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News, views and inspiration from the Anne Furbank Group Autumn 2013




Elemis body product at our Autumn Launch


News, views and inspiration from the Anne Furbank Group Autumn 2013

It has been a great year so far. Despite the dismal Spring, the Summer made up for it with glorious heat and sunshine. I enjoyed a wonderful month on my narrowboat exploring the country and getting the chance to see some wonderful cities and towns (more of that later). My running is going well after enlisting the help of a personal trainer who is pushing me hard to achieve a marathon record later in the year. We have had a fantastic time dressing so many ladies for weddings of all types. The collections both our occasionwear and our daywear - looked great. Fashion was exciting again! We are getting amazing feedback about The George. I may be biased, but I think the food is the best for miles around. I feel very lucky to have such a great team around me who work hard to give you, our loyal customers, the very best experiences, whether it is shopping for clothes or eating, drinking and relaxing. Here’s to a stunning Autumn.




Elemis body product at our Autumn Launch

Autumn 2013 Printed on Regency satin – FSC mixed credit. Front cover by Joseph Ribkoff Editor: Rebecca Furbank Design & Print: CottierSidaway

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Autumn 2013


Comp UR liment ary Elemis b ody pro duct at our A utum Launch n

Luxury Gift from Elemis We have the most gorgeous gift for you at our Autumn launch! We have teamed up with British luxury spa and skincare brand, Elemis, to bring you your own bag of pampering products. Four Elemis body products and a vibrant blue Elemis cosmetic bag are all yours, with our compliments, during our Autumn launch. Come in to see us during the week of Monday 9th – Saturday 14th September and, with any purchase, you will receive this

wonderful gift. If you enjoy this little bit of body pampering luxury, we are delighted to be able to continue your experience, with the Elemis range now being the new body products for the hotel. Guests will enjoy the luxury of Elemis during their

stay. From a simple hand wash to a soak in the bath it will all be with our new Elemis range. The Elemis range is also available from Equilibrium in Buckden, just 200 metres from the shop.

Autumn Launch 2013 We have a bevy of beauties showcasing the new collections at our Autumn Launch, Monday 9th – Saturday 14th September. Our team of models, Fiona, Theresa and Yvonne will be familiar faces to many of you and they will be on hand all week to help give you inspiration for your wardrobe and lifestyle. Fizz will be served throughout the week, you can collect your complimentary Elemis gift with your purchase and simply enjoy the fashions the new season has to bring. Fiona




Anne Furbank Fashion

Army Chic Fashion Trends

It’s all about Camouflage this Autumn as Army Chic is back!

The military has taken over but with a feminine touch. There is definitely the influence of army figures but in gentler prints and fabrics. Military jackets have a softer edge, a feminine shape, a nip in at the waist, a soft collar and slimmer sleeve. Camouflage prints are in chiffon and combat trousers are slimmed-down versions of oversize grunge. The result is army chic not army bleak. Oui has captured the fashion perfectly - camouflage prints with a touch of magenta thrown in; khaki sweaters softened with fun dog prints and military jackets emblazoned with sequins. It’s a great look and you can choose to embrace it full on or dip into it with one or two pieces to update your wardrobe.


Autumn 2013 Fashion Trends

Pastel Blush It is so nice that the seasons blur into one another rather than being a giant leap from one to the other. Fashion has caught on that we don’t all want to wear black and brown in September. This transitional period has been gently introduced to us with a wave of pastel hues. Soft pinks, mints, ice blue, sand and cream. It is so beautifully feminine, wonderfully girly and great to keep the spirits up as the nights gently draw in. Marc Cain’s Central Park collection is simply stunning - wonderfully gentle colours used in the most perfect, womanly styling. The swan print used on the silk blouses sums up the elegance of the collection.You will glide like a swan, with your head held high when you wear this collection. Repeat cashmere offers that added luxury and warmth as the season progresses. Cosy wraps, shawls and oversize knits are like being wrapped in a teddy bear.



Autumn 2013 Fashion Trends

There is a real Sixties revival going on at the moment. A-line and tunic dresses, block colouring, bold checks and big buttons. Basler has picked up on the Monochrome trend but added a bit of imagination. Lots of black and white and black and cream, a smattering of leather, shiny fabrics to lift classic wools and sharp contrasting prints. Mary Quant has to have been an inspiration to this new sharp collection. The twist is pink. It brings it up to date but without losing the Sixties feel. This collection is for women across the ages. Whether you have worn these fashions first time round or whether this is new to you, it is a great fashion trend to pick up on.You can be as brave as you like, creating an Emma Peel silhouette, punchy and feisty, keeping it jet black and let the fabrics add the contrast or you take a more gentle approach, - add in the pink and embrace the graphic prints, still adding sharpness to your wardrobe but with a more considered approach.


Anne Furbank Fashion

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Simply email with your contact details and we will make sure you are kept informed. Or ask one of the girls to record your email when you come into the shop. 025

Buckden’s Forth Bridge We don’t like to stand still at Anne Furbank and fashion is a great motivator to keep everything up to date. This summer saw painters, electricians and floor fitters working at double speed in order to give the ground floor at Anne Furbank a fresh new look. ‘It can be a little disruptive when work needs to take place,’ said Rebecca Furbank, ‘but the results are worth it. It has given our showrooms more light to show off the clothes to their best and a refreshing new feel to the shop as a whole.’ ‘The building is old and is a bit like the Forth Road Bridge when it comes to maintenance! Sometimes it does need a little bit more than a coat of paint and certainly the new lighting and flooring has made a big difference.’

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Autumn 2013

VoyagesRasmunda of

Month on the water On Saturday, May 25, Richard and I set off on our annual narrowboat holiday on the good ship Rasmunda, hoping to negotiate a circular trip via Oxford on the Thames, to Bath on the Kennet and Avon canal then on to the Bristol Avon and out on the Bristol channel and on to the tidal river Severn to Sharpness. From there we planned to get to Stratford then back on the Grand Union canal and home. One whole wonderful month on our amazing boat. BUT, the British weather played tricks on us and although we still had a fantastic month away we couldn’t do the round trip. We did get as far as Bristol but the atrocious weather stopped us going out on the channel and the pilot who has to accompany each vessel said it was far too dangerous to attempt. Richard was so disappointed as he had been planning this adventure for some time. We then had to turn back and return home the way we had come. Still, it then gave me the opportunity to visit and explore towns and cities on the way back. I decided we would moor up in places such as Bath, Newbury, Marlow, Henley, and Oxford and visit some Independent shops to see how many I could find that offered a selection of Occasion Wear suitable for mother of the bride, racing,

garden parties etc. It made me very proud of what we have to offer and made me appreciate and understand why people travel miles to visit us in Buckden, where we offer a wide variety of collections suitable for all sorts of special occasions; as well as offering shoes, bags, hats and jewellery to complete the outfit. The times we spend on our narrowboat are very very special. It is a holiday that offers me everything I need to relax. I can run for miles on the towpath, I love the physical work of doing the locks (340 this year!) I love the wildlife and the countryside and to moor up in the evening in the middle of nowhere, open a bottle of wine and eat a delicious supper on the bank is my idea of heaven. The Maldives, eat your heart out!!!


Anne Furbank Fashion

Staff outing to Germany In the last Anne Furbank Magazine you saw how blown away we were with the trip to Marc Cain in Germany. It was so impressive we have decided to take the whole team! On two days in October, Marc Cain will host the Anne Furbank team, giving our staff the chance to see the product they love and love to sell. ‘It was such an incredible trip.’ said Debbie Daniels, ‘I adore the product so it was wonderful to see its birth place. To see the inspiration around the designs, to see the mechanics behind the manufacturing and to see the love and care that goes in to every garment.’ Anne Furbank is now one of the UK’s top retailers of Marc Cain. ‘It is a product we believe in,’ said Anne Furbank. ‘The quality, design and fit have never let us down. They are very clever with their prints and colour palette, introducing new ideas but never letting go of their core values.’ ‘I am delighted to be able to take the girls to see the Head Quarters, I know they will really enjoy the experience.’

Film crew in store London film production company, Quite Frankly Productions, spent four days at Anne Furbank filming for a new video telling the business story of Anne Furbank Fashions. ‘Quite Frankly Productions have worked with some of the biggest companies across the globe so we were really excited to be able to procure their expertise to film here in Buckden,’ said Rebecca Furbank.

Quite Frankly at Windsor Castle


‘So much has happened in the 32 years of the shop and so much is still developing, it is hard to get that all across in a few pictures and a couple of hundred words.’ ‘The video we are creating will go live on our website shortly and will hopefully give everyone who is looking at it a real feeling of what we are

about, what our values are and what we aim to achieve.’ ‘It was a great experience working with true professionals in this area, a little daunting knowing they have worked on video production for huge events such as the Olympics and huge corporations like Gucci, but it gave me real confidence knowing that the result would be fantastic,’ said Rebecca. Check our website over the next few weeks for the end result. To find out more about who Quite Frankly Productions have worked for in the past, visit

Autumn 2013 Featured Brand Michele is a family-run business, specialising in trousers with a team that is passionate about creating designs of a high quality and with longevity. ‘We have stocked Michele trousers for many years,’ said Anne Furbank. ‘They understand women, they understand shape, fit and design.’ Michele has a cleverly colourcoded system, understanding that not all women have the same shape.They design for women with bigger bottoms and smaller waists, they design for women with thicker middles and disappearing bottoms and they design for women who are straight up and down.

‘Once you work out your shape, you can easily find your colourcode. It is easy to stick to the colour code on the trouser to find the perfect fit next time round,’ said Anne. It is not just the fit they have mastered - their team of clothing specialists look for new and innovative fabrics and buy the very best from around the world. Michele Magic is a fairly recent addition to their collection jeans that will make you look and feel a dress size smaller! Michele is a brand you can rely on year after year.


Autumn 2013

Beth’s story I finished my first week of work experience at Anne Furbank with a massive smile on my face and feeling very inspired. I spent my week learning many aspects of the business. I talked to Becky about buying and the new brands and attended a product training session with Annie modelling the new Basler collection. Melissa spent time showing me the on-line side of the business, which was really interesting as I have my own fashion blog. The Summer Sale on the Saturday most certainly kept me on my toes - this was a totally different experience from the rest of the week. It was so busy - the clothes flew out of the shop! My favourite part of the day was then being able to merchandise the new collection with Debbie. From a young age I often wondered what was hidden behind the beautiful windows and now I had the opportunity to help out the ladies with the window display. This time, when I gazed at Anne Furbank from outside the shop, it was so I will be back in September for the Autumn special to know that some of the work was my Launch so hope to meet many more customers own. then. I look forward to seeing you.

Anne Furbank Charity Day Over the past 20 years we have raised over ÂŁ85,000 for the BBC Children In Need Charity. It is a frantic day where clothes from previous seasons are sold at 90% off. For the first time, this year we are going to split the proceeds of our charity day between the BBC Children In Need and projects close to home. Some of the monies raised will be given directly to projects, events and charities in Buckden. Full details have not been finalised and there may be a change to the format of previous events so be sure to keep up-todate with what is going on by visiting, checking out our facebook page or asking to be contacted by email by sending your details to



Anne Furbank Fashion

Autumn Occasions – How to Get it Right There is something distinctly different about special occasions in the Winter compared with the Summer. Quite often the event is more geared around the evening reception and therefore it puts what to wear in a different context. And of course, a church wedding in the winter, will probably mean your outfit will be covered up by a coat! However, there is no need to compromise on the smartness, glamour and essential occasion of it all, you just have to come at it from a different angle. Dresses are quite often an ideal solution and designers are understanding that there can be scope for a wedding outfit to have a life after the wedding. Didier Parakian has produced some fantastic dresses this season with some stunning prints that really catch the eye. D’Exterior Didier Parakian have concentrated on their skill with the knitted dress, adding embellishments as well as creating a suit with matching, knitted coats and jackets. Alternatively you can keep things simple and stick with a beautifully cut, classic design like those from Gina Bacconi and Claudia C and then bring it to life with the accessories. If a coat is needed, don’t spoil it with an old Mac, maintain the glamour with a beautiful wool coat or something a little more daring like the Luis Civit ‘eyelash coat’. Condici Condici and John Charles continue to produce some amazing wedding outfits for all seasons using silks and satins and the increasingly popular lace. So Winter may not be the most popular time to get married but your choice on what to wear should not be compromised. 16

Luis Civit ‘Eyelash Coat’

Autumn 2013

Topping it all We are delighted to introduce Hat Brand, Yvette Jelfs, into the shop. All Yvette’s hats are made in the UK from her base in the Scottish Borders made with the finest quality fabrics, feathers and flowers. Yvette’s passion for hats started at the age of 8 when she got her first hat, a pink velvet trilby. ‘My grandmother always wore a hat and always looked so stylish,’ said Yvette. Yvette went on to do an apprenticeship with a hat maker in Luton, this was followed by work for milliner, Graham Smith, who made hats for many stylish ladies including the late Princess Diana. Yvette now designs her own collection with a flair learnt over the years of experience in the millinery business. Her collection is now in store.


Anne Furbank Fashion





Frustrated by the lack of feminine work clothes while working in the city, Libby Hart took matters into her own hands, she quit her job and set up her own collection, Libby London. ‘What you wear to work can define who you are and strongly influence how you are perceived by colleagues and clients,’ said Libby. Her first collection of dresses is classic, sophisticated and office appropriate. ‘I love the all-in-one solution they provide, avoiding having


to plan what to wear with what, saving precious minutes in the morning,’ said Libby. ‘We are delighted to be representing this new collection,’ said Rebecca Furbank. ‘It is classically feminine - a perfect combination.’

Autumn 2013

Select Wedding Suppliers A wedding day is a momentous occasion, not only for the bride and groom but for the mothers, fathers, family and friends. We have teamed up with eleven other businesses, experts in their field, to bring you everything you need to create the perfect celebration. It is a one-stop-shop of professionals you can trust to provide unrivalled, quality services for the big day. From skincare, manicures, bridalwear, venue, flowers, photography and of course wedding outfits, this team of Select Wedding Suppliers will help make the wedding day extra special. ‘It has been a delight to meet and work with these other businesses,’ said Rebecca Furbank. ‘Souster and Hicks has to be a personal favourite. A wonderful bespoke tailors with the most delicious fabrics and a real passion for what they do.’ To find out about all the businesses visit

Shades of White After 10 years at Anne Furbank, Anna McConnell has set up her own bridal shop In St Ives. Shades of White is situated by the river In Bridge Street. Anna and business partner Jo, took over an existing bridal shop as the owner was looking to retire. ‘Anna started work with us at the age of 16 and over the years was involved in most aspects of the business,’ said Debbie Daniels. ‘When Anna came to tell us that she was leaving there was a real mix of feelings. Jo and Anna We were sad to see her go but delighted that over the years she had blossomed into a very capable business woman.’ Shades of White stock a wide range of bridal dresses including designs from Ellis, Diana Harbridge and Justin Alexander to name a few. To find out more visit:


Anne Furbank Fashion

Catching the Cruising bug There must be something in the water that is drawing the Anne Furbank team to the lure of the Cruise Ships. No less than three members of the team have been on a cruise this year, with plans already expanding through the team for next year.


‘I completely understand the appeal of cruising,’ said Anne Furbank, who enjoyed a cruise with her mother and sister last year, ‘You are looked after so well - there isn’t the hassle of airports or carting luggage around and the whole experience is incredibly relaxing.’ ‘It also gives you the opportunity to dress up! So rarely nowadays do we dress for dinner and there is something rather special about making an effort and getting all glammed up.’ Anne’s mum, Barbara and sister, Christine, along with our very own Helen Galer, enjoyed a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords this year. There was definitely no travelling light, with no less than six bags and 22 pairs of shoes between the three of them! Great fun was had by all. Anne and Julie Bevan will get a taste of cruising this September as guests of Cruise Select, to the Regent Seven Seas ship in Southampton. ‘Julie has never been on a cruise so this will be an ideal opportunity for her to see what it is all about,’ said Anne. Cruise Select are one of the affiliated partners of Select Wedding Suppliers.

Autumn 2013

Cruise dressing Cruise holidays are not usually an example of travelling light as there can be an awful lot of outfits to fit into a case, so packing certainly has to be planned. Joseph Ribkoff is, without doubt, one of the best brands to take on a cruise. If you build up a Joseph Ribkoff wardrobe you will have all you need for all aspects of your cruise. From daywear through to glamorous evening wear Joseph Ribkoff covers it all. It is also a brand that works hard for you. The fabrics used won’t crease, they will fold up into nothing and they will cross over, with the help of some accessories, from day to evening. For the new season we have two rooms dedicated to this Canadian brand which offers dresses, skirts, trousers and tops. ‘It is an incredible brand,’ said Anne Furbank. ‘It somehow fits everyone, of all ages and sizes. It is the only brand in the shop of which every member of staff has a piece. It has such a broad appeal.’ ‘You do still have to plan your cruise wardrobe. Think about each day and think how you might be able to make that pair of trousers work to create a couple of outfits. And of course don’t forget the accessories.’ ‘This is a time to dress up with the added bonus of not having to carry your bags for miles around an airport!’


Anne Furbank Fashion

Dates for your diary Autumn Launch Monday 9th – Saturday 14th September Launch of the new Autumn collections with models, fizz and complimentary Elemis gift with purchase. Trouser Day Saturday 5th October Our ever popular trouser day to help you find your perfect bottom. Basler Day Saturday 12th October New collections, complimentary Basler gift.

Mother & Daughter Day Saturday 19th October Your day to catch up with each other and enjoy a special girly day together.

Evening of Glamour Thursday 5th December, 6-9pm Get into the party spirit with an evening at Anne Furbank.

Cruise Day Saturday 26th October All the tales from our cruising holidays, 11am, seat pre-booking required. Children in Need/ Charity Day Friday 15th November, previous seasons’ stock at silly prices.

Thoughts from a 40 something... I thought that ‘middle age’ was meant to be getting later in life. I used to look at my parents and my friends parents and they were definitely ‘middle aged’ once they passed 40.


We are all living longer, 50 is meant to be the new 40 and if you are over 60 you are no longer meant to be taking it easy, as my marathon-running mother-in-law proves! However, it seems that middle age is definitely not going to budge from the 40s age group – I know as I am sure I am there. I first realised I must be middleaged when I was invited to a friend’s daughter’s 21st birthday. The last 21st I went to, I was in my 20s where I partied until the early hours, had a ball and danced my socks off. I arrived at this party, as one of the ‘oldies’ and chatted to

a friend who said she thought we looked pretty good and nowhere near as old as our parents did when they were our age! I looked around the room and wondered if all the 21 year olds would be thinking the same? A few weeks later I went to a friend’s son’s wedding - things were getting worse! Still I clung on to my youth by posing in a photo booth, which was at the wedding, in comedy wig and glasses, trying to pull a cool face, proudly presented the photos to my daughter who simply replied ‘that is so embarrassing’!

Autumn 2013

Anne’s running update I’m pleased to report that my passion for pounding the pavements and footpaths is still present! Over the past fifteen years, I have been lucky enough to run in races all over the world but, as you get older, you have to accept your race times aren’t going to improve – you have to find other ways of motivating yourself to get up at 6.00 a.m. and run, come rain or shine. Losing your “mojo” is quite common amongst runners and it is then important to find a way of regaining motivation by getting the adrenalin pumping. I have found it – I’m now training towards the Female over 65 British Marathon record – and have entered the Florence Marathon on November 24th, this year. I am someone who needs to tick boxes and am following a very rigid schedule which includes interval training, hill work and long runs, to try and achieve my goal of 3 hours 23 minutes. Although I ran a personal best of 3 hours 15 minutes in the Berlin Marathon, I have to

remember that was five years ago, and age plays a huge part in controlling speed over distance. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can remain injury-free until 24th November! I’ll let you know how I get on in the next edition of our newsletter. Annie.


Gold Award by Visit England

We are delighted that, once again, we have been awarded a Gold Award in our recent Quality in Tourism inspection, reaching an 87% rating in our 3 star category. Cleanliness gained 100% rating with food and hospitality both 92%. ‘It is a real pat on the back for the whole team at the George,’ said General Manager, Cynthia Schaeffer. ‘The Visit England Inspectors scrutinise all aspects of the business and I am delighted with their report.’

“it is wonderful that within our 3 star rating we can be classed as outstanding”


The attention to detail was commented on in the report as well as the high standard and quality of the furnishings in each and every room.

A 92% rating on the food was excellent as every meal was tested from dinner, room service and breakfast and all served with a smile which was also commented on. Visit England’s Gold and Silver awards are given in recognition of exceptional quality within a property’s star rating or for outperforming a star rating. ‘We are limited to which star rating we can achieve due to the size and facilities the hotel offers so it is wonderful that within our 3 star rating we can be classed as outstanding,’ said Cynthia. The George was also given the Breakfast Award in recognition of the exceptional high quality of breakfast served.

Fashion Match

Earlier in the year Head Chef, José Graziosi, helped raise an incredible £300,000 as part of a team which put on a spectacular feast at a glitzy, celebrity, fashion charity event called, Fashion Match. José was selected to be part of a team of 14 chefs who produced a mouth-watering menu for 650 guests at the Fashion Match event in Newcastle upon Tyne. The event saw sportsmen from football, rugby and cricket strut their stuff on the catwalk in aid of charity.

The three charities that will benefit from the fantastic amount of money raised are Marie Curie, the Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) and Chefs Adopt A School. ‘It was a huge event but the buzz was amazing,’ said José. ‘It was great to be part of such a big event and to work with some other great chefs.’ José was put in charge of the fish course, with preparation starting two days before the event to ensure that everything was perfect on the night. José Graziosi’s fish dish was: Hot peat smoked salmon with confit fennel, radishes and beetroot horseradish cream.

The George team

José Graziosi Head Chef

Benaissa El Akil Amina Rafi Sous Chef Pastry Chef

Margaret Hillson Amanda Wright Lorela Hotel Supervisor Movileanu Receptionist Front of House Manager

Cynthia Charlotte Huggins Samantha Emery Front of House Front of House Schaeffer General Manager Assistant Supervisor

Aimee Stewart Front of House Assistant

Wendy Donald Front of House Assistant

Charlie Pattison Ian Macwhinnie Front of House Front of House Assistant Assistant

James Price Front of House Assisstant

Nuria Gamez Front of House Assistant

25 25

Champagne Academy Candidate The George General Manager, Cynthia Schaeffer, proudly received her Champagne Academy Diploma this summer. Cynthia was personally selected to attend the Champagne Academy course which is held once a year for selected members of the wine trade. An intensive week in Champagne followed with visits to vineyards, press houses, cellars, bottling plants as well as lectures and the all-important tutored tasting. Lectures covered wideranging topics from the history of Champagne, vitriculture, viniculture, marketing and analysis of world markets. Sixteen leading Grande Marque houses make up the Champagne Academy which was established in 1956 to recognize the UK and Ireland as key markets and to foster the appreciation of Grande Marque Champagnes through education of members of the wine trade. ‘I had the opportunity to meet the top management and families of the sixteen Grand Marque Houses,’ said Cynthia. ‘It was a real honour to be part of it all particularly as there were only 16 of us on the course.’ ‘It wasn’t all sipping champagne and eating Michelin starred food. Each day we sat exams both written and tasting.’ Cynthia was successful in all her exams and not only came away with her Champagne Academy Diploma she was awarded a distinction in recognition of outstanding knowledge and understanding of the Grande Marques philosophy. The Diplomas were handed out at the annual Champagne Academy Dinner, this year held at Goldsmiths in London. 26

At the Academy Dinner from the left; Tim Furbank, Rebecca Furbank, Marcus Berridge, Philip Amps, Cynthia Schaeffer, Tom McCreadie

Photo of the Champagne Academy graduation (with distinction!) at the two-Michelin starred restaurant Les Crayères in Reims. From left to right: Cyril Brun from Veuve Clicquot, Hubert de Billy from Pol Roger, Olivier de la Giraudière from Lanson

From garden to plate

Head Chef, José Graziosi has always had a passion for fresh ingredients, a trait that was instilled by his Italian Grandmother who always cooked with the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Imagine his delight when he was invited to pick and collect his own ingredients from across the road in the Buckden Towers walled garden.

‘Organic by Design’ grows vegetables and herbs in the walled garden as well as rearing freerange pigs. José and his team make daily trips to the garden to harvest the fresh ingredients for our menus. For a copy of our lunch or dinner menu please visit our website


Visit to source of the matter A team from the hotel paid a visit to meat supplier Aubrey Allen to learn more about processing, cuts and varieties of meat. Aubrey Allen is a leading supplier of meat and has been since 1933. They carefully select and inspect all their suppliers from granite grassland-reared Cornish lamb, corn-fed hens and freerange pork produced by Pig Farmer of the Year Jimmy Butler. However, they have built their reputation on the quality of beef, some of it coming from Ballindaloch Castle, home to the oldest Angus herd of all, where cattle graze on ancient pastures, drink pure Highland water and, come winter time, feed on the barley draff from local distilleries. ‘They are one of the finest meat suppliers,’ said Head Chef, José Graziosi. ‘When you get the best ingredients you can create some wonderful dishes.’ The visit to Aubrey Allen gave the team a real insight, not only the technical side of meat production but the passion the staff at Aubrey Allen have for quality. It is no surprise that the Roux Brothers have described the quality of Aubrey Allen’s beef as ‘unrivalled’.


Offers to tempt you… Sleepy Sundays If you can’t manage a full weekend away but need that short break, maybe to celebrate a birthday or just to say thank you, then book yourself a “Sleepy Sunday”. Tea on arrival in our lounge bar with your pre-ordered Sunday paper, a complimentary glass of fizz followed by a delicious three-course dinner, a great night’s sleep in one of our luxury double rooms and a lazy breakfast on Monday morning. £150 per couple. Lazy Mondays If like us you have to work through the weekend, then why not escape for a night away at the start of the week. “Lazy Mondays” are exactly that – tea on arrival with your daily paper, a glass of fizz with your three-course dinner, a great night’s sleep in one of our luxurious double rooms and a lazy breakfast. £150 per couple. Best deal for you It is always our policy to offer you the best rate available by booking directly with us. If you see a lower rate on any other booking channel for the same date and room type then we will match it. We are currently looking to improve our own online booking system but in the meantime, please do drop us an e-mail or give us a good old-fashioned call. Thank you.

BEST DEAL for you

Countdown to Christmas Our Head Chef José Graziosi has created a tantalising menu to tempt your taste buds. This December, the George will once again be transformed into a winter wonderland, created by our Senior Supervisor, Amanda Wright. The seasonal ambience, music and good cheer will make the George the place to be during the festive season. To request your copy of our Christmas brochure, please pop to the George reception desk or e-mail us on


Anne Furbank Fashion Suppliers Aideen Bodkin Armani Jeans Basler Bernshaw Betty Barclay Creenstone Caroline Charles Condici D’Exterior Didier Parakian Eugen Klein Gerry Weber Gina Bacconi Gold Indies James Lakeland


John Charles Joseph Ribkoff Just White Lauren Vidal Libby London Luis Civit Marc Aurel Marc Cain Michele Not Your Daughters Jeans Olvi Lace Oska Oui Paule Ka Repeat Versace Collection

Bags, Hats and Shoes Abro Armani Jeans Bulaggi Hat Studio K&S shoes LA Ross Peter Kaiser Sarah Crozier Vivienne Sheriff Yvette Jelfs

Belts, Jewellery and Scarves Coeur de Lion Echo Design Jeberg Scarves Moore and Moore Nour of London Sense of Copenhagen

Autumn 2013

Meet the staff The Buckden team

Jane Bayes, Sales Consultant

Sonia Beal, Sales Consultant

Julie Bevan Sales Consultant

Julie Chelsom-Pill Accessory Buyer/ Sales Consultant

Helen Galer Saturday Assistant

Gill Hepworth Sales Consultant

Carolyn Hodgson Sales Consultant

Karen Hutchcraft Sales Consultant

Clare Jewers Sales Consultant

Bobbie Lambert Sales Consultant

Sue Lindsey Sales Consultant

Jacky Maskell Assistant Manager

Emma Procter Sales Consultant/ Alterationist

Ann Storey Sales Consultant

Debbie Tomlin Sales Consultant

The Group team

Julia Fysh Purchase Ledger Clerk

Norma Leckie Admin Assistant

Melissa Ramply Online Manager

Bernadette Skerritt Accountant


How to find us Anne Furbank (Buckden) 41 High Street, Buckden, St Neots, Cambs PE19 5WZ Telephone: Shop 01480 811333 Office: 01480 811321

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Anne Furbank News Autumn 2013  
Anne Furbank News Autumn 2013