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Cheltenham Dad viewed sexual images of children  Gloucester Crown Court



father from Cheltenham who viewed images of adults sexually abusing children was informed by a judge that he had lost his good name and his family forever. Judge William Hart said the public would be disgusted at 36year-old dad-of-two Stephen Wood’s addiction to owning and distributing images of child pornography. The judge also sent out a very strong message to those involved in computer child pornography that the police were getting far more sophisticated in bringing offenders to justice and that they will be caught. Imposing a suspended prison sentence at Gloucester Crown Court on Friday, after Wood admitted

possessing 7,710 indecent stills and 68 films of children, the judge told him: “Whatever punishment the court imposes can hardly match the fact that people will now be aware that you have gained sexual gratification from watching images of adults abusing children as young as three. He went on to say “This will fill right-minded people with revulsion and you will have to live with that. You have lost your wife, your children and your job’’. The Judge further commented,“others should be aware that indulging in child pornography will lead to their lives and reputations ending up in tatters.” Wood, formerly of Cheltenham but now of Lineham Drive, Quedgeley, had pleaded guilty to nine counts of making

indecent images of children, two counts of possessing indecent images and two counts of distributing indecent images. The offences took place between 2009 and 2013 in Cheltenham, where he previously lived with his wife and children. Prosecuting barrister Julian Kesner said: “Police received information in August last year that the defendant was distributing indecent images of children. They then searched his Cheltenham address in September, seizing his computer, storage devices and discs and then discovered the images.’. He went on to add: “The defendant has no previous convictions and was a man of previous good character.” Defending lawyer Lloyd Jenkins said: “This is a sad case and my client has a history of chronic addiction - to alcohol since the age of 12, drugs and later to pornography. “He is a broken man who has lost everything but he knows that he needs help and has made efforts off his own bat to get it. “His parents are in the public gallery today to support him;;’ Wood was sentenced to 14 months custody suspended for two years, with two years intense supervision. He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years and was made the subject of a sex Offenders Prevention Order until further notice.

Foreign nurses needed by Gloucestershire’s hospitals

 Cheltenham NHS Trust

It has been claimed hospitals need to act now to stop a nursing crisis from putting patients in Gloucestershire at risk. Portuguese nurses have been brought in along with newly qualified students from the University of the West of England but there is still a shortfall of qualified staff willing to work in Gloucestershire. As a result, the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been forced to look outside the UK again. An overseas recruitment programme is likely to be launched next month. The move follows comments from NHS England's new chief executive Simon Stevens, who has called for trusts to "think like a patient, and act like a taxpayer". Gloucestershire hospitals chief executive Dr Frank Harsent said trusts need to look abroad to learn from the way health care is delivered. "We are going back out to overseas recruitment next month as there are not enough qualified nurses available to work in Gloucestershire. We don't want to rely on bank staff and agencies to fill the gaps." Care Quality Commission guidelines state wards must now publicly display staffing levels to show the level of care on duty.



Local businessman Defends sex site for students

Jobseekers made to attend Job Centres

Jobseekers who have been unemployed for more than two years will have to visit a job centre every day or risk losing some of their benefits. The Government’s Help to Work scheme came into effect this week with the aim of helping the long-term unemployed get a job. People who have been out of work for a long period of time will have to enrol in the initiative or face the prospect of receiving reduced benefits. Some of those enrolled will be offered work placements in their community while others will be given coaching to try and improve their skills and to make them more employable. Financial penalties have been put in place for those who do not comply with Help to Work.

 Gloucestershire University

A businessman from Cheltenham has defended his website which encourages university lecturers to meet students for sex. was set up in September 2012 to help students to meet for sex. Founder Tom Thurlow, 23, is now encouraging even lecturers to join up and the site is even offering them free membership for a year. However, the site has been heavily criticised for “encouraging lecturers to abuse their positions of power”. A statement on the website says: “Since the beginning of 2014 we’ve seen an even bigger uptake to the site by university professors. “We recently polled 1,773 of our members and over half of them (54%) admitted to have been sexually attracted to their lecturer. And of these horny students, three fifths (61%) confessed to indulging in ‘flirtatious behaviour’ with the lecturer in question. “To put it simply, there are students in vast numbers who want to get it on with the person who stands in front of the blackboard. It could be a power thing or perhaps they just prefer someone with experience in the bedroom? “At ShagAtUni we’re very accommodating and we see no good reason why not to encourage student and lecturer relations.” A list of advice to lecturers using the site includes the tip: “Try and avoid hooking up with a student you teach to avoid any discrepancies over

exam results or degree grades. ”One university lecturer said he was “appalled” by the website. The 31-year-old said: “I think it’s utterly wrong that this website is encouraging lecturers to abuse their positions of power. “You’re talking about students who are still finding themselves in life and perhaps a bit naïve and this site may be taking advantage of them. “Obviously the students have to be looking for it in the first place to join the site, so it’s not as though they’re being seduced, but they’re still young and could very likely regret getting together with a lecturer later in life.” Abi Thomas, a student from Cheltenham, called the website “creepy”. The 20year-old said: “I don’t agree with what Shagatuni is doing. Personally, I think there should be a line between teachers and students. “It’s creepy. Lecturers shouldn’t be trawling the internet looking for students for sex. “I know there are students who are 18 and think it’s somehow cool and daring to sleep with their lecturer, but they’ll probably regret it later in life, and this is just encouraging them to do it.” But Tom, the man behind the planned Cheltenhambased reality TV show The Cheltonians, was adamant there is nothing wrong with encouraging lecturers to sleep with students. He said: “I understand that some will find it controversial, but that doesn't mean lecturers and students

don't sleep with each other. Shagatuni is the biggest site for students and sex so it's only right that we lead the way in facilitating this naughty trend.” Regarding where he got the idea from, he said: “I know lots of students personally who fancy their lecturers. One (who shall remain nameless) even told me he slept with his twice. So this got me searching on my site for this trend. Low and behold he isn't the only one getting some ‘’ extracurricular.” Explaining how the site works for lecturers, he said: “So they can browse through the users of my site just like a student can. “When they find one that takes their fancy, they can message and arrange a hook up. Lecturers can also message us and get free membership for the rest of this year as I'm currently trying to get more and more of them using Shagatuni.” Relationships between lecturers and students are not illegal, but many universities have codes of conduct which discourage staff from having romantic links with students. A spokesman for the University of Gloucestershire said: “The University of Gloucestershire, like any other university or business, has a code of conduct which its staff must uphold. “This includes an obligation to disclose any relationship with a student so that we can take appropriate action to protect the integrity of teaching and learning.”

The scheme is part of the Government’s ongoing work to make sure benefits are not a “one way street”. The Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said Help to Work will provide jobseekers with the “support and opportunity” they need. However, Labour believe the Government’s policy ignores the real reasons why people remain unemployed for a long time.

GCHQ warns Cameron

GCHQ has warned Prime Minister David Cameron that internet companies including Facebook and Google are undermining national security. The Prime Minister was told internet giants have “withdrawn” their cooperation and are obstructing MI5 requests for help tracking terrorists and major criminals, including paedophiles, according to The Mail on Sunday. This follows fugitive Edward Snowden’s claims that  Prime Minister David Cameron the firms are used to snoop on British citizens, which is disputed by spy chiefs. Before the US whistleblower’s disclosures, they willingly responded to lawful requests for details of phone calls, emails, text messages and other private information. Now the companies are said to be concerned about being seen to help the Cheltenham-based listening post GCHQ and other agencies too easily. One of the fears is that intelligence officers will lose the ability to monitor the safety threat posed by British jihadists travelling to Syria.

 GCHQ Cheltenham



Gloucestershire parents told to keep their children’s weight in check Parents have been told to take responsibility for fat children to help diffuse Gloucester’s obesity time bomb. With a quarter of children in the city obese, it’s feared the long term effect on health care in the county could be devastating unless prompt action is taken. Obesity is directly linked to diabetes, heart disease, strokes and some cancers. Experts will met this week to discuss how to tackle one of Gloucestershire’s most serious health problems. Gloucestershire County Council’s public health and well being board met on Tuesday to discuss a new report that shows the region is at tipping point. It states children with obese parents are more likely to be obese themselves. Councillor Dorcas Binns, Cabinet Member for public health and communities, said, “Obesity is an intergenerational problem that affects the whole country and is an international problem. It is a complicated social issue, connected to access to housing, parks, doctors, diet and activity. Parents and communities should take responsibility with the county council. Adults don’t want to be obese and we can help them access services that will help improve the situation. We know that obesity is a growing problem and it’s one of the five key


700 walk for Hollie UNDREDS of people have taken part in a charity walk in memory of hairdresser Hollie Gazzard. They walked from Gloucester to Cheltenham to pay tribute to the popular 20-year-old from Churchdown, who was killed as she worked at Fringe Benefit and La Bella Beauty salon in Gloucester in February. Her family were joined by around 700 people for the  Hollie Gazzard walk, which was the first major fundraiser for a charity set up in honour of Hollie. Hollie’s dad Nick Gazzard, a former Cheltenham Town FC player, said: "It has been quite an emotional day, but we have been humbled by the amount of people that have supported. We are just overwhelmed."

priorities identified within our Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Dorcas Binns went on to comment, ‘’We’re working with all of our partners, including NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and district councils, to help prevent obesity and support people who are overweight. For example, those with a body mass index of 30 or above can be referred by their GP to a weight management group for 12 weeks free support.” Health experts from the county council went out into communities in Matson, Podsmead and Lydney to find out what advice families needed to help achieve a healthier lifestyle. Dawn Harper, a Gloucestershire GP and presenter on Chanel Four programme Embarrassing Bodies said people need to take action to control their weight. “It doesn’t really matter what politicians do to the NHS, if we don’t all wake up and smell the coffee to do something about what is an epidemic in this country then our NHS will just crumble,” she also added, “We will not be able to afford to pay for all the care for health problems that are related to

Mindless vandals damage Cheltenham church MINDLESS vandals have left three stained-glassed windows of an historic Cheltenham church smashed. Stones were thrown at All Saints Church in Pittville, leaving the glass shattered and some of the lead piping bent and damaged. Father Stephen Eldridge said the cost of the damage was still being investigated on the grade one listed building, but he hoped it could be restored instead of replaced. The three panels on the south of the church, near the entrance, depicted Saints Ambrose, Gregory, Ignatius and Polycarp. He said: “Sometimes things like this do happen, but it is something we could have done without. “We are not sure at this stage whether it was criminal damage or someone trying to force an entry. Most of our congregation will see the damage on Sunday, but

obesity.” Some families have said it is too expensive to eat healthily. Tam Fry, from the National Obesity Forum, said families on low incomes are more at risk of obesity related problems. He went on to say: “I wouldn’t put blame on the parents or the children. Society has created an environment where it is very difficult for a lot of people to keep themselves in trim. “Processed food which is less than healthy, is stuffed with high levels of fat and sugar. It is in the diet of a large proportion of the population, possibly up to a quarter, who are susceptible to that kind of lifestyle.”

the ones who have already seen it were very upset. He went on to say, ‘’We are one of only two grade one listed churches in Cheltenham and many people appreciate the beauty.” The Father also added the church was in the process of getting a professional to look at the damage, who would then be able to assess how much it would cost and see if it

was salvageable. He said its insurance company had been informed. Councillor Charlie Stewart (LD, All Saints) said: “This is a real shame, particularly as we do not have a big problem with vandalism in the area. “It is sad that this has happened as the church gives a lot to the community and it is

a beautiful place. It really is mindless and a great shame and I do hope it is a one off. Cllr Stewart went on to comment, “It is not like anyone is going to gain anything from this.” Hilary Frazer, manager of the All Saints’ Playgroup, which is based at the church said it was very sad. She said: “We have been here for nearly 25 years and have a very good relationship with the church. “For them to find it was just horrible. There have been a few problems in the past, but never anything like this before. It is just a real shame for everyone.” A parishioner of 18 years, who did not want to be named, said: “Three of the stained glass windows were broken. “There are some big rocks on the ground nearby, so I can only assume that they were used to throw at the windows. “Why would anybody do such a thing? I am horrified. I was absolutely shocked. “I can’t think why anybody would do something so disgusting. It doesn’t achieve anything at all.”




Up Hatherley Road misery NCREASED calls are being made to repair a road which is so damaged warning signs are now in place. Drivers who regularly use Up Hatherley Way between Morrison’s and Shurdington Road have been complaining about the broken up surface for a long time. Although a £65,000 scheme is planned to revamp the road later this year, councillors are calling for action now. Councillor Roger Whyborn (LD, Up Hatherley) said the section needed saving and quickly. “‘Slow down’ notices have been put up because the road is breaking up that badly,” he said. “The area around it was resurfaced a couple of years ago and we requested this section was done, but nothing has happened. “Almost everyone you speak to in the area wants to see something done. He went to say, ‘’It is something that has been getting worse for some time, but I think in the last couple of weeks it has gone through a tipping point and it has got seriously bad. I would not be surprised if people have had damage caused to their vehicles because it is really in a state.” A spokesman from Gloucestershire Highways

confirmed the signs had been put up because the road surface is uneven and they wanted to alert motorists to slow down. He added, “We have plans to resurface the section of Up Hatherley way between the Morrison’s roundabout and the A46 later this year.” Driver Kelly Griffin, 31, of Up Hatherley, said it was well known as a horrendous stretch. She said: “It is a nightmare to drive on and it seems crazy that it is in such a bad way that a sign needs to be put out warning drivers to slow

down. The sooner something gets done about it the better. It is very clear that there are a lot of roads in Cheltenham that need resurfacing but this is definitely one of the worst and you do wonder why some of it was done while other bits weren’t. She went on to further say, ‘’It will be the missing part of the jigsaw when it is done as far as that road is concerned. We all know how many potholes there are, but it is good to know that this is being properly resurfaced and not just patched up.”

Cheltenham historian delving deep into WW1 Grandfather


N amateur historian is digging deep into his family’s history to find out more about his grandfather’s role in the First World War. During his youth, Bishop’s Cleeve-born 71-year-old, Tony Peart, recalled speaking with his granddad, Albert Sayce, about football more than anything. But, since he died around 1960, Tony, who now lives in Prestbury, has lost track of where his grandfather fought between 1914 and 1918 and only has a selection of photographs to go by. Albert was born on May 11, 1886, at Cleeve Hill, Bishop's Cleeve. Sayce was his mother's name as there was no father named on his birth certificate. His grandson, Tony, is now hoping someone who can remember Albert can fill in the gaps. He said: “For a while now, I have been trying to track down what my grandfather did in the war. “But I cannot even find out what regiment he was in and that’s after I’ve looked into our family history. “I have some photos of him since my mother died but I have never found any medals or anything that would

give me a clue to what he did.” Among the photographs, Tony has one of his granddad playing football for Woodmancote in 1912. He hopes some of his history may jog reader’s memories of their relatives who played with Albert at the time. Tony continued: “When I was young, you could not afford cameras of good quality whereas, today, it is easier to take a photograph on your phone. He continued, ’’ I have traced the Peart family back as far as 1640 - it is a local name . I didn’t really think much of my family’s history when I was

younger but, when you are my age, it becomes interesting and I try to instil some of that into my grandchildren. “The photos were handed down to me when my mother died and I know that he was a stone mason. But that’s what a lot of people did back then although I know that he worked locally. “He told me once that he was shot during the war and I have seen photos of him in hospital in south Wales around 1918, so I think he must have fought on the front line.” Email with information.

Old Chemistry nightclub in Cheltenham to become site for new homes EXCITING plans are afoot to transform a rundown corner of Cheltenham into smart new homes The owner of the former Chemistry night club and next door Burton House, which is a former school for excluded children, want to build a dual development consisting of up to 26 apartments It would mean demolishing the former school and carrying out a complete interior revamp of Grade II-listed Gibson House, in St James’ Square, which has been empty since the night club closed in 2005. The scheme however could hinge on whether an onstreet parking scheme is approved by the county council. Paul Spivey, of Applied Town planning who is acting on behalf of the owner, said a formal planning application was likely to be submitted later this year. “We are quite excited about the scheme,” he said. “It could give the whole area a lift, bringing homes to Cheltenham town centre and bring Gibson House back into use. “Due to the nature of the site it’s quite a complicated scheme. But demolishing Burton House and building there could be the key to making it viable. “In our view it would also be a big improvement on what is there at the moment.” Under the initial proposals Gibson House would be gutted on the inside and turned into up to 11 apartments. Next door Burton House would be demolished and replaced by a four-storey building with 15 apartments. Residents and councillors for the area attended a meeting recently where they were informed about progress on plans for the site. Mr Spivey added: “As far as the meeting was concerned our plans were well-received. “Residents’ main priority is that they do not want to see it reopen as a licensed premise, so us going for purely residential units will be a relief. Parking is still a big issue. We need to achieve some level of residential parking and that is something we will take up with the county council.”


Increase in street traders dangers may damage Cheltenham town retailers


ISING numbers of street traders in Cheltenham will harm the town’s shops, retail chiefs have warned. Canada Life, the owner of the Regent Arcade, believes street traders have an “unfair advantage” on permanent shops because they don’t have to pay rent or business rates. It formally objected to a bid to allow a falafel stand in the High Street to continue trading last week. Richard Nichol, from the company, told Cheltenham Borough Council that having more mobile food stalls will have a “detrimental impact” on the town’s “established food operators”. As a result Canada Life has faced accusations of “trying to throw its weight around” to influence decisions, something Mr Nichol said “could not be further from the truth”. In a written objection Mr Nichol said: “Mobile food stalls plainly have an unfair advantage over established business as they effectively have no overheads. “The decision to continue approving increasing numbers of street trading applications is counterintuitive and detrimental to existing traditional retail businesses and food operators.” Despite the concerns from Mr Nichol, licensing bosses at Cheltenham Borough Council agreed to renew trading consent for Raviv Hadad’s Falafeleat trike last Friday, on the grounds that he moves from his High Street position when planned repaving work takes place later this year. Mr Hadad dismissed the Arcade’s concerns. He said: “The soul of Cheltenham is its people and it is up to the people to make it interesting and vibrant. “I have been a chef for a long time and this is a way for me to deliver a product at a price that I couldn’t deliver with a restaurant. People are responding really well – otherwise I wouldn’t be there.” Mr Hadad’s falafel business is not alone in drawing the Arcade’s fire. A long running dispute with a flower stall in the Promenade was also considered by the borough council last week after the owner, Mark Morris, applied for his trading consent to be renewed. Canada Life believes the flower stall at the junction with Ormond Place blocks views of the Arcade and as a result damages trade. It told the council that if the stall was granted permission in the same location, planned works to revamp the Ormond Place entrance to the Arcade and to pedestrianise the surrounding area “will not go ahead”. Canada Life subsequently withdrew its objection after signing a letter from all parties agreeing to seek a compromise. The result was that the borough council opted to grant consent for the stall while a compromise is found. John Forward, Regent Arcade manager said the shopping centre is not against street trading but wants to see it controlled and made fairer. He said: “The situation at the moment is we have retail businesses opening, paying rent and business rates in order to trade, and then we have small street traders coming in who simply pay for a licence. “It is just not a level playing field. If you’re not careful you could have street trading outside every shop in the High Street. “You’re trying to encourage retail businesses to come here for the long term and they are investing a lot of money to do that.”


Reckless motorists endanger life near GCHQ

SOME reckless motorists are putting lives at risk in a quiet residential Cheltenham street near GCHQ. People living near Hubble Road, next to the Benhall doughnut, say some residents are creating an unacceptable danger by pulling up onto the curb and parking on pedestrian paving areas. It is feared the culprits could collide with people using the walkway while pulling in or backing out. Surrounding grassy areas have also been churned into an ugly mud bath by the regular stream of tyre trails. A spokesman for residents said it was an accident waiting to happen. He said: “You’ve got lots of kids who come out and play around here, and they use the path all the time. “If you’ve got vehicles backing out across it, it’s only a matter of time before there is an accident. “People should not be parking there full stop. “It is causing a danger to pedestrians and also doing a lot of damage. The grass has been ruined “The only reason they park there is for convenience so they can make a quick getaway. “The cars should be for parking spaces and the pedestrian areas should be for people to walk on.” The issue has been reported to police but as yet not action has been taken to stop people from parking there. Mum-of-four Bridie Millard, who lives off Hubble Road, said the problem was down to a chronic shortage of residential parking. “We do park on the paving area from time to time and it’s not ideal,” she said. “But we just don’t have enough space to park anywhere else. “We are allocated one parking space per house and if we park outside that we can get fined up to £100. “But we’ve got four cars in this household alone so where are we supposed to put them? “I don’t think it was properly thought about when these homes were built.” Ward Councillor Simon Wheeler (LD, Hester’s Way) said he would discuss the matter with Gloucestershire Highways. “I’m afraid this estate was very badly designed and there is not enough parking for residents,” he said. “However, this situation is not acceptable. If the paving area is to be used for parking then there should be dropped curbs and it should be properly marked out as parking space.“If it is meant for pedestrians then perhaps some bollards could be put up to stop people parking there. “At the moment it is neither one thing nor the other.”

Disabled access to improve at Cheltenham Spa Railway station


ISABLED access to Cheltenham Spa Railway Station will be improved after netting a share of a £100 million fund. It is one of 42 sharing the Department of Transport government pots of cash to make improvements for disabled passengers. Announcing the money today, Rail Minister Baroness Kramer said: “We are transforming our railways through record levels of investment and improving accessibility at stations is an important part of that. “These improvements will make a real difference to the lives of disabled passengers and those with limited mobility, allowing them to get to work and pursue leisure activities more easily. “That’s good news for them and good news for the economy.” Detailed designs and

costing for each station will be drawn up by Network Rail and the projects will be completed by 2019. Robin Gisby, managing director of network operations at Network Rail, added: “More and more people are travelling on our railways than ever before, so it’s important that we make taking the train as easy as possible for everyone. “Better accessibility will mean a better experience for people with reduced mobility, carrying heavy luggage or travelling with children, but we’ll also be investing to improve signage and customer information for all passengers.” The stations were nominated by the rail industry and selected for funding according to passenger numbers, the needs of the local area and proximity to facilities such as hospitals or schools for disabled children.



Cheltenham nightclubs deny stealing customers from Gloucester nightspots C HELTENHAM nightclubs have rejected claims from Gloucester that they are stealing the city’s business by offering cheap drinks. Bars and clubs in Gloucester claimed last week they are losing cash because they cannot compete with Cheltenham’s prices. They say their takings have plummeted on the once busy student night on Wednesdays, blaming the “cut throat” booze market in Cheltenham for taking their business after many nightspots in Gloucester agreed to adopt a minimum responsible price for alcohol. But Jimmy Elias, operations director of the Fever nightclub group which runs Fever, Moomoo and Kukui in Cheltenham, has hit back. He said the claim that prices are significantly cheaper in Cheltenham is simply not true. Mr Elias said the reason people chose the town for a night out is down to the simple fact that Cheltenham has invested in its night time economy, while

Gloucester’s has stagnated. He points to the recent opening of bars like Lily Gins, Six Degrees and Crazy Eights as well as the major refurbishment of Revolution as evidence for why people want to come to Cheltenham. He said: “There has been so much investment in Cheltenham and it is a lovely place to go out. Gloucester is a good night out too but it is just not exciting anymore for some people because nothing has changed.” On the price issue, Mr Elias said his clubs which open on Wednesdays are “similar if not more expensive” than those in Gloucester when it comes to buying a round. He said any offers available are reasonable. “They have never posed a problem or been remotely considered as irresponsible before and they are still not that now,” he said. Gloucester businesses have also taken issue with Cheltenham nightclubs providing a bus service for students who live in the city. Mr Elias also said:

“Wednesday night attracts many University of Gloucestershire students and a bus service is put on to get the Gloucester campus students home safely. “This can only be seen as a positive and proactive initiative on our behalf.

“I would like to point out that there is no profit in this initiative. We don't own rights to getting students home safely and if operators in Gloucester can attract Cheltenham students then they are urged to do the same.”

Bacon and bikes CHELTENHAM’S Bacon Theatre is to host a weekend of bicycling films, and other bike-related activities at the end of May. It will start off with a group ride from Pittville park to the theatre at Dean Close School in time for the first film of the festival, and will see films screened that celebrate all aspects of cycling: from hardcore racers, to fixieriding hipsters to the freedom offered to a young girl in Saudi Arabia by being able to ride a on two-wheels. Marketing manager at the Bacon Theatre, Jess Waterman said: “The original concept was by a colleague who no longer works here who was an avid cyclist. “We picked it up and it just grew really. We wanted to do something to attract lots of different types of cyclists, from sports riders to people who just poodle to work or the shops. We’ve got films about all sorts of things.” And to allow people to try something different, the twoday season has a one size ticket policy: A £20 ticket gets an adult

 The Bacon Theatre

into all films and activities and £8 will allow a child into agesuitable films and activities. Jess said: “We hope that having bought an all-inclusive ticket a sports cycling fan who wants to perhaps watch The Flying Scotsman about World Champion Graeme Obree will also come and see something different, like BoikzMoind, a short set film in Bristol about people who ride fixies there.” But you can’t expect keen riders to sit in a darkened theatre for two days without getting into the saddle, so plenty of activities have been planned. Before the first film on

Friday May 30 a group conducted ride will set off from the central Cross Café in Pittville Park to the theatre and on the Saturday a bike polo tournament will be held, with a chance for people to have a go and BMX riders will do tricks and visitors can try their hand at that as well. Jess also said: “We wanted to do something different and we’ve got a talk on Cyclecraft from experts from the Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Cycle Campaign and advice at the Bike Hub from Gloucestershire Bike Project and Leisure Lakes Staff will be manning a maintenance station. “We’ll also have a live link to Stephen Auerbach, director of Bicycle Dreams about the Race Across America where he can answer questions and chat to the audience straight after the showing.” Films include Bicycle Dreams and Saudi film Wadjda, Premium Rush whci is a thriller about a New York bike messenger - and To Live and Ride in LA.

FOR FULL DETAILS visit: Tickets are available at £20 for an adult and £8 for a child from the Bacon Theatre Box Office 01242 258002 or

A meeting organised by Circle2Success on behalf of its members and other invited business leaders was hosted at BPE’s head office. They discussed how best to maximise the opportunity to employ ex-military personnel to support the growth of county businesses.



Sunday markets Embarrassing Bodies doctors take part in charity at Racecourse to be reduced to just cycle ride for Cheltenham's one a month National Star College I

T looks very much like the end for car boot sales at Cheltenham‘s prestigious race course. Bosses at Cheltenham racecourse say an increase in Sunday events mean they can no longer host car boot sales every week. Stallholders at the popular market, which can attract up to 1,000 people, have voiced disappointment that it is to be scaled back to just once a month. They said they it was because of a feeling among the racecourse hierarchy that they “lowered the tone” at the prestigious venue.


V stars were among the cyclists who saddled up and took to the Cotswolds hills to raise money for a college for people with disabilities. Among the 150 taking part in the Harvey 100 Star Cycle Challenge for the National Star College was TV doctor Dawn Harper. The 100km race is named after her son Harvey who has cerebral palsy. “The challenge had some proper hills but also lots of easy riding to give us time to reflect on the challenges National Star students face on a daily basis,” said Dawn, who lives in the Stroud valleys and presents Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies. “What we are doing pales into insignificance against the challenges faced by those with disabilities.” She was joined by Embarrassing Bodies copresenter Dr Pixie McKenna. “It’s all about those of us who are able bodied doing our bit to help those who aren’t,” said Pixie. For Karen Gray, the event was a real challenge as she hadn’t been on a bicycle for 20 years. She took part with three friends. “After visiting National Star and hearing about what it does I felt totally inspired,” said Karen, from Charlton Kings. “I started cycling in February and even bought a new bike. Now I have the bug and already looking for new challenges.” Graeme Flory-Kish, owner of Abbey Design Associates in Quedgeley, took part with nine colleagues, friends and some customers “We’re a local company and National Star is a local charity,” said Graeme. “It’s a lovely area to cycle in and it’s for a fantastic cause.” Organisers hope the event will raise £15,000 for the charity. National Star, based in Ullenwood near Cheltenham, is a specialist college which supports young people with complex learning and physical disabilities. “National Star provides students with the confidence, skills and education to take control of their lives and to make their own decisions, to do the things the rest of us simply take for granted,” said Dr Harper. A team of six from Blushes’ hair salons in Cheltenham and Gloucester took part in the challenge. One of them was co-owner Mark

However, racecourse chief Ian Renton said he was still working with organisers of the car boot market to hold the event on certain dates. “Cheltenham racecourse hosts a number of events outside of the 16 days a year that racing takes place,” he said. Bill Kimberley, who runs the car boot market every week, said the schedule change was due to the number of corporate events taking place at the racecourse. “It is a shame because it’s a big thing,” he said. “It has probably been running for the last 10 years. “We get several hundred people every week and probably as many as 1,000 on some occasions. Ian Renton went on to say, “increasingly a number of these events take place on Sundays and it has therefore become more challenging for us to host car boot sales every Sunday. “We are, however, continuing to work with the organisers and hope to continue staging some car boots in the summer months.”

 Dr. Dawn Harper

Blake who said it was the furthest he had ever cycled. “The cyclists have been amazing and there was a great atmosphere,” said Kate Green, director of fundraising at National Star. “The ethos of National Star is about what you can do and not what you can’t. The cyclists’ efforts will make a real difference to young people with disabilities.”

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BUSINESS Editors Desk… Pulling out a tooth slowly hurts. Even with the requisite amount of painkiller it’s an unpleasant nasty procedure. Best to have it done quickly and get the rotten, offending article dealt with swiftly. Now that’s all very well if you’re on the end of some dental treatment, but not if you’re in the car boot market with the threat of closure hanging over you. The powers that be at Cheltenham Racecourse have finally decided that the persona of the weekly car boot sale doesn’t really fit in with their glamorous image. Really? It’s taken them a bit of time to work it out. In fact about ten years to be exact. I can see where this is going. The car boot brigade has been given their final starters orders. But hang on…it’s a bit of a false start or is it? I’ll admit that the overall brand message of a car boot sale isn’t quite Cartier or Rolex and that some of the crowd aren’t quite thorough-breds, but it does attract a fairly loyal and robust audience every week,. I know this because (in the name of good investigative journalism) I’ve been up there recently to soak up the atmosphere. The market does have an all prevailing whiff of fried food about it .Couple this to an unending collection of dogs and tattooed people and there’s a recipe for a slightly grim experience. Not really my cup of particular poison but it struck me that it does fuel a social need and of course there’s quite a lot business transacted. I even saw one chap with a card reader taking credit card payments. Good for him. Glad to see that there are some folks around who want to get off their derrières at some unearthly time on a Sunday morning to try and make a few bob. So it may better for Cheltenham Racecourse to stop ‘faffing’ about with empty promises of ‘well see’ and put this car booter out of their misery. I know and the Racecourse knows full well that they will ultimately cancel this weekly extravaganza. It’s not ‘hoity toity’ enough for them. So without the aid of anaesthesia why don’t they just get on with the job of removing the market and be done with it? It’ll be painless, quick and no need for tea and sympathy. I wonder though what the reaction would be if Rolex or Cartier wanted to put up a marquee every Sunday morning to flog some watches. ‘’That’ll be one hot dog (easy on the onions), two coffees and an oyster please’’. Perhaps not. Eric Barton – Editor. Got a comment? Contact us at

Standard Cheltenham

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Queens Award for Cheltenham company A Cheltenham firm is one of five Gloucestershire companies celebrating a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The awards announced on the Queen’s birthday, recognise outstanding achievement in international trade, innovation, sustainable development and enterprise. Gloucestershire companies have taken five out of the 14 Queen’s Awards granted in the South West which is more than any other county in the region. The county’s Queen’s award winners are Vero Software, Cheltenham; Renishaw, Wottonunder-Edge; Fluid Transfer International, Nailsworth; Severn Glocon Group, Quedgeley and Prima Dental Manufacturing Limited, Quedgeley. Vero Software in Cheltenham, which has seen its workforce increase from 30 to 175 people, receives the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the international trade category-its second within four years. Vero produces computer software for the manufacturing industry and the award recognises growth in export turnover by 218 per cent in three years to £34 million. Three quarters of its sales go overseas. Vero Software’s chief executive Richard Smith said: “We are extremely proud and honoured to have won this award for the second time. We invest heavily in research to develop highly productive software. “Our success owes a great deal to the dedication of our overseas operations.” Renishaw, a leading edge engineering technologies company, has now been given a record 17 Queen’s Awards since its formation in 1973 including eight in just 11 years. It receives the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovations category for its inVia Raman microscope. With ultra-fast Raman imaging, it enables the rapid generation of high definition 2D and 3D chemical images for material analysis. Sir David McMurtry, Renishaw’s chairman and chief executive, said: “Although we have won many Queen’s Awards, this is very special as it is the first to recognise our achievements outside the field of industrial metrology.” The inVia system has become the Raman analysis system of choice for many of the world’s most prestigious research institutions. A world leader in metrology and spectroscopy, Renishaw is one of the county’s biggest employers operating in 32 countries with 3,300 employees. Fluid Transfer International, which employs 70 people at Nailsworth has won the Queen’s Award for international trade. The company supplies

refuelling equipment to airports, marine and ground vehicles. After it was hit by the defence cuts it focused on overseas markets which became crucial to its success. It has grown overseas earnings by a staggering 142 per cent over the last three years, while domestic sales fell by half. Managing director Mr John Little said of the company’s £14.2 million turnover last year, some 85 per cent was exports. “We are absolutely delighted to win this award. It is a great achievement for everyone involved in the business,” he said. Quedgeley-based valve engineering specialist Severn Glocon Group has been awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the international trade category for the second time in four years. The award recognises continuous growth in overseas sales. Between 2010 and 2012 international trade increased by 120 per cent and now represents 68 per cent of total group turnover. Growth was accelerated by strategic acquisitions of UK firms including subsea valve expert LB Bentley in Stroud. Severn Glocon employs 429 in the UK producing valves for the oil and gas industries New developments in Australia, China, Brazil, India and Iraq played an important role in the award win. “The past three years have been the most dynamic in our 53 year history,” said Severn Glocon’s chief executive Maurice Critchley. “I am proud to be at the helm of a progressive British engineering and manufacturing firm that delivers truly world-class valve products.” Prima Dental in Quedgeley which makes dental drills has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for international trade. With its products designed and promoted to suit individual markets its overseas earnings have grown by 129 per cent over the last six years. Prima Dental employs 138 people and engineers over 20 million dental drills a year and exports to over 85 countries. Managing director Richard Muller said: “We are honoured to win a Queen’s Award for International Trade. It is testament to our skilled and loyal workforce who have all played a part in our success.” “International trade accounts for over 85 per cent of its turnover. The last five years have seen a total of over £8m capital investment into the business, including a larger, purpose-designed £3.5m factory to enable a significant step-up in production output.” The lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire Dame Janet Trotter said: “This is a tribute to the hard work and skill of local people.”



BUSINESS Cheltenham Takeaway consider closing business due to racism A sustained campaign of hate by racist thugs has led owners of a Cheltenham takeaway restaurant to think about closing down the business. Sukh Randhawa, who owns Tennyson Food Plaza, in Tennyson Road, St Mark’s, says she and her staff have been subjected to racist insults on a regular basis since they opened six months ago. The mum-of-two, who is Punjabi by birth but has lived in the UK for 16 years, says she was spat at by one customer and racially abused by another. Male staff at the family business have also been taunted over their beards – an integral part of their faith as Sikhs. Mrs Randhawa said: “Our staff have to put up with abuse every week.“I have been spat at, called names. “Customers have told me to go back to my own country. “My staff have been abused for having beards. “We have also been threatened by customers who say they are going to ruin our business by posting lots of negative reviews online. “Someone even ordered £40 of food to a false address.“Most of our customers are very loyal and treat us with respect.“But a small minority make life very difficult.“They don’t know how hard we work.“It

UNEMPLOYMENT FALLS Unemployment in Gloucestershire fell last month by 481 to 7,514. The decrease in the number of people claiming unemployment benefits followed rises in the county in the previous two months. Unemployment was down in all six districts in the county and the overall jobless rate in Gloucestershire also fell from 2.1 to 2 per cent.

gets depressing when this kind of thing happens.“It has made me think about selling the business.”Mrs Randhawa set up the pizza, burger and curry diner after studying for a degree in business at the University of Gloucestershire.Opening from 4pm until 11pm each day, she runs it with her husband Hapinder and brother Lakhwinder. She said she had not reported incidents to the police because she feared nothing could be done. She added: “A customer told me to report it to police, but what can they do? “We are a hard-working family, we work long hours, and I just want to be treated with respect. “It would be a shame for the area if we closed but we are seriously considering it.” Asian community leaders voiced disgust at the family’s treatment, and offered their support. Siddique Jafforay, vicepresident of the Cheltenham Bangladeshi Association, said: “I’m very sorry to hear this has happened. “We are a Bangladeshi association but we embrace a diversity of people, whether they are Sikhs, Muslims or from any other background. “Thankfully it’s not something we see in Cheltenham very often.

“We are based in Fairview and it’s extremely rare you get that kind of behaviour. “It might be worse in St Mark’s as it is on the edge of a slightly rougher area. “But what people must do is report these incidents to the police, because that is the only way to show people it will not be tolerated.” Rahul Sachdeva, manager of Pizza Go Go, in the lower High Street, said people who made racist insults were part of life for many late night takeaway staff. “Late at night when people have had too much to drink, these things can happen – not just here but in any town in the UK,” he said. “The best thing is to ignore these people, or tell them you won’t serve them. “Then call the police if you have to but there is only so much they can do.” Chris Jackson, a spokesman for Gloucestershire police, said: “No one should have to endure abuse because of their race, religion or sexuality and we would urge anyone in these circumstances to call police. “Gloucestershire has fantastically strong and diverse communities and behaviour like this is completely unacceptable. “We’ll do all we can to help victims and bring offenders to justice.”

Leading Specialists in Employment and Commercial Law We say what it is

The county now has 4,937 men looking for work and 2,577 women. Nationally, unemployment has fallen by 77,000 to a five-year low of 2.24 million. The county's unemployment figures district by district are: Cheltenham: 1,559, down 159; Cotswolds: 527, down 39; Forest of Dean: 942, down 53; Gloucester: 2,581, down 90; Stroud: 997, down 78 and Tewkesbury:908, down 62.

Practical Advice, Simply Put... 10 Royal Crescent, Cheltenham, GL50 3DA

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Not a toad on site…


I’ve never really liked tree-huggers and I’m not that keen on lentils either. Having said that, even a ‘greenostine’ like me can appreciate the need to protect and covet the environment, especially in the way that we develop new buildings and road systems. Let’s face it the oil is running out and the planet is getting warmer. Not sure? Just ask the mob down on the Somerset Levels. We all need to do our bit. Going green isn’t easy. It’s sometimes just seen as toadying and pandering to the ‘new order’. Being sustainable for any business is complicated and needs a degree of knowledge and indeed passion to ensure all the green boxes get ticked. It’s a sensible and forward thinking company that can do this and actually mean it. Formed in 1960, the very year that the birth control pill was released Britannia Construction (based just outside Cheltenham) was born. So we’re not talking about a young fledgling company here. From little and humble beginnings this local firm has grown to a £30M turnover employing at any one time over 300 staff. Britannia specialise in construction and civil engineering with an enviable record of fast track, innovative and sustainable delivery

solutions across a huge selection of projects. They’ve earned a reputation for high quality and reliability, backed up by long-term relationships with many of their clients and consultants. Their teams have over the years, developed specialist skills and expertise across the retail, commercial, industrial, leisure and infrastructure sectors. It’s a real mix of skill sets born out of long experience and a commitment to quality. Paul Halfpenny, MD at Britannia Construction steers the company knowing full well that the sustainability and ‘green build ‘options of all his companies’ projects need to be fully on their radar. Paul spent the majority of his 25-year construction industry career in the South and West of England. His experience spans many sectors across Construction and Civil Engineering. So he knows a thing or two. This Managing Director is in a sense a bit of a Robin Hood. He’s a champion of causes


Eric Barton goes green with Britannia Construction’s MD, Paul Halfpenny

that directly affect the environment and hugely committed to ensuring that his company do make a difference to the environment in the way that they operate. Paul Halfpenny comments, ‘in my view business efficiency is directly linked to the awareness you have about the environment. We take our responsibility here at Britannia Construction very seriously when it comes to recycling, waste and the way we operate the business on a day-to-day basis’. The full



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eco nomy




remit of the business is both extensive and embraces several sectors; Construction, Civil Engineering, Design/Build and specialist minor works. The latest project at Emersons Green near Bristol is a shining example of really managing the resource and the impact the project has had on the local green footprint. The project encompassed the design and construction of the primary infrastructure for a new village which will have approx. 3000 new homes, light industrial units, 3 schools and communal areas. It’s a massive project

and the environmental impact was really put under the green microscope. Paul Halfpenny goes on to further comment, ‘this was a huge project for us and we were determined that where we could recycle and manage the footprint better we would’. In fact Britannia Construction was so smart they even managed to hew the rocks and rubble from beneath the road to be used in creating the walls that surround the roads. That’s simply ecological smartness meeting up with business efficiency. Paul goes on to further say,’ it’s a very simple equation. Reducing your waste and recycling what you can does make your business more efficient at the bottom line. It’s attractive in both terms of finance and environmental contribution’. In fact at Emersons Green they even deployed extensive ecological measures to deal with a number of badger sets, slow worms, reptiles and bats. David Attenborough would be very impressed. Making an impact on the environment for any company has to be



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“It’s my mission here to empower people where I can. I’m a great believer that you should let people get on with their job” instilled from the top and Paul further says. ‘it’s my mission here to empower people where I can. I’m a great believer that you should let people get on with their job. The staff were very pro-active here in determining the initial burst of activity when it came to recycling and waste’. On all their projects Britannia strive to do everything possible to ensure the impact on the environment is kept to an absolute minimum; through the selection of sustainable materials, minimizing waste, avoidance of air and noise pollution to adjacent land/building occupiers… and safe working practices. Just look at the recent seventh death in Brazil over the World Cup stadia building to see why good working practices are essential. Environmental issues are a major consideration through-out every project programme that Britannia are

working on. When they appoint design consultants, they look to businesses with a similar ethos towards the environment, taking into account past record, experience and attitude towards sustainable construction. It’s a green package from concept through to completion. On site they encourage sub-contractors to minimize waste by appointing them on a supply and labour basis wherever possible. Recycling of materials is also encouraged; this is especially relevant to the many restoration projects they undertake. In addition, both air and noise pollution is taken into consideration when carrying out any activity. Nobody wants a noisy neighbour! Britannia have also implemented practices to reduce their carbon footprint too and this in itself completes the circle to take us back to a warming planet and what companies

doing about it? Paul finally comments. ’every company can do what we are doing. They just simply need the desire. It’s not difficult and in many cases you end up saving money’ It’s a far cry from the ‘bulldoze and be dammed’ attitude that some other construction companies have. This is a company that cares and do what they do without cynicism. They’re clearly big enough to cope but bijou enough to define their own direction and stamp on the environment. They’re also corporate members of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, which further highlights their recognition to the overall responsibilities they have to the natural environment whilst executing the various projects. So you see the toads need not worry.  For more information





C2S Business Update EXECUTIVE FORUM LEARNS HOW RENISHAW APPROACHES NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Words by Suzanne Hall-Gibbins, Director of Circle2Success The C2S members were busy during April; meeting each other and sharing ideas about how they might grow their businesses. As testament to the calibre of the businesses engaged in C2S, it was fantastic when on the 21st April the Queens Awards were announced. Of the 5 award winners in the County, C2S members accounted for 3 of them – Fluid Transfer for Export; Prima Dental for Export and Renishaw for Innovation. These awards are only granted to companies that have demonstrated outstanding achievements. Members of the Executive Forum met recently at new C2S members Renishaw’s New Mills Headquarters. They were treated to a rare insight into how Renishaw approach New Product Development. This is a company that has received 19 Queens Awards over the years, many for Innovation as well as Export, so they are well versed in understanding how to create and sustain a culture of innovation. They shared with members their ‘Orange Book’, which has been 10 years in the creation. A new member to the Executive Forum, Gareth Cooke from TTC, said: “It was great to have the opportunity to hear how an excellent company like Renishaw approach this subject and to be able to ask questions and discuss with other members of the Forum how they approach innovation.” Members of C2S are clearly seeing the green shoots of recovery in the economy and investing in their businesses and people. Suganthy Suthagar owns Courtland Dental Practical in Gloucester and she has embarked on an ambitious refurbishment plan to

provide state of the art facilities for patients and create an environment that is comfortable and modern. Suganthy said: “I love working in Gloucester and it is important to me to provide the best possible care for my patients and this needs to be matched by the best possible surroundings. It was a big decision but I know it is the right thing to do and I am very excited about the future.” Courtland Dentist Practice is based at 208 Painswick Road, Gloucester, 01452 304800.

Members of the Business Club met as usual at the Daffodil and heard from Mike Lury of Wine Merchants Corney and Barrow, about a delightful Spanish Rioja and a wonderful Italian Fiano. Members of the C2S Business Club got an opportunity to introduce themselves to each other and say a few words about their business. We also heard from the gorgeous Juliet Crosby, the current Miss Gloucester.. Juliet, as promised, wore her sash and tiara. The next Business Club takes place at the Daffodil on Wednesday 21st May. 

Circle2Success (C2S) is a network of MD’s; Partners and Directors of successful companies who support each other by sharing ideas and insights; short circuiting problems and developing alliances that add real value to Gloucestershire businesses. Sustaining business growth is only possible if you have a great team and critical to this is the next generation of managers and directors. Circle2Success provides opportunities to develop those rising stars, from learning key skills to being inspired by leading business owners.

For more information please call Suzanne on 07971 148 787 email:






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Isn’t it time you should be considering generating your own electricity? With what seems like an ever upwards spiral of increasing energy bills, it is not surprising that more and more homeowners and businesses are turning to Solar PV or Solar Thermal to reduce their energy bills and generate an income. Glevum Energy are part of the Glevum group that has been improving peoples’ homes and making them more energy efficient for over 30 years. With a 4 KW system costing as little as £5,500 why wait? Call Glevum today on 0800 33 22 55 for your FREE no obligation consultation and quotation. Or visit for more information. Glevum Energy can also install air source and ground source heat pumps and offer businesses an energy efficiency advice service.

Call us on: 0800 33 22 55 Why not visit us online at:






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Interior Window Shutters • 20% off hardwood shutters • Bespoke made-to-measure service • Free consultation & survey Call Matt Blewett from shuttercraft Gloucestershire on 01242 649592 to arrange your free consultation and survey. You will need to quote ‘SC14’ to receive 20% off.









Beyond your expectations

Malvern Road, Cheltenham

Guide Price: ÂŁ295,000

A well proportioned, spacious apartment which has a light and airy feel and retains the elegant charm of this handsome Grade II* listed Regency terrace. This apartment is situated on the first floor with the advantage of pleasant views to both aspects (westerly and easterly).


Hamptons Cheltenham Sales 01242 639414 | Lettings. 01242 639416

2 bedrooms Bathroom Living room Kitchen Lovely pedimented balcony Parking - unallocated


The Avenue, Cheltenham A wonderful family residence built in 1938 and only having had 2 owners. The property offers well proportioned, light and airy accommodation, set in beautiful mature and generous gardens with views to Leckhampton Hill. EPC: D


Guide Price: ÂŁ1,200,000      

6 bedrooms 3 bath/shower rooms 3 reception rooms Kitchen/breakfast room Garage and parking Lovely gardens



Newent Period farmhouse dating back to the 17th Century in beautiful surroundings. This characterful four bedroom property benefits from a range of farm buildings and wildlife haven of approx. 6.5 acres of land; woodland, pasture, garden and Parrot Brook. The farm buildings, including a 2 storey Weatherboard Barn, offer vast potential for various business uses. EPC F23.

ÂŁ499,950 Naylor Powell Newent 01531 828970

Eastington Substantial family home set in a popular village location. A large five bedroom detached period cottage with later additions offering spacious accommodation which includes five reception rooms, two bathrooms, good sized gardens, double garage, plenty of off road parking and far reaching views. EPC C74.

ÂŁ459,950 Naylor Powell Stonehouse 01453 794820



Minsterworth An impressive four bedroom detached dormer bungalow built in the 1950’s. Occupying an elevated position overlooking its own gardens which extend to circa two thirds of an acre and enjoying panoramic far reaching views towards the Cotswold escarpment. The landscaped gardens are well stocked and full of colour and are a real feature of this most interesting property. EPC C70.

£395,000 Naylor Powell Gloucester 01452 398010

Longhope Victorian charm and character with contemporary touches throughout. A unique and interesting barn conversion on the edge of the village of Longhope. The property offers five bedrooms, spacious open plan living space and a large plot approaching half an acre which backs onto open farmland. EPC C73.

£399,950 Naylor Powell Gloucester 01452 398010



Guide Prices from ÂŁ350,000

A superb exclusive development of six brand new three bedroom homes and one four bedroom detached home, situated in a cul de sac location in Hales Mead.

3 Bedroom Semi-detached House For Sale | Lower Slopes Of Battledown

These fantastic homes are stylish, well proportioned, light and airy. The show home offers entrance hall, cloakroom, utility room and open plan living accommodation on the ground floor. The open plan area within the show home offers wood effect laminate flooring, Oak work tops, Oak breakfast bar, a range of white gloss, soft closing units including spice drawers, under cabinet LED lighting and fully fitted kitchen appliances. The open Sitting / Dining area offers bi-fold doors out to a well presented decked area leading to a lawned rear garden. Upstairs offers three generous bedrooms, all with fitted wardrobes, the master bedroom also benefits from an ensuite shower room. There is also a family bathroom with separate shower cubicle. There will be side access and the generous rear garden will be enclosed. All properties are offered with a 10 year NHBC warranty, two allocated parking spaces, double glazing and gas central heating. Hales Mead enjoys a high degree of privacy, being tucked away in a cul de sac and has views to Hills. Subject to reserving a plot, which is not yet complete, there will be a possibility of choosing different finishes including flooring and kitchens.

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Bishops Cleeve Cheltenham Setting the scene: A magnificent Grade II listed former Priory hidden away in the thriving village of Bishops Cleeve. Why we love it: Set in private gardens with the Church as a back drop, The Priory is a beautiful family home which has been lovingly restored and improved by the current owners. The accommodation which is arranged over 3 floors is generous with 7 bedrooms including 2 suites and 4 good reception rooms. There are character features throughout together with fireplaces, multi-paned sash windows and flagstone floors. Guide Price: ÂŁ995,000; Details: Knight Frank, Cheltenham. 01242 246959.




Find your ultimate fireplace at FireStyles




Lansdown Terrace Lane Cheltenham Setting the scene: Tucked away behind a prestigious terrace of period homes in Lansdown is Lansdown Terrace Lane, accessed through a handsome listed stone archway and made up of a charming array of mews houses and cottages that form a very attractive street scene of individual character homes. Why we love it: It is a delightful character mews home with classic period rendered and painted elevations and light and bright accommodation arranged over two floors. On the ground floor are two bedrooms, the main having a deep storage cupboard and useful recessed cupboard and on the first floor is a lovely open plan living area with double doors off to a west facing balcony and dual sash hung windows ensuring a light and bright atmosphere. The kitchen area is well fitted as is the bathroom suite off the first floor landing. To the front of the property is access to the garage, mainly for storage although with potential, subject to the usual planning consents, to create further living/utility space. EPC rating E Guide Price: ÂŁ270,000 Details: Knight Frank, Cheltenham. 01242 246959





Homewood, Harp Hill Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Setting the scene: A delightful, detached Victorian family house situated in an elevated position with comfortable and well proportioned accommodation. Why we love it: Entrance hall, drawing room, dining room, sitting room, kitchen/breakfast room. Four first floor bedrooms, two mezzanine bathrooms, three second floor bedrooms. Lower Ground Floor: With well presented further accommodation or a selfcontained apartment comprising Sitting Room, Kitchen, Two Bedrooms & Bathroom. Coach House with garaging and rooms over. Ample off Road Parking. Good sized and Mature landscaped Gardens. The property occupies an elevated position with some wonderful views across Cheltenham to the Malverns and Cleeve Hill. The well proportioned principal rooms are laid out over the ground and first floors, with further bedroom accommodation on the second floor, plus a spacious lower ground level, currently used as further family space but also presented to offer a self contained two bedroom apartment with its own front door. Whilst being well presented and maintained, Homewood retains many of its original features including ceiling mouldings, fireplaces, stripped wood floors and sash windows. Outside, the property has a wonderful and private principally south facing garden, with mature planting and an attractive leafy outlook. To the front of the house is a generous drive area with plenty of parking, also leading to the Coach House garaging. On the first floor of the Coach House are two rooms, with access from the gardens, which offer potential to be used as office space, playrooms, workshop etc. Guide Price: ÂŁ1.5 million Details: Savills, Cheltenham; Tel: 01242 548 000;




Uckinghall Gloucestershire Setting the scene: A beautifully presented village residence which has been sympathetically extended to take advantage of the views over the lovely gardens to the rear. The property is set back from the lane in the heart of this sought-after village. A house for a gardener. EPC: D Why we love it: The property is set on a lovely plot in the heart of this historic village with a balcony to the rear overlooking the extensive gardens with their orchard, spinney and kitchen garden. Guide Price: ÂŁ575,000 Freehold Details: Hamptons, Cheltenham. Tel: 01242 639414.




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Fairview Road, Cheltenham GL52 2EJ



Professional & Reliable General Builders Covering Gloucester, Cheltenham & Surrounding Areas

DRIVEWAYS (Block Paved/Tarmac) ROOFING Guttering & Fascias WALLS & FENCING Landscaping

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LOW DEPOSIT OF ONLY £399 Plus receive 3 years Free Servicing** H.A.FOX CHELTENHAM Rutherford Way, Cheltenham GL51 9TU HAFOX.CHELTENHAM.CO.UK 01242 851 654

HOW ALIVE ARE YOU? Finance is subject to status and only available to applicants aged 18 and over resident in Mainland UK and N.Ireland. Indemnities may be required. This finance offer is available from Black Horse Limited trading as Jaguar Financial Services, St William House, Tresillian Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 5BH. This offer is available on new XF Saloon models registered between 1st April and 30th June 2014 at participating Dealers only. ^Mileage limits apply. Vehicle must be delivered before 30th June 2014, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. **This free servicing promotion applies to eligible Jaguar XF Saloon and Sportbrake cars registered between 1st April and 30th June 2014 at participating Jaguar dealers. Not available in conjunction with Jaguar Contract Hire or Personal Contract Hire. Services must take place at participating Jaguar Authorised Repairers. The ‘free servicing certificate’ should be presented to the dealership at time of booking the vehicle in for a service in order to qualify. The promotion is only available at the point of registration of the vehicle in the customer’s name. Free servicing covers scheduled servicing and associated parts and labour for three years from the date of invoice up to a maximum of three services (3 years or 48,000 miles whichever is sooner). Excludes wear and tear items such as shock absorbers, exhaust systems, tyres, windscreens, windows, engines, transmissions, electronics, cost of fitting or repairing accessories and any form of accident damage and non-routine servicing work, parts or labour. The service package is not a warranty package. The free servicing promotion is only valid for the vehicle purchased.

REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE XF 2.2D LUXURY (163PS) 14MY On the Road Price £32,945 Dealer Deposit Contribution £5,200 Customer Deposit £4,999 48 Monthly Payments £295 GMFV – Optional Final Payment (includes £295 fee)^ £12,004 Amount of Credit £22,746 Total Amount Payable by Customer £31,163 Duration (Months) 49 Rate of Interest (fixed) 4.35% Representative 4.9% APR

Official fuel economy figures for the XF range in MPG (l/100km): Urban 16.7–48.7 (16.9–5.8). Extra Urban 32.8– 64.2 (8.6–4.4).Combined 24.4–57.7 (11.6–4.9). CO2 emissions 270–129 g/km. The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer’s tests in accordance with EU legislation. A vehicle’s actual fuel consumption may differ from that achieved in such tests andthese figures are for comparative purposes only.



FREELANDER 2 REFINED CAPABILITY Freelander 2 TD4 GS from only £245* per month† with 0% APR representative With its contemporary exterior and a refreshed interior, the 2014 Freelander 2 sets new standards with touch-screen instruments, optional Meridian audio systems, a Command Driving Position and stadium-style seating. With such a comfortable and fulfilling driving experience, it’s a great reason to get out and enjoy driving. Call us today to book a test drive.

*Plus deposit and final payment – please see details below.

Freelander 2.2 TD4 GS Representative example On the Road Price


Customer Deposit


Total Amount of Credit 23 Monthly Payments

£19,215.00 £245.00

Final Payment


Total Amount Payable


Duration of Agreement

24 months

Representative APR


Interest Rate (Fixed)


T H White Land Rover Coped Hall, Royal Wootton Bassett, Swindon SN4 8EP

01793 222484 Official Fuel Consumption Figures for the Freelander 2 range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 32.5 (8.7) – 39.8 (7.1) Extra Urban 48.7 (5.8) – 52.3 (5.4) Combined 40.4 (7.0) – 47.1 (6.0) CO2 Emissions: 185 – 158 g/km. The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer’s tests in accordance with EU legislation. A vehicle’s actual fuel consumption may differ from that achieved in such tests and these figures are for comparative purposes only. We may receive commission or other benefits for introducing you to Land Rover Financial Services. With Land Rover Freedom Personal Contract Purchase you have the option at the end of the agreement to: (1) subject to the vehicle being in good condition, return the vehicle and not pay the Final Payment (if the vehicle has exceeded the allowed mileage a charge for excess mileage will apply - in this example 14p per mile for any excess mileage up to 4,999 miles and 28p per mile for any excess mileage exceeding 4,999 miles), (2) pay the Final Payment to own the vehicle or (3) part exchange the vehicle subject to settlement of your existing finance agreement; new finance agreements are subject to status. †Finance is subject to status and only available to applicants aged 18 and over resident in Mainland UK and N.Ireland. Indemnities may be required. This finance offer is available from Black Horse Limited trading as Land Rover Financial Services, St William House, Tresillian Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 5BH. This offer is available over a two year term on new Freelander 2 models only, registered between 1st April and 30th June 2014 at participating dealers only. Promotions are not available on used cars.



in association


Join Gloucester Rugby for the Sportsman’s Lunch in association with The Daffodil on Wednesday 7 May 12-2.30pm. The Sportsman’s Lunch is designed to not only celebrate sport and sports personalities, but also bring the local business community together. Guest speaker is the inspirational local fundraising adventurer Jamie McDonald. Having overcome debilitating and life-threatening childhood illnesses to conquer monumental physical and mental challenges in a bid to give back to those that helped him, Jamie is keen to share his story of beating the odds and proving that we are capable of much more than many of us know. Ticket price £35.00.

To book your places please call The Daffodil on 01242 700 055 or email them directly at . Spaces limited.

Official event partner of Gloucester Rugby




AP McCoy faith in Jonjo O’Neill A P McCoy believes Jonjo O’Neill is getting “closer and closer” to becoming champion trainer following a highly-successful season for the Jackdaws Castle duo. After wrapping up his 19th jump jockeys’ title on Saturday, McCoy said O’Neill was putting together a strong team of horses to challenge new champion Paul Nicholls and former title holder Nicky Henderson. McCoy said the likes of Gold Cup contenders Taquin Du Seuil and Holywell, along with Irish Grand National winner Shutthefrontdoor, provided O’Neill with the firepower to upset the established order. O’Neill finished fourth in the 2013/14 trainers’ championship, based upon prize-money, behind Nicholls, Henderson and Philip Hobbs. McCoy said: “Jonjo is getting closer and closer to the title. He’s very ambitious and he’s got a few decent chasers and it helps because they are the ones that win the decent prize money. “It’s not an easy thing for Jonjo to achieve, because Paul Nicholls is also ambitious.” McCoy has been O’Neill’s number one jockey since he was signed up by champion owner JP McManus – O’Neill’s landlord – after leaving his long-time boss Martin Pipe a decade ago. The 39-year-old is looking forward to enjoying further success with O’Neill and McManus after confirming he has no immediate plans to retire. McCoy said: “I feel as good as ever. I’d like to win a few more jockeys’ titles yet. “It has been the most traumatic year of all personally, with my son Archie having a major operation before Cheltenham. “It’s been the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me. “Hopefully he will be okay, but we won’t probably know for a while longer. “But it has been a successful year riding, obviously. “I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that I would win 19 jockeys’ championships. “It’s a lot of winners, but I’d like plenty more titles than 19 to be honest, and I don’t say that lightly. “I honestly don’t know how long I will go on for. “When I was here (at Sandown) last year I wasn’t very healthy and

obviously my tone sounded as though I wouldn’t be riding for much longer. “But I was injured, just out of hospital and probably shouldn’t have been here. “I am a lot healthier than I was at this time last year and consequently a lot happier. “That’s the key – if you are healthy, you are happy. But if you don’t win it’s all for nothing. That’s the job, first of all you need to win. “I’d love to retire as champion jockey, there’s no doubt about that. “I’ve always said I would do, but my next target will be Martin Pipe’s record (4,180 winners) – that’s just a personal target and a bit of fun, because he’s one of the people I respect the most. “I’ve always got the target of winning the jockeys’ championship in my mind because you have to challenge yourself. “I could sit back and enjoy winning 19 championships, but you have to come back next week and start the first day of the season and it’s back to zero, because no one really cares how many jockeys’ championships I’ve won.” McCoy is targeting 200 winners next season, a tally he has achieved on seven previous occasions. He added: “It’s a lot of winners but it is not impossible. I will actually take it day by day or week by week. “It’s all about how I perform. I love riding, but I love to be successful at it. “Hopefully I will know in my own mind when it is time to go, but I’ll be around for a while yet.” O’Neill and McCoy went to close to winning the final big race of the season at Sandown on Saturday, the Bet365 Gold Cup, with Burton Port. After jumping the last fence in front, he was overtaken by Hadrian’s Approach, ridden by Barry Geraghty and trained by Henderson, and went down by three-quarters of a length. O’Neill said: “He did everything right and just got beaten by a better one on the day. “He jumped liked a buck, he travelled great and there are no excuses, unfortunately.”





SPORT Cheltenham Town goalkeeper launches verbal attack on fellow players S

COTT Brown has launched a surprising attack on two of his Cheltenham teammates who openly admitted to boss Mark Yates last Friday that they had "not been trying". Speaking after Saturday's defeat at Rochdale, goalkeeper Brown would not reveal the identity of the players in question, but he said their behaviour was "unacceptable". Yates had accused members of squad of not giving 100 per cent and questioned each player individually, with Brown shocked to hear two of them reveal they were deliberately shirking their duties. He said: "In training on Friday, the manager went around and asked players if they were trying and two said 'no'. I could bring my mate from the pub along who is 15 or 16 stones and even he would run around and try his best. It's not the manager or (assistant boss) Neil Howarth's fault and there is no excuse for not coming into training every day and looking to improve. He went on to say,’’there are going to be a lot of footballers out of work this summer and if you are a professional you have to take every single opportunity." Brown warned the players in question that if they are let go by Cheltenham, they may struggle to find a club and it could be the end of their careers as full-time players. "I've been at this club a long time and I can't remember a player being released and going on to a better club," he said. "To me it was obvious one or two weren't trying and that's not the gaffer's fault, there is nothing he can do, it's just unacceptable behaviour to come into work and not give everything every day." The deals of Jamie Cureton, Steve Elliott, Ashley Vincent, Sam Deering, Sido Jombati, Connor Roberts, Joe Hanks and Ed Williams are all up this summer and Manager Yates knows that a major rebuilding job is required. Goalkeeper Scott Brown and Jermaine McGlashan have already been offered terms.

Old Pats turn up the wick against Amersham Old Patesians 29 Amersham & C 15 OLD Patesians secured their National Three South West status with a commendable crackerjack victory against Amersham and Chiltern at Everest Road, writes Bob Ellis. Pats needed at least two points to avoid the drop and there was never a doubt as they picked up the maximum five with a four-try haul to overwhelm the boys from Buckingham. Amersham included in their ranks a phalanx of antipodean hard men who had thrashed Pats 30-0 at Weedon Lane but Pats dismissed that miserable memory with an outstanding display of controlled aggression, patience and technique which had been missing most of the season. Pats welcomed back skipper James Stickland and Josh Stevens and these two proven second row stalwarts operating deep within the grunt and grind of the set-piece were so effective at scrum time that their front row never took a step backwards and scrum-half Joe Hoyle had oodles of time to collect the clean channel and exercise his options. Nathan Riley who had deputised, so ably, for Stickland both in the engine room and as leader dropped back to the blindside flank and revelled in the freedom that position allowed and together with openside wing forward Craig Ballinger and number eight Aaron Ryan this formidable trio bossed the breakdown battle and never gave their visitors the chance to settle. Pats played up the slope in the first half into a stiff breeze and with intermittent rain squalls lashing down from Leckhampton Hill, but the disadvantages of taking on the elements and the greasy gradient failed to disturb their early momentum and when Amersham fell offside, fly-half James Butler wobbled over the penalty goal. Pats injured player/coach Craig Jones has been pleading

for weeks for his three-quarters to finish off moves from quality possession with precision and panache and his young charges at last responded to his clarion call . Centre James Aherne hit the line at a sublime angle and his classical outside break gave Butler a simple trot in for a try close to the posts which the flyhalf converted. Stickland gave a masterclass in how to call, collect and set at the restart drop out and his safe hands, the size of buckets, denied the Amersham chasers any chance of retrieval and allowed full-back George Hughes the time and space to safely clear for touch. Amersham were mysteriously unaware of the vagaries of the slope and ignored the boot to seek territorial advantage. They tried to run the ball from deep within their own half and they were mercilessly cut down by the Pats awesome defence. Wings Duncan Spurrier and Joe Ballinger were particularly belligerent in snuffing out several promising thrusts. Pats’ rock solid scrum continued to impress and when Ryan broke and then used his deceptive pace to splinter the midfield his back row mate Ballinger was on his shoulder to accept the offload for a try. Amersham eventually established a decent field position and number eight Tom Blackburn was driven over for a try improved by wing Jack Kenyon. Kenyon added a penalty goal but Pats led by 15-10 - at the break. After the interval Butler failed to make the requisite 10 metres with his drop-out but it did not matter a jot as Pats senior prop Connor Thompson destroyed the Amersham turnover scrum on the halfway line and try-scorer Blackburn totally frustrated by his tight forwards’ ineptitude was yellow-carded for a cheap punch. Hoyle had been a constant irritant and thorn in Amersham’s attempts

to gain a foothold in the game with his non-stop chirping and cajolery to drive his forwards on and when his loosehead prop Jasper Frost fired his gigantic counter-part Garret Doman-Cann through the top of the scrum the big man was so incensed that the red mist descended and as the scrum broke up he felled Hoyle with a headbutt. He was shown a straight red and his season ended in ignominy. Now Pats had the freedom of the park with a delicious exhibition of exuberant frothy champagne open running rugby. Stickland was everywhere and the skipper on the charge with ball in hand drew his man and sent in Hughes for a try with a touchline conversion from Butler. This was great stuff and from a lineout Stevens palmed to Hoyle and Butler was too hot to handle as he outpaced the defence for a try between the posts and then added the extras. Stevens collected a yellow card for a high tackle and Amersham replacement Mike Brothers scored a late try but the day belonged to the Pats as their desire, verve and passion carried them over the winning line. OLD PATESIANS: J Frost, C Dean, C Thompson, J Stickland, J Stevens, N Riley, C Ballinger, A Ryan, J Hoyle, J Butler, D Spurrier, B Parker, J Aherne, J Ballinger, G Hughes. Reps: R.White, T Langton, L Hathaway. AMERSHAM & CHILTERN: S Day, P Siav, G Doman-Cann, L Gielens, T Grammenos, D Samuels, G Bartlett, T Blackburn, T Reus, O Chules, S Portland, D Skelton, D John, J Kenyon, C Jack. Reps: B Allman, T Mocharo, M Brothers.




New one year deal for Cheltenham Town boss I

T’S been announced that Cheltenham boss Mark Yates has agreed a new one-year deal but assistant Neil Howarth is to leave the club. Yates has been in charge since 2009, making him the third longestserving manager in the top four divisions. The 44-year-old has twice led Cheltenham to the play-offs but they currently sit 15th in League Two. Howarth will leave when his contract finishes at the end of the season, ending his eight-year working relationship with Yates. The duo are former Robins team-mates and also worked together when Yates was manager at Kidderminster. "Neil has been a fine servant to our club over a number of years and we are parting with him on good terms," said chairman Paul Baker. "He has played a large role in the successes we achieved over the previous two seasons and on behalf of the club, I would like to place on record our gratitude for everything he has done for us." “We believe Mark has earned the chance to put together a new-look team for next season for another crack at it.” said Paul Baker, Cheltenham Town chairman. Former midfielder Yates was Cheltenham captain when they won promotion from League Two via the play-offs in 2002. He started his managerial career at Kidderminster in 2006, before joining the Robins three years later. Yates and Howarth engineered

two play-off campaigns. They lost to Crewe in the 2012 final at Wembley and were beaten by Northampton at the semi-final stage last term. However, this season has failed to match their previous success and Saturday's defeat by Rochdale was their 16th loss of the campaign. Speaking in February, Baker said. Yates' new deal could be his last at the club. In a statement on Monday, the Robins chairman said: "We appreciate that this has been a frustrating season that has not matched the expectations of the supporters, the management or the board. "However, we believe Mark has earned the chance to put together a new-look team for next season for another crack at it. "The board are of the belief that Mark can recapture those successes and we are committed to giving him that opportunity."

LONGEST-SERVING MANAGERS ARSENE WENGER Arsenal – 18 seasons PAUL TISDALE Exeter – eight seasons MARK YATES Cheltenham – five seasons RUSSELL SLADE Leyton Orient – four seasons

Season Ticket Prices Frozen Cheltenham Town are to celebrate 15 years of Football League success, play-offs and cup runs by rewarding their loyal fans with the biggest and best season ticket deal in the club’s history. The Robins are freezing 2014-15 Season Ticket prices, offering incentives for fans to help the club, giving away free tickets, drinks and shopping vouchers and inviting season ticket holders to a free summer barbecue with all the players. “Season ticket holders provide the heartbeat for our club and we want to share and enjoy with them the amazing success story of Cheltenham Town over the last fifteen years in the Football League,” said Club Chairman Paul Baker. “Like every club we have had our ups and downs but 15 years of League football is something special and we all need to remind ourselves of where we have come from and what we have achieved both on and off the pitch.“ To reward loyal fans and encourage new support the club are launching a scheme where every season ticket holder who introduces a new season ticket holder can save themselves and their friends £25 each. On top of that the new season tickets include vouchers for two free drinks at the club, big discounts in the club shop including a £5 discount on the new first team shirt and up to 5 free games. The biggest part of the celebration is a free summer barbecue with the players at the club’s Training HQ when season ticket holders will get the chance to look forward to the new season. “Season ticket holders are a top priority for us and that is why, even with costs forever rising, we’re determined to give them value for money and explore different ways of making sure they enjoy their football,” added Baker. In addition, following the runaway success of their Junior Robins Campaign last season they will continue to offer free entry for all children aged 11 and under. Last year the membership scheme rose from 70 to almost 900.

Cheltenham Standard May 1st 2014  

Just launched… the new weekly newspaper for Cheltenham. Crammed full of quality news and comment, arts and entertainment, property and homes...

Cheltenham Standard May 1st 2014  

Just launched… the new weekly newspaper for Cheltenham. Crammed full of quality news and comment, arts and entertainment, property and homes...