lifestyle. I am passionate about it, so I want to learn more about it and then use my knowledge to promote it to others."

Sarah Kathryn Makl as Summer and Robby Haltiwanger as Mike in the 2018 Premiere Play Festival winner Linger by Craig Garcia.

Submissions will be accepted Saturday, Sept. 15 through Saturday, Dec. 15. Four finalists will be selected in March 2019. It is important that submissions are received on time, as early or late submissions will not be considered.

he Kean University School of General Studies hosted the Major and Minor Exploration Fair on Monday, Oct. 8 from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m. in Downs Hall. Intending to help out students that may be uncertain about their intended area of study, over 40 majors and minors were represented.

Ray Wolak, a representative and avid member of the Exercise Science Club, emphasized the importance of attending these events.

Mike Peters | Premiere Stages

Premiere Stages encourages playwrights to develop their work through highly focused environments, while advocating for festival writers by reaching out to other theaters to extend their profile for future endeavors.

Omar Inca | The Cougar's Byte

Hundreds of students shuffled in and out of Downs Hall as the School of General Studies hosted the Major and Minor Exploration Fair Monday, Oct. 8.

“At Premiere Stages, regional dramatists are afforded the opportunity to have their topical plays fast-tracked from sit-down readings to fully staged productions within a few short months, ensuring that important new works are seen when they are still vital and relevant,” stated John J. Wooten, producing artistic director and founder of Premiere Stages.

saw the event as an opportunity to learn, not just an event he was forced to attend for a grade.

who participated in making the event as large and successful as it turned out to be hoped that they made a lasting impression.

In the 15 seasons since its inception, the Premiere Play Festival has received over 4,000 submissions and developed more than 50 plays. Multiple plays produced at Premiere have been honored by the American Theatre Critics Association, some of which have been published by Samuel French, Dramatists Play Service, Dramatic Publishing Company, Playscripts and Broadway Play Publishing. A number of Play Festival winners and finalists have subsequently been produced in New York and at regional theaters across the country.

"I feel like I gained a lot from [the fair]," said Majekodunmi.

"I just hope that everybody that may be unsure becomes sure, at some point at least," Wolak said, laughing with his fellow club members. "The bottom line is, there are more than enough resources for you to figure it out. It's on you to call on them."

Important factors to note are that entries will be evaluated by a panel of theater professionals alongside Premiere artistic staff. Agents and theater professionals with connections to Premiere Stages may submit full scripts, including a synopsis and script directly. Premiere Stages is committed to supporting and preparing a group of writers and playwrights of all backgrounds, ages and levels of experience.

For additional resources, one can visit the School of General Studies online.

The submission window is Sept. 15, 2018 through Dec. 15, 2018, and there is no fee to enter the competition. Complete submission guidelines are available online at Premiere Stages.

"Being undecided, any information is helpful. After going today, I feel like I'm more certain about what my potential major and career options are." Seun is also certain that he would attend another major and minor fair in the future. "Knowledge is power. It's important to stay informed," said Seun. Hundreds of students shuffled in and out of Downs Hall as the event transpired. Those

Kieffer Braisted, junior communication major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

Petruce Jean-Charles, senior communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

A Leadership and Service Publication for the Kean University Student Community

Page 6

Tuesday | OCTOBeR

16 | 2018

School In Cool Places

The Center for International Studies hosted the Study Abroad Fair to inform students about its many programs Zoe Strozewski Staff Writer

Wenzhou, and we were getting along well with them. We wanted to experience their life,” Tianny said.

he Center for International Studies hosted this semester’s Study Abroad Fair Sept. 27 in the Center for Academic Success (CAS) Atrium. The fair provided students with information and the opportunity to speak with representatives from the various study abroad programs students can take advantage of at Kean.

One of the private programs represented at the fair was AFS Next, which is dedicated to giving any adult over the age of 18 an abroad experience. They do not limit their participants to just studying as they also offer interning, volunteering and teaching opportunities. These trips can be taken for semesters, summers and even a certain amount of weeks.

The study abroad programs featured were a mixture of Kean’s specific programs as well as private providers. Katsume Kishida, the managing assistant director of the Center for International Studies (CIS), said that the school has built up a network with these organizations over the years in order to provide students with the best study abroad experience possible.

Another program is The Education Abroad Network (TEAN). This program was founded 21 years ago by two American college students who went to Australia for a semester and, upon returning, decided that they wanted to start their own company and give other students a similar experience. They specialize in sending students to countries in the Asia-Pacific region and allow them to study or intern for both full semesters and summers.


As the office at Kean designated to helping students get an education overseas, Center for International Studies emphasizes the fair every semester, making sure that students know the depth of opportunities available to them. “All the students that go and study abroad come back a new person. We as the International Studies Office are really going to help them succeed in their study abroad program,” Kishida said. One of the programs present at this fair and the most popular study abroad option at this school was Wenzhou Kean, the sister school Kean owns in China. The student transfer between these two schools is easily facilitated, as every student has the ability to take the exact same classes at Wenzhou Kean at no extra cost from their regular tuition. Maggie Tianny, a native to China who started college at the Wenzhou campus before transferring to the Union campus, said she initially transferred to get out of her comfort zone and ended up enjoying her experience abroad so much that she decided to stay for a whole year instead of the single semester. She urges any student do the same as she did, as the benefits outweigh all of the unknowns of moving to a foreign country. “I think the different cultures are very interesting because we have a Kean student transfer to

Academic Programs International (API) is another private organization that offers abroad experiences for either a semester, quarter, year, summer or a short-term period. With this program, students can study, intern and serve in 21 countries. Similarly, the private service ISA allows students to intern and study for semester, year and summer periods in 32 countries. They also try to include various excursions in the students’ time abroad, so their time in foreign countries is well-rounded with a cultural aspect.

Zoe Strozewski | The Cougar's Byte

Each study abroad program had its own table at the fair so that students could access information about each of the options available to them.

CIS Abroad is another private company that attended the fair. Zachary Macinnes, the Northeast regional director of CIS Abroad, said that they focus on making studying abroad attainable for every student. “Here at CIS we believe that every student regardless of major should be able to study abroad, whether it’s for a semester, for a summer, for a January term or an internship,” Macinnes said. Based on where they travel, they try to include extra trips within the trip in general so that their clients don’t miss out on seeing acclaimed cities and landmarks. For example, a trip to Scotland is included for any student staying in London and a trip to the Great Barrier Reef is included for any student staying in Australia. AIFS is a comprehensive study abroad program

that tabled at the fair as well. Ethan Reiss, a student at Kean, attended alongside AIFS in order to tell prospective students about his time studying in Florence, Italy through the company. After spending a portion of his college education in this city, Reiss said he would encourage any student to abandon the familiar. “Don’t think about it or hesitate. Just do it because you may never have an opportunity to do it again later in your life,” Reiss said. His foreign education experience didn’t end in Florence, Italy however. He also went abroad through another company represented at the fair: Semester at Sea. This company, as implied by its name, allows students to simultaneously take classes and travel. Reiss said that the Semester at Sea was unique, as the ship was their classroom and they had little access to internet and social media while on board. This resulted in a higher amount of success in class and enjoyment of the activities and places the trip presented them with. Some of the destinations they hit during the semester included Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Morocco and Portugal.

The final private company tabling at the fair was Spanish Studies Abroad. Spanish Studies Abroad sends students to attend university in Spanishspeaking countries so they can fulfill parts of their degrees while also effectively learning the language and immersing themselves in the culture. Students don’t need to be fluent in Spanish in order to join this program. There are different levels of intensity students can opt for based on their expertise of the language and every student has access to an on-site bilingual instructor and goes through an intensive period at the start of their program. They have three locations in Spain and another three in Latin America that cater to a diverse set of majors and program lengths. For any students who were not able to attend the Study Abroad Fair but would still like to learn about the possibility of going abroad, they can visit the Center for International Studies in CAS, Room 121, call CIS at (908) 737- 0350 or email them at

Zoe Strozewski, sophomore communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Scholarships An Eventful Resource Center (continued from page 1) offered at Kean as well as general scholarships. "It is our goal at Kean to help reduce your net cost of attendance (your bill), and earning a scholarship can certainly help to make this possible. We opened it on Oct. 1, rather than Dec. 1, to allow students more time to complete the application and be as thorough as possible," said Brian Treanor, director of scholarship services. When filling out the application there are a few things that are important to remember. Be sure to fill out all content areas with the most up to date information. When filling out the essay section, grammar, spelling, and mechanics are important Complete the FAFSA to make sure that one is receiving all of the funding that they are supposed to be getting. It also makes filling out the financial need section of the scholarship application much easier. While we do not require the FAFSA for Foundation Scholarships (so as to ensure that it is truly open to everybody), if a student is in the position to complete one, it is very strongly recommended. Regarding references, please be sure to use faculty members who will be beneficial for the scholarship. They strongly encourage openness and honesty among them, and they absolutely receive it. The deadline for the scholarship application is March 1, 2019. Students interested in submitting an application to be considered for the many different scholarships the Kean Foundation is willing to offer or would like more information about scholarships, they can go to kean. edu/scholarships and complete an application. For more information, contact the Scholarship Services Office at (908) 737-0410. When accessing the application, students can save and come back to it at any time. This application will submit and apply students for all awards they meet the requirements for. Brandon Gervais, sophomore English education double major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Throughout the semester the Commuter Resource Center will provide various events for its students Petruce Jean-Charles



t Kean University students can expect to be immersed in a community that strives to build a comfortable and enjoyable setting for its students. With that being said, whether students are residents or commuters they can find something that will provide them with the essentials to be successful. The Commuter Resource Center (CRC) is located in Hutchinson Hall Room 130 alongside quiet study areas that are situated across from the office. The CRC was created to enhance the experience of Kean for commuter students and allow them an opportunity to feel connected on campus. With help from Student Government the CRC is able to create events that will be a relaxing and also a networking opportunity for those looking to step outside of their comfort zones. Within the rest of the fall semester students can anticipate these following events: Re-Energize! Snack Break Halloween Edition on Wednesday, Oct. 31 from noon to 5 p.m. World Kindness Day on Tuesday, Nov. 13 from 1 to 3 p.m. You Got This on Wednesday, Dec. 5 from 2 to 4 p.m. Stress Less Fest on Monday, Dec. 12 at noon. The Re-Energize event will give students the chance to enjoy snacks while testing their knowledge of Halloween history. If one is an avid Halloween fan, they should consider attending this as topics like movies will be used to start discussions. To usher in the idea of kindness toward others, the CRC is presenting World Kindness Day to fund


raise for the non-profit organization, Random Acts. Random Acts is an organization that encourages and promotes every act of kindness as a way to make a difference. With that in mind, students will be able to express their gratitude for others through letters in honor of Thanksgiving. Next on the agenda, is You Got This which provides a stress reliever for students preparing for finals week. Finals can be very occupying and can cause many students, especially commuters to study and still have time to enjoy themselves. Partnering up with the Writing Center, the CRC will make sure to show commuters different resources to be success during exams. In conjunction with finals week students will also have the option to participate in the Stress Less Fest

events. One including pet therapy where pet lovers can cuddle and play with service dogs. While the other event will host a massage station for those who would like to unwind and clear their minds to better focus on exam materials. For more information students can visit the CRC link on Cougar Link, email or call (908) 737-4093. Also if any commuter wants to gain more information about the center and their other benefits, students can refer to a previous CRC article. Petruce Jean-Charles, senior communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

Tuesday | OCTOBER

16 | 2018

Page 7

Introducing Alyssa Edgar

Alyssa Edgar serves as the assistant secretary for Student Organization Petruce Jean-Charles


be in contact with her professors. All the aspects of a college that were important to her could be found at Kean.


ean University is an institution that prides itself in its ability to develop students into leaders who wish to make an impact for the Kean community. Alyssa Edgar is one of these prized students. Edgar, a sophomore studying communications with a concentration in public relations, is involved in the Student Organization of Kean University as the assistant secretary, a silver leader in the Leadership Institute and a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

"When I was accepted here I got a scholarship, so I attended the scholarship reception and there I met one of the leaders from the Leadership Institute. In turn, he told me all about the program, to which I applied and got accepted," said Edgar. "As a part of the Transition to Kean requirement, the retreat was where I met Damion Wilson who was the former vice president at the time. He introduced me to the world of Student Organization and pushed me to give it a shot, because in high school I wasn't as motivated."

The Student Organization of Kean University is an organization that aims to strengthen the intellectual, cultural and personal growth by acting as the voice for the full-time, undergraduate student body. With that being said, it is dedicated to maintaining an environment where diversity and free expression can benefit scholarly opinion, debate and education.

During her freshman year she ran for secretary and won, giving her the opportunity to build her craft and work with a good team that inspired her rise within Student Organization.

Being a silver leader in the Leadership Institute consists of second-year students learning how to maximize their ability to succeed and contribute to the campus as leaders. Students can also get involved through platforms such as collaboration, common purpose and controversy with civility.

"The main thing we do is take the minutes for the meeting and during office hours we make sure everything is documented. We do filing and make sure that everything goes where it needs to go. Cougar Link is one of our tools when we are working with events," said Edgar.

As a public relations major, Edgar is able to master her studies by joining the PRSSA. This organization helps students in achieving experience and the practical knowledge and tools of the public relations field.

As assistant secretary, Edgar refers to herself as the "documentation person".

Alyssa Edgar, assistant secretary of Student Organization, likes being able to help see students pleased by the assistance they provide.

In regard to attending Kean, Edgar was pleased at the intimacy of each of her classes and the opportunity to

Edgar notes that, without secretaries, events and other important documents would not go through. She wants students to know that all the events that come to Kean have legal documents and without that they would not happen.

"In return, the students come up to us. They know us and they get another reason to stay here. It builds so much because without us nothing would happen. We bring ideas to the table and listen to ideas as well. I believe that we help every student in the Kean community come together," said Edgar. Juggling leadership and Student Organization, Edgar believes that these two positions are important assets that help build her skills. "Leadership is filled with leaders who are big about being a leader in a team, which helps with the aspect of effective teamwork. Leadership also translates to Student Organization because there is no I in Student Org. It is fully a team [that] leans on each other to develop. We learn how to work with others and the necessity of patience which build bonds," said Edgar. As a public relations major, Edgar understands that public relations is also a team environment. And as a future public relations person, the skills she is learning now can be applied to her career later on. "Get involved, do it! As someone who is involved in Kean, I feel that it can help how you feel about college. Putting yourself out there will be scary, but giving things a chance can change your perspective about college and the benefits that come along with it," said Edgar. Petruce Jean-Charles, junior communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Tips for the GRE

Information on the GRE and resources on campus to aid students in continuing their academic journey Shannon Sheehan


Staff Writer

he Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that is used as common criteria by graduate schools when selecting their incoming students. For most graduate schools, this test is required for admission into their school. It is important to consider taking this exam when considering one's next steps after Kean. It is important that students take the test at least three weeks before the application deadline of the school, which can vary depending on which school one is looking into. However, it is recommended to take the test early just in case one needs to retake it to achieve a better score. Additionally, it is recommended that students spend two to four months studying prior to the test to ensure that they will succeed. Senior Jessica Betines, a speech-language pathology major plans on taking the GRE in the upcoming months. "It is important to prepare because the GRE, like the SAT, is a prediction test of how you will be in graduate school. It's a score that your future professors will be looking at before you are accepted," said Betines. The mathematical skills that students will be tested on during the GRE are basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis. Other skills that one will be tested on include college-level vocabulary, the ability to analyze and evaluate written material, think critically and solve problems.

There are six sections of the GRE and three categories that students are tested on. One is analytical writing, which is scored on a scale between zero and six. There are also two verbal reasoning sections and two quantitative reasoning sections. These are scored on a scale of 130 to 170. Additionally, there is also either a non-scored verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning or a research section, which will be used for research purposes. Kean has some resources on campus that can help students become confident in their academic skills. One of them is the Tutoring and Support Services which is located on the second floor of the Nancy Thompson Library. If one is not confident in their mathematical skills, be sure to visit. The Tutoring and Support Services have student and professional tutors on hand to assist students in their academic goals and to provide help in course specific instruction. They also have group tutoring sessions and one-on-one sessions, depending on what the student prefers. Walk-ins are welcome; however, one can also schedule an appointment on TutorTrac. Their hours of operation for the fall and spring semester are Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. They can be reached at (908) 737-4681. Another resource on campus is the Writing Center which is located in the Nancy Thompson Library Learning Commons in Room L-108. The Writing Center’s goal is to provide quality feedback on writing assignments and help students develop beneficial writing skills. A resource the Writing Center offers live tutoring. Students can submit papers online and receive feedback in just a few days.

Shannon Sheehan | The Cougar's Byte

The Nancy Thompson Library houses the Tutoring and Support Services, the Writing Center and more. To make an appointment for the Writing Center, call (908) 737-0317, visit the center or use TutorTrac. Their hours of operation are Monday through Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is important to note that these resources cannot help students study for the GRE specifically, however they are available to improve students overall academic skills. It is vital for students to be aware of the GRE if they are looking into extending their academic journey

because most schools require this standardized test for admission. It is also vital that students are fully prepared for the exam and complete it to the best of their ability. It will only mean a greater chance of getting into the school of one's dreams.

Shannon Sheehan, sophomore communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

Utilizing The Co-Curricular Transcript

Highlighting the CCT program at Kean and how students can access and update it Brandon Gervais

involvement list shows time management, personality and what a student can handle beyond their academics.

racking all of your involvement and service hours is key in applying for positions both on and off campus. The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is vital in keeping all of your projects and involvement documented. A student's CCT can be used when applying for scholarships, internships, employment or anytime they would want to compliment their resume or academic transcript.

The Co-Curricular Transcript can be used by students as a resource throughout their time at Kean. If kept updated, it is one place that has exact dates and time frames of all of one's involvement. Many times on applications it will ask for dates of participation. With the CCT, it lists dates when students join organizations and how many hours they have documented service with groups.


Staff Writer

The Co-Curricular Transcript highlights all of a student's involvement and activities. Oftentimes employers look past just the academic transcript and want to see what a student did while in school. Having a loaded

An unofficial copy of a student's Co-Curricular Transcript can be accessed on Cougar Link. It is important that a student's CCT is being updated as they add things to their resume and carry out service projects. While some activities that a student participates in are automatically documented in the CCT, the following activities must

be submitted manually by the student: awards, honors, scholarships, student organization, leadership activities, educational workshops, community service and civic engagement. All activities and honors being submitted into a student's Co-Curricular Transcript must be completed through Cougar Link. For submitting hours and student group activity, submit the group name including a referral to the leader of that activity. This step is to confirm attendance and participation in both the group and the activity. More information on managing a CCT can be found on the CCT page of the university website. To request an official copy of a student's Co-Curricular Transcript, students must fill out the Co-Curricular Transcript Request Form. It is important that students

A Leadership and Service Publication for the Kean University Student Community

first check that their unofficial CCT is up to date and accurate before requesting the official. The official copy of the CCT can be sent with resumes, academic transcripts, applications or scholarships. All official CoCurricular Transcripts are official documents of Kean University bearing the university seal. All entries listed on this transcript have been validated by the Center for Leadership and Service under the authority of the Vice President for Student Affairs. If a student requests a copy of their CCT, it can be mailed or picked up in person. For more information about the Co-Curricular Transcript, visit the Center for Leadership and Service page on the university website. Brandon Gervais, sophomore English education double major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

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Tuesday | OCTOBeR

Mental Health (continued from page 1) Active Minds also focused on VAR: validate, appreciate and refer. These are the guidelines that one should follow if presented with someone who is suffering from a mental health disorder. President of Active Minds, Melissa Rojas said, "Instead of thinking about our feelings also think about the feelings of other people." Wednesday, October 9 was World Mental Health Day, so to celebrate Greek Senate had a tabling session in the MSC Atrium. Their table included pamphlets on mental health disorders with resources for those in need, such as The Counseling Center at Kean University. This was an effective way to educate the population on mental health and the different types of disorders that everyday people suffer from. That night, everyone came together for the big event of the week, the World Mental Health Day Presentation. It began with catered food and mingling in the Cougar’s Den. It then lead into presentations, starting with one from Ricky’s Compass. Ricky’s Compass is an organization that is focused on breaking the stigmas that come along with mental health and the various disorders. Additionally, they are passionate about raising awareness on mental health and wellness and educating their community on it. Following Ricky’s Compass was Active Minds. They centered their presentation on self love ad the importance to put yourself first. President Melissa Rojas explained that sometimes one needs to take a mental health break to focus on oneself. This will make one much more motivated, focused and healthy.

Simons said, “Being able to say ‘I am Big Sexy’ is roaring confidence. It makes you feel so good about yourself.” He explained that being sexy is not just about one’s looks, rather their confidence, independence, and self-love. It is important to build a positive body image of yourself, and Simons is a great example of how one can do so. The Mental Health Awareness Week wrapped up on Thursday October 11 and was focused on Awareness. To raise awareness for mental health, participants gathered outside Starbucks to “Place Your Flag.” Volunteers were asked to write a message on a green flag to anyone suffering with mental health disorders. Some examples of the flags were, “you can get through this” and, “you are stronger than you think.” They were then asked to place their flag in grass. This event was a beneficial way to end the week because it gave a visual of how many people are there to support those with mental health disorders. It showed the Kean University community that they are able to come together and raise awareness for such a good cause.

Shannon Sheehan, sophomore communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

The Poetry Club then gave a presentation where some of their members each read a poem pertaining to mental health, and then shared their story on why they write. They all gave a very moving performance and were able to open the audience’s eyes to the fact that people may be suffering from mental health issues and one may not even be aware or able to tell. President Tierra Hooker of the Poetry Club explained that, “In performing today we wanted to showcase an array of different feelings and perspectives. None of us had a poem that identified the exact same story line. None of us had the same poem in terms of context or situation. It’s important to identify that a lot of writers and a lot of people that resonate with writing all feel different things from writing. It’s important to identify with those feelings.” She continued, “As a writer you are continuously learning yourself. You are not only advocating for yourself, you are advocating for people who don’t know how to write for themselves or do not know how to speak in public or vocalize how they are feeling. A lot of what the Poetry Club represents is being able to utilize your voice to make a difference.” Next up was bigsexy inc., an apparel brand focused on confidence that was started by Kean University alumnus John Simons. He explained that a healthy mind is crucial to be successful, and that he wanted to represent that in his brand. He explained his story in that his mother was very self-conscious and how that trickled down to him. He began to feel insecure within himself, and that stayed with him from childhood until after he finished his trip to China with Kean. After being immersed in a completely different culture, his confidence grew back. When he returned to the Union campus, he wanted to keep that mindset with him. He would always tell his barista at Starbucks to write “Big Sexy” on his cup as a confidence boost.

Latin (continued from page 1) and Lively Student Experience (P.U.L.S.E.) and Office of Student Government, Latin Patio Night aimed to unite Hispanics and students of all backgrounds in "one endless voice to enhance our traditions". Students were unfazed by the tornado watch and danced the cloudy and rainy night away to traditional Latin piano pieces and dances. Those attending had an opportunity to show off their smooth moves in the bachata, merengue, samba, salsa and more traditional Spanish dances. More than 100 Kean students, staff, alumni and their families attended the Tuesday evening display. Traditional Spanish cuisine was also available, including tacos, chips and salsa, quesadillas, queso and more. Hoping to embrace his Hispanic roots, Christian Cornejo, a junior architecture major, saw this as a fabulous opportunity to learn a thing or two. "I'm Costa Rican," he began, "so, anytime I have an opportunity to connect with other members of both the Costa Rican and Hispanic communities on campus, I like to show my face and see what's up." Being a brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Cornejo is already extremely

active on campus and uses the same incentive to recruit potential interests to his fraternity. "I'm passionate about everything I do — whether it be in my fraternity, learning about my culture or being an active student at Kean. I do the best I can in everything," explained Cornejo. When asked if he'd attend next year's Latin Patio Night, Cornejo had a resounding answer. "The event was really great. The music, the atmosphere [and] the traditional feel made me feel like I was visiting family back in Costa Rica. I will definitely be back next year. No doubt about it!" Cornejo said. For more information on future events like these being hosted at Kean, one can visit P.U.L.S.E. or the Office of Student Government web pages on the Kean website as well as Cougar Link.

Kieffer Braisted, junior communication major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.


16 | 2018

Kean University - The Cougar's Byte - October 16, 2018  
Kean University - The Cougar's Byte - October 16, 2018