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A One-Time-Privilege Turned into A Lifetime Fulfillment by: Mary Grace Subijano

July. There is something special about July; for it is the time of the year, particularly in the year 2009, when the youthful spirit came to life again; when the church decided that it’s time to bring back the old days – the days of youthful power. It was also July when a certain group of writers – professional? Not really; but willing to respond to the call of service – took a big step and offered themselves to impart God’s unceasing faithfulness in their lives, especially, in the whole youth ministry of the Cathedral through their gift of words and their God-given principles in life.


There was really no fixed or planned group of ministers in the beginning. No formal gathering occurred to signify its foundation. It was like everything just started out smoothly and, with faith, in accordance to His plan and desire. I, for one, can still remember Dcn. Sherwin Torres, the founder of this growing ministry, sending me a private message on Facebook, asking me to share my thoughts about college life – my experiences as a freshman and the lessons that have truly shaped me to be a much stronger child of God in the midst of trials along the way; those which I want to pass on to teenagers like me, especially those who are about to experience the same thing that I did. Probably, he did the same to the other young writers. Then a few weeks later, in July 2012, there it was - our first ever newsletter issue.


Months passed by and more issues – which we call the fruits of our labor despite our hectic schedules – were distributed to the youth. More write-ups were written; more memorable moments were shared. And, little by little, we were able to identify ourselves more not only as individuals sharing their insights but also as a team, under our editor-in-chief, Lala Espina writing for a single purpose – to keep the fire burning within the youth’s hearts; to strengthen their God-given power as the hope of the next generation. Short, simple meetings facilitated by Steff Matela have been held to evaluate the progress of the newsletter and to guarantee that we still work in line with our main goal.

Volume 2 Issue 2

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The Youth Fellowship—A History A One-Time-Privilege Turned Into A Lifetime Fulfillment The Golden Vow God’s Faithfulness: 50 Years and Beyond The Spotlight YNL Team Recruitment

Basically, the whole newsletter was created with three goals in mind: to share, to influence and to inspire. Write-ups about the recent happenings on the youth were produced mainly to relive those warm memories of the past, as well as the life-changing lessons that they brought. They were written to let the others feel how good it is to be a youth empowered in serving God and for them to be motivated to do the same. A year has passed and much has been achieved, having a total of five issues; yet the road to improvement is ever wider and ever longer. In the coming years, with faith, it’s not our voice that is going to be heard. Still, it will be His. To the Youth Newsletter Team, this is just the beginning of our journey filled with meaning. Nevertheless, God bless on our first year, and may we remain steadfast in our response to His call for ministry.

The Youth Fellowship—A History by: Stephanie Matela

Many of us, if not all, can recall a time when there was no Youth Fellowship. In fact, the current incarnation of the Youth Fellowship, like its members, is quite young—this month we are celebrating only the fourth anniversary. This is a known fact. But do we know how the Youth Fellowship came to be? What started it? Who started it? And why? Band of Brothers It all began with a vision. Archbishop Thomas Hines was given a vision of young men trained in the principles of the Church into Godly leaders. The vision began being realized with fifteen young men: Sherwin Torres, Ritche Jandayan, Gino Danan, Vincent Santos, Mark Ira, Dexter Udarbe, Jojit Restauro, Francis Guanco, Joseph Chang, John Yanguas, Lloyd Cuarterton, James Ongpin, Alain Morga, Ryan Morga, and Carlo Cedol. They called themselves—and as men they may be excused for the lack of creativity—the “Bishop’s Young Men”. The Bishop’s Young Men began meeting on every first Monday of the month for the Archbishop’s teachings, but eventually they felt the need to learn even more and began to have Bible studies with their gatherings. Later on, they began to meet twice a month. And they grew. The group took on two more members, Juan and Miguel Banal. They also established their Knighthood program for training young boys into men. The program was dubbed the Order of St. Timothy—already a big step in progress from the simple “Bishop’s Young Men”, but they grew in many other ways. The Next Step Fast forward to 2009. It was time to let in the rest of the youth, and not just a few good men. Early in the year the Archbishop shared this vision with the Bishop’s Young Men, but they were not sure they could handle such a big responsibility, not just to begin it but to keep it continuing. They needed time to pray and decide. For months they prayed for the idea. Finally, during their annual planning retreat in April, the twelve of them present remembered God’s promise: “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” (Philippians 1:6). This helped them to finally decide.

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The Golden Vow


by: Aireen Onia

The day of June 2013. It was Sunday. The church is not in the usual state and the atmosphere is different. There were golden yellow hanging decors which made the sanctuary bright and livelier. Not only the sanctuary but also the Jorvina Hall was filled with chairs but they were arranged facing sideward. Numerous seats were set because people from distant places like parishes of Cavite, Muntinlupa, Tanay, Montalban and more came to be with us in giving praise to God with excitement as we celebrate the 50th anniversary, or commonly called “Golden Anniversary,” of Archbishop Loren Thomas Hines and his wife, Sister Sarah Jane.


1st Diocesan Youth Camp—you say, “Been there, done that!” So, how well did you know about it? Here’s a POP quiz (as in P.O.P. and pop—err, you know what I mean!) to test how much you knew about the recently-held Youth Camp. 1st DYC P.O.P. QUIZ 1. Who was the first registrant of the Youth Camp? 2. Which Diocese was the first to arrive at the Camp? 3. How many teams were formed? 4. All teams were named after famous men of faith from the Bible, except one. Name that team. 5. Name each team. 6. In line with the teaching about Potential, what was each group asked to assemble in the first Group Dynamics? 7. What song was played every time an alarm went on (“surprise” activity)? 8. What was the first Activity (day 2)? 9. During the Extreme Amazing Race, how many clues per team were hidden? 10. In one station of the Amazing Race, group members were asked to eat and drink of certain substances. The food was extremely spicy chips. What was the drink? 11. Who was the icon of wisdom better known for such and fantastic costume change? 12. During the last night, the “lights out” rule was extended to what time? 13. During the second night, a movie was presented. What is the title of the movie? 14. What was the famous and delicious popcorn and chocolate drink (brands)? 15. What was the theme of the youth camp?

The youth was active in this occasion. They helped in ways as simple as fixing the chairs which were led by the youth staffs. Meanwhile, the “The B Sharps,” a brass quartet group whose members are Jedd Mandocdoc, Bret Elseario, Gino Jorvina and Ian Atayde gave the crowd an entertaining presentation by playing: “A Song for Japan” (Steven Verhelst), “As the Deer” (Martin Nystrom), and “Fairest of the Fair” (John Philip Sousa). After a while, the youth helped in food distribution. In the programme, Gino Jorvina and Tish Gatan performed their special number. With their alluring voices, they did a duet of the song entitled “The Way You Look Tonight” that was originally sung by Frank Sinatra and “When I Fall in Love” (Doris Day). Adding to that, The Philippine Madrigal Singers, world famous for winning the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing (2007) and the Guidoneum Award (2010) joined us in the celebration, giving us an overwhelming performance of a number of songs, including “Only You” by The Platters and “The Circle of Life” from Disney’s Lion King. Reaching 50 years of marriage is not easy, especially nowadays. But the couple themselves showed and proved that love is a commitment and is never ending and with God, as the center of your relationship, you can reach greater than that. Indeed, they are an example of the word “forever.” Thank God for the fifty years He gave to Archbishop and Sis Janie. The celebration was a success! See you in the next fifty years!


Answers: 1. Mary Grace Subijano 2. Novaliches 3. 10 4. Mary 5. Peter, Abraham, Mary, Noah, Elijah, Moses, Paul, David, Samuel, Adam 6. Catapult 7. Oppa Gangnam Style 8. Extreme Capture the Flag 9. 20 10. Oregano and Herbal Tea Concoction 11. Dcn Steve Mercado 12. 2:00AM 13. Soul Surfer 14. Kettle Korn/ Ovaltine 15. People of Power

Photos by Bing Matela







God’s Faithfulness: 50 Years and Beyond


by: Lala Espina

The 28th of June was an evening of bowties, white gloves, and old school music at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion as Archbishop Loren and Sister Janie Hines celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Remembering the sixties, it was a sight to see the men in tuxedos and the women in their tailored vintage dresses. Cocktails were served at the garden, where guests also enjoyed a fantastic fireworks display, creating a mood of joyous celebration for the dear couple. A photo exhibit was displayed, including a special book written by Nanay for their children, grandchildren, and future generations, showing nostalgic photos and stories of Tatay and Nanay when they were younger up to the present. Nanay’s beautiful and intricate wedding dress was also showcased, leaving everyone wondering how in the world they were able to preserve it so well even after 50 years! On to the main program, all eyes were on Fr. Gary and Sis. Marilie Thurman as they presented a humorous short play, acting out as Abp. Loren and Sis. Janie 25 years from now. Selected young men from the Youth presented a dance number from the West Side Story, with matching somersaults and other stunts as part of the dance. Professional singers Noel Azcona and Kay Balajadia-Liggayu also performed a number of impressive renditions such as “Somewhere” from, again, the West Side Story (because this was such a hit in the sixties). The very talented Filipino Tenors also performed amazing hits like “Moon River”. But the most inspiring performance of them all was the Primate’s surprise song number, “Fifty Years”, written by himself and music composed by Fr. Dino Jorvina. It was truly moving as he sang and dedicated it to his lovely wife Janie. The food was exquisite, including that tasty beef tenderloin and sweet parfaits for dessert, just to name some dishes from the menu. Free flowing iced teas and wine were also enjoyed by all. Everyone also got a slice of the beautiful 4-layer cake made by Fr. Oliver Senia for the couple. Talk about food satisfaction! Truly, it was not just an evening of glamour, reminiscent music, and excellent food; it was an evening that reminded everyone that even amidst our present society that has tampered with morals and values, God’s faithfulness makes anything possible—even 50 years of marriage! Archbishop and Sister Janie are indeed icons of true love because they have lived their lives for God through their marriage, and in turn, they have been blessed abundantly and overwhelmingly by the people around them and the Almighty. May we, even in our youth, have the same desire to honor God through our lives, just what Tatay and Nanay have shown in theirs. Happy Golden Anniversary, Archbishop Loren and Sister Janie Hines!

The Youth Fellowship—A History From page 1

It begins! And so the Youth Fellowship was finally established, with the first Fellowship on August 24, 2009. Since then, we have been growing and growing, eventually even involving the youth from other parishes, particularly with milestones such as the 1st Diocesan Youth Fellowship (Sept 19, 2009) and the recent 1st Diocesan Youth Camp. Four years? Here’s looking to many more years of the Youth Fellowship! “Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.” (1 Tim 4:12)





The Spotlight On 833 Urbanology By JR Jandayan and Stephanie Matela



The Spotlight

From page 7

S: So, how does it feel like, being a DJ and radio talk show host? DJ C: Sobrang masaya. Minsan puro kalokohan. Pero after each episode, may lessons na natututunan. Medyo puro about "love" yung topics eh. Pero open kami sa suggestions. (Inform niyo lang ulit ako.) Nakakasawa kasi pag puro love ang topic di ba? Masaya maging DJ lalo na pag alam mong may listeners ka, tapos sasabihin, "Astig ng episode niyo, naka-relate ako" or "May natutunan ako, good job guys!" So all in all, masayang experience ito. Makinig kayo! Thanks nga pala kay Cyril Bunuan (Technicals), Danelle David (Logo), guests, at sa listeners.

“Hello, Mr. DJ, won’t you play a song for me?”* Admit it, at some point we’ve all imagined ourselves broadcasting our voices through the airwaves, wondering aloud about life and playing songs for our own personal band of fans. However very few of us actually follow through on that daydream, which is why a DJ such as DJ Champs (a.k.a. Jedd Mandocdoc) stands out. He pushed for his “daydream”, starting from the banal trip-trip lang, but thanks mostly to him a number of us have recently been tuning in late at night to 833 Urbanology to listen to DJ Champs, DJ Chubs, DJ B, and their many guests and co-DJs.

The three DJs aim to be of help to their listeners, and they welcome feedback, comments, and, of course, questions and suggestions. Aside from DJ Champs, DJ Chubs and DJ B have also expressed their happiness at being able to broadcast and discuss topics with guests and listeners, with the radio program becoming a way to connect with and interact with the rest of the youth.

The Spotlight caught up with DJ Champs’ busy schedule and had a little Facebook PM-chat with him, which we share with you here. Spotlight: When did your pilot episode air? DJ Champs: December 2012, puro songs lang. May 21 2013 talaga ni-launch, yung first airing ng talk show. The radio program started with the simple “DJ Champs Now On Air”, airing popular songs of different genres of different years.

In all honesty—and most likely no bias at all—833Urbanology’s “Our Diction” is definitely a must-hear radio program. If you get the chance, listen to them and join in the fun! Originally, they air at 10pm during Tuesdays and Thursdays, but since they love you all too much, they’re planning to shift to a much earlier time slot. Catch tour DJ trio online at http://833urbanology.listen2myradio.comand Like their FB page at http:// For the mean time, stay tuned and be entertained. *”Please, Mr. DJ” by Merle Haggard

YNL Team Recruitment 101

S: Who are the core DJs?

All of us can be a blessing to others. The question is…

DJ C: Kami nila Ayen at Honesto talaga. Puro plano kaya tumagal eh. Pero buti natuloy na din.

Are you willing to unleash your God-given power and let His voice within you be heard?

S: How did you start? And why? DJ C: Actually, hobby ko lang nung una yung pag-d-DJ. Tapos niyaya ko si Ayen at Honesto. Since parehas kami ng mga trip, napagkasunduan naming seryosohin na. Tutal enjoy naman kami eh. Medyo kulang pa sa equipment kaya minsan di kami nakakapag-air tsaka recorded pa lang kami. Planning to go live one of these days. Abangan niyo!

Be one of us. Be an active contributor of the YNL Team.

S: And your show is called…? DJ C: "Our Diction" yung pangalan nung nag-iisang program namin (open kami sa aspiring programs at DJs. Sabihan niyo lang ako). Si Ayen nagisip niyan eh. Pero interpretation ko lang siguro kaya "Our Diction" kasi from one topic, nagbabatuhan ng opinions from co-DJs and from guests (Oo, nag-ge-guest kami. Sabihan niyo lang ako ulit kung gusto niyong i-guest namin kayo. Hahaha). So ayun, Diction – style of speaking/writing.

And we’re not calling just also

welcome are

illustrators, graphic artists, photographers, and layout artists.

The radio program, renamed to “833 Urbanology”, now features the talk show “Our Diction”. It was first aired on May 21 with the DJs and some guests discussing first time experiences, such as first embarrassing moment and first crush. Arguably one of the most notable guests would be Joshua Pacheco, whose endearing, boyish way of recounting his experiences had listeners asking for more. S: Every when does the show air?

And, together, we may impart to others God’s unceasing faithfulness to the Cathedral of the King Youth Ministry.

DJ C: Originally, Tuesdays and Thursdays ang air ng Our Diction, 10PM ng gabi. Pero pinagiisipan kong agahan para sa mga may pasok. Pagu-usapan pa namin eh. Tsaka minsan nag-a-air ako ng replays. Depende sa demand. Topics were not always on the clowning around side, as serious discussions were included in an effort to mix and serve up balanced fare for the listeners. Other efforts to improve include bringing in Cyril Bunuan to help make the sound quality better, and DJ Champs has mentioned that they do not exactly have professional equipment at the moment and are very much open to sponsors . Continued on Page 8



For more info., you may talk to Steff Matela, Lala Espina or Dcn. Sherwin Torres. Your gift comes from Him. Your gift belongs to Him, too.


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