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Boris Johnson sweeps boldly into Cheltenham The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson swept into Cheltenham on Tuesday this week amidst a flurry of media and local reporters going on to say,’ Alex Chalk is a great candidate and will I’m sure represent this town in a way befitting of a local caring politician who actually wants to see things get done’’. The crowded press briefing was on occasion both laughing and gasping as Mr Johnson went on the attack again saying, ’’The local MP here is clueless and we know even up in London and at Westminster how important the A417 Loop is. The road is a killer. To sit on the fence about this as Mr Horwood has, is as I said before, lapdog behaviour. He reminds me of some sort of prophylactic’’. Strong words indeed. The Major of London is no stranger to outspoken and sometimes out of place comments that have on many occasions, riled both his colleagues at County Hall and his political foes at Westminster. PHOTO: DAN HICKS



TANDING outside the Town Hall with his shock of blonde hair billowing in the gusting wind, Mr Johnson outlined his commitment and support for the forthcoming local elections and his outspoken support for the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Alex Chalk. In a brutal side-swipe at the local MP, Martin Horwood, Boris Johnson was extremely vocal in is his negative comments about the incumbent MP for Cheltenham. In a scathing attack which boiled over into some real venom, Mr Johnson likened Mr Horwood to a lapdog that had absolutely no affect on the town. He told The Cheltenham Standard, ‘’The Liberal Democrats in this town are nothing short of spineless and are great at wasting taxpayers money on utterly useless projects’’. He went to say, ‘It’s we Conservatives who are actually listening to people, not the Liberals’’. He continued, ‘’I’m here to give my support to Alex Chalk the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Cheltenham’’. Mr Johnson further said, ‘’As you know Alex is a local chap and is very well-entrenched in the Cheltenham community. He’s a natural choice to represent this great town of yours’’. Posing for photographs with Alex Chalk and a host of local Tories, Boris Johnson further said, ‘’These local elections are hugely important and

 Boris Johnson with local Conservatives

making the right decision for your town is crucial. I firmly believe that choosing the conservative path is the only way of ensuring the taxes aren’t wasted and that spending is kept under control’’. The photo call at the Town Hall

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swiftly relocated to local estate agents, Knight Frank on the Prom who hosted a luncheon in conjunction with the Cheltenham Conservatives. Boris Johnson further expanded his support and views for all things conservative

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BBC admits the sacking of veteran radio DJ Privacy campaigners seek to halt GCHQ using "unlawful hacking" in assisting its surveillance efforts.

Privacy International said the UK intelligence service has infected millions of devices to spy on citizens and scoop up personal data. A 30-page legal complaint has been filed with the Investigatory Powers Tribunal which monitors whether the UK's spying laws are being observed. GCHQ said it had no comment to make on the legal complaint. In a statement, the Privacy International pressure group said the documents released by Edward Snowden had detailed the many ways that GCHQ was spying on people, many of which violated the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees a right to privacy and to freedom of expression. GCHQ and NSA programmes uncovered by Mr Snowden let the agencies listen via microphones, watch through webcams and scoop up detailed web browsing histories, said Privacy International. Eric King, deputy director of Privacy International, said the surveillance was the modern equivalent of the government entering someone's house and reading their diary, correspondence and journals. The freedom GCHQ and the NSA had to carry out surveillance was equivalent to "covert, complete, real-time physical and electronic surveillance", he said. "Arbitrary powers such as these are the purview of dictatorships not democracies," he said. "Unrestrained, unregulated government spying of this kind is the antithesis of the rule of law and government must be held accountable for their actions." The IPT has yet to respond to the filing of the complaint. Prof Richard Aldrich, a lecturer at the University of Warwick who has written a history of GCHQ, said the agency was much more worried about such legal challenges than ever before as judges had become "much more unpredictable in this area" than they were a decade ago. The legal challenge has arrived only days after the Home Affairs select committee said oversight of the intelligence agencies was "weak".

DJ sacked over song with racist word ‘could have been handled better’ said a BBC spokeswoman FTER sacking BBC Radio Devon DJ David Lowe over playing a song which contained a racist word, the BBC have now admitted that the situation ‘could have been handled better’ and has offered the 68year-old his job back. Mr Lowe was sacked from his Sunday night show, Singers and Swingers, after playing a 1932 recording of The Sun Has Got His Hat On, which contains the n-word. The song, by Ambrose & His Orchestra includes the line: ‘He’s been tanning [nword] out in Timbuktu, now he’s coming back to do the same to you.’ The song, which was played on Mr Lowe’s Sunday night golden oldie show, was heard across the West and South West and despite only one listener complaining, the BBC took the decision to axe Mr Lowe after declining his offer of an on-air apology. Mr Lowe told BBC bosses that he planned to apologise to listeners on his next show. “I offered to apologise or resign. Unfortunately the BBC decided on the latter option. I don't have any quarrels with any of my colleagues. It's the system of political correctness which has turned this into a rather badly-handled affair. “I made a silly mistake, my first error in more than 30 years of broadcasting. I am deeply embarrassed by it.” In a turnaround, the BBC has accepted that it handled the situation badly and has offered Mr Lowe his job back. A BBC spokeswoman said: “We have offered David Lowe the


 David Lowe

opportunity to continue presenting his Singers and Swingers show, and we would be happy to have him back on air. “We accept that the conversation with David about the mistake could have been handled better, but if he chooses not to continue then we would like to thank him for his time presenting on the station and wish him well for the future.” However, the DJ says he will not be returning to the BBC after the ordeal has exacerbated a health problem which causes tremors in his limbs. “It was a magnanimous

decision of the BBC to offer my job back and if not for the impact this has had on my health I would have accepted, but my health comes first," he said. In contrast, the BBC recently resisted calls to sack Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson after footage of him using the n-word was leaked. Mr Clarkson has since issued an apology. Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson, have rallied behind Mr Lowe, saying the treatment of the DJ has been ‘unfair’ and ‘utterly disgraceful’.



Premier League boss Richard Scudamore admits sexist emails were an ‘error of judgement’ Sexist emails sent by football chief Richard Scudamore have been exposed by his former PA, forcing the Premier League boss to issue a public apology. The father of five, who lives with his wife near Cirencester, sent a string of sexist emails to colleagues and friends, in one message referring to women as ‘gash’. In another message Scudamore sent an email saying: “You will learn over time that female irrationality increases

exponentially depending on how many members join your family.” He also wrote: “I had a girlfriend once called double decker… happy for you to play upstairs, but her Dad got angry if you went below.” The former PA, who was automatically copied into the emails, was so shocked by the derogatory comments that she leaked them. The scandal comes after Scudamore has previously publicly claimed that the

league strives to be at ‘the leading edge’ of the ‘whole equality agenda’. In the wake of the comments, the football chief has apologised for the offence. “These were private emails exchanged between colleagues and friends of many years,” he said. “They were received and sent from my private and confidential email, which the temporary employee who was with the organisation for only a matter of weeks, should not

have accessed and was under no instruction to do so. “Nonetheless I accept the contents are inappropriate and apologise for any offence caused, particularly to this person. It was an error of judgement that I will not make again.” The football boss has recently joined forces with the FA and Sports England to promote a new FA Women and Girls programme with a £2.4 million investment over two years.

Asda looking for late nights

Coroner who stole almost £2 million from dead clients to appeal his jail sentence

Asda customers in Cheltenham could see their store open for longer if application to extend opening hours is approved

Gloucestershire coroner, Alan Crickmore, is appealing his eight year jail sentence and wants it reduced by a year. The 57-year-old was struck off after years of stealing from the accounts of clients and estates of dead people. Over a 13-year period he stole almost £2 million, taking unfair advantage of a client and using clients’ funds for his own benefit including paying for cruises, champagne receptions and meals at restaurants. Crickmore was jailed for eight years after admitting 24 counts of fraud. He is now appealing against his sentence and a date is to be fixed for a London hearing.

Due to an ‘increased customer demand’ for longer opening hours, Asda’s Cheltenham store in Hatherley Lane could be opening its doors for an extra hour at the start and end of the day from Monday to Saturday. The Cheltenham superstore has applied to extend its opening hours to give its customers the opportunity to shop earlier in the day and later in the evening. The proposal will see the supermarket opening at 6am and closing at 11.59pm to meet customer demand and maintain

the success of the Cheltenham store, helping it to fight off competition from other supermarkets in the area. The 40,000 square foot premises in Cheltenham offers customers a host of facilities including a cafeteria, awardwinning fresh meat, fish and pizza counters and in-store bakery along with its George clothing range, petrol station and recycling banks. The application for longer opening hours will see Sunday’s trading times remain the same, from 10am to 4pm.

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BLACK COFFEE 9 – 14 June Bill Kenwright and the Agatha Christie Theatre Company present the dramatic debut of Hercule Poirot

THAT’LL BE THE DAY 6 – 7 June The nation’s favourite rock n’ roll variety show is back


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UNDER MILKWOOD 24 – 28 June Owen Teale (Game of Thrones) stars in the acclaimed adaptation of Dylan Thomas’ unforgettable poem

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Sandford Parks Lido re-opens for a busy 2014 summer season The Sandford Parks Lido has opened its gates once again after months of refurbishment to bring another exciting season of outdoor swimming to the heart of Cheltenham. At the opening celebrations British Diving Champion Jack Laughter was on hand to show off his talents at the pool and children were given the opportunity to train with Jack and learn diving techniques. The Lido also celebrated its grand opening by holding its annual ‘Turning Back Time’ day, charging the 1935 entrance price of 2 pence, and staff were smartly dressed in traditional navy white’s uniform. The day also included the ‘Sandford Sprint’ as entrants raced the 50m length of the pool and the Cheltenham Water Polo Club played an exhibition match against the London Polytechnic Water Polo Club. Celebrations were concluded with the Cheltenham Canoe Club giving children the experience to canoe in the pool on the day. Visitors to the Lido this summer will be greeted

with the newly rebranded Café Lido as well as the Park Café which is run by Susannah Moffat of Cheltenham Coffee Co Ltd. “Park cafes should be a thriving hub of the local community, providing good quality simple home-made food for dog walkers, parents and children, business people, teenagers, pensioners and – with the wonderful facilities of the Lido in the summer months, families enjoying the heated open air pool. My staff and I aim to create a fun, friendly atmosphere for people to come together and enjoy both The Lido and Sandford Park, and we are dedicated to providing the best customer service we possibly can.” Acting Chief Executive Keith Norris said the opening day was a huge success. “People have been really happy to get in and get swimming. It’s a unique facility which is special for a lot of people. It’s loved among the people of Cheltenham.” Season tickets are available throughout the season. Visit

 Sandford Parks Lido

Family move back into gas explosion damaged house in Cheltenham A family whose Cheltenham house was destroyed in a gas explosion two years ago will now be able to move back into their rebuilt home later this month. The original house in Rosehill Street, Cheltenham, was demolished after a suspected gas explosion. Their home, and two others which are also being rebuilt, were destroyed in the blast on 10 May 2012. Richard Drinkwater said the keys to the new property would be handed over on 16 May and they would move in soon after. Mr Drinkwater also commented he and his wife and daughter were looking forward to getting back in. “The last two years have gone or call 01242 700 055 or email

very, very quickly, and now the house is nearly ready time seems to be dragging,” he said. Mr Drinkwater further added the layout of the inside of the new house would be “completely different” to the old house. “It would have been so hard to have moved back if it was exactly the same. “We would have been sat in the same position where we were when the explosion happened. “It was a conscious decision from the outset to make it different.” Mr Drinkwater said a street party was being planned for later in the summer. The family has lived in rented accommodation nearby for the past two years.



Gloucestershire Farmers Launch National Meat Traceability Scheme

Made in Chelsea stars launch their very own eyewear collection in Cheltenham

Two Gloucestershire farmers, Clifford Freeman and Matthew Rymer, have ignited a growing ‘Happerley Farmed’ movement among producers, butchers and chefs aimed at achieving total transparency and honesty in meat sourcing and production.  Farmer Clifford Freeman


How was it reared? What breed is it? Where and when was it slaughtered? How was it slaughtered? Who butchered it? How far has it travelled? Matthew Rymer explains: “We all believe Happerley has the potential to reduce meat fraud, increase premium meat consumption, improve animal welfare and local sourcing, and return confidence to the consumer. “Too many people I know are turning largely

vegetarian because they simply do not trust the smoke and mirrors of the meat industry. This producer led scheme has the potential to create the revolution in genuine traceability we all want.” Producers are invited to register their interest at Those living within six miles of Gloucester's River Severn can register their interest in beef at

Drivers urged to look out for cows after 12 of the animals were struck by vehicles last year on Gloucestershire’s Commons Around 500 cattle were released on Tuesday on Minchinhampton, Selsley and Rodborough commons in an annual event known as marking day. Posters have been displayed at the gates of the commons warning of the risks. Driver safety manager Gary Handley said when cars and bovine collide it is not always the cow that comes off worst. "For several months motorists may have made journeys on the roads that criss-cross the commons, seeing only the occasional golfer, horse and other wildlife," said Mr Handley. "So it's vital that all users of the common are informed that cattle may be encountered, from marking day." Farmer Bill Powell, whose cattle are released onto the commons every year commented, “It seems bizarre to some people to see cattle on unfenced properties, but grazing is the best way to keep the commons in good condition for everyone's benefit."


On Friday 23 May, at a country pub on the banks of The River Severn, farmers, butchers and local restaurateurs will be treated to the first ever cuts of Gloucester Born Beef, from pedigree Gloucester Cattle born reared, slaughtered, butchered and sold all within six miles of Gloucester’s Severn. However, there is another and critical difference: every cut of Gloucester Born Beef will carry a Happerley code tracing it back to the producer and life story of the animal in an instant using web, app and QR technology. The enterprise is not simply designed to save the Gloucester rare breed but to also demonstrate a successful blueprint for a truly independent meat traceability scheme. ‘Happerley’ connects the producer and animal directly to the consumer so they know in an instant: Who reared it?

Made in Chelsea stars Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris caused a stir of excitement in Cheltenham as they launched their very own exclusive eyewear brand at Smith & Swepson Opticians in Imperial Square. Co-founders of the Taylor Morris collection, Hugo and Charlie, were on hand to meet and greet and chat about their designs while introducing their exciting new brand to the public. The exclusive new range of frames encapsulates the Best of British with a timeless elegance.

Charity bag pack raises over £600

Southside FC and Morrisons Up Hatherley held a bag pack to raise funds for Southside FC and Acorns children’s charity. On the day Morrison’s customers donated very generously digging deep into their wallets and over £600 was raised in just a couple of hours. The bag pack was arranged by the Southside FC committee and Morrisons store manager Elliot Luce, (far right). Mark Cuzner said, We had a great day and were completely overwhelmed by the generosity of the Morrison Customers. It’s refreshing to see a local supermarket get behind this sort of community activity. Well done Morrisons’’.


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Gloucestershire County Cricket Club is looking forward to its annual Brewin Dolphin Cheltenham Cricket Festival, which has been revitalised for 2014, to provide members, hospitality guests and ticket buyers with even more entertainment and excitement, to complement the first class cricket programme. Brewin Dolphin, one of the UK’s largest independently-owned private client Wealth Managers, has been the Festival’s principal sponsor since 2012. They’ve been involved with Gloucestershire Cricket for over 15 years, supporting the Club and its development. Gloucestershire has been playing in the stunning grounds of Cheltenham College for over 140 years, making this the world’s longest running cricket festival on an outfield. The ground’s idyllic setting has provided a perfect backdrop for the Festival throughout its history, a great attraction for cricket fans, new supporters and big cricketing stars. This year’s Festival runs from Monday 14 July to Sunday 27 July and includes two NatWest T20 Blast matches as well as two LV= CC four day games. T20 cricket is the most exciting form of the game, with big hits and non-stop action. After two sell out T20 matches last year, supporters are being urged to buy their tickets in advance to avoid disappointment! Throughout the two weeks, guests will also enjoy music and games around the ground on match days, keeping everyone of all ages entertained. Each day at the Festival, guests will enjoy free, professional cricket coaching at the Abercrombie & Kent Coaching Zone along with a chance to experience the new inflatable bowling cage. Festival supporters, MercedesBenz of Cheltenham & Gloucester, are once again supporting the annual event with some of their latest models on display at the ground. The dealership are also working in partnership with Gloucestershire Cricket to provide selected local schools with the opportunity to be part of the “Smart Cricket in Cheltenham” project, with the grand unveiling taking place on Sunday 20 July. Cricket fans will be able to meet a Gloucestershire legend at a special ‘Cricket Memories Game’ on Friday 18 July during the NatWest T20 Blast match against Surrey. Mike Procter will be making an appearance at a stall set up by Sporting Memories Network (SMN) who are helping organise the special game as part of their work to support people with

Cheltenham Showroom: Unit 800 Ashville Business Park, (Behind Mercedes Benz), Commerce Road, Cheltenham Road East, Staverton, Glos GL2 9QJ Tel: 01452 554 455

 Will Gidman, Michael Klinger and Alex Gidman

dementia. Fans will be able to ‘donate’ their memories, bring along memorabilia for signing and even have the chance to share stories with the man who is the subject of so many. The Festival will once again be hosting Ladies’ Day on Tuesday 15 July. Following the success of last year’s glamorous event, guests can look forward to cocktails and canapés on arrival, a two course buffet lunch, afternoon tea and cupcakes, with a millinery display from Lisa Von Hallwyl.* This year guests can also look forward to a new addition to the Festival calendar, with a T10 Tournament taking place on Friday 25 July. The four teams competing include a Brewin Dolphin XI, a Gloucestershire Cricket Old Boys’ team, captained by Mark Alleyne, some big names in a Gloucester Rugby XI and then we’ll see some great cricket talent from across the County as the Gloucestershire Cricket Board hope to take home the silverware. Tickets and hospitality details will be released

2014 BREWIN DOLPHIN CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL FIXTURES Monday 14 July – Thursday 17 July LV= County Championship Gloucestershire vs Derbyshire Friday 18 July NatWest T20 Blast Gloucestershire vs Surrey Sunday 20 July NatWest T20 Blast Gloucestershire vs Essex Monday 21 – Thursday 24 July LV= County Championship Gloucestershire vs Worcestershire Sunday 27 July Royal London One-Day Cup Gloucestershire vs Northamptonshire in due course. Following this one day tournament, another high profile event taking place on Friday 25 July is the Brewin Dolphin Sports Question Time Evening. Tickets will be available to buy for this star studded evening, where guests will have the chance to meet some of the UK’s brightest sports people, and to question them about their successful careers. Gloucestershire Cricket’s Chief Executive, Will Brown, said: “2014 is a landmark year for the Brewin Dolphin Cheltenham Cricket Festival with 12 days of cricket planned across 2 LV=CC matches, 2 NatWest T20 Blast fixtures, a Royal London One-Day cup match and our inaugural T10 tournament. We have never had so much high quality cricket played at the Festival in recent times and this is made possible by the continuing support of all our Festival partners and, in particular, Brewin Dolphin as our title sponsor.” Paul Nurden, Divisional Director of Brewin Dolphin, added: “We are very excited about this year’s Brewin Dolphin Cheltenham Cricket Festival. This is our third year of sponsorship of this historic, prestigious event and each year it has improved and grown in popularity. Last year was one of the best ever and this year promises to be even better. We very much look forward to supporting Michael Klinger and the boys for what we hope is a very successful Festival, both on and off the field. PHOTO: ROB WHEATMAN

Large crowds expected for this years Brewin Dolphin Cheltenham Cricket Festival

For full fixture information and big savings on advance tickets go to glosccc or call the Ticket Office on 0117 910 8010. *For more information on hospitality – including Ladies’ Day contact Julie Waite on 0117 910 8022 or email

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ALEX CHALK TALKS Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Cheltenham gets vocal....

Cheltenham’s economy could be boosted in near future Finally, after years of waiting, a major infrastructure boost to Cheltenham’s economy could be within our grasp. I’m referring of course to the £250m plans to tackle the notorious bottleneck junction on the A417 at the Air Balloon roundabout. The proposals would mean replacing the Highways Agencymaintained single-lane route from Cowley to Brockworth with a dual carriageway. Not before time you may think. Motorists can drive from Italy to Scotland on at least dual carriageway except for the three-mile stretch between Brimpsfield and the Air Balloon. The result is that it one of the worst average delays of all routes in the region, hitting the 34,000 motorists a day who use it. Many of us have our own story of being stuck in gridlock after a lorry has failed to make it up Crickley Hill or jack-knifed on the roundabout. This clogged artery is holding back our local economy. It is damaging business productivity, deterring inward investment and holding back growth. And that’s to say nothing of the pollution caused by cars stop-starting along the road. But there’s an all too grim human toll as well. We have seen more than 340 casualties in the past 15 years. And that’s before you count the recent fatal collisions. Five people have died on this stretch of road since November. Some are calling it the most dangerous road in Britain. Something has got to be done. It’s perhaps hardly surprising then that support for change has come from all corners of Gloucestershire. More than 4,600

local people and businesses have now pledged their support to the Loop, among other improvements. And now the Highways Agency has recognised local concerns and highlighted the issue in its route strategy report. This is a major step forward. But it’s not a home run. D-Day will be next spring when the list of three major projects which will get significant national funding will be unveiled. We need to be on that list. Earlier this month Gloucestershire MPs, our LEP and county council went to Downing Street to deliver a box of almost 5,000 signatures in a petition. That followed calls from businesses, individuals, parish, district, borough, city and county councils, the Local Enterprise Partnership and alike who have made the case to the Transport Secretary and his officials. Notably, support has been drawn from across the political spectrum. Unfortunately Cheltenham’s MP wasn’t present. He is refusing to back the project. That is disappointing. I also believe his environmental concerns are misconceived and can be addressed. Gloucestershire needs to present a united front and Cheltenham is the missing piece of the jigsaw. If we’re to stop this opportunity slipping through our fingers, we need to come together. The prize, in terms of prosperity and safety is great. I hope he will change his mind. I’m calling on as many people as possible from Cheltenham to show their support. We can make this happen. The e-petition can be signed by following the link at

A woman who stripped her ex-boyfriend's flat bare is spared jail sentence Corinna Finney, of Redhouse, Swindon, "snapped" when she found out her ex- boyfriend, Brian Waite had been using dating websites, Swindon Magistrates' Court was told. The 39-year-old mother of two arranged for a firm to empty Mr Waite's home while he was out for the day at The Cheltenham Festival. Magistrates said the offence could have resulted in a prison sentence

but gave her a 15-month community order instead. The court heard Mr Waite and Ms Finney, who had known each other for 10 years, had been in a relationship for 18 months before it fell apart. Shortly after the break-up, on 14 March, Mr Waite left his flat in Moredon, Swindon, to spend the day at the Races, returning to find out it had been emptied.

Gloucestershire Police refused Home Office request to supply radios to operators during last year’s badger cull The information surfaced during a meeting chaired by the county police and crime commissioner (PCC). Chief Constable Suzette Davenport told the PCC during the discussion the policing of last year's cull had been “difficult” and “challenging”. The force's Operation Themis took place between September and December 2013. Monday's scrutiny meeting was not directly open to the public, but it was streamed online for people to follow. During the discussions, Assistant Chief Constable Richard Berry told PCC Martin Surl the government had approached the force about using Airwave radios, but it refused due to operational independence. The radios used by the cull operators were purchased by the company carrying out the cull, Mr Berry said. The inforamtion follows the conviction of David McIntosh, who crashed a van loaded with badger carcasses into a bus stop in Gloucester, when a radio he had been using to monitor police messages fell under his foot pedals. During the meeting, it was also revealed 150 police stop and searches took place over 89 days, leading to seven arrests. Ms Davenport said: “It's unprecedented in policing that we've had to police protest at night with people with firearms. “That's

never ever been done before in British policing, so we were setting new ground.” Ms Davenport said the force had learned lessons which would be used should the second year of the pilot cull go ahead this summer. “It's been difficult for the communities of Gloucestershire, difficult for our staff, and difficult because of some of the allegations that have been made about what we have done, should have done, could have done and didn't do. “This was a very challenging environment, challenging times. With the range of pressures on the constabulary, not least the budget cuts and there will be more challenges as we go forward this year.” Mr Surl said the cost of the operation had been £2.3m. He said he had been told the money would be paid back to the force by the Home Office by June. A second year of culling is due to take place in Gloucestershire and Somerset later this year.

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T BEGGARS BELIEF that we still have no loop on the A417 at the Air Balloon roundabout. How many deaths and major accidents will it take to get this death trap of a road sorted? They tell me that this Government is listening. Listening to what I’d like to know. Because round here it’s mostly the sound of sirens as our hard-worked emergency services cart off either mangled dead bodies or the seriously injured from this road of death. Is life so cheap that £255M can’t be found to fund the work? They now say that the bid for the funding will get a ‘fair hearing’. A ‘hearing’? Are they all mad? It’s not an extra school we’re asking for. People are being killed on a regular basis and it’s simply not good enough to let this awful situation drag on. By the way they’ve been debating this sorry excuse for a road since October 2001. And still no solution. There have been five deaths on this stretch since only last November. That’s outrageous and very callous of both the Highways Agency and the Government to allow this to continue. I’ve driven on it many times and it’s always ‘an accident waiting to happen experience’. Apparently our local MP, Martin Horwood is not against the bypass loop but he’s also not supporting it. Now if that’s not wedging yourself in the political mire of ‘no mans land’ then I don’t know what is... Mr Horwood cites environmental issues as his main concern. Are we led to believe that some wild flowers, the odd field mouse and a bunch of farmers’ field should stand in the way of preserving HUMAN life? How would Mr Horwoods’ conscience be if a bus load of school kids end up hurtling towards a fiery death on this road? Maybe, just maybe he’ll start really pushing for change. I also wonder what the situation would be if David Cameron or Nick Clegg had to use this road every day. I’ll bet your conservative/Liberal boots the money would have been found long ago.

Eric Barton Eric Barton, Editor

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Baroness Neville-Rolfe speaks during local Business Club Breakfast O

VER 40 guests attended The Solarium, Fullwood House, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham last Friday morning for a business breakfast with local Conservative supporters and Baroness Neville- Rolfe. Baroness Neville-Rolfe became a Conservative peer in 2013, following a successful career in both the private and public sectors. She speaks regularly on business and regulatory issues. After her civil service career in the Prime Minister's Policy Unit, DEFRA, BIS and the Cabinet Office she joined Tesco in 1997 and helped to build a business with sales of €72 billion in thirteen countries. She sat on the Tesco Board as Executive Director (Corporate and Legal) from 2006 until her retirement last year. She is now a nonexecutive on boards at ITV, PwC, Two Sisters Food Group, Metro (the German retailer) and the London Business School. She is also President of Euro Commerce, the Brussels-based retail and wholesale association representing six million businesses. The breakfast was the third in a series of events hosted by the Cheltenham and Cotswold Business Club (CCBC). The Business Club was established by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP for the Cotswolds, and Alex Chalk, the Prospective Conservative MP for Cheltenham. The Club provides a unique forum to engage with senior figures

Easy divorce

A divorce consultancy will open in Cheltenham and will also cover the whole of Gloucestershire. A national firm, Divorce Negotiator, has launched a new service aimed at offering couples an “alternative and amicable

 Baroness Neville-Rolfe



from the world of business and politics, as well as to meet with local business people to exchange ideas. This was a lively affair with a good sprinkling of local supporters and business people asking the Baroness a myriad of question which embraced everything from politics through to the wider global issues affecting the UK economy.

Having already attracted a broad range of members, the Business Club continues to welcome further business people from a variety of backgrounds to share opportunities for networking at attractive venues across Cheltenham and the Cotswolds. Events are held once a quarter with speakers from the world of business or politics.

approach” to divorce or separation without the need of two solicitors. The service is being launched by Carol Fennell, former career consultant. She said: “The benefits of amicable divorce in particular include a less stressful experience for the couple and their children and

a process that is quicker and less expensive. “Rather than employing two separate solicitors to negotiate on opposing sides in divorce cases we will support both parties through the divorce paperwork from initial Petition through to Decree Absolute.”



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Expectations! Recruitment – Finalist in Gloucestershire Apprenticeship awards

Jet age museum opens at Gloucestershire Airport VIATION fans and volunteers were joined by test pilot Capt Eric Brown for the official opening of Gloucestershire’s Jet Age Museum earlier this week. The museum at Gloucestershire Airport, features 10 classic jet aircraft, was opened by the 95-year-old former Royal Navy Captain Eric Brown who is the last surviving pilot to have flown the very first Allied jet. The Jet Age Museum has welcomed over 10,000 visitors since unofficially opening last August on weekends and bank holidays. The aircraft collection had previously been looking for a home since 1986 before Gloucestershire Airport offered the 30 by 36 metre hangar at the Meteor Business Park. Darren Lewington, head of operations at the airport, commented “We are preserving Gloucestershire’s aviation heritage, which is famed in the aerospace sector, and also inspiring the future. “These aircraft were at risk


before we secured the museum, and we’re very pleased to now have the facilities to look after them properly.” Capt Brown unveiled a brass plaque before an audience of invited guests. The museum will held a celebratory gala last weekend when visitors were be able to take to the skies with helicopter pleasure flights, trial flying lessons and a tours in a vintage Dragon Rapide airliner. Capt Brown, who now lives in West Sussex, commented, “I’m very impressed, considering that this museum is the work of volunteers and bringing these iconic aircraft together is a fantastic achievement. It’s really brought back some great memories for me, and to see the E2839 jet standing there brought a real surge of adrenaline. “I consider it to be highly important that we preserve the aviation history of our country, especially now as we are such a multiracial country where many people may not be aware of aspects

of our heritage. I think it’s important that they are allowed to be acquainted with this.” The Museum chairman John Lewer said: “We’re very excited to be officially opening our doors to the public. To finally have a permanent home for our collection enables us to preserve Gloucestershire’s fine aviation heritage and inspire our future generations of pilots and aerospace engineers’’. Capt Brown flew and tested 487 different types of aircraft in his career, as well as all 16 types of the iconic Battle of Britain Spitfire. He was also the first pilot to fly a jet aircraft onto an aircraft carrier, performed test landings on inflatable runways and trialled the very first plane emergency systems. Mr Lewington said: “It is a privilege to have Capt Brown marking this milestone. He is a true hero and we couldn’t ask for a more decorated and appropriate VIP to conduct the ceremony.”

Abi Howell, Expectations! Recruitment Director and Manager of Cheltenham Branch said “We are absolutely thrilled to have been short listed for this award. Following the success of our first apprentice Kirsten Ball who is now well and truly on the road to becoming a successful consultant, we have taken on two more apprentices, Lucy Bull and Becki Hume, who are relishing the challenge that the recruitment industry offers. This award is a tribute to them and how much the apprenticeships benefit both them and us. Employing apprentices has been a positive and worthwhile decision for our company and I would recommend any business to offer apprenticeships to young people.”


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Telephone: 01242 250039




Cheltenham based Expectations! Recruitment Services on top form Expectations! Recruitment Services started in 2003 by Directors Jo Long and Victoria Maddock work to comprehensively support Gloucestershire. XPECTATIONS! Recruitment Services was started in 2003 by Directors Jo Long and Victoria Maddock; they work to comprehensively support Gloucestershire businesses, combining their local knowledge with specialised expertise to deliver exceptional candidates. Their Cheltenham office has become the flagship, with expansion into Gloucester in 2012 and Leamington Spa in 2014. For businesses, they work as recruitment partners, offering close relationships built on trust, working to fill vacancies with candidates who are not only qualified but also have the soft skills and personality to truly benefit the business. This combined with their focus on really getting to know the candidate, means that 65% of clients now use Expectations! on a sole recruitment basis! Earlier this year, to support their expansion and reward key staff member Abi Howell, Directors Jo Long and Victoria Maddock asked Abi to join them on the Board. Abi, Manager of the Cheltenham Branch, has been with the company since 2009 when she joined to establish the temporaries division, and she is proud to be appointed Director. She says “I was over the moon to be asked as Expectations! is a


fantastic company with a really great atmosphere. It’s also an exciting time for the company and I couldn’t be happier!” Speaking of the appointment, Director Jo Long says “It is Victoria's and my intention to recognise key staff who make a significant contribution to the development and success of the company. To achieve Expectations' aims and objectives we need a committed, resourceful and responsible Management team, and Abi 'ticks all the boxes'. She has and continues to lead from the front as Manager of the company's first office and is 100% committed to the wellbeing and growth of the company. As well as directing our flagship office, she also makes a huge contribution to the company by helping to design and implement some of the infrastructure improvements which take place as our business grows. For all these reasons we had no hesitation in asking Abi to join us on the Board." Joining the teams this year are two new Apprentices Becki Hume and Lucy Bull in the Gloucester and Cheltenham branches respectively. Following first Apprentice Kirsten Ball who joined the company in 2012, the two have taken administrative roles, supporting the recruitment consultants and

helping with Front of House service. Former Apprentice Kirsten, has taken a full-time role within the temporaries division and has already been promoted due to her commitment to Expectations! and her high calibre performance. Expectations! is excited to be part of a thriving local business community particularly as Gloucestershire returns to buoyancy faster than other

areas. The Expectations! team is looking forward to the next six months which promise to be noteworthy and are on hand to help Gloucestershire and Warwickshire businesses with their recruitment needs and staffing strategy. Cheltenham 01242 701 123 Gloucester 01452 618 000 Leamington 01926 311 222




Father’s Day BBQ at Ellenborough Park 11.30am to 3pm, Sunday 15th June • Barbecue on a Kamado Joe • Golf professional • 26 foot mobile rock climbing wall • Archery • Giant garden games • Croquet £20 per adult, £10 per child under 5’s free. Win an overnight stay for two with dinner and tickets to Cheltenham Races. Worth over £450. Please book by calling 01242 807552 or email Ellenborough Park Southam Road Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL52 3NJ UK Find us on:




Cyber Security C2S organised a Cyber Security round table discussion for their members. The discussion was facilitated by PwC and sponsored by local IT provider SSL Ltd. A full house of local businesses gathered in the Board Room at Eagle Tower including; Britannia; Creed FoodService; Jelf; Renishaw; TTC; and Tungum and a lively discussion took place. People shared what they are already doing; their experiences and discussed what good practice looks like. The group agreed that the data protection conversation centred around protecting a company’s valuable information and data assets or their corporate crown jewels! This was definitely a senior management/board responsibility and not just an IT problem. It was a wide ranging discussion talking about managing internal staff; suppliers and customers and Richard Clearly from PwC shared some stretching questions that Boards should be asking themselves. The group also looked at the

10 Step Guide to Security the government has produced in partnership with GCHQ. It states that basic information risk management can stop 80% of cyber-attacks that we see today therefore allowing companies to concentrate on the remaining 20% which can also be a decision on appropriateness and risk.

If anyone would like a copy of the Guide they should email

PwC conduct an annual Information Security Breaches Survey, which had some stark statistics: • 42% of companies don’t provide any ongoing security training and 10% didn’t even mention it on induction • Only 23% measured their staffs awareness on the subject • 31% of companies admitted that their breached data privacy regulations as a result of a staff breach and 15% did so on a weekly basis

But the most stark statistic was: • 86% suffered staff breaches – this meant that data was leaving the company due to internal sources rather than from the outside. It’s not just about stopping hackers and external breaches – exciting as that might be but managing what happens internally and how you protect your data; what and how you communicate; with whom and what controls do you have and when you communicate to staff and the outside world.




Drunken thief so sozzled he gets caught by Police A drunken thief, who stole a car intending to drive home, was caught because he was so sozzled and fell asleep inside before setting off. The next morning the stunned owner of the car was about to set off to work when he saw the crook Jacob Tokaryev, 32, still snoozing in his vehicle. And Tokaryev's car catnap in the city of Novokuznetsk in southwestern Siberia is now likely to cost him his freedom after police turned up shortly afterwards to arrest him. Police spokesman Arkhip Isayev, 37, said: "He got drunk the previous night. He could not walk home but said he could not afford a taxi either as he'd run out of cash because he'd spent it all on drink. So he thought he'd take a car. He was very apologetic but that won't save him from a court appearance." Police said he broke a pane of window glass in his victim's Lada Samara

car and also damaged the ignition in his drunken fumblings to try to start the engine. Car owner Ivan Deshensky, 34, said: "You can imagine how I felt when I came to go to work and found this guy asleep under the wheel. I opened the car door and he stank of booze. There was broken glass all over the car and I saw that he had managed to smash the ignition mounting where the key goes. "It might be funny to an onlooker but the car is my livelihood." Police spokesman Isayev said: "The man will be charged with drunkenness, attempted theft and criminal damage." All in all, a fair bit more than a taxi home would have cost him in the end. And he also attempted to claim damages from Apple for failing to add a "safe mode" to his computer, which he said led to his pornography addiction.

Man wants to marry his laptop A US man has launched a court challenge for the right to marry his “porn-filled” laptop. Chris Sevier filed a 50-page motion to the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeal because he was denied the right to marry his MacBook “machine spouse” by Utah officials. He argues the love he has for the “porn-filled” Apple device is no different to that shared between gay partners. The move is an intervention in a separate lawsuit challenging the state's same-sex marriage ban. In his motion, Mr Sevier wrote: “They discriminated against me when they rejected my request to marry my computer. “I approached the Utah clerk to have a marriage

licence issued for me and my machine-spouse. “The clerk denied my request for a marriage licence... my object of affection was outside the scope of the narrow definition.” He added: “If anything, my marriage to a machine possesses less of a risk, since a possible acrimonious divorce proceeding could be avoided, if the marriage fails.” Last year Mr Sevier filed a lawsuit trying to intervene in similar circumstances in Florida. The judge threw out his challenge, suggesting it was “removed from reality” and saying it had “no place” in the ongoing lawsuit. Mr Sevier has previously tried to sue TV network A&E for firing Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson in the wake of homophobic comments.

Dog gets flying crew card ID

A canine pilot with more than 250 flying hours has become the only dog in the UK to have her own crew card. Callie, a chocolate Labrador, has flown an amazing 50,000 miles around the country with owner Graham Mountford in his Cessna 210 Centurion. “She has been flying since she was 12 weeks old and is a very well-travelled dog,” said Mr Mountford, 50, from Leighton Buzzard, Beds. “I get a lot of comments and smiles when I land at an airport and people realise my copilot is a dog.” He has been a private pilot for 13 years and started taking Callie up in the air with him when she was just three months old Now the pair fly most weekends, visiting beaches such as Barra in Scotland, Perranporth in Cornwall and Caernarfon in Wales, where Callie enjoys a run on the sand and a sausage. The puppy pilot has now been given an Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (Aopa) air crew card, which entitles her to a host of VIP benefits. Mr Mountford said: “I went to an aeroexpo exhibition and visited the Aopa stand and they decided Callie had more flying hours than many humans, so I jokingly asked if she could have a crew card.” He was shocked to receive a membership pack in the post for Callie a week after his tongue-incheek request. “I have shown the card, along with mine, at some of the bigger airports and it always causes great amusement. Even the most glum security men break into a smile,” he added. PHOTO: GEOFF ROBINSON

Something a bit different...

WEEKLY HOROSCOPES FOR ALL 12 SIGNS.... Passion! Intrigue! Intensity! With a full moon Scorpio this week, the air will be charged with seductive vibes. Zhush the Red Room; summon your inner Anastasia Steele or Christian Grey. A spring fever outbreak could become practically pandemic as unspoken attractions explode into bodice-ripping delights. But there are no fifty shades of grey when Scorpio’s in the house. This sign is black and white. You either love them or you love them not;

you’re just that into it, or you’re not. Choose. Or lose. While some of us will cede control, others will gain it by any means necessary. Scorpio loves to wield power and this full moon could find us leaping up the ladder. (Think of Scorpio success stories Hillary Clinton, P-Diddy and Bill Gates, if you need an image.) Since this full moon arrives at a close degree to heavy-hitter Saturn, there’s a desire to make a strong impact in all that we do. Scorpio is also the sign that

governs transformation. Ready for an extreme makeover? You can do it, but bring in stable Saturn’s energy and create a strong support system and a solid plan for your make-better mission. The full moon will also form a gracious trine (harmonious, 60 degree angle) to lucky Jupiter in Cancer. While Saturn brings the muscle, Jupiter brings the heart and the drive. Whatever we put our energy into, it’s important that we feel passionate

about it. Otherwise, we could get stuck in a situation that later on feels like a trap. Bear in mind that the two weeks following a full moon are the harvest period. This is the time leading up to the next new moon, in this case, the new moon in Gemini on May 28. Go big or go home! Later in the week, charming, romantic Venus gets into hot water with two potent planets: Uranus and Jupiter. It starts on Thursday when la love

goddess has her annual playdate with radical, revolutionary Uranus. This year, the two will hold court in fiery, impulsive Aries. Flashback to the late 1960s…or maybe a Viking orgy. The vibe is “free love” on Thursday (quite the contrary to the full moon), but we could also get a little too ”live for the moment” for our own sanity. For those of us who need a kickstart in the game of love, this cosmic coupling certainly brings it. But having a sense of limits

and boundaries? Not so easy. Your sensual revolution should NOT be televised, nor Instagrammed, Vined or Snapchatted. The same holds true on Sunday when Venus forms a stressful square to hedonistic Jupiter. More, more, more—yeah, that’s how we’ll like it this weekend. But it is indeed possible to have too much of a good thing. Indulge responsibly, rebel just a little, and this Venus circuit will be memorable, not regrettable.






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Glenfall House Charlton Kings, Cheltenham Setting the scene: Glenfall House is a Grade II Listed mansion believed to originally have been built in about 1770 and re-built in brick in about 1799-1808 in “cottage ornee” style. According to Pevsner, it was altered in 1892 by Prothero and Phillott, but all remodelled and greatly enlarged in the 1920s for the brewer Arthur Mitchell. In 1923 Sidney Barnsley provided the fine library, with furnishings by Peter Waals and plasterwork by Norman Jewson. There were further additions by Healing and Overbury in 1928 and 1929. Why we love it: Ground Floor comprising: Reception Hall, Six Reception Rooms, Two Kitchens, Office & Cloakrooms. Extensive Cellars. First Floor comprising: Sixteen bedrooms (Ten with en suite shower rooms), three further shower rooms, bathroom, cloakrooms. The Cottage comprising: Two sitting rooms, two kitchens, dining room, utility room, four bedrooms, two bathrooms. The Coach House comprising: Sitting room, dining room, kitchen, thirteen bedrooms (Ten with en suite bath/shower rooms). Bathroom. Large Outbuilding providing Garaging & Workshop. Extensive Landscaped Gardens and Grounds of About 4.37 acres. Guide Price: £3.25 million Details: Savills, Cheltenham Tel: 01242 548 000



20 O % FF



Interior Window Shutters • 20% off hardwood shutters • Bespoke made-to-measure service • Free consultation & survey Call Matt Blewett from shuttercraft Gloucestershire on 01242 649592 to arrange your free consultation and survey. You will need to quote ‘SC14’ to receive 20% off.





Guide Prices from ÂŁ350,000

A superb exclusive development of six brand new three bedroom homes and one four bedroom detached home, situated in a cul de sac location in Hales Mead.

3 Bedroom Semi-detached House For Sale | Lower Slopes Of Battledown

These fantastic homes are stylish, well proportioned, light and airy. The show home offers entrance hall, cloakroom, utility room and open plan living accommodation on the ground floor. The open plan area within the show home offers wood effect laminate flooring, Oak work tops, Oak breakfast bar, a range of white gloss, soft closing units including spice drawers, under cabinet LED lighting and fully fitted kitchen appliances. The open Sitting / Dining area offers bi-fold doors out to a well presented decked area leading to a lawned rear garden. Upstairs offers three generous bedrooms, all with fitted wardrobes, the master bedroom also benefits from an ensuite shower room. There is also a family bathroom with separate shower cubicle. There will be side access and the generous rear garden will be enclosed. All properties are offered with a 10 year NHBC warranty, two allocated parking spaces, double glazing and gas central heating. Hales Mead enjoys a high degree of privacy, being tucked away in a cul de sac and has views to Hills. Subject to reserving a plot, which is not yet complete, there will be a possibility of choosing different finishes including flooring and kitchens.

01242 500259 Follow us on









FREELANDER 2 REFINED CAPABILITY Freelander 2 TD4 GS from only £245* per month† with 0% APR representative With its contemporary exterior and a refreshed interior, the 2014 Freelander 2 sets new standards with touch-screen instruments, optional Meridian audio systems, a Command Driving Position and stadium-style seating. With such a comfortable and fulfilling driving experience, it’s a great reason to get out and enjoy driving. Call us today to book a test drive.

*Plus deposit and final payment – please see details below.

Freelander 2.2 TD4 GS Representative example On the Road Price


Customer Deposit


Total Amount of Credit 23 Monthly Payments

£19,215.00 £245.00

Final Payment


Total Amount Payable


Duration of Agreement

24 months

Representative APR


Interest Rate (Fixed)


T H White Land Rover Coped Hall, Royal Wootton Bassett, Swindon SN4 8EP

01793 222484 Official Fuel Consumption Figures for the Freelander 2 range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 32.5 (8.7) – 39.8 (7.1) Extra Urban 48.7 (5.8) – 52.3 (5.4) Combined 40.4 (7.0) – 47.1 (6.0) CO2 Emissions: 185 – 158 g/km. The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer’s tests in accordance with EU legislation. A vehicle’s actual fuel consumption may differ from that achieved in such tests and these figures are for comparative purposes only. We may receive commission or other benefits for introducing you to Land Rover Financial Services. With Land Rover Freedom Personal Contract Purchase you have the option at the end of the agreement to: (1) subject to the vehicle being in good condition, return the vehicle and not pay the Final Payment (if the vehicle has exceeded the allowed mileage a charge for excess mileage will apply - in this example 14p per mile for any excess mileage up to 4,999 miles and 28p per mile for any excess mileage exceeding 4,999 miles), (2) pay the Final Payment to own the vehicle or (3) part exchange the vehicle subject to settlement of your existing finance agreement; new finance agreements are subject to status. †Finance is subject to status and only available to applicants aged 18 and over resident in Mainland UK and N.Ireland. Indemnities may be required. This finance offer is available from Black Horse Limited trading as Land Rover Financial Services, St William House, Tresillian Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 5BH. This offer is available over a two year term on new Freelander 2 models only, registered between 1st April and 30th June 2014 at participating dealers only. Promotions are not available on used cars.


Brockhampton, Gloucestershire Setting the scene: A charming 5 bedroom Cotswold stone family residence, situated in the mansion grounds, on a magnificent plot. EPC: E Why we love it: It is tucked away down a quiet lane with extensive lawned gardens going down to the lake and rolling Cotswold hills behind. Guide Price: ÂŁ879,000 Freehold Details: Hamptons, Cheltenham. Tel: 01242 639414




clearly designed

Cheltenham T 01242 269374 E Hereford T 01432 278707 E London T 0207 377 5458 E



Beyond your expectations

Wainlode Hill, Gloucestershire An excellent opportunity to purchase a character cottage with scope for improvement, situated in an enviable position with far reaching views and equestrian facilities. There is an 11 acre field, indoor barn housing 6 stables, yard and separate access. Adjacent to the yard is a public bridlepath providing access to superb riding country and walks. Further benefits include fishing rights on the River Severn at the foot of Wainlode Cliff which this property owns part of. This property is also offered with no onward chain. EPC: E

Hamptons Cheltenham Sales 01242 639414 | Lettings. 01242 639416

Guide Price: £625,000 ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Elevated position with views Approx 14 acres in all Indoor barn with 6 stables Stable yard with separate access 3 bedroom cottage with scope No onward chain




Isn’t it time you should be considering generating your own electricity? With what seems like an ever upwards spiral of increasing energy bills, it is not surprising that more and more homeowners and businesses are turning to Solar PV or Solar Thermal to reduce their energy bills and generate an income. Glevum Energy are part of the Glevum group that has been improving peoples’ homes and making them more energy efficient for over 30 years. With a 4 KW system costing as little as £5,500 why wait? Call Glevum today on 0800 33 22 55 for your FREE no obligation consultation and quotation. Or visit for more information. Glevum Energy can also install air source and ground source heat pumps and offer businesses an energy efficiency advice service.

Call us on: 0800 33 22 55 Why not visit us online at: APRIL 2014



Christchurch Road, Cheltenham A beautifully presented garden apartment recently converted and sympathetically extended within a substantial detached period building. The property offers light, bright and spacious accommodation with ample storage space and a lovely private courtyard garden to the rear. Further benefits include a lift to all floors, electric gated in/out driveway and an allocated parking space close to the courtyard garden. EPC: C


Guide Price: £475,000 ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

2 double bedrooms 2 bath/shower rooms Open plan living room/kitchen Cloakroom Courtyard garden Allocated parking












Representative Example C 200 Saloon CDi Sport Edition 36 Monthly payments* On the road price Customer deposit Retailer Deposit Contribution** Optional Purchase Payment†

per month*


The new C-Class

£329 £29,495.00 £5,447.68 £680.42 £14,125.00

Acceptance fee Purchase Activation fee† Amount of credit Total deposit Total amount payable†† Representative APR Fixed Interest Rate

£180.00 £95.00 £23,366.90 £6,128.10 £32,372.10 5.2% 4.57%

To make an appointment scan the QR code or visit

Book a test drive today, call us on 01452 690424 Mercedes-Benz Gloucester Mercedes-Ben nz of Cheltenham Cheltenham and d Glouces ter Busineess Park, Park, Cheltenham Cheltenham R oad Eas t, S taverton, Gloucester Gloucester GL2 9Q J Ashville Business Road East, Staverton, 01452 01452 690424 4 www .mercedes-ben

Official government consumption figures mpg government fuel fue el consum ption figur es in m pg (litres (litres per 100km) 100km) for forr tthe he Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz range: range: e urban 12.5(22.6)12.5(22.6)45.6(6.2), extra 22.2(12.7)-70.6(4.0), extra urban 22.2( 2 12.7)-70.6(4.0), combined combin ned 17.8(15.9)-64.2(4.4). 17.8(15.9)-64.2(4.4). CO2 CO2 O emissions: 378-116 378 -116 g/km. m. Model shown purposes only. campaign above ordered/credit Aprilil and 30th shown ffor or illustration illustrration pur p poses only. Finance Finance cam paign is aavailable vailable able on abo ve model or rdered/credit approved apprroved between between 1st 1st Apri 30th June 2014. 2014. Credit pro ovided subject tto o status statuss by by Mercedes-Benz Merrcedes-Benz Financial Financial Services Serrvices es UK Ltd, MK7 8ND. Guar antees and d indemnities ma equired. *Based ed on a Mercedes-Benz Merrcedes-Benz Credit provided Guarantees mayy be rrequired. Agility 10,000 Excess mayy apply. Agility agreement. agreement. Based on 1 0,000 000 miles per annum. Ex cess mileage mileage charges charrges ma apply. **The Retailer Retailer contribution contribution is towards towards the the deposit and nd is only available available with †Payable purchase with this this finance offer. offerr. †P ayable if yyou ou exercise exerrcise tthe he option option to to pur rchasee the the car. carr. ††Includes optional optional purchase purrchase se payment, payment, purchase purchase activation activation fee fee and rretailer etailer deposit contribution. correct Mayy 2014. contriibution. Prices Prrices cor rect as off 1st 1st Ma 2014. Offer cannot cannot be used in conjunction with with any any other other published hed Retailer Retailer offer. offerr. TTerms Teerms and conditions ns apply. apply.



SPORT Former Wales International leaves Gloucester Nigel Davies, 49, was appointed at Kingsholm in June 2012 after four years in charge at Scarlets. Gloucester finished fifth in Davies' first season in charge, which earned them a Heineken Cup spot. UT Cherry and Whites have struggled this term and last Saturday's defeat by relegated Worcester saw them finish ninth in the league, with eight wins from 22 games. A statement from the club's chief executive Stephen Vaughan read: "It has been a tremendously difficult decision to reach. Nigel Davies had started building a new squad at Gloucester for next season, bringing in five internationals: New Zealand prop John Afoa, Argentina lock Mariano Galarza, Wales hooker Richard Hibbard, Scotland halfback Greig Laidlaw and England lock Tom Palmer. "Nigel is a man who I personally have come to like and respect very much during my time at the club. "However, playing


performances and results during 2013-14 were a big disappointment to everyone at the club, As a result, the board has decided that the future interests of the team would be best served with a different individual in charge of team affairs." Davies worked as assistant Wales coach to Gareth Jenkins before joining Scarlets in 2008, and he led the Welsh region to the last eight in the Amlin Challenge Cup on two occasions. The former Llanelli centre replaced Bryan Redpath at Gloucester and impressed during his first season at Kingsholm, with the club finishing five points off the play-offs and securing European rugby. They failed to make it out of the group stage in the Heineken Cup but qualified to

 Nigel Davies

drop into the Amlin Challenge Cup, where they lost in the quarter-finals to Wasps. And Davies also endured a disappointing Premiership campaign, in which Gloucester lost

Cheltenham Town Ladies take award Cheltenham Town Ladies have been named Charter Standard club of the year by the Gloucestershire Football Association. It capped off a memorable year for the club, with both of their teams enjoying success on the pitch as well. The first team finished as runners-up in the South West Women’s Football League Premier Division, while the development side won the Gloucestershire County Women’s League Division Two title in their first season. The FA’s Charter Standard programme is a kitemark, which recognises and rewards high-quality levels of provision in club and league football. The kite mark

is awarded to clubs and leagues that are well run, sustainable, which place child protection, quality coaching and safety paramount. Cheltenham Ladies’ annual meeting will be held on Thursday, June 12 (8pm) in the Committee Room at Newlands Sports Ground, Cheltenham. Cheltenham Civil Service

Ladies stormed to the Gloucestershire County Women’s League Division One title courtesy of 18 wins from their 18 fixtures. They conceded only four goals throughout the campaign, netting 83 times at the other end. Cheltenham Spa CS Ladies finished sixth.

14 games, and he was relieved of his duties two days after the 28-27 defeat by Worcester. Vaughan said the search for a new director of rugby will begin immediately and added: "We will leave no stone unturned in our quest to find the right man for the job. "We believe that the role at Gloucester is one of the most prestigious in club rugby, and we're expecting interest from a high calibre of applicants worldwide." Davies had already worked to strengthen the Gloucester squad for next season and his successor will have five new internationals to work with: New Zealand prop John Afoa, Argentina lock Mariano Galarza, Wales hooker Richard Hibbard, Scotland half-back Greig Laidlaw and England lock Tom Palmer.

Rory McIlroy hits great closing 66 at Players Championship

Rory McIlroy finished the Players Championship on a high as a very commendable closing 66 left him in a tie for sixth place, four shots behind winner Martin Kaymer. McIlroy recovered from an opening bogey at Sawgrass to move to the turn in 35 after birdies at the sixth and eighth. He hit eight birdies in total with two runs of three successive birdies. McIlroy returned to the world's top ten on Monday after moving up one place from eleventh to tenth in the rankings. As Martin Kaymer, the leader and eventual winner of the Players Championship was about to start his final nine holes last Sunday, McIlroy was only five off the pace on nine under par and sharing sixth place. However, McIlroy will no doubt have been happy with his weekend's toils after needing to hole a putt on the final green on Friday to make the cut.




FROM £51,250 ON THE ROAD. The F-TYPE Coupé delivers a uniquely connected driving experience – ultra precise, powerful, sensual and, most of all, alive. It looks fast. And it is fast. Be amongst the first to drive the F-TYPE Coupé, contact us today to book an appointment. H.A.FOX, CHELTENHAM RUTHERFORD WAY, CHELTENHAM GL51 9TU


HOW ALIVE ARE YOU? Official fuel economy figures for the Jaguar F-TYPE range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 17.8-22.4 (15.9-12.6); Extra Urban 34.0- 40.9 (8.3-6.9); Combined 25.5-31.4 (11.1-9.0). CO2 emissions 259 to 205 (g/km). The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer’s tests in accordance with EU legislation. A vehicle’s actual fuel consumption may differ from that achieved in such tests and these figures are for comparative purposes only. On the road price is the manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price, plus First Registration Fee and Delivery Pack.



SPORT Badminton roll of honour

2006 Andrew Hoy (Australia) on Moonfleet 2007 Lucinda Fredericks (Australia) on Headley Britannia

2008 Nicolas Touzaint (France) on Hildago de L'Ile

2009 Oliver Townend (Great Britain) on Flint Curtis

2010 Paul Tapner (Australia) on Inonothing

2011 Mark Todd (New Zealand) on NZB Land Vision

2012: Event cancelled because of bad weather 2013: Jonathan Paget (New Zealand) on Clifton Promise

Badminton champion’s comeback B RITON Meade, 30, continued his remarkable comeback from two shattered elbows with third place on Wild Lone as those above him faltered. Meade, who suffered the career-threatening injuries in a fall at the Wellington Horse Trials last year, said: "It was a

dream I had to come back here. I just stubbornly thought I would focus everything towards this week, but it was a very distant goal." Townend, who finished less than three penalties behind 41year-old Griffiths' final score of 67.9 on Armada, said the horse was not the most straightforward but had talent. The 2009

Fourth straight win for Hamilton The 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton took the championship lead with victory in Spain on last Sunday and has won every race he has finished this year. Rosberg, who finished a very close second, said: "He won’t break me down mentally’’."He has the momentum. There is no way round that. I have to try to break it." The two are in a private battle for the championship, despite the hopes of Red Bull and Ferrari that they might nibble away at the huge performance advantage of the Mercedes.

2a Regent Street, Cheltenham, GL50 1HR

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Badminton champion added: "I am thrilled with the result. The reason he is so good at cross-country is because he is tricky in the other two phases."At certain points riding the crosscountry course, I just thought this was what the sport was meant to be. It is a fantastic feeling when you are on a

Ferrari." Tapner, Badminton winner four years ago, could have afforded to have had two fences down aboard Kilronan and still take the title. But the Australian knocked down four and second-placed Tim Price of New Zealand and third-placed Pascal Leroy of France also both fell away.

Badminton: Sam Griffiths wins from Townend and Meade Australian Sam Griffiths came from fifth place on Paulank Brockagh to win the Badminton Horse Trials, with Oliver Townend second and Harry Meade third. Overnight leader Paul Tapner was fourth after having four fences down.

Griffiths, back in 25th after Friday's dressage, had just one fence down. “I didn't think I could get back to win it from there,” he said. “As a little boy watching highlights of Badminton, it was a great thrill to compete here. To win is a dream come true.”

France also both fell away.

Full results 1 Sam Griffiths (Aus) (Horse: Paulank Brockagh) 67.9 penalty points 2 Oliver Townend (GBR) (Armada) 70.7

3 Harry Meade (GBR) (Wild Lone) 71.4 4 Paul Tapner (Aus) (Kilronan) 72.4

5 Pascal Leroy (Fra) (Minos de Petra) 72.5

6 Pippa Funnell (GBR) (Billy Beware) 74.3 7 Tim Lips (Ned) (Keyflow Nop) 78.5

8 Ludwig Svennerstal (Swe) (Alexander) 80

9 Tim Price (NZL) (Ringwood Sky Boy) 80.6 10 Lara de Liedekerke (Bel) (Ducati Van Den Overdam) 83.8




Steve Elliot agrees new one-year deal at Cheltenham Town Steve Elliott says he still wants to have a strong say on the pitch for Cheltenham Town next season after agreeing to a one-year deal as player-coach. HE 35-year-old said he was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to start out in coaching. It’s rumoured that he turned down an offer from Forest Green Rovers enabling him to extend his four-year stay at the Cheltenham club. “It is a fantastic club and it’s a great step for me to take so when the offer was put in front of me it was a very easy decision really,” Elliott also commented. “From a coaching point of view I’m relishing the


opportunity to having some real input next season, but I still want to play as many games as I can. “I will be aiming to play at least 25 to 30 games” It has been a week of double celebration for Elliott, who recently ‘popped the question’ to his girlfriend of seven years Katie. Elliott has adopted a new low carbohydrate diet in an attempt to return for pre-season training leaner and fitter. He hopes the new approach will help extend his playing career. “At Christmas time I had a serious

look at what I was doing, what I was eating and decided to make some changes,” he said. “I’m concentrating on doing a different programme in the gym, which I took on myself and I am feeling stronger with much more leaner muscle than ever. “I definitely feel I can play for another year and I have cut out pasta, bread, potatoes and rice and feel so much better for it’’. Elliott’s appointment is the second-stage of a backroom restructure which saw

the assistant manager Neil Howarth lose his position. Boss Mark Yates will now with work a boardappointed first-team coach and Elliott, who

hopes he can provide a more accessible link between the dressing room and the management staff. “The chairman and the board have decided

they want to liven things up because after two great seasons last year was a let down,” Elliott said. “I want to be that connection between staff and players and I’ll have a chance to put my point of view across, which I am looking forward to. “One of my main jobs will be to develop the younger lads and so that will be a new challenge for me, but if I can do that and also improve the defensive unit by making good useful contributions. I’ll really enjoy that too’’.

Surrey’s batsmen struggled again as 16 wickets fell on day one of their match against Gloucestershire at the Oval Matt Dunn took career best figures of 5-48 as the visitors were bowled out for 168 with only William Tavare (59) offering anything of note with the bat. Surrey, who are yet to pass 300 this season, were soon in trouble at 62-6 as fast bowler James Fuller ripped through the top order with 4-38. Jason Roy (44 not out) ensured no more damage as Surrey closed on 118-6. Chris Tremlett batted watchfully for 74 balls at the other

end to finish on 19 not out as the hosts moved to within 50 runs of Gloucestershire's first innings score. Meanwhile, Surrey wicketkeeper Steven Davies relinquished the gloves to Ireland international Gary Wilson for this game, in order to focus on his batting - but was dismissed for an eight-ball duck. Davies, 27, has played eight one-day internationals and five Twenty20 internationals for England, and also toured

Australia in 2010-11 as their backup Test keeper, but has not appeared for the national side since February 2011. All-rounder Zafar Ansari may be able to return to the crease for Surrey tomorrow after he was forced to retire hurt on nine with an elbow injury. “Gloucestershire's bowlers responded well to defending a small total, especially as they were without the services of Ian Saxelby, who limped out of the attack after

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only two balls. “James Fuller picked up four early wickets, and Benny Howell trapped Captain Graeme Smith with only his second delivery of the season. “It's obviously going to be a low-scoring match, and Gloucestershire will be slightly disappointed they let Surrey get back into it after losing six early wickets, but Roy and Tremlett batted with due diligence to reduce the arrears to 50 by the close.”

Cheltenham Standard 15th May 2014  

Latest issue now available! Cheltenham Standard - the new weekly newspaper for Cheltenham. Crammed full of quality news and comment, arts an...

Cheltenham Standard 15th May 2014  

Latest issue now available! Cheltenham Standard - the new weekly newspaper for Cheltenham. Crammed full of quality news and comment, arts an...