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An Adventure for Your Kids

• No Need to go anywhere! • Magically Transport them to places unknown

Let them be a pirate! Or anything else their mind can imagine

It’s All FREE!

• These adventures come through the • FREE with a Library Membership magic of READING!

What Kind of Books Does Your Child Enjoy Most?


Children can escape to magical places with Pirates, Princesses, Wizards & Warlocks, talking animals and sooooo much more!

For a parent that means...

Your child’s reading, writing & cognitive skills increase

• So Encourage them to Read!

Now Create a Play Date

• Include a variety of costumes • Let them create their own look • Make it a “Dress Up” Day

Here Are a Few Ideas...

Play Dates =

• All of the accessories to make it a hit • Baby, Toddlers, Kids, Teens & Even • All the costumes you could want!

Adult Costumes

The Costume Adventures of Kids

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