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Marathon, Not a Sprint: Success Coaching Gives Students Personal Help to Achieve Goals Sacramento City College (SCC) offers a number of support resources to help students achieve their academic goals. From tutoring to workshops, to oneon-one sessions with counselors or participation in a learning community, these services provide a necessary network of support for all students. Now, the college is taking a more customized approach with its new Success Coaches program. Success Coaches connect students to valuable campus resources and reinforce the importance of staying on track for their academic goals. They also show students strategies for reaching those goals and help them overcome personal challenges.

Rachel Bingham

B.A. in Sociology, University of California, Davis

Lee Moua

B.A. in Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz

Karin Mack

B.S., M. Ed. in Applied Behavioral Sciences, University of California, Davis

What’s the best part about your job?

What draws you to this type of work?

What prepared you to be a Success Coach?

“After meeting with a student one-onone for a success coaching session, I love informally running into them around campus. It’s the recognition and quick conversations about academics or their personal lives that help reinforce how interconnected we really are. It’s my reminder for those students that I’m still invested in their success even if it’s been a while since we’ve last spoken. Since the majority of students we see through success coaching come to us for an immediate or one-time intervention, it’s important for me to take advantage of the informal opportunities to stay connected and build relationships.”

“What I enjoy the most about being a Success Coach is having the opportunity to work with students who come from first-generation, underserved and under-resourced communities. As a former first-generation student myself, I feel that I can relate to and understand the many struggles our student’s here at SCC face. I am passionate about inspiring students to use their education as a means to influence positive change within themselves and their respective communities. Success coaching grants me an avenue in which I am able to provide insight and direction while also emphasizing the importance of fully utilizing all available resources to accomplish their educational and career goals.”

“Throughout my career, I have been able to develop a range of programs to build a support system for first-year students. Working one-on-one with students provides me with an opportunity to learn about someone and to actively assist them in working out an achievable plan for their personal success. I’ve been able to help students network with one another and with some of the individuals I know in the community who are working in careers that interest some of the students I’ve met.”

My meeting with my success coach was incredibly informative and helpful. After a rough few weeks back in school I finally felt that someone at the campus did want to help me succeed. My success coach provided me with information for tutoring and other useful outlets to help -Sabrina, Studying Art History keep me on a path of success for the semester.

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